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    How can technology shape society? How can the dissemination of printed materials (e.g. books, pamphlets, flyers, letters) via the printing press be so powerful? How was the way Protestanism spread similar to how information spreads today via social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram? Are there any differences?


    By making things more efficiently and practically the spread of ideas can reach a wider audience. With the introduction of the printing press your ideas can be in the hands of not only the elite but everyone else in the town. Using the printing press can now bring a new aspect to the conversation between people. Now people question whatever they read or see cause not everything is true or as what people make it seem. This is like social media today, many people now have the access to all sorts of information and now people have to sift through what is factual and what is not.

    By: Nicholas Bosco


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  • In a historical world

    We have theatrical ways -

    Every individual seems to have

    A role, dictated by past stereotypes…

    One is cast quite randomly -

    You don’t get to choose between poor or wealthy -

    All you can do is try to stomach

    What card you’ve been dealt, at least in public.

    So I wonder when people confort me

    How much of it is insincerity

    And how much of it is an honest,

    genuine friendship promise…

    It’s hard to tell.

    It’s like the whole world is a big poker game,

    Where so many people cheat

    That you begin to doubt your neighbors.

    The worst is everyone has the same questions that go unanswered

    The same misguided trust for the few hiding their chips

    And if we could all agree to show our cards

    We would be blessed with unwelcome knowledge -

    For who wants to open their blind eyes

    To truly see the unmasked faces of our supposéd allies?

    It’s almost as if people prefer to see colorful masquerades

    Instead of seeing the bare, scarce truth of the world.

    They would rather live in a peaceful moquerie with their doubts of the honesty of others, busy holding up their own disguise,

    Than unravel a world founded on the ashes of their dreams.

    For when there’s smoke, there’s fire, or so the saying goes,

    Yet we refuse to become our own firemen and extinguish the flames of a relentless, brazing lie, even when it consumes our children’s innocence…

    Our fear of the scattered ashes of who we are is somehow greater than our fear of the very flames destroying that being, and so it spreads like wildfire, and we clutch on to the beautiful lies woven onto our hearts, while the reflection of dancing, festive flames come alive within our souls.

    The fire engulfs our shadows, one’s most faithful follower, then proceeds to consume our soul, its most formidable rebel. Once this is done, it feasts on our conscience, until eventually, there isn’t much left behind the shell of our projections.

    I look around and wonder who among my allies have been ravaged by lazy fumes

    But all I can see are the ravenous smiles of murderously pampered façades.

    I decide that if I cannot find other victims, I can at least try and save myself, and so I cough my way down the sewage of what should be my conscience and search, search for a person I wouldn’t know how to recognize.

    And that’s when I wake up from a lugubrious nightmare, and by instinct look around, hunting for the glimpse of a shadow. In the lingering darkness of the night, I am unable to find the hint of the shadow I used to play with as a child. I would almost turn the light on - just to make sure - but it is late, and I must sleep. Besides, I can always look tomorrow…

    “I am just an impulsive person who thinks to much”, I tell myself, and with that, I lay on my warm, sweaty mattress and sleepily close my eyes.

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  • Info Graphics for MADCAP SOCIETY


    DM me for questions.

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  • Hey I make over 2x minimum wage in California and between utilities, car payments, student loans, insurances, and rent (things the vast majority of people have to pay) I can’t even afford a studio apartment by myself how fucked is that how fucked is capitalism huh

    The current minimum wage is bullshit and it needs to be way higher

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  •    Everyone from politicians to economist to business strategists trying to come up with solutions on how to make the world a better place. Adding restrictions and safe spaces. More laws, more progressive legislation cool.   But the one…single most important thing people forget is children.

       You’d be like that’s not true. They’re always the focal point behind new regulation. “We need to protect the kids”. “Children are our future” “How am I suppose to explain this to my kids” but a lot of people don’t really considers the length and quality of the actual well being of them.

      Their is absolutely no productive regulations on human reproduction. people can pop them out one after the other. You don’t need to go to school, take a class. Get a license, obtain a certification. But you do when you’re teaching them. You have to be mental capable to obtain a gun. You don’t have prove you are to have a kid. By the time DCF does find out it’s too late. They’re a casualty , emotionally traumatized  or physically scarred for life.

      You don’t have to show you’re financially capable of having a child, but you do to get a car. When local officials find out you can’t afford a child, they take the kids away just to put them through the revolving door of sometimes a broken  system just to continue to neglect them.

       Point being we should stop seeing having kids as a right and more as a privilege. Not just a means of population control but a sensible series of checks and balances to prove you’re capable of producing life. Because people don’t owe you anything because you choose to have kids. You shouldn’t get preferable treatment like more vacation time, better working hours over someone more qualified or use of accumulated tax dollars. That point seems a bit contradictory to the whole topic. but if you’re struggling before having kids why are you having kids? Because government assistance isn’t a financial plan for raising kids.

      So many kids end up cutting their youths early or having very little youth at all  to provide for their families. because they’re not making enough. The current economy doesn’t support the nuclear family ideal for the masses.  Kids are too tired from the part jobs to focus in school they’re not learning. Then rushed into adulthood with limited resources or understanding of money and thus accumulates debt or starting the cycle all over again. 

      They’re not preparing for their future. because you didn’t or wasn’t able to  prepare for yours. Don’t put that burden on someone who didn’t choose to be here. This is not for regulation what you can do with you body or  industrializing kids for the future economy . but having kids be brought into a loving, healthy support system to produce a healthy support system for everyone else. and reiterating the underlining message that some people are meant to have kids. 

      Key point to this being betterment of world is preparation, critical thinking skills of children. Not meaningless filler courses,  hard work over efficiency or enhanced content restrictions and censorship. Result being they become better workers, efficient problem solvers with healthy mental fortitude towards understanding of life.   

    #society#rant#venting #so many parents i see struggling #why is struggling the key for growth #unpopular opinion
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  • “My body”


    Originally posted by a-titty-ninja

    ‘¿Todo eso te vas a comer?’

    'No, eso no te va a entrar nunca’

    'Es que vos sos más rellenita de aca’

    'Es que vos sos no tenes cintura’


    'Dale algo de comer a esta chica que está muy flaca’

    'Tenes menos culo que antes, jajaja’

    'Si vos sos más plana que yo, jaja’

    'Estás más linda, ¿empezaste a comer?’

    'Ahora que la vemos comer sabemos que si lo hace’



    ¿Cómo debo ser para que todos ustedes cierren la puta boca?

    ¿o es que no debo ser tan sensible? no lo dicen a mal

    no me lo debo tomar tan a pecho

    Creía que por ser delgada nadie más opinaría sobre mi cuerpo,

    pero a ellos les encanta hablar

    si muy delgada

    si muy gordita.

    Me confunden tanto que ni yo sé que quiero.

    Se burlan diciendo si soy anoréxica,

    porque bajé mucho de peso,

    ¿por qué mejor no se preocupan en si en verdad tengo un problema alimenticio?

    porque las bromas solo me hacen sentir mal, y no me están ayudando.

    Familia, solo cierren la puta boca.

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  • desenho tosco só pra dizer que tô deprimida e ansiosa

    Dizem que é efeito da pandemia. Só que eu sinto antes disso, sei que o que adoece a sociedade não é apenas isso. Esse jeito meio grotesco desde que nasci de pegarem e mastigarem tudo na pressa e esquecer de sentir.

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  • getting all tan and quiet
    down there on the sand.
    a bored and cooking
    culture of skin, this shallow
    republic on the beach survives
    on the oil and the back—
    the millions, the slippery
    peal of years and tendering sinew,
    the lack of sons and lack of daughters.
    new recruits that come still kid
    themselves and like a people grinder
    push out the rot and cinder
    from the flock they’ve ate up.
    helpless in the drama of scraps.
    modern in its achievement
    of a landscape.

    [this is for sure a young writer tryin to be jarring and edgy through juxtaposition and non-sequitur. i can still appreciate the dissatisfaction, though.] 
    In 2010 I wrote a poem a day, everyday, for the entire year. It was an exercise in endurance and agile writing and editing and I learned so much about myself as a poet.  A decade later it seems right to mark the achievement or at least revisit the work. In 2020 I’ll be choosing a week at random every month and doing rewrites and reedits of those poems. I might talk about the pieces or apologize for them, but probably will let them do their thing on their own.

    #society#poem#poetry #poets on tumblr #atilla#spilled ink #writing challenge 2010
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    Today’s vibe. I took the first quote differently than how it’s typically used. I’m just going to leave this here for anyone who needs it. F—k societal expectations, f—k the notion that material items and relationships will fulfill you, and f—k anyone who tries to tell you that who you are and what you desire is not “enough”. Allow me. I’m almost 32. I do not have or want a mortgage. I adore my apartment and the freedom that I have to change my mind. No car, no care. I enjoy walking long distances with my music. No children, no partner, and no desire. I love solitude. Not popular. Lost a lot of “friends” over the years. No hope to reconnect. I’ve moved on. I’m focused on my education and my sobriety and to me I am accomplished as hell. Beyond this, I am what many refer to as “weird” and what some refer to as “crazy”. I have a lot of qualities that men view as emasculating and that women love to make fun of behind my back. I am loud. I have a loud laugh. I speak my mind. I do what I want. I express raw emotions. I post about my lived experiences with addiction and mental illness. I hold zero punches. So I guess I’m not a delicate little f—king flower and I never ever ever will be one. I’m not what society deems feminine and I’m definitely not what society says a 31 year old should be. Don’t care. I’m me. I’m happy. Deal with it. I don’t owe these explanations. But I hope to make a clear point, even if only one human being identifies with it. Success and happiness aren’t shallow external pursuits. They’re inside of you. Most people I know who are unhappy are measuring who they are vs who somebody else is or who somebody expects them to be. We need to collectively stop this. It’s damaging and such a waste. Embrace who you are. Quit the crap job, block the crap person, wear the risky outfit, speak your mind; shave your head, whatever. Just please whatever you do, do it because it’s what YOU want to be doing. Live with intention or you’re not fully living.

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    Being “Tough” Is Anything But https://bit.ly/3c3I0Ol

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  • I could leave this blank and let you look at it

    I could let you make the speech

    I could give these two words a meaning

    I could also leave them none.

    For some it could be positive

    For some may be negative

    For some it’s both and also none

    We’ve given society many awards

    We’ve sacrificed for them ourselves

    Some more, some less.

    We’ve awarded art:

    Through paint,



    And films.

    We’ve awarded society’s phobias

    Be it homo,



    Or bi.

    We’ve awarded society freedom:

    Through speech,



    And power.

    There are many more awards to give,

    But let me pick apart the one

    Who gave society it’s ‘thing’.

    The prestigious award for hate,

    Shown by racism,


    Class systems

    And wars.

    We’ve all awarded this to society

    By being quiet

    By not speaking out and using our freedoms

    By believing everything is fed to us

    By thinking always one side is good and one is bad

    Making heroes out of people who didn’t know what they signed up for

    By always turning the other cheek.

    We have given hate the power to root deep

    And every time history repeats

    The world keeps feeding into it

    We support it when we see another human bullied

    For the colour of their skin,

    But detest it when ‘they’ point their guns and shoot.

    We support it when we do not listen

    To someone’s cry for help at night,

    But detest it when ‘they’ take away our body rights

    We support it when we joke about depression

    In front of someone who’s about to die.

    We have been made to believe that speaking out won’t help

    Made to think that one person cannot change the world

    But one person can help another

    And another

    And one person becomes 10

    And 10 becomes 100

    And 100 becomes more

    And more can lead to change.

    Society has been winning at hate for far too long

    Digging deep and rooting in our core.

    It’s time for change, let’s award society with love

    Let’s help each other build new lives.

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  • Plaza Dignidad, Santiago, Chile. May 2020.   

    Hi! If you like my work, please support me either sharing or buying a print (or more products) worldwide shipping through my Society6 store  

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  • No man is an island,
    entire of itself;
    every man is a piece of the continent,
    a part of the main.

    If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less,
    as well as if a promontory were.
    as well as if a manor of thy friend’s
    or of thine own were.

    Any man’s death diminishes me,
    because I am involved in mankind;
    and therefore never send to know
    for whom the bell tolls;
    it tolls for thee.

    John Donne, Meditation XVII

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  • I’ve always liked being a girl: all the sweet sweet words and all the compliments. People never wanted to see me lift weights or play football, they were worried I could hurt myself. Beauty is all I ever wanted: thigh gaps and collarbones. But when you pass out on the floor, you are no beauty queen. And all the suggestions, the ones I never asked for. Don’t pierce your nose, you’ll look scruffy. Don’t wear dark lipstick, you’ll look slutty. For everything a reason. I was mad at you for a reason or maybe they were my hormones? Better if it was that time of the month. And I didn’t like you because I am a bitch, because you were so cool I could never.

    Why do I have to hear strangers shouting at me on the street? And why do I have to beware of the way I dress? Why does my body have to be covered, but not too much. Otherwise no one will notice me, right?  I can’t drink too much, because a drunk girl is always an easy one. But if I don’t drink, then “How does she have fun?”.

    I don’t want marriage or kids, so basically I’m not a woman right? We are all supposed to carry your child. And never even think about getting an abortion.

    In the end, my body was never mine. It was and will be always considered something to judge and openly criticize. Like a piece of art, but all the stretchmarks, pimples, body hair, fat rolls, scars need to be restored.

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