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  • so tomorrow it’ll rain the whole day but also on sunday it’ll be 10° down to today, so basically track conditions are a whole mess this weekend

    #f1#fp2#styrian gp #just checked bc it feels like everyone's struggling today #way more than they did last week #and it's flaming hot in austria rn #so
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  • Out of spite for popular blogs that make me mad I’m going to do some Sanginiusgate art to make the “!but it’s not Canon!!!” Lore folks mad

    @luwupercal send me some juicy scenes you wanna see art of and I can render them in greyscale when I got the time.

    #popular blogs bashing others shit really make me mad #like i get it you dont subscribe #so#:)
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  • Ok this isn’t atla or writing related, but fuck school dress codes. Also unisex schools don’t make sense.

    Lol, when they try and segregate them but said conservative as fuck school ends up being mixed gender anyway because trans people exist, both binary and nonbinary, and well. They’re usually closeted to parents/the school.

    Also also, fuck heels in particular. I’ve been required or something to wear 1 inch heels with my black shoes (not too sure, might just be my family). Tiny right? Yeah well. My toes are fucked up now. I’m dealing with that right now. Ingrown toenails are a bitch. Thanks 1 inch heels. Fuck off.

    I also just… don’t understand. There was this one memorable time when I was told to raise my arms to see if the sleeves were long enough. Uh, are you saying that people were going to stare at my armpits if my sleeves were too short? …Uh. And that thing with the socks. What did colored socks ever do to the admin what the fuck.

    Petty rant over.

    #not atla #ok first world problems #and this is a long ass ramble #and it's petty #but also I just had to drain a cut on my toe #which is a direct result of this shit #so#j rambles #shut up jan #no one cares
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  • i love my partner so so so much

    #greys life #we video chatted for an hour #or over #and im just so in love #plus i told them some stuff and they were like cool #so#yeah#honey 🐝
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  • .

    #and in other news #thats also in the 'im stressed and i hate myself' #catergory #my friend hit my car with his garage today #which like im not mad at him for #it was an honest mistake #and theres no marks or anything #but fuck that was stressful #and i also i think i ran a red light #i literally dont remember if the light was red or not #im pretty sure it was #according to google that set of lights doesn't have a camera #so it probably doesnt matter anyway #but also if i did run that light and it does have a camera i am literally fucked #so#yay #also rn im stressed that i left my car unlocked #but i cant go check because i dont want to go passed my mother #and they're right in front of the door #so yeah#very stressed #please let this stress right now count as the third thing #please let it be three moments of serious stress that dont led to bad effects today #please #please please please
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  • #cosmikai#cosmics convos #sal bby!! #tysm for saying hi 🥺💗 #also people ship me with akaashi!! i still havent wrapped my head around that one lol #um idk what my ship name w/aone would be #so #cosmic x aone
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  • I would LOVE to do a scavenger hunt akin to the fisher king, but like, minus the threat of murder

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  • OC doctor backstory that im slowly working on as i desperately scrounge up info on Babel.

    #Arknights#doctor (arknights)#kal'tsit (arknights)#rain (oc) #🎶im back on my bullshit🎶 #doctor starting to go brutal (tm) #tHEYRE YOUNG AND IN A FUCIN WAR #AND doc's learning the hard way u cant save everyone no matter how hard u try #rain's a old friend of both of them and theyre BOTH taking it hard #first time choosing to abandon people AND its an old friend #kaltsit gets it later but mAN IS SHE NOT HAPPY #THATS HER FRIEND YOURE LEAVING BEHIND #TO DIE #doc aint likin it at all either but theyre better at hiding it #and also like #theyre in a position where they have to make this choice and they cant #like#doubt it#so#hahahaha#fun #enn writes the entire story in the tags: AGAIN
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  • my sister was going to sleep on my floor but saw a cockroach, and we spent like an hour trying to get it out from under my bed. it didnt work so now we’re sharing my bed with my lamp on

    #im scared of most bugs #with an exception of four #so#cockroach #i tried to google what to do but #it wasnt applicable #and i almost cried #its 2am and i dont want to deal with this #bug mention#tw cockroach#fake shitpost
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  • In case you were wondering, I am currently alternating between sprawling on the floor like a corpse and stumbling around the room like ankles = jelly because this is the only way I know to write a fight scene

    Sometimes being a writer means you gotta flop around and flail a bit, y’know?

    #writing#writeblr #just me rambling #i strive for accuracy in my nonsense fantasy #so #here we are!
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  • Having one of those days I just want to lie on the floor and think about my fav Diaboy

    #i just probably don't want to go to work #ugghhh#but subaru#is just#so #i have no words in me for this today
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  • So I’ve seen lots of posts recently that talked about the ideas of more than one truth being true at the same time (i.e. weed being helpful medicinally while also being potentially dangerous) and I have excellent news! There’s actually a term for this, it’s called a:



    They appear in all aspects of life, but are very prevelant in conflict resolution. More often than not, the cause of a misunderstanding comes from more than one if not all parties. Also, the truth is not usually so cut an dry as we’d like to think.

    For example, the statement: “I love you, AND I can’t be with you.” Has two truths in it, and they do not cancel each other out. They are both true and valid.

    Life is not one dimensional, and neither are we!

    #therapy stuffs #idk if anybody will find this helpful #but it really helped me work out some stuff with my mom and dad #so #hope it helps
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  • image


    #fursona#furryoc#oc#furry#baby man#hes gay#and#a femboy #but dont sexualize this version of hi #m #i forgot the m and im too lazy to type it again #also #hes like 5 in this #so #no secks stuff #you fucking perverted fucking fucker fucking a fucking fucker
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  • applying for a research position when my only previous job has been as a receptionist 🤡🤡

    #bruh I don't even want this job #but I want A job #so#ca marche
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  • image

    Half elf librarian/wizard. Her familiar is a cat and shes 1000% willing to slap a bitch over academics. I’m a great DM only the best npcs for my group 😘😘😘

    #im kidding im a v mediocre dm #but uhhh i vibe with fire #so#myart#feralfaechild#dnd#digital art#art#dnd 5e#pathfinder #dnd oc art #dnd oc #dungeouns and dragons #half elf#wizard
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  • i’m a tired baby yet again

    good happy things:

    • got my pen out from behind my desk
    • really happy w that photo study and also the style i used there?? gonna try to do that more often
    • tss but it’s taz
    • ^ speculating said au w @ethospathoslogan
    • new taz ggggggggg
    • griffin was HILARIOUS in this ep
    • and also i’ll have to relisten soon bc i missed some
    • gonna have a ghibli movie night tomorrow!!!
    • talking taz g w @romansleftshoulderpad and we are Scarily on the same wave length
    • i have that shut the fuck up and put on your mask song stuck in my head akljshdlfkjshlkh
    • tomorrow i’m gonna get a breakfast that i can feel Good about
    #yknow the kind of breakfast that's soft and makes you feel cozy and like ur living ur best life #gonna get that #but need sleep to do so #so #early bed for me #gn! #cursing tw
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  • #i mostly just appreciate being treated nicely ha #and like a person instead of just a nameless prompt writer #don't get me wrong i enjoy it #but some people in my asks aren't that polite sometimes #so #i appreciate it #thank you!!!
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  • every time i see david rose i alternate between “dam hes kinda cute” and “what is this fruity badger doing on the television”

    #notorious masc moment #okay i cant tag fruit as the f slur because theres another one #so #hrm.
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  • The Naruto equivalent of Legolas/Gimli is Kakashi/Gai. (I’m going off the anime vs movies)

    Kakashi is Legolas - the quiet watcher who would rather die than get caught up in Gai’s shenanigans but through a series of life changing events and a few wars they become (lovers) friends who managed to prove that they could get along if he just opens his heart. He has an ocular power - Sharingan (Legolas - elf eyes that can see miles ahead). Limited people skills - it took him some time to warm up to his team (Legolas - doesn’t say one word to Frodo and the hobbits are :/ with him).

    Gai is Gimli - the loud guy that no one takes seriously until he’s right. The series “ugly” guy who has a kinder heart than most. He will stick up for whoever they are with - his team (Gimli - the hobbits) and friends. He is excellent in his specific field and will use that to his advantage- Beating Madara (Gimli - “toss me!”)

    Both men are willing to have a friendly rivalry that sometimes isn’t friendly - the first few times Kakashi and Gai fight vs “Still only counts as one!” Or “I have his axe imbedded in his nervous system!”

    (I’ll even go as far to say that Yamato is like Aragorn where he’s been close friends with Kakashi while Gai wasn’t as strong of a “friend” but more of a dead set rival. He’s also the middle man between some of their rivalry stuff - the boat episode vs the council of Elrond.)

    When the journey is done Kakashi and Gai travel together. Legolas builds Gimli a boat and they sail off into the Undying Lands together. (I know that’s not in the movies but. It’s worth mentioning)

    #in this thesis ill explain how #both kishi and tolkien wrote two perfect gay pairs #thanks for reading #i promised twitter id do this #so #its time to copy and paste #naruto
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