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    take care of you

    → pairing; jean x fem!reader x pieck

    → w.c; 3.2k

    → summary; jean and pieck say they want to take care of you. really, they just want a pretty girl to be their toy.

    → content; threesome + praise + hair pulling + dacryphilia + blowjob + cunnilingus + dom/sub undertones + slight hand kink

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    They'd said they wanted to take care of you. That's what the dark haired woman who'd introduced herself as Pieck had said, anyway, when she slid into the barstool next to yours and offered to buy you a drink. 

    For such a small woman, Pieck had a large presence. Brown eyes held yours with a startling intensity as honeyed words fell from her glossy lips, pale skin glowing as if bathed in moonlight rather than in the dim lighting of the bar. And her voice, god, her voice — it was hypnotizing, warm and soft and drowsy in a way that made you want to please her, hear her whisper your name and call you hers. 

    And somehow, somehow it got better, because she wasn't alone. At her side (or rather, standing behind her with a hand on her shoulder) was a man named Jean. He was tall and broad and as attractive as she was, with longish brown hair neatly styled and the slight scruff of a beard on his sharp jaw. His presence was as imposing as hers, too, but in a decidedly different way: where Pieck was graceful and effortlessly mesmerizing, Jean has a quiet confidence to him, as if he knew he didn't need to say a word to capture your attention; as if he was certain you'd go home with them without any real need for convincing. 

    He was right, of course. You would have done anything they'd asked. There'd been no need for Pieck to buy you a drink either, and you were sure she knew that too, but she had anyway, and told you how pretty you were while Jean stood by and agreed, eyes skimming over you in a manner that was hardly subtle. 

    And when Jean did finally ask if you'd let them take you home, let them take care of you, you hadn't hesitated a second before saying yes.

    One short cab ride during which neither of them could keep their hands off of you later, and now you were here in their lavishly decorated apartment, kneeling on the edge of their king sized bed with Pieck at your side and a mouth full of cock.

    "S'fucking pretty like this, baby — fuck, so pretty."

    It’s overwhelming, the feeling of your mouth being filled so completely as Jean uses your throat as a cocksleeve, all while Pieck's hands greedily pinch at and caress every part of your body, mouth kissing and sucking along your neck as she goes. Her hands find your chest and she takes a pebbled nipple in each, tweaking hard and making you yelp her name. The sound comes out muffled and whiny around Jean's cock.

    "No use trying to talk with your mouth full, honey. Just be good and take it, yeah?" Pieck's voice is soothing, and she massages your breasts as she speaks, fingers gently tugging at your nipples again and making you whimper. "I know you can." 

    And you can — you want to so bad, want to make them proud of you. So you nod, as much as you're able with Jean's hand still fisted in your hair, holding your head in place. Pieck coos softly. "See that, Jean? She says she'll take it for us, our sweet girl."

    "'Course she will. So fuckin' well behaved." Jean's voice is rough, strained as he eases the rest of his length past your lips and into the wet warmth of your mouth. You hollow out your cheeks and let your jaw go slack, trying to relax even as the tip of his heavy cock hits the back of your throat and makes you gag. Pieck's voice is in your ear all the while, praising you for how well you're doing, how good you're being for them, and it's almost surprising to you the way her words alone are making you hot all over.

    A few salty tears have spilled down your cheeks by the time your lips finally reach the base of Jean’s cock, nose pressing snuggly against his abdomen. It makes your vision blurry when you try to look up at him, but you can still glimpse him with his head thrown back, chest heaving and tanned skin glistening with a sheen of sweat as he starts to fuck your mouth. 

    He glances down, catches your eye as you look up at him through wet lashes. The sight of you is enough to make his cock throb painfully in your mouth. You just look so ruined, so pretty like this, lips puffy and swollen from sucking his cock for so long and mascara running down your face.

    You hold his gaze and purposefully lick at the underside of his cock, laving your tongue against the prominent vein that runs there and trying not to choke when the action makes him pick up the pace of his thrusts. "That's it, just like that, just relax and — haah, fuck, just like that," Jean groans, voice breaking near the end and grip on your hair tightening.

    You're out of it, mind fuzzy and focused solely on the feeling of Jean using your mouth. It's all so overwhelming that you don't even notice how much you're squirming and rubbing your thighs together until one of Pieck's hands is dipping down to your abdomen. She presses it flat against your tummy, fingers spread out wide. 

    "You poor thing, getting so needy," she purrs, sounding truly sympathetic. Her hand dips lower still, until it cups your heat and her middle and ring fingers hover over the hood of your clit. "Can't have that, can we? Not when you’ve been so good." 

    You whimper in response, unable to do much else, and then her fingers are pressing down and rubbing short, hard circles against your clit. Your hips jerk suddenly against her hand, an almost painful pang of arousal shooting through you as you let out a moan that's closer to a sob and cause Jean's own hips to stutter from the feeling of your voice vibrating around his cock. 

    "Fuck, Pieck, do that again," he groans, tilting his head down to watch as Pieck does, teasing your cunt and making you moan loudly around him. You hadn't even realized how close you were until now, so distracted by Jean, but now you're nearing your climax quickly, toppling forward towards the edge as Pieck relentlessly works your clit. All it takes is her free hand finding your chest, tugging on your abused, sensitive nipple, and you're sobbing as you come into her hand, vision going white as she massages you through your orgasm. 

    Jean curses under his breath, grip on your hair tightening so much that it's almost painful as his thrusts into your mouth turn erratic. "God, so good baby, so fucking good — " 

    There's no warning before he comes, cock twitching against your tongue and spilling his hot load directly down your throat. It's good, you think distantly, not bitter or disgusting like most guys. Or maybe you're just so cock drunk that you can't tell the difference. Either way, you swallow eagerly, eyes sliding shut and throat working overtime to take it all as he pumps lazily into your mouth. 

    He pulls out with a wet pop, and you gasp for breath, dazed, lips wet with a mixture of spit and cum. Pieck's hand on your now puffy clit has stopped, and she takes your chin gently with fingers wet from your slick, turning your face to hers and appraising you with dark, hungry eyes. Your hands leave Jean's thighs and brace against Pieck's shoulders instead as your attention turns to her.  

    "Look at you," she croons, thumb swiping across your lower lip. She pushes into your mouth, and you let her, sucking her thumb and reveling in the way her eyes spark with lust as she watches your plush lips work around her. You taste yourself, sharp and sweet, and moan softly. 

    She pulls away after a moment and wipes your spit off on your cheek. Your face burns from how dismissive the small action is, and it strikes you how entirely these two have used you, treating you like a cherished pet or maybe even a doll. The realization has warm arousal coiling in your tummy despite the fact that you just came.

    Pieck leans in, letting her hand fall to the base of your neck, and tugs you forward to press her lips against yours. She tastes like the fruity drinks you shared hours earlier, a sweet mix of lime and cranberry and sharp vodka. She bites and sucks at your lower lip, almost devouring you rather than kissing you. 

    You're panting when she finally pulls away. You don't have a moment to catch your breath before Jean's hand is on you again, resting heavily against your head. He pets your hair gently, smooths it away from your forehead, before taking your chin firmly in his large hand and tilting your face up toward him. 

    The sight of him like this, looming over you with his chest heaving and his eyes hazy with lust, reminds you how devastatingly attractive he really is. You let your eyes trace his form, from his handsome face and broad shoulders to the rest of his fit, well cut body, all the way to where a happy trail of soft brown hair leads to his cock. 

    "You gonna be as good for her as you were for me, baby? Show her what that pretty mouth of yours can do?" His voice is low and more gravelly than before, and it sends a chill down your spine.

    You nod. "Yes, wanna be good," you croak, blinking from surprise at how rough your own voice is before remembering that just a moment ago your throat was pretty much being brutalized. Of course it would be raw now. But Jean only smiles at that, clearly pleased at what he's done to you. 

    He stoops over, having quite a distance to go for as tall as he is, and crushes his lips to yours. He's a damn good kisser, as domineering as Pieck, and you moan softly when his tongue slips into your mouth. His beard scratches roughly against your chin in a delicious way that has you squeezing your thighs together again. He releases you after a moment, and then Pieck's hands are on you, guiding you back until her back is propped up against the headboard and your face is between her parted thighs.

    Looking at her now, you think you finally understand what people mean when they use the word statuesque. She somehow looks even more beautiful than before, dark hair cascading down both shoulders and long lashes casting shadows over her cheeks as she gazes down at you, a small smile playing on her lips. Her breasts are perky, full even when she’s lying down slightly, and you ache to touch them, to lick and kiss them just as she did yours. 

    One of her hands finds your hair and she threads her fingers through it, scratching lightly at your scalp. “Go on, sweetheart,” she purrs. You glance down and see her pretty cunt spread before you, pink and wet with slick, and the thought that you caused it nearly makes you groan. 

    You wrap your arms around her plush thighs to prop yourself up and dip down, starting with a few kitten licks. Already she’s twitching in your grasp, breath hitching and hips bucking slightly against your face. It spurs you on, makes you want to hear her pretty voice moan for you. You lave your tongue slowly along her cunt before finding her clit and sucking gently, alternating between the two. Pieck does give a real moan at that, fingers curling tighter in your hair. She uses her grip to press your face down more firmly against her, and you love it, love the way she's taking control of you and using you just like Jean had.  

    "That's it honey, just like that — haah, doing so good," she gasps. Her hips move in time with your mouth, almost as if she's riding your face. You glance up, and your cheeks warm when you see that she's still watching your every move, eyes alight with desire. 

    You startle when you feel two large hands on your waist, but Pieck scratches your head again gently, soothing you. "S'okay sweetheart. You can't expect Jean to keep his hands off you when you look so pretty like this, can you?"  

    You can't answer, but by now you understand that neither of them expect you to. They don't need you to do anything but be good for them, look pretty and let them use you, and so you just whimper and relax into his grasp.

    Jean is rough, much rougher than Pieck, arranging you so that your back is arched to his liking and your ass is raised for him. He stills, then slaps your ass hard, not enough to really sting but enough to make you cry out. Every touch of his hand is intensified by the fact that you can't see him, and it makes you jolt extra hard when his hand finds your pussy. 

    You're still wet, making it easy for one of his thick fingers to slide in. You clench around him, the feeling of having something filling you making your head spin with pleasure even if it is only one finger. He groans. "God, how are you so fuckin' tight," he mutters, almost to himself, and then he's adding another finger and pumping both into you. You moan, and Pieck feels it, likes it, because her hips stutter against your mouth and she lets out a sharp breath.

    Jean's fingers disappear and you whine at the loss, but it doesn't last because then the tip of his cock is prodding against your hole. You can't even spare a second wondering how the fuck he got hard again so quickly because all at once he's pushing into you, stretching you and filling you up, and you can't think about anything at all. You hear him moan your name and it makes you breathless, makes the coil of arousal in your stomach tighten. 

    It hurts, having his thick cock push into you like this, and he must know from the way you choke on a muffled sob because the hand not holding your waist finds your clit and starts rubbing circles there. "Taking me so well baby. S'like this cunt of yours was made for my cock," he rasps. You're sure it's meant to be comforting, but you can't see him, don't know how much more he has to give before he's all the way in, and god does it feel like there's too much.

    "A pretty mouth and a good cunt? You really are just such a perfect girl, aren't you? Our perfect girl," Pieck croons, and you have no idea how they're both able to talk like this, how you're the only one so entirely overwhelmed. But you nod desperately, wet eyes finding hers, because you are good — you must be, if you're taking them like this, if Pieck says you are. 

    Pieck smiles at you, scratches your head again, and you're overtaken by how badly you want to make her come on your tongue. With a renewed fire you return to sucking and licking at her cunt, focusing your mouth on her clit. Satisfaction washes over you when you hear her moan sweetly, the sound louder and more genuine than before. 

    It only takes a few seconds of that, of you fervently working your mouth against her pussy, before her fingers are digging almost painfully into your scalp and she's crying out as she comes. You lap it all up, the taste as sweet as you'd thought it would be. She pets your head all the while, breathing heavily as she comes down from her climax. 

    But there's no time to rest, of course there's not, because as soon as he sees that Pieck's finished Jean is grabbing you around the waist and manhandling you so that you're sitting up on your knees, back against his chest and cock staying buried inside of you. You lean into him so that you don't topple over, head falling back against his shoulder. It's sudden, and you hardly have time to adjust before he's ramming into you again at an unforgiving pace. The new position has his cock hitting deeper than before, so deep that you're sure it must be battering against your cervix. 

    "Jean, please — " You choke on your words, crying out when he hits a particularly sensitive spot. He notices, and hits it again, and again, until you're blubbering on his cock, stupid from how well he's fucking you.

    "What is it, baby, what d'you need?" He's breathless, voice raw. He uses his grip on your waist as leverage to bounce you on his cock. It's rough, and you have to reach around to hold his thighs as he does, struggling to steady yourself. You try to answer his question and can't, too far gone now. 

    The bed shifts slightly as Pieck gets up onto her knees and plants herself in front of you. Her hands rest on top of Jean's so that both of them are holding your waist, and she dips her head forward so that she can run her tongue along your neck, your collarbones, your breasts, leaving fluttering kisses as she goes. "Poor baby can't even talk anymore, not with you fucking her so well. Isn't that sweet?" 

    You think you hear Jean say something in response, but you don't know because Pieck is biting and sucking dark purple love bites all over your breasts and Jean's big hands are squeezing your waist hard enough to bruise and his cock is pounding into you again, and again, and again, and you just —

    "M'gonna fucking come, Jean, m'gonna —" You can't finish because then your vision is going dim, blood rushing in your ears as you climax. Everything goes limp but your cunt, which tightens and spasms around Jean's cock. He groans your name, uses your limp body like a rag doll, makes you feel like you really are just a cocksleeve as he chases his own orgasm. 

    You feel it when he comes, can tell because of the way his cock twitches inside of you. Nothing spills out, though, meaning he must've put on a condom while you were busy with your face buried between Pieck's thighs. You don't know whether to be grateful or disappointed. 

    You're not sure how long you stay like that, breathing heavily and resting against him while Pieck leans into you, kissing softly up your neck. Eventually Jean grunts and squeezes your waist once more before easing you off his cock and letting you fall forward into Pieck's arms. She catches you gracefully, lets you rest your head on her breasts and smooths your sweaty hair away from your forehead. She's warm and soft all over, and by the time Jean returns with a wet cloth to wipe you down you're half asleep.

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    ꒰  ꒱ ━━ 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐱 | 𝖺. 𝖺𝗋𝗅𝖾𝗋𝗍


    armin’s new position as a secretary does not start off as well as he had initially planned, mainly due to his boss being a literal goddess.


    chapter one: new horizons.
    word count: 1.62k
    trigger warning: mature language.
    date published: 24th of june, 2O21.
    series masterlist is linked here.

    frantic side-glances, sweating palms and the distinct click of an analogue clock. armin arlert was a nervous wreck. his slender fingers fiddled with the hem of his cerulean cardigan as he waited for the manager to give him a tour of the headquarters.

    fresh out of college with a degree in business, the twenty-one year old was surprised that he was hired as the ceo’s personal secretary, due to his lack of real workplace experience. though, his perfect resume was filled to the brim with other accomplishments of his that made up for it.

    armin reminded himself not to panic, remembering that the worst part—that being the job interview—was over, and only good things would come out of starting his first job at a high-end company. his starting salary was fantastic, as was the headquarters of epoch motors, which he was currently admiring.

    it had a sleek, modern and sophisticated design. clean-cut chrome and leather furnishings, marble flooring that you could see your reflection in, and bright white lighting that made it seem as if you had stepped through the gates of heaven. armin had to admit, whoever designed this place had good taste.

    “great design, right? i personally think it really reflects our ceo’s personality.” a warm, cheery-toned voice said, in agreement with armin’s unsaid thoughts.

    startled, the blonde boy flinched at the unexpected sound, his blue eyes widening to the size of saucers. this earned a short chuckle from the brunette standing in front of him, holding a thick stack of paperwork up to their chest.

    “i do apologise, i didn’t mean to frighten you.” they said, readjusting the rectangular framed glasses they wore upon their nose. “my name is hange zoë, the office manager for epoch motors.”

    armin swore a bell went off in his head, remembering that the interviewer had mentioned that hange was the manager, the person whom would be showing him the ropes. he stood up from the stark white leather couch to politely shake hange’s hand, which they enthusiastically accepted. in fact, they practically shook armin’s entire arm.

    gesturing for the young man to follow them, they started their tour of the headquarters. armin followed compliantly, trailing behind them in a manner similar to a lost puppy. hange happened to be quite a fast walker, so keeping up with them was a task in itself.

    “i’m happy to finally have some new recruits! our last secretary—” hange paused in the middle of their sentence, debating whether or not they should spill out more information than they needed to.

    with a quick shake of their head and a slightly nervous grin, hange continued. “well, we don’t need to get into that right at this moment, but it’s great to have some fresh faces around this place!”

    deciding to gloss over hange’s cryptic words, armin was then introduced to the two secretaries that had been stationed at the front desk of the lobby. on the left was a young brunette, with her hair tied into a neat ponytail, multitasking as she typed on her computer and munched on what looked like yakisoba bread. the woman on the right looked to be around the same as as the brunette, her caramel-coloured locks coming down in small waves that framed her heart-shaped face to perfection.

    “ladies! this is our new hire, armin arlert, he’ll be working as our ceo’s personal secretary.” hange said, gesturing between the three employees.

    armin had learnt a few seconds later that the brunette was sasha braus, a certified glutton with a big heart, and the blonde one was hitch dreyse, a mischievous, but capable worker. the two of them seemed nice enough, so he wouldn’t have to worry about any future issues involving them.

    and with those introductions out of the way, the manager and the secretary continued around the headquarters, meeting the other employees as they passed through different sectors. armin didn’t realise just how large the building was until he had to walk through every floor of it, but he didn’t want to seem like the picky type, since hange still maintained their excited demeanour throughout the entire tour.

    in the operations section, he had met miche zacharius and moblit berner, whom controlled the manufacturing of the vehicles. the two men seemed reserved, but determined to complete their tasks and keep everything running smoothly.

    in the office section, he had met jean kirschtein and connie springer, the enthusiastic pair of sales representatives, along with the marketing manager, levi ackerman and the human resources representative, mikasa ackerman.

    he noted that hange seemed to talk highly of the group, though, that was probably because they were the office manager. each of them were unique in their own way, by the way they represented themselves and by their resting facial expressions.

    with the information and awards plastered on the office walls, this company was clearly an important staple in the vehicle industry, and so were the people working for it. then the pressure to succeed in his newly found role felt even heavier on the young man’s shoulders. the employees were hand-picked by the ceo herself, they weren’t just any random citizens taken off of the streets, they were an incredible group. armin prayed to the heavens he would live up to their expectations and standard of work.

    “well, mister arlert, i think it’s time that you meet your real boss. her office is on the top floor, i’ll walk you there.” hange informed with a genuine smile.

    if the poor boy wasn’t tense before, he sure as hell was right now. he would soon be meeting the renowned ceo of epoch motors, the woman whom he would be working under for many years to come. he wanted—scratch that, he needed to make a fantastic first impression on her. he didn’t want to look like a nervous wreck in front of someone as powerful, influential and wealthy as her.

    stepping into the elevator, right beside the slightly taller hange zoë, armin practiced opening lines in his head, in preparation to meet the ceo. rerunning each sentence through his head, he decided on something formal, but enough to show he was determined to do well for her company.

    the sharp sound of a bell rang through armin’s ears, signalling that the elevator had reached the correct floor. hange had further instructed him that the ceo’s office was at the end of the hall, with crimson red double doors and a luxurious golden plaque that had her name engraved into it.

    armin nodded in understanding, thanking the manager for being so kind to him. he could hear hange’s squeals of excitement as the elevator doors closed behind him. brushing off the out-of-place reaction, he walked towards the office, which looked exactly how hange had described it. the plaque read [first] [last], so that must be the ceo’s name. knocking thrice, a smooth voice answered from the confides of the office, allowing him to enter.

    swallowing his nerves, he inhaled and exhaled deeply, before opening one of the doors. and he was met with the sight of a beautiful woman, probably the most stunning creature he had seen in his twenty-one years of life. she had a professional aura about her, dressed in a feminine matching blazer and trousers, a silky dress shirt underneath the crisp jacket. her hair was done into a sleek style that allowed armin to gaze into her captivating eyes, which felt strangely cold, yet just as pretty. her expression was nothing short of what many would call a ‘resting bitch face,’ but god, she was so fucking gorgeous.

    armin’s felt as if his entire face was beet red, the tips of his ears and neck glowing the same colour. he was totally frozen in his place, his eyes widening and his lips parting as he admired her beauty. the line that he had originally planned to say upon their meeting had slipped from his mind.

    “are you just gonna stand there and waste my time, or introduce yourself?” [first] questioned, she was calm, but the slightest tinge of venom was seeping throughout her tone.

    armin flinched, snapping out of his prolonged trance. “y-yes! my name is a-armin arlert, your secretary! i—um—i’m excited to be looking at—i mean, to be working with you, m-miss [last]!” he frantically stumbled over his words.

    shaking her head in incredulousness, [first] continued to fill out the paperwork she had previously been writing before the young man had entered. during that moment, she wondered why exactly someone as nervy and jumpy as armin had been hired to be her secretary, especially since she had some behavioural tendencies that might scare the poor boy to death.

    armin cursed at himself inside of his head, wondering how and why he was able to let himself slip up like that. the young man was smart, incredibly intelligent, though, he sometimes had trouble with his social skills. he had practiced how to greet her the day before, in the mirror before he arrived at work, and in the elevator before he actually met her, yet he still managed to fuck up his first impression.

    he set up his station as quickly as possible, leaving his boss’s office in embarrassment. in a way, he was relieved that she had sent him on a coffee run, since he could have time to compose himself before he returned. though, he wouldn’t have minded staring at her pretty face for a little longer.

    as he entered his beat-up little volkswagen beetle, he took a quick moment to pray to god that in the future she would have a better opinion about him, once he began to do the more difficult tasks.

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    ꒰  ꒱ ━━ 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐱 | 𝖺. 𝖺𝗋𝗅𝖾𝗋𝗍


    armin arlert, an intelligent and capable young man, manages to land a position as your personal secretary. though, you have more in store for him than mere paperwork and errands.


    secretary!armin x ceo!fem!reader.
    all characters are over the age of eighteen.
    the reader is taller than armin ❪about 5’8” or over❫.
    trigger warnings: mature language & nsfw content.
    this is a six part series that will be updated weekly.

    𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭.

    𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗻𝗲 | 𝗻𝗲𝘄 𝗵𝗼𝗿𝗶𝘇𝗼𝗻𝘀 ━━ linked here.

    𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝘁𝘄𝗼 | 𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘁𝘆 ━━ 𝖼𝗈𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗌𝗈𝗈𝗇.

    𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗲 | 𝗱𝗿𝘂𝗻𝗸𝗲𝗻 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗱𝘀 ━━ 𝖼𝗈𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗌𝗈𝗈𝗇.

    𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗳𝗼𝘂𝗿 | 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗯𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗲 ━━ 𝖼𝗈𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗌𝗈𝗈𝗇.

    𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗳𝗶𝘃𝗲 | 𝗶𝗻𝗲𝗳𝗳𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 ━━ 𝖼𝗈𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗌𝗈𝗈𝗇.

    𝗲𝗽𝗶𝗹𝗼𝗴𝘂𝗲 | 𝗮 𝗵𝗮𝗽𝗽𝘆 𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 ━━ 𝖼𝗈𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗌𝗈𝗈𝗇.

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    virgin! armin who has had a crush on you ever since he laid eyes on you.

    virgin! armin who thinks he's being subtle when his eyes roam over your body as he imagines everything he could be doing to it.

    virgin! armin who can't hold a conversation with you without him ending up blushing or having his ears turn red.

    virgin! armin who almost got caught jerking off to your instagram by his roommate.

    virgin! armin who harmlessly invites himself over to help you study.

    virgin! armin who forgoes his studying excuse once he gains confidence to kiss you.

    virgin! armin who learns quickly that he wants live in between your soft thighs forever, falling in love with the taste of your pussy.

    virgin! armin who you have to tear away from your cunt or else you'd be too overstimulated to actually fuck him.

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    virgin! armin who isn't a virgin anymore, but now has unlocked potential to learn so much more.

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    To Honesty and Comeuppance, Chapter 15

    Link to all previous chapters is here.

    Also, my asks are open. Do you have a request for a one shot? Hit me up!

    THIS CHAPTER IS EXPLICIT. Minors, do not interact.




    WORD COUNT: 5182


    Two years have passed since Wall Maria fell and as able, willing bodies become harder to find, Levi is tasked with recruiting someone from his past, someone from the Undercity who now controls all its organized crime. After a decade of running the Undercity alone, Himmel Zweite is thrust back into Levi’s world. Will she thrive as she always has? Will Levi finally be able to discover the secrets she’s always kept from him, and will he be able to accept her if he learns them? As the pair rediscover their friendship, the lines begin to blur, and the risk to their tenuous bond grows.


    Pre-Canon, During Canon, Mostly Canon Compliant, Canonical Character Death, Canonical Child Abuse, Younger Levi, Criminal Levi, Long, Slow Burn, Long-Distance Relationship, Caring Levi, Mean Levi, Eventual Smut, Fluff and Smut, Porn with Plot, Historical Accuracy, Undercity, Organized Crime, Secret Relationship, Friends to Lovers, Hurt/Comfort

    Chapter 15 The 25-Year Long Negotiation

    Shortly after sunset, Commander Erwin arrived with Hange, one of his underlings, and a surprising number of familiar faces from the 104th. Armin, Mikasa, and Jean were with him as well. Himmel rose and saluted Erwin, who nodded, and she sat down beside Levi once more. Eren emerged from the kitchen with a kettle and tray, looking surprised and happy to see his friends again.

    However, none of them looked particularly pleased about the situation. They all took seats around the table stiffly, as though they had ridden here in driving snow instead of the stale summer air.

    Commander Erwin wasted no time in explaining his plan. Himmel and Levi listened mostly in silence while Eren questioned their every assumption. He wanted to believe in his friends, the people he had sweat and bled with for three long years, survived Trost with. And besides, Himmel had always suspected that perhaps he felt something for Annie. It may not have been romantic, but it had certainly been something deep. Probably because Annie didn't coddle him like Mikasa always did.

    Himmel felt for Eren. She had grown up trusting only two people in the entire world: Levi and herself. It was only after many years of knowing others that she had been able to call anyone else a friend, and even then, she was always prepared for a knife to the back.

    And she knew better than anybody else that the first twist of the knife was always the most painful.

    "Himmel, you know it can't be Annie," Eren said, desperate for someone in the entire group to back him up. "You've been on missions with her. You guys were even in the same barracks for three years."

    "We were," Himmel nodded. "She was an excellent soldier when we were on supply runs. She risked her life to save some of us one time, which is why this does come as a surprise to me. And she is a very, very capable soldier. We've seen that time and time again. But...towards the beginning of our training, she kept vanishing at night."

    "What do you mean?" Commander Erwin said.

    "I only sleep for about two to three hours on average, and I sit in bed for most of the night just waiting for the next day. Annie used to wait until she thought all of us were asleep and steal out of the barracks a few nights a week. She'd come back a couple hours before daylight."

    "Did you ever tail her?" Levi asked.

    "At the time, I didn't think it was my place. Who would have thought that a kid would have been up to something?"

    "And when did she stop sneaking out?"

    "A little after the first year of training had ended."

    Eren slapped his hand on the table. "So what if she left the barracks at night? She could have just been visiting a friend or something. That doesn't mean—"

    "She was a loner, anyways," Jean said. "What friend would she be going to see? Eren, wake up."

    Eren looked to Himmel once more, eyes begging her to correct them. While she may have been a liar, she only told lies that served her. And having Eren filled with false hope would benefit no one, herself included.

    "Maybe it's not Annie," Himmel said, "but right now, I think she's the most suspicious, and it makes sense to target her."

    They began diving into the plan. Levi looked perfectly cool and aloof as they talked about the ruse they would create to draw Annie away and the traps that Hange would have as backup. Himmel would be helping Armin and Mikasa smuggle Eren out using the tunnels to the Undercity. This would be one of the most dangerous aspects of the plan because if either Eren or Annie transformed, anyone else would be killed in the resulting tunnel collapse.

    "Himmel, Armin, Mikasa, are you prepared to take that risk?" Commander Erwin asked them.

    All three of them nodded without hesitation.

    "Very well. We all have an understanding of the mission. Get some rest before daylight and then we move."

    Everyone split up to find somewhere to nap. Levi and Himmel went up the stairs, and, with some hesitation, she followed him into his room.

    "Do you want me to find my own?" she asked.


    Levi took off his shoes and got into bed while Himmel took off her blade boxes and ODM gear. She stayed in uniform, though, as they would be setting off in just an hour. He was in the corner of the bed waiting for her and she sidled up beside him as he wrapped an arm around her. The air in the room was the same stagnant, choking heat they’d had all day, but the talk downstairs had put a chill in her bones that only his hands could chase away.

    "It should be me escorting those brats," he said. There was a bitter tang in his words.

    "It's fine. I'm just as well-suited. Even more so, since I trained with them. It would be suspicious if it was you down there."

    "I can't even be a proper bodyguard to Erwin."

    "Levi, you are being way too hard on yourself. Are you forgetting that it's thanks to you that we saved Eren from her? And it's thanks to you that Mikasa wasn't a splatter on a tree. If the price of that was you taking a month off duty, then so be it. That's a bargain."

    He didn’t look at her because he knew that she was right. "Shut up."

    "Why'd you ask me to stay in your room with you?" she asked. "What will Commander Erwin think if he finds out?"

    "I'm just making choices I know I won't regret."

    He reached around and pulled her to him, and unlike this morning, Himmel didn't feel shy when he pressed his lips to hers. She lost a hand in his soft hair and dared to slide her tongue into his mouth, delighting as he tightened his grip on her waist and encouraged her to press her entire body against his. She could feel her smile relaxing, could feel the freedom.

    "Levi," she whispered in gratitude.

    He pulled away, tucking a curl behind her ear before tracing her lips with a fingertip. There was a playful yet sincere spark in his dark eyes. "Would you be mad if I said I like the smile just as much?"

    Himmel coiled her arm back to throw a punch, but he caught her fist in his hand and then drew her closer for another kiss, hungrier than the last one. He was nudging her uniform jacket so she pulled it off and tossed it on the floor. She heard him make a "tch" of irritation into their kiss, but she ignored it as she wrapped her legs around his right thigh and rocked against it, seeking something to alleviate the heat and want she felt.

    "Shit, Mel," he said.

    She could see the desire burning there in his eyes, could see the way his mouth hung open slightly as he waited for her to kiss him again.

    Himmel unwrapped her legs from around his, pulled out of his hold, and got out of bed. Levi watched her distance herself from him, and she could tell by his painstakingly blank expression that he was bracing himself for her to do what she had always done in the past when they had gotten close: run.

    But despite having known her for all of their lives, Levi failed to understand a critical part of her. Himmel was greedy and selfish and she would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. Until now, she had wanted to keep her secret from him.

    With the secret no longer in the way, all she wanted was him.

    She crossed the room to lock the door, and then looked back at him with a small smile.

    "I think this is a choice I won't regret."

    Levi’s eyes grew wide and she was certain that if his leg hadn’t been injured he would have pinned her to the door and taken her right there, so urgent was his desire.

    Himmel blew out the candle on the desk and returned to the bed, sitting on her knees between his spread legs. He set to work unfastening all of the belts on her uniform, agile fingers flew to unclasp and pull, and he dropped them hastily to the floor on top of her uniform. Next he reached under her shirt and pulled it up and over her head to toss it onto the messy pile beside the bed.

    Levi moved as though they had only minutes to share, as though once the stars faded from tonight’s sky he would have to wait for them all to line up precisely the same before he could have another chance. Guilt licked at Himmel’s core just as much as excitement did. She had made him this way—she had forced him to wait half of their lives for something that they had both wanted. She had conditioned him to think that she would always pull away from him at the last minute.

    She had been cruel to him, and now it was time to rectify that. 

    Himmel leaned down to press her chest against his, to glide her want against his, as she threaded the fingers of one hand through his soft raven locks. Before she could kiss him, in a move so smoothe and deft that she gasped in surprise, he slid a calloused hand up her bare back, unclasped her bra, and then anchored his fingers in the roots of her thick blonde curls as he pulled her down into a voracious kiss. It felt almost as if they were sparring with one another. That same heat and excitement that crackled in the air between them when they had their knives was here in the little spaces their bodies didn't touch, on the tips of their tongues and in their sighs. 

    Not willing to break their kiss even as she grew lightheaded, the only concession she would make was arching her back up and gliding her hands down his body so he could take her bra off. This too got added to the little hill of her garments, and she took this brief opportunity to pull his shirt over his head. For a few moments, the two of them stared at each other in the moonlight. They had seen one another nude more times than they could count. The novelty should have worn off by now, yet they found themselves fascinated with the other. Himmel skated her fingers down his chest, taking in each and every silver and pink scar that adorned him. Many of them she remembered, but many more she didn't. It seemed that the ten years they'd been apart had been just as unkind to him as his childhood had. 

    Levi took her in with his eyes and hands as well. He dragged his hands from her trousers up the curve of her hips and waist, and took her full breasts into his rough hands. For as long as they had known one another, she had always been several degrees warmer than him. His cool touch on her sensitive nipples made her smile and arch her back into his hands, and he sat up further to kiss her again as he massaged her breasts. Now she dared to put a hot palm on his manhood, wrap her fingers around his impressive swell through the thin cotton trousers he wore, and drink up the gasp he gave into their kiss. He rocked his hips up into her palm and red hot want coursed through her to see just how eager he was to have her. 

    She knew that he liked foreplay. He had stated it bluntly to her just a few nights prior here in this very bed. And yet, there was such urgency in each of his movements and within her that she knew that tonight there would be no appetizers. That course of the meal had been ongoing for decades and they were fit to burst. 

    He sat up with her, taking his lips away to steal sips of air before returning to stealing sips of her, and Himmel backed up with him and tugged down his trousers and boxers quickly but carefully. As lost as she was in the incredulity and wonder that this moment was finally, finally here, she still hadn't forgotten that they had to be careful with his left leg. She unbuttoned her own pants and took them and her panties off. Even though she had bared herself to him completely a couple nights ago and hundreds of times before that, suddenly she felt her cheeks warm as she got back into the bed between his spread legs. Here they were, utterly and completely open with one another, ready to cross that one line they had never quite been brave enough to before. 

    It was terrifying, but so very exhilarating. 

    "What are you doing just staring?" Levi whispered. "Hurry it up."

    His strong hands on her wrists pulled her to him, closed the distance between them in a swift instant. Once more she was on top of him but now there was nothing at all keeping them apart. His cock pressed insistently against her patch of delicate golden curls and when they both ground their hips they were rewarded with some of the most delectable friction Himmel had ever known. Levi was steel wrapped in silk, power encased in warmth. 

    "Will you be mad if I skip all the fun stuff and get right to it?" she whispered against his lips. Her eagerness had her breathless, and her breasts heaved against his chest as she continued rocking her hips against his hard cock. 

    "I'll teach you the merits of foreplay another night," he said. "But let me get you ready first."

    Those fingers she loved so much trailed down her flesh, cupped her asscheeks tenderly, and then he dipped one hand down her front, past the tuft of curls, and slid his middle finger right down her slit. Instantly she changed the angle of her movements so that she rocked on his digits, and they both gave gasps for different reasons. For Himmel, it was the first time in years that he had touched her here. And for Levi— 

    "You're dripping," he hissed, mouth open in a little silent groan.

    "Please, you know how impatient I am," she grinned. She leaned lower and cradled his cheek for a moment before giving him a kiss that was much more tender than the frantic, starved ones they had been exchanging until now. "But I appreciate how considerate you are." 

    When he lavished her with his tongue and laid siege to her clit with a bold thumb she gave her first whimper. Levi's dark eyes were blown with eagerness even as he gave her a frown and withdrew his hand from her warmth to press a finger wet with her own juices to her lips.

    "Shh," he said, giving her a downright imperious look.

    Himmel drew his finger into her mouth, wrapped her tongue around it and sucked on it unabashedly. She watched as that intimidating expression was wiped away and he bit down on his bottom lip. His cock twitched against her and she knew that it was time. 

    She sat up, letting his digit leave her mouth with a soft "pop," and still in a daze he trailed his hand down her chest absently. It was only when she moved down his body a little lower, wrapping her legs around his hips, and positioned herself directly over his manhood that the fog seemed to clear from his mind. He didn't dare take his eyes off hers, and with one hand on her hip he took his firmness in the other and ran the head, weeping pre-cum Himmel longed to taste, along her ready and yearning core. 

    She was holding her breath—she couldn't remember how to exhale—it was finally happening. How many times had she touched herself imagining that it was his hands on her? How many times had she slept with whores and paid them extra so they'd stay silent and not break the illusion? She had been holding her breath for fifteen long years and at long last, she could have the real thing. 

    "Are you sure?" Levi asked.

    The question took her aback. It raised her from the delirium he had induced, and now she could see that his brow wasn't only creased with held-back desire. Worry was there too: worry that she would change her mind now that he had given her the chance, even greater worry that she would regret tonight if they continued.

    Even though his cock was so tantalizingly close to her entrance right now, Himmel leaned forward and down to press her warm forehead against his cooler one. When they were this close, she could see the deep, deep brown of his irises and all of the feelings he kept locked deep inside his heart where no one could find them. Their affection for each other had been an affliction to them both, but tonight that would change. 

    "I've never been surer," she promised. 

    They kissed once more, and this time Himmel put in everything she had been too scared to show him until now. Just how deep and bottomless her care was for him, how every day of her life she had thought of him and longed for him, how she wanted this more than she wanted her smile gone or even the citizens of the Undercity to be free to live above ground. 

    It seemed that at least a fraction of that had gotten across to him because he slanted his mouth against hers and let out the softest of moans into the kiss, as though he had been waiting all this time for her to carve those feelings into him with her tongue. 

    Gently he put his hands on her ribs, slid them down to her hips, and eased her to sit back up over his impressive girth that he then took in his hand. This time when he met her eyes, there was no concern or doubt. They were both ready for this. 

    Himmel took a breath in a failed attempt to calm her racing heart and then lowered herself down upon him. Inch by inch he warmed and spread and filled her, taught her anew what it meant to be complete, and when their hips finally met and he was fully inside her, she arched her back and made a soft sound that was somewhere between pleasure and relief. She had sampled many a man and some women in her time, but she knew that not a single one came close to Levi and the pleasure he gave her. 

    They stayed there for a boiling second, memorizing this dream turned reality, and Levi gave her a look that was so nearly a smile it made her heart stop. He found a hold on her hips and looked up at her.

    "I imagined this a thousand different ways, but this wasn't one of them," he said.

    She smirked as she dragged her hands up his chest and spread her palms across his fine muscles. "Really? This was one of my favorites to imagine." 

    "Oh, me too. I just didn't intend to let you hold the reins the first time. I knew it'd go to your head."

    She rolled her hips against his and they both reveled in the feeling of one another. "I've never let anything go to my head ever."

    He gave an amused huff and she felt his hips strain beneath her. How he wanted to flip them over so it was him on top, how he wanted to dominate her and pay her back for the fifteen years she'd made them both wait for this. But, as misfortune would have it, he was completely at her mercy tonight because of his leg. 

    "C'mon," he said, the urgency from before coloring his voice and making it rougher, "show me how the Sabakiya handles her man." 

    Her man. She had never allowed herself to become possessive of him, as she had watched him struggle to let her have her freedom from him when they were younger. But in her heart, she had always longed to call him that. That Levi knew this and would say those words sent a shiver of delight right up her spine. 

    "You'll tell me to stop if it hurts," she checked. 

    He rolled his eyes and jutted his hips up as his strong hands on her waist forced her down. Himmel gasped and bit back a yelp of surprise and ecstasy as he ground against her core and she realized that he wasn't as immobile as she had first presumed. 

    "Yeah, I'll tell you. Now hurry up."

    Himmel almost felt stupid for having thought that she would be in charge just because she was on top. She should have known that he would still find a way to make her his. Giving in to him, she braced herself with her splayed palms on his chest and bent knees on either side of his waist and rose up. Not only having his throbbing heat inside her, feeling it move and caress her was an entirely new world of bliss matched only by getting to see Levi's expression shift from demanding to starstruck. She sank back down upon him and then drew herself up once more, learning exactly how they fit together. His strong hands on her sides served to ground the both of them and as she grew confident she increased her speed. She glided up and down his rock hard cock, relishing each delicious descent and their soft pants and sighs. Levi guided her with his hands, brow knit and mouth open in a silent groan. 

    "You're so tight," he muttered in disbelief. 

    She smiled at the compliment. "And if you were any bigger we'd probably have difficulties."

    "I knew it, though." His fingers were wrapped around her waist tight enough to bruise but she loved it. "I knew we'd fit together perfectly."

    Himmel slid her hands up his chest and down his toned, sturdy biceps as she spread her legs wider. "Keep me steady," she said. 

    Before he could ask what she was planning, she raised herself up to put a few inches between the two of them and rocked her hips back and forth, sliding up and down his cock so fast and smoothly he lost his composure and gave a low, shaky moan. This in turn, coupled with the intense pleasure of riding him deep and hard like she had always fantasized made the heat inside her compound. They had only just begun but she was already so close to the precipice. 

    Could he tell? Even though it was their first time going this far, did he know that the little tremors started in her fingertips first? That she always squeezed her eyes shut when she came because she wanted to imagine that it was him giving her that reward? 

    "That's it," he breathed. "Come on my cock, Mel. And look at me when you're doing it." 

    Oh, it was embarrassing. It was utterly shameful that a couple filthy sentences and her name on his lips could send her over the edge. But he had shoved her off the cliff and she gasped and caught her cries in her throat as her walls clamped down on him tighter. Her entire body shook and she was awash in white pleasure that rewrote the entire world and eliminated everything from it but him and her. Levi slid his hands up from her waist, wrapped them around her sweat-dewed back, and pulled her down and into a kiss that was as sloppy as it was perfect. Still coming down, body trembling, she fell readily upon him and panted as she took this respite to rake her fingers through his soft raven hair. 

    But it had been silly of her to think that he would give her any manner of respite. He used her moment of weakness to prop himself up with his good leg and piston into her with sharp ferocity. Just like when they sparred, he never missed the mark--each snap of his hips brought the both of them closer and closer to the place they had visited thousands of times but never together. Himmel tore away from his lips and his breath turned harsh, his grip on her derriere commanding, the desperation of his need cresting. 

    "Say it," he said in a bitten prayer. "I've been dreaming of this for so long and no matter what it always—it always ends with you saying my name." 

    He hit a particularly sweet spot in her once, twice, thrice and she whimpered against his collarbone. She was already close again. Whatever power he held over her, he reigned supreme and she would do anything and everything to please him. 

    Himmel sat back up and met him thrust for vicious thrust. The slap of their flesh, the sighs and soft groans—they wouldn't carry down the stairs but they would carry to Eren's room across the hall. This excited them both and without a word between them they both sped up. Levi's mouth was open and his dark, delicate brow furrowed as though he were in the throes of searing ecstasy or excruciation and Himmel was certain that she wore a similar expression as he struck her core true with each jut of his hips. 

    "Cum inside me," she breathed. "I've wanted it so bad, Levi." 

    He unraveled that very instant. All of his composure melted in a flash of summer lightning and after just a couple more snaps of his hips he was groaning as he gripped her hips for support and filled her with his seed. Himmel gasped and the pleasure he gave her combined with the knowledge that it had been her— finally her and no one else—that had made him lose his cool caused her to climax once again. He cradled her against his chest as she trembled and whispered his name, begging him to stay like this here with her until the world turned to dust. 

    Neither of them wanted to break their bond yet and when she was finally able to move again Himmel leaned up gingerly to share a sated, languid kiss. She wiped the sweat from his brow while he brushed her damp curls out of her face. Himmel pulled away just enough to take a gulp of air and when the softest of smiles grew on his lips her breath was immediately stolen away again. She could count on one hand the number of times she had seen him smile over the years. 

    She kissed him again, giggling softly, and he rolled them onto their sides still connected and arms wrapped tightly around one another. Himmel gave a deep, contented sigh when they pulled away.

    "We'll see how long it takes for your smile to come back this time," Levi said. 

    Himmel laughed and pressed a kiss to his chest, his neck, his cheek, and then his mouth, and he received her gladly. 

    "Twenty-five whole years we've known each other," she mused. "What would have happened if we had done this sooner?"

    "We wouldn't be in the Survey Corps and we'd have at least five kids." 

    The certainty with which he spoke took her aback. It was clear that this wasn't the first time he had envisioned this for them. Himmel hadn't been brave enough to think of a future together, because she had never imagined she'd be brave enough to share her secret with him. Even now, enveloped in his arms and warmth as she was, she found it daunting. 

    Instead, she pressed him for more. "At least five, huh?"

    "Yeah. And we'd have a house in Wall Maria. I'd be running a tea shop, and you'd be running the bakery. You'd always be making extra and giving it to the neighborhood kids even though it eats into profits. We'd argue over it, but actually I'd always order extra wheat every month so you could feed those brats."

    He had told her that he started reading books to pass the hours away when the rest of the world slept. That had undoubtedly been true, but Himmel got the distinct feeling that it wasn't the only thing he did to pass the time. The picture Levi painted was uncharacteristically whimsical for him, but he had thought of it so often that it had ceased being a fantasy and become a conviction. 

    Himmel felt so very guilty. If she hadn't been so stupidly stubborn, if she had just summoned the courage to tell him the truth about herself, maybe it wouldn't just be a dream he saw in his waking hours. Maybe they could have made it their reality by now. 

    She said softly, "I like the sound of that life. Someday, when the Survey Corps is done with us, I'd like that."

    "They'll be done with us when we're dead."

    Himmel shook her head. "No. Once we kill all the Titans and make this land safe again, we'll be free."

    He kissed her forehead. "Get dressed. You're leaving earlier than the others."

    Neither of them wanted her to move, but they were criminals and soldiers. The job was always on their minds and they had to be ready to set aside their emotions at any given time. Reluctantly, she pulled away from him and got changed into the uniform she had thrown onto the floor. With every piece of clothing and gear she put on she transitioned from the Sabakiya to Himmel, member of the Survey Corps. She went over the mission in her head step by step, making sure that she was absolutely certain of each phase and step within it. 

    She picked up Levi's clothes and folded them neatly before fetching him a different outfit from his trunk. He got dressed gingerly, and she wondered if he'd truly be healed within a month. It was eating him alive to watch her affix her ODM gear and get ready to fight the Female Titan head on, where he wouldn't be able to assist or even watch.

    "Later," she said in farewell.

    “Don’t do anything stupid,” he said.

    “I rarely set out with the intent to do something stupid.”


    “I know,” she said, giving him a gentle smile. “I’ll see you when this is all finished.”

    He didn’t look entirely convinced. And how could he, Himmel mused as she affixed her bandana to hide her mouth. She was on her way to confront the Female Titan, whose motives and alliances they didn’t understand, with nothing but her and a few kids she needed to protect.

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    18+. minors dni.

    TW: degradation, deep throat, hair-pulling, face-fucking(?), a bit of praise

    mean dom! Porco who hates seeing the way you talk to his friends. You're such an attention whore, flirting, no, practically throwing yourself onto his friends and for what? A smile? A laugh? Fucking pathetic. He doesn't give a fuck if you say you're just "being nice", you're being a whore, and if that's what you want to act like then so be it

    mean dom! Porco who can hear your pathetic whimpering through the walls. You knew the walls were thin but you chose to touch yourself anyway, knowing damn well he could hear you. He could hear your wanton and desperate moans as he jerked himself off in the next room. If you were so loud with just your fingers, he'd give you a reason to scream his name. He finishes at almost the same pace as when your moans die down. Thick ropes of cum spurt from his cock as he milks himself dry, imagining what would be like to cum on your face.

    mean dom! Porco who was insanely turned on with the you hungrily suck on his the tip of his cock and massage his balls. The way you take him, all of him, is wrong, but you can't help but squirm at how good he feels down your throat. Your hand reaches down desperately to satisfy the building heat in your lower body, but not without him noticing. "Just what the fuck do you think you're doing?" He grabs the top of your head to pull your mouth away from his cock. "please, i want more." you whine, practically begging for any form satisfaction. "more? Who the fuck are you to ask for more? you're just a whore for me to use, understand? Whores don't ask for more. You take what I give you." He suddenly thursts his hips, and his cock is deeper in your throat than it previously was. Fuck, you can't help but squirm and shiver at his words. The words that left his mouth weren't supposed to ignite the steadily building flame inside you, but it did. Maybe he was right. Maybe you were Porco's little whore. And honestly, was that such a bad thing?

    mean dom! Porco who was going crazy with the way your throat consticted tightly around his length. It felt so good when you gagged around him. He relished in the way you desperately pulled away to breathe, they way the tears that clung to your lashes threatened to fall every time you took him your throat, the way your mouth filled with spit that dribbled down your chin, making it so fucking easy to practically fuck your face. Fuck, he was close. He could feel it. He grabbed your hair and kept your head still, thrusting his hips faster and deeper into your throat the closer he was to cumming. Lewd sounds filled the room — mainly your gags and his deep breathing that grew more ragged the closer he got. He pulled you closer, your nose practically touching his pelvis, as his high hit him. He painted the back of your throat with his cum, thick spurts flowing down your throat as you desperately swallowed what he gave you.

    mean dom! Porco who grabs you by the jaw to inspect the inside of your mouth, satisfied as he saw you swallowed every single drop he gave you. He gave you a moment to breathe. You were good. You were his good little cumslut. Maybe he'd reward you with his cock next time, fucking you senseless until you could barely stand. Hell, maybe he'd even let you cum. Who knows? All you two know is whatever happens, you take what he gives you, because Pock's pretty little whore never asks for more.

    reblog if you're Porco's pretty whore 😌

    #[🍸] — after hours #[🍹] — personal mix #aot#snk #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyoujin imagine #aot x reader #porco#aot porco #attack on titan porco #porco galliard #porco galliard x y/n #porco galliard x you #porco galliard x reader #aot x gn!reader #aot smut#snk smut #aot x y/n #tw: degredation #tw: throat fucking #tw: hair pulling #tw: face fucking #aot x you #snk x gn! reader #snk x you #snk x y/n #snk x reader #queued post <3 #porco x y/n
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  • venenatd
    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    erwin brain rot called and said time to tell everyone your thoughts. blame hot aot art and @yeagerslut's writing on him here

    warnings; power dynamics, masturbation, dom/sub themes, afab reader, public sex

    18+ only, minors do not interact.

    professor!erwin who has been away from his favorite teachers assistant for far too long. erwin being called away for research trips always sets you on edge. because you two have a close working relationship. he's finally returned, and yet you still can't touch each other. what makes it worse is that the first time you'll be able to see him is in class. every now and then your phone buzzes, and the adrenaline courses through your veins as you read the words erwin sends you.

    finally- fucking finally- class is over. students leave the room, and you're cleaning up papers. you feel his presence behind you, firm and strong against your back.

    "did you miss me?" he murmurs into the shell of your ear.

    "of course i did."

    "did you do what i told you to?"

    if your heart wasn't racing before, it certainly is now. "of course i did."

    a large and firm hand curls round your front and between your thighs. lifting your skirt to reveal your panty-less pussy, you can feel erwin smile into your hair.

    "did you miss this?"


    his hands leave you, and you turn around. "e-erwin..?"

    erwin stands there, his large frame making you feel so small. "you did, did you? come here then," his three fingers point towards you, "come show me how much you missed it."

    you would grind yourself on his fingers, letting him feel just how soaked you've gotten over the hour long lecture. holding onto his muscular arms and helplessly panting against his chest.

    erwin's looking down at you as you get closer and closer to your high. he enjoys seeing how desperate you've grown, feeling his fingers move through your folds.

    eventually you're spasming on his fingers, arousal dripping down them. yours hips are twitching as you cling onto him, moaning into his suit so no one but him can hear. he holds you up, enjoying your fingers digging into his bicep.

    erwin kisses your temple, and whispers "i missed you too."

    #erwin smith x reader smut #erwin smith smut #erwin x reader #erwin x reader smut #erwin smith x you #snk smut#thots#aot smut#erwin smut #tw: public sex
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  • deareren
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    cozy — modern au!eren yeager

    genre: nsfw-ish, fluff

    tags/warnings: pet names, teasing, f!reader

    request by @gg9183: Faye my love….I have a request for you 🥺 I would love to have a relaxing skincare/self care night with boyfriend Eren and his good girl that dissolves into a heated makeout session and some naughty touching please? ♥️

    notes: i'm so sorry this took me a bit to publish! i struggle with keeping my concentration from jumping from one thought to another right now😮‍💨

    you always know your sweet eren is up to no good anytime he voluntarily joins a self care night. sure, he hides his true intentions by insisting it is all for you and your contentment. you would almost believe his sacrificial act if it wasn't for the deep sighs escaping his lungs the moment you put the green tea mask on his face, or the adorable hums vibrating in his chest when you work the argan oil into his locks.

    "you know you're really cute, right?" you whisper into his ear when eren seems almost passed out from your spoiling touches. you always love to look after him first on these nights, especially because you tend to be too tired once eren has repaid your favours tenfold.

    "the cutest around." there is a cocky ring to his remark. but the silly smirk spreading over his lips—which just so happens to cause the drying face mask to crack—softens his facade.

    "eren! you're making a mess already..." but the pout on your balmed lips is one of eren's favourite sights. you're simply too adorable while concentrating, especially so when it is on nothing and no one but him. "only want to make a mess of you, pretty baby," he cheekily murmurs as you squish his cheeks. the best solution was to cradle his face to stop the mask from breaking further and falling all over your sofa.

    yet ultimately it only brings you to lean closer and push your breasts against his chest while spreading the product all over your own hands. "that wasn't exactly your brightest move, princess." - "shut up!" the audacity of eren's remark has you crease your brows and squish his cheeks harder. yet your glare wavers when he adapts your touches. his large hands roam along your thighs and underneath your loose-fit shirt until he cups your ass and digs his fingernails into the soft flesh.

    the pressure of his devious grin is prominent against the palms of your hands and eren ignores your hold like you're completely powerless as he leans forward to olace a kiss on your neck. "what do you like to say...?" he muses, emerald eyes staring up into your own as you watch recognition flashing in those beautiful orbs. "ah, make me" he breathes before his lips attach to your neck to mouth along your pulse point. his tongue flicks against the prominent vein before he nibbles on your skin right below your ear until he hears your sweet moans for him.

    eren leans back again to proudly examine the result of his little attack on you and deems you tempted enough. yes, the way your thighs press against his legs and the heaving of your chest are great indicators of how close he has gotten to his goal.

    "don't look at me like that," you murmur weakly. surprisingly enough you're still affected by his lust-filled gaze resting on your body. yet it is all long forgotten the moment eren places his hand on the nape of your neck and leads you forward to have your lips clash against his. "come here," are the last words you hear him speak before giving yourself away to pleasure.

    your stained hands drop from his face to his shirt. successfully spreading the now half dried mixture over the dark fabric while your tongue brushes his, lips moving in perfect sync as he swallows your moans. but his stupid grin breaks the kiss once he notices the needy roll of your hips against his cock. you're just so perfect at applying the right amount of pleasure to have him crave you more and more. it's causing the brunette to seek your lips out once again. but this time the kiss is soft and deep, the perfect mixture that makes you want him forever.

    unfortunately eren makes you aware of just how soaked your panties grow to become when the hand on your ass guides your hips to push you down harder against his erection. if only it wasn't for eren's moans hitting the depths of your core to have your pussy pulsing in desire. "eren..." you sigh and navigate his hand along your body. all the way down from your neck over your tits, stomach and thighs until you feel his cool fingertips gather the thin fabric of your panties and tug on them.

    eren would be lying if he insisted on being unaffected by you. how you react to him and just him; how wet you get for him. he loves the reassuring grip of your hands in his hair or shirt when you try to ground yourself and drowns in the waves of your moans eaxh time he has the pleasure of listening to your sweet voice.

    but really, it is your own fault your boyfriend is this cocky and full of himself. his hand digs into your hip, pressuring the area just right as he finally grinds his hip against yours. "yeah? what is it, sweets? want me to take care of you now?" he teases, holding himself with the confidence of a man who isn't wearing a cracked mask on his face.

    you bend down and steal a swift kiss from him. "we should clean up. take a shower or something..." you sigh and kiss him again, clay and matcha clad hands running through his oil-laced hair to make a point. "together." eren much more feels the word against his lips as you refuse to bring distance between your bodies and already wrap your arms around his neck for him to carry you to your bathroom.

    🏷 taglist: @onwiings @babyworld @oilivia

    #aot scenarios#snk scenarios #eren yeager x you #eren yeager smut #eren jaeger x reader #eren x you #eren smut #eren x reader #aot x reader #snk x reader #aot smut#snk smut #eren yeager fanfiction #aot fanfiction #snk x you #aot x you #attack on titan smut #shingeki no kyoujin scenario
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  • reinersleftnipnop
    23.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Horny thought of the day: You are only in your ODM gear straps getting (hate) fucked by the aot men.

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  • irrelevantgeek
    23.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    A Better Future

    A History - Part Two

    AN: Bonus scene! Inspired by ocean view - easy life and If Ever However Whenever Forever by Picture This.

    I avoided Zeke for a few days after that. It wasn't until after those few days that I'd be dealing with a tragedy.

    I was on the way home, alone again, from warrior training. The commanders had given me another week to try and prove myself before I would flunk out. My mind was always on Zeke, my special best friend who got to sweep instead of do push-ups.  As I approached my home that day, I saw a carriage outside of Zeke's home. It was only three doors down from mine, so I took the time to watch what was occurring. I actually noticed Zeke in the crowd, standing with Ksaver.  Walking out the door with several officers was Grisha and Dina, behind them...my own parents. I wanted to scream out for them but I knew better than that. If Zeke did as he said he would I would be safe from being arrested, but I couldn't help of think of the time spent with my loving parents despite how rare it was.  Ksaver put a comforting hand on Zeke and I realized how badly I longed for that touch as well. I was grateful to Zeke for keeping me safe, but another part of me resented him and I wondered how much that would affect my relationship with him.

    Once my parents were arrested, Pieck's father offered to bring me in despite his illness. I happily accepted and was glad to have another parental figure, and even a sister, in my life.

    Unfortunately, trauma shapes a child. My depression had caught up with me very quickly and I flunked out of the program before the week was over. Zeke, however, made a deal with Ksaver and if I didn't pass the program, as predicted, he would allow me to attend a special school that would eventually allow me to attend university to help the Marleyan government in other ways.

    The tiny speck of resentment I had toward Zeke never grew, but it always nagged on me as the years went by. Zeke was always the type of person who would want to do what was best for someone, but he never knew how to go about it properly. I had to accept him for what he was and he did the same for me, the two of us still the best of friends as we entered our teen years.

    "How is school going?" Zeke asked me as we walked along the sidewalk, the early morning dew still on the grass nearby.

    "A lot better than warrior training," I scoffed, rolling my eyes. I carried my books tightly against my chest.  The two of us were now seventeen. Zeke was a few weeks away from inheriting the beast titan. Marcel and Pieck were also selected to inherit their respective titans within the year, Pieck being one of the youngest cart titans at fifteen.

    "Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about," he chuckled, voice cracking slightly. I giggled back as his cheeks turned red.

    "Are you ready to inherit the beast?" I smiled at him. I had figured he'd be excited for such an honor.

    "I guess so," he sighed, looking down at his feet as we walked, "I don't like what has to come with it." It took me a minute to remember. Being away from the warrior training, I hadn't thought about how Zeke would have to digest Ksaver and have a limited lifespan after that.  He still hung out with Ksaver every day after training, playing catch as if he was his old man. I did notice that Ksaver hadn't been doing well.

    "I guess I wouldn't get to see you very much after the fact, too," I muttered, "you'll be too busy with war plans." Zeke stayed silent, the only noise he made was from a loud sigh. It also made me think of Pieck who I regarded as a sister. Once she inherited her titan she would no longer be staying with us and we'd also grow apart.

    "That just means that we have to live it up while we can!" He said positively, smiling wide and looking down at me. He had gotten so tall over the years, no longer matching my height like we did when we were seven. "What's something you'd want to do that we haven't yet?"

    "Well, my parents always wanted to take me to see the ocean once I earned my red armband...something we can't see in Liberio," I didn't hesitate to answer, "but that was back when they were alive. I guess we can't really do that without permission with the yellow ones."

    "I..." Zeke took a minute to think, "I can make it work. I'll just ask Ksaver."

    "Really? You'd do that for me?" I could feel the shade of pink that grew on my face.

    "I'd do anything for you. You're my best friend," he shrugged. I gave him a flat-lipped smile, hiding my disappointment that he'd be dead in fourteen years.

    Zeke always kept his promises. Within the week he handed me two small pieces of papers, exit tickets to leave the gates of Liberio. They were stamped for the weekend and I had never felt so excited in my entire life.

    As soon as my toes touched the scalding sand I squealed as high as I could and did some happy jumps from the overstimulation. Zeke laughed at my happy demeanor.  For hours, the two of us splashed around in the sun, the water still too cold for the locals so we were completely alone on the shore. My uniform's pants were rolled up as high as they could go, just below the knee, and they still managed to get soaked. Zeke's clothing wasn't too far off from my damp state.  Once they were wet enough, the two of us just gave up and fell into the waves. We watched each other swim and dive into the heavy swarms of waves. We stayed until the sun began to set, the two of us concluding the trip by sitting along the shoreline, propped up by leaning on our hands.

    "I'm so glad I could make this happen for you," Zeke sighed and looked over at me. His locks shined in the golden sun, his grey eyes striking as they gazed into mine. I blushed as my heart fluttered, I had never felt this way for someone...let alone my best friend.

    I stared off into the sunset, deep in thought. I thought about all of the events that brought us to where we were, some good and some bad. I thought of the goals and dreams that I had and what the future had in store for my shifter friends.  Too heavily distracted, I jumped when I felt Zeke's hand cover mine. I looked down at our two hands and then back up at Zeke who's face was the pinkest I had ever seen it.

    "Zeke, what are you doing?" I giggled, feeling my own face start to heat up. He laughed awkwardly, not sure what words to use.

    "I...I don't know," he shook his head, "all I know is that I've felt for you for quite some time and...I only have so much time left, especially since most of my days will be eaten up with work."

    "Wow..." I whispered, nearly choking on my words. My heart was running a hundred miles a minute. "I...I think I feel the same way," I admitted, my hand escaping his just so I could properly grab it.

    The two of us looked at each other in silence, our eyes searching for what to do next. One would figure the silence to be awkward, but nothing could be awkward with Zeke. His presence was too calming for me to feel anything else.  The two of us instinctively began to lean in, eyes closing slightly, until our lips finally met in pure first kiss bliss. Zeke breathed in heavily when we met, the feeling like some sort of shock, his hand immediately rising to hold my cheek. I pressed further into him to accept the affection, butterflies forming in my stomach. Nothing had ever felt so innocent before...nothing like young love.

    We went a few more times after that, the time for Zeke to inherit his titan drawing ever so close.  Oddly enough, after our first kiss we just went back to being friendly, as if the kiss never happened. I, however, couldn't keep my mind off of that sunset. I thought about it day in and out in hopes that he'd bring it up again. I saw his demeanor slowly change as his time drew near though he thought that he hid it well. His behavior really kept me down, my mind always traveling to the negative - how I was going to lose almost everyone I cared about...just like I lost my parents.

    "Why aren't you in the water?" Zeke asked as he stood about a foot into the waves. I stood in the damp sand, my feet not even touching the water.

    "I just don't really want to today," I explained, holding myself tight as the cool wind blew.

    "I thought you said you loved the ocean," he shook his head, worried, and began walking in my direction, "you didn't even dip your toes in today."

    "Can you just take me home?" I mumbled, refusing eye contact.

    "Okay," he agreed gently, placing a calm hand on my shoulder, the touch warming but also stinging my skin.

    From that moment something really changed between us. Zeke's loving and caring nature quickly became cold and he avoided me at all costs. It remained that way until the night before he was to inherit the beast titan.  I had realized at that point that it would be now or never to confront him. I wasn't going to live the rest of my life without him without knowing the answers.

    I saw Ksaver and Zeke playing catch, likely for one last time. Ksaver looked fairly weak, stopping to cough as I approached.

    "Zeke," I started talking right away, still walking up to them as I spoke.

    "Lotte, hey," he replied.

    "Don't give me that," I said angrily, pointing an aggressive finger at him. He chuckled but then furrowed his brow. "What the fuck happened? Why did you do that?"

    "I'm sorry, Lotte, I-" he began.

    "I can't believe you just kiss me like that and expect me to just move on as if that didn't happen, as if you aren't about to just leave my life forever!" I interrupted, my eyes felt as if they were bloodshot, the wetness about to pool over the bottom lid. Ksaver stepped back a few feet, keeping his distance to give us a moment alone. "You know what? I don't even think I want an explanation. I...just needed to get that out." I felt like I was losing my grip and that the better thing for me to do was just leave. "Goodbye, Zeke Yeager." I stormed away, refusing to look back in his direction.

    #attack on titan #aot#snk #shingeki no kyojin #zeke jeager #zeke jeager fluff #zeke jeager smut #zeke yeager #zeke yeager fluff #zeke yeager smut
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  • wxstoria
    23.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    voicemail (e.j)

    ☾ pairing: eren jaeger x fem!reader

    ☾ info + warnings: dark content, nsfw 18+ (minors dni), noncon (reader isn’t aware of pictures that were taken), infidelity/cheating, stalking, blackmail, obsessive behavior, threats

    ☾ summary: facing uncertainty in the beginning of your relationship, you start to see eren in secret. but weeks in to your sneaky arrangement, guilt is eating at you. in hopes of putting the past behind you, you break all contact with eren. unfortunately, he isn’t willing to let you leave so easily.

    eren wasn’t sure how he ended up parked in the lot outside your apartment building. he’d never gone to these length for anyone before, but then again, he was never the one being broken up with. if that’s what you could call it, considering that the two of you weren’t actually together. but the fact that you had just up and left with no word pissed him off. part of him felt entitled to know why you decided to abruptly cut ties with him. if that meant stopping by your place, then so be it.

    jade green eyes finally catching your door open, eren was met with your figure and that of a taller one behind you. he could only assume it was your boyfriend. the man’s arm was wrapped around your shoulders, the both of you laughing at who knew what. you looked happy, the admiration in your eyes and the bright smile you wore on your lips made that apparent. despite this being the first time he had seen you in a while, the image left a sour taste in eren’s mouth.

    grabbing his cellphone from the cupholder, eren quickly searched for your contact. all of his previous calls and texts to you had gone unanswered and he was beginning to suspect your boyfriend was to blame. eyes still glued on you, eren tapped your contact and held his phone to his ear. listening to the line ring, he watched you take your phone from your back pocket. upon seeing the caller, the smile on your face dropped. nervously pressing the red decline button, you returned the device to its place and continued your conversation with your boyfriend. eren snarled as he listened to your recorded voicemail. the last thing he was going to let you do was act like he didn’t exist. the beep prompted him to leave his message.

    “it’s been a while, huh? care to enlighten me on why i haven’t heard from you in two weeks? having a boyfriend never stopped you before, so what’s changed? just because you stopped calling on me, running to me, doesn’t erase the past. it doesn’t change the fact that you’re a cheater.

    “i’m sure you wouldn't want your boyfriend to find out about us. about how your late night study sessions with friends were actually you sneaking off to my apartment. that you were actually getting your brains fucked out by another man. how would he feel knowing that you ran to me for pleasure because he wasn’t enough for you?

    “let me ask you something; is he suddenly better than me? is that why you’re trying to put an end to things? can he make you come on his tongue? his fingers? his cock? does he leave you begging for more? because if i recall, those are the exact reasons you found yourself in my bed.

    “surely you remember all the pictures, the videos, too. or maybe you were too fucked out to even realize what those flashes of light were. though, i know you could never forget how that pretty mouth of yours wrapped around my cock. your pleas for more. for me to fuck you faster, harder. you wouldn’t want those getting out, would you? frankly, i’m not too keen on sharing them either. i’d rather keep them for myself, but until you stop ghosting me, i’ll have to use them as leverage.

    “call me back. don’t forget, i know where you keep your spare key. and next i won’t be nice enough to leave a voicemail.”

    #eren jaeger#eren yaeger #eren x reader #eren x reader smut #eren jeager x reader #eren yaeger x reader #aot x reader #eren jaeger smut #aot smut #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin #aot#snk #tw: dark content #tw: noncon#tw: cheating#tw: stalking#tw: blackmail#tw: obsession #dark.content
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  • leviverse
    23.06.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #claires mailbox#snk #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #aot#armin#armin arlert #snk x reader #aot x reader #snk smut#aot smut #armin x reader #armin arlert x reader #armin smut #armin arlert smut #thirsts
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    23.06.2021 - 23 hours ago
    #porco x reader #porco galliard x reader #snk x reader #aot x reader #snk smut#aot smut
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  • achillesunhinged
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    “come on baby, just one more for me?”

    you smoothed back the blonde hair on Armin’s forehead, pressing a kiss onto his sweaty skin. “mommy i can’t, ah-” you cut off his whines with the motion of your hips as you ground yourself on to his cock, “shh, yes you can baby, i’m so proud of you my pretty boy,”

    his eyes rolled back at the praise. you sat back and rested your hands on his thighs, rolling your hips in rhythm with the soft music that played in the background, “‘m gonna cum again, gonna cum!” his nails left crescent shaped indents on the fat of your hips. “beg for it love, beg for mommy to let you cum sweetheart.” you let out a breathless laugh as Armin pathetically bucked his hips into yours, he was definitely close to orgasm. a soft moan escaped you as he thrust into you.

    “oh fuck, please, please, please, let me cum mommy i’ve been so good please!” he begged. tears rolled down his cheeks and the grip he had on your hips became stronger. you hunched over and kissed the salty tears off his cheeks, “you’ve earned it baby, cum for me Armin.”

    with your words of approval his dick twitched, spilling his cum into you with the prettiest and softest moans he could utter.

    “my sweet boy, always so good for me.”

    #achilles thirsts <3 #tw.mommy kink #tw.smut #armin x reader smut #attack on titan armin #armin imagine#armin headcanons#aot armin#armin arlert #armin x reader #armin smut#aot imagines#aot smut #aot x reader #snk armin #snk x reader #snk smut
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  • jollyshark
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’m having thoughts about milf black reader x teen Armin. I - I- I- I- I- I- I- Just bagged a white guy!!!!!!!

    #armin x black reader #armin smut #aot x black reader #x black reader #black reader #snk x black reader
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  • cafedanslanuit
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #porco x reader #porco galliard x reader #snk x reader #aot smut#snk smut #aot x reader #allie answers #allie after hours
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  • hornime
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    a whole lotta lewd

    hi fellow anime fuckers! i’m gonna be pretty busy for the next couple months figuring out my future and whatnot, so i most likely won’t be able hop on tumblr for days or weeks at a time. SO i’m hosting this little event-type-thing that’ll help me create content to keep this blog up-and-running with a whole lotta lewd!





    i write for haikyuu! and my hero academia, and i’ll throw in attack on titan and jujutsu kaisen because i’m considering writing for those anyway! pick a character from those fandoms but be mindful of my rules and who i DON’T write for.


    pick up to two (2) kinks or dark content prompts from the lists at the bottom of this post. there may be some things that i miss that i’d be fine with writing, so feel free to send in an ask if there’s something you’d like but isn’t stated on the list, and i’ll get back to you!


    in your ask, let me know whether you’d like dom!/sub!/switch! character and gn!/f! reader. depending on the ask i might make assumptions, so please specify that information!


    - this is an 18+ event! just like with all my work, do not interact if you are a minor. - these will be drabbles, around 500 - 1000 words. i have a terrible habit of making my drabbles like LONG so i’m gonna actively work against that haha. - please start your ask with “lewd” or “event” or something along those lines so i don’t mix them up with my regular requests/asks!  - there is no set date to close this event, so for all i know i’ll close it within a day or a month, it just depends on how much participation i get. this also means that i might not get to every ask, so i apologize in advance! - i’ll tag all the posts for this event under #inky.lewd. - just like with regular asks, i have the right to refuse to write any ask without explanation. - all the drabbles for this event will be queued throughout the time i’m gone (probably the rest of summer) and scheduled for posting around 10 PM EST.


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    To Honesty and Comeuppance, Chapter 14

    Link to all previous chapters is here.

    Also, my asks are open. Do you have a request for a one shot? Hit me up!




    WORD COUNT: 6489


    Two years have passed since Wall Maria fell and as able, willing bodies become harder to find, Levi is tasked with recruiting someone from his past, someone from the Undercity who now controls all its organized crime. After a decade of running the Undercity alone, Himmel Zweite is thrust back into Levi’s world. Will she thrive as she always has? Will Levi finally be able to discover the secrets she’s always kept from him, and will he be able to accept her if he learns them? As the pair rediscover their friendship, the lines begin to blur, and the risk to their tenuous bond grows.


    Pre-Canon, During Canon, Mostly Canon Compliant, Canonical Character Death, Canonical Child Abuse, Younger Levi, Criminal Levi, Long, Slow Burn, Long-Distance Relationship, Caring Levi, Mean Levi, Eventual Smut, Fluff and Smut, Porn with Plot, Historical Accuracy, Undercity, Organized Crime, Secret Relationship, Friends to Lovers, Hurt/Comfort

    Levi scowled at Himmel. "You, Eren, and I are going back to our base. Immediately. Erwin's orders."

    "Just the three of us?"

    "Yeah. Horses will be ready in fifteen. Don't let anyone know."


    But Himmel didn't actually understand anything. They hadn't been back for more than two hours, and already Erwin was sending the remainders of the Special Operations Unit back to their base? When one of them was in no condition to fight? And in secret?

    The explanation would come later. It always did. Himmel rushed to reassemble her gear and throw together a pack with a spare uniform, tied bandanas around her mouth and hair, pulled her hood up, and went to the stables where Levi and Eren were waiting with their hoods up as well.

    "Let's go," Levi said, and none of them said another word until three hours later, when they reached the headquarters.

    Last time they were here it had been so lively. Now the little fort loomed in the darkness like some cave no one dared hold a torch into.

    Levi dismounted and nearly collapsed, clutching his right thigh. It was Himmel's instinct to run to him but no sooner had she taken a step towards him than he snapped, "You two, tie up the horses. Then make something to eat."

    "Yes, sir!" Eren said, and the two swiftly set to task as Levi walked inside, trying harder than he needed to to hide his limp.

    Himmel chewed her lip and allowed the rote drills from Cadet Corps to take over her body as she removed the saddle from her horse and Levi’s. Today had given birth to hundreds of qualms that writhed like maggots in her brain, and there were so many that she didn’t know which to begin plucking out and squashing between her fingers first.

    Before she could start that grisly task, she was startled by Eren dropping his horse’s saddle to the stable ground. She paused taking off the bridles to observe him, and he was standing there just trembling, looking down at the saddle but clearly not seeing it. He had been on quite a few supply runs with her in the past year and had even been in a couple close calls—she’d had to throw him out of the way of a Titan’s grasp and he’d broken his arm in the fall. That day they’d nearly lost friends and it had shaken him, but it was nothing compared to the state he was in now. Those green eyes of his that danced and sparked with his excitement and zeal now held a dark blaze that would burn him to ash. 

    Unsure of how to approach him, she said, “Eren?”

    He clenched his fists so hard his arms trembled and he took in a hissing breath. "I fucked this all up. Everyone who died today...they died because of me. And the Captain's wounds are my fault too."

    This was a blaze that Himmel had come to know all too well. Her heart had been full of sorrow for Levi’s losses today, and she had thought nothing of Eren’s. Only now she realized that she had viewed this entire mission as a heist, with Eren as the goods to be acquired. It was heartless and unforgivable, and she wanted to show him the sympathy she felt.  “Eren, this isn’t your fault.”

    He shook his head, rejecting her overly simple words. "I had the choice. When we entered that forest. I had the choice to turn into a Titan and fight that Female Titan there, before the trap. Levi-heichou was there too. It could have worked."

    Himmel put down the bridle and stepped around her horse so there was nothing between her and Eren except for the saddle on the ground. "Even after she had been trapped and eaten by Titans and on the run and transformed a second time, she still managed to capture you, Eren. And Levi, Mikasa, and I just barely managed to get you back then. Even if you had transformed then, I don't think it would have made a difference. Different people would have died different deaths."

    For the first time, he looked up from the saddle and to her. He looked horrified. "Himmel, how can you be so cold?"

    "Not cold. Not cold at all. Rule one of a heist is to case thoroughly and plan accordingly. This entire plan of Commander Erwin's was bad to begin with because we didn’t know enough about the enemy. Regardless of what you could have done, the outcome would have been the same."

    Eren looked despondent. For all the power he had, his efforts had been useless today.

    "C'mere." Himmel pulled him into a hug, a strong firm one that he froze against for a moment before melting into as though he had been waiting for this for half a decade instead of hours. He had been blessed and cursed with friends so strong in their own ways that he was afraid to share his weaknesses with them. His body shook against hers as he began to cry, and she reached up and ran her hands up and down his back soothingly, saying nothing and letting him air his emotions.

    In a couple minutes his sobs became softer and calmer. She could feel in his hands and back muscles that he was remembering that crying was unseemly and weak, so she pressed him to her harder and whispered, “There’s nothing wrong with crying. Tears aren’t a sign of weakness. They’re a sign that we’re human, that we have dreams we have yet to make happen. We had a big loss today, but we’ll find a way to turn it around.” 

    After a few more moments, Eren composed himself and pulled away, wiping at his eyes and nose with his sleeve. He had a hard time meeting her eyes, but he did so briefly and she could see that the wildfire within him had been tamed with cold rain. "Thanks."

    "Anytime.” Himmel put on a smile for him. “We fellow monsters have to look out for one another. Now let's hurry inside and make some food before Levi skins us."

    The horses were situated in the stable for the night, and the two of them carried their packs inside, set them in the corner of the kitchen, and went about making a vegetable stew. Peeling the vegetables and starting the fire for the stove felt taboo. Being in the kitchen felt like trespassing. Their job was to ready the bath while the others cooked.

    Perhaps that was why they so hastily got everything ready and brought it to the dining room. Levi was sitting down in the hall, looking small amid the long table and empty chairs. He had made three cups of tea, and Himmel took a seat beside him while Eren sat opposite him. They ate in silence and drank in silence.

    "Levi, can you tell us why we're here?" Himmel asked once they had cleared away the bowls and spoons.

    "Erwin has another plan, and we're waiting for him and his group of people to show up."

    "Okay. And when are they supposed to come?"



    "In the meantime, we rest and keep an eye on Eren. We weren't tailed, but we're taking no chances."


    "Eren, you're moving out of the cellar and into Mel's room."

    "Yes, sir."

    "And where will I go, then?"

    "You and I will be keeping watch in turns, so we'll share my room. It's closest to Eren's and we'll hear if something happens."

    Himmel hid her surprise. This was a rather bold move on his part, and she wondered if the fatigue was making him do and say things he wouldn't usually, like it had the first time he had slept beside her the night after Trost.

    "I'll take first watch," she volunteered.

    "Good." Levi drained his cup of tea and returned it to its saucer. "You two do the dishes and get upstairs."

    "Yes, sir."

    Levi made a point of waiting until they were both busy in the kitchen to climb the stairs.

    "I'm surprised that you're sharing a room," Eren said presently.

    She passed him a clean bowl that he dried and put away. "Back in the Undercity when we were kids, we used to sleep together for body heat. So us being in the same room together isn't strange at all."

    "You guys really are close, aren't you?"

    "He's my oldest friend, and I'm his."

    "I saw how furious he got at you today when you killed those two Titans that were chasing after Dieter."

    "Ah, I'm sure he's gonna box my ears for that," Himmel laughed. "I directly disobeyed him in front of everyone."

    Eren shook his head. "No, he won't. Because when you got back on your horse and headed back to us, I saw him smile."

    "What? You must have been delirious. Levi doesn't know how to smile."

    "Well, I guess you couldn’t call it a smile. There was just something in his eyes that reminded me of a smile. Kinda. Maybe I imagined it, now that you mention it."

    Himmel snorted in amusement. "He would have gone out there and done the exact same thing if not for his injury. I just went and did it for him."

    They were done cleaning up, so they took their candleholders and packs and headed up the stairs.

    "Listen," she said just before Eren went into his room, "it's a hard night. If you want company, just knock on the door, okay?"

    "Yeah. Thanks." He gave her a small but genuine smile and then closed the door quietly behind him.

    Himmel went inside Levi's room to find him still in full uniform minus the jacket. He sat stiffly in the desk chair, and Himmel set her pack down beside his trunk before coming to stand beside him. He didn't look at her; he just kept staring at the wall with that tired look in his eyes.

    "Tell me about your leg."

    "The doctors think I nearly tore a couple tendons connected to my knee. I'm useless for at least a month." His fist was clenched tightly on his lap.

    Himmel sat down on the floor in front of him and began taking off his boots. "At least you're not out permanently," was all she could think to say.

    He scowled and looked away from her, but didn't make her stop what she was doing. After she had slid off both of his boots, she set to work undoing each of the ODM gear belts, starting with those around his legs. Once they were all off Himmel removed hers as well. She put one of her swords on the desk, as well as the knife she kept in her boot, and then got into the bed to sit with her back against the headboard, legs spread wide.

    "C'mon, I'm on first watch."

    As though it had taken longer for her words to travel through the thick air of the room to him, after a moment he got up and eased himself into the bed between her legs. Before he could scoot back far enough that his back was against her chest, she put her hands on his shoulders to stop him. His entire body was so tense it felt as though it were made of steel. Slowly, gently, she began kneading his shoulders, neck, and base of his skull, and then unhurriedly worked on softening each and every muscle in his back.

    "Today was such a huge fuck up," he said.

    Himmel just kept at her ministrations, waiting for him to talk more. This was how he had always been for as long as she could remember. He could talk about just about anything except for what resided in the sunless crags of his heart, and the only way to shine a light on those things and chase them out was her warm touch. 

    It had been over a decade since she had last done this for him and Himmel wondered how many horrors had slithered deep inside him in that time. 

    Levi carefully meted out the tone and speed of his words so they were all quiet and each carried the same importance. "I chose them all and they all but threw themselves at my feet. I decided when and how their hearts would be offered without considering them. When we got back to Karanese, Petra's old man came up to me. Said Petra had written some letter to him saying she was going to dedicate her everything to me. Said she was still too young to get married, that there were still more things for her to experience in life. I didn't know what to say. I just locked up. I couldn't look that man in the eyes and tell him I had robbed his daughter and him of all those things today.”

    Himmel pressed a kiss against the back of his neck and she felt him give in to this touch more than that of her hands.

    Bitterness like mud mixed with fresh blood filled his voice. "Erwin's going to come here tomorrow with another of his gambles. And we're going to go along with it. And there's going to be another pile of bodies."

    "And hopefully a victory," she added quietly.

    "Mel... I wish I hadn't told Erwin about you." 

    Startled, she stopped kneading his lower back.

    "You've proven yourself to him. He thinks you can do everything I can. And now that I'm injured, he's going to ask you to do things."

    "Then I'll do them," she said.

    "You can't—" He reached up behind him to cup her cheek. "You can't die. I won't let you."

    Himmel put her hand over his on her cheek. "I won't disobey that order."

    "I didn't tell Erwin about your secret."

    Himmel thought back to how quickly Erwin had decided to retreat, how quickly he had decided to leave Dieter and those in the rear for death today. "You know he'd use it."

    He nodded.

    "If I'm forced to use it in the open, so be it. But I'll try to keep it a secret for as long as possible."

    Finished with the massage, she hooked her arms under his and dragged him closer to her. His cheek was against her temple and he turned to plant a tired kiss there. She put her arms around him and he rested his hands upon hers.

    "Sleep as long as you want," Himmel whispered. "I'll be right here."

    Almost as though he had been waiting to hear those very words, his body fully relaxed against hers and he let out a soft exhale. He was asleep in seconds.

    Himmel was left in the soft glow of the candlelight, taking in this battered soldier. He had said that he regretted having her enlist. But Himmel was glad—because she feared how Levi would have spent this night if he had been alone.

    And for that matter...

    There was a soft knock at the door and a couple moments later Eren opened it hesitantly. He was in his casual clothes, looking stunned to see Himmel holding their captain. Himmel put a finger to her lips and then beckoned him over, patting the empty half of the bed beside her. He got into the bed, clearly wanting to ask what was going on because he could never picture their captain looking so unguarded. Perhaps he hadn’t believed her when she had said that they used to sleep together for body heat. 

    Eren laid down beside her and she patted her thigh, then put a hand on the back of his head and encouraged him. It was funny seeing him blush as he rested his head on her thigh and drew closer. She pulled Levi's Survey Corps cape off the chair beside the desk and draped it over Eren. After a few minutes of running her fingers through his soft brown hair, all of today’s tenseness seemed to leech out of him and he drifted off against her. 

    Both of her monsters were with her.

    Today had certainly tired her. Her eyes were heavy and it was hard to stay awake with nothing to do other than stare at two other sleeping people. But these two had experienced more than she had today; she could rest another time.

    Levi slept longer than she had ever seen him sleep: an entire seven hours. The sun was just beginning to crest over the horizon when he stirred in her arms.

    "The fuck is the brat doing here?" he murmured.

    "Shh. I told him he could be with us if he wanted."

    "He's drooling on your thigh. Filthy."

    "Let him be."

    His tone turned from acerbic to soft. "It's your turn to sleep."

    "Wake me in a couple hours?"


    It was easy to drift off surrounded by the warmth of the both of them. Only a moment seemed to have passed between when she closed her eyes and Levi was saying her name gently.

    "Mel. It's been three hours."

    "Ah, overslept," she yawned. "Sorry."

    "Oi, brat." Levi's tone had changed back to his usual iron. "What do you think you're doing, hugging Mel's leg and drooling on her? She’s killed people for less."

    Eren leapt awake, so started by Levi's condescending voice and expression that he immediately rolled back and off the bed.

    "Captain! Himmel! I—I'm sorry, I—!"

    "Levi, you are the biggest ass," Himmel said, butting her head against his. "I have never killed anyone for something this trivial so don’t besmirch my name. Eren, it’s fine. Did you sleep okay?"

    "Ah, yeah." His face was bright red.

    She gave him a gentle look. "Good. We all needed rest. Let's get breakfast going, yeah?"


    He all but bolted from the room, and Himmel shot Levi a reproachful glower. "Did you have to embarrass him like that?"

    Levi's face was as guarded as ever, but she could see a flicker of amusement in his eyes. "I'm not good at sharing."

    She laughed.

    "You remember the secret you told me in the letter?"

    She thought back to all the silly things they had sent each other last winter, and her eyes grew wide as she realized what he was talking about.

    "And you remember how I told you to prepare yourself?"


    His hands that had rested atop hers were now gently pinning them there. She could easily break loose if she chose to, but he was making his will clear. 

    "It's not often I get to see you blush," he said as she turned to face him. His gaze looked so soft now, the softest she had ever seen it. The tips of their noses were brushing against one another, and Himmel's entire face felt warm. He must have felt certain that she wasn't going to flee, because he brought one of his hands to her cheek to cradle it and leaned in. His lips met hers, and she was startled by just how smoothe they were. He drew her bottom lip into his mouth, sucking on it gently, and she gasped and pulled away in shock. 

    "Your whole face is the color of an apple," Levi said, his amusement all too plain on his features. 

    She threw her hands up to hide as much of her face as she could. "I can't believe you did that. I can't believe you'd do that."

    "I told you I would and to prepare yourself."

    "I know, but..." 

    His hands were on her wrists, inviting her to show him her face again. She lowered them to find him almost-but-not-quite smiling at her. "The brat's gonna get suspicious if we're not down there soon, so quit wasting time being shy."

    He kissed her again, and Himmel was just as shocked and thrilled and enraptured as she had been the first time. She leaned into him, let him slant his mouth against hers, and gave a soft sound of wonder as their tongues met in an unfamiliar but exhilarating dance. 

    She could feel something new—not new, but something she had forgotten—the muscles in her cheeks and jaws slackened and her lips relaxed against his. Himmel gasped in disbelief, and he wrapped his arms around her and deepened the kiss. Insatiable, incredulous, impatient, Levi rolled so that he was on top of her and she snaked her hands under his shirt and up his back. She wanted to feel his body against hers, needed to keep feeling this way—

    Footsteps sounded on the stairs and they pulled away from each other. Levi sat up, Himmel extricated herself from him, rose to her feet, and worked to regulate her shaky breath. Levi wiped his lips with a thumb and gave her a dark, promising look. 

    "Breakfast is ready!"

    "Thanks, Eren. We'll be down in five."

    They heard him retreat to the ground level and Himmel's hands flew to her mouth, unable to believe that her smile was gone. Her lips were closed, her cheeks weren't tense. 

    Levi was giving her a frown. "Has this been some twenty-year long con to get me to kiss you?"

    "No!" she gasped. "This has never happened before." Before she fully realized it, she began to cry. She didn't think she had ever felt as happy or as free as she did in this moment, with that caricature of a smile no longer etched into her face. A couple men had liked her enough to try to kiss her, and a few people she had paid in the brothels. Yet it was only today, when Levi had been the one to kiss her, that for the first time she could remember, the smile had eased and vanished. It felt as though shackles the weight of the walls had been shattered. 

    Levi had risen to his feet, still favoring his uninjured leg, and he held his arms out to her. She all but threw herself into them, unable to believe what he had done for her. 

    "C'mon, get it all out before I change into a clean shirt."

    Still crying, Himmel laughed. Fully, unabashedly, reveling in the sensation of her real smile. After a couple moments she pulled away to get ready for the day even though she felt she was already clothed in disbelief. Levi raised his arms above his head and stretched, then winced as though something in his leg had twinged uncomfortably. Himmel reached into his chest and got him a change of clothes and took out her own clean uniform from her pack. 

    As they were both changing, she felt the muscles in her cheeks tense. She dropped her shirt and grabbed at her lips, trying to force them not to betray her, but the smile was returning. In a matter of moments, that hideous face was back. Himmel felt as though she had been brought to the highest mountain and then thrown back down into the dankest depths of the Undercity to rot. 

    Levi had watched the transformation and paused halfway through buttoning his shirt. "Mel."

    "I knew it was too good to be true," she said, biting back new tears. "I knew it wouldn't go away for good."

    "All it means is that I have to kiss you more," Levi said simply. 

    Blushing afresh as her adoration for him mixed with and overpowered her chagrin, she picked up her shirt and threw it at him. He caught it and folded it. 

    Levi finished getting dressed before she did, just in black trousers and a plain gray shirt. It had been years since she had seen him in civilian clothes. It was refreshing to see him in the simple attire. He sat on the edge of the bed and waited for her to get dressed in her full uniform complete with ODM gear and blade boxes. She was still on guard duty until Erwin and his men showed up at some point today. 

    "Those doctors tell you you needed a crutch?" she asked.

    His scowl was answer enough. 

    "Men and their pride." Himmel rolled her eyes and forced him to put his arm over her shoulder. "Just to the bottom of the stairs." 

    Levi gritted his teeth but allowed her to walk him downstairs one step at a time. He was then very quick to shove away from her and walk on his own to the table where Eren had put three bowls of last night's stew, bread, and some hot tea. He was sitting there watching the two of them with wide eyes, as though he were trying to determine exactly what the two of them were to each other. 

    "Erwin and his group are supposed to be here sometime today. Before they arrive, we're getting this place cleaned."

    "Yes, sir."

    "You wanna do the kitchen while Eren and I do laundry? We did cook for you."

    "Fine. Stick to him like glue."

    Himmel gave a mock salute and tucked into her meal. 

    "Levi-heichou," Eren said presently, "will we be able to attend the funeral service?"

    "It'll probably be held tomorrow. Whether we can attend or not will be up to Erwin and his plans."

    All three of them deeply wanted to be there to send their comrades off, but all were aware that bigger things were in motion, and further sacrifices would be necessary. 

    They spent the entire day cleaning. It was awkward cleaning in full battle attire, but Himmel made it work. For the most part, they left Levi to himself. Himmel thought that it was probably for the best that he had some time to think on his own, as she hadn't given that to him last night. Though talking to her did seem to help him, he had always needed to sort through his feelings on his own as well. He would have to do this today in order to make way for the new losses that were inevitable. 

    That evening they roasted potatoes and carrots for dinner. Himmel was sick of stew. Commander Erwin and his group still had yet to show by sunset, and the three of them were wondering what was taking him so long. Eren was supposed to be handed over to the MPs tomorrow and they were running out of time.

    "At this rate, the MPs are going to arrive before he does," Levi said. "Maybe he's having a hard time taking a shit or something."

    "Levi," Himmel rebuked. 

    He ignored her and continued drinking his tea. 

    "You're pretty talkative tonight," Eren said to him. 

    "I've always been talkative."

    Eren looked to Himmel for confirmation of this, and she gave a shrug. 

    "From the first day we met I've carried our conversations," he said. 

    "That’s unfair. I still couldn’t talk well when you found me. Besides, once I got the hang of talking it was always me that was chatty. You went an entire week without saying a word to me that one time."

    Levi gave her a filthy look. "That was because you had the bright idea to pull a heist by smuggling me in a barrel—"

    "—It was a bright idea; I'm glad you can recognize that now—"

    "—but that barrel was full of offal, and I had to sit in it for six hours."

    Eren looked horrified. "Himmel, how could you do that to the Captain? That'd be hell for anyone, but for such a clean freak—"

    "And was the heist successful? Yes. Did people in the Undercity get to have meat? Some of them for the first time in their entire lives? Yes." Himmel crossed her arms. "Did Levi spend about three hours cussing me out and then going silent for a week? Yes."

    "I don't know why in the fuck I always went along with your idiotic ideas," Levi said into his tea.

    "Because they got maximum results. That caravan had...how many guards? Close to forty, wasn't it? Forty's right for meat. We needed someone inside the wagon who could spring out one of the barrels and take care of everyone inside the wagon, while someone else took care of all those surrounding it. You're good at close range, and I'm better at multitudes. And your hair's easier to clean than mine."

    This topic was exciting and infinitely more enticing than talk of yesterday or tomorrow. Eren asked, "So what was the best heist you guys ever pulled off?"

    "Under what criteria?" Himmel asked.

    Levi followed it up with, "Most goods? Rarest goods? Most expensive goods? Riskiest heist?"


    Himmel and Levi shared a look and Levi said, "Must be the one that got you your nickname."

    "Which one? Martyr, or fucking idiot?"


    "Ah, that one," Himmel said, laughing. "I'll refill the kettle."

    "So, Eren." Levi leaned in towards him. "How much do you know about the Undercity?"

    "Not a lot."

    "Ah, smart of an upsider not to say much. It's dark and filthy and full of wretched people with about as much hope as they have sunlight." 

    Himmel took the kettle to the kitchen, refilled it, and waited for it to heat. She could just barely hear the two of them in the hall.

    "So if you hadn't had food for three days, and neither had your children, what would you be willing to do to put food in their bellies?"


    "There's two types of people. Those who make sacrifices, and those who want to gain from sacrificing nothing. There's a lot of orphans down there. More than you could ever count even if you could round them up. Mel and I were just two of them. You'd call yourself an orphan, wouldn't you?"

    Himmel had returned and poured all three of them fresh cups of tea. "I never knew my father and I'd hate to be accused of matricide, so definitely."

    "Whoa, wha—"

    "Another story for another day," Himmel cut in. 

    "So, the whole Undercity is full of these pitiful brats. Children of whores, of plague victims, all sorts. Some of them manage to band together like the two of us did and carve out an existence. But others don't learn to rely on themselves, and they get taken in."

    "'Taken in,'" Himmel snorted. "That's a hell of a euphemism." 

    Eren’s brow knit. "What do you mean? Like an adult in the Undercity took them in and adopted them?"

    "I can't tell whether you're naïve because you're an upsider, you're young, or you're just plain stupid,” Levi said. “'Taken in' means that an adult takes them and sells them, usually to a rich upsider who has too much free time and disgusting tastes." 

    Eren's eyes grew wide in astonishment. "But don't the MPs do something about that?"

    "They're paid to look the other way. Mel and I learned that there was a man in the Undercity scoping out the least sickly children and selling them out. Usually the brokers are upsiders. So for one of our own to do this... Even though we had a rule not to fuck with nobles because the MPs usually get involved, we couldn't look the other way. We tailed the broker several times trying to find out who he was selling to, but we were unsuccessful. So then Mel comes up with the stupidest fucking idea I've ever heard—"

    "It was a great idea. I don't know why you never like my ideas."

    "She says that she should let herself get picked by the broker. She's so small and she's got those huge eyes that make her look like she's a seven-year-old."

    "B-but, Himmel's got..." Eren gestured at his own chest, flushing bright red.

    "We were only twelve," Himmel laughed. 

    "Eleven," Levi corrected. "We had just gotten the ODM gear, remember?"

    "Oh, right."

    "So we had it planned that Himmel would get herself chosen by the broker and taken away, and I would tail her. If she couldn't get out of there on her own, I'd get her out. She went and sat on the street for a couple days, begging for food, and the broker took the bait. He looked past her mouth because of her hair and her eyes. Most of those old geezers know not to put anything in the kids' mouths anyways—"

    Eren looked like he might vomit. 

    "Levi, I don't think Eren needs all the details."

    "So the broker took her away, and I followed with ODM gear. But this broker was really fucking sneaky and he'd just up and vanish. It was why we had never been able to follow him to the buyer. I lost him, and I thought we were fucked, until I saw that hair of Mel's. She had been plucking out strands of it like breadcrumbs. They glow like gold in the dark, y’know. Turned out this asshole was using an effluent tunnel that we didn't know about to smuggle the kids upside. Followed him back to this tavern inside Wall Sina where he prettied Mel up. Put her hair in these ridiculous ponytails and made her wear this frilly blue dress—"

    She punched his arm, distinctly mortified that other people would know she had worn such a stupid getup. "I will kill you."

    Levi ignored her threat and took a sip of tea. 

    "Wait, wait. Captain Levi, does that mean that you saw... " Eren paused, and the two pressed him to finish his question. "...everything?"

    "Wasn't the first time."

    "Explain!" Himmel shouted. "Explain it to him right now! He is going to get the entirely wrong idea! God, I fucking hate it when you tell stories."

    "Remember the first time I saw her she was covered in blood? She was naked and catatonic from the shock. I got her cleaned up and dressed. Had to teach her how to bathe, too."

    "We were children and it was always perfectly innocent," Himmel insisted. 

    Levi nodded. "Anyways. The broker gets her cleaned up. A man downstairs in the tavern is waiting and he's got a carriage outside. One of the noble's servants, no doubt. That piece of shit broker got his pay and they put Mel in the carriage. I followed as best I could, but they left the city. I ended up clinging to the filthy undercarriage to make it through the gate while Mel got to ride in style."

    Himmel snorted. "Yeah, to a pedophile's house. I certainly had it better."

    "I swear, it's like every single one of your asinine plans involves me getting filthy."

    "I just want you to grow more, as a person. Get out of your comfort zone."

    Levi rolled his eyes. "They escorted Mel into this fucking huge mansion out in the middle of nowhere. Makes this place look like a one-room slum in comparison. And now I have to figure out where they've taken her, and how I can get her out. I used the ODM gear to scale the walls and find an unused bedroom with an unlocked window, and then I went through each wing as quickly and quietly as I could, but I couldn't find her. I ended up grabbing a maid and forcing her to tell me where the man of the house took his playthings, and she told me it was a room on the opposite side of the mansion. So I get there, kick down the door, and what do you think I see?"

    Eren was leaning on the edge of his seat, eyes wide. "What did you see?"

    "We knew that they'd be undressing her and changing her clothes, so she’d gone in there completely unarmed. So there was a very real concern that this guy would drug her or beat her up before having his way with her. But I kick that door open to find Mel, in that fucking blue dress and pigtails, on her hands and knees choking the life out of this fat sack of shit.” 

    "Who needs weapons when you have monstrous strength?" Himmel said, sipping her tea. 

    "Indeed. So then we decided to have a little bit of fun once he was dead. We ripped off the bedsheets and made it look like he'd hanged himself, and then we jumped out the window and headed back to the city to find that piece of shit broker."

    "Ah, that was the best part," Himmel sighed. 

    "We had already found out where he lived. In this rotting little house in the Undercity with his old lady and two kids."

    "He'd never dream of selling his own kids, of course" Himmel said.

    "So we woke up the whole family. And Mel, still in that hideous blue dress he'd put her in, ripped him out of bed and dragged him out of the house by his scalp in front of his whole family."

    "And then?" Eren asked.

    Levi shot Himmel a brief look. He thought it was probably best that they not reveal everything they had done. 

    But Himmel didn’t have such compunctions. She said, "We dragged him out into the middle of the street, stripped him naked, beat him to within half an inch of his life, nearly drowned him in the stream of sewage from the upsiders, and then threw him back into his house."  

    "Oi," Levi said. 

    "Well, I say 'we,' but really it was me who did most of it," Himmel amended. "I just can't stand anyone who treats children poorly."

    "He died a miserable, painful death, too," Levi said. 

    "Ah. Another victory for the Undercity," Himmel said wistfully.

    Eren was staring at the two of them in shock. "You guys...you're really killers, aren't you?"

    "We were," Levi said. "And we still are, if the need arises."

    "So that's how you're both so strong. That's how you're able to go out there and fight all those Titans without any fear."

    "I don't know if it's that simple,” Himmel said. “I think we both just decided that we were going to change things. No matter what that took."

    "But you guys ended up breaking up, right?"

    "We were never together," Himmel said.

    "No, not that kind of breakup. I mean, you guys parted ways, right? Why, when you're obviously such a great team? You guys could probably pull off anything."

    Levi said, "Her plans got too messy for me."

    She looked down at her empty teacup and traced its rim with a finger. "I don't regret the things I did, because they helped people who were in need. But...it was certainly messy. I don't blame Levi for leaving. He did what was right for him, and I did what was right for me."

    Suddenly it felt as though the things Himmel kept pinned in the dark crags of her heart had slipped out to writhe in the shadowed corners of the candlelit hall. A heavy silence fell upon the three as they waited for Commander Erwin.

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