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  • quick doodle based off the previous ask I got!: x

    they nap
    He protecc

    #mallow's art#soft vore #never drawn an orc before and wanted to draw an orc #his name: Grommok Bonebreaker  and he is a soft man
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  • Couple notes on Anna and the Apocalypse

    • In the running au I have, John’s still a zombie. He isn’t cured (at least, not yet)
    • Anna is only tiny due to an unfortunate accident on a search for a cure. A shelf of vials and chemicals spilled onto her, leaving her small.
    • All zombies have a small, small, small amount of their humanity left to them. This is why John suddenly realizes who she is: his best friend since they were kids. Had they not had a connection, he would’ve killed her on the spot.
    • The rest of Anna’s team doesn’t trust John, but everyone knows better than to argue with Anna.
    • John’s a tad smug about that.
    • He’s still wearing his Christmas sweater! Anna thinks it’s sorta sad that it doesn’t light up so she changes the batteries for him and he’s ENCHANTED.
    • She tests lots of cures on him after realizing zombies don’t digest things normally.
    • She tastes like peppermint to him!
    • His speech isn’t the greatest but he’s trying his best anyway. Lots of slurring and grumbles, along with growls, purrs, and moans.
    • The closer they get to a cure, the better he is in terms of almost being Anna’s goofy friend.
    • He’s still smitten with her and loves to just hold her. She sits on his shoulder and his undead heart will skip a beat.
    • When she acknowledges getting eaten by him isn’t all that bad… zombie boy is ESTATIC and gulps her down near instantly.
    • I love this movie
    • I need to write a fic
    • The end
    #anna and the apocalypse #soft vore#vore hcs
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  • Two years of my stupid Feathered Serpent AU. Thank you guys for sticking around despite not doing much except for the story (which btw I’ll be reuploading soon on a better platform). I had so much planned but real life stuff got in the way so hopefully I’ll get to it 2020.


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  • While I was away, I decided to educate myself on internet slang. I’m going to attempt it now:

    “I am a tasty snacc! Yeet me into some mouth!”
    What score do you all give me? 

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  • Askbox open! Interact with me. Ask me about my OCs, which ones make good preds or which ones make good prey. RP preferences. Vore preferences. Tell me about your OCs in anon and I’ll tell you what I like about them. Idk

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  • Day 1. Aradia Megido (Willing)

    “On the first day of Christmas, Aradia consulted me.”

    It’s the middle of December and you’ve been telling all of your troll friends about this holiday named “Christmas”. Though it’s technically meaningless now due to the destruction of Earth and Alternia both, you still have high hopes in the happiness this holiday brings.

    You and the other four humans, John, Dave, Rose, and Jade, are determined to teach them all about the events that would normally unfold during this month back on Earth. The smiles, gifts, candy… It’s so close yet so far and you just can’t wait to bring this all to your friends.

    But, tonight was rough. It was full of shouting up at the dozen aliens around you to teach them how it works. You did most of the explaining, but from time to time, another one of the humans would jump in and add onto what you said. You had been calling out to the few who got bored and stopped listening, straining your tiny weak voice in order to get your point across. A few even showed concern in you as you talked so long you looked like you needed to take a break. All of that was a few hours ago, though, and now you are quite tired. Maybe you do need a break you think to yourself.

    The air is now beginning to grow cold on the meteor. You believe it to be night, since all are asleep, but without a star nearby or a moon to orbit there is no “Day” or “Night”; no meaning to the passing of time. You would have been getting ready for bed about now even if you weren’t already tired.

    Looking upon all your surroundings with drowsy vision, you let out a gentle yawn. Tall tables and chairs that seem miles above your reach, counter tops filled with many bowls of fruit and food for you and your many friends that live here. You wish you could climb up just once to get a bite before sleep, but there would be no way for you to get that high up. That’s not to mention the risk of slipping and falling to your doom.

    You step a foot in front of you and head off only to hear a door open behind you. You shoot off instinctively and hide behind the leg of a table, looking up to see your rust-blooded friend approaching. Oh! Joy, maybe she can reach the fruits to grab you one! You run out in front of her and wave your arms, smiling lightly.

    “Hey!” You shout up, hoping she’d hear you from where she was.

    Normally you’d have to be this loud since obviously the trolls would have a hard time hearing you.. you were like.. 3 inches tall compared to them!!

    “hmm…?” The ghostly girl hums out, her eyes looking around in confusion. Seeing no one though, she concluded it was just more of the irritating voices in her head.

    Getting a better look up at her, you see stains on her cheeks. Had she been crying??

    “Aradia! Down here!” You call again. This time her attention was dragged down with your frail voice.

    “..0h..hell0, i didn’t see y0u there.” She whispers.

    You could hear Aradia just fine. Your ears were fine tuned to noises like that and with her being so large it was no difficult task.

    “That’s okay! Can you lift me up?” You clarify, in case she didn’t understand by the loud voice and how close you were to her, you wanted to be able to talk without straining your already hoarse voice.

    “um.. alright..” she said in a soft tone. She really sounded out of energy tonight. What was bugging her?

    She leaned down onto her knee, dress tapering over her leg like a large grey tattered curtain. Her silvery grey hands outstretched down beside you so that you could climb up and balance. You didn’t make a big deal of clambering up her fingertips and into the palm to meet the warmth her skin has to offer.

    “Is something wrong?” You ask in a worried yet caring voice after she raised you to a respectable height.

    “n0rmally i’d say n0thing is wr0ng, but i can’t lie right n0w, i d0n’t have the energy…” She muttered, “the gh0sts in my mind aren’t being very kind t0 me.”

    “Oh No!” You say, “That’s terrible, is there any way I can help??” The question comes out of your mouth nearly mechanically in your concern. Your hands wrapped around her pinkie as she thought periodically.

    Her eyes were twitchy and looked to be darting back and forth while contemplating your offer. “perhaps y0u can…” she said, looking you up and down for a while, taking in every tiny detail.

    She normally wasn’t one for conversation so talking to you and seeing you so close was a first time experience with her. She gave a subtle nod and lowered down into a chair beside the tables.

    You were really interested in how you could help her. Barely able to fight back your smile, you keep your cool.

    Helping people out around here always managed to get you all happy and warm inside. Troll culture gave life to some really unique people and you have the honor of calling them your friends, Even if some are violent or act like they hate you.

    “Ok, What should I do?” You ask

    To answer your question, she first cleared her throat, “y0u sh0uld sit still.” She began, “i’ll explain it t0 y0u but i think it might be a bit weird since i’m quite certain y0u may have never experienced anything like it bef0re…” she added.

    “Hit me!” You responded with enthusiasm, throwing up a fist in triumph. You’re certain nothing she asks of you is too weird in your book!

    “i believe i may be able t0 get rid of the v0ices f0r a while if i find s0mething to distract myself…” Her voice was a little shaky, but she sounded desperate. “Will it be 0k if i um…” she cut herself off, turning a dusty red in the face. This subject was just silly, but trolls do this all the time, she’s got no reason to be embarrassed… she’s probably just nervous to ask you, you’re a great friend after all!

    She simply motions to her mouth and sticks out her tongue all the while saying no words to aid in her request.

    “if you..eat me??” You finished off her odd request.

    It might be strange that assuming she wanted to eat you was your first responce, but you had heard about trolls wanting to eat humans before. All of the more relaxed, confident trolls like Sollux and Vriska liked to talk about this stuff a lot. Some made some comments on how they’d like to give you a taste one day as well so you were well accustomed to the strange subject. That didn’t make you any less weirded out by it though.

    You heard all about the trolls anatomy, and more eager to teach trolls like Kanaya (and even Karkat sometimes when he was irritated with your ‘ignorance’) liked to show you pictures and scripts about them. The most important thing to note, you remember, was that their digestive systems were slightly different depending on the trolls blood color.

    “yeah…” she answered, laughing and putting a hand on the back of her neck. She had expected you to lash out or flat out deny her so when you told her you wouldn’t mind if she did eat you she had jumped up in surprise. “wait!” she spoke a little louder, “really???” You nod.

    “Yeah! Why not? You won’t hurt me, I know that for sure! …Well not for sure but I sure as hell hope you don’t want me to be another ghostly voice in your head!! Haha!” That was your tired and sore attempt at a joke, but all it got from her was a weak laugh and an awkward silence.

    “…ah. sore subject, sorry. anyways though, yeah! I won’t judge you at all. Go ahead and do it, Aradia. It might be better for me than being cold and dizzy out here, too” She understood where you were coming from this.

    “thanks f0r this, i kn0w h0w strange this is t0 y0u.” She didn’t actually know, but she liked to think she did, and you respected that.

    “Mhmm! So how do we start??” You asked.

    Secretly you were glad she was your first time. She always tended to take things a little slow, and you’d be able to take in every detail unlike if your first time was with Eridan who might just overdo it, or with Karkat who would be too peeved to let you enjoy the atmosphere of it all.

    “well it’s painfully simple.” She said, blinking a few times before blandly adding, “we just… d0 it.”

    “Aww whaaat? There’s nothing we can do in advance? I don’t want my first time to be super fast!” You pouted, disappointed. She didn’t know this about you but you like to give every idea a chance even if it’s incredibly weird. 'Why not?’ is your question to everything!

    “well it d0esnt have t0 be fast if y0u d0nt want it t0 be.” She offered kindly, still surprised by how well you were taking this.

    “Yeah let’s take it slow! I know I’m helping you out but we both deserve a chance to take it in!” You pat her fingers while you waited for her response.

    She was quiet for a while, taking soft breaths and looking unsure of herself for a bit. She already did this type of thing with the few tinier creatures on her native planet before. All trolls did, she was sure of it. …well maybe not Karkat, but that is an entirely different story.

    She never thought about taking the time to enjoy the sensation. She thought it was one of those things where you were supposed to get it done and over with as fast as possible.

    “right, ill take my time.” She confirmed. “are y0u ready?”

    “Oh! We’re doing this right now?? Ah- of course we are!! What help would I be to you if we waited?? Sure thing! Ready as ever!”

    You were an embarrassed red mess…

    In all your flustered grace you felt a pressure at the back of your head and then felt it drag down your back. Felt like a soft rubbing sensation, you turned to confirm and surely enough she had just been softly petting you. She didn’t even look like she knew she was doing it! You laugh and turn to give her a thumbs up. She understood exactly what to do.

    She plucked you off of the hand you were standing with and held you firmly with two fingers in-between your arms and torso. Now you finally got the picture about how high up you were. It was all up to Aradia what to do with you.

    Holding you still, her tongue poked out from her lips, jaw opening to show the red warmth below. Her tongue looked very soft and seemed much too impatient for your arrival.

    It didn’t take too long before you were carefully slipped in past her teeth and onto the squishy surface of the tongue. It curled at your presence and wrapped around your legs gently, pressing you against the roof of her maw ever so slightly. The maw was so tight and fairly difficult to move inside of.

    The air was moist and humid, a sense you’ve only ever felt before on warm summers after a rainstorm. You thanked god that her teeth weren’t sharp or else you may have been shredded upon arrival assuming she wasn’t careful.

    Her lips shut softly around you, sealing you in inside the roomy, yet still restrictive prison. The tongue felt like the softest mattress ever… It was so weird to feel it move underneath you, coating you head to toe so you were no longer dry. She had been tasting you, and judging from the pleased hums coming from her throat she probably enjoyed the taste. You kept quiet for a bit to let her take it in.

    Time was passing so slow. It felt like it took forever before she finally gave you a small thoughtful hum and a click, telling you she was ready to swallow.

    You had somehow grown accustomed to the warmth already and we’re just laying down all comfy like. So when you heard her confirmation that you were about to move further you were a bit surprised. Despite that, you perk up slightly and give an agreeing yet uneasy smile. She wouldn’t see the smile but it made you feel more complete.

    As if on perfect timing, she tipped her head back gently and let the pressure release off of you with her tongue.

    The gravity was growing and you were slipping. You could feel it. Your feet were slipping down and you began to slide to the back of her maw and you felt the start of her throat muscles encasing you. They were a bit tight and they were easily able to envelope you.

    Turning around, you watch the lights from beyond her lips fade with her closing and giving a easy swallow. You felt the hot muscle you laid on before press against your body and force you down. Down further even.

    Your breathing hitched when you felt the raw force of the throat muscles. They were so tight that you were cramped. You felt a drop of nervous sweat bead up on your forehead along with the other drops from the heat. The constriction was pulling me from head to toe. They were so firm. They pinched your body and then carefully dragged you below.

    You’d be lying to say this wasn’t a little uncomfortable. The tightness of the experience. This being your first time, it was unexpected. The events leading up to this were so much more tame! Now it made you feel like just a simple piece of food.

    Not soon enough, you felt your legs enter a much larger area, temperatures rising even still.

    You were deposited onto the squishy surface of her stomach. It was like a heated cushion and you had quickly became distracted from your nervousness, instead focusing on the cozy floor beneath you. It was so plush! You reached down and carefully squeezed it with your hands, feeling it slip from your grasp so easily. Then, you heard a booming voice echo all around you. It vibrated your sheltered prison and shook you right into your bones.

    The voice asked, “did y0u make down it safely?” She questioned. The answer she got was a grateful one.

    “I did! Don’t worry at all!” You call out, pressing your hands onto the wall again in response.

    The wall collapsed a little beneath your fingers. For a moment you thought you felt a pressure pushing right back at you.

    Aradia felt your weight… She hadn’t had a live 'meal’ in such a long time. She was in utter delight. She ached to maintain the pleasure…

    You wanted to say something but the words were caught in your throat. It felt better to stay quiet.. to relax a bit.

    You leaned your head back and took a soft breath. Now you had a thought.

    “You know,” you began, pondering the specifics of what you’d say. “I’m surprised you were the first one to try this. With how everyone else was so eager.” You said aloud, truly unsure if she’d even be able to make out your words through your tiny voice. Though she did give an understanding hum again.

    It was difficult to hear, muffled sounds is mostly what she heard, but she thought it would be rude to ask you to repeat. She simply smiled and hummed.

    With the tension finally over, time began to feel like normal again. FINALLY you had gotten past the feeling that the experience was taking an eternity.

    You let out a little yawn and stretch as you lay. Again, you remember you were already getting ready to sleep before this so perhaps you can get some shut-eye. After all, it’s just as comfortable as a bed, aside from there being…a bit more moisture than you’d be okay with normally.

    Your eyelids felt heavy. You knew drowsiness was taking over now. you were going to end up passing out soon… You decided it’d be better to surrender to yourself and allow your body to take over. Sleep is only natural.

    Before you knew it, you were dozing off. It was easy in such a perfect environment… It was like sleeping wrapped in a nice warm blanket. The folds of the muscles had embraced you and hugged your body.

    Aradia didn’t exactly know you were going to sleep. She felt a little on edge when you didn’t answer her voice. She had called out to you a little later after you dozed off but you hadn’t moved around at all and she couldn’t hear any signs of your voice so she grew concerned.

    She knew better than to assume you had been hurt or some other dire thing like that, though. Sleep was what she presumed after some thinking… Despite this, she didn’t appreciate the fact you hadn’t let her know beforehand…

    Some time later.

    The air is humid. Your feel your chest rise and fall as you breath and begin to become more aware of sensations around you. You did not remember that you let yourself get eaten last night, So feeling the plush warmth from the stomach folds around you had taken you by surprise.

    In your shock you jolted up and squirmed around quite a lot. You couldn’t recognise where you were at all, all it looked like was a pitch black slimy room. You could not get any worthy footing for the life of you and continued to simply faceplant into the ground each time you attempted to stand.

    Eventually, you’d feel a pressure push at you when you met with the muscles again. Something outside was pushing in! A calming hum resonated all around you, shaking your world. It felt like it was in your head! You recognised the voice though and it really helped you stop squirming.

    “Aradia..!” You chirped in a happy yet tired voice. “You’re awake!”

    “mhmmm…” the hum answered, stroking you softly from outside of her figure. She enjoyed feeling your presence. Your weight…To know that you’re safe inside her.

    “Did this help you?” You asked.

    “it sure did…” she answered with a pleased tone. Taking in the feeling. Goodness now that she had woken up and felt you moving inside… Your hands and legs had brushed against her and it felt like butterflies in her stomach. It was so nice yet so strange. Despite this though, she knew she should release you soon.

    Coming to her senses, she took a breath and began speaking. “i will be releasing y0u m0mentarily…” The troll addressed. Truly, she did not want to release you. If she could keep you forever she would but she knew none of the other trolls would be happy with that decision.

    You gave a patient nod and slid down into a sitting position. You decided to stroke the walls to let her know you heard you.

    “That’s great!” You chimed out to her. …Oh wait, that sounded bad! “Not that I don’t like being in here- it’s totally fine, it’s super comfy!” You try to clarify, Desperately attempting to regain your composure.

    “i kn0w, i kn0w.” Aradia said, chuckling wholeheartedly. A troll could but such a sweetheart… “sit still, im g0ing t0 bring y0u up.” She wanted to make sure you knew before doing anything iffy.

    With an obedient nod, you decide you will listen to her.

    So as you stay in place you can actually feel the movement beneath you. Your feet were squished by her strong muscles and slowly it increased to your waist. It was a consistant pressure that progressively aided in lifting you from the pit of the stomach back to the entrance.

    Aradia had to focus on the weight you made but if you moved too much it would be distracting.

    With a bit of patience you’d bare through the effort. You would be forced back up through her throat and into her mouth where he hand would wait for you outside.

    As easily as she could, she let you slip from her tongue and into her hands where she held a towel. The towel was to help dry you off and get you warm again. You would have been cold since the change from the air inside of Aradia to the air in the meteor would be immense.

    You did help her that night, in fact. By having your weight inside of her, her brain could focus to a much greater degree and could get rid of the voices temporarily.

    Of course, now that you were out of her though, she’d hear them again. She really wanted to put you back but she had control, even if it was annoying.

    “I wonder if sollux is having the same issue.” You mutter absentmindedly. So far, you’ve learned the similarities and differences in blood. A big one right now, relating to Aradia, is that Rustbloods and Goldbloods hear the voices of ghosts.

    Sad right?

    Maybe you’ll pay Sollux a visit later.

    With a tiny wave, Aradia finished washing you off and allows you to run off and join your friends. Wonder what other shenanigans you can get into today?

    You run off while the day is going and visit the group of humans by the sofas.

    Maybe John would be interested in hearing your misadventure from the night before…

    Authors note:

    Alright so I’m not the type to write Reader x Universe stories, but since Homestuck has it’s fair amount of games and fanventures to support the mspfareader character I’ll be ok with doing this.

    These chapters probably won’t be having a note at the end very often, so this is one exception.


    This chapter is 3,659 words long, excluding the author note you are reading now.

    It took me from November 2 to December 10 to write.

    My goal was 4,000 words for each chapter.

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    Comfy winter maxes

    #safe vore#soft vore #v.ore #endosoma#v/ore#extreme cuddling #AAAA DONT BULLY ME I FORGOT THEIR TAIL #foodplay
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  • I got a vore question, especially for anyone that has thick or long hair. How does that go down hehehe during vore? Like how would a pred handle that? We all know having a hair in your mouth isn’t pleasant, an entire person’s worth though? And how is that going to go for the prey? How big is the market for everything that can hold hair in place?

    #safe vore#soft vore #C is a dork #as well as alive again #now to distracct everyone with this while i figure out how thinking of content works again #I misspelled distract in that last tag #maybe taking two finals right after each other then trying to make content is not the best idea #oh well too late now
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  • Ahhhh, to be a smol little bean resting on a big boy’s tum tum, listening to the sweet gurgles going on inside

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  • Mmokay but stomach noises are really the same as a campfire noises, it’s just more organic

    Also really good acoustics if you’re inside

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  • I’m feeling talkative tonight, so send in some vore asks! Could be anything, I just wanna talk about vore :>

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    Don’t mind me


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