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  • Oh joy…the season of constant reminders that I cannot look to anyone for my happiness and contentment. It’s is only to be found within myself and alone.

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  • (Ketika menulis ini, music dari Jacob Lee – Gone The Days mengiringi untuk melantunkan inspirasi. So, just listen while you read this bad words and enjoy!)

    Setiap orang pernah merasakan kerinduan. Ada yang menunjukkannya dengan baik, dan juga ada yang memendamnya dengan apik.

    Apakah kamu juga memiliki kerinduan? Kerinduan yang seperti apa?  

    Kerinduan yang ada di dalam kepalaku adalah, kerinduan pada diriku sendiri yang pernah melewati beberapa waktu dengan baik. Tanpa melewatkan kudapan atau sarapan di pagi hari tiap pukul setengah enam pagi. Atau, meluangkan waktu untuk tidur siang dan minggu pagi sebagai hari yang manis untuk seharian duduk depan televisi.

    Kerinduan yang kumiliki adalah Kerinduan yang sunyi.

    Beberapa bentuk kerinduan sangat berisik, terkadang membuat ruang pikir menjadi tercabik. Ada yang mungkin mencoba berteriak melepaskan diri, ada yang ingin melepasnya dengan pasti, ada pula yang menggenggamnnya untuk diri sendiri. Lalu, kamu yang seperti apa?

    Kenapa kerinduanku begitu sunyi? Tidak ada jawaban. Yang kupikirkan hanyalah, bagaimana mengatasai kerinduan itu untuk kujejalkan ke dalam pelukan. Meskipun, hanya sekelebat angan tidak akan jadi masalah, kan? Karena menggiring ke waktu itu bukan lagi hal yang bisa dilakukan.

    Ada kalanya, merebahkan diri seharian di pelataran sambil memandang ke langit adalah penghiburan. Sebab untuk menggenggam kerinduan butuh beberapa kekuatan. Jadi, kubangun tembok-tembok di sekeliling dengan perlahan. Tanpa sadar, tembok itu kian meninggi. Bahkan tidak ada jalan keluar untuk pergi. Dan disinilah, kerinduan yang sunyi dimulai…

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  • It’s just a diet. You can do it 💕🥰


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  • Life’s a game of hit and miss 🎯

    Follow @the_perils_of_limbo on instagram for more insightful little poems. 

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    Tutta l'infelicità degli uomini deriva da una sola cosa: dal non sapersene stare tranquilli in una stanza.

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  • C'est dur quand tu pense à quelqu'un, mais que c'est pas réciproque

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  • Este bendito silencio de la habitación, la ventana abierta que me invita a la contemplación, el sol ocultándose en el horizonte con sublime seducción, la calidez del viento que sopla inspiración, la soledad que hoy experimento en el corazón.

    Nada de esto cambio, nada puede ser más bello… sola yo y mis pensamientos; sola yo y mis alteregos; sola sin nadie que señale mis equivocaciones; sola… rota y sintiéndome tan fuerte así con la debilidad de mis errores; vulnerable pero protegida en mí… Amo amarme, amo amarme así.


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    Solitude through the eyes of Henry David Thoreau (Walden)

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  • Solitude (Adam and Eve), c. 1906, by George Gray Barnard

    Taft Museum of Art, Cincinnati, Ohio

    #marble sculpture #20th century art #George Gray Barnard #Taft Museum#Cincinnati#Ohio #adam and eve #solitude#judeo-christian mythology
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  • What now?

    Let me tell you all the bad things I know about myself.

    One. I’ve turned into an obsessive compulsive kind of person. I want to make sure that the columns on an excel file are of uniform widths. It pisses me off if they aren’t. Don’t get me started with wrapped texts and font sizes.

    Two. I’m an overthinker. I over analyze things. Someone tells me something and it stays on my mind for a long time after I’ve given it the worst interpretations. You tell me that you’d like to go somewhere, I’d probably think that it’s because you’re sick of being with me.

    Three. My mood swings could be worse than a pregnant woman. I can be laughing out loud for a minute and then suddenly get irritated with anything in a snap. I cry easily on romance movies and laugh on jokes that aren’t even funny.

    Four. You’ll probably not hear from me. I do rant a lot to friends about things that piss me off but that’s just to let go of the steam. You’re never going to know what I truly feel. It could either be because I don’t like sensationalizing my emotions or because I just know that no one’s going to be interested.

    Five. I’m lazy. No, I don’t hate you. I want to see you, too. But no, I don’t like to get my fat ass off my bed. I sleep a lot. Sure, I get things done but I always prefer to reward myself with a good rest.

    Six. I’m not sure if I’m really lazy. Well, I cook a lot. I’ll make sure to give you a happy tummy. I clean up, I wash the dishes, and do the laundry. Name it. It’s just too demotivating to realize that no one would be willing to do that for me.

    Seven. I’m a strong, independent person. I can take care of myself. But just like you, I need someone too. Now, am I confusing you? I’m confused, too. I always am.

    Eight. What kind of person in the right mind would list down the negative things about himself?

    Why did I do this?

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  • The Joy of Silence (for my sweet Muse Kitty)…

    #art#watercolor#fx #joy of life #joy of silence #meditation #in the quiet #rest#recreation#solitude #beauty of life #beauty of nature #a woman's strength #waves#landscape painting#new horizons
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  • My art practice revolves around solitude, meaning that solitude isn’t about cutting myself off from the outside art world or disconnecting from others. Art practice allows me to take time for introspection and reflection of solitude. My art practice enables these experiences to memory and goal into sharper focus. My art abilities require patience and structure. Being patient in experimenting with photography and video allows me to form ideas in my art practice rather than rush. Patience engages me to be thoughtful about what I created without in a rush to get it done, which requires taking time and management. Solitude allows me to appreciate the opportunities to explore these new materials that are comfortable and empty spaces throughout the pandemic lockdown practice. This lockdown experience lets me re-examine why I become an artist through the performance of meditation and solitude. My art practice allows me to be engaged in developing a art performance to make art and challenge myself and my mental health to maintain my personal health and give room for creativity. It helps to expand my new ideas that I’ve experienced in my art practice will be helpful to get some quality time to be an independent artist.

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  • How strange a man is,

    He spends his whole life without even knowing his true self

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  • I was sitting on the bench solitude. The past few days, I’ve been nervous and stress because of Uni and my creative block. Walking outside to get fresh that has helped me calm centered whenever I feel depressed.

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  • Sitting outside the bench in Barry Curtis Part solitude I want to some personal space to reflected on my feeling and thoughts.

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