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  • “I don’t need friends, they disappoint me.”

    -Tabby, trying to cope with the fact that she just watched all of her friends die and there was nothing that she could do about it.

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  • De vdd que siempre somos el malo en una historia mal contada

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  • The thing about depression is it kind of collapes time. Suddenly, you find your whole days blending together to create one endless and suffocating loop.

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  • Tabby Anderson HCs pt. 2

    - has the personality of a cat

    - asshole one minute, wanting cuddles the next

    - has insomnia, narcolepsy, anxiety, paranoia, PTSD, and OCD

    - probably missing a few others

    - honestly she doesn’t know what else she could potentially have, if she has anymore since it took 7 years to diagnose her with those disorders. With 7 different psychiatrists and none of them can do their jobs right

    - hates doctors of any kind with a passion

    - constant state of hiraeth

    - has the mature tough girl persona

    - hates Horacio Galloway with a passion because he tortured her, her friends and other innocent people, destroyed her left hand, and killed her friends

    - hates candy and sweet stuff in general

    - hates Masky with a passion because he tried to kill her twice.

    - plus he’s an adult male so she automatically dislikes and distrusts him.

    - likes reading. She really doesn’t have a favorite author. She’ll read fanfiction for fandoms that she’s in.

    - but her favorite book of all time is Peter Pan by J.M Barrie.

    - reminds her of a better time in her childhood back when her step dad used to be her dad/ best friend and introduced her to Peter Pan and make up Peter Pan stories to tell her before she went to bed.

    - which is why despite her mature tough girl exterior deep down she’s very childish. That is part of her core of her being that can never be truly taken away.

    - will absolutely die and furiously deny it if anyone ever found out or asks about it.

    - likes writing.

    - she’ll write just about anything that comes to mind. Will write short stories, poems, novels, fanfiction, you name it.

    - but rarely finishes what she’s writing and doesn’t think her poetry is any good.

    - will die in embarrassment if anyone read her writing.

    - likes music

    - her preferred music taste ranges from 80’s to emo music. There’s no in between

    - grew up on hinder, disturbed, five finger death punch, nickleback, saving able, Metallica, and stone sour from her mom. Grew up on kiss from her real dad. Grew up on 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, classic rock from her step dad. Country music from various babysitters and emo music from her friends.

    - really likes 80’s because she deems that time period of her words and I quote “when the good shit came out” meaning, movies, books, tv shows, music, and generally more freedom back then.

    - the real reason why she likes the 80’s music and classic rock is because when her step dad wasn’t being abusive. He would get drunk (he’s a lot nicer when he’s drunk). She would play bartender (she’s really good at mixing drinks. Would be bartender if she was old enough). They would pull all nighters together listening to music and just talking with him about everything and anything like the old times.

    - for a night she has her dad/ best friend back even though it’s a lie and gives her false hope

    - she needed that to keep going

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  • image

    True Love

    Please don’t break the people who love you, because if you’re hurt ingrodded one day, he’ll be your only medicine.

    @penguenalsana @aysisbloog @maviiucurtma @ionian-taker

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  • Sometimes I just wanna shoot my brains out 🙃

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  • atla’s “brave little soldier boy” is ml’s “little kitty on a rooftop”

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  • Noches como esta te soñé entre mis brazos, noches como esta supe que no te tendría.

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  • Por las noches me gusta escribir, pensar que esto es un cuaderno eterno donde podría escribir mil y un veces y sus hojas no se terminarían. Este es mi lugar seguro, el lugar donde me expreso y dónde se que alguien me lee, alguien sin una opinión anterior mía, alguien que solo sabe lo que lee.

    Gracias por leerme a mí y a mis locos pensamientos

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  • ¿Como una persona que en realidad no fue nada deshizo toda mi estabilidad emocional en cuestión de unos días?

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  • The Shadow Queen Book 1/Chapter 1

    Rated: M for mature. If you’re sensitive don’t read this.

    Warnings: Mentions of abuse and bullying and light nudity. If you’re sensitive don’t read this.

    Summary: It’s been 10 years and Talura’s life is still a living hell. A bully from school, abuse from her step dad. Yet despite all of her hardships she still has and uses her gifts of The Sight and Intuition and has a beacon of hope. Her best and only friend Azriel, the demon princess of all Hell. What happens when Azriel gives her the shocking news and the one good thing she has is being taken away from her. Everything feels like the end for the both of them. When little do they know that this is only the beginning…


    Chapter 1/ 10 years later

    Talura Anderson, now fifteen years of age, laid awake in her bed staring up at the ceiling. Her hair was in a now messy ponytail from all of the tossing and turning, threatening to come out of its hair tie. She winced at the ache of her bruises and cuts with each toss and turn. The covers were pulled up to her chin. She looked over at her alarm clock that was on top of her dresser that was on the right side of her bed. She squinted to make out the little red numbers.

    2:00 am. It read.

    She sighed and banged her head on her pillow.

    “Goddamn insomnia”, she grimaced in thought.

    She looked to her left where her closet was. She never used it as she only hung up a few nice shirts and dresses for formal or special occasions but she never used them often. She looked in the corner where her bedroom door was. It had her backpack full of unfinished school work and homework that she honestly didn’t care to make the time for. Along with her three main textbooks that were stacked up clumsily on top of each other. With her shoes neatly put together. Yet another long day of long lectures from teachers who clearly don’t give two shits about their students. They just wanted the paycheck and that’s it. Not to mention constant bullying and torture from one person in particular.

    She let out a quiet, bitter laugh to herself.

    “That’s Rosewood Prep for you. Where the teachers are just as lazy and corrupted as the students are”, she said in thought.

    The room itself was quite plain and barren when you looked at as a whole. There was too much dead space as designers would call it. It’s not like she had the freedom to decorate her room however she wanted. As freedom of expression was not allowed in her household.

    She sighed again and squeezed her eyes shut.

    “Fuck. On top of surviving tomorrow at school. I have to deal with my step dad. God knows what I’ll get beat for tomorrow”

    She winced as she struggled to lift her arms up to stretch the rest of her body.

    That’s how life has always been for Talura. A constant fight for survival. Fighting at school to stand her ground and because she can see through other people’s bullshit and they get upset when she doesn’t go along with it. They want her to be easy prey. Well she is prey, she’s come to accept that that’s her position in life, but she’s not the easy type. Meaning she’s not going down without a fight.

    Fighting at home to protect her mother and little brother and refusing to break who she is as a person. Her thought process was that she could be the object of her step dad’s fury then he’ll leave her mother and brother alone. Her step dad beats her constantly, always using her as a scapegoat. He knows that she is different. She can now see him as the bully that he is. She is the only one that dares questions his power and decisions. He realizes that if he can’t control her with anything else. Then he’ll control her by force and planting the seeds of doubt in her mind. Beating her every time she did something wrong or if he was just angry, telling her that she’s a bad person and a bad influence. She wasn’t wanted and wasn’t welcomed at home. No one would love her or would want to be her friend. She is a bad person for what she believed in and that her intuition is wrong and flawed.

    Despite becoming gradually broken over the years due to school and home environments she never once broke the core of herself. That solid foundation of The Sight and Intuition was always there. Despite there once being a time where she believed everything that her step dad said about her and not really being sure of anything, the gift of Intuition has always kept her on the right track making the best decisions that she deemed right for others and herself in whatever circumstances that she was given. As long as she was able to protect her mom and her little brother and lived to see another day to see Azriel that’s all she cared about.


    That was a name that brought a sense of peace to Talura’s chaotic and broken mind. She closed her eyes and breathed in relief as a dreamy smile slowly appeared on her face for a moment.

    Azriel was her best friend and true family for six years now and counting. She told her just about everything and vice versa. Of course they had their own secrets but they knew each other enough to respect each other’s boundaries that were already established from trial and error and they’ll tell each other when they’re ready.

    Did I forget to mention that she is the demon born princess of all of Hell, next in line for the throne?

    When they first met each other it was an instant click connection followed by an argument and ended with the promise of seeing each other again the next night. Nights were their established time. As Talura couldn’t skip school that would surely get her killed and any other time she was always grounded and under the watchful eyes of her step dad. So she really couldn’t do anything until everyone was asleep. Even at the sacrifice of her own sleep when she could get some. Same for Azriel in Hell. As a princess and one of the most powerful demons so she says, she was always heavily guarded for her own protection and the protection of others. It was easy for both of them to sneak out without being in trouble and they enjoyed their few hours of freedom together. Sometimes it was comfortable quiet nights where they would sit in silence and have the freedom of being lost in their own thoughts. Or some nights they would talk about everything and anything from stupidly funny ideas to their hopes, dreams and fears, to what’s bothering them or just whatever came to their minds. Or sometimes it was just one of those nights where one of them needed comfort and someone else that they trusted to listen.

    They have been through a lot of things together. When she was nine and Azriel was ten (she was only a year older than her) that’s when they first met. And a few months after that they nursed a family of coyotes back to health. The runt of the pack grew up and is still grateful to them not to eat them. At eleven and Azriel was twelve, Azriel thought that if Talura had the gift of The Sight then she might have other powers that haven’t been unlocked yet. It took Talura forever to agree to perform basic witchcraft due to her own personal bad experiences. But with the reassurance and the guidance and protection of Azriel. She agreed to do it. Turns out she can levitate small objects although not always on command. Talura can’t shapeshift like the other demons can because she tried that but ended up breaking her arm. The year Talura turned twelve and Azriel thirteen was a bad year. It was Azriel’s mother died. Talura has never seen her look so broken. Normally she was the broken one not the other way around. Azriel was the healer and protector. She healed Talura’s bruises and cuts and other wounds and protected her for those two hours. Talura held, comforted, listened and cried with her. She stayed out all night and got an ass whooping from her step dad. But she fought through the pain for Azriel’s sake. Azriel didn’t show up for the rest of the year after that night. But Talura had other things to worry about that year. By the time they were thirteen and fourteen it was a rocky year. Both struggled to regain the closeness they once had. Azriel was more high strung and elusive and scattered. Normally she was very open and honest (for a demon). Talura became more of the broken quiet, and she became more fearful and skittish. She didn’t trust Azriel like she once did. For no real reason. It was hard but they still stuck together and through lots of arguments and threatened to cut off the friendship and gradually opened back up to each other again and everything was on a smoothening path once again. When they were fourteen and fifteen Talura wanted to get to the bottom of why she had these powers. So Azriel took a forbidden risk and brought up books from Hell. Anything and everything on The Sight. In the end she learned about the geography of Hell and the basics of each realms culture and learned about the Earthen Witches. But she gained very little on The Sight. Which brings us to, present day when they are now fifteen and sixteen. Their sister-like bond, stronger than ever.

    Speaking of Azriel. It’s been three months since her last visit. Her visits have always been sporadic since they were thirteen and fourteen on. It took Talura a while to accept the fact they can never go back to constant visitations so she learned to take what she could get and was grateful for it.

    Talura was on the verge of sleep finally when she heard the loud crack of her window opening and she felt the gusting wind through the now open window. Thank god her parents were heavy sleepers or otherwise she would be in trouble. Her wide eyes shot open as she bolted up straight. She saw that her junk papers of grades work were strewn all over the floor from her dresser. She looked around her room for the intruder prepared to fight. Only to discover a shadowy mist on the edge of her bed. Despite not having her glasses she could see that it was vaguely in the form of Azriel. Smiling in relief as she let her guard down Azriel made a ‘come here’ motion with her shadowy mist and disappeared out her window and disappeared into the woods behind Talura’s house.

    Grinning, Talura put on her glasses and threw off her covers and swung her feet to the side and stood up. She sucked in her breath and winced at the pain and pressure on her bruised legs and achy feet at the sudden movement. She gritted her teeth as she limped over to put her shoes on and went to her window. She looked out to find the ladder that her step dad used to do construction on the roof relatively close to her window. She just needed to grab it and pull it closer for her to use. She opened her window up all the way. She took a deep breath and braced herself for the pain. She used her upper arm strength to pull herself up on the window sill. She was half in and half out. Holding on to the side of the window frame for support and leaned over to grab the ladder. She opened her mouth for a silent scream as her bruised sides were being stretched. It took a few tries but she got it and pulled it closer to her inch by inch trying not to make too much noise. She got it close enough where it was relatively safe to swing her body out the window and climb down the ladder. She got to the bottom and walked along the dirt path that started at the back door of her house and ended in the woods. And that was exactly where Talura was heading.

    She reached their sacred meeting spot. Which was a medium sized dirt circle clearing in the woods. It was well hidden so you definitely had some privacy but not too hidden where you could get lost. It had a couple of fallen tree logs and a small boulder that you could sit on along with a few raspberry bushes that weren’t in season yet. If you looked up the treetops gave a great clearing. It made a great place to stargaze on a clear night. Legend has it that this place used to be where the town cult used to go for their rituals and meetings. But that didn’t stop them. It was also the place where they met for the very first time.

    Azriel was staring out into the woods when Talura arrived.

    “Took you long enough Tal”, said Azriel playfully annoyed as she slowly turned around.

    She gasped in horror at the sight of Talura.

    “Mother of Night what happened to you? Who was it this time? Horacio? Michael?”

    Talura was a pitiful sight to see. Her wide blue-green eyes had dark circles underneath them. They were a fuchsia color, almost like she got beat up but it was just really from lack of sleep. Talura slept in a white tee shirt and a pair of gray shorts so her bruises and cuts old and new, scarred and relatively fresh revealed themselves. She had bruises,some old as they were yellow and green in healing, some new as they were a deep purple and some black and blue. Her arms and legs and torso were covered in them. There were cuts that ran in different directions all over her arms,legs and torso. Some of them were short, some of them were long, some of them were scarred and some of them were relatively fresh. She received them in various ways. Some of them she received by just living life. She was a clumsy person and accident prone. Others are from self harm. Others are from the various torture she received from her bully. Others she received by the lashings by her step dad with anything that could cut if he didn’t feel like beating her with his fists.

    Horacio Galloway was the name of her bully and Michael Muller was the name of her step dad.

    “Both”, Talura replied grimly as she held her arms behind her back.

    “Take your shirt off and come here so I can heal you somewhat”, sighed Azriel as she made 'come here’ motions with both of her hands.

    Talura slowly took her shirt off because it hurt so much. She was left in her black sports bra. You could see the outline of her ribcage. You could tell she didn’t eat much. She turned so her back was showing and sat down in front of Azriel. Her hands lightly ghosted over Talura’s tan skin. A big contrast to Azriel’s pale skin.

    “I don’t like seeing you hurt”, said Azriel as she slowly made some of the bruises and cuts go away.

    “I know you don’t. But I can’t quit school and I can’t leave until Adam and my mother are in a relatively safe and better place. I’m needed here”, said Talura firefly.

    “You know I could always…”, trailed off Azriel.

    “Az, we’ve been over this. I can’t have you kill Horacio because a) I’m going to Hell when I die and I certainly don’t want to run into him. Karma will come to him someday. B) I don’t like people fighting my own battles for me. I can’t have you kill Michael either for Adam’s sake. If he dies then that means I’d have to quit school and get a job and pick up the slack and pray to whomever is listening that Adam won’t become enough of a problem child without a dad to end up at Rosewood. No way am I going to take that chance! Or my mom would find a new man who is just as equally bad or worse than Michael. Adam is safer with a man that he knows and loves”, snapped back Talura.

    “At the risk of your own life day after day?!”, yelled Azriel

    “If that’s what it takes! I have no choice! You keep forgetting that I don’t have the luxury to be selfish!”, yelled back Talura.

    They were both quiet breathing hard from the yelling. Azriel was the only one Talura could stand up against equally. And Talura was the only one who ever challenged Azriel in either world which was a nice change from everyone bowing down and catering to her every whim just because she was the princess of Hell. Up here she could just be Azriel, the loyal and faithful friend who needed to be kept in check from time to time. And Talura can learn to grow a backbone with the person she feels safest with and speak her mind.

    “You could always come with me”, said Azriel more quietly looking down as a sign of an apology.

    “I can’t. I’m not dead yet. The living don’t belong with the dead of any kind. But I always appreciate the offer and I’ll take up the opportunity when my time comes”, sighed Talura in defeat.

    There was a couple of moments of awkward silence between the two before Talura got up and put her shirt back on and faced Azriel.

    “Hey Az, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You’re just trying to protect me and looking out for my own good”, said Talura softly.

    Azriel gave a small smile and held her arms out for a hug as a sign of acceptance of her apology. Talura breathed a sigh of relief and ran into her arms holding her tight. She snuggled in closer once she felt Azriel’s arms wrapped around her.

    “Best friends?”

    “Of course”

    They let go of each other and sat down on one of the logs.

    “Do you remember how we met?”, asked Azriel.

    “I try not too”, giggled Talura as Azriel playfully punched her arm and she blocked the punch.

    “I do. It was only six years ago”, said Azriel shaking her head playfully annoyed,“you humans have such fickle memories”

    “Well if I have such a fickle memory as you say I do then perhaps you should tell me how we met to refresh my memory”, she pulled her knees up to her chest now that she wasn’t in so much pain anymore.

    Azriel chuckled,“Alright here we go…”

    About six years ago. It was a cool September evening, Adam was going to be born in another month or so. And little Talura was nine years old. Just transferred over to Rosewood from maplehood creek elementary school since she didn’t get along with any of the teachers and students however she was very intelligent. And already she didn’t like it. She already had an enemy and he made her life a living hell in school. On top of getting beat by her step dad and still being confused as to why. One night she had enough. She packed up a small bag of clothes and snuck out her window and ran off to the woods. That was the first time she ever ran away from home. Talura couldn’t run anymore once she reached the clearing. Her intuition and Sight told her that someone else was here. She slowly stood up straight.

    “Please show yourself. I can see you you know”, Talura called out.

    The shadowy mist solidified and turned into an actual person. A tall, lanky, pale, ginger child with stormy gray eyes who couldn’t be no more than a year or two older than Talura.

    They stared at each other for a few moments. The ginger’s stormy gray eyes meeting Talura’s unnaturally wide blue-green eyes. Something inside them clicked the moment that they looked at each other that neither of them could explain.

    “How can you see me? Are you dead?”, inquired the ginger curiously. She never met a living human before until now.

    “Only on the inside”, replied Talura as she huffed,“ and I don’t know how I can. I just do, I was born with it I guess”

    “You have wide eyes”, pointed out the ginger.

    Talura huffed defensively,“What about them?”

    “I like them, they’re unique and a pretty color”, said the ginger tilting her head to the side with a soft sweet smile.

    Talura softened up a little and her defensiveness was all gone.

    “Really? You think so?”, she was smiling stupidly and looking at the ground and then she looked up at her,“I never met anyone who said that to me before”

    “And never met anyone living who could see me naturally before”,said the ginger.

    “What’s your name?”

    “Azriel. What’s yours”


    Azriel scrunched up her nose at the weird name and Talura laughed.

    “I don’t like it either. Most people call me Tal, it’s shorter”, laughed Talura.

    And that was the first time in a long time that she genuinely laughed.

    “Are you a living and not dead and you can see me, what are you?”

    “I’m a human. If you’re not really a mass of shadowy mist, then what are you?”, replied Talura shocked at the question.

    Azriel hesitated for a minute before answering the question.

    “A demon. Specifically the princess of all of Hell”.

    “Are all demons shadowy mists?”, asked Talura.

    “Generally yeah”, she paused for a minute,“you’re not at all afraid of me?”

    Talura shook her head no,“after everything I’ve seen and been through I don’t scare easily”.

    “Funny you strike me as a coward type”

    “I’m not a coward! I’ll fight you if I have too!”, stamped Talura trying to stand her ground.

    “Oh really?”, Azriel raised an eyebrow in challenged amusement.

    She walked over to Talura casually. Talura had her eyes filled with fear and suspicion at what Azriel was going to do next, making Talura back up into a tree.

    Azriel was at an arms length and punched Talura in the chest.

    “Owww…”, said Talura as she rubbed the spot that she punched.

    Talura punched Azriel in the chest with equal force and stood up straight looking directly at her. Azriel staggered back a few steps and looked genuinely shocked that someone would dare hit her back.

    “No one has ever stood up to me before…”, said Azriel slowly, processing what happened.

    “I said I’d fight you if I had too. I always keep my word. I believe in fairness”, said Talura slowly.

    “I never met anyone like you before. I like the way you think”, giggled Azriel.

    Talura paused for a minute. She didn’t know how to respond to that as she’s always been told that her way of thinking was flawed, wrong and bad.

    “Well…There’s more where that came from”, said Talura finally.

    “I like you, do you want to be friends?”, asked Azriel.

    “Really? You mean it?”, asked Talura excitedly full of hope.

    Azriel nodded her head eagerly.

    Talura laughed,“Yes. I’d like that very much”.

    So the two girls played 21 questions with Talura teaching her how to get to know each other. Talura came up with the conclusion that she couldn’t run away from home. Otherwise she would never see Azriel again and she couldn’t have that. It was in the wee hours of the morn when Talura had to go back home to try to get some sleep.

    “We’ll come back and meet here again tomorrow”, said Azriel.



    They shook on it and Talura went home.

    And that was the start of their friendship.

    “Yeah sounds about right”, laughed Talura.

    Azriel gave her a sad smile.

    “What’s wrong?”, asked Talura more seriously. The laughter drained out of her face.

    Azriel sighed.

    “I suppose I should tell you the real reason why I came up here to see you”, she avoided looking at Talura’s gaze.

    “Why…”, her eyes were wide with fear as her stomach was filling up with dread as panic and anxiety was rising in her,“Are you leaving me? Do you not want to be around me anymore? Did I do something wrong?”

    “No,no,no,no you didn’t do anything wrong! I mean yes I’m leaving you but it has nothing to do with you! It’s out of my control! Believe me if I had it my way I would never leave you, come here!”, said Azriel as she pulled Talura into a hug wrapping her arms around her tight and holding her close in reassurance.

    “What do you mean?”, asked Talura quietly through her silent tears. She hugged back tightly, almost as if she let’s go then she’ll disappear forever.

    Azriel sighed as she struggled to explain the situation.

    “There’s been…unrest…in Hell with the current rulers…”.

    “Is that why your visits have become more sporadic lately?”.

    Azriel nodded,“It started three months ago. The unrest that is. It was deemed not safe for me so the security has tightened up a bit. It makes it harder for me to sneak out like I used to. But lately it’s been growing stronger and it’s really becoming not safe for me to come and go up here as I please. It might even break out into another all out war that’s how fragile my world is right now”, Azriel shuddered at the thought. She was physically terrified,“so I have to stay in Hell until everything dies down…if it ever does”.

    “What about your dad, Satan?”,asked Talura.

    “He makes a better ruler than a father, I have to give him that much. And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased and he’s still my dad nevertheless. I can’t imagine anyone rebelling against him there’s no need too. However I can’t say the same for the other rulers in the other realms though”

    Talura nodded slowly in understanding,“will you survive? If it does break out into a rebellion or another war?”

    Azriel smiled at Talura. Always thinking about others before herself.

    She then frowned,“I honestly don’t know”

    “When will I see you again?”

    “Hopefully soon”

    “Will I see you again?”


    Talura sighed, still holding onto Azriel.

    “So this is it then. It’s the end”.

    “I’m afraid so…it’s only temporary…nothing lasts forever good or bad”, said Azriel trying to be optimistic.

    She had a point.

    “We still got some time left”, said Talura quietly.

    “Not enough”, snorted Azriel.

    “Enough to make it count”, said Talura.

    So they held onto each other and reminisced in old memories that they had together. The night didn’t last long enough as dawn was beginning to appear. They slowly peeled away from each other and stood up on opposite sides of the circle.

    “So this is it then. Our final goodbye”, said Talura sadly and a little awkwardly.

    “Not forever”


    Neither of them made the move to leave.

    “Promise me one thing”, said Talura.


    “That you’ll do everything in your power to try and survive if it comes down to it”

    “Promise me you’ll do the same”.

    Talura held her wrist out. Azriel sighed and walked over to her. She knew what Talura wanted. A blood promise. She was against the idea of doing it as Talura was marked up with all kinds of scars that she didn’t want to be the one to add another one. But right now they both needed reassurance that they would both do everything they can to survive and a blood promise was the way to go as it was sacred and never should be broken. She grabbed her wrist and used her long finger nail to cut Talura’s wrist and her own. Talura sucked in her breath at the burning sensation of the cut before seeing the red beads of blood. Azriel put her bleeding wrist onto hers, mixing the blood. Talura gritted her teeth at the sizzling of it.

    “I, Azriel, princess of all of Hell, hear by swear on everything that I am, everything I was and everything I will be, that I will do everything in my power to survive. This is a blood promise and can never be broken”

    “I, Talura Anderson, Azriel’s best friend and sister, hear by swear on everything that I am, everything I was and everything I will be, that I will do everything in my power to survive. This is a blood promise and can never be broken”

    Azriel used her powers to heal the cuts making them turn into white scars. They let go of each other.

    “Goodbye Talura. You were everything that I could ever want and hope for. If anything else I’ll see you on the other side”, said Azriel

    “Goodbye Azriel. You were the best friend and sister that I could ever ask for. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you”, said Talura.

    She slowly turned away and began walking, trying hard not to break down and cry again. Her legs were heavy but she kept walking, not daring to look back. Because if she did she wouldn’t leave. Honestly she would probably kill herself right then and there just to be with Azriel. Forever if that was the case.

    Azriel just looked at Talura getting farther and farther away, leaving Azriel alone.

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  • - One of the most heartbreaking feelings i ever had to experience was not being able to bring the same joy to the person i love as they brought me. It hurts to know that you’re useless when it comes to helping them with their mental illness, watching them suffer while if only there was something you could do , you’d give the world to see them smile.

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  • Hiiragi: Hey Uenoyama, how much money do you have?

    Uenoyama: 69 cents

    Hiiragi: You know what that means!

    Uenoyama: I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets…

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  • That feel when your posts shouting out other artists get more attention in a day than your own content does in weeks 🙃🙃🙃🙃

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  • 𝑖'𝑚 𝑡𝑖𝑟𝑒𝑑.

    #so saddd #i wanna cry
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  • It’s 3 am and I’m thinking about you again …

    I wish I was what you wanted

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