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  • touyaz
    28.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    monoma is one of the greatest bnha characters and in this essay i will

    #he is so !!!!!! like i love him he just wants to hype up his friends & give them the recognition they deserve #& he does so in such an unapologetic & unashamed way you just KNOW he's sincerely proud of them #like yeah he's been shown to do it in an annoying way but like if that's the only way ppl will listen to him then he'll do it no matter #what ppl think of him? like he's okay w ppl thinking he's insane if they actually listen to what he says & starts admiring his friends too #does that make sense?? idk i just find him admirable. he doesnt rly care what ppl think of himself he just wants ppl to recognise his #friends' skills #he just wants to shine a light on his friends how can ppl hate him :( #dont get me started on how smart he is im just. in awe. he's a great guy #i love him sm I'd kill to be his friend <3 #wintext
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  • ishepretty
    28.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #languages are not my thing honestly #i tried to learn something else but i find it difficult so yeah #i think that's enough honestly #anyway thank u anon <3
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  • davidyaeger
    28.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #not that i have a lot of admiration for misha collins lmao #hes fine i guess. hes yet another supernatural man that i have complicated feelings abt #anon do u think im a misha stan or something #anyway. #today i learned people actually look thru tumblr tags regularly #still??? in 2021??? #phin.ask #spn cast #<- i double checked bc i was so confused and this is not a main tag so idk what the fuck anon is talking abt #i only really tag stuff for my own organization purposes and when people have asked me to tag something for a blacklist #and general tws when theyre needed #edit: this might be a jared stan? maybe? in which case. yeah just block me bestie lmao
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  • thomothysdoodles
    28.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #don’t wanna kiss just wanna nap but he’s so hhhhhhhh fuck yeah so badass and funny and tbh relatable I love he #thepurple n #not a doodle
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  • youngheroics
    28.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    ➙ anonymous​ said: If you don't mind my asking what do you mean two of Bart's clones are Thad?

        Hey anon no problem! It’s confusing and ridiculous lmao ok so. Obviously we got Thad, the kid we all know but we actually encounter a different Thad during the last three issues of T.een Titans v3. We know it isn’t the ‘ original ’ Thad because he was already dead by that time and Tim notes the new Thad is ‘ taller ’ not to mention the new Thad quickly reveals he has never met Bart before. Its implied S.uperboy prime cloned him ( somehow ) but idk man. The kid exists for exactly three issues and then we never see him again so we don’t exactly get a lot of answers but yeah technically that makes two of the clones ... Thad.

    #anonymous #pls dont reblog k #anyway this is PRIME comic shit isnt it pff #but yeah theres TWO thads. and the second one is still alive but then d.c hit the reset button so... hes probably erased now anyway
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  • omg-whiskey
    28.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    i am thinking about jack zimmermann with secret piercings

    #like got his ears pierced in 11th grade as a lol #doesn't want to wear earrings for hockey and doesn't really like them anymore #(because they remind him of the person he used to be and he's not sure he likes that kid very much) #so he just doesn't wear them #but he can't let them just close up so every night he sleeps with a pair of studs in #and maybe one night shitty comes into his room real late and jack forgot to take them out and shitty notices #and jack's expecting it to be something because jack always expects everything to turn into Something #and shitty's just like 'oh sick i didn't know you had those they suit you' #and jack doesn't know what to say so he just says thanks #like i think maybe he was a little drunk when he got his ears pierced #it was a dumb kids with a sewing needle kind of time and he regretted it in the morning but there was still... something #idk this isn't well articulated #but yeah #i love the idea that jack treats a lot of stuff like it'd be a big deal if anyone found out and then when shitty finds out he's just like #oh yeah cool whatever rock on man! #anyway there's also some jackparse in here because they pierced each other's ears #he also has his nipples pierced because i said so
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  • lambda-theme-until-i-get-lambda
    28.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Idk i just want these two beside each other to see how i feel about this

    #wada arco these poses are so extra lmao i love them #yeah with how similar their outfit/style is they look like they're having a collaboration concert lmao #or in melt'a side this is a competition #because now that i think about it melt is also originally an ai #and miku is a virtual vocalist #raemi talks fgo #sylhea talks vocaloid #why yes the first tag does indeed contain a joke
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  • aragnophobia
    28.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    if I were dream and I was one of the head writers on a minecraft roleplay server I, too, would make my character a hot, sexy, borderline evil character with intense attachment issues that’s just there to cause problems for others

    #dreamwastaken#mcyt#dsmp #he’s so right for this #c!dream antis dni #I don’t really watch lore but what I know is that dream is just hot #that evil laugh??? yeah exactly #it’s dream thirsting time babey
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  • majorbumsville
    28.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    watching the k-on movie. when azusa thought yui was gonna kiss her and went 'I'M NOT LIKE THAT' NSDKFEKRWDFHASFH

    #yeah....... sure #love this movie so far
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  • mjulmjul
    28.09.2021 - 30 minutes ago


    #‘op what am i looking at?’ good question! #artists on tumblr #angels #i am predictable so this started as and idk maybe still reds as #castiel#supernatural#*reads#digital art#yeah idk
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  • canolatie
    28.09.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    #i remember reblogging that when i started like #oh yeah i love sasha i love tim! so cool! wow! #BUT NOW I KNOWWWWW #I KNOWWW AND I WILL NEVER UN-KNOW #aks
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  • pontsalin
    28.09.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #But learning 3d is so important to make the process of 2d animation faster #Also the animation dedouz makes? Yeah that fucks so hard #But yeah I have been procrastinating hard on learning how to use blender #My sister who had no art knowledge learned blender faster than me lmao #But thank you for the support KDKFKV #Answered#Anon
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  • thedeadhandofseldon
    28.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    I feel like on this hellsite I probably come across as a seething ball of frustration with college and constant Dungeons and Dragons thoughts, but in real life my vibe is more like “comes into lecture ten minutes late, clutching a novel, slightly bloody from crashing my bicycle”

    #yeah so my afternoon was kind of interesting but I'm okay #and my bike was also okay so like win-win #alas my favorite trousers are ruined and I have no D&D thoughts for you today
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  • hotchley
    28.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Hotch's humour is actually my favourite thing

    #aaron hotchner #it's so deadpan #i actually find it hilarious #just the image of little baby hotch whose just joined the bau #looking at crime scenes and going: #well there's definitely been a crime #when another member is deliberately pushing him so he proves himself #is funny to me #and obviously canon stuff but yeah
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  • jujusmiths
    28.09.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    rlly got me tits twisted abt americans in general like they rlly say shite like “wages are lower in the UK lol” sir. purchasing power + pound sterling is stronger than the US dollar. abeg ye go outside and try to shop somewhere other than Walmart in the sundown town. 😵‍💫

    #yeah i have an american passport but do I do identify as american? Not rlly #do u kno how many southerners I have convinced that I’m from great britiain?? literally I just make any city that’s not london - #- and boom 😭 YTIES IN THE SOUTH ARE SO GULLIBLE DHSJFJSJFJD #yt southerners literally can’t even name their own state on a map even if it was labeled
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  • nobody-knose
    28.09.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    btw guys follow my aesthetic blog (& send me asks about my ocs while you’re at it)

    #there's no one specific aesthetic on that blog because each character has their own vibe going on #each character is also generally sorted with one color or two so i guess that can be helpful #but in general it's not a very warm or happy aesthetic on there. idk i'm just not drawn to it. or i don't follow enough warm aes blogs #there's some creepy there's some wet and there's some shiny and there's some strange #yeah i think that's it. also i do mean the part about sending me oc asks it's been way too long since i talked about my guys #uq#tis i #nonsense as usual #this is ok to rb it's effectively a promo
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  • probablyjustacryforhelp
    28.09.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Went on a 45 minute bike ride and I’m ✨cramping✨ but I feel a lot better in terms of not wanting to die

    #I definitely didn’t burn all the calories I binged on #Might go back out for another half hour? If I have time #But yeah bike riding makes me feel so much better about myself #Purging in general. Probably cuz exercise releases endorphins #And fasting is really addictive & restricting low makes me feel in control #but biking specifically just has this feeling of freedom and mobility to it. I can go anywhere I want. #I could just bike away from home and never go back if I really wanted to #my.post/
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  • hopehymn
    28.09.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Father Luke is a very modest man who rarely uses his powers unless he really has to, especially when it comes to helping people in dire situations that can be ended more quickly if powers were come to used, so teleportation is rarely used for short distance ( home to a mall, home to a friend’s house, etcetera ), while he does teleport in longer distance ( one city to another, one country to another, etcetera ) because he doesn’t like to ask the Greed itself for money, so...

    Though Father Luke can’t ride on anything due to having one leg entirely numb, he doesn’t take buses because he’s usually not comfortable having to be in a group of strangers when he has always been subjected to endless concerned staring and judgemental whispers, and he doesn’t take taxi as well because he’s also not comfortable to have a conversation with someone while being in a small space ( inside the car ) and even being in a restricted position ( having the seatbelt on and doors locked )--- bad experiences I think, so this man really goes around so much with a single functional leg, eye and ear, and honestly, what a champion he is...

    #( like YEAH he's a spawn of the Devil so he's able to tolerate things a BIT more BUT people [ ic and ooc speaking ] have to remember ) #( at the end of the day he's also the son of a human too so ) #( it's still not really easy for him to just... handle all of this without a sweat ) #( and with him having sensory processing issues high skin sensitivity and maybe many other health conditions he have to face ) #( it's just a lot for him yet many people who could recognize his supernatural origins would wave his problems away ) #( which makes me so upset to think about ) #( I just!!! wow ) #( 'cause he travels a LOT to food banks community centres etcetera to help out plan events donate etcetera ) #( as he uses that to exercise and improve his wellbeing so the fact he does that by WALKING despite all of his conditions ) #( is just so mind blowing to think about ) #( he would be extremely thankful if he have associates taking him to a place but in his canon he rarely to never have that ) #( so he would go alone walking even in the rains or hails he does it and just ) #( damn... ) #tbt #( ANYWAYS he doesn't even like to contribute anything with what pollutes the air but he can't ride a bike or go on a scooter 'cause ) #( again you know with his limb so ) #( but if he HAS to take the alternatives he wouldn't due to his own personal reasons regardless )
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  • withatalentforsquaddrill
    28.09.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Is this woman incredibly awkward or extremely into me or both

    #mine #Yeah the girl i'm currently romancing. Going amazing #Luckily no sapiosexual but i do like nerds so
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  • aeolianblues
    28.09.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    tbt to when I was a sullen 14 year old who was observing actual mourning because I'd been made to move out of the city I loved in the rustic south and worse, into a city I had bad preconceived notions about.

    Fast forward to today, where I no longer have preconceived notions about said city. I now know from experience that I was right lmaoooo

    #I had an epiphany today where I remembered that 14 yo phase #I tried to stage a 100 km runaway and asked my grandma if she'd come live with me lmaoo #My dad said he's not paying two rents and that was that #and dramatic lil me *felt* out of place #but yeah now I just know from experience that that place is a city of weirdos but hell it ain't the north and that's something #sorry I'm not giving any context here but know that I was a lot more dramatic than I give myself credit for #I was complained about once by a class minder cuz they caught me 'talking' (I wasn't) and told me I'd have to stand up on the bench in #punishment. And apparently I said back 'you #'re not the boss of me!' #And when I went back and met my friends when we'd all graduated every one of them said I intimidated them a bit like that #I blame it on being a zero self awareness and zero fucks given child #my aim in life back then was to come back home as soon as school was over and play Pokemon so then why would anyone else's opinions matter? #it's an actual miracle I had friends in primary. It's genuinely mad that I had a friend of some sort every year #I also got emo when said class was shuffled and I wrote a play and forced five friends to act in ittttt #(2 weeks before finals no less. I'd say 'you aren't learning your lines!' like KID. THEY HAVE TO STUDY FOR FINALS FFS #*not me though* I cannot remember why but studying for finals was not very high on my priority list as a sixth grader for some reason) #that isn't to say I failed or anything I did really well the POINT IS. IT WASN'T A CONCERN. I want to go back to those days?? #like I'll be sitting and stressing out because I have one (1) email to send the next day these days. Where did my zero fucks self go #Anyway all this is to say that while I will swear to the heavens and back that I am not a theatre kid nor did I have an emo phase #(missed the period by a few years I think) #I apparently was still faar more dramatic a kid than I will ever concede #phew life story in tags eh. No post has ever called me out more than that one. I think about it every time I post.
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