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    𝐒𝐞𝐢𝐣𝐨𝐡 𝐒𝐨𝐟𝐭 𝐒𝐞𝐱 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬

    request by mattsuny <3

    𝘀𝗺𝘂𝘁, 𝗽𝗿𝗮𝗶𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴, 𝗰𝘂𝗱𝗱𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴

    𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀: matsukawa, oikawa, iwaizumi.


    ➴ he has a high sex drive, but he’ll always cater to you

    ➴ so he doesn’t (usually) care whether you want him to be rough or soft

    ➴ what is most important to him is your comfort and pleasure

    ➴ his ultimate goal is always making you cum !!! just the sight of his pretty little thing cumming is enough for him to do so as well

    ➴ will absolutely plunge his fingers inside your mouth and smile softly

    ➴ he goes for positions where you’re lying down; partly because he’d rather do the work and have you comfy, but also because he gets off from seeing you take him in

    ➴ either grips your waist or thighs

    ➴ also likes to caress your neck and slightly wrap his fingers around your throat, not enough to choke you but he just loves the feeling, especially when he can feel how fast your heart is beating

    ➴ will accidentally leave bruises, even when he’s not going fully at it

    ➴ however, he will absolutely kiss them after

    ➴ buries his fingers in your hair and looks into your eyes, telling you what a good girl you are for taking him in so well

    ➴ he definitely has a playlist for when you guys are having soft sex

    probably has music like: do i wanna know, 505, daddy issues, and songs from the weeknd.

    ➴ doesn’t moan that much, but will occasionally grunt in your ear

    ➴ mostly praises you, saying how you’re so perfect for him

    ➴ cleans you up really gently and immediately cuddles you

    ➴ likes to fall asleep naked with you right in his arms



    ➴ you guys have soft sex more often than not

    ➴ you’re one of the few people he’s vulnerable with, so he feels comfortable being emotional with you

    ➴ so you know he’s hella loud (sometimes will spit corny shit too, but it’s cute from him)

    ➴ literally moans in your ear 70% of the time because you just make him fall apart

    ➴ plus, he knows it boosts your ego

    ➴ he’s generous, so he would absolutely lose it if you tried muffling your moans

    ➴ actually really likes it when you ride him

    ➴ he’ll hold your waist and just stare up at you in awe

    ➴ spans his hands all over your naked skin, he probably has your body memorized by now

    ➴ ALWAYS says “i love you”

    ➴ especially when cumming. he’ll rest his head on your shoulder and gush about how good you make him feel

    ➴ has a thing for the both of you cumming together

    ➴ but when you do, he likes to hold your face and take in every one of your expressions, thrusting in harder to send you right over the edge

    ➴ loves loves loves to kiss you and swallow your moans

    ➴ prefers to cockwarm for a little after you’re done

    ➴ plays with your hair and coos in your ear because he likes it when you fall asleep while he’s still inside of you

    ➴ wakes you up by peppering kisses all over your face the next morning + will cook you breakfast!!



    ➴ he was definitely softer at the beginning of your relationship because he was still a little shy

    ➴ he’s definitely more rough, but he’ll be extra gentle when he thinks you’ve had a bad day or something of the sort

    ➴ all he wants to do is make you feel better

    ➴ and let you know how much he adores you

    ➴ he’ll murmur every compliment possible against your skin as he worships it

    ➴ like he literally kisses every inch of your body

    ➴ he spends more time fingering you and playing with your nipples, really

    ➴ loves seeing your back arch when he hits that special spot, so much so that he can’t help but smile

    ➴ bites your earlobe and whispers how pretty you are, and how lucky he is to have you

    ➴ once he finally decides to use his cock, he drives in achingly slowly

    ➴ he actually does it on purpose to tease you, though he did use to be scared because you seemed so much smaller than him

    ➴ he sets a slow pace, but he easily thrusts deep enough to have your toes curling

    ➴ prefers that rhythm because it lets him watch you in detail

    ➴ rests his forehead against yours when you’re close, urging you on to go ahead and cum for him

    ➴ he’s sometimes shy when he’s climaxing, so he’d hide his face in your neck or close his eyes, in hopes that you will too (you don’t, how could you ever miss the sight??)

    ➴ collapses besides you and instantly pulls you in for a hug

    ➴ pillow talk !! so much of it !!!

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  • Request: Modern Anders takes care of reader with depersonalization disorder

    - You’ve been together long enough that he knows what’s happening
    - He takes his time to cover up reflective surfaces
    - Then he pulls you into his lap and rubs your back 
    - “You’re here,” 
    - “You’re real.” 
    - “We’re right here together,”
    - He spoke in the most gentle voice
    - He loves you so much
    - He’ll always
    - and I mean always
    - Take care of you

    #anders x reader #anders x male reader #neurodiverse character#mlm#male reader #mentally ill reader #soft headcanons
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    headers transparent lumity

    like/reblog if you use or save it 

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  • imagine Eddie singing Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves to the boys, while theyre on rest at Pavuvu, lying on the beach , while he sometimes gazes at Ack-Ack who is absolutely not turning slightly pink because of his Lieutenant’s amazing voice and adoring gaze ..

    and then tell me it’s not canon I dare u

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  • Soft asks Oz Goodwin

    • What they smell like: Smoke, leather, dirt,
    • what their favorite smells in the world are: Fresh air, the quidditch pitch, pine, Novas famous cherry pie
    • what pajamas they wear/what they wear to sleep in= just his boxers
    • my favorite ship (if applicable) and a cute hc about them= Andre actually thinks Oz’s fashion sense is amazing and cool but will still tease Oz by saying he disapproves
    • my favorite friendship (if applicable) and a cute hc about them: Oz will run up to the commentators box and yell profanities into the microphone just to make Murphy mad, then pretend he didnt do anything
    • a song that reminds me of them: crazy equals genius PATD
    • what animal i think they would be if they were an animal: a black panther. Sleek, unnoticed and Cunning
    • what position they sleep in: on his stomach hugging his pillow
    • their favorite drink: redbull
    • a gift I would give them if I could: A muggle car catalogue

    Oz belongs to @novanalixhere

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  • Zoom classes with their S/O

    How is having Zoom classes with the hq boys while being on the same house~ General Headcanons

    Okay so hear me out, I’m gonna pass this year only by saying “Yeah, we can hear you” ಠ_ಠ Online classes are really a struggle for me. It’s not the same AT ALL. So here are a few HC. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading ♡ !

    Pairings: Kuroo x !Reader, Atsumu x f!Reader, Oikawa x f!Reader 

    Genre/s: fluff, a little suggestive maybe? idk

    WC: 775

    • doesn’t waste ANY opportunity to tease you
    • you’re having physics? he is constantly peeking your screen and going all “The best way to keep body temperature is with physical touch, you know? Don’t mind asking me for warmth, kitten”
    • kuroo likes flustering you, ruffles your hair and kisses your cheek when he walks behind you
    • when you both are sitting together, man he can’t keep his hands off you
    • he loves touching you, it doesn’t matter if you’re in class or not, he’ll squeeze your thigh with no shame
    • “Y/N, is everything alright?” your eyes open widely at his touch
    • “Y-Yeah. It’s just-”, you glare deadly at Kuroo “- my cat is being annoying, sorry”
    • However, he finds your reactions hilarious…that means hyena’s laughs as background during your zoom meetings
    • When he’s having classes it’s your chance for payback
    • Or that is what you think
    • Kuroo quickly takes control not caring if his whole class watches the PDA
    • Did you try to kiss him in the cheek to fluster him? He kisses you fully in the mouth, letting out a few sinful groans. Thanks god he is muted
    • The shocked look of his teacher’s face and your blushed cheeks are enough for him to keep teasing
    • “Oh, I’m so sorry…but I have to take care of my kitten” a loud laugh escaping his lips
    • he quickly turns off the camera and runs behind you
    • “KITTEN! Don’t get mad, I love you!”
    • Kuroo ends up curling you up and mumbling how cute you looked angry the teasing just never stops with him
    • Is very, very loud. It’s even worse when you’re at Miya’s house
    • His yawns and sighs are so freaking loud
    • Atsumu normally has his camera off, he wakes up 2 min before the class, so he has a crappy look
    • his biggest participation is testing the audio
    • he walks around the living room bored that you and Osamu are actually taking notes and answering questions
    • “This is why you always fail your exams, dickhead”
    • “Who even asked you, Samu? You’re such an ass-“ the pleaded look on your face almost convince him to shut up…almost
    • “Did your girlfriend just lock herself in our room?” poor Samu
    • When you’re free and find him waiting for the call to start, you can’t help to grin at his annoyed look
    • He loves feeling you close and constantly asks you to sit on his lap
    • He opens his arms and pats his thigh, showing you his trademark smile
    • On his lap, he grips your thigh not allowing you to move
    • during the whole call, he strokes it gently and places his chin on your shoulder
    • but eventually he has to turn his camera on.
    • That is how you end up bending uncomfortably against his torso, hiding yourself
    • Your body being this close to him is the only reason he has to stay on his sit
    • “Didn’t know you were that flexible, doll” a cocky grin creeps on his lips as his hand caresses your bended back
    • The moment the camera is off again, Atsumu smacks your lips playfully before asking you what the class was about.
    • is very active in class, doesn’t get distracted easily
    • Always has his camera and microphone on, he wants everyone to know he is with you in the same room
    • He’s a little noisy, singing or humming on his way to the kitchen
    • Sometimes his voice gets too loud yet is so harmonic…however you don’t mute your mic, not wanting to private the world from Tooru Oikawa’s melodic voice
    • He instantly becomes a blushing mess at the praises coming from your laptop
    • If you want to cuddle with him while he is on a meeting, he thinks a bit before winking at you with a approving smile  
    • When he is sitting on his bed with the laptop on his lap you bury your face on his chest trying to sleep before your next class
    • Loves showing you off in front of the class
    • He loves kissing the top of your head and pulling you closer with his arm
    • Oikawa smiles sweetly at his classmate’s reactions before kissing your sleepy forehead
    • “Isn’t my girlfriend adorable?”
    • When he is off class, doesn’t care who is watching as long as he gets cuddles and kisses from you
    • Oikawa is a clingy person. Every time he walks behind you while you are in classes, he wraps his arms around you and squeezes his cheek against yours.
    • “Is that Oikawa-san??”
    • He ends up chatting with your class even with the teacher
    • “I feel I’m taking all the attention here; I’ll better go.” he giggles before  kissing you and  walking off the room humming

    Reblog please! Thanks for reading ❀

    ✱ If you have any request or idea, just ask me✱

    Leaving their camera on while being soft with s/o

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  • Christenson calls Gunny Wynn ‘Dad’ on one tired afternoon and Mike goes still

    he is so protective of those two boys (any marine of his really, but especially of those two young ones in his victor) and he gets so worried when Christenson gets hurt

    he just grabs Christenson by the neck and knocks their helmet together,

    and if he has a fond tone when he calls Q-tip or Christenson 'son’ the next time, noone comments on it

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  • #zamsel#zach amsel#soft headcanons#ask games #i absolutely adore zach and this is just... making me want to write him again #did you know that zamsel is the softboy king
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  • #edgar allan poe #soft headcanons#ask games #edgar's kinda soft
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  • #kam suzuki#soft headcanons#ask games #i just.... i just love kam suzuki so so so very much
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  • Soft Jemily Headcanons

    • JJ loves to bake but Emily doesn’t. So when she bakes Emily is always the taste tester. And most of the time JJ always some how convinces Emily to bake with her and at the end they’re always both covered in flour
    • Emily and JJ have to very different tastes in music but they both love Taylor Swift so at their wedding they have their first dance to Taylor Swift’s “Lover”
    • Whenever Emily can’t sleep, JJ sings her to sleep. Normally singing “Fly Me To The Moon”. But if that doesn’t work (which it almost always does) she tells her the story of the time she figured out that she loved Emily
    • One year for christmas Emily got JJ a necklace that said her name and JJ did the same but in the form of a bracelet. They did this on the same year unintentionally. Now they wear it everyday
    • Whenever either of them get hurt the other stays with them at the hospital until they get out. And during that period they read each other stories and watch movies together

    For @thestrawberrygirl, @heat-waveee, and @jenniferxprentiss

    #i dont normally do this #so lets hope you like it #jemily#soft headcanons #for my soft heart
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  • #asks#tjandy #tj hammond x andy barber #soft headcanons#kenz's headcanon #beyond a reasonable doubt
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  • #illumi#soft headcanons #trying to comfort s/o
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  • I’m soft rn, so you get soft headcanons. Not naming any ships because I don’t care atm


    • Janus is a kiss-but-not-quite-kiss kind of person. You know what I’m talking about? He presses his lips to your skin, but he’s not kissing you, not quite. He loves doing this to people’s knuckles and the backs of their hands. It flusters them, and he knows it. 
    • Janus likes to cup people’s faces in his hands as he brushes his lips over their nose. 
    • He likes to be the one holding a person when there are cuddles to be had.
    • Janus is a lot about touch
    • When he holds his significant other, he likes to make them feel good
    • So there’s a lot of line tracing
    • He also likes giving massages
    • Also, he’s flirty, but you knew that already
    • This man will frickn self care his other so hard. You know he has a hot tub, face masks and tea. Also fairy lights. He has fairy lights for sure
    • Dimmed lights
    • Food, but like, nice romantic meal type food
    • Okay, so see, hat off? It means that it’s time for cuddles. Or that his other stole it, but eh. Anyone else takes his hat off and he will fight them. His other takes his hat off and he will take it back and leave for about five minutes. (He left to go get the next date ready, but shh, don’t tell)


    • Roman’s acts are much more extravagant
    • At least, that’s what seems like at first
    • After a little while it will be noticeable that Roman is burning himself out. When that happens, his significant other will tell him, “It’s okay Roman. I don’t need ballrooms and parties and large bouquets. I love you.”
    • It takes a little while, but Roman’s big efforts will turn into small things, which are honestly a lot better. 
    • He brushes a hand through their hair 
    • Leans into them just a little bit, and plays with their fingers until he starts relaxing
    • Everything he does is very natural, as in he will almost unconsciously hold hands or spin them into a dip without it feeling strange or surprising
    • btw he likes painting nails
    • He will make it as nice looking as possible, and on the ring finger, there will be that side’s color and then a stripe of gold. He once said it takes the place of ring before realizing that marriage hadn’t even been brought up yet, so he told his other to forget about it. He was very embarrassed
    • A very romantic boi
    • Chocolate, icecream and crying while binge watching a show.
    • Disney. A lot of disney
    • More disney
    • Adventures, but not really, just story telling while taking a walk


    • He isn’t very good at doing these sorts of things so when he does take the lead, everything is very cliche
    • I mean, like, picnic dates 
    • Box of chocolates
    • Roses and flowers
    • But if they get close enough, he’s really quite soft
    • He likes to give little kisses to his other when they’re feeling down
    • A kiss on the knuckles
    • And then a kiss on each eyelid 
    • And then a small one on the nose that makes the tip of their nose tingle for a good five mins
    • Logan really likes kisses. Like, fyi, he likes getting them and giving them
    • Okay so, he also is warm. Like a nice warm that just kind of spreads when he touches his other. It’s very nice feeling
    • Like, just holding hands can make his other feel warm all over. Literally. I mean, I know I’m being romantic, but I’m saying that it actually makes them feel warm. If people are warm enough, this does happen, I promise
    • If he takes his glasses off, it means it’s cuddle time. If his other takes his glasses off, it’s cuddle time. If the glasses are off, it’s cuddle time. Or time for bed, but it’s basically the same thing

    Remus (I am going in no particular order here):

    • You would think that he’s really sexual (How dare you, I’m a minor, I’m not doing that-) but he’s not
    • Like, if his other wants cuddles or even touch, his other needs to ask
    • Because he doesn’t want to scare anyone away. So he just kinda sits there hoping that someone will want to cuddle
    • Gifts are what Remus is good at
    • He’ll give flowers
    • food
    • candle light dinners
    • and the best one of all, the nights that he conjure up a soft living room like area with pillows and stuffed animals and beanbag chairs and couches
    • He always kinda just stands there, waiting for his other to sit first
    • Because his other is cute, they drag him by the arm and has them sit together
    • His hugs and cuddles are so good, you don’t even know
    • Although he also loves bringing them on adventures
    • Sometimes they are like walks in the park, but sometimes he equips them with armor and stuff and they go fight some monsters. Remus makes sure that neither of them get hurt tho


    • He likes giving hugs and stuff but he isn’t actually that great at it
    • Patton is the one they hug
    • He’s like a big, alive, stuffed animal
    • He is also really damn good at comforting
    • Also he’s warm. Very warm
    • His other loves holding him when they’re cold
    • Back to the comforting, he wipes the tears away and does that lip touch thing where it’s almost a kiss but not really (Check Janus’ thing. It’s there somewhere)
    • Also, he makes his voice really soft and quiet
    • He always remembers what his other’s favorite things and comfort shows/items are and will always grab them and cuddle so that they feel better


    • Okay, so this man needs cuddles
    • Like NEEDS cuddles
    • Get’s cold real easy, so you are cuddling a lot
    • Very close, often. Like, hugs, hand holding, cuddles, sitting in each others laps, you know, lots of contact
    • Blanket fort? Blanket fort
    • ^ Be very careful about this one. If he and his other are both in, he will topple it
    • For other people? Vee knows how to cook and you better trust that this man will frickn make them a feast
    • Also he’s very nervous that they’re gonna not like it, so he goes all out
    • If vee makes them food, you best be greatful, because it’s the best food they’ll have ever tasted before
    • I don’t have a lot for this one-


    Lol, have you noticed I took the thing you would think that they would be like and just kinda said, “Nope” For most of them tho, not all

    If you wanna add on, go ahead

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