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  • nickeymouse
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    ocs + socials

    sol wiseman (mind blind)

    template 💛

    #mind blind#mindblind#button wiseman#grayson black#edit#oc social #.psd #mine #mb: sol wiseman #x: sol and gray #I WASN't sure about who to choose for gray's face but aaron taylor johnson fits him nicely i think.. #then there's tehya elam for sally #and THEN my third eye opened WIDE... and lo and behold... vito basso as nick #also please clap about the song DJSKF its an ABBA cover by GHOST... do u understand.. the implications.. gray's music taste influencing hers #they r in love .... #face claim #i feel weirdly nervous posting this lol 🧍‍♀️
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  • nickeymouse
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #TY LUCIAN !! #ask #ari.txt #humorous/morbid buttons rise up #thronealigned #mb: sol wiseman
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  • elmshore
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    i was tagged by @rainbowtroutlesbian to use this picrew to make some ocs! thank you, sorry it took me so long!!

    top row: effie wiseman (mind blind), echo rhosyn (speaker)
    middle row: sol aster (scout), avalon honeycutt (stardew valley)
    bottom row: wren nightingale (ofna), lux kingsley (cie)

    tagging: @ava-du-mortain, @nickwisemn, @fodlani, @lordrezan, @impossible-rat-babies, @dreamfall, @lavampira, @consulaaris, @nicknackwiseman, @hartfeld, @trvelyans, @amlovelies, @vakarians-girl, @honeysofte, @yennefre, @yennas, and whoever else wants to do it, i'm fading fast from the antibiotics. if you see this and you wanna do it, please do and tag me!

    #sorry i'm going through some of the stuff i was tagged in #i have a few more but i'll post those tomorrow #oc: effie wiseman #oc: echo rhosyn #oc: sol ybarra #oc: avalon honeycutt #oc: wren nightingale #oc: lux kingsley #*ocs
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  • antivan
    22.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    this has been sitting in my wip folder for a while! i’d never listened to rainbow connection before playing mind blind, but once i did i just had it on repeat for days while thinking about how its nick’s favorite song and getting very very emotional.

    i like to think that sol learned to play it on the ukulele and that she plays it for him on his birthdays! she plays better than she sings, but she can also do a killer kermit the frog impression, so whether she’s feeling brave or goofy, the song is always a big hit 💕

    mind blind belongs to @mindblindbard!

    #mind blind#mindblind#nick wiseman#grayson black#sally alavidze#button wiseman#draws #this is ari #sol #'are you saying your 25 y/o ass cried with a kermit the frog song' Maybe So. What about it #thank u jo for giving us nick... i love him so much. nickey mouse. nick nack. nickelodeon. nickelback. #i have to hold myself back physically not to make a fancharacter to date him outside the story ngl #also this is very blatantly #sol & gray
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  • autocasa
    01.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Adam Wiseman

    fotografía obtenida el 28 de febrero 2021

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  • antivan
    23.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    lately i’ve been having a lot of fun reading interactive fiction, and @mindblindbard​‘s is one of my favorites!! so here’s a collection of doodles of my buttons that i wanted to get out of my system ♥

    image descriptions under the cut!!

    sol wiseman (she/her), a brown skinned girl with dark brown eyes and darker brown hair. her hair is short and straight, and she has a warm smile on her face as she shoots her finger guns. she’s wearing a yellowish orange shirt and sun earrings, along with other piercings on her ears. sol is latina and her highest stat is humor, followed by morbidity.

    rin wiseman (she/her), a fair skinned girl with a sour expression. she has hazel colored eyes and long black hair, with fringe styled to one side. she wears three necklaces and cone shaped earrings, and by her make-up, cellphone and clothing its clear she favors the color pink. she’s korean-american, and her highest stat is confidence, followed by humor.

    wanda wiseman (they/them), this button is chubby and has very light brown skin. their eyes are brown and they have pink shoulder length-hair. they have two beauty spots on their face, one above their right eyebrow and another heart-shaped one under. they wear make-up, a fashionable leather jacket and a ribbon necklace. they also wear a silver bracelet with two zeroes intertwined (they are a twin!). their highest stat is confidence, followed by morbidity. they look like they’re bashfully daydreaming about someone, their head resting on their fist.

    a doodle of kent zarneki and wanda! they are both wearing their uniforms. kent is taller than her, with pale skin, dark hair and gray eyes. he motions for her to walk ahead, saying “after you, mary, dear.” wanda is slightly leaning back with a smug wink, a hand over their heart. “thanks, ronald, darling ♥” inspired by cupid calamity!

    a drawing of ambrose kim’s profile reading a clipboard with a serious expression. he’s wearing a white button up and his dark hair is slicked backwards. “i don’t know whether i’m more surprised that you, rin wiseman, are into a guy, or that the guy is evil, awful instructor kim.” sally says as she and rin watch the instructor from a safe distance. rin has her head turned towards him, a cheeky expression on her face. “should’ve predicted this when you rejected me in freshman year” she says. sally, with her ginger curly hair tied up into a messy bun, elbows her best friend and rolls her eyes. “oh, you are not pinning this on me!”

    sol and gray’s first meeting, when he stole her heart (and her cookies). teenager sol was very different from the person she is now. long hair, heavy black eyeliner and an exclusively black closet. she has a black shirt that simply reads “band” on her and she’s blushing slightly as she glares, pointing accusingly. “who the hell are you, and why are you in my house?” gray, with his golden brown hair and blue eyes, smiles at her. “i’m nick’s friend, grayson. hi.” he replies as he wipes cookie crumbs from his face. sol now looks exasperated, blush deepening and arms outstretched as she demands “WHY ARE YOU BRITISH!?” just in time for nick to come home with his “stop!” as he does in canon

    bonus: based on a scene from monsters inc 2. nick is taller than sol and has curly hair. “shit, i think i left my wallet inside. you okay being alone, button?” he asks her. sol is wearing a beanie and a neutral expression. “sure, i’ll just be here thinking about my tunes.” in the next panel, sol is smiling while thinking about a loud heavy metal concert, and two startled ments turn to look back at her. this is what she does when she’s out in public, instead of thinking about dead frogs!

    #mindblind#mind blind#rosy kim#k zarneki#sally alavidze#wanda#sol#rin #i need 2 draw glitch.... #i have more doodle ideas and a nick wip but this is all i can manage for now #also the gray doodle is the simplest but let it be known hes the LOML i just did that one super quick cuz i was joking w/ a friend sjdskjf #im OBSESSED with him having met sol in the height of her emo/metal/goth fase whatever that was #draws #rin likes to joke about sally rejecting her but her confession wasn't smth acknowledged out loud and neither was sally's rejection #it was a truth or dare at a bday party kind of situation #this is ari #button wiseman #sol & gray #wanda & kent #rin & rosy
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  • brazenautomaton
    17.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    oh hey who wants to see some Sailor Moon OC Senshi from an RPG setting nobody cares about, because I need to archive them anyway since they were previously posted on the GC forums which are no longer functional but they still made sure I wouldn’t be able to view without a proxy?

    if you do, look below the cut!

    Sailor Penates:

    Real Name: Arivelle Zavarjelos

    Birth Date: September 19th, 2486 (Sol-Libra)

    Homeworld: When Neo-Queen Serenity quarantined Wiseman on the dead star Nemesis, his followers were still around -- and were taken much further, but with less supervision, to the prison-world of Penates in the Lucullus star system. Penates is a frozen world, where life is only possible in heated domes, and only worth trying in order to keep workers nearby to mine the other planets of the system. The hope was that Penates would evolve from a prison into their home, a place where they could practice whatever culture and ideology they thought they saw in Wiseman's words without his direct murderous influence, and Neo-Queen Serenity would neither be able or required to provide the interference they so hated. The people were given a punishment, that was a chance to build something all their own. 

    Instead, they just went from a prison planet, to a prison planet that was run by prison gangs.

    Appearance: Arivelle has the Black Moon crescent on her forehead like every native of Penates, just like her parents, just like their parents -- anyone who tries to cover it up and blend in to offworld society is a coward. She is wiry, again like most people on her planet, but clearly fit and athletic. Her hair is dark blue, her eyes are bright red. She's not as pale as you'd think; she spends a lot of time outdoors in non-UV-shielded domes. 

    Personality: Arivelle is a champion of justice. She is obsessed with fairness. She absolutely cannot let unfairness stand, will keep bashing her head against some injustice long after any sensible person would have concluded "There's nothing I can do about this", and will start fights that are obviously idiotic and unproductive because they can't keep getting away with it. And the number one unfairness she is obsessed with is Neo-Queen Serenity's exile of a her ancestors, a peaceful humanist movement, to an inhospitable iceball. She doesn't know anything of Wiseman's actual ideology, and at this point it doesn't matter.

    Aside from her sense of justice, she's both a romantic and a Romantic. Passions and principles matter a lot more to her than complicated facts. Her dreams of a handsome prince whisking her away from this frozen planet have given way to dreams of being the beautiful princess who whisks everyone away. Kindota Eklasdottir (Sailor Lison) is her best friend in the whole world, a rare and beautiful flower growing in the frozen tundra of the world, and Arivelle will bust the kneecaps of anyone who tries to hurt her. 

    The fact that Arivelle doesn't know how to express her emotions without fighting for them in some way also contributes to that.

    Sailor Penates

    Origin: Sailor Penates is a first-generation Sailor Guardian; her Sailor Crystal was never held by anyone else and she is not reincarnated from anyone, as far she she knows. She attuned with the planet Penates for an unknown reason, by unknown means. She awakened her powers to save herself and her family from Onyx Syndicate enforcers; within a week, the Onyx Syndicate local headquarters had been burned to the ground.

    Transformation: "It's payback time! Penates star power, suit up!"

    Sailor Penates's Sailor uniform resembles the environmental suit she used to stay alive in Pentaes's frozen environment. It covers everything from her neck down, a white base with red highlights and blue decorations. It totally insulates her from cold temperatures and provides a limitless oxygen supply while active. Under normal circumstances, she can maintain her transformation all day, and needs a full eight hours of sleep to get it active again.

    Attacks and Powers: Sailor Penates has no energy attacks, but has enhanced strength, speed, agility, and toughness typical of a Sailor Guardian. She favors unarmed melee combat for this reason

    - "Let's light this candle!":  What Sailor Penates can do is burn her remaining transformation time to magnify those enhanced attributes. If the total duration of her Sailor transformation is halved, she's twice as strong, twice as fast, twice as tough, and if it's decreased further, she gets correspondingly more powerful. She usually runs at 2x intensity because she doesn't need to be transformed all day anyway; as she approaches maximum intensity she becomes an unstoppable God Hand in combat. Higher intensity makes her breath visible, then causes frost to form on her body as if she was outside in the cold. At maximum intensity, she can hold her transformation for at most 120 seconds before it shuts down and leaves her defenseless. 

    Special Items: Sailor Penates has no particular magic relics to aid her when she transforms, though she can still carry mundane weapons, and usually does so.

    The jewel on her abdomen lights up when she "clicks" it with her finger, and goes dim when she "clicks" it again. She has absolutely no idea what that does, but she fiddles with it when she's bored.

    Mission: "I won't let you get away with it! In the name of Black Moon, I'll punish you!"

    It wouldn't make sense to say Sailor Penates fights criminals -- I mean, you could argue that she does, because everyone on her homeworld including herself is a criminal, but really that's an "if everyone's a criminal nobody is" kind of situation. There's no law on Penates and all functions of government are run by organized crime. What Sailor Penates does go after is evildoers, those who hurt the innocent, whether human or youma. (Youma summoning was common enough that they uncontroversially live among humans on Penates.) As someone who grew up in a world ruled by organized crime, she has a different view of "evildoer" than most; shaking someone down for protection money is wrong because they didn't do anything to you, but a loan shark breaking someone's thumbs for not paying is perfectly fine because what did the guy think was going to happen when he took out a loan he couldn't pay?

    Sailor Penates is not very popular on her home world. Most occupants don't know that "Sailors" are just a thing that planets have, and that she's not invoking the name of the hated Sailor Moon. She will get into 45-minute long screaming matches with people she just rescued about this. ("No! I'm not gonna change my name! I'm Sailor Penates! SHE should have to change HER name, because SHE'S the one who screwed everything up!") Also, given the world is run by criminal syndicates, almost every "mission" she does is going to tick one of them off. They haven't banded together to destroy her, only because each of them is waiting for her to damage all of their rivals enough that they can take over. Gangs are kind of dumb that way.

    Her mission on Penates is ultimately futile, and she knows it. The rulers of her world are unjust and take what they want because they can. She kept fighting long after she realized this, and only left when someone else came and offered her a chance at more power and more opportunity to make change.

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  • bigfan-fanfic
    21.10.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Solomon Wiseman - “Button”

    “I don’t know what it is! I just have the worst time talking to hot guys - even when they can’t read my mind!”

    From @mindblindbard‘s IF Mind Blind. The younger son of Hope and John Wiseman, Solomon has learned to deal with his condition and make the most of his life. He has a marked distrust in both his parents, believing they abandoned him. He much prefers living with Nicky Mouse. 

     Excitable and easygoing, Solomon is mostly ethical but prefers to win. He studied how people act, and it was this knowledge of psychology that got him into Unity. He’s confident, but humorous enough that people sometimes wonder if he takes anything seriously.

    Sally is his best friend, and Solomon encourages her to get over her crush on Nick - once he falls for Glitch, Solomon thinks that since his crush on Gray led nowhere, he can spare Sally the pain. Solomon really likes the easygoing Glitch, and flirts wildly with him, appreciating his confidence and pep.

    Other Universes: The Wayhaven Chronicles: Detective Kingston has a similar hangup with his mother, but is open to improving their relationship, unlike Solomon. Both share humor as their main method of communication, as well as a confidence.

    Fallen Hero: Sol is far more selfish that Solomon, and is even willing to cross lines Sol hasn’t even considered. 

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  • bigfan-fanfic
    21.10.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Sol Kingston, Codename “Sidestep” “Anathema” Baldur, his Puppet

    “All that I want is what I deserve... I never had anything, and now... now, I want everything.”

    From @fallenhero-rebirth‘s IF series Fallen Hero. Sol Kingston used to be Sidestep, a long time ago. Now he is back in full force as the supervillain Anathema. He was traumatized during the Heartbreak incident, and overcome with the hunger for all the things he had been missing out on. Now he is returned as Anathema, to gather all the things for himself which he desires.

    Sol as Anathema becomes a thief, stealing art, jewels, and valuables in order to get all the things he wants. They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can make happiness much easier to obtain. His suit is a mysterious one, with a cape, and outfitted for armor and telepathy. Daring and arrogant, Anathema desires recognition as well as material gain - he wants attention. His henchman is Boris, who he’s surprisingly flirty with. He robbed the museum, and he struggles with not knowing exactly how far he’s willing to go for his goals.

    Sol definitely loves Ortega, and desires to be with him once more. The only things holding him back are his love for Charge, and the burgeoning attraction to Chen, Marshall Steel. He sees his Puppet, Baldur, as nothing more than an empty shell, although he does seduce Dr. Mortum with the handsome man.

    Other Universes The Wayhaven Chronicles: Det. Kingston stays on the right side of the law, but is still a bit selfish. However, the Detective finds it much easier to become a person who does things for others, and remains professional, unlike the bombastic villain.

    Mind Blind: Solomon Wiseman is much more confident, rule-abiding, and well-adjusted than Sol. He also finds it easier to get over old crushes, and he doesn’t mind much about his circumstances.

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  • bigfan-fanfic
    21.10.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Det. Solomon “Sol” Kingston - “The Detective”

    “Alright... just gotta say, I may be confused as all get-out about what’s going on here, but I would die for another of these cheese pastries.”

    From @seraphinitegames‘s IF series The Wayhaven Chronicles. A cheerful and easygoing young man, Sol never really wanted to be Detective - the promotion was forced on him. He’d much rather coast and get free stuff, but now that something’s happened in Wayhaven, he’s going to do his best to solve it. His relationship with Rebecca is... alright. Not great, but not abysmal. He’s okay with bending the rules when it feels right, and he focuses on combat and dealing with people.

    The existence of the supernatural confuses him, but he’s willing to learn, and care about these beings. He falls for Commanding Agent Adam du Mortain, and boldly flirts when he can. His fun-loving nature also earns him the friendship of Felix Hauville.

    Sol has a vintage apartment, dresses stylishly, and prefers water and pastries. He also bakes and reads in order to relax.

    Other Universes Fallen Hero: Sol Kingston, the supervillain Anathema, is far more selfish and self-serving than his lawful counterpart. However, he retains an enjoyment of stiff, by the book hunks.

    Mind Blind: Solomon Wiseman is just as confident and happy, despite having mind blindness. Still, he’s much more of a hard-worker. 

    #twc #the wayhaven chronicles #solomon kingston#my detectives #my if ocs
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  • documentaryoncinema
    09.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Making of, 9

    'Siete novias para siete hermanos' ('Seven brides for seven brothers'), Stanley Donen, 1954, VOSE.

    'Gigi' ('Gigi'), Vincente Minnelli, 1958, VOSE.

    'Un americano en París' ('An american in Paris'), Vincente Minnelli, 1951, VOSE.

    'Bajo el Sol de la Toscana' ('Under the Tuscan Sun'), Audrey Wells, 2003, VOSE.

    'Grease' (íd), Randal Kleiser, 1978, VO.

    'Última llamada' ('Phone booth'), Joel Schumacher, 2002, VOSE.

    'Tigre y dragón' ('Wo hu cang long', 'Crouching tiger, hidden dragon'), Ang Lee, 2000, VOSE.

    'Juez Dredd' ('Judge Dredd'), Danny Cannon, 1995, VO.

    'Underworld' (íd), Len Wiseman, 2003, VO.

    'Werewolf women of the SS' ('Grindhouse: Werewolf women of the SS'), Rob Zombie, 2007, VO.

    'Hora punta' ('Rush hour'), Brett Ratner, 1998, VO.

    'Scream. Vigila quién llama' ('Scream'), Wes Craven, 1996, VO.

    'El increíble Hulk' ('The Hulk'), Ang Lee, 2003, VOSE.

    'Con Air (Convictos en el aire)' ('Con Air'), Simon West, 1997, VO.

    ‘El diablo viste de Prada’ (’The devil wears Prada’), David Frankel, 2006, VOSE.

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  • toiledrone
    13.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    Gloses (archives)

    L’Enfer me tend la main en s’appuyant sur l’arbre à fleur. Je l’ai escaladé pour lui dire des mots d’amour, ils seront oubliés demain, d’avance. Je profite de la drogue. Je monte. Haut. Le lila est une quantité de distance entre le sol et ma propre texture. Ma propre limite. Le lila c’est un calcul: la beauté est quantifiable, ma laideur aussi. 

    Elle attrape ma jambe. J’attrape une fleur pour ses cheveux. Je sens ses doigts qui veulent sans doute me faire une blague. Ça chatouille jusqu’aux couilles même de mes organes. Aux couilles de mes émotions. L’Enfer rit. Fort. 

    (Rien n’est propice à tomber.) 

    Elle est un lit de soleil. Ses fesses sont pleines, dans mes mains, pleines, ça déborde quand on bouge. Nous nous emballons dans la nappe. On renverse la vaisselle. Les collations. Les fourmis envahissent tout ce qui est possible. Les porcelaines se vengent et envahissent les fourmis. 

    Toujours un retour à l’envoyeur. Des canons de miel dans la gueule. Bing. L’Enfer a du miel dans les cheveux et du soleil qui lui sort du cul. Nous nous demandons encore ou se cache l’espace pour ranger tout ça. Je la regarde courir en maillot de bain dans la cour de chez sa mère. Sa mère nous regarde et elle sourit. Personne ne le sait. La chaleur arrose les plantes avec le sel, l’Enfer ramasse des fleurs pour me frapper avec. “À la guerre, Violence”. Je trouve ça romantique.

    (Mon corps est une île de papaye verte, les fleurs de mai me colonisent.)

    J’habite des maisons gigantesques, éparpillées dans la ville. La préférée de mon amante c’est celle de Parc-Ex. Rue Wiseman. Rue de l’homme sage. Elle me dit que j’ai l’air d’un vieil enfant, tout le temps, elle me dessine des rides. Avec le doigt, des partitions dans mon front. 

    Je lui écris dans le dos avec mes ongles quand elle veut bien me visiter. J’y ajoute une carte descriptive des lieux qu’elle habite pleine et invincible: L’Enfer, tu seras seule avec le thé, le balcon de l’entrée et le monte chaise roulante. Le chien, les plantes, Denis, ses fraises, le sable jusque dans le lit, comme en vacance. 3 secondes. La BD. Lis la. Tu seras 3 secondes dans une vie. La chambre sera une petite faim en soit. Puis un bureau plus tard. Couleur lilas. Avec vue sur la ruelle d’herbe, le chemin serpentin en bonus. Une fois le bébé arrivé, j’aurai déjà disparu. Le bébé des colocs poètes. Le bébé des mots reproductibles et efficaces. Mais pour l’instant, les poètes veulent se nouer à l’envers, ils sont debouts à des heures impossibles.

    Les poètes nous retiennent, dans la note des bouteilles.

    Quand je nous imagine, L’Enfer et moi à ce moment, c’est avec des tentatives du plus tard. Je suis impatient. Je la vois, enceinte indestructible autour des arbres de Val-David, un être qui bouge dans ses bras. Elle prendra tous les arbres pour grandir plus vite et moi je serai sauvé de la chute. 

    Nous creuserons des terriers sous la terrasse du Mouton Noir.

    Nous allons pleurer à l’abris des renards.

    (Petits et petites s’en vont en bateau. Everyone’s staying.)

    L’Enfer est nue, les jambes appuyée contre le mur pour se rafraîchir. La chambre est encore une chambre. Je l’habille de jaune. Je décide que ce sera sa couleur préférée. Sur le sofa et nos vestes fatiguées il y a des patches de CRABE, sous le jaune beaucoup de sexe et tout contre l’oreiller, quelques chansons de Karkwa. Elle aime la voix bizarre de Julien Sagot. Elle jouit Pili-pili, elle a 17 ans. 

    Elle rencontre Louis Geoffroy, l’avale tout de suite puis lui ouvre les jambes. L’Enfer lit, nue et fraîche dans la chambre mais le lit lui échappe. Le mur passe son tour. Ses yeux sont grands, suffisants pour le voyage. L’Enfer est une fille facile, elle prendra tout, tout au fond d’elle. Elle te laissera te masturber entre ses cuisses jeunes, puis, elle va te ressusciter.

    (C’est un poème pour qu’ils en parlent.)

    L’Enfer m’inquiète, elle a remplit les bols. Les lendemains de fêtes ont creusé la jeunesse des joues. Ses cheveux poussent à une vitesse folle. Elle a levé un doigt au ciel par la fenêtre et a dit: “j’aimerais être un oiseau.”

    Je suis allé au dépanneur, j’ai dit bonjour à tout le monde. Avec le sourire. Acheté la sauce en canne, les cigarettes et les pâtes. Je ne laisserai pas L’Enfer mourir, sinon je n’aurai nulle part où aller. Je reprend la Saint Roch, pour passer devant l’église orthodoxe. Je tourne à droite. Je traverse en regardant vers la mosqué. Je suis de travers. J’ondule par le raccourci pour rejoindre la tendre. Je cuisine le basic. Je ne peux plus me nourrir d’elle. L’Enfer est debout sur l’îlot, elle a pitché les fruits des colocs par terre. Elle tourne doucement sur elle même, un drap des pieds à la tête. Le drap c’est la forteresse toute cassée. C’est un filtre des pupilles (ce qu’il restait du secret dans le sous sol de Marius). La lumière clignote. “If all that grows starts to fade, starts to falter [...] Let all that run through the fields through the quiet…”

    J’allume une bougie, les jambes sont chaudes et le sperme coule doucement du haut du palmier. 

    Le balcon est minuscule.

    L’amour est claustrophobe.

    (Les draps sont sales mais nous sommes quand même dans de beaux draps)

    C’est une épidémie. Je baise de loin. Les plantes ont commencé à sentir mauvais et le chien a fait peur à des enfants dans la rue. L’Enfer est restée coincée sur le trottoir pendant des heures entre les petites jambes rapides et la corde du cou. Elle a regardé par terre et c’est là qu’elle l’a vu. L’oiseau mort. Elle a dit que c’est le chien qui l’a attrapé au vol, qu’elle sentait une étrangère ramasser le poid des autres. 

    Sa langue a pris l’oiseau. Elle lui a fait un nid dans sa bouche.

    Les colocs nous ont demandé de partir.

    J’ai gardé tous les oiseaux de L’Enfer dans le congélateur ou dans la petite valise à côté des montagnes de livres. Je les ai emmenés avec moi partout, dans les déménagements. Une montagne de déménagements, de moins en moins de livre. 

    L’Enfer a arrêté de fumer par la fenêtre. 

    Elle frotte des pièces de monnaie contre ses bras. Elle calcule ce qui est à perdre, comme toute les filles de famille nombreuses. Le temps passe et j’embrasse des femmes plus belles qu’elle.

    le Tartare, c’est moins drôle qu’on le pense et ça se prend dans les dents. 

    C’est quelque chose comme une chair malade.

    L’Enfer c’est aussi un collier, une grippe aviaire, peut importe le décor.

    (Calopsitte élégante v.s. le monde: prendre les jours par les cornes.)

    Les mains de L’Enfer m’effleurent doucement, loin de l’arbre, dans le bar. Nos absences ont fait pousser le papier. En cachette. Sur les post-it jaune il est écrit: “Je te déteste”. J’en trouve encore partout, même si c’est accroché au cou des trois mois. Nos peaux se croisent, par moment, elles font des noeuds. Elles crament dans la bière. L’Enfer dit qu’elle s’appelle Tortillon. Que je m’appelle Baladeur et que je ne la reconnais pas toujours. 

    Elle me dit qu’elle a rencontré quelqu’un. Il s’appelle Ludovic. 

    Lui, St-Denis et Mont-Royal sont mes plus grandes compétitions. Pour le coin de la rue, elle a coupé ses cheveux. Ses coudes ont fait tourner bien des gens contre les murs de pierre. Toujours assise sur le bord du comptoir ou à la hauteur des bancs. À toutes les heures. À tous les vertiges.

    Elle vient encore me voir, les griffes pleines et j’essaie de travailler sans la reprendre. 

    Je la regarde. Elle est ma bave des beaux jours. 

    Je la conserve dans un pot de verre. Mon souvenir préféré: elle prend ma bouche dans sa bouche, sur le carrelage des amis. Elle crache ma dent sous le bain sur pattes. Je la baise dans le bain sur pattes, fort. On réveille ce qui restait du secret. Elle casse tout en moi tout le temps. Je l’endors lovée sur les roches du parc ou dans le fauteuil. Montréal a la forme d’un coeur. Un coeur remplit de clowns.

    (Si un arbre tombe dans le parc et que personne ne l’entend.)


    tu les as avalées, 

    pliées en quatre,

    comme cachées

    sous ton matelas

    ce que j’accroche

    au fond des murs

    c’est la honte habitée

    mais c’est aussi 

    toute l’écriture sale 

    de ceux qu’on aime 

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