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    Whoa boy I did not know what I was getting into with Dress up! Time Princess…I’m hardcore team Lafayette now my dudes. My boi Gilberto is heckin’ fine bro…

    I stan. 😍👌

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  • sea baby

    #harry#styles#tattoos #he's a frickin prince #harry fucking styles #ocean#sea #he's so damn handsome #this makes me want to jump into the ocean #it should be illegal to be this damn pretty #soft boi#damn
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  • Harry Kirton mood boards are allowed right??

    #harry kirton#finn shelby#peaky blinders#moodboard#aesthetic #peaky fookin blinders #this man has my heart #he’s so pretty #he’s such a soft boi #soft boi
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  • Touch starved draco with an affectionate reader headcanon

    A/N: This is a really cute head canon I thought of. I dunno, I feel like this is cute? Oh and it’s just really fluffy.

    Soft Draco boi hours ✌🏼


    Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx

    • You two got in relationship because Draco was kinda chasing you,
    • developing a lil bond over chats in library,
    • hi’s in halls,
    • some lil walks
    • And so many more lil ways you both found
    • And you were falling for him
    • Luckily, he was in love with you too
    • Because
    • You
    • Are
    • So
    • Pure??
    • So sweet and loving
    • Draco made sure nobody swore around you
    • “don’t disturb her aura.”
    • “what do you mean draco?”
    • “you have this pure aura around you and I don’t want anyone to ruin that.
    • You said every curseword in existence
    • But he cut you off in mid word by keeping a hand on your mouth
    • Eyes wide
    • "noooooo”
    • Cute
    • But stupid Draco
    • Anyway
    • You two got into relationship
    • His friends kinda teases him
    • Or at least tried to
    • Because he would go all soft around you
    • Almost like a lil puppy
    • But his glare would SHUT them up
    • Because you don’t wanna mess with this boi
    • Anyhow
    • He liked to show his affection in private
    • While you could shower him with it at any second of the day
    • You always kissed his cheek as a greeting
    • While doing so you always cupped his jaw
    • Which is so cute
    • And if you’re short, you stood on your tip-toes
    • You would hold his hand
    • Tell him that you love him
    • Look at him with those heart eyes
    • Hug him
    • And make sure he feels loved
    • But he would grow stiff
    • Unintentionally
    • He loved your affection
    • He just wasn’t used it
    • But you didn’t know that
    • You felt bad because you made him uncomfortable
    • You lessened everything
    • Because no we don’t want anyone uncomfortable
    • Your hands used to literally twitch
    • Wanting to cup his perfect lil face
    • And press a lil kiss on the corner of his lips
    • Draco noticed this
    • One day
    • He pulled you in his empty bed room and asked you
    • “did I do something??”
    • And then you told him about it
    • He found your concern adorable
    • Then he told you he loved it
    • He just has never experienced affection this way
    • It broke your heart a lil
    • But then
    • you told him you’ll shower him with love
    • And he grinned at you
    • Pulled you to the bed
    • And hugged you
    • Thanking you for being there
    • Saying he doesn’t deserve you
    • But you shut the idiot before he went into that speech
    • With a kiss
    • Obviously
    • Okay not just one
    • Too many kisses
    • Over the time
    • You found out much to your delight
    • Draco was touch starved
    • He started reaching for your hand at first
    • Then he would press lil kisses to your hair or knuckles
    • Slowly and steadily
    • He went to pulling you in his lap and hugging you tightly
    • He loved holding your hands
    • Because they fit so perfectly?
    • If your hand is a lil too lil
    • He liked how it gets lost in his
    • And the bigger sizes are cute too
    • Just wanted to point out to the lil hands
    • Even while sleeping
    • He held your hand
    • Oh and you always slept with him
    • Because he claimed he sleeps better when he is with you
    • And you didn’t have a heart to say no
    • To those beautiful soft eyes
    • And that hopeful smile
    • Anyway
    • You guys eventually even cuddled in the common room
    • Because Draco forgets about his reputation around you
    • All he cares is about hugging you
    • Holding you close
    • Feeling warm
    • And safe
    • That you two make each other feel
    • So well.
    • Just imagine
    • Draco laying his head on your chest
    • Letting you play with his hair
    • And playing with your fingers of free hand
    • And still having that bad boi reputation around
    • But that kinda guy who is another person in front of their girl.

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    #draco malfoy x reader #draco fuckingmalfoy #draco x reader #draco lucius malfoy #headcanon#soft boi#fluffy#harry potter #draco malfoy x ravenclaw!reader #sweet guy
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  • I can’t fuckin wait!!!!

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    Guys…hear me out; Connor in neon shorts and an oversized T-shirt (probably Hank’s).

    #my art#digital art#fan art#connor#dbh fanart#dbh connor#dbh rk800#dbh #detroit become human #soft boi#good boy #connor is my adopted son #look at him
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    Quick little Ryou doodle because I’m in a Ryou mood but don’t have time to draw more of this cute soft boi.

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    I turned Jing Boran into Prince Zuko and results were better than expected??? Lit

    #atla#prince zuko#zuko #fire lord zuko #a literal turtleduck #book 2 zuko #soft boi#portrait drawing#jing boran #if someone makes him an older post-ozai zuko in the netflix series i will be very pleased
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    My lil freelance clown, I might as well give a little desc. since I rarely do that.

    - Euro Clown

    - Freelance Clown, not professional

    - Auguste Type

    - 19 yrs old as of now I guess

    - Has a Clown boyfriend

    - Far from innocent

    - Potential Rebel

    - Soft úvù

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  • It’ll be ok // fred weasley

    Pairing: fred weasley x reader

    Summary: the world just seems a little too heavy, but luckily, you have him by your side.

    Warnings: it gets just a tad heavy mental health wise / not all of it is proofread so please forgive that

    Word Count: 2.6k 

    A/N: Hey guys!! Sooo this is my first ever fic on tumblr! I would just like to dedicate this piece to @ickle-ronniekins as it was her and a bunch of talented writers that inspired me to get back to writing, and I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for them!

    Also if you like this fic please reblog! It would mean a lot if you did!

    This fic is just a huge projection from my own feelings, quarintine has got me in my feels, and I’m sure everyone could do with some Freddie comfort. Enjoy!! <3


    There you were, hunched over various textbooks and pieces of parchment that seemed to cover the whole table. Fred looked up at the clock on the wall above the fireplace and then back down to you. Something in his eyes changed as he walked over to the table, quickly bidding goodnight to George and Lee as they headed up to the dorms.  

    Fred sat in the chair next to yours and he couldn’t help to just take a minute to admire you. But from glancing at you now, Fred knew that something wasn’t right. From your usually very well-kept hair that now looked as though you ran your fingers through it at least a hundred times throughout the night to your joyless and sunken eyes, eyes that used to hold all the joy and spark Fred loved most about you, but are now just dull and almost… lifeless.

    For a while now, Fred had noticed small changes in the way you’ve been acting recently, and it wasn’t even just him, all your other friends had taken notice as well, but no one knew what to do. It wasn’t until this very moment as he watched you tire yourself out with work that he realised just how much had changed, and he felt a pang of guilt for not talking to you about it sooner. So, in the softest voice he could muster, Fred tried to coax you from your work whilst placing a gentle hand on your arm. “Hey, love. ‘S getting a bit late, reckon we should head up to bed?”  

    Your head snapped up at Fred as he spoke, only now taking notice of his presence, but you then quickly looked back down to continue scribbling mercilessly on the parchment. You needed to get this essay done before tomorrow, otherwise, you’ll slowly but surely fall behind on everything else. You can’t let that happen,  

    “I’m sorry Fred, I really can’t. I have to finish this stupid essay for potions”  

    “For potions? Isn’t that due next week?” You looked back up at Fred, your eyes widening as you became more distressed.  

    “I-I know but if I get this done now then I can use my time to focus on other assignments. I’ve fallen behind and I need to catch up.” Fred slowly nodded his head in understanding. It seemed like a good enough excuse, hell, he’s been in this exact position before, pulling his fair share of all-nighters for assignments due the next day, but when Fred looked deep into your eyes, there was something there that he couldn’t quite place. Desperation? He wasn’t sure. 

    “Look, love, you’re wearing yourself thin. You need a break”  

    You don’t know why, but suddenly you’re very irritated. It’s possibly due to how much sleep you’re getting, well, more like lack of sleep. You don’t know why, but suddenly you’re snapping at him “Fred, I don’t need a break so can you just please leave me alone?” 

    You don’t want to look at him, for the fear of seeing a look of hurt or the resentment that’s bound to be there you’re not sure you can take that sort of thing, so you lower your head and quickly wriggle your arm free from under his hand.  

    Fred tried not to feel offended, he really tried, but you removing your arm from his touch just nicked him in his chest. He knew you didn’t have a problem with him, he knew this was something that seemed too out of his control, but he just wished he knew what to do to make you feel better. Maybe giving you some space should help.   

    “Okay… I’ll head to bed then. Try not to stay up too late, yeah? I’ll see you in the morning. Goodnight” Fred placed a quick and gentle kiss to the crown of your head as he stood up and walked towards the stairs. Before ascending, he looked back towards you still slumped in your chair, and an unsettling feeling crawled its way into his stomach. With one final look, he walked up the stairs towards his room.  

    Once Fred left, you chucked down your quill in frustration and rapidly ran your hands through your hair, pulling at the roots in distress. You hated this. You hated how you get annoyed at things that shouldn’t annoy you, you hated how it was impossible to get a good night’s rest, you hated how your mind just wouldn’t. Shut. Up. And what’s worst of all, you loathed how you keep pushing the one person who seems to give a crap about you. It’s not like there’s a lot of people who do.  

    A sharp pain nestled in your chest, but you tried to ignore it, you always did. You weren’t even sure what it meant. Anxiety? Guilt? It was probably a mixture of both. You didn’t know how, or when, you allowed it to get so bad. With Umbridge slowly taking over the school alongside her vile punishments (you’ve had your fair share of them), the upcoming N.E.W.Ts that you needed to ace and the stress of keeping up with the DA meetings. But that doesn’t even seem like the half of it. Every little inconvenience had the power to ruin the rest of your day.  

    You couldn’t deal with it anymore, with any of it. You just wished there was a way to make the world slow down to grab your bearings, to just actually breathe. You released a big sigh and grabbed your quill again, but the tip doesn’t even touch the paper. It’s stuck, just like you. Eventually, you fold your arms on the table and rest your head on them. You know you must finish but maybe… just five minutes won’t hurt. Just five minutes.   


    Fred lay awake on his bed, staring up at the ceiling for merlin knows how long. That weird feeling in his stomach didn’t go away, something just felt extremely off. Fred checked the watch located on the table beside his bed. It was pretty late; he’d been awake for at least a couple hours. Knowing that he wasn’t going to be getting any sleep anytime soon, Fred threw the covers from his body and gently got out of bed, careful to not wake any of his sleeping roommates.  

    By the time he made it down to the bottom of the stairs, he was already wishing to be back in bed, however, what he saw made him stop in his tracks. You were still there, this time unmoving with your head resting on your arms and your deep and even breathing. Why were you still here and not in bed? As carefully as he could, Fred walked over to your sleeping self and gently laid a hand on your shoulder squeezing just enough to rouse you.  

    After a few more gentle squeezes you started to stir awake. Fred almost felt bad for waking you, but he knew that you would have a much better time sleeping in an actual bed than a desk. You lifted your head and Fred couldn’t help to admire the sheer adorableness of your sleepy form. Your hair was dishevelled and sticking up in a few places, your cheek was red from where it was resting and the tiny noises that came from you whilst you stretched. However, as much as he’d love to stare, he knew he had to take care of you, or at least get you to bed.  

    Once you had done stretching, you looked around the table until your eyes landed on an arm, which trailed all the way to Fred’s face. You were taken aback at suddenly seeing his face next to yours, but you quickly calmed down upon looking into his soft eyes, the glow of the fire making his brown orbs look more alive and opening.  

    “Hey,” Fred said, a small smirk appearing at the corner of his lips.  

    “Hi,” you smile back. For a moment, when you looked into his eyes, you felt warm, like you were safe, you always did. You loved Fred, you loved him so much but often at times you caught yourself doubting whether or not you deserved to be with him, and each and every time Fred did his absolute best to prove your thoughts wrong. Looking into his eyes, you just get that feeling… the feeling of coming home to a warm bed after a cold day. Sometimes, you feel as if your heart might explode from the amount of love you have for him, you couldn’t even out into words. But that warm and safe feeling was quickly diminished and replaced with dread once you looked down to the mess that was sitting on the table. Darn this stupid assignment.

    “Crap, I can’t believe I fell asleep!” you groan as you shuffled through some of the parchment, trying to find the one you needed.

    “Hey, hey, hey, slow down there” Fred placed his hand on top of yours, trying to stop your erratic movements. “Don’t you think it’s time to take a bit of a break? It’s nearly two a.m.”

    “Fred, I can’t just ‘take a break’, I’ve got too much to do,”

    “And it’ll all still be here after you’ve had some sleep,”

    You released a groan in frustration and turned to face him, your irritation getting the better of you. “Don’t you get it? That’s the problem!” your voice started to rise with each word, the stress and lack of sleep catching up to you. “If I stop now then I’ll fall behind and I just can’t let that happen, ok? So just back off.”

    “Hey,” Fred grabbed your cheeks in both his hands and guided your face, so you were looking at him. Seeing your widened eyes and reddened cheeks concerned him, as this was just so unlike you. What happened to this happy-go-lucky and incredibly bubbly person go? The person who had the purest soul than anyone he knew? You just looked… tired. He knew he had to tread carefully here if we wanted to crack all your walls to understand what the hell is going on.

    You moved your hands up to try and remove his from his face, but his grip tightened ever so slightly to make your attempts futile. “Look, I’m worried about you. All this,” he tilted his head to the side to gesture to everything on the table. “it isn’t like you. Please don’t hide away, because you know I’m here for you.”

    You both stayed silent for a minute, his hands holding your cheeks and yours resting on his forearms. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, you just crumbled. Your face scrunched up and your breathing became erratic as you looked down to hide your face from Fred’s gaze. You leaned forward so your head was resting against his chest, letting out a few silent sobs as you just… broke. At the sight of your crying figure, Fred immediately jumped into action. He removed his hands from your face and wrapped his arms around your waist, carrying you over so you sat in his lap. One of his hands trailed up to stroke your head as his other maneuvered your legs so they wrapped around his torso, your head pushing further into his shoulder.

    You reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck, trying to get as close to him as possible. You just needed the warmth that constantly surrounded him. After a few minutes of tears and whisperings of sweet nothings into your ear along with Fred’s comforting touch, your breathing started to return to normal, and your sobs turned into the occasional hiccup. You weren’t really expecting to have a total breakdown, you honestly thought that you had things under control, but when you looked and Fred and he looked at you, you knew you couldn’t keep everything bottled up anymore.

    Fred was the first to break the silence, “d’you wanna move to the couch? It’ll be comfier”. The only response he got was a small nod of your head, you not really being able to trust your voice enough to speak. So, Fred stood up with you still wrapped in his arms as he carried you over to the couch in front of the fire, grabbing the spare blanket and wrapping it around you and himself. It was like a nice little cocoon of comfort and warmth.  

    And for a while, you two stayed like that, basking in the silence and the warmth the fire provided. You knew you needed to say something, you just didn’t know what exactly you could say. Fred was in the same boat. Should he make a joke to try and make you feel better? That always did the trick. But… something about tonight just told him to leave it on the backburner for now. He slid his arm underneath the blanket and stroked up and down the expanse of your back, hoping to relax your tense muscles. Occasionally Fred would turn his head to place delicate kisses on your forehead, cheeks, nose… basically anywhere his lips could find.

    God… what did you do to desrve someone like him? Someone so boisterous and loud, but also understanding and gentle when he needed to be. As the minutes ticked by, and Fred’s hands continuously moving across your body, you finally found the courage to speak up.

    “Sometimes I just feel like…” you trailed off, trying to find the right words.  


    “like nothing is going to be ok. Like no matter how hard I try, or pretend, I’m not going to be ok,” your voice caught in your throat as you buried your head into his shoulder, a weak attempt to shield yourself from the world threatening to beat you down. A silent tear trailed down the side of your face, but you hadn’t made any attempt to wipe it away.

    Fred sighed through his nose, and he swore a piece of his heart cracked when your voice did. He knew you were struggling with something, but he was just never sure of what or how bad it was. He only wished he could just take all your pain away, even force it upon himself if it meant that you’d get the chance to be happy.  

    “Oh love, I had no idea. I’m so sorry”  

    “It’s okay…” you half-shrug your shoulder, removing one of your arms from around his neck to quickly wipe the corner of your eye “no one really knew, so it’s fine”  

    There was a moment of silence as the both of you tried to catch up with your thoughts, until Fred finally spoke up, a strain in his voice, “no, it’s not fine. I hate that you’re feeling like this. Please, is there anything I can do to help you?”  

    You shrug your shoulder again. To be completely honest, you weren’t even sure if there was anything he could do. You’ve barely even figured out what you can do for yourself. However, there was one thing you knew you needed, the one thing that could help you through anything. “Just be here, and hold me?”  

    Fred placed his lips to your forehead, leaving them there for a bit as he gave a gentle kiss. He breathed deeply through his nose and spoke the words against your forehead. “for you, my love, anything.”  

    With those final words and his fingers slowly tracing up and down your arm, you felt for the first time, that maybe, just maybe, things might turn out ok.  


    whew and there we go!!! My first fic completed!! I honestly have no self control when it comes to word limits, my teachers hate me for that… oopsies! anyways I hope you all enjoyed that, if you guys liked my work feel free to send in any requests! 

    Reblogs and comments are greatly appreciated!!

    - Mills

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    New profile pic with my new hair! I think I look like early Crankgameplays lol. (And yes it matches my eyes almost perfectly)

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  • Amy: There’s only one thing worse than death.

    Amy: *pulls of piece of paper to reveal the words ‘Ethan’s Death’*

    Mark: *gasps* Ethan.

    Amy: n o 

    #unus annus#markiplier#crankgameplays#amy nelson#incorrect quotes#meme #basically every video ever #ethan is crying in the corner #soft boi#uwu
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