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    #at 15 i did more research into everything that goes into raising a puppy and caring for my first dog than most grown adults do #it makes me sad but more than that it makes me mad. because in this day and age its easier than EVER and you are so damn lazy #get a stuffed animal if you just want something soft to touch sometimes #ugh #thank you for the ask!! i love talking dogs and dog ownership i never get to talk about it lol #feel free to send me another ask or message me anytime!! #answered#long post #and omg don't even get me started on the misguided adopt don't shop campaign #that's a whole other irresponsible can of worms
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    #𝖓𝖎𝖝.𝖎𝖓𝖇𝖔𝖝 📥 #𝖓𝖎𝖝.𝖙𝖆𝖑𝖐𝖘 💬 #𝖆𝖓𝖔𝖓 💌 #just his whole being- #makes me wet #and soft-#like#he's daddy- #but i also want to kiss his face and sing him to sleep?
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    on another note….its the wavy hair for me😩😩😩🤝

    #br1’s potato boy #:&!;&;$( #he makes me so soft🥺
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    #oooo this shit got me so soft #bo sinclair#vincent sinclair#lester sinclair #house of wax #bo sinclair fluff #vincent sinclair fluff #lester sinclair fluff #house of wax 2005 #slasher writing#fluff#sinclair brothers#sinclair siblings#sinclair twins#houseofdabs writing
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    natasha romanoff fluff alphabet

    pairing: natasha romanoff x reader 

    warnings: none

    words: 3.2k | natasha x reader masterlist | navigation post

    likes, reblogs, and comments are always appreciated and welcomed <3

    a : affection (how affectionate are they? what is their favorite form of affection?)

    Natasha is very affectionate towards you. She is always smothering you with kisses and hugs, no matter where you are or who's around. Her favorite form of affection would be cuddling. She loved holding you close and running her fingers through your hair. Although she would never tell anyone, she really loves when you hold her too. Resting her head on your chest while you're holding her is her favorite way to spend her nights. This way she can listen to the soothing sound of your heart beating.

    b : body (what is their favorite part of your body?)

    Natasha loves every single inch of your body, but if she had to choose a favorite she would probably choose your hands. They are always so soft and so gentle. She loves the way you run your fingers through her hair, the way your hands rub soothing circles on her back when she is stressed, and she loves holding your hands when you take walks. Above all else, she loves how gentle your touch is. Whenever you brush your hand against hers or rub her shoulder/back or cup her face with your hands, it is always so soft and gentle. No one has ever touched her as gently as you have.

    c : cuddles (do they like to cuddle? if so, what is their favorite position? are they the big or little spoon?)

    Natasha loves cuddling with you everywhere no matter who's around. Whether it’s during movie night with the team or alone in your room, you always find your way into Nat’s arms. She likes feeling like she is protecting you while she’s the big spoon. While she’s the big spoon most of the time, she does like being the little spoon sometimes, but only when you two are alone. If she’s had a rough day or has woken up from a nightmare, she loves curling into you and placing her head in the crook of your neck.

    d : dreamer (how do they view the future with you? do they like to daydream about you?)

    Nat dreams of marrying you and having a house or apartment in the city with a cat or two. She also envisions you two adopting in the future, it's something you two have talked about wanting to do. She daydreams about your future together a lot, she can’t wait for the day she gets to marry.

    e : effort (how much effort would they put into the relationship? would they put his entirety into the relationship?)

    Natasha always gives you her all. Your relationship means everything to Natasha and without you, she would be completely lost. She packs your lunch in the morning before work, she plans unique dates for you to go on, and she loves to surprise you with little gifts or day trips. Your relationship is always Nat’s number one priority. She will drop everything and anything to come to you when you need her.

    f : fluff (a little fluffy headcanon)

    Natasha loves watching Disney movies with you and singing all the songs. Her favorite is Tangled because the two of you will literally start dancing around your bedroom singing the music. When the kingdom dance song comes on she will bust out her ballet training and get super into it which you think is adorable. Once you got it on video and it is now your favorite video to watch when you're feeling down.

    g : gentle (how gentle are they in the relationship?)

    Natasha may be a scary assassin/spy, but she is an absolute softie when it comes to you. One of her biggest fears is hurting you, so she constantly is checking in with you to make sure you are alright and that she isn’t overstepping any boundaries. Also, emotionally she is so sweet and gentle with you. She is always there to offer you a shoulder to cry on and she gives the greatest advice when she is asked for it.

    h : hugs (what are their hugs like?)

    Natasha’s hugs are very tight and comforting. She always hugs you as if she is never going to see you again out of fear that something may happen to you or her. She always runs up to you when you get home or runs to you when you open the front door, picking you up and squeezing you into her tight grasp.

    When you are upset, stressed, or going through a depressive episode, Nat’s hugs are the most comforting thing in the world. She will always hold you as close to her as physically possible so you can tuck your head under her chin. She will hug/hold you like that for hours if you need it, always whispering sweet nothing in your ear.

    i : inspiration (did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? like trying out new things or helping them overcome personal problems?)

    You changed Natasha’s life in so many ways. She is a much more open person now, you reminded her that she can trust people. She has tried so many new things and seen so many new places with you. You knew her upbringing was extremely traumatic for her so you made a point to take her places that you went when you were a kid. On every major holiday, you went above and beyond to give her a memorable experience (ex. during Christmas time you decorated gingerbread houses with her and dragged her to play in the snow with you). Before dating you Natasha didn’t really like Christmas and now it’s her favorite holiday.

    You also helped Natasha overcome a lot of problems/traumas. You were the first person she really opened up to about her past and you never once judged her for it. You held her and told her it wasn’t her fault and that she didn’t deserve any of it. You had even convinced Nat to start seeing a therapist. It became a weekly thing where you would drive Nat to therapy and when she was finished you two would go out for ice cream.

    j : jealous (how jealous are they? do they even get jealous?)

    Nat tries really hard not to get jealous, but when people try to flirt with you at Stark’s parties she will make sure everyone knows that your her’s. She will not hesitate to pull you into her lap and smother you with kisses in front of people. She will talk about how much she loves you and how happy you two are all night while complimenting you on how hot you look.

    k : kisses (are they a good kisser? what was the first kiss like?)

    Natasha is an amazing kisser, like the best out there. Every single time you kiss her it is like magic. Your first kiss was when you were at Natasha’s place for a movie night. Natasha wasn’t even watching the movie, she was just staring at how beautiful you were. When you looked up and noticed she was staring at you she pulled you into a gentle yet passionate kiss.

    l : love (who said ‘i love you first? how did they say it? how long into the relationship was it?)

    You were the one to say ‘I love you first’ and it was a month into your relationship. You two had been friends and coworkers long before you started dating so there was so much chemistry already there. You had wanted to tell her you loved her right away but didn’t want to scare her off. She said she loved you back after you told her you loved her and now you two never stop telling each other just how much you love each other.

    m : memories (what’s their favorite memory with you?)

    Nat treasures every single moment with you, but her all-time favorite memory with you was the time you took her to go lay in a field and look at the stars. She was having a really bad day and was super stressed out with all the work she had so you dragged her out and drove her to an empty field. You two spent hours laying in the grass watching the stars and the moon. You two talked about all the places you wanted to go together and how you wanted to get a cat. You shared funny things about each other and as it got you two ended up having a really deep and therapeutic conversation. The whole night felt like something straight out of a movie.

    n : nicknames (do they use nicknames? if so, what are their favorite ones to use and be called?)

    Natasha loves nicknames and has thought up some creative ones over the course of your relationship. She loves to call you nicknames that are in Russian, detka (baby) and lyubov' (love) are the ones she calls you every day. She also calls you (your favorite flower) a lot because of how you always fill the house with them. Wherever Nat sees (your favorite flower) it instantly reminds her of you.

    You call Natasha a variety of nicknames and she loves them all. Nat and Tasha are her main nicknames, but you mainly call her ‘love’ or ‘lovey.’ Babe and baby are also nicknames you use for Nat often. Sometimes in the morning or night when you are really groggy, you call her Natty and Nat thinks it's adorable.

    o : orange (what color reminds them of you?)

    Yellow reminds her of you. Yellow is the color associated with the sun and you are Natasha’s sun. You are literally the light of her life. Whenever you walk into a room you instantly make Nat smile just from your presence.

    p : pda (how are they with pda? are they big on it or do they hate it?)

    Nat does not care where you are or who is around, she will smother you with kisses and love wherever and whenever. Even when it comes to cuddling, she doesn't care who's around or where you are she will pull you close to her and hold you. On the other hand, Natasha will only let you hold her when you are in private. She doesn't like it when other people see her ‘soft’ side. Honestly, you think it's adorable how shy she is about pole seeing you hold her.

    q : quirks (what are some weird quirks they have that you find cute? what are some weird quirks you have that they find cute?)

    You think it's adorable how Natasha can not sit normally to save her life. She always has her feet up on the desk or dashboard if she's in the car. Sometimes you literally find her on the floor in the splits while she’s doing paperwork.

    Natasha thinks it's really cute how you collect stuffed animals. You love stuffed animals and are constantly getting new ones. Lately, you have been obsessed with squishmellows and Natasha thinks it's adorable when she finds you asleep hugging one of them.

    r : romance (how romantic are they? what’s the most romantic thing they have done?)

    Nat might not strike people as a romantic, but she actually is really romantic. She loves to buy you flowers, watch the sunset with you, slow dance with you in the kitchen, take walks through the park together, and take you to fancy restaurants. One time she even planned a surprise weekend spa trip for the two of you once.

    The most romantic thing she has ever done was write you love letters while she was away on a mission. She was gone for a whole month and was not allowed to use technology for communication, so every week she would send you a love letter telling you how much she missed you and how everything reminded her of you. At the end of her letter, she would always write how many days until she was going to be home before signing her name.

    s : sympathy (how do they comfort you? do they like to be comforted?)

    Natasha always knows when something is bothering you. She can read you very easily, so even if you try to hide your feelings from her, you can’t. She will always drop everything to comfort you and make sure you are okay. She will hold you for hours while you tell her what’s bothering her or while you cry into the crook of her neck. She peppers you with kisses and love, whispering sweet nothings in your ear. If you are having a panic attack, Nat will pull you in to listen to the beat of her heart. It always helps to ground you. Once she gets your breathing to be steady, she will carry you to bed and hold you until you fall asleep, letting you talk about what you're stressed about only if you want to. She never pushed you to talk if you're not ready, she knows when you are ready you will come to her.

    Natasha would never admit it, but she does like to be comforted. She tries her best to hold herself together, but sometimes all her emotions just explode out of her and she breaks down. When this happens you drop everything to be there for her. You hold her and have her follow your breathing. Once she has calmed down, you let her talk about what’s bothering her if she wants to. You never push her, but lately, she has been opening up to you more. You make sure she drinks water and grab her favorite snacks. You put on her favorite movie and hold her as close as possible until she falls asleep. When Nat has nightmares, which is sadly a common occurrence, you immediately pull her close to you and do a ground exercise. You ask her to tell you 5 things she can see, 4 things she can hear, 3 things she can touch, 2 things she can smell, and 1 thing she can taste. When her breathing evens out you remind her that it wasn't real and that she is safe. If Nat wants to go back to sleep you rub her back and kiss her head until she goes back to sleep, but if she wants to stay up you put on a movie for you two to watch.

    t : thrill (do they need to try out new things to spice up your relationship? or do they prefer a certain routine?)

    Both. Natasha loves the routine you two have. She loves how you have breakfast together each morning and how every Friday night is movie night. But she also likes to try new things. She loves coming up with new date ideas and taking you to places neither of you have ever been before.

    u : understanding (how well do they know you? how empathetic are they?)

    Natasha knows you like the back of her hand. She knows how you like your coffee, your biggest secrets, and all about your personal issues/traumas. She knows when you are stressed or feeling down, she knows when you need encouragement, and she knows when you are doubting yourself. Natasha is always there to remind you how perfect you are, she is always telling you that you are the most beautiful, hardworking, kind, loving soul in the universe.

    Contrary to popular belief, Nat is very empathetic. She always does her best to understand what you're feeling and what you have been through. She listens to your needs and always makes sure whatever it is you need, you get.

    v : values (how valuable is your relationship to them? is it a top priority?)

    Your relationship is the most important thing to Natasha, you are her everything. No matter what is going on, if she knows you need her she will be there for you. Even with her job, she doesn't care where in the world she is, if you need her she will fly home immediately.

    Natasha makes sure that you two spend quality time with each other every day, whether that's a facetime call when she’s away on a mission, or cuddling on the couch talking about your days. She always makes time for you and her to have one-on-one time. She also makes sure to take you out as many times a week as she can. She knows how important dates are at every stage of a relationship she takes to the park, out to eat, etc. whenever she can.

    w : wild card (another little headcanon)

    Natasha wears your clothes more often than she wears her own clothing. She said it makes her feel close to you and you thought that was adorable. As you two got closer and your relationship developed, Nat opened up to you and told you that she likes to steal your clothes and the other's clothes because she still feels weird about buying her own stuff. She wasn’t allowed to own her own things for a really long time and buying clothes is something that stresses her out. Too many choices. Now, every morning you always lay out a sweater or tee-shirt of yours for her to wear.

    x : xylophone (what song reminds them of you? what song represents your relationship?)

    Invisible string by Taylor Swift is the song that reminds Natasha of you, especially the chorus of the song. She always believed that you and her were tied together, that you were destined to find each other and this song put this into words. Also, Sunflower by the Weepies is a song that she feels represents your relationship. The song says “I’ll be your sunflower, I shine for you, you know I’d do anything for you.” You two would do anything to each other and you both know it. You are the light of each other's lives, you shine for each other.

    y : yearning (how do they act when he misses you?)

    When Nat misses you she gets really sad and can spiral. When you have to go away on missions, she tends to isolate herself. She will go to work and then come home and just lay in bed thinking and worrying about you. She always jumps to the worst possible scenarios, thinking about what if you died or got captured. When you're on missions, you made Clint promise to check on Nat, so he always comes over to make sure she eats and drinks some water. When you finally get back from your mission, Nat practically jumps on you she's so happy. For the first few days back, she’s really clingy and you think it's adorable.

    z : zzz (what is it like when you fall asleep together?)

    When you two fall asleep, it is always in each other's arms. Depending on the day, you either fall asleep on Natasha’s chest, or she falls asleep on yours. On nights where Nat is laying on your chest, you fall asleep running your fingers through her hair, and on the nights where you're laying on Nat’s chest, you fall asleep to kisses being placed on your head and the steady beat of Nat’s heart. Once you are asleep, you two are very still. Neither of you moves much at all when you sleep, so when you wake up it is almost always in the same position you fell asleep in.

    #natasha romanoff headcanon #natasha romanoff headcanons #natasha romanoff imagine #natasha romanoff imagines #natasha x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanov x reader #natasha romanov x you #natasha romanoff x you #natasha romanoff x y/n #nat x you #natasha x you #black widow imagine #black widow headcanons #black widow x reader #black widow x you #black widow x y/n #soft natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff fluff #natasha romanoff fanfic #black widow imagines #natasha romanoff fic #black widow fluff #black widow fanfic #black widow fic #natasha fluff #nat x reader #marvel headcanons#mcu headcanons#fluff alphabet
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    Joy; Lockscreens ♡。・


    ・゜→do not repost←*・゜

    ・゜→não reposte←*・゜

    {If you use, like/or reblog}

    {Se você usar, like/ou reblog}

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    possible muselist is going to be:   kira horikoshi,  ashitaka horikoshi, matsuko horikoshi, yuu horikoshi, izana kurokawa, ryoma kaneshiro, kazuhiko yoshioka.

    #hey dash #if i write a canon muse... who should it be #TELL ME #𝒊.   ooc   )   a dream is a soft place to land.
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    Nap time

    #found my fineliner and remembered why I don't use it #its not very fun to use #lines lines lines #*shoving my ocs against eachother* now kith :) #rilek is easily flustered so they havent gotten there yet #also he stole vers' horse and ran off to become a god and lost his memory for about 200 years so that tends to put a damper on things #we all handle grief in our own way okay? #also not particularly important to the drawing but its very important to me that you know #that vers is wearing a shirt he stole from rilek bc its big and soft
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    #gosh i’m so glad my exploration into soft fics is working out so far #this made me smile #thank you#ask#littlesolo#gloomygnuwrites
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    reuploading these ♡

    tip me for uncensored pics

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    #i know for a fact i've uploaded these two shots over a dozen times #i just adore the soft features #ash had soft baby round face for this singular fucking movie and IMMEDIATELY masculined the fuck up #johnny retained this ... cherubic quality #soft. i mean for a little he was ... angular? #he was a beefy boy and stronk but ash was always angular and thin #idk what i'm saying #i'm vi
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    FFXIV WRITE - Day Seventeen: Destruct

    No matter how hard he tried, Gareth Hyland simply couldn’t seem to get it right. He had dismantled the bookshelf again and again. Rebuilt it. Destroyed it. Started over. His fingers were full of splinters and his hands ached, but none of his efforts had proved worthwhile.

    “Lisbeth was expecting your delivery today. Is everything alright?”

    Lucasta’s voice pulled at Gareth’s already frayed concentration. He sighed.

    “Forgive me. I fear it is going to be late,” Gareth said, prying the latest attempt apart.

    “What are you doing? It looks fine to me.”

    “It is not,” Gareth said quickly. He yanked the top free and started on the next shelf. “No matter what I do, something is amiss. The edge of a shelf is uneven, or one leg is too short. There are gaps between the back and the edge of the shelf. It needs to be perfect, but it never is.”

    “I don’t understand. You have made many of these before. How is it you’re struggling so much with this one?” Lucasta questioned, crossing her arms and looking at him with a furrowed brow.

    Gareth sighed and stood up, wiping sweat off his brow with his arm. He looked down at the scraps of wood, the shavings, the demolished efforts, and frowned. “It is...It is meant for a little girl. Her father just passed away.”

    “Oh.” Lucasta’s voice was a soft bead, falling onto his already raw feelings.

    Gareth swallowed. There was a catch in his throat suddenly.

    “I originally planned to build the bookcase and some small figurines to place upon it. But everything I have tried to make recently just…That is to say, my efforts are falling short of my intentions.” Gareth pushed his hand back through his hair. “Although, I suppose that is what is expected of me.”

    “You’re putting too much pressure on yourself. This little girl needs some kindness, not absolute perfection. She is no going to care if a shelf is a little uneven or if there are small gaps here and there. All she is going to care about is that she will have a place to put the books her father gave her,” Lucasta said.

    “That fire took so much from that family,” Gareth said, looking away. “I just want her to have the best I can give. Even if it is never enough.”

    “It is enough,” Lucasta said.

    “I know it is irrational, that it will fix nothing in her life. It certainly…nothing helped when my father…” Gareth’s voice withered.

    Lucasta glanced around. She bent down and picked up the half-finished, roughly carved figurine of a father and child hugging, and placed it into Gareth’s hand.

    “No one was there to show you the compassion you needed. But I know she will see it in what you give her. Your heart is gentle, and your efforts will mean something to her. I know they will.”

    Gareth looked down at the unfinished figurine. The truth was, he didn’t want to finish it. He didn’t want to try to carve the face of a father into the wood. He was afraid of the features that would appear. More than that, he feared not being able to do them justice. He had been putting it off, focusing on the most minute and unnecessary details regarding the bookcase itself in his need to avoid, to flee.

    How typical of me, he thought to himself.

    Gareth’s thumb skimmed over the completely smooth face of the father. His own father rose up into his mind. And suddenly Gareth remembered his smile more clearly than he had been able to recall it for years.

    Chest tight, heart stinging, Gareth set back to work. He would do his best to pour out the love he felt and to replicate the image in his mind, and bring them to the surface.

    #FFxivWrite2021#FFxivWrite#FFxiv#;;cellowrites #i leave here one soft gareth
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    #ask#Sweet Voice #WE'VE LOST THE POTATOES WE CAN'T LOSE YOU TOO GAHSGDAHDAGDHF #SWEETS I L O ST I T #also the doll nickname... ;; #i simply Love these boys being being soft
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    soft bandit met soft faceless at night - SB AU

    Bandit was placing all the missing posters that his brother name bendy was been missing for years and he was so worried about his brother that he was never found, meanwhile he placed all the missing posters all around the town he found someone who was standing here, he step front slowly and he met someone who notice him was faceless, he ask him that his brother was been missing for years so he agreed to help him and find his brother, lucky for bandit he had a feeling about faceless

    #showdown bandit #showdown bandit x faceless bandit #batm #bendy the dancing demon #soft au#AU
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