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  • Valentine’s Day


    first off sorry i’ve been so mia life is throwing a tidel wave of obstacles my way. i’m trying to work through them but it’s tough so here i am with henry head canons to help me through it. i promise i will work on the asks in my inbox cross my heart 🤧🤞🏽

    this one probably isn’t up to par bc it’s rushed and it’s already midnight but hush it’s for the holiday- one i’m not a big fan of but happy v days, i’m a single pringle like my boomer babey 😌🥰

    • you’ve both been dating for a couple years let’s just get that out of the way. he could never manage to pin down a day to celebrate the holiday together.
    • so naturally you both just sent one another texts and cute pics to tie over the need and wrapped the whole night up by falling asleep on the phone together. even if timezones were wacky.
    • though this time it’s different, the first time to ever celebrate together in person. it was nerve wrecking, not just for you but henry as well.
    • You go about your day like normal, doing all the tedious, usual tasks to keep yourself busy.
    • having planned his v day gift in advance there was a trail of roses carefully lining the little rug to lead towards the dining room.
    • it was a hard feat to do considering kal kept picking petals up or zipping and running around they scattered about.
    • after his mid day jog however he calmed down. so you busied yourself preparing a little festivities of v day balloons.
    • it was frustrating considering you were new to this (or never celebrated it quite as often) with the balloons awkwardly in the air and your voice a high pitch you celebrate the war won.
    • henry’s end he lied about having work, all a rouse as he went to pick up flowers (one could never go wrong with unless you’re allergic, then however omit this portion).
    • they’re your favorite kind.
    • stopping by a shop to pick up a variety of chocolates, the ones you didn’t want he was happy to eat not being that picky an eater with sweets he just didn’t part take in em regularly.
    • one last stop to collect an order of a custom made bracelet to match his own pinky ring. the chain was golden with the etching of the design his ring had. on the inside was a sweet quote of “be mine.”
    • henry makes the drive home quick. mostly for the sake of the melting chocolates and flowers to get to a source of water. it wasn’t rly urgent per say, he just couldn’t wait to see the surprise on your face.
    • you knew he had something but he didn’t crack at all under precious- not even during sexy time (due to both of you losing track and getting into the cardio).
    • the car pulling up on the gravel is what gains your attention, running around in a near panic the door opens unceremoniously to you in one of his turtle necks.
    • it falls at your mid thigh bc he’s such a giant.
    • henry’s eyes start to the top of your head, a slight smile showing off one dimple at the ruffled bed hair. to the way the shirt dips around your cleavage till it hands losely around your thighs.
    • he doesn’t miss the way you rub your lips together running away with a blush across your cheeks. all you hear is a deep chuckle in response.
    • the little rose petals are what he takes into consideration, following the elaborate path to your shared kitchen/dining room.
    • henry sees you fiddle around for a vase filling it with water, you accept the bouquet placing it in the cool water. messing with the arrangement to distract yourself.
    • his warm hands circle your middle, tucking you close to his sculpted frame you squeak delightfully. his breath breezes along your neck as he slides the chocolate onto the table.
    • that catches your eyes, filtering which would be his and yours. the task topped with him feathering kisses from your ear- to the side of your neck till he rests at the dip where neck meets shoulder.
    • one hand reaches up to mess his hair up like yours, the other intertwining with his other at your abdomen.
    • Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentine.” is what he mutters all sweet, deep and sultry.
    • you hum, head tilting to kiss his forehead repeating the words but with dork at the end. you weren’t a sweet.
    • he laughs again lifting you up in a twirl and you join his laughter.
    • henry fills you in on how he didn’t really have work, to which you punch him in the shoulder. the others being lighter jabs, after he showers you in enough kisses yours complacent.
    • being the skilled kisser he is you were weak to them. has he not latched the bracelet onto your left wrist you wouldn’t have broken the make out session.
    • he smiles toothy at- one would assume is exaggerated but it wasn’t. to the shimmering gold bracelet that dangles some but fit your wrist perfectly so it would never slip off.
    • you pounce him again, arms around his neck as your noses bump with the messy kiss and many “thank yous
    • carefully henry sets you down eyes closed expecting a gift in return. you pretend a sheepish expression he looks near to being hurt.
    • when kal bursts into the room with a bag in his mouth. covered in bright pink and red hearts on a white back drop. the sweet puppers drops the bag before you.
    • henry doesn’t move till you tilt you head for him to go ahead. so he opens the bag, with a disgruntled ew at kal’s slobber getting on it some.
    • the wrapping that’s abit excessive is set aside, till he sees a plastic packaging. he has the most adorable shocked expression ever as you cheer clapping.
    • he puts it to the table, lifts you into his arms and twirls around. you hang on for dear life watching as you’re now grounded again and he’s tearing open the item.
    • it’s the new headset he’s always wanted for gaming.
    • at that your day is complete. ordering some take out because you both can’t be bothered. you just want to hop online to world of war craft and venture the world taking quests and leveling up. throughout the rest of the couples holiday.
    • at night fall theres light canoodling, nothing too intense but still the affection and love is all there it’s enough to help you both fall asleep tucked close to one another.
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  • Henry Cavill Headcanons


    if you’ve got any suggestions or general topics you’d like to see headcanons for just shoot an ask my way or of any of his particular roles id be happy to do such. it’s safe to say this man owns all of me 😌✨🌸💕

    • he’s definitely a giant teddy bear, and whenever you come home exhausted he just opens his arms. chuckling how you readily sink into his arms, once there you refuse to move or even do anything.
    • he ends up carrying you to bed, and helps remove your shoes and pants so you’re more comfortable.
    • henry would do random things like hug you from behind and lift you up just to hear you squeal in surprise.
    • his laugh and smile is infectious and he knows it, some days he’d purposely just sit and smile at you till you do in return.
    • if you’ve got long hair, he would braid it after you’ve washed it. short hair he’d probably dry it with a towel and floof it up so you end up having a hair floofing war.
    • during red carpet events he lets you wear his suit coat, keeps a hand at your waist at all times. or holds your hand, however you like. constantly rubbing his thumb over your knuckles.
    • when you shower together, the rare times you actually can- 😏, he likes to wash your hair, lathering in too much shampoo you always tell him it’ll be damaging than helpful.
    • he gets suds everywhere, on purpose.
    • by on purpose he puts it there so he’ll have a reason to touch there again. some nsfw and some sfw (ex. your nose- just to see you smile goofily, your cheeks, your shoulders that he loves to squeeze affectionally, and ofc your abdomen and hips.)
    • when he tells you it’s time to rinse, he tilts your head back and makes sure the soap or water doesn’t get in your face, during these times you like to watch how his brows draw together in focus.
    • after he’s done he’ll always notice you were watching him and blush lightly.
    • he’s a damn good cook, surprises you with breakfast in bed. while you pop up at his work with a home made lunch of his favourites.
    • there’s times you have tickle wars on the sofa but leads to the ground, bc he’s a giant and you’re tiny. there’s no way you’d win if he keeps you cornered.
    • other days you’ll spend it sitting together reading books.
    • the times he’s got off work you play world of war craft, him teaching you the basics as you’re a noob or not tech savvy (like me)
    • once you’ve been shown the ropes you become a pro being a fast learner and all. it kinda makes him jealous to see you won’t need his guidance.
    • which leads to him finding something else he can teach you about or vice versa.
    • the times Henry isn’t home a lot, you take Kal for walks/jogs and spend the day in cuddled with the giant doggo watching shows you’ve binged already.
    • he often calls to face time you during his breaks or hair & make up. the two of you taking goofy snap shots and asking the other how their days been.
    • often times you always mumble how much you miss him, and the way his eyes seem to gloss over you know he misses you too.
    • the two of you can always hear the door clicking even with the tv blaring and you watch Kal go to greet him while you wait on the sofa in jammies.
    • by jammies it’s usually his hoodies or a t-shirt even a button up with long socks. due to the fact his shirts look like dresses on you, shorts aren’t really a necessity.
    • the excitement is high in your veins at him being home too but you don’t wanna bombard him.
    • most times you fail, even beating Kal to him and throwing yourself into his arms. showering his face in kisses and scratching the light stubble lining his jawline. he returns each shower of kiss with his own to you.
    • henry forgets all the bags there and holds you to him tightly, inhaling the smell of your shampoo. all while you koala bear wrap yourself around his sturdy body.
    • you both do different work outs in the day, you always skip or give up before him bc what is dedication ??
    • he’s the real dedication if you’re honest. when he joins you, then you’ll see it through just to see his glistening muscles. *cue purring*
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  • so i’m feeling quite soft today, and i thought why not give the kny fandom something equally s o f t, right?? so here’s some soft giyuu and kyoujuro headcanons:

    tomioka giyuu:

    • starts sleeping in his back but ends up cuddling his pillow or worse, his nichirin blade
    • when not in a hurry, he loves pausing just for a moment and breathe, admiring the scenery around him
    • smiles at the thought of his favourite food, always
    • loves getting up early just to feel the chilling morning breeze and see the sunset when in his off days
    • although he tends to train 90% of his free time, the other 10% he just really loves indulging on rereading all the letters tanjirō and his sensei send him
    • we all know he doesn’t seem like it, but giyuu actually leaves the other pillars’ favourite treats on their doors whenever he’s come back from a mission where he could find some
    • absolutely loves reading poetry first thing in the morning (usually haikus) because it reminds him of his sister, who taught him to read and write through them
    • in the safety of his home, whenever it’s cold outside he snuggles in his kotatsu
    • ends up falling sleep there most of the time instead of on his bed/futatsu
    • whenever he sees an animal his first instinct is to pet it, no matter the size or how aggressive towards him they might be

    rengoku kyoujuro:

    • he always makes a mess out of the kitchen whenever he cooks, but there’s this one thing he can make and that’s sweet potatoes
    • his mother was the one who taught him, and in return, he taught his little brother and mitsuri
    • they’re his favourite dish
    • whenever he takes on an apprentice/tsuguko he always takes them to watch sumo wrestling with him because he wants to share something that he enjoys with what he hopes will be an important person in his life
    • that one person who can fall asleep the moment his head touches a pillow, and he actually murmurs in his sleep
    • he has a really good memory and maybe you wouldn’t expect it from him, but he’s super thoughtful and remembers even that one offhand comment, so he makes the best presents
    • although he tends to be energetic, he too has his moments of peace and quiet, which revolve around the sunset, just before the night falls, reminding him of his determination
    • plays the shakuhachi (japanese instrument) quite well, having learned from his mother, and loves the memories that come with it
    • also while younger it helped him regulate his breaths
    • he tends to write tons of letters, to his family (to his father, too), to his fellow pillars, to his friends, etc. but he also writes to his mother, documenting his life and smiling whenever he thinks she’s done her proud

    love y’all, 


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    Pepper carries Tony to bed when he falls asleep in his lab because she’s a super wife.

    That’s it. That the post

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  • not to be, uhh, soft on main, but like. slashers are such a huge comfort spot for me. i know most people like their realistic portrayals of the slashers we know and love, but… hear me out … i love my sof headcannons … jason braiding hair? helping bubba make weird crafts n shit? freddy letting you wear his rat man hat? yea. that kinda stuff. just HEAR me out.

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