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    gift ur frens snacky treats

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    kinnie moment teeheeeย  ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ ///

    i really like flaky so i wanted to design her as a human!! i hope u like them as much as i do :3c

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    ๐š‚๐™ธ๐™ณ๐™ด ๐š€๐š„๐™ด๐š‚๐šƒ ๐š๐™ด๐™ฒ๐™ด๐™ธ๐š…๐™ด๐™ณ: ๐š‚๐™ด๐™ฝ๐™ณ ๐Ÿค ๐šƒ๐™พ ๐™ท๐™พ๐™ป๐™ณ ๐™ผ๐šˆ ๐™ผ๐š„๐š‚๐™ด๐š‚ ๐™ท๐™ฐ๐™ฝ๐™ณย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  @invctusโ€‹ย  ย / umbra

    ย ย ย ย ย  โ ย ย ย  Hey, there boyโ€” ย ย  ๐™’๐™–๐™ฉ๐™˜๐™๐™– ๐™œ๐™ค๐™ฉ ย  ? ย ย ย  โž ย ย ย ย ย  He chimes, getting down on one knee, addressing the companion with the recognition he deserved. Acquiring the object betwixt his teeth; ย  ย  what looked like an artifact manifested in the construction of a talisman. ย  ย  ย ย ย ย ย  โ ย ย ย  Now jusโ€™ ย ย  ๐™ฌ๐™๐™–๐™ฉ ย  ย  is this thing sโ€™possed toย ย  ๐™™๐™คโ€ฆ ย  ? ย  ย  ๐—ต๐—บ๐—บ๐—บโ€ฆ ย ย ย  โž ย ย ย ย ย  he examines it, holding it to the air. The lights of the day star reflecting upon it, ย ย  ๐ž๐ฅ๐ฎ๐œ๐ข๐๐š๐ญ๐ข๐ง๐  ๐š๐ง ๐š๐ช๐ฎ๐š ๐ซ๐š๐๐ข๐š๐ง๐œ๐ž. ย  ย  ย ย ย ย ย  โ ย ย ย  Well โ€” ย ย ( ย ย  looking to Umbra ย ย  )ย ย  whatever it is, itโ€™sย ย  ๐’“๐’†๐’‚๐’ ย  ย  pretty! ย ย ย  โž ย ย ย ย ย  Revisiting his attention to the pet as he offers his paw. Taking it lightly in his own clutch - moving his paw like a handshake with laughter. ย ย ย ย ย  โ ย ย ย  Iโ€™m sure Noct will appreciate this!ย ย  ๐‘ฎ๐’๐’๐’… ๐’‹๐’๐’ƒ, ๐’ƒ๐’–๐’…๐’…๐’š! ย ย ย  โž ย ย ย ย ย  Releasing that hold to ruffle his fur.

    #invctus #i know this is super lateeee but have some soft c:
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    #hotchniss#aaron hotchner#emily prentiss #fics for the touch starved #half of these prompts are for very nasty rough stuff #and the other half are for very soft and fluffy sweet stuff #you guys know me so well #number of drinks; 5
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    Soft Breath, Beating Heart (v111)

    Billy Russo x female reader

    Bruh I swear to g this 250 blocks in one post is ruining my life.

    Warnings: Smut (18+), Overstimulation, use of a semi-safeword, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, squirting.

    He wants to give you every ounce of pleasure you deserve.

    "What's your colour?" He asks in a low voice.

    You look at him with widened eyes for a moment, pondering his question.

    The corner of your lips lift, a little bit of fire sparking in your eyes.


    He grins, dipping his head down to give you a bruising kiss, pushing you onto your back and moving his body over yours. His thumbs move over your nipples and you gasp into his mouth.

    "D'you like this, sunshine? Like the way I play with these pretty nipples?"

    You whine as he pinches them gently between his fingers. You nod your head.

    "Like the way you play with me, sir. Want more."

    He kisses the tops of your breasts, working his way over the expanse of your chest.

    "More? So needy sunshine. I made you cum four times already. That's not enough for you?"

    You whimper, feeling shy at his words. You look down at him as he kisses at your tummy and hips. He looks up when he feels your eyes on him.

    He smiles, letting you know he's just teasing you.

    "Want you." You say simply.

    "Yeah, sunshine? How badly?"

    "Why don't you take my panties off and see." You suggest to him.

    His mouth quirks up into a smile as his fingers hook around the undergarment and tugs it down your thighs.

    When he gets his first look at your pussy he actually groans.

    You're wet. So fucking wet. The panties cling to your soaked heat as he pulls them down your thighs and off your legs.

    "Fucking hell, sunshine. You're- you're dripping."

    You bite at your bottom lip.

    "Is that bad?" You ask, confused.

    He doesn't answer you immediately, gripping your thighs and pulling them apart to look at your most intimate parts. Your clit is swollen, covered in your arousal. His mouth is watering as he watches you clench around nothing in response to his appraisal.

    "You're perfect." You hear him mutter.

    He buries his face between your thighs. You whine loudly, fingers automatically sinking into his hair, pulling him close. He takes his time, licking at your sweet wetness.

    "No dessert tastes as good as you, sunshine." He says, kissing gently at your clit. You stiffen, every small move on your clit feels like so much more.

    Billy knows how sensitive you are, you only need the gentlest of touches to work you up, but he can't help mixing in a little bit of pain into your pleasure. When he swipes his tongue harshly over your clit, he delights in the small sound of pain you give him.

    "Ow!" You cry, your clit hurts a little when Billy's tongue gets too rough.

    "Billyyy," you whine, "that hurt. Don't be so rough." You complain.

    He at least has the decency to look apologetic, but he doesn't say anything, continuing to swipe his tongue through your dampened folds.

    He takes his time, kissing at your clit, savouring your taste as it coats his tongue.

    You grip his hair a little harder as he brings you to the edge again.

    "Oh! I'm so close Billy, please don't stop! ah!"

    He gives your clit another harsh lick with his tongue, but this time it only succeeds in pushing you over the edge. You gasp as you cum, arching your body as you tremble uncontrollably around his head.

    He keeps his tongue on you, helping you through your orgasm, but continues lapping at you after that.

    You struggle to catch your breath under his ministrations, the sweet pleasure-pain becomes more pain than anything else.

    "Yellow!" You rasp out, going limp when you feel him pause his mouth on you.

    He pulls back to give you a kiss on the cheek. You're eyeing him, worried that you've upset him with the change in colour.

    "So good for me, sunshine. Using your colours. My good girl." He kisses the side of your face. You slowly relax under him, smiling and feeling like the good girl he says you are.

    He gives you a moment, reaching for a bottle of water on the bedside and holding it up to your lips for you to take a sip.

    You gratefully accept the cool water, and then his kiss.

    "Want to stop?" Billy asks.

    You're shaking your head before he can finish his question.

    "Want me to stop playing with your clit?"

    You nod.

    "I-" the words can't seem to come. You want to tell him what you want. You want to tell him that you want him. You know you shouldn't be anxious, but you are anyway.

    He kisses your cheek to reassure you.

    "Tell me what you want, sunshine. I only wanna make you happy, remember?"

    You swallow and nod. You did remember.

    "I feel empty, Billy. My pussy feels all achey for you. Can you make me feel full?"

    His eyes flutter and he lets out a tiny groan.

    "Yeah sunshine, I can do that. D'you want my fingers in you?"

    He frowns when you say no.

    "I want.... you.... inside me."

    He has to focus on keeping his breathing steady. Surely you couldn't mean-

    You press the palm of you hand into his cock. He hisses at the feeling and the realization of what you're asking.

    "Are you sure?"

    You nod, not meeting his gaze.

    "Hey, look at me, sunshine."

    Your eyes widen as you follow his command.

    His eyes search your face, noting the little bit of glassiness in your eyes that gives him a little indication of how small you're feeling.

    "Are you sure you want this? We can wait if you're not sure."

    You shake your head and whine.

    "Want your cock Billy." You murmur, pawing at his boxers. "Want you so bad, need you all the way inside me."

    "Fuck." He hisses, helping you tug his boxers from his body. "Fuck, okay, I'll give you what you want sunshine... let me get a condom from my wallet-"

    He freezes when your hands cover his to stop him. He looks down at you in question.

    "I'm on the pill... I'm clean. I want you just like this."

    He stutters out a breath. Fuck, why the fuck does he feel like a fucking kid again, about to lose his virginity for the first time? How the fuck do you make him feel this way?

    He has to take a moment to remind himself that he's a seasoned marine with two-hundred kills under his belt.

    You take his silence the wrong way, pulling back in fear.

    "I m-mean, if you're not comfortable going without it, w-we can use it. 'S not a problem."

    "Sunshine." He says, cutting you off, leaning forward to press his lips into your ear.

    "I'm gonna fuck that pretty little pussy until you're screaming f'me. Think you couldn't walk before? Wait till I'm done with you."

    Your mouth drops open at his words.

    "Lie back." He orders, and you obey easily.

    He kisses you harshly, his mouth holding you in place with the force of his kisses.

    You wrap your legs around his hips, groaning when the head of his penis rubs against your oversensitive clit.

    When you feel his fingers circle your entrance you whine.

    "Don't want your fingers."

    He groans.

    "I gotta open you up, sunshine, else I might hurt you."

    You protest with a whine again.

    "I'm wet enough, Billy. Please, only want your cock."

    He takes a breath.

    When he presses his erection to your entrance, he realises that you're right. The abundance of orgasms he gave you earlier means you're soaked enough to take him.

    Your eyes are locked to his as he carefully works himself in. He presses against every spot inside you until your toes are curling from the way he fills you.

    "You feel so good." You whisper at him. Your head going hazy with the pleasure he's giving you, and he hasn't even started moving yet.

    He moans with you, enjoying the way you feel around him.

    Your eyes close in bliss when he bottoms out inside you, mewling at the full feeling he gives you. He stays there, waiting patiently for you to get adjusted to his size.

    "What's your colour, baby?"

    You sigh, arching your body into his and giving a gentle wiggle of your hips.

    "Green." You breathe.

    He starts gently rutting into you and you moan into his shoulder.

    "So good, Billy, you feel so so good."

    He grunts, agreeing with your sentiment entirely.

    "You feel so good too, sunshine, pussy's so tight and needy for my cock."

    His hips move with more force, and you feel your body shake gently as he pounds into you. He keeps his pace slow, only filling you with hard thrusts.

    It's enough to have you clenching around him, whining as he works you up to another orgasm. You're not sure how much more of these you can take.

    "More! More, please Billy, please sir. Need it. Need you, ahhh!"

    He kisses your jaw, beard scratching at your skin.

    "Like my cock, sunshine? Like the way I fill you up? Is this everything you wanted?" He groans, "Aren't you glad you asked me for help?"

    You nod mindlessly.

    "Yes! Yes, sir, yes. 'M so glad I asked you. You feel so so good. I- I can't take it. 'S too much Billy please..."

    You don't know how to handle this orgasm, your body shaking and quivering underneath him, having never been filled like this before.

    "Breathe for me, sunshine. You can take it. You can take me. Y'pussy was made for me, baby. You're mine."

    "Yes Billy, all yours." You gasp.

    He moans at your words.

    "You have no idea what you fucking do to me, don't you?"

    His thrusts pick up in speed. Tears slip down the sides of your face, drunk on the way he speaks, on the way he fucks.

    "You have no idea how crazy you make me, how feral. Want to fuck you on every surface in my place, in yours. Want to cum inside you and mark you up so that you know you're mine. So that everyone knows you're mine."

    Your fingers claw into his shoulders, gripping him tightly as you have your first orgasm on his cock. You sob into his mouth, pulsing around him involuntarily.

    He watches you, smitten with the way you look, used, but still needy.

    You suck in easy breaths as you feel your high subside. You can feel him though, still rock hard and ready inside you.

    You give him a look of shock and awe, amazed at how long he's lasted.

    He doesn't notice your look, or if he does, he doesn't focus on it. Instead his thrusts resume their steady pace and you cry out again, your nails digging into his back.

    He hisses, his hips increasing their movement.

    "Can you take one more, sunshine?"

    He groans against your chest.

    "Gonna be my good girl and scream my name when you cum?"

    He feels you clench around him, and watches you nod.

    "You're so good for me baby, my precious girl, creaming on my cock."

    Your breath stutters as you feel your body on the edge once more.

    "Billyyyy." You moan, losing all feelings of sensations except the pleasure he's giving you.

    You keep your eyes on him, transfixed with the small beads of sweat on his skin, the dark pink hue of his lips, the way he moans just a little when he buries his cock all the way inside you. Your toes curl for the millionth time, feeling your hands grip his skin, unable to register whether or not you're hurting him.

    "Oh! Sir, pleaseee!" You beg, desperately.

    When his hip grinds down on your clit, you see stars. You can only gasp as you screw your eyes shut, your orgasm hitting you hard and unexpectedly. The pain and pleasure swirling inside you until itโ€™s all you can feel. You don't even realise that you scream his name. You barely register the way you gush around him, too caught up in your unexpected release.

    Billy's a strong man, but watching the way you cum, the feeling of you squirting on his cock is too much. The way you scream his name so loudly that he's sure the entire crew on board has heard you.

    He's not sure any man could resist the sight, could resist the feel. He knows he can't resist you.

    He moans loudly as he cums. Forehead presses to yours as he explodes into your warm, wet, welcoming pussy. His eyes roll back in his head when he feels the way you clench repeatedly, milking him for all he's worth.

    Your mouth is dry as you gasp for air, trying desperately to get some moisture back into your mouth to stop the uncomfortable dryness. Your nether regions continue to clench, long after you've cum. Billy's still deep inside you, trying to catch his breath from his release. You feel the small pulses his body makes as his orgasm subsides.

    You release your death grip on his shoulder and back, remorsefully rubbing at the little indents you've left behind on your skin.

    "You squirted, sunshine." You hear him say.

    Your eyebrows draw together, still deep in your orgasmic haze.

    "Wha's that?" You ask, when you've finally caught your breath.

    He looks down at you in disbelief.

    His hand comes up to support the back of your head and angles you to look downward. His cock is still buried inside you, you notice that the small area around his member is soaked.

    "W-was that..... Did I-?"

    "You made a fucking mess, sunshine."

    You eyes widen.

    "Oh, 'm so sorry, Billy. I can-"

    He shuts you up with a kiss. A messy, needy kiss that has you sinking deeper into bliss. You don't even remember what you were talking about before. Your eyes at half-mast looking at him.

    "You're so fucking hot, sunshine. Every inch of you is perfect. You're all mine."

    You nod your head dopily.

    "All yours, sir."

    He smiles above you, placing small pecks over your face and shoulders.

    When he moves to pull his softening member out of you, you whine in protest.

    "Stay inside me." You whisper, "Please, sir."

    He sighs and nods, one arm reaching for the bottle of water from earlier. He uncaps it and gives you a couple of sips before drinking some himself.

    "We need to get cleaned up, sunshine. Let's take a shower."

    You think about it for a minute, not wanting to remain the sticky, sweaty mess you are right now.

    "Okay," you agree, "but don't leave me alone." You say, in a pleading tone.

    He knows better than you leave you alone in your current vulnerable state. He gets a decent dose of pleasure from the way he has to help you and guide you into the shower. It feels so good to have to take care of you this way, massaging the slippery soap into your soft body, having you obey his words so easily, without question.

    You're hanging onto his every word, willingly accepting of his lips on any part of your body. You hold him so closely to you. When you're done, he dries you off and slips you into one of the fluffy robes on hand. You giggle, watching him slip into the other, he looks so silly and cute, swathed in the robe.

    He picks you up easily, your legs wrapping around his hips as his hand support your butt.

    When he puts you down on the bed, you realise the sheets have been changed. You bristle with embarrassment at the thought of someone knowing about what you two were doing.

    His cheek kisses distract you from your thoughts, his gentle touches lull you into a drowsy state.

    "Sleep, sunshine. I'll be right here when you wake up."

    You smile, looking up at him, you want to tell him something, confess your feelings, but you stop yourself. It's way too soon to be feeling like this.

    "Goodnight Billy." You say, burying your face into his chest.

    "Sweet dreams Sunshine." Is the last thing you hear him say before you're out.

    You're still in that needy headspace when you wake up in the morning. You find your body crushed to his, his large arm holding you tight to him. He looks ridiculously handsome when he's asleep, and you take your time to study him. You gasp when you see the bruise on his neck, from your teeth. He stirs when you make your sound, his body tuned into yours even in his sleep.

    You can hear the sounds of birds outside and the sounds of larger waves rocking the yacht just a little bit more.

    "Hey baby." He says, voice thick with sleep.

    You kiss his exposed chest, breaking into a slow yawn.

    His hand sneaks under your robe to grab at the globes of your ass.

    At the same time your stomach rumbles and his hand freezes.

    A short moment before you're both laughing in amusement.

    "I guess it's time for breakfast." He says, placing a kiss on the crown of your head.

    You could definitely get used to this.

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    Soft Breath, Beating Heart (v11)

    Billy Russo x female reader

    Warnings: Smut (18+), Overstimulation, vibrator use.

    You watch the staff come up to remove your empty plates, one of the crew asks about dessert.

    "Wanna share one?" You ask him.

    He smiles and opens his mouth to say yes.

    "I get to pick though. And you don't get to look."

    He raises an eyebrow.

    "Those are my terms." You say confidently.

    "Okay, Sunshine, enlighten me."

    You smile and lean forward, pointing at what you want on the menu, making sure Billy doesn't see.

    When she nods and disappears, Billy pulls your body back into his, he kisses your neck and you giggle in his arms.

    "Whatever they bring out, won't taste as good as your pussy does, sunshine."

    You gasp at his words, and continue laughing as his beard tickles the space below your ear.

    His hands come up to cup at your breasts, squeezing them gently, before wrapping around your body.

    You gasp when you feel the vibrator click on.

    "Oh, Billy, please." You moan, leaning against him.

    He listens to you whine desperately, hissing when he increases the speed. You're writhing in his arms, aching to be filled with something... with him.

    You gasp as the realization hits you, amid your gentle torment.

    You want him. All of him.

    You turn to tell him as much when the vibrations click off.

    The stewardess places the dessert in front of you, and you smile, hoping she didn't notice your wanton movements.

    When she leaves, you make Billy close his eyes before you raise the silver lid.

    The cake is beautifully decorated, with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream sitting next to it.

    "Don't peek." You warn him.

    You pick up a small bit of the tiramisu cake and turn towards him.

    He looks so adorable with his eyes closed that you can't help but lean in to place a small kiss on your lips. You moan in protest when his hands cup your face and pull you back in for another searing kiss.

    When he lets you go, you're dazed, trying to remember what you were doing in the first place.

    His eyes remain closed as you raise the spoon shakily to his lips.

    When he feels the cold metal of the spoon against his lips, he opens and lets the delicious flavour in.

    He moans at the taste, enjoying the combination of flavours.

    His eyes open, fixating onto your exciting face.

    "Well? How is it?"

    He hums, taking the spoon from your fingers and taking another mouthful of the cake. He looks deep in thought.

    "I was right," he finally says, "Not as good as your pussy."

    You gasp, smacking him playfully on the shoulder.

    "Want a taste?" He asks, swiping a finger through the icing and holding it up to your lips. You smile and wrap your mouth around his finger, sucking the sweet cream off of him. Your tongue licks at his fingertip, making sure you get everything.

    His eyes darken, the corner of his mouth lifts slightly.

    You turn away from him, going back to the sweet dessert.

    It doesn't take long for you to finish, and then you're asking him to take you to the bow of the ship to look out at the sea.

    The boat is beautiful, and Billy's warm arms around you makes you feel so good. You're standing at the bow of the boat, looking out at the water. The warm ocean breeze, the gentle rocking of the boat, the sounds of the sea, and his distinctive scent around you.

    You like this. You like the way he makes you feel, like everything you've ever hoped for wrapped in a fancy shirt. You point out some of the stars you know, glimmering in the night sky. He holds you tight when the boat rocks a bit too much. You giggle as you find your balance, swaying with him and the ocean.

    You had almost forgotten about the little vibe pressed against you, and the wetness between your thighs when the buzzing starts again. You tense in his arms, worried about how you're going to hold you body up if you cum here.

    His arms wrap tighter around you.

    "I've got you sunshine. Can you give me one more orgasm?"

    You groan, leaning your head against his shoulder. Your thighs already begin to shake, but he holds you firm to his body.

    "Asked you a question, sweetness."

    You groan again, a snide remark on the tip of your tongue.

    He raises the vibration level.

    You moan his name and you lean forward to brace yourself against the cold railings.

    "God, I could just watch you cum all day." He whispers in your ear.

    "Love the little noises you make."

    Your body trembles with his words.

    "So fuckin' pretty, and obedient. You'll do anything I say, won't you sunshine?"

    You gasp and nod your head along to his words in agreement.

    When he raises the vibrations higher by two levels, your knees buckle under you. His arms hold you securely

    " 'M gonna- ahh- cum, Billy, please."

    He chuckles, "Can't wait to take you below deck and lick that drippy little pussy. Gonna make you cum till you're cryin'."

    His words are what tips you over the edge this time, more than the intense vibrations on your clit.

    You let out a high pitched moan as your body tenses. Your legs give out under you and Billy supports your full weight as you cum hard, gasping and whimpering into the night as you spasm in his arms. You feel unbelievably empty as you come around nothing once again. The vibrations cause more pain on your overstimulated clit and you have to tap Billy on the arm as your pain increases.

    "Turn it off please Billy pleease. It hurts aaaah."

    He doesn't turn it off, instead clicking it onto it's highest setting.

    You cry out again.

    "Can't do it, 's too much please sir please."

    "What's your colour pretty girl?"

    You gasp, squeezing your eyes shut, tears pooling in the corners.

    " 's too much I cant-"

    "Colour, sunshine."

    "Green!" You gasp out as another orgasm hits you fiercely. You groan, feeling yourself go limp as the vibrations come to a stop, your body clenching hard around nothing.

    You involuntarily jerk, the underwear still pressed against your sensitive clit.

    You try to stand on your own, only for your knees to buckle under your weight. Billy holds you tightly. He moves you back until he's sitting in one of the couches on deck, pulling you into his lap. His legs are open wide for you to sit between them and you drape your barely functional legs over his.

    You stay glued to his chest, feeling the cool sensation of bliss spread through your body.

    "What are you doing to me this time?" You ask, thinking about how this must be the opposite of being edged.

    You feel him kiss the top of your head.

    "Overstimulation, sunshine."

    You clench, groaning into his chest.

    His warm hands feel so good on your skin, the way he holds you tight to him.

    He covers your shoulders and neck with kisses. Your skin feels so sensitive, every small motion feels so much more intense than normal.

    You feel yourself sinking deeper into your head, thinking less about yourself, and more about him. You look up at him and feel something fill your chest.

    Your eyes close as his lips meet yours, taking anything he's willing to give you.

    Your clothes feel scratchy against your skin, constricting and you whimper in frustration at the way you're feeling.

    "What is it, sunshine? What's wrong?"

    You wiggle your toes in discomfort.

    "I don't feel comfortable, Billy. Want to take my dress off. Want to feel you."

    He smiles. "I'm right here."

    You shake your head in frustration.

    "Want you Billy. Now." You say, tugging at the sleeves of your dress.

    "There's a room downstairs, wanna go and get comfortable there?"

    You look up at him with wide eyes.

    "Yes please Billy. Please. Please. Please."

    He places a kiss on your forehead.

    "No need to beg, baby, come on, I'll take you down."

    Your skin prickles with discomfort as you stand. Tears of frustration rising to the surface. You wobble as you stand, feeling your mood plummet as you lose contact with him. You don't understand why you suddenly feel like this, irritated at everything around you.

    You can hardly walk, stumbling along and you follow him, your hand in his, you tug lightly at your dress as he guides you down to the lower levels of the boat.

    Billy knows what's happening to you, but he didn't expect you to fall so quickly into subspace. He thought you'd drift a lot more slowly into that mindset.

    His chest aches when he glances at you at the door to the bedroom, only to see your eyes filled with tears.

    "Almost there, sunshine. Almost there." He encourages, slipping his key into the door.

    When he closes the door behind you, he takes you swiftly into his arms, tugging at the zipper of the dress until it pools on the floor. He unsnaps your bra next, before guiding you to sit on the bed.

    You reach up for him, your fingers pull at the buttons on his shirt until heโ€™s freed from the confining material.

    You reach for his belt buckle next, feeling yourself get even needier with the sound of his belt buckle clinking.

    When you're both stripped down to your underwear, he takes you into his arms and holds you against his chest.

    You feel instant relief, melting into him, getting as close as you possibly can to his warm skin.

    You kiss his warm chest as you feel comfortable for the first time in minutes.

    "Dunno what's happening to me, Billy." You say, crushing your body as close to his as possible, trying to manipulate his arms into holding you tighter.

    He crushes you to his chest easily, and you finally relax.

    He holds you there, projecting his soothing comfort onto you, the boat rocking gently as you hold each other. You catch a peek of moonlight streaming through the windows as he holds you close.

    "When you start feeling really good with someone, sometimes your mind goes into autopilot from the pleasure. You stop thinking and only feel. It happens mostly with subs. Do you understand?"

    It takes you a moment to process his words.

    "I think so." You mumble into his chest. "but what's a sub?"

    Billy bites his lip to stifle his groan. You were so fucking innocent, and here he was, corrupting your timid nature.

    "A submissive, sunshine."

    You knew what that word meant.

    "Is that what I am? A sub?"

    He kisses your cheek, and you smile.

    "Let's not worry about that. What matters is making sure you're enjoying yourself."

    You look up at him.

    "I am." You say lightly. "I really am, Billy. I can't tell you how happy you make me, how amazing you are."


    He's in so much trouble.

    His hand raises to cup your cheek, to memorise the way your mostly naked body feels against his, the way the moonlight dances in your eyes, the way it glints off your hair, giving you a subtle halo.

    It hits him. It sears him. It devours him.

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    The most boring kind of gatekeeping I'm seeing lately is the "X people aren't queer/punk/whatever because they're not getting into fights and hooking up in bathrooms like me, a true homo fag who is so cool and tough and punk". Fucking get over yourself, you're not the archetype, you're 25.

    #if you like getting into fights and hooking up in bathrooms then great! #i love that for you! #stop acting like people arent allowed to be soft or caring or gentle though
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    my 2014 soft grunge tumblr aesthetic phase is coming back.

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    @nasirsagron i wonโ€™t say anything else until tomorrow but the episode is definitely worth the wait; the right mixture of dumb and insane softness to end the show with!

    #nasirsagron#replies #im very soft about it; it had all i wanted i think #also i donโ€™t think you need a reddit account to access the episode; you can just try the โ€˜generate tokenโ€™ option if you want #but also also very valid to wait till tomorrow
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    Soft Breath, Beating Heart (v1)

    Billy Russo x female reader

    Warnings: Smut(18+), vibrator use.

    Summary: Billy makes a bet with you that comes with some conditions... and a good time.

    "Let's make a bet, sunshine."

    You look up at him curiously from your desk, crumbs from the cookie you're eating stuck to the corner of your mouth. The sounds of children screaming echoes faintly in the background

    "What bet?" You ask curiously.

    He leans forward with a breath, studying you closely. He leans in even more to catch the crumbs on your lip.

    "If I can get, this cup... into that bin-" he says, pointing at a small trash can at the opposite side of the room. "You have to wear something I bought for you."

    You scrunch out eyebrows together in confusion.

    "If you bought something for me, why wouldn't I want to wear it?"

    He shrugs and closes his eyes, "I just want a guarantee is all."

    Something doesn't sit right with this bet.

    "What kind of something?" You ask,ย  imagination running with ideas ranging from beautiful necklace to clown costume.

    He clicks his tongue at you.

    "Ya can't ask all of those questions, sunshine. It's a yes or no."

    "Well.... can I get something if you miss?"

    He picks up the cup, inclining his head at you to continue.

    "If you get the cup in the bin, I'll wear whatever you bought for me.... if you miss, I want to... drive your car."

    His eyebrows shoot up, leaning forward.

    "Can you even handle driving my car?"

    "I guess we'll find out." You say simply.

    He smiles, doesn't take his eyes off of you, and tosses the cup effortlessly across the room.

    Your mouth parts as the cup sails perfectly into the bin.

    "How?!" You say incredulously.

    He grins at you for a moment and you soak in his boyish demeanour.

    "Used to play a bit of hoops when I was younger, got real good at aiming, fucked up my left arm though, so I can only make precise shots with my right."

    "Is that what those scars are for? On your shoulder?"

    His grin sobers and you're almost sorry you asked.

    "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I don't wanna impose." Your voice gets quieter on the last sentence.

    The corner of his lip quirks up, giving you a wry smile.

    "Grew up in foster care. When I was eleven some guy attacked me. I fought back, got a few good blows in. But he was bigger y'know? Ripped my rotator cuff in three places."

    You're silent, taking in his story, his stony expression. Anger fills you, and then sorrow. Your throat closes up and your eyes water a little.

    "Oh, hey, sunshine... it's okay-"

    He watches you stand and move your body around the table before wrapping your arms around him tightly.

    "I'm so sorry that happened to you. You deserve better." You mumble into his hair.

    You squeeze him with all the strength you have, letting him know that he's not alone.

    You tilt his chin up and kiss him softly, burying your fingers in his hair and nibbling at his bottom lip the way he usually does.

    You feel him moan against your lips and you smile, pulling away.

    "That was very inappropriate, Billy." You say with a teasing smile, "We're in a school zone."

    He groans, burying his face into your chest.

    "If we were anywhere else, I'd have you screaming my name as I bury my tongue in that wet-"

    You gasp, covering his mouth.

    He laughs behind your hand.

    The first bell rings, warning you that lunch is coming to a close.

    "And that's your cue to leave." You mutter, glancing at the door.

    He stands, a smile on his pretty face.

    "I'll send over that thing I want you to try on tonight, wear it for our date tomorrow."

    You blink.

    "You didn't ask me on a date."

    "Well I'm asking now."

    You make a sound of disbelief.

    You watch him head to the door, following closely behind him to walk him out.

    "Wear something fancy, baby." Is the last thing he says before he's gone.

    What a man.

    You excitedly unwrap the box you found outside your door, knowing that the packaging with the little suns printed on to it could be from no one else except your boyfriend. You hum in confusion when you finally get the box open..... they were... panties?

    You examined them closer. Something was off about them, they were a bit thicker than usual in some parts, with unusual bumps.

    As if he knew what you were doing, your phone lights up with his name.

    "Hi Billy." You say into the device after answering.

    "Sunshine," he greets, sounding out of breath, "Did you... open the box yet?"

    "Yes... you could have just asked me to wear these... I dunno what the big deal was," you pause hearing loud shouts over the phone followed by loud sounds that can only be gunfire.

    "Is everything okay?" You ask, concerned.

    Billy sucks in a breath, "Yeah sunshine, it's all good. See, they're vibrating panties, and I didn't think you'd willingly wear them out."

    Your mouth drops open.

    "Vibrating panties?! And you want me to wear them... in public?!"

    He laughs.

    "Yeah, see why I needed a bet."

    "I can't- what if- I dunno if-"

    He shushes you, you hear a bit more muffled shouts down the line.

    "You lost your bet, fair and square, gotta do as I say, sunshine." He waits a moment before adding, "Trust me."

    You smile, you definitely knew he could be trusted.

    "Okay, I'll trust you." You whisper into the phone.

    Immediately after, you hear a very loud sound through the phone, you have to pull your ear away in pain.

    "Bill? You okay?" You ask concerned.

    You hear him laugh maniacally.

    "Yeah sunshine, yeah I'm good. I gotta go. Talk to you later, love."

    "Okay, bye Billy."

    The line goes dead.

    You decide on a light blue dress this time, the colour reminding you of forget-me -nots. You picked this colour in particular because it matches the panties Billy sent you perfectly.

    Slipping them on makes you a little nervous at first, gasping when you feel the uneven ridges of the underwear press and mould to your intimate parts securely. You can feel yourself already dampening the material at the thoughts of what Billy may do with you tonight.

    He brings you sunflowers this time. You gasp in admiration of their beautiful yellow colour as you take them from him.

    "Oh Billy, they're stunning."

    He groans, wrapping his arms around you from behind as you put the beautiful flowers into your waiting vase. You catch the intoxicating smell of his cologne and you sigh in bliss, leaning against him.

    He kisses the side of your head.

    "No flower I get you will ever match how pretty you are."

    You laugh in his arms.

    "That's so cheesy Billy."

    He hums, his hands trailing their way up your skirt.

    "Are you wearing the gift I got you?"

    "Mmhmmm." You intonate, gasping at the feel of his hands sliding over your hips under your dress.

    "Would you like a little taste of how they feel?"

    "Yes please." You say nicely.

    One of his hands slip away from you, digging into his pocket.

    You gasp when you feel the pulsing vibration, pressing right against your clit.

    "Oh! That's not too bad." You say more to yourself than to him. Itโ€™s a nice gentle feeling and not too distracting.

    "That's just the lowest setting, sunshine. It's got six more levels of vibration intensity." He clicks the vibration off.

    You clench at his words, lips parting and you turn in his arms to look up at him.

    "You're kidding right?"

    His grin is sinister.

    "Trust me?"

    You swallow, "You know I do."

    He smiles and pulls you along to his car.

    "So," he says, after getting you seated comfortably in his luxury car.

    "This type of play we're gonna do tonight... requires some rules."

    You look at him in question, biting your lip.

    "If you don't like somethin', you have to say it. We'll go with a color system. I'll ask you what colour you are, and you'll let me know how you feel based on what colour you give. Green means go ahead, you're enjoying yourself. Yellow means slow down, or you need reassurance from me. Red means stop." He looks deeply into your eyes. "If you use red, I'll stop all play and we'll find something else to do. Understand?"

    You feel a bit daunted by his explanation.

    "I get it." You say meekly.

    He leans forward to kiss the corner of your mouth.

    "Hey, that's just to keep you safe, sunshine. Don't be scared. I'll never be mad or upset if you want to stop. I only want to satisfy your pretty body."

    You smile at him.

    "Okay," you say with a bit more confidence, kissing the tip of his nose.

    "Now if you feel like yellow or red, don't wait f'me to ask. You tell me right away. Yes?"

    You nod, "Yes."

    He kisses you then, moaning into your mouth as you part your lips for him easily.

    "My good girl." He murmurs against your mouth.

    You smile up at him shyly.

    "Okay, one more thing before we go." He says, rooting around in his pockets again. He pulls a black sleep mask from his jacket pocket.

    "Put this on."

    Your eyes go wide, taking the blindfild from him and carefully slipping it over your eyes.

    "Did I do that right?" You ask, unable to see anything through the fabric.

    You feel his fingers grip your chin, pulling you in until you feel his lips on yours.

    "So good for me, sunshine."

    You kiss him back eagerly, chasing his lips when he pulls away.


    "Green." You affirm.

    You don't see his smile, but you hear his car engine roar to life.

    You feel the car begin to move.

    Before you can ask for it, you sigh as you feel his warm hand press securely against the open skin of your thigh.

    You wiggle a bit at the sensation, unable to see him.

    During the ride, his hand disappears for a moment, before you feel the subtle vibrations of the underwear start up.

    You gasp at the unexpected sensation, melting deeper into his leather seats as you feel your body loosen. His hand returns to your thigh.

    Every chance Billy gets, his eyes are on you, watching the way you bite on your lip gently at the prolonged vibrations between your pussy. He bets you're already soaked, dripping and ready for his cock. He aches in his pants looking at you. He can't help but raise the vibrations up a level.

    He watches you gasp, breaths increasing slightly.

    "Good?" He asks teasingly.

    He watches your sinful tongue poke out to wet your lips. You only hum in approval.

    He increases the vibration, smiling as you cry out, back arching a little.

    "You answer when I ask you a question, sunshine."

    "Good!" You gasp, body thrumming like a live wire.

    He pulls into his destination and puts the car into park.

    Your hand moves to grip his, keeping it pressed against your thigh in hopes that he won't raise the vibrations any more.

    He only smiles, using his other hand to reach for the remote.

    Your back arches off the seat when he increases the vibrations for a fourth time... or maybe fifth, you don't have any time to think about it before you feel your orgasm creeping up.

    One hand grips his, the other latches tightly to the seatbelt around you. Your thighs tremble and you gasp out a stuttered breath.

    "Cumming!" Is all you gasp out before you explode, body trembling as you feel your pussy clench repeatedly and involuntarily around nothing. You heave in air, trying to get your senses back together as you feel the vigorous vibrations slow to a stop.

    You feel his lips on your cheek and neck, trailing down to the tops of your breasts and then back up.

    "So beautiful f'me, sunshine."

    He lets you catch your breath, before slipping out the car, moving around to open your door.

    He takes his time helping you out, laughing gently as he watches you wobble on your feet for a moment.

    Your hands reach out to grip him.

    "How much longer do I have to wear this?" You ask, referring to the blindfold.

    He takes your hand in his.

    "Not much longer, come on."

    You're not sure where you're going, but you know you're by water based on the gentle crashing of waves and the warm sea breeze blowing around you.

    You giggle, trying to match his pace and not stumble. The crash of waves gets increasingly louder until you feel him stop.

    "Okay, you can take it off now."

    You pull it off gently, trying to avoid messing up your hair any more than it probably is.

    You gasp in delight.

    It's a moderately sized yacht, lit beautifully and reflecting off the water like a gem. He pulls you along, as you stare at it in awe. The hull is a beautiful pearlescent white, shimmering as you walk towards it. There's a light at the bottom of the boat, illuminating the waters surrounding it.

    He tucks your body into his, kissing you slowly, until you're moaning into his mouth.

    He helps you onto the stern, gripping your waist tightly as the boat gives a gentle rock. Butterflies erupt in your stomach as he guides you up the stairs, and introduces you to the crew. You greet them excitedly, taking in the quick safety briefings they give before guiding you to an intimate table on the middle level of the boat. The room is filled with beautiful ambient lights and small potted plants. Billy places his body right next to yours, strategically blocking you from any wandering eyes. He paid for privacy though, but it never hurts to be too careful. After all, he plans to make you cum repeatedly on this ocean cruiser.

    He makes sure to let some time pass, letting the staff bring drinks and allowing you to order before resuming his play.

    You stiffen when the vibrations begin again. Your eyes widening and locking onto his. His eyes are heated, drinking in your shocked look.

    You stutter out a breath when he increases the vibrations again.

    "Billlyy," you moan into his mouth when he swoops in for another kiss.

    "What a good girl you are, sunshine, letting me play with you like this, out here where someone can just walk in and see.

    You whine, "They won't see anything." You argue.

    He chuckles.

    "You're damn right they won't, nobody looks at my girl." He whispers into your ear, increasing the vibration intensity. Your back stiffens and you gasp. He holds your body tight to his, the palms of his hands flat against your back. You grip his shoulders, desperately trying not to moan too loudly. You shake your head, burying your face into his neck and biting down on the tender spot between his neck and shoulder.

    He groans when he feels your teeth sinking into him. Your reaction is better than he expected.

    He pulls you closer, until you're straddling his thigh. You grind down a little on his leg, feeling the vibrations increase until you're clinging onto Billy for dear life as you bite down on his skin. You don't even care if you're hurting him as your second orgasm takes you. Your fingers dig into his shoulders and your body quakes above him. Your clit throbs painfully for a quick moment as Billy lets the intense vibrations run on for too long.

    You keep shaking as you come down from your high, resting your body against his in bliss.

    He laughs below you, and you don't have the strength to ask him what's wrong.

    You pull back to examine him after a few moments, his skin is flushed pink, eyes blown wide as they drink you in. You gasp as you see the bruise your mouth made on his neck.

    "I'm sorry if I hurt you." You say, slipping your body off his and tucking yourself back into your original position.

    He laughs again.

    "You didn't hurt me one bit, sunshine." He says, kissing your forehead. "Almost made me cum in my pants though, if you had stayed on me a few seconds longer I would've been a goner."

    You giggle.

    "That's you're own fault." You inform him.

    "Yeah? It's my fault that my girlfriend's a bombshell?"

    You bury your face into his chest at his words, huffing out a laugh.

    "It's your fault you almost.... you know."

    You lean forward to take a sip of whatever wine Billy had ordered, appreciating the sweet taste.

    He laughs, leaning into you.

    " 'M gonna have so much fun with you tonight, sunshine. I'm gonna make you cum and cum until that little pussy of yours can't take anymore."

    You can't help but smother your face back into his shoulder, his arm wrapped around you securely.

    He notices some of the crew bringing up the food you both had ordered, stopping him from saying anything further to taunt you.

    "What's your colour?" He asks, just before the staff reaches them.

    "Green." He hears you say into his shoulder, hiding away from anyone that wants to look too closely at you and your blissed out expression.

    Billy smiles.

    He's going to enjoy tonight.

    He doesn't torment you during dinner, taking the time to have easy conversation with you while he watches the way you enjoy your meal. He loves the way you hum with delight after each bite, glad that the food is to your liking. He also takes the time to calm himself, feeling his erection go away with the more time that passes.

    He really hadn't expected you to bite him, to grind yourself down on him so desperately, he didn't even think you had it in you to be so rough with him. It was something he put into the back of his head to explore later.

    "So, what made you join the army?" You ask him, pulling him out of his thoughts.

    He thinks for a second.

    "When I aged out of the system, I just kinda floated around for a bit, searching for some big purpose, desperate to get out of that life. Y'know?"

    You nod your head, you knew what it was like to drift without purpose.

    "Eventually I guess someone approached me, or I saw an ad or somethin' and I figured that this would give my life some meaning."

    You smiled at him.

    "If you didnโ€™t end up a marine, where else do you think you'd have gone?"

    He laughs at your question, "Probably to jail, sunshine. I didn't have a lot of good people around me."

    "Oh..." Is all you can say.

    "What about you?" He asks, hoping to turn the conversation around, "Where would you be if not a teacher?"

    You looked up at him.

    "Wanted to be a doctor for a brief moment, but I realised it was a bit too hard to deal with people in pain. Not for me, I decided."

    He smiles.

    "I would have had the biggest crush on you if you were my teacher. Just sayin.'"

    You laugh in disbelief at his words.

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