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  • mashinun
    06.05.2021 - 21 hours ago
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  • shoku-and-awe
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Very tasty soba lunch, also memorable for this view of Mt. Fuji from the shop window.

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  • horriblyunprepared
    24.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    My mom bought me tons of soba!!!

    This is soba with bok choy, green onions, snap peas, and a sauce made with tahini, soy sauce, rice vinegar, chili garlic sauce, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and a little brown sugar.

    It could have used some tofu but I didn’t have any.

    All pretty cheap! The veggies and soba were bought at our local Asian grocer so they were a good price.

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  • mr-spice
    24.04.2021 - 1 week ago


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  • everything-is-food
    23.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Buckwheat Pasta

    Author: Fork & Beans

    Prep Time: 20 mins

    Cook Time: 2 mins

    Total Time: 22 mins

    Yield: Serves 2 large bowls 1x


    You don’t need a pasta maker to create gluten free noodles at home! This easy-to-follow recipe only asks for 6 ingredients and cooks up pasta in no time.


    1 c. buckwheat flour

    1/2 c. arrowroot powder

    1/4 tsp. sea salt

    1 Tbsp. psyllium husk powder + 4 Tbsp. water – allow to thicken for 2 minutes

    1 Tbsp. olive oil (or any mild-flavored oil)

    7–8 Tbsp. water


    In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, arrowroot, and salt until well-combined.

    Add the thickened psyllium powder mix, oil, and start with the first 6 Tbsp. of water. Mix with a wooden spoon until a nice dough forms. You are looking for slightly moist but not sticky at all. If your dough is still too dry, add the remaining tablespoons of water. At some point you are going to have to ditch the wooden spoon and start using your hands so you can feel the consistency and knead the dough. If it’s too sticky add a tablespoon of buckwheat flour until moist but not sticky.

    Bring a pot of 8 cups of water and a generous pinch of sea salt to a boil.

    Divide the dough into two smooth balls. Flour your surface with more buckwheat flour and roll out one dough ball as thin as you can. You will notice this dough is beautiful to work with! It should be like elastic and easy to roll out.

    Using a knife or pizza cutter, create thin strips. Sprinkle with more buckwheat flour to prevent sticking together.

    Pour into the boiling water in two batches and cook for approximately 2 minutes. Drain and serve immediately.


    Do make sure to cook in batches. Once one batch is done, drain and immediately pour into an individual serving bowl. Best if eaten immediately.


    Serving Size: 1 Large bowl of Pasta

    Calories: 261

    Sugar: 1.6g

    Sodium: 242mg

    Fat: 8.9g

    Carbohydrates: 41g

    Fiber: 8g

    Protein: 8g

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  • suiiiika
    23.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    たぬきそば 650円 #谷保 #yummy #instafood #foodporn #tokyo #lunch #japanesefood #washoku #japan #soba #noodles #raccoonsoba #tanukisoba #蕎麦 #そば #たぬきそば #国立 #尾張屋 #孤独のグルメ #ランチ #尾張屋第二支店 (尾張屋第二支店) https://www.instagram.com/p/COAJExAAEoq/?igshid=89pxctk40s6p

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  • re-shouto
    16.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Tried making cold soba for the first time today, and it’s delicious! I used soba noodles, noritamago furikake rice seasoning, chopped spring onion, black sesame seeds, and mizkan oigatsuo tsuyu soup base. Took just five minutes!

    #recovery#food#recipe#soba#zaru soba#cold soba #that's 5m excluding the time it takes to boil water #kind of wish I moved the noodles around so it looks less like a spaghetti monster but I was hungry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • procureddonkeys
    15.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Look I will be the first to say that when writing fics you don’t owe anyone any research, like write what you want. But, for those who are interested, a character making Todoroki cold soba (his favourite food) is not the big romantic gesture people seem to think it is. Cold soba take 5 minutes to prepare, you boil soba noodles, chill them and eat them with chopped green onions and a dipping sauce you can get in a bottle (usually Tsuyu sauce). I’m not saying it can’t be cute, but for it to be a big gesture you need to add some extra detail in there. Like maybe the person made the noodles from scratch, maybe they made the sauce from scratch and in a particular way, maybe they eat it with him even though they hate bland food (cold soba is often pretty bland). Also, if you’re saying Todoroki can’t make it himself, or needs someone to teach him how, that’s fine, but you are basically giving him the same cooking skills as someone who can’t make toast. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying bare it in mind. Anyway, write what you want, I’m just saying it jars a little when you know what cold soba is to see people in fics acting like it’s a whole ordeal. It’s just cold noodles.

    #and yes you still need to boil the water to cook the noodles you can’t make it without boiling water #todoroki shouto#tododeku#Todobaku#todomomo#bnha #my hero academia #mha #honestly I don’t wanna like shit on anyone’s ideas #but it really takes me out of a fic when someone talks about cooking cold soba #like they’re making a complicated recipe #sure you definitely can make it more complicated #but you’d need to mention why #because it’s the easiest thing to make #also know just how incompetent you are making todoroki #if he can’t make this #especially given that he could warm and cool the water with his quirk
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  • theresdarub
    12.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Chicken on Soba Noodles

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  • spotlightonrecovery
    12.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Easy Peanut Lime Soba Noodles Meal

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  • autumnstew
    12.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    じねん蕎麦すくもさんで辛味おろしそばを頂く。 蕎麦のコシと甘み、つゆの旨味、大根のさっぱり感や薬味の香りではい美味しー! 蕎麦湯も甘みを感じる旨さで満足。 #蕎麦 #soba #蕎麦屋 #麺活 #蕎麦スタグラム #お昼ごはん #lunch #noodles #蕎麦湯 #蕎麦好き #麺好き #麺スタグラム #蕎麦湯好き #pixel4a (天山湯治郷 じねん蕎麦 すくも) https://www.instagram.com/p/CNjepmFAtR9/?igshid=1533fmao48txv

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  • foodemon
    10.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Cold Soba - Super Boring Club

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  • kirtaep
    09.04.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Soba Noodles with Swiss Chard Miso Pesto

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  • tindertards
    07.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Sugar Snap Pea and Carrot Soba Noodles

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  • twendehealth
    07.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    This soba noodle stirfry is heaven on a plate! With a magical flavour profile of ginger, sesame oil, all spice and soy 🍜

    Stirfrys are a great way to get extra serves vegetables into your daily intake and take about 20 minutes to cook.

    Eating healthy does not have to be complicated, the most simplest ingredients can make incredible recipes.

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