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    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

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  • global-mantras-reads
    09.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

    Global mantras | Courage2Hustle

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  • knamjooned
    09.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Cнапgё ѳf Hёаят // 『40. closets or nice』 ⇢ story masterlist ⇠

    ✔️ pairing: idol! namjoon x uber driver! reader ✔️ type: social media au, rare written parts ✔️ genre: strangers to lovers, road trip romance, baby between friends, long distance relationship, side character ships

    ⚠️warnings: none!

    (ignore the times)

    ❔ summary:

    after realizing he’s been left behind, a mentally exhausted namjoon has to figure out how to get halfway across America. when he hires you to drive him, your quirky personality allows him to let his guard down and see things a little differently.
    when some life-changing news comes up, you have to make a choice. will namjoon do the same?

    📇 tag list: < send me an ask or leave a reply here! >

    @hecticwonderer / @sadhwstudent / @chewymoustachio / @baekstans / @polimollykari / @aquaalanah / @sweetbuttercup93 / @deeepvibes / @hadesnewpersephone / @mikrokosmicjoon / @halesandy / @burningupppp / @myselfxbangtan / @thesweetest-peas

    #bts social media au #namjoon x reader #kim namjoon #bts text au #bts smau #fic: change of heart
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  • redrobin-detective
    08.05.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I got tagged by @gentrychild my beloved (twice actually sorry)

    rules: write the last line from your WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the line. Uh that’s a lot, I’ll tag @loxare and @cannotgiveafuck bc Im sleeby 

    Private Snapchat From: @Tech-Master To: @Darker-X-than-X-Black

    [Snap: Danny Fenton, sound asleep in Tucker’s room with a blanket clutched in a death grip in his hands. He looks peaceful. He’s also floating about 2 feet off of Tucker’s bed, the ends of the blanket he’s holding ghosting the mattress. Text on the bottom, Hope my mom doesn’t check in on us]

    @Darker-X-than-X-Black took a screenshot

    #this is from my semi social media AU of Tucker keeping a record of their adventures #Im actually not sure I'll post it? #not sure the demand something weird like this #all I know is it is So Much Fun to write #it's uhhh 4k right now? #I'm not very far in canon wise #I'm not even to ep 1 chronologically #mostly everyone reacting to the change and power malfunctions #I also have random segments (like this) that would be intended for later on but I just typed up #i did this two days ago at work when it was slow for like 5 minutes haha
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  • brazilwiki
    07.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    it's so concerning how everyone here is desensitized to violence like the police killed 25 ppl and when i ask the ones around me no one seems shocked some are even glad like ? does human life have no value to you anymore

    #it happned super close to where i live btw i could hear the gunshots #even this morning there were helicopters flying around #and the pictures of the dead bodies were shared so freely on social media like my dad tried to show me in the morning while i was eating #im not saying no one cares but the majority rlly doesn't... they just care when it affects their own mobility #as when they cant leave their houses or have to change their routes to avoid danger
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  • poor-pixie
    07.05.2021 - 2 days ago


    Build Positive Beliefs in Your Abilities.

    Find a Sense of Purpose in Your Life. ...

    Develop a Strong Social Network. ...

    Embrace Change. ...

    Accept the things you cannot change. ...

    Be Optimistic. ...

    Nurture Yourself.

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  • thedigitalcommmunity
    07.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Digital Citizenship: Social Media Influencers and Slow Fashion Movement

    Accounting for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, the emergence of the slow fashion is a movement that opposes the unsustainable practices that are conducted by the industry (McFall-Johnsen, 2020). The movement pertains on the idea of ‘sustainable fashion’, defined as good and services that respond to the basic needs and bring a better quality of life, while minimizing the use of natural resources, toxic materials and emissions of waste and pollutants over the life cycle as to not jeopardize the needs of future generations. (IISD 2015 in Lai). By 2030, the apparel industry is expected to have an increase of 49% in carbon emissions which means that the sector will emit 4.9 metric gigatons of CO2 (Zeitgeist 2020). This is equivalent to the annual carbon emissions that are being emitted into the atmosphere by the United States today.

    Responding to the unsustainable environmental practices of these apparel corporations, social media influencers worldwide have been on the forefront of this battle to convert individuals to uptake more environmentally sustainable fashion practices. One of those individuals is Melbourne-based Leah, who is a slow fashion activist advocating that living a minimalist lifestyle and wear fashion that is sustainable is attainable for any girl. On her blog, Leah states that the most important form for transitioning to a sustainable fashion lifestyle is to be “considering the materials and fabrics used to create garments as a great step to being more sustainable” (Leah 2021). Some examples that she mentions include using more natural fibres and fabrics like linen, organic cotton and silk as opposed to polyester which is fundamentally plastic. As the world looks to adopt ways to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius by 2050 (United Nations, 2021). Transitioning to a more sustainable fashion lifestyle is one of the many ways that individuals can contribute to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet.


    Claire 2019,What is Polyester? The 8 Most Vital Questions Answered, Contrado, viewed 7 May 2021, < https://www.contrado.co.uk/blog/what-is-polyester-a-closer-look-into-this-love-it-or-hate-it-fabric/>.

    Instagram 2021, The Unmaterial Girl, Instagram, viewed 7 May 2021, < https://www.instagram.com/unmaterialgirl/>.

    Leah 2021, Student Interviews, Unmaterial Girl, viewed 7 May 2021, < https://www.unmaterialgirl.com/index.php/student-interviews/>.

    McFall-Johnsen, M 2020, These facts shows how unsustainable the fashion industry is, World Economic Forum, viewed 7 May 2021, < https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/01/fashion-industry-carbon-unsustainable-environment-pollution/>.

    United Nations 2021, The Paris Agreement, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, viewed 7 May 2021, .

    Zeitgeist 2020, 10 Must-Know Fast Fashion Statistics & Not-So-Fun Facts, Zeitgeist, viewed 7 May 2021, < https://wearzeitgeist.com/fashion-sustainability-ethics/fast-fashion-statistics>.

    Zhen Lai, Claudia E. Henninger and Panayiota J. Alevizou ‘An Exploration of Consumers’ Perceptions Towards Sustainable Fashion – A Qualitative Study in the UK’, in Sustainability in Fashion A Cradle to Upcycle Approach, edited by Henninger, C.E., Alevizou, P., Goworek, H., Ryding, D. (Palgrave: 2017).

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  • glittertimes
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    The problem with having major advisers is I don’t know who to meet with for planning my classes for next year? 

    #I don’t know whether to meet with my sociology advisor or my anthro advisor #I think I'm mostly going to be taking anthro classes next year bc my tech for social change program should fulfill #most of my sock requirements but I also end up ignoring whatever we put in my academic plan anyway lmao! #also I need to plan when I'm taking my contemporary theory class and I want to take socy of sex and gender bc that professor is cool! #and I actually want to meet her in person lol! #I'm also begging my computer to stop autocorrecting socy to sock lmao #personal
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  • narrowtriangle33-blog
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    #share share share #shareit#share#white supremism #bill of rights #Buffalo#social change#social justice#human rights#sharethis #do it for the greater good #do it for them #fight for justice #fight for equality #fight for whats right #justice#injustice #black lives matter #blacklivesmatter#reblog #justice for all #rb#repost#rp
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  • teacherintransition
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Go it Alone?

    During this transition of life from teacher to seeker of dreams, it is very much a solitary trek fraught with missteps and rethinking.

    If you’re just heading for the rocker, your choice, easy... if you are making a life change, the supportive partner from the old life is a valuable treasure.

    The day in Nacogdoches is magnificent; 73 degrees, brilliant sunshine, bright blue sky, a gentle ten mph breeze making the leaves engage in a graceful dance ... it is an almost perfect day. Unlike the two previous days of gray, gloomy rain which did nothing to motivate the writer in me to put pen to paper; that phrase is antiquated, but sounds so much more lofty in tone than, “putting keyboard to screen.”

    My thoughts these last two days have been occupied with what I would usually be doing as a teacher for the previous 30 years. The closing down process of a school year is almost instinctual at this point, except I’m not doing it this time. I feel very out of place missing the emotional state and process that is so memorable to a teacher. No, not the obligatory jamming of Alice Cooper’s, “School’s Out for Summer” out of every school PA system nationwide, which is pretty damn cool. It is one of the reaffirming times that a teacher loves, the visible achievement of making it through the year, seeing kids meet goals and surpass them, the establishing of bonds with young people that will last a lifetime, the camaraderie with colleagues, the farewell to those moving on or retiring ... retiring ... the transition. Truly feeling out of place and time. Despite the braggadocio of so many who proclaim, “I ain’t ever lookin back” ... go forth I suppose, but if you were in education for the “right” reasons you can’t help but look back and wonder. If you don’t ... even just a little, why did you become a teacher in the first place? Ah, I digress... onward and forward with ye vaunted transition.

    Many wonder, I did, what makes the transition easier? I’ve discussed ad infinitum the need for a plan, activity, a purpose... of being able to rest (a little bit) on your laurels and find yourself. As a means of a cooperative, communal working through being a dedicated educator to a retired seeker of self actualization; I feel that all aspects are up for examination. I cautiously broach this topic because it somewhat treads upon the grounds of relationship advice. I’m happily married and it was NOT an easy road without potholes and obstacles. Painful, difficult, heartbreaking, frustrating at times yes; but any successful point is only achieved through such struggle. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brent and Kim Rich... you’ve overcome raising three boys, a mortgage, being overdrawn, personal struggles and you’ve reached your 34th anniversary... smooth sailing here on out. Except the arduous process of getting “mature,” empty nesting and the sad passing of family from the previous generation.... AND ... Brent is retiring! Instant gut check. All I have is personal experience, anecdotal observations and arbitrary wisdom that may or may not apply to you the reader.... it also falls under the umbrella of “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!”

    The relationship with your partner is a vital consideration; in for a penny...in for a pound. If your marriage(s) have made it this far, the “R word”... retirement is a joint venture, and, for that matter, a venture that your kids will have input regarding. You might be thinking, “I ANSWER TO NO ONE,” or “I’VE EARNED THIS ... I DESERVE THIS!” Silly rabbit... to quote Clint Eastwood (I love doing that), “deserves got nuthin to do with it,” as you’ll find out.* As I write this, there are three friends whose retirement plans have just become victims of a monkey wrench. I’d be foolish as would my wife if we didn’t know that destiny turns on a dime. “No man is an island entirely of itself. Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind,” brilliantly stated by John Donne. ** Now that the intangibles have been addressed, let’s delve into more concrete realities.

    You and your spouse, partner, soul mate, fellow traveler must be somewhat on the same page and hopefully have been for a number of years leading up to this decision. If you are uncompromising... then expect fallout from spouses, children, friends and family... not total or irrevocable or permanent... but maybe. Being uncompromising with the intangibles is pointless... being uncompromising with the others in your life; expect a price to be paid. We are all in this together and friends and family are often by choice. On the other side of the coin, friends and family should be somewhat accommodating to your dreams... fate and destiny may not give a whit ... but you’re loved ones should as you should to them.

    Let’s move away from unpleasant, confrontational possibilities to those built on a partnership that didn’t grow apart but grew together. Long before you hit your 50’s, this path of common goals should have always been the objective. Raising a family and navigating careers should be an enriching experience, but all too often it can be the reason a couple grows apart. Hisham Matar’s book, A Month in Siena, continues to be a treasure trove of wisdom. He offers this warning for couples and people in general who allow themselves to grow apart:

    Growing apart has a consequence which will surely follow. What lies beyond are longings in nostalgia and this needs to be accounted for what it is.... if, what the people thinking here is a true hell is not; the true hell is realizing you are not being recognized by those closest to you.***

    If you intentionally keep the commonality of each other’s goals, dreams and objectives in mind, you shouldn’t discover a stranger when retirement decisions come around. The relationships with family and friends and relating to oneself introspectively are to be visited often. You can become a stranger to yourself as well as those close to you perhaps even shutting to yourself off to everyone. Again from Matar:

    We met at a place they like appearing to be standing there with the optimism of successful people. An unexpected turn in the conversation began to confess such inconsolable disappointments regarding their lives and careers; veiled sentiments that seemed to conceal powerful criticisms of one another. Each listed with the head of blame and quiet violence that some couples are capable of, all the missed opportunities, the roads not taken and now uncorrectable regrets****

    That bleak outcome can be turned inward all too easily. Be open ... to those in your life, many heartaches can be avoided.

    So, let’s say that the work has been put into relationships and an understanding and respect of one’s goals have become shared goals or visions; you’ve not only avoided conflict, but obtained support and encouragement for what can be a risky set of plans. My wife has been able to read me sometimes better than I can read myself... with the shared effort given. Without trying, we started to share common dreams; we didn’t plan on that 20 years ago (truth be told 20-25 years ago was a rough patch)... we started sharing what we hoped to achieve, helped each other on the difficult steps we were then experiencing and talked ... who’d have thought? This is our path and is not a guarantee that both sides will depart at point A and arrive at the same point B; but the odds improve even though neither can anticipate those rascally intangibles. You chose each other for a reason, you raised a family together for that reason... don’t hide what you want from each other or from your friends for that matter. Do Kim and I share a common general outlook? Absolutely. Does that outlook appear identical to each of our visions? No... c’mon nothing worthwhile will come that easy. Are we facing compromise? Sure, and is it worth it? To have someone to share dreams, to encourage you when roadblocks appear, to validate your vision... it absolutely is worth it. Go it alone? Not the most desired outcome... we are social creatures, we need each other ... as long as “give and take” is understood, it will be ok in the final picture.

    But, I will live in Italy ... you’ll see you will all see ...(end with maniacal laughter)

    *Eastwood, Clint; The Unforgiven

    **Donne, John; No Man is an Island

    ***Matar, Hisham; A Month in Siena

    ****Matar, Hisham; A Month in Siena


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  • goofo
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    i’m not okay guys

    #just want y’all to know that if i disappear suddenly that i’m in the hospital okay #idk i’ve just been feeling a lot worse than i’ve felt in a really long time lately #but that on top of realizing that i’m completely alone and that i’m incapable of being social enough to change that idk it’s heavy #and i’m not working or in school now as y’all know and i just feel like a waste of space #and i’m trying to get a job but no one wants me and i just feel awful #and my mom keeps telling me to at least work on my writing because she knows that’s what i love and want to do but i can’t #my attention span is so short and everything i come up with sounds terrible even if the idea is good #and no one will want to publish me because i don’t have a degree and i feel awful #idk i feel like i’m not worth anything and i’m just a waste or resources because i’m completely 100% dependent on my mom and i’m 20 #idk. like if you read please so i know at least someone knows where i’ve gone if isabel y’know
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  • awesomeveragirl
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago


    #I need to set stricter guidelines for myself on social media #like yeah #I know I shouldn’t engage in conversations with people whose perspective I can’t change #but i do it anyway #I’m talking about Facebook specifically #god I hate people #I need a few restore-my-faith-in-humanity posts #border town#immigration crisis#humanitarian aid
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  • the-prim-reaper
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    being on tumblr is so miserable sometimes cus ppl will yell at you for not being able to solve an issue that started before you were born or spans multiple countries and also you have no money 😭 and then you sign a petition and then people yell at you abt how petitions do nothing 😭 like im sorry but i literally cant fix this

    #this is partially abt america hoarding covid vaccines which is like obviously this is awful. obviously i dont want this to happen. #but i genuinely cannot do anything about it. like seriously what do you want me to do ill do it . but like i cant do anythijg abt it rn. #also ppl making posts dunking on ppl who are like im so excited for the end of the pandemic and i can see all my friends!!! like #why are you mad abt that? this is a website with literal children on it #i think ppl forget tumblr is literally just a social media site no one is enacting great social change from here and thatexpectationisfucked #also one more grievance. ppl are like why is this website so american focused!! consider that a lot of ppl on this site r just American.. #like .. also you don't have to follow these ppl 😭 but you have to like. know. right??? #beep beep prim #dies
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  • forbiddcnsirvn
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    instagram » devilserpent uploaded a new photo.

    devilserpent: Just a collection of our photos together throughout the year, given that we’ll be celebrating the anniversary of our eloping next month. Well, partly that, but also I just wanted to reminisce our times together and look at how much of a beautiful piece of hunk my husband is. I remember how it easy was when we had to call you that, even before we tied the knot together, and I remember we had to put up pretenses for a certain reason but then everything just clicked so well together. That term has rolled out my tongue so smoothly, as if it were always meant to be spoken, and you’re the only person who could complete the mossaics. When I was a child, my life had been entirely sheltered and the idea of a soulmate, once believed, had faded over the years, until I touched gaze with those beautiful orbs and I knew even from the beginning that you would change my life. We’re not precisely one of those pristine couples, we don’t always stick together like your brother and his wife, endlessly and without flaws, but our scars and broken ties have only mended us strong everytime we came back to each other, conquering against dangerous fates and trusting that we would always return. Our relationship isn’t always seamless, but we’re both disfigured individuals, who both fill each other’s chasms perfectly, and I would never look at another. You’re a fallen angel made for me, and I was born to accompany you, through thick and thin, till death do us apart as we have sworn. My life would be empty without you, handsome, with your smiles and frustrations, and without nights spend comforting our demons. We’ve gone through so much. Separations, bloodsheds, but nothing could ever prevent me from desire you and your heart, and your soul. I’d never thought I’d be able to build up a family like we have now, living a mundane life that’s still filled with thrills because we sometimes just don’t know how to stop, and waking up to hear those soft heartbeats of yours. Our life may not be luxurious, but living this life with you is so much better, for you are my anchor and happiness. AJ is growing so big in my stomach, and I cannot wait for her to meet the rest of the children, but most importantly, her father. I cannot wait until I see the glimmer of joy in your eyes as we hold our bundle of joy. Those little moments that we missed the first time, but has now been given a second chance. I love you, my beautiful werewolf. And I cannot wait for more surprises we may encounter as the years pass through. P.S: If you’re wondering why he’s tied up... Won’t answer. You’ll have to suscribe to our work. xoxo // @diavxlosfvngs​
    #&& SOCIAL MEDIA #s: your name against teeth like the secret you whisper to a storm & in the taste of it only a hurricane would find sympathy ( cy & evren ) #happy ooc anniversary!!!! a reminder to i love you and our babies so damn much #i remember how excited we were to be planning them; i remember waking up so damn early just so we could #continue our plotting - and i'm still feeling that burst of joy whenever we plot or just chat about these two #cyrek means so much to me and so is this ship - they've always had the biggest discussions on disco for the longest time for a reason and #that's because i'm always eager and passionate to hear what you have to say and you're such an amazing writer and cyrek is one of the most #complex and well-written muses i have ever seen; and it's an honor honestly to be able to grow evren with you as well as this ship #i am always going to be so invested in them the way i am with our older ships; them being new doesn't change anything. love the kids a lot #and you!!!! here's again for more years of developing them together <333
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  • rubythecrimsonwriter
    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #yall really just don't understand the meaning of catholicism induced trauma huh #catholic school for ten years is not a good idea just fyi #seven of those years was an incredible place for learning but ten of those years was a horrible place for proper social interactions #i am not someone that will say ''god bless you'' #i am someone that will say ''bless you'' #in response to a sneeze #i am blessing you with all my meagre power #i have learned a lot from fantasy books (most of which are not applicable in real life #but trying to call on a higher power just doesn't seem like a good idea okay #new testament God seemed to have mellowed out for some fucking reason after we killed His son #but idk about yall but i still remember old testament God and I'm sorry I do not believe that PEOPLE change that much #let alone the being that we're theoretically modeled off of
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    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #please share#shareit #please spread awareness #please spread this #sign please#help #make a change #make a difference #free her#freedom #do it for her #help her #help help help #hlp#plssss#pls help#injustice#justice#social justice #justice for all #do it pls #do this please #do this pls #fight for justice #fight for freedom #fight for whats right
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    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #share share share #shareit#share#please share #please spread this #please sign it #do this please #do this pls #do it please #do it pls #change#injustice#bastard#social justice #make a change #make a difference #help#doit #do it for them #remove#fire him #justice for all #black lives matter #blacklivesmatter#reblog#rb#repost#rp
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    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #humanity#social change#social justice#help #please spread this #please spread if you can #please spread the word #do it please #do it pls #share#shareit#share this#police#racist#injustice#justice #sign this please #please sign and share #sign the petition #petition#human rights#fire him#remove #get rid of #doit #pls pls pls
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