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  • hauntedbystorytelling
    02.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    Larry Fink :: Party, New York City, October 1977. From the series Social Graces. From the exhibition Amerika at C/O Berlin Kreuzberg, 2016-17. | src e-flux.com

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  • rosykims
    23.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Gracie Emilia Wiseman | THE POLLARD ZERO.

    #mind blind#oc: gracie #caiti i saw ur version of this template for echo and i loved it SO much so i rly hope u don't mind that i followed suit ! #so the vibe i was going for is............a very shallow instagram for a very complicated person lmao. she doesnt share very much of hersel #(when she can help it obviously lmaoooo) #and what she does is considered very carefully beforehand #gracies social media presence is very Meticulous because SHE is very meticulous lol #AND BEFORE ANYONE ASKS she has a lot of followers bc 1) she's a wiseman 2) she's rich and 3) she's uh. hot lol #so she doesnt have many friends and doesnt like. socialize EVER lol but she IS a classic rich girl nepotism case #so she's had opportunities to like. model and get involved in behind the scenes fashion stuff which has given her a very niche/vague rep #she isnt aloof to her privilege but i rly wanted to play it HARD for her chara bc like i said. i wanted her to be Complicated and Nuaced TM #but anyway !!! lore time over now time for even more lore uwu <3 #the insta bio is a quote from roman holiday which is gracies fave moovey #and her lockscreen is van gogh's head of a skeleton with a burning cigarette which is buttons fave painting apparently !!! #if u do the 'go on a walk in the city with nick' option and pick the museum which gracie ABSOLUTELY does #(and bewilders an elderly woman in the process lmao) #but ya that little tiny detail fit her SO SO SO well i had to slap it on there #also. clown emoji. the text from ambrose is a ref to an ask jo answered once abt how rosy will respond to a button who sends them n*des lol #and the got it bad status is another van halen ref bc i cannot stress enough HOW WELL that option suits gracie hhhhhhhhhhhhhh #she defs has songs/artists that she associates her loved ones with and i love that van halen is always an Ambrose Thing from here on out #anyway uhhhhh i think thats all. nick cave & the bad seeds r her fave band but ive said that already #alright infodump over !!! i love her so so so SO much i would truly never shut up abt her if given the chance #mum dont come pick me up i love it here #(also if u read all these tags i really and truly cherish u more than i can say uwu)
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  • grace-pasienca
    08.05.2021 - 11 hours ago
    GRACE PASIENCA ( RACHELLE VINBERG ) is an EIGHTEEN year old from Williamsburg, NY. SHE is known around the island as THE ENGINEER because she is LOGICAL and HARDY but can also be AWKWARD and ALOOF. SHE reminds me of grazed elbows,  a wrecked pair of sneakers, old wired headphones.


    NAME: Grace Sofia Castillo Pasienca

    NICKNAMES: Gracie

    BIRTHDAY: Sept. 18

    AGE: 18

    HOMETOWN: Lower East Side, NY

    BIRTHPLACE: Williamsburg, NY

    RELIGION: Christian

    ETHNICITY: Colombian

    NATIONALITY: American

    EDUCATION: High School Graduate




    HEIGHT: 5′5″

    EYES: Brown

    HAIR: Brown

    BUILD: Slim

    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Lots of superficial scars and current scrapes/bruises on her hands, arms, elbows, shins and knees 

    NOTABLE FEATURES: Very long hair


    ALLERGIES: Animal dander


    HOBBIES: Skateboarding, telenovas, taking photos of stray cats and posting them on Instagram, lying to her parents about how bad her injuries are when she has to visit the hospital, handmaking pasta and noodles, buying flowers for herself, she keeps trying graffiti but it’s really shit. 

    LIKES: Fruit, matcha, bubble tea, buying magazines, the Buffalo Bills, disco, 90s hip hop and rap,

    DISLIKES: Tourists, driving, the ocean, silence, urine in the subway car, the beach (lol), swimming, the sound of air conditioning units, pants below the ankle

    QUIRKS: Social awkwardness??

    STRENGTHS: Hardy, good with numbers, amateur carpenter

    WEAKNESSES: Almost always recovering from an injury, has a few scabbing wounds on her hands and elbows.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Loyal, risk-taker, logical

    NEGATIVE TRAITS:  Aloof, awkward, submissive



    Grace has been a vegan for almost five years

    She’s a freshman at Brooklyn College majoring in physics with the hopes of doing honors in engineering. She’s already a member of the engineering club. She’s been designing and building skate ramps for her buddies for a couple of years.

    She has worked at three different Chipotle locations in two different states but has only been held up at one.

    She accidentally did a three-week course in claymation thinking it was another word for pottery. 

    She tried boxing last Summer at a friend’s gym but got KO’d while sparring during her first three minutes in the ring. 


    DICKIES 874 cropped work pant in dark navy

    1 x Pair of clear framed glasses

    1 x Pair of white crew socks

    ADIDAS gender neutral yarn-dyed t-shirt in navy/blue/red tied with a hair tie to cropped length

    1 x handmade leather belt, bought from Brooklyn flea market, stolen from Dad’s closet

    1 x pair worn out ADIDAS Busenitz Vulc II shoe in black/white

    NIKE sportswear white/red windbreaker

    1 x RASTACLAT positive vibes knotted bracelet

    1 x ARTIST COLLECTIVE rainbow heart festival bracelet

    1 x HUF “Fuck It!” white/red dad hat

    CALVIN KLEIN bralette in black

    ETHIKA women’s shorty underwear in black


    A fruit patterned lanyard with the keys to her apartment, the key to the Chipotle she works at, a miniature universal skate tool and a Berkeley University student I.D. card.

    A dirty hacky-sack that was gifted to her by one of the homies that thought it would be a cool way for her to try and bond with the other girls while she was away.

    Shexiang Qutong Chaji liniment pain relief spray 100ml

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  • notdingalingalingalingrita
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • gracetuft
    02.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    ( non binary | she/they | sydney park ) —— isn’t that GRACE TUFT? yeah that is them, outside the three broomsticks! they used to be in HUFFLEPUFF but apparently they now work as a HEREDITARY SEAT HOLDER at the WIZENGAMOT. sybill once said that they reminded her of a meadow of sunflowers, collections of sea glass, always walking around barefoot, and waking up early to bake pastries which seems about right. anyway i’ve heard they’re still a bit SOFT, CLOSED-OFF and ENTHUSIASTIC, they’re TWENTY now but some things never change! i wonder how being a HALFBLOOD is affecting them after hogwarts, especially now they’re NEUTRAL? i guess only time will tell…


    tw :  death 

    character influences :  june claremont-diaz (  red, white & royal blue  )  ,  jester (  critical role  )  ,  nina zenik (  six of crows  )  ,  anna darvulia (  blood countess )

    full name  :  grace nari tuft  nickname  :  gracie  (  by her father  )  name origin  :  grace  ,  meaning god’s grace  ,  latin siblings  :  none  age  :  twenty  date of birth  :  1st june  sexuality  :  bisexual relationship status  :  single   patronus  : peacock boggart  :  it used to be her family dead  ,  but grace refuses to find out what it is now  . wand  :  red oak  ,  fairy wing  ,  springy  affiliation  :  neutral former house  :  hufflepuff  job  :  hereditary seat holder at the wizengamot 

        grace was never born with a silver spoon or a feeling like she had a legacy to protect  .  that always fell to grace’s older sibling  .  and grace way always fine with that  .  as the youngest in her family  ,  grace always saw her family  ,  her mother  ,  her father  ,  her grandfather  ,  her sibling as they wanted the world to see them  .  

         they were never like the rest of their family  ,  softer and more delicate even from a young age  .  grace wasn’t meant for the political limelight that the rest of her family seemed to crave  ,  but that was okay because they never thought they’d get the chance to be that way  .   

         grace was steadfast in her own ways as child  ,  wanting to be her own person  .  they loved plants and had a way with animals  .  deep down a part of them always wanted to care for creatures or maybe even be a healer  .  though they were always dreams a child had  . 

         from the sidelines  ,  grace watched her mother  ,  spent the first years of her life growing up in the halls of the ministry  .  grace learned the place inside and out  ,  different heads of departments babysat them  ,  but even as a young age  ,  grace knew that the ministry wasn’t her place  .  she felt like she was built for more  ;  rather than the sheltered home she had and the ministry of magic that almost seemed like a second home for the entire tuft family  .

         she watched her sibling go off to hogwarts at the age of nine (  and a half  )  ,  sat waiting for the letters to hear what the school was like  .   thankfully it wasn’t long before she got her answers  .  grace coveted the letters  ,  waiting for her chance to go off to school herself  .  grace didn’t have to wait that much longer either  ,  as they were only a year and a half younger  . 

         hogwarts was a lot for her at first  ;  really it was her first taste of somewhere other than the tuft house and the ministry of magic  .  the amount of people there amazed them and grace wanted to get to know everyone  .  the sorting hat barely touched their head before shouting out hufflepuff  .  

         grace didn’t struggle at hogwarts  ,  but they also weren’t the top of their classes either  .  honestly  ,  grace was more into the social scene of school  .  meeting new people from all over the place  .  that was grace’s favorite thing about school  .  although grace never got horrible grades they were very much an average student  .  

         death tw  :  it was the end of her seventh year that the tragedy happened  .  her entire family  :  gone  .  a dark mark was seen in the sky  .  her parents and sibling gone  .  grace tuft was the last in her family  .  that meant the entire legacy that she never thought they’d have to bear was theirs  .  

         after graduating  ,  grace took over her mother’s position within the wizengamot  .  she’s taken a back seat on everything  ,  attempting to be like the rest of her family  : neutral  ,  but also afraid of the same fate the rest of her family face  .  

         grace is a shell of the child they used to be  ,  quieter and less eager to believe the things they hear on the streets  .  though grace very much still holds the same ideals that they always have felt and is steadfast in her beliefs  . 

    #𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐄 / intro. #𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐄 / about. #dawn:intro #this is very much still a work in progress
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  • sunasbabie
    01.05.2021 - 1 week ago
    #chloe's inbox #gracie !! #m !! #rinle <3
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  • monmentumx
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    Here are the introductions of the artists that have worked hard for illustrations of songs from THE CLAN PT 2.5 : THE FINAL CHAPTER album!

    [SOCIAL MEDIA OF THE ARTISTS INTRODUCED] El: twitter | instagram Gracie: twitter | instagram Miriam: twitter | instagram Zeta: instagram Ran: art twitter | personal twitter

    #monsta x#wonho#fanzine#art zine #monsta x fanart #artists on tumblr #monsta x zine #monmentum = x #monmentum x#fan project#몬스타엑스#원호#fanart#art#kpop#kpop fanart #kpop fan project #zine#artist zone
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  • gowhumpinthenight
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    911 Lone Star 2x10 hollerin

    Okay I loved this episode and I have WORDS 

    •Carlos, h-

    •how are you that perfect 

    •you are Adonis you are romance incarnate 

    •your biceps will bring world peace 


    •TK: “he’s very handy” Carlos: praying for the floor to swallow him 

    •finally a fucking on-screen kiss jesus only took ten episodes 

    •these boys own my heart 

    •Poor Mateo 

    •Probie needs a spa day 

    •Marjan about to pull up on those laxholes YESS QUEEN GO OFF 

    •The holy trio of P, M and M being amazing as always 


    •Thank you TK, nothing can stop a pissy TK and TK is pissed Owen 

    •Take a shower and go to therapy you emotionally repressed Boomer 

    •Carlos holding TK’s hand the entire time when he chewed out his dad 

    •Judd being like “yeah you’re depressed fam” 

    •Carlos being like a deer in the headlights oh god please don’t put me between my boyfriend and his father 

    •FINALLY an apology from Owen about that “going to be a father” line Im so glad we had some ackowledgement of how fucked that was 

    •TK’s eyes that’s it that’s the post 

    •Gracie my love ohhhhh it hurts to see you hurting 

    •love love love the scene between Tommy and Grace talking about the high pressure expectations for black women to be perfect and have their shit together all the time 

    •I am white women so I cannot understand but I can imagine and god it must suck shout out to all my black sisters out there you rock I’m sorry you have to deal with our shitty ass racist patriarchal society it’s ass 

    •I love when the show overtly talks about stuff like that and highlights the different experiences of different people and the chronic inequality and inequity of the way our social systems run like YES LETS GET THIS INTERSECTIONALITY 

    •anyway grace you’re incredible no matter what you do you’re perfect just in your own existence my love you’re amazing i hope you feel better soon 

    •Juddy I adore you 

    •Tommy has the best hair in Texas and that’s a fact 


    •Oh no it’s okay and it’s shown Owen that he needs to get his fucking shit together and take care of himself bc he’s worth it and his self negligence is hurting his loved ones 

    •tarlos is life i want to climb carlos like a tree 

    •too much pretty between those two their asses could cure cancer istg 

    #spoilers #911 lone star #02x10#tarlos
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  • twistedwishingwell
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • elyseexplosion
    23.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • elyseexplosion
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • dramaticvillainkids
    15.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Cora Craddock: The Lady of Lemure

    Name: Cora Evangeline Craddock

    Alias: Lady Lemure

    Relationship Status: [Taken]

    Powers/Abilities: Intangibility, Spell Casting, Necromancy, Invisibility, Summoning, Can Become Incorporeal, Interdimensional Travel, Fencing, Swordsmanship, Marksmanship, Charisma, Lady-Like behavior, Literacy, Clever Quick Thinking, Enchanted Parasol

    Origin: Cora is the daughter of Jim Craddock, also known as Gentleman Ghost, and Cora Atkinson (whom she was named after), after accidentally sucking out her mother's life force and killing her at birth, Jim took her back to his grave where he tried his best to provide for her but eventually, allowed her to be taken by the British Association of Social Workers where they could give her to a human family. She was eventually adopted by a family in the America's, who were rather neglectful of her, which Jim found infuriating so he would "haunt" them into taking care of his daughter as well as becoming something of an imaginary friend to her as she grew up. The older Cora became, the more she realized that perhaps she wasn't all entirely human as she was starting to show signs of having spectral powers. When her foster parents threw her out of the house after catching her with those powers, that's when Jim came to her and revealed everything about her and her past and how he can help her control her powers. Since then, she's lived in an old abandoned house with her father just outside of Coast City.

    Relatives: Jim Craddock (Father, ghost), Cora Atkinson (Mother, dead), Jacqueline Craddock (Half-sister, ghost), Gracie DeVille (daughter/*not my oc), Lucy DeVille (girlfriend/future wife *not my oc), Eugene DeVille (future brother-in-law/ *not my oc)

    Allies: DoD, Blight, John Constantine, Klarissa Bleak, Klarion Bleak, Chato Santana, The Enchantress, Jonah Hex, Secret, Zachary Zatara, Edward Bloomberg, Jason Todd, Jim Craddock, The Shade

    Enemies: Dr. Fate, The Green Lantern Corp, Neron, Any kind of Royalty, Deadman

    Tag(s): The Lady of Lemure (General Tag), History: Child of the Gallows (childhood/history tag), DoD: Letting Their Hair Down (inner thoughts tag), Ladies Don't Start Fights (weaknesses/abilities tag), Keeping Up With The Craddocks (family tag), Call Me Cora (relationship/friendship tag), Giving Up The Ghost (civillian life tag)

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  • megumidulce
    15.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #yvonne <3 #also your name #is so lovely
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  • elyseexplosion
    14.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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