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  • Diluc come home challenge

    #the queen speaks #just genshin <3 #sophie gushes over diluc #like pls come here and burn everything while i cry to liyue's bg music #m eating tiramisu #not even playing #just eating it and i started thinking abt diluc #someone help
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  • I wanna put a neighbourhood on my island but I’m really unsure of where I wanna put it 🏠🏡

    #acnh#acnh rambles#someone help #i’m so indecisive
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  • You know, it’s really fucking weird being an adult. Like, you acknowledge your past child self, take the dreams you had, try to make them a reality, and you look forward to the future. However, you have to live through each mundane day with the same routine template. There is very little wiggle room and any changes made are so gradual that you barely notice them happening. Then, before you know it, you are a completely different person from when you started adulthood. Now, you know a little bit more about the world that you didn’t know before. Now, you understand the value of time that you didn’t before. Now, you have learned how to tune into yourself just a little bit more. 

    But the weirdest part? All of those stupid children’s program lessons are more important than ever when you’re an adult. Friendship in adulthood truly is a wonderful thing. Being okay with being different is beautiful. And having hope that people can change for the better is not a naïve at all. All of those lessons are just as important now as they were when we were children. 

    Basically, being an adult is being a child who learns how to be okay with mundanity. It’s okay to have expectations and dreams, but it’s also okay to just live life as it is. It’s a hard pill to swallow for some, but once it goes down, it changes everything. 

    Then again, I am currently drunk. So take everything that I said with a giant spoon-full of salt.  

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  • I finally downloaded discord… but im Malleus levels of not understanding technology 😭 im already lost on what I have to do—

    #not writing#someone help #please im just a grandma #spare my soul
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  • Guys I’m confused.

    Tumblr just glitched and deleted my @random-nerd-3 blog, but obviously not b/c I can still post things?

    I got kicked from all my group chats and I dont even know if the one I owned is still active or not. I’m so confused right now, someone send help.

    ~ R

    #tumblr#someone help#glitched #deleted blog? #kicked from group chats #i can no longer access jatp groupchats from my og screename #it just shows up as my two sideblogs i dont even run anymore #tech help needed #sos#tumblr mobile
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  • Did I just watch willem DS’ interview on Instagram? Yes

    Did I understand a word of it? No

    But did I still freak out and scream? 100% yes

    And this is what we call Skam trash by definition :)

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  • i absolutely fucking HATE when random af dudes show up at my house without my knowledge cuz they’re tryna fix something with the house…like working w the house company n shit cuz my parents want something fixed. but NOBODY tells me and then i’m panic-woken-up by the doorbell and anxious as hell cuz idk who tf is sitting in my driveway in a basic af white truck, feeling like i’m literally almost gonna pass out. bitch i haven’t showered yet i look a mess and have no bra on what do you EXPECT FROM ME????? 😰

    #side note i put a bra on #i just wanna shower can this dude LEAVE????? #i literally tried going on the closet and tried reaching through the other side to close the blinds so he wouldn’t see me #cuz they’re open and i can’t get close to the window without him seeing me #but that didn’t work at ALL #fuck#someone help #i just wanna take a shower 😭😭😭 #jennie rambles
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  • i fucking hate moving i wish i could blink and everything would be nice and ready in my new room

    #i have been nothing but tired and stressed for the past week #i barely sleep and i wake up so tired #today is official moving day and there’s SO MUCH SHIT #someone help #will delete this later probably idk !
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  • Help

    #someone help #i need help
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  • Does anyone know what happened to @not-sad-just-emo ? It says they’ve deactivated for me, I want to know if they are okay. They disappeared from my dash for a few months and now they are just… gone.

    #tw caps in tags// #I care about them #omg #I hate my memory #I knew I should never have stopped checking their account #/I’ve forgotten their freaking name/ #someone help#please #even if you just know their name omg #they’ve had a few @s #I’ve forgotten #I stopped checking their blog for bits I missed when it started getting v self deprecating #oh my gosh I regret that #WHAT WAS THEIR NAME OH MY GOSH #I CONSIDERED THEM A FRIEND AND RHEN WE JUST STOPPED INTERRACTING we never messaged much I suppose BUT I REGRET IT SO MUCH #WHY DO I NOT REMEBER THEIR NAME??? #they did pjo art #Im pretty sure I even know where they lived! and what they looked like! and their age! #please I am begging #does someone know their name?????
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  • Going✈️death

    #I just dmed like 10 idols for an English analysis project #someone help#kpop
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  • lgbt ppl being rly into halloween… means something but i can’t articulate what it is exactly

    #someone help #i know it’s something ! #mine#lgbt#halloween
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  • did the guy who I’ve actually been into for a long time just post saying he was looking for a s/o? yes. did i dm him a picture of a frog in an attempt to flirt? also yes.

    ive never done this before someone help.

    #flirting #i dont know what to do #someone help
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  • also just gotta say so many peoples @ has changed and I don’t know who anyone is anymore and I’m very stressed

    #someone help #everything is different here
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  • Due to legal reasons I must now pretend to be a cishet. 

    #nico chatters #not a shit post #not mcr#not dnp#lgbtq+ #amy coney barrett #supreme court#usa#lgbtq#trans#gay#queer#nonbinary#genderqueer #please someone help #shes gonna take away my rights #because gender dysphoria is a pre-existing condition #someone help #and now my other country (the UK) is facing some serious shit with its trans healthcare #not to mention that the nhs's mental health system is absolutly shit #but at least overthere we have a healthcare system #here its either die or have enough money to survive #uk#united states #please senD HELP
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  • october’s almost over and i haven’t fallen in love yet??!?!!?

    #girl in red #we fell in love in october #i want a girlfriend #i want to fall in love #someone help #be my gf #wlw #idk im dumb #idk what to tag this as #idk #im so upset #i want a gf #how to fall in love #do you listen to girl in red #im gay i cant do math #be gay do crimes #im gay and emotional #im gay and sad #im gay#lol#helpme#chile anyways #bye im crying
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  • Idk why i keep saying SPanish-

    #i need therapy #someone help #im fucked up lol
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  • I feel like my blog is a nice blend of poetry and sh*tposting, however at the same time I feel like people get annoyed that I’m not posting poetry, but then at the same time no one ever likes/sees my posts anyway, but at the same time every once in awhile my posts do really well, but at the same time my blog is dying. Do you see my issue here?

    #someone help #i seriously have no idea #poetry problems#poetry#aspiring poet#help #this isn’t me begging for likes guys i just really need help #seriously please help
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  • Tips on how to stop binging would be lovely right now…

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  • If anyone has any tips on how to control naturally curly (3b ish) hair, I would be eternally grateful 🥰

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