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  • verified-venus
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I really wanna be humiliated in asks and dms 🤤

    Send me pics, vids, stories about what you want to do to me, demands...

    You name it, I'm desperate and horny ;))

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  • anon-e-miss
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Risk and Reward, 3

    Jazz was a watcher of mechanisms. It was a particular predilection that suited his business. From the cameras he had covered the Autobot base with, Jazz watched them stare as Prowl went about his business. Their femmeling was magnetized to his chassis and further supported by a pretty wrap Jazz’s ori had woven for his grandbitty. They had been slow to notice Prowl’s frame swelling with Strongarm. Ratchet had been the first to be informed because Jazz had badgered Prowl into being a good bot and seeking out prenatal appointments. The medic had put Prowl on administrative duties and no one had really noticed since that had largely been his role anyways. Prime had been next to notice, but only once Prowl’s forge had extended past his bumper. He had been decent about it, supporting Prowl as his duties had needed to be adjusted, though he had been perturbed by Prowl’s unwillingness to designate the progenitor. The Autobots had at large had not really taken notice until Prowl had been just about to pop.

    They were noticing now, the large swell of Prowl’s forge as little Strongarm folded over it. Prowl was carrying twins this time, big, strong and healthy newsparks that gave him the look of a near full term carrying when Prowl still had stellar-cycles to go. Jazz thought it was the waddle they noticed, the provocative sway of his fabulous hips. There had been no shortage of volunteers offering to contribute to Prowl’s… little problem. Each and every volunteer had been lucky to online with their spikes still in their sheaths. Prowl had refused every offer. The light-cycle following every offer, Prowl’s hips had had just a bit more of a sway after Jazz had found it necessary to mark his territory.

    He knew they were taking bets, these Autobots, throwing out designations, their guesses getting wilder and wilder with each passing mega-cycle. Jazz’s designation never appeared on their lists, because he was a ghost, he had no designation so far as they knew, he did not exist. Though Jazz did not exist in any Autobot record, he spent a great deal of time on their base. Give Prowl was carrying twin so close on the heels of giving emergence to their femmeling, it was of even greater importance for Jazz to contribute generously to his precious broodcarrier’s lastest carrying.

    Though Jazz loved fragging Prowl aft and his sheath, he could not afford to waste contributions and he saved toys for that pleasure, until this mega-cycle at least. His business had kept him away but while he had been away, Jazz had gotten some work done. It would make up his absence; he thought so, at least. For a while longer, Jazz watched Prowl go about his mega-cycle. He smiled as Prowl listed Strongarm from her cot in his office and placed her on his well. The femmeling nursed lustily. She would still be a couple of vorns from her upgrades when her twin brothers emerged. Prowl was determined to fuel all three from his wells, though Ratchet had warned him supplementation might be required. He had already started pumping and there were bags and bags of precious energon stored in Prowl’s freezer, the medic’s warnings had largest faded off. There was no denying it, Prowl’s frame was meant to carry and to care for bitlets. His wide hips and luscious wells were the precise match to the fertility gods that had been painted on the old caves under modern Polihex. He was Jazz’s fertile god and Jazz delighted in worshipping at his altar.

    Prowl was deep in recharge before Jazz appeared in his berthroom. The Praxian did not stir as Jazz climbed under the covers behind him and raised his leg up and held it in the crook of his elbow. Jazz had the overrides to Prowl’s panel and took full advantage. He had outfitted Prowl with a high end chastity belt that was secured by plugs in both his afthole and sheath. It ensured no one could contribute to the carrying but Jazz. If Prowl were somehow to be captured, the effort to remove the highly encrypted belt would give Jazz enough time to track Prowl’s location and to murder everyone on site. No one had ever come close, though Jazz knew there were bounties on his beloved’s helm. Optimus was a more protective prime than his predecessors and he would not approve Prowl leaving the domed city-state. No number of proffered guards had been enough to sway the Prime and on this matter, Jazz fully agreed with him on this point so there was no need to make a nocturnal visit to Optimus’ berth chamber. It was probably for the best; Jazz was fairly sure the Prime had a particular surly guardmech warming his berth.

    Jazz teased Prowl’s wet little hole and then dragged his digits up and he rubbed the biolight the detailer had installed above Prowl’s sheath. It mimicked an anterior node and as Jazz teased it, Prowl’s valve lubricated more. It was the mockery of an anterior node as Prowl’s sheath was the mockery of a valve. Jazz’s regular misuse of it had made the sentio-metallica subtle and swollen in the allusion of a valve’s lining. Though the detailer who had installed the biolight had suggested she could just install a secondary valve in the sheath’s place, Jazz had refused. He liked knowing it was Prowl’s spike he had molded for his, for their pleasure. A secondary valve would not have quite the same thrall.

    The new spike Jazz had installed where his own valve had once been pressurized and Jazz covered both with Prowl’s generous slick.  It was time to christen his newest pleasure mode. Jazz angled his new spike for Prowl’s hot little valve and lined up his original spike with Prowl’s cushy afthole and pushed both his spikes home. A whoosh of air burst from Prowl’s vents as his tender holes opened on Jazz's thick, ridged spikes. Prowl made soft little sounds in his recharge as Jazz slowly fragged him. Jazz sucked and licked on the edge of Prowl's doorwing and nuzzled his neck. He growned Prowl's pipe and valve both clenched around his spikes in perfect time and Jazz had to keep focus in order to keep from overloading prematurely. He had missed Prowl, not just the warm caress of his frame and all the pretty sounds he made, but Prowl himself. Jazz had missed his wit and his wry humour, and he had felt terribly guilty for leaving him so long without the contributions their twins needed. He had missed his princess, precious Strongarm. Living like a ghost had started to feel very wearing.

    As Jazz approached the crest of overload he routed the transfluid reservoir to eject only through his secondary spike. He rolled his hips against Prowl’s plush aft and luxuriated in the feeling of his beloved welcoming frame. Jazz could not luxuriated long as he toppled into overload, he buried his face in Prowl’s and jerked his hips as his new spike squirted thick transfluids directly into Prowl’s empty gestational tank. He kept jerking his hips as his modified reservoirs released more and more transfluids, enough to fill his beloved to the brim and beyond. Prowl moaned as charge crackled over his frame. Though his optics flickered he did not quite rise to the point of waking. Even as Jazz’s spikes depressurized, he remained buried in Prowl’s warm frame. He reverently stroked a servo down Prowl’s swollen forge, as he did, the bitlets kicked.

    “Oof,” Prowl groaned as their kicking and rolling woke him. It would not be too long before Strongarm woke for her dark-cycle fuelling. Jazz kissed Prowl’s cheekplate as he stroked his forge. “Oh. Oh. Jazz!”

    “Been missin’ me Prowler?” Jazz asked.

    “Oh, yes,” Prowl gasped. “Jazz. Is… do you have two spikes in me?”

    “Yep,” Jazz purred. “All the better to frag ya wit.”

    “Oh, Primus,” Prowl groaned. The way his holes fluttered and flexed around Jazz’s depressurized spikes, there was no way they could not stir. If Prowl kept this up, he would be pressurized again shortly.

    “Feel good Prowl?” Jazz asked. His servo trailed lower, over the noticeable swell of his lower belly where his gestational tank protruded. He lifted his servo up and brought it to his mouth. Next to Prowl’s audio he lathed his glossa over his own digits before he brought them to Prowl’s ruined spike and breached his softly molded sheath.

    “Oh frag,” Prowl cursed as Jazz fragged his sheath with four digits. He had trained Prowl’s frame well, his sheath could take his fist. It would take both his spikes. “Jazz, Jazz, Jazz.”

    Prowl cried out as Jazz activated his magnets and fragged his digits in and out of his sheath. His valve and pipe clenched hard as he squealed with a powerful overload. The zaps of his charge exploded around Jazz’s spikes brought them back to full pressurization. He rutted against Prowl’s aft as his digits continued to frag his sheath. Jazz nipped and suck along Prowl doorwing as he thoroughly reclaimed his broodcarrier. As Prowl cried out his designation, tears of overstimulation trailing down his strong cheek struts, Jazz bit the edge of his doorwing. It was no accident. He covered his beloved in his mark, not only in the swell of his forge and gestational tank but in the desecration of his spike and loving bites on his neck, shoulders and doorwings. When Prowl overloaded again with the cry of his designation, Jazz followed him into bliss. His reservoirs had not been restored much but what there was, Jazz released into Prowl’s well filled gestational tank.

    “Wahh!” From her nursery, Strongarm cried.

    “Oh Primus, I do not think I can walk,” Prowl groaned.

    “I’ll bring ‘er to ya, Beautiful,” Jazz proclaimed. “Ya usually keep her in the cot next to yer berth.”

    “I felt like I was being watched,” Prowl said. “I thought it best to keep her in her nursery lest you wake her.”

    “Me?” Jazz asked. “Y’re the screamer.”

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  • puppy-boy
    08.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    thinking abt a domme drugging a sub (safely and with pre-negotiated consent)

    how limp he would be in her arms, head bobbing back and mouth open with tiny sleep noises.

    how pliable he would be. thighs spreading open at the slightest touch to his hips, whimpering as his domme tugged his waistband down, beginning to stroke him.

    how his hips would stutter and twitch, and he might moan her title in his sleep.

    her eyes would light up in the sadistic way that domme’s do

    #fuck. #Puppy is having thoughts hours #nsft kink#nsft#somnophilia
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  • lustingoveryourblood
    08.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    He was so rough with me tonight ❤

    Tears were running down my cheek while he was pounding my pussy and all he said was how much my crying turned him on

    I think I'm in love

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  • inconsistentlypervy
    08.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Im so tired i just wanna fall asleep and in a couple of hours be woken up by your cock deep in my pussy

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  • bunnygirlelle
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Touch me softly over my panties while I'm asleep, a small whine leaving my lips as you feel me squirm under your touch. A cute little wet spot forming as you make my drippy little cunny needier and needier for you. ♡

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  • minifuyu
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    bokuto wears red boxers when he wants you to wake him up with head. he usually wears black or white standard ones, so when he does wear red you know exactly what it means while it still has that spontaneous feel to it <3

    #tw somnophilia#just incase #but ya <3 #he wears red boxers a lot #LMAOJS #I JUST. i can see it being smth he loves #. ♰ ✧ . * . ♱ ˚ ivy. after hours
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  • ftmpwuppy
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hghh my substitute teacher is so hot I wonder what he would think of me if he found this account (>ω< )

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  • bigtiddyemo
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Heads up to watch out for this user trying to get you to send nudes under the guise of paying you ✌️

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  • ifinitesadness
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    All I want for Christmas is to dress you up as a cute little elf and carry your tiny limp body into the forest, gently carrying you untill we get to my secret little workshop, I'm sorry for what I've done, no one can know about this place, it's my little secret, I can't wait to show you all my toys, one night to be with you, one night of magic and truth, just one kiss from your lily white lips is all I would need.

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  • smnpup
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    i want someone to play with my pussy as i’m falling asleep😖

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  • dervampireprince
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    it’s unfortunate when you’re a young prince who gets caught out in the cold and rain and you trod up to the nearest kingdom and you trod puddles through the palace, desperate to just be allowed to dry off in front of a fire for a little while, when the king there sees you and ushers you back to his quarters, has something hot to eat prepared for you, while he has you strip off your clothes. unfortunate how you’re content to pull a blanket around you and sit by the fire on your own, when he sits behind you, pulling his furs around you both, slotting you between his legs. he’s taken off his own shirt and outer layers to warm you up with his body heat. unfortunate when his big hands stroke further down across your thighs and your body curls into him and you tuck your head under his chin and he sooths and shushes you as he gently fingers you with no urgent need for either of you to orgasm, but just to pet you and help you relax. unfortunate that he has you eat right here, sat on the floor with him, maybe helping you eat, and then when the floor gets uncomfortable he bundles you up into the bed, pulls the blankets over you and slips his cock inside you so now you can keep him warm as you both fall asleep.

    [this is about and trans mlm, dni if you’re changing this to be about wlm or wlw in the tags, replies or reblogs]

    #i feel like adding the dni at the end takes away from the stories #but im tired of trans men getting misgendered by wlw blogs on here #nsftumblr#nsft text#nsft#nsft fantasy#nsft concept#royalty kink#regency kink #some good old #cock warming#somnophilia #sort of but i'll tag it for peoples blacklists #trans nsft #trans boy nsft #trans man nsft #t4t nsft#mlm nsft#nsft mlm#nblm nsft #prince x king #the vampire writes #im cold someone please hold me
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  • reis-of-light
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Men brandishing deadly weapons covered in blood is hot. I would say that I’m sorry but I’m not. I fully subscribe to the content.

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  • ftmpwuppy
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    I may or may have not made of video of me for xvideos who wants it ૮₍˶ •. • ⑅₎ა ♡

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