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  • autistic-kaz
    28.11.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    i wonder if inej ever watches kaz and jesper and notices how kaz’s eyes glimmer when jesper laughs too loud and how jesper will subtly put himself between kaz and people who are getting too close and how jesper and kaz never leave each other’s sides because kaz is worried about jespers gambling and jesper is worried about kaz getting hurt. and i wonder if she ever smiles because jesper insists that kaz annoys him and kaz won’t admit that he loves jesper but they show it and she loves her boys and AHHHH i have feelings

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  • ketterdam-it
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Colm: Jesper, if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too?

    Jesper: Da, if Kaz tells us to jump off a bridge, there’s probably a reason.

    #kaz agrees and Colm is so done #kanej#kaz brekker #shadow and bone #six of crows #kaz#soc#fanfic#inej ghafa #kaz x inej #my darling inej #wesper#helnik#jesper fahey#the crows #incorrect six of crows #soc incorrect quotes #crooked kingdom#leigh bardugo#the grishaverse#the darkling#Alina starkov#malina#Captain ghafa#kazzle dazzle#the wraith #kuwei yul bo #kaz dirtyhands brekker #shadow and bone netflix
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  • 19burstraat
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Since Ben apparently said today that Nikolai has been cast, I am feeling Incredibly bad for the poor git who's been chosen,,, like guys PLEASE give the man a chance when it inevitably turns out not to be your Pinterest model faceclaim aksjsks (same goes for Wylan, Tolya and Tamar, etc but Nikolai is the hot topic rn)... They're not there to look exactly like your favourite fanart, they're there to act, and the choice depends on so many things... acting ability, chemistry with the rest of the cast, take on the character, avaliability... Like it's not rly about what you think they look like or whatever

    #I'm traumatised from the SGE casting #but like. Please. Please. #six of crows #shadow and bone #nikolai lantsov#s&b netflix #shadow and bone netflix #soc#s&b#my post #pls no one be like 'well it's not how i imagined him so I don't like him' it's the ultimate stupid take #ofc he doesn't. everyone imagined nikolai differentlybc nikolai Doesn't Exist Irl And Is Fictional
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  • demigodbeautiies
    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Jesper startles awake to the sound of a loud curse and a sudden weight on the bed beside him. It’s still dark, very dark, and he never usually wakes up in the dark unless he’s had too much to drink and desperately needs water. He’s stone cold sober, though, and his hands fly out to either side of him in the hopes of catching his bearings faster, or maybe even finding the comforting weight of his fiancé.

    That isn’t what he touches.

    His hand smacks against something hard and flat, that jostles when he bumps it. He’s confused, mostly wondering when Wylan became a wooden crate, before he hears it. So quietly, so faintly, so definitely from the thing next to him.

    He hears -


    He blinks.

    It’s easy to shoot upright to sit like he didn’t just wake up; he was never difficult to get up in the morning. He does, then, and that’s fine, but whatever is next to him makes his eyebrows furrow because -

    It’s a box of cats.

    The lantern they keep at the side of their bed switches on. There, standing on the other side of this box of cats - they’re all fluffy little things - is his fiancé. He’s still in the thick sweater he wears around the house on the coldest of winter days, and his pyjama pants with his fuzzy knitted socks, and that explains absolutely fucking nothing about the box of cats he’s placed into the bed beside Jesper.

    Jesper stares. Wylan stares back. One of the cats makes another soft noise.

    “Okay,” Wylan says, finally. “I can explain.”

    Jesper raises an eyebrow. He hears something rustle and looks down to see a cat, grey and squirmy and rascally. It’s begun to escape up the sides of wooden slats, seeming more acrobatic than Jesper knew cats could be. He nudges at its tiny paws until it collapses back into the box. It seems fine.

    “Wylan, what the fuck?”

    Wylan groans, and drops to sit down on the bed next to the box of cats. It tips only barely, and Jesper sees some of the cats slide towards Wylan. He puts a hand on the box to keep it steady because the cats are fine, he supposes, but not when they’re loose in his bedroom. The little grey one is already trying to work it’s way back out of the box. He wonders if he should name it after Inej.

    Assuming they keep it.

    “I wanted tea,” Wylan starts, “But everyone had left for the night, so when I went downstairs-“

    “It’s one in the morning,” Jesper groans.

    “I wanted tea!”

    “Where the fuck do the cats come in?”

    “I’m getting there,” he whines. He sounds so petulant. His hand is still resting on the crate, and Jesper tries to focus on that. He is so confused. “So I was making tea, but then I heard a noise and when I opened the kitchen door-“

    “There were cats.”

    “There were cats!” he says. Jesper nods.

    “And why are the cats here?”

    Wylan rolls his eyes. He is honest to Ghezen pouting.

    “It is winter,” he says, once again overly petulant. Jesper blinks, waiting for him to go on. Wylan gestures to the cats like that explains everything. “They’re babies! I couldn’t leave them.”

    “They’re troopers,” Jesper says. “They can get through more than a cold night, love-“

    “Jesper,” he whines, again, dragging out the last curling syllable at the end of his name. Jesper sighs. He can’t say no to Wylan when he whines but Saints.

    “You want to keep the cats.”

    “Of course I want to keep the cats!”

    The problem is that Jesper cannot for the life of him find a reason to say no.

    Their house is more than big enough - if anything they’re more at risk of losing the cats inside it, with how many rooms they have. They have the money to get them each prime cuts of meat, or whatever else it is cats need, probably including a dedicated member of staff tasked only with catering to their fluffy little desires.

    He doesn’t even dislike cats. He’s decidedly neutral to anything fluffy with four legs. What he is not neutral towards is the man he asked to marry, who he loves, who he adores, who he intends to stand up with in front of all of Ketterdam and promise to do everything in his power to make his life better. To make him happy. He hasn’t made that promise yet, but all Saints. He still feels that ache to give him everything, burning desperately in his bones.

    He glances in the crate. Half the cats are looking up at him like they think he can do a damn thing, half look like they’ve never had a thought in their short little lives. They also look, as far as Jesper could see, like the leftovers. It feels horrible to say, but none of them look like siblings, and none of them look to be fighting fit. The tiny calico with orange and black patches all along her back is far too skinny. The black and white one looks almost too round, but might be missing teeth. Even the squirmy little grey one with too much fur that seems dead set on wriggling out onto his lap doesn’t look like prime show cat material, and that’s only the three at the top of the pile. There are a handful more, indistinguishable with all the fur and fluff.

    “Wy, they’re a mess,” he says.

    “I know,” Wylan sighs. He’s frowning. He taps his fingers against the edge of the crate, eyes fixated on the mess of fluffy limbs. He looks at them with so much fondness in his eyes, but he still has that look Jesper has seen before. It’s like he’s steeling himself for disappointment.

    Jesper feels a little part of him melt.

    The grey one finally succeeds in scrambling out of the crate, flopping down onto the blanket beside Jesper’s thigh.

    “This one is a little bastard,” he says, pointing to it. When he does, it tries to bite him, and he yanks his hand back, tutting at it. He scratches its forehead until it settles and presses its face against his hand.

    “I know,” Wylan says, again. He’s smiling a little bit, finally.

    Jesper sighs.

    For the love of every Saint, he thinks.

    “I suppose we have the space,” he says, which is an understatement. “Saints know we have the money to feed them.”

    There’s a grin spreading slowly, cautiously, carefully over Wylan’s face. Hopeful, very hopeful.

    “Yeah?” he says.

    “Yeah,” Jesper replies. The grey one has settled, pressing its furry little body against his leg. Saints, he already feels his heart swelling looking at it.

    “So does that mean…”

    Jesper sighs one last time, but knows there’s a smile starting to cross his face. Ghezen, he’s a pushover.

    “Call it a wedding present.”

    Wylan’s grin grows so wide it hurts to look at, and he makes a delighted, excitable noise. He’s leaning in and reaching to hold Jesper’s jaw and kiss him before he even realises what’s happening, gasping out too many I love you I love you I love yous as he goes to hug him except -

    “Wylan, wait-“

    Jesper Fahey was not expecting a lapful of cats at one in the morning when he fell asleep, but that’s what he gets. Wylan makes a noise, pulling back but not letting go and oh, Saints, now the kittens are loose. One shoots for the foot of the bed, and another flops onto its back, disoriented by the press of Wylan’s knees making the mattress dip.

    “Oh, no,” Wylan murmurs. Jesper laughs, hand caught on Wylan’s wrist, for as long as it takes for him to realise the cats are getting out of control. Then he tugs his arm back, already starting to attempt to corral the cats back into their crate. He looks like he’s struggling, half flustered already, and Jesper can’t help but laugh.

    He looks at Wylan - wrangling kittens in his fluffiest pyjamas in the very depth of night, on a night when he should be sleeping - and smiles. He adores him. He’s going to marry him.

    He genuinely doesn’t know if he can wait.

    #wesper #wylan van eck #Jesper Fahey #six of crows #soc#crooked kingdom#fluff drabble#domestic fluff#fic rec#wesper fic #thank u to my discord buds for the cat pics I based the cats off of #Nura writes
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  • crows-and-gray-morality
    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Six of Crows: the Ice court heist

    The plan:

    Kaz: Okay, let’s maintain a low profile. No shooting, no bombs. We get in and out without anybody noticing.


    Nina is spotted by the guards and they raise the alarm before Nina can kill them.

    Kaz finds the man who killed his brother and ruined his life and frees him so he can destroy him when they get home.

    Nina and Matthias blow up the lab.

    Jesper and Wylan try destroy the ringwall gate and trigger the Ice Court's alarm.

    Kaz blows up a sacred irreplaceable tree (that was extremely important to them and a main part of their religion)

    Inej meets the woman who sex trafficked her and breaks her nose (I think) and steals her precious necklace.

    Jesper, Wylan and Inej hijack a Fjerdan tank with a giant flag and use it to ram through the ice walls

    They drive that tank through the city screaming and shouting and all the residents come out of their houses to look at them

    The Drüskelle and Fjerdan army stand in their way and Nina fights them using Parem.

    I would say … well done, guys! 😂

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  • grishavxrsetwts
    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • annabeths-dam-seaweed-brain
    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Kaz, to Wylan: You’re too good for this world.

    Kaz: But that’s okay.

    Kaz: I’ll be an asshole for the both of us.

    #kaz.text #kaz brekker #six of crows #six of clowns #soc wylan #wylan van eck #wylan van sunshine #wesper#kanej#crooked kingdom
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  • bookdragon1811
    27.11.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #silver! #bookie gets an ask #soc
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  • acevampyre
    27.11.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #in costume bts my beloved #six of crows #shadow and bone #briony babbles#lit: soc
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  • iianto-jones
    27.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Writing ONE Avatar: The Last Airbender fic. ONE.

    #just in case any of u wanted to read it #but ONLY ONE #then I go back to SoC #my writing#atla
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  • cryingoverkanej
    27.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    wesper woodland picnic date🥰🥰

    the urge to write a fic for this mmm

    #i will die when we get wylan casting #s&b show #shadow and bone #s&b #six of crows #s&b cast#soc #jesper x wylan #jesper fahey #wylan van eck #wylan van sunshine #wesper#kit young
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  • ssardothien
    27.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Had too much fun with this picrew today, so I made the whole gang, Six of Crows, ladies and gentlemen ✨

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  • xunxunny
    27.11.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #ITS NOT IN ORDER #BUT YES#THEYRE AWESOME #TAB WAS ALSO GREAT #im reading tcp rn #also left soc in the middle 😭😭 #I HAVE TO COMPLETE THEM ALLL #tsoa is like heaven sent but heartbreakingly #ty #also ur url is amazing i love it #snickerdoodlechittybangbang
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  • thezenithpages
    27.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I didn’t realize ACOL was one book because it felt like three… the plot going from saving Kell, to the city falling, to the adventure at sea and mass murder/betrayal happening at the same time. Now that’s what you call a finale

    #acol was a straight up Trauma Conga Line #the pacing was better than the other two but man it was packed #I hated osaron as in I didn’t think he was an interesting villain #I wish the danes returned maybe as okja #and the deaths of maxim and emira made me sob for rhy #and holland losing everyone he ever loved #god I’m so sad #if this is how ve writes finales how tf will I feel after victorious #anyways if anyone wants to be ve schwab mutuals pls interact #as in adsom / villains / tiloal #gonna take a little break and then catch up with y’all later #I was gonna read soc next but I need some time to absorb everything #ve schwab#adsom#acol
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  • camille-lachenille
    27.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    The Crows on a plane

    Kaz :

    - He would pay a buisness class seat for everyone.

    - Hiss at the flight attendant who proposes him the priority boarding for disabled people

    - He sits on the aisle side so he can strech his leg

    - Deep down, he is terrified of flying but he'd rather die thand admit it.

    - He knows all the statistics about plane crashes and calculates the risks for their plane to crash.

    - spend most of the flight staring at Inej who's sittitng next to him

    - He wants to murder Nina and Jesper

    Inej :

    - She would be very excited about the fact of travelling in the air.

    - Sits next to the window and looks in total awe at the view

    - Whenever the plan flights over land, she would play to guess which city, lake or mountain she can see

    - Has to prevent Kaz from mudering the children who cry

    - Looks at Kaz when he finally falls asleep and takes a picture of him

    - Overall, she would be very enthusiast and curious and she asks the flight attendants a lot of things their job and the coutries they visited.

    Matthias :

    - He would totally be the type of person who prays during take off, landing and at the slightest turbulence

    - He once read a book about a plane crash so he is worried about flying but eventually relaxes a little bit after Kaz shows him the stats he just calculated.

    - after a few hours, he would even enjoy looking at the cloud sea and he find it meditative

    - would wear ears defenders because he can't stand the noise of the engine and nina snores so loud

    - He spends the time reading some Russian classic

    - He is relived when they finally land safely and on time

    Nina :

    - She would eat all the time

    - Sleeps when she doesn't eat. She has the whole kit of light mask, earplugs and neck pillow in soft pink wiht unicorns

    - she snores so loudly Kaz wants to kill her (and Matthias is half deaf after that)

    - laughts hysterically when there are turbulences

    - squees in awe at the sunset and the clouds

    - She starts watching a movie but ends up asleep on Matthias' shoulder

    Jesper :

    - Even before boarding he would have spent an insane amount of money at the shopping area of the airport

    - He would watch so many movies but still manages to get bored

    - plays gameboy

    - chats with the kid on the seat behind his

    - He goes to the toilet when he's bored (understand : way too often)

    - He would drive the fligt attendants insane by asking the weirdest things he can think of

    - Loves turbulences because it's like a roller coaster

    Wylan :

    - He is the quietest one in the group

    - He spends the time listening to classical music and audiobooks

    - The long hours of flight are the perfect occasion to learn knitting

    - Uses the knitting needles to threaten Jesper when he's too loud

    - When the plane lands he has already knitted matching scaves for Jesper and him

    - He draws the clouds and the wiew from the window

    #six of crows headcanon #six of crows modern au #six of crows #six of crows au #inej ghafa#kaz brekker#kanej#jesper fahey #wylan van eck #wesper#nina zenik#matthias helvar#helnik #nina x waffles #kaz x inej #jesper x wylan #the crows#soc #the crows on a trip
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  • suvarnarxpa
    27.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Kanej; Bajirao-Mastani of the Barrel


    Ek sunathi hu tumhei gajab prem kahani

    Inej was on the sea only a few days ago, swaying to a Suli tune with her crew; she remembered that tune from when she was a little child and her mother used to hum that tune to her while tucking her into bed. Then the attackers came, killed half her crew, captured the rest, including her. Inej remembered it all as clear as daylight.

    “Why are you doing this?” Inej had asked, fighting a talvar with a kirpan she’d been gifted by Kaz for her first successful takedown. The woman she’d been fighting had a wild look in her eyes; of anger and of loss. She’d been Suli as well; she had light brown skin, wore a white salwar-kameez and a white dupatta hung from her shoulder and tied at the left end of her waist, a mangalsutra around her neck, a few spots of her outfit red with blood.

    “Don’t act like you don’t know,” the woman had struck again, barely missing Inej. She’d been skilled, Inej knew that—she had been fighting well in the beginning. Now she’d been blowing strikes only out of anger. She took hold of her magalsutra. “I should not be wearing this, and it’s all because of you.”

    She’d been widowed.

    Inej had noticed it all then; the smudged sindoor, the scar on her hands which could have only come from the breaking of her bangles. And in front of her, the woman yanked her mangalsutra with a painful look in her eyes.

    She’d been widowed because of her.

    “You killed my wife!” the woman had said, striking again, tears making their way down her cheeks.

    Inej hurt inside, knowing it was her who took away her beloved, but at the same time, she hadn’t felt a pinch of regret. Her wife shouldn’t have been slaving people, she shouldn’t have been ruining the lives of little ones.

    Inej would not be kind to anyone who committed such acts of trafficking. Never.

    Such people did not deserve any kindness.

    If it wasn’t for Inej’s newly opened wound due to the fighting, she could’ve won. She wouldn’t have ended up here. She wouldn’t have ended up starving, bleeding, saving her breath as much as she could, hands and feet chained to the ground by big and heavy, rusted metal, that only let her go as far as a meter away from the end of the cave she was kept in and no further.

    In all honesty, Inej didn’t truly know how long she’d been in the cave. She tried to keep count of the dawns and dusks, but she’d lost it after ten dawns and nine dusks since her mind had stopped functioning properly, and there’d been many since then. The only thing she was sure of now was that she’d been here for long. And all she wished for now was that the letter she’d scribbled while she was trying to escape from her captor—Alina, her name was … after the Sun Saint—put in a bottle, and thrown into the sea whose current was probably opposite to Ketterdam, would find Kaz. The odds were against her wish, but she and Kaz had beaten countless ones before as well, and each time.

    “Inej Ghafa,” came in Alina, saying Inej’s name with venom lacing her tone along with amusement. “The Wraith, you’re called, right?” Inen stayed silent, glaring daggers at Alina. “Known for hiding in the shadows, defying laws of even gravity!” she was standing in front of Inej now. “Known for slipping away at the right time, with the right pace. Known for being best friends with shadows.

    “Such a legendary name, yet you couldn’t slip away from me. What a shame.”

    Inej stayed silent, not giving her the satisfaction of her anger.

    “And what was your lover’s name?” This turned something inside Inej. “Bastard of the Barrel, was it? Kaz Brekker; Dirtyhands; Bastard of the Barrel.”

    Maybe it was the exhaustion Inej felt, or the hunger, or just hatred, but Alina’s taunts got to her and something irate inside her made her spit at her. “You do not deserve your name.”

    “Oh love, no one deserves anything,” Alina traced the pointed end of her knife along Inej’s jaw. “You either take what you want, or you lose it.”

    She walked away to the end of the cave after sticking her knife into the soft area above her shoulder blades and twisting it around, at which Inej had screamed, tears of pain staining her cheeks.

    She didn’t know whether it was possible or not, but she felt the presence of death near her, waiting for the right time to take her.

    “Tum soch bhi nahi sakti ho mujhe kitni khushi milegi jab mai tumhare pyaar ka katal karungi.” she said; you can’t even imagine the satisfaction I’ll feel when I kill your love.

    No! Inej screamed. And screamed. And screamed. She screamed the same word in both Kerch and her native tongue. She screamed for days—three dawns, two dusks. She screamed till her throat felt scratchy, till she was sure her voice had taken its leave. When it did, she prayed in her mind, she screamed in her mind. She pulled at the chains, knowing she could not get out of them. She pulled and pulled, and the sun set, and the moon rose, as though nothing was wrong. She sat down, distraught, bleeding more and more as the seconds passed, and she looked at the moon like she used to with Kaz; it was a waning crescent moon. It raised her suspicions of dying by dawn even higher. A waning crescent moon symbolised surrender; she was ready to surrender herself to death. After fourteen years of surviving, she was brought to the point she would finally surrender.

    She wondered if this is what happened to all survivors; were they all sent on this earth to be brought down, survive, find hope, happiness, only to lose it all over again and finally surrender? Was the world so cruel that it wouldn’t let survivors finally get what they want? Were the saints so cruel they wouldn’t answer their prayers?

    Inej brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her hands around her legs, looked at the moon, the night wind howling as though it was mourning what was about to come. Maybe it was. Maybe the world loved its survivors, but could only interfere in times of their deaths. Maybe it loved its survivors, and the only way it could help them was by taking their pain away. Even after years of gathering secrets, she couldn’t gather the secret of the world; she was content with that though, with not knowing its secret. Some were better left unknown. Some were beautiful when unknown.

    Her eyes didn’t leave the moon, and as her vision blackened, she smiled, reminiscing her memories from this life.

    She thought of Jesper and how he’d been the first person in the Barrel she had trusted, the first person to give her hope that kindness was still there in the world. She thought of Nina and how they’d sung out of tune when Inej was injured, how their presence comforted the other. She thought of Wylan and how he’d never been unkind, how he’d always stayed determined. She thought of late Matthias, how he’d died an honourable man, how he’d died a better man. She thought of Kaz and how he’d carved his way through the Barrel, reached the top, how they’d made it so far, healed for each other, for themselves.

    She thought of the family she was given and the one she was not, but she found in the most unlikely circumstances.

    And as she felt death take her soul away, as though it was a fragile little thing, she thought if Kaz was alive or dead. And if alive, she thought whether he too was looking at the moon, remembering how they used to do the same sitting at the rooftop of the slat.

    And then, everything went black.

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  • suvarnarxpa
    27.11.2021 - 12 hours ago


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  • ravenyenn19
    27.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    “Anchors Down”

    New chapter is live on “Dealing With Our Demons” by ravenyenn19 on Ao3 🖤🌨🌾

    Gosh this one was hard to write. It’s part one of two (the other will be up tomorrow). I just hope you guys love it, I hope it’s special. It hit home for me, and it was a very difficult one to get right. I love you all and thanks for being so patient with me lately, I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’re still here. 🖤

    #six of crows #crooked kingdom#kanej#inej ghafa#kaz brekker #shadow and bone #kaz x inej #soc#grishaverse#leigh bardugo#soc fanfic #six of crows fanfic #kanej fanfic#ao3 author#ao3#ao3 fanfic #the battles of before #the dregs#dwod #dealing with our demons
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