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  • coffeeandquotes
    24.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Sometimes the most adultish thing you can do is admit that you are a dumbass. Especially when the universe goes out of its way to show you.

    #losing your wallet like...what is life #social security numbers should not be stored there #to get a new license you need a license #hate my life #not really but for a smart human i can be so so stupid #how do i life without the things! #the dmv says old licenses work as valid id #the rest of the world says no #tears. many many tears
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  • crystaltubbo
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    god i need to finish chapter 3 of what baking can do but . i’m out doing things for 2 days. then i have 1 week free . and then i have show rehearsals

    #WHEN did my life get so BUSY? #i’m being Social and shit :]
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  • lesbiansleeptodream
    23.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    anniversary of tidal and one direction on the same day... big day for me

    #except i dont give a shit about 1d anymore LMFAO that whole obsession seems like such af ever dream #it really was like social contagion bc all the hot girls i knew were into them too #kinda funny #they did have bops tho #and i met the only woman i ever made out with through them #that whole relationship was a god damn mess i am not going to think about today #thinking about the other women i knew through thst fandom and just fandom drama #ohh my early 20s were fun #like im talking about ppl i met in real life and formed relationships with
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  • brielrsons
    23.07.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #personal #I just had a conversation with my mum about my social anxiety #because I wanted an outside view of it all #and holy shit it made me realise how much have social anxiety really ruined my entire life #(and I have an illness that made me have to get rid of my colon - and the anxiety is still the worst thing to ever happen to me) #it’s actually quite heartbreaking to really think about #like it Still has a grip on me - nowhere near as bad but it’s still a struggle to make friends #man it really fucking SUCKS😞
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  • sharktofu
    23.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    If we ever reach the point, when Tumblr sinks completely (and we can no longer pretend we’re in Atlantis), you can all find me at twitter’s nyxiethepixie.

    Don’t wanna lose you all (:

    #g's being g #im very eh about tumblr shooting itself in the knee #but i genuinely wouldnt wanna NOT have some of my followers/mutuals in my life #despite me being a very un-socialized person who doesnt know how to say hello #without being weird
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  • willshebemina
    23.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    it’s so strange how adoptions used to be commonplace in sweden, recently enough that i have several friends with an adopted parent (myself included! me dad!) but nowadays adoptions hardly ever happen, never within sweden, and almost never with international adoptions. gay male couples usually remain childless because they can’t adopt, and if a lesbian couple wants a kid they’ll have to go in vitro. like? my dad and all the parents i know who were adopted were all adopted in the 60s. for Sweden to have suddenly gone hard against all adoptions in the time since then is so fucking weird?

    #i know a few people who’ve had foster siblings they’ve grown up with like. they can’t remember a time of their life without them. and they #STILL can’t be adopted into the family (the foster kids) after like 16 years living in one family bc the law favours the biological parents #that strongly. it’s fucking insane! #if you find yourself pregnant and don’t want the kid putting it up for adoption ISNT an option here. it’s raising it yourself or abortion #there’s no alternative. like??? how did we make such a change in two generations!!!!!! how how how how!!!!!!!!!!!!! #my mum works in social services she used to run the local department of child relocation idk how to say it in English. the department that #decides No you can’t raise this kid and then does something about it. and she’s noticed it too there’s this. thing. like before (don’t know #how long before) it used to be that if you had like the slightest of problems you could have your kids taken away. then they wanted to discr #iminate less against mentally ill parents and addicts and made it easier for them to still have some connection with the kid. the Peoblem is #that this means the law favours blood above all now. above everything. if you’ve lived with a foster family for as long as you can remember #and love them to death But your uncle shows up when you’re 14 and says hey i want custody… they’ll get it! they’ll get it! bc blood! even if #you’ve never met the man before! I’ll SVREAM
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  • seraphpng
    23.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    one of my favourite things about online school is that we're all so isolated that we're all willing to turn group meetings into excuses to chat about unrelated stuff

    #social connection!!! even if it's with people i never met irl and only know by voice!!!! #if i had a busy schedule this would be annoying but my life is super unstructured rn so it's nice to talk
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  • sunsoak
    23.07.2021 - 8 hours ago


    #kinda wanna go on t #but like in a lowkey way #yes my femininity disgusts and horrifies me no i’m totally definitely not trans #the idea of telling people in my life makes me want to kms #i barely got by telling my friends i’m nonbinary and even that makes me super nervous #omg i just hate gender i hate calling myself anything #including nonbinary #i hate that fucking genders have aesthetics tied to them now too bc of fucking social media #like no i’m really not a frog loving cottagecore enby PLEASE OMG #i don’t fit your stupid idiotic fucking BOXES of he/they or she/they #literally the entire fucking point of nonbinary is to not be boxed in to a certain gender expression but by creating aesthetics and like #personalities around gender expression and pronouns makes me want to kms and never come back like genuinely #i’m not a they them or a she they or a he they im FUCKING ME ANF IM SO SICK of trans genders being treated like a cute game of aesthetics #and like a ‘brand’ #i’m sick of it i’m sick of it #why is femininity and masculinity given a home in she they and he they like #we are not supposed to conflate gender and pronouns and expression and aesthetics all with each other #basically i hate tiktok and all 14 year old queers who feel the need to create boxes out of identities meant entirely to not be boxed in
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  • good-life-tips
    23.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Bring out the best in others by making a point to praise their virtuous behavior in public, but address concerns and disagreements with them in private

    source: reddit

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  • flunkett
    23.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    :/ i dont think this is correct, i experience like ONE physical symptom and its mild, i doubt its bad.

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  • alongtidesoflight
    23.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    call this number to have a really good time!!!

    #vtm #vampire: the masquerade #nosferatu#wod #world of darkness #art#digital art#drawing#painting#myart#oc: levi #enough of an art drought on all my social media #to repost old paintings #to accounts that haven't seen those particular paintings yet #this was a vtmtober entry #life is happening and i have very little time to do anything creative  lately #hoping to be able to get back into the grind soon
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  • baellerin
    23.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Lads I think my arm is fucked

    #I’m having a social life this weekend this is not the time
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  • matt-the-patate
    23.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I went two hours into the sun and now I feel sick . So you could say I don't have a very developped social life ,that or you could just take a look at my tumblr to make that conclusion . (Also a lot of Bowers gang fanart and stuff is coming but I can't post now since my ipad as no connexion)

    #drawing#insolation #climitisation is my best friend #no life skills #no social skills #no social life #i'm dyin here #i'm dying#i'm dyiiiing
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  • ishouldgo-reblogstuff
    23.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Can't believe I didn't have a childhood and teenager years because of strict parents and academics and now I'm losing my 20s to a pandemic

    #Please it's been a year and a half #I'm tired #Please ms Rona just leave #Let me have a chance at having a life I beg of you #I don't know how to be a person and I can't even learn because I'm not allowed to leave my fucking house #I'm literally hanging on by a thread #Htf do I be more social in a literal pandemic where social distancing and isolating is the responsible thing to do #vent#Rant #Not impressed with the people who go out irresponsibly and just don't give a fuck like everything is normal #It's literally your fucking fault this hasn't already ended because you can't follow basic logic and stay in your fucking house
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  • good-life-tips
    23.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    If an elderly parent or relative is retelling the same story for the millionth time, don't stop them. Instead, ask them questions about the event. It is likely an important event to them and asking new questions about it gives them the opportunity to revisit it in new ways.

    And it also helps you not have to listen to the same exact story all over again. It can be like a game. Each time the story comes up, you get a chance to ask a new question to take it in a different direction.

    When you just aren't in the mood you can also help steer the conversation away from known triggers. Stories like this occur based on triggers. If any time you talk about swimming your dad tells you the story of chasing snakes out of the pond to swim as a kid, you can make sure to avoid conversations of swimming if you aren't in the mood. If you can identify what causes this story to trigger you can help steer the conversation away from that in the future.

    source: reddit

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  • smimon
    23.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Yesterday’s shower thought:

    *no fear*

    - What if this is the most productive time of my life and I will never be able to create more than now?

    *one fear*

    #anxiety inducing#shitpost#personal #yes i know this thought is wrong. i cant be productive living alone bc humans are social creatures #there will be better times #anyway #here's the origin: all my life ive been told that i won't succeed if i don't try harder #but i was already doing my best. i dont have enough spoons to do better #the logical conclusion was that i will never succeed and never be happy. and i believed that lol #so whenever im not satisfied with my life i immediately think that it will stay like that forever bc im unable to do better #but then i remember that i have friends. that their influence helps me get additional spoons every now and then #and that life starts after 30 #it will get better #just you wait
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  • callanee
    23.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    I remember a couple years ago making the statement that I believe the media coverage of 9/11 was irresponsible and probably caused a lot of trauma and stress, particularly to the children who ended up watching this coverage and being told that not only was I wrong but suggesting that people should not have been exposed without real warning to the death of literally hundreds of people was essentially supporting Information Suppression.

    Which was frustrating at the time and even more frustrating now as we're slowly getting more information about Secondary Traumatic Stress/Vicarious Trauma. Like I was right and we're getting more and more proof that exposure to other people's trauma can affect you in very similar ways to how directly experiencing it can. Most of the research is in how Therapists/Doctors/First Responders/Teachers/etc. react to the constant exposure to the stories of traumatized individuals while they support them in their recovery and healing, and there's not a massive amount of research on how media coverage of natural disasters and terrorist attacks affect people but it exists.

    We, more so now than ever with the popularity of social media, are fucking bombarded with images and first-hand accounts of some of the most horrifying and scary things that can happen to a person, all of the time. And the issue is, I can't even in good conscious say that it's entirely a bad thing because having access to this information can help people in so many ways but also? Humans just... aren't built for this. We're not made to have all of the awful things in the world beamed into our brains all day, every day. Experiencing the weight of the world's trauma just. isn't healthy. I know there's prolly a dozen people who have said all of this better, but I'm tired. and I know no matter how much I know logically that you can't try to fix everything, I have such a hard time asking people to stop trying.

    #calanee converses#ptsd cw#trauma#secondary trauma#vicarious trauma #When covid all first started I had to stop watching the news #Or at least vastly reduce the amount I was watching because I had been watch 4 to 6 news programs a day #On top of reading current event articles for debate everyday #But it was making me so depressed that I stopped eating and sleeping #And I am very much not a highly empathetic person #I have a really hard time empathizing with people #it's something I have actively worked on with every therapist I've ever seen because my brain just doesn't naturally do it #So I've always been the Therapist friend because I could take the most trauma dumping without it really fucking with me too bad #But when you don't have the proper support systems to back that up it does not leave you undamaged #especially when you add all of the shit that was going down politically and socially in early 2020 #plus the stuff that was going on in my private life #I can't even imagine what it would do to someone who is highly empathetic #And in my head this is kinda a cause of generational trauma #Hearing the stories of how your ancestors suffered and continue to suffer #even if you only feel a fraction of that pain in your active daily life #I dont know #Nothing I say on this really holds much merit ig but I just needed to get it off my chest
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  • ohagialpaca
    23.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    ah yes, i finally made a kinnie chart :)

    #personal #i needed it for something #kin chart#kin character#hagi talks#my art #(?) #ramuda is my favorite and will always be kinnie #romano relationship with his bro just copy paste that into my life #yuyu just hits hard #ikuya just for the swimming part and my terrible social interaction with people #riddle's just a copy and paste as well #motoko also with my bro
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