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  • Swans - Public Castration Is a Good Idea (1986)

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  • In my mind

    All these trouble seem to find

    A place to call their own

    I dont wanna do this alone

    You know I’m tryin

    To let you know

    How I want all this to go


    I’m running out of room to say

    All I need to say

    And baby this ain’t really home

    I know I’ve got a long long way to go

    I know you’re always writing home to me

    And I dont wanna be alone

    When the train stops running pllease

    Dont leave

    Im tryina say all these things deep inside of me

    #part poetry part autobiography #song#songs#mylifebelike
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  • Darkened Skies Die Verbannten Kinder Evas
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  • Como eu pude um dia me apaixonar por você?

    Como eu pude um dia me envolver com alguém assim?

    Tão diferente de mim

    Tão nem aí pra sonhar

    Porque tem que ser assim?

    Bem que pudia mudar…

    Se é errando que se aprende, eu aprendi com você

    Só se sabe o que é bom quando conhece o ruim

    Graças a Deus teve fim

    Viver sofrendo não dá

    Faça um favor pra mim ?

    Nem venha me procuraaaaaaar.

    Não perco mais um dia de sol

    Não deixo que a tua sombra me assuste

    Nem pense que eu fiquei na pior

    Não vem me procurar


    Você me entristeceu sem saber

    Eu tive que mudar foi preciso

    Teu segredo roubou o meu sorriso

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  • There was a tale, 

    A man who loved a girl

    Long ship with sails 

    Along the water’s edge

    Pretty Irish maiden

    The focus of his quest

    The burning curse for him 

    Come to me now 

    Twelve friends you’ll bring 

    to dine with me

    and twelve of mine as well

    We’ll leave all our weapons 

    behind so you can tell

    you’re safe with me 

    Later that night 

    The sky was filled with stars

    The Ladies came 

    unto his hall great 

    But they hid their faces 

    Behind veils of lace

    Quite a feast they shared 

    Ladies, my dears, 

    Would you be so kind 

    As to remove 

    The masks you hide behind 

    For it would be nice

    To see your true design 

    They raised their hands 

    And they revealed 

    That they were not maidens 

    But full grown men 

    To kill the Vikings strong

    And they slaughtered them all

     Killing all but one, 

    The man who loved a girl 

    And he was tied

    Tied in chains of steel

    They then threw him 

    In the Black Lake 

    And he learned his lesson 

    Not to trust sweet words

    From pretty Irish girls 

    There was a tale

    A man who loved a girl 

    Long ships with sails

    Along the water’s edge

    Pretty Irish maiden

    The Focus of his quest 

    The burning curse for him 

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  • Top Singers/Bands of the 2010’s

    1. Imagine Dragons
    2. Fall Out Boy
    3. Stephen
    4. Axel Flóvent
    5. Sia
    6. Taylor Swift
    7. Amber Run
    8. Levi Matthan
    9. Corey Kilgannon
    10. OneRepublic
    11. Joji
    12. Levi The Poet
    13. Rihanna
    14. Jaymes Young
    15. Oliver Riot
    16. BASECAMP
    17. Katy Perry
    18. 2CELLOS
    19. Halsey
    20. Talos
    21. Panic! At The Disco
    22. Ruelle
    23. Charlie Cunningham
    24. Mumford & Sons
    25. Lorde
    26. Keegan Calmes
    27. Rhett and Link
    28. Billie Marten
    29. Keaton Henson
    30. Henry Jamison
    31. Bishop Briggs
    32. X Ambassadors
    33. Bastille
    34. Brian B.
    35. Ben Cocks
    36. Nikisha Reyes-Pile
    37. SYML
    38. Kevin Garrett
    39. Eminem
    40. MIIA
    41. alt-J
    42. Avicii (Rest in peace)
    43. Dermot Kennedy
    44. Twenty Øne Piløts
    45. AURA
    46. Gotye
    47. Mikky Ekko
    48. Gnarls Barkley
    49. Adele
    50. The Chainsmokers
    51. Death Cab for Cutie
    52. Alec Benjamin
    53. Riley Pearce
    54. The Luka State
    55. Billie Eilish
    56. Hozier
    57. Khalid
    58. RIVVRS
    59. Richard Thompson
    60. Natasha Bedingfield
    61. American Authors
    62. Walker Burroughs
    63. ABRA
    64. Dua Lipa
    65. Afrojack
    66. David Guetta
    67. Escala
    68. Ester Dean
    69. The Prototypes
    70. Moncrieff
    71. JUDGE
    72. Michael Kiwanuka
    73. George Ogilvie
    74. STARSET
    75. Elizaveta
    76. Rag'n'bone Man
    77. Arrow Benjamin
    78. Golden Youth
    79. Levi Bent-Lee
    80. Florence + the Machine
    81. Hidden Citizens
    82. MS MR
    83. Coldplay
    84. The Adjective
    85. SAYGRACE
    86. G-Eazy
    87. Scarypoolparty
    88. Mas Ysa
    89. The White Stripes
    90. Radiohead
    91. Billie Marten
    92. Always Never
    93. Kansas
    94. blackbear
    95. Eurythmics
    96. NF
    97. Britt Nicole
    98. Beyoncé
    99. Major Lazer
    100. DJ Snake
    101. Diplo
    102. WALK THE MOON
    103. Tom Walker
    104. Christian Leave
    105. Egyptian
    106. Barns Courtney
    107. Jason Derulo
    108. Stormfolk
    109. Fleurie
    110. Wrabel
    111. Harletson
    112. Banoffee
    113. Will Killen
    114. Jakub
    115. Sam Tinnesz
    116. Yacht Money
    117. LOLO
    118. Allman Brown
    119. Marti West
    120. Christina Parri
    121. Desoto Jones
    122. RHODES
    123. Akine
    124. Sam Fender
    125. PVRIS
    126. Maroon 5
    127. DBMK
    128. Matt Walden
    129. Joey Kidney
    130. Extreme Music
    131. Phlux
    132. Adam Watts
    133. Charlie Puth
    134. Sam Smith
    135. Proper Gentlemen
    136. Mr Gabriel
    137. Arctic Monkeys
    138. Gregory Alan Isakov
    139. Sampha
    140. Jorja Smith
    141. The Paper Kites
    142. Alan Walker
    143. Lovey
    144. D'est Roy
    145. The Bulls
    146. H.E.R.
    147. Molly Moore
    148. Aidan Alexander
    149. 5 Seconds of Summer
    150. Lana Del Rey
    151. Faye
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  • Songs of 2019

    October 14, 2019

    Speaking of songs to play on repeat:

    Good Thing feat. Kehlani by Zedd


    An anthem for those that adore the single life, that don’t need a partner to complete them, that don’t necessarily crave the life plan of settling down, getting married, and having kids, Good Thing is the kind of song you play entirely too loud and listen to while you strut down the street, going where ever it is that you feel like going.

    It ekes power and emits strength. It reminds you to be what you need and unapologetically who you are. It tells us not to settle, and to be happy how we want to be happy. It throws off the constraints of what society expects from us and sends us on our merry way, ready to be however we want with an intoxicating beat and melody by our side.

    It lets us find strength in feeling strong and beautiful and sexy without expectations. It shows us the joy of doing what you want when you want, without really having to care about someone else’s opinion. It’s a selfish kind of self-love–but I’m of the firm belief that we need that sometimes.

    It’s easy to lose yourself–to become entombed by societal expectation and overrun by the importance of who you’ve chosen to attach yourself to. This song peels that all back, strips it away until only you are left behind. And then Kehlani swoops in with her gorgeous vocals and tells you how absolutely fucking awesome you are.

    This song is about loving yourself. And I can 100% get behind that.

    #good thing#kehlani#zedd#male musicians#male mucisian #female music artist #female musicians#female vocalist#female vocalists#female musician#song#songs#music #to read is to breathe songs of 2019 #songs of 2019 #to-read-is-to-breathe songs of 2019 #happy music#self love #songs about self love #songs about love #love music#love song#girl power#love yourself #music to live by #music to listen to #music to daydream to #strong music
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  • Always, sometimes, never.

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  • Song: Mang Zhong remix

    #music#song#dance #there are different groups dancing to this song #mang zhong
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  • Songs of 2019

    October 13, 2019

    I am really into remixes and covers lately (blame Spotify–it is one hundred percent their fault) so it’s really no surprise that I chose another one to talk about today:

    Don’t Dream It’s Over Covered/remixed by KO


    A modern take on an absolute classic of a song, this pop/techno/dance version of Don’t Dream It’s Over has literally been on repeat for me since I discovered it. It is the kind of song that makes you feel like you’re walking on sunshine, like you are falling in love, like you are on the verge of something indescribably amazing.

    This is the kind of song that plays during those scenes in the movies where the character starts out walking down the street, burdened by their problems before they settle into resolve and slowly begin to run, moving faster and faster until they disappear where the end of the road meets the horizon. It is the kind of music you drive just a little too fast to; the kind of song that makes you heart feel like it can soar–like everything is going to be just fine.

    It’s even possible that I like this song more than the original–which is terrible, I know–but I can’t help. This song has a beat that makes you want to dance, a rhythm that demands you participate, a vocal quality that makes you want to sing along as loud as you possibly can. It begins slow but builds in intensity until you feel like you are at the height of something–of feeling, of living; whatever it is you dream of.

    It is just absolutely breathtaking from start to finish–so if you are looking for an older song brought to the modern era, start here. If you want something familiar but also unknown, gives this a try. Something to steal you heart while it cycles on repeat?

    Press play.

    #don't dream it's over #don't dream it's over cover #don't dream it's over remix #ko#male musicians#male mucisian#male vocalists#male vocalist#dance music#techno music#remix#cover #music to live by #music to listen to #music to daydream to #music to play with the car windows down #song#songs#music #to read is to breathe songs of 2019 #songs of 2019 #to-read-is-to-breathe songs of 2019 #happy music
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  • Songs of 2019

    October 12, 2019

    How Do You Sleep? Covered by John Tucker


    A slow and heartbreaking cover of an iconic song, How Do You Sleep? stumbled into my life via Spotify Discover (like so many Songs of 2019 have) and I have not been the same since.

    Tucker’s tone is glorious and rich and deep–it hooks you from the first note and draws you so deeply into the story of the song that it instantly gets the creative half of my brain churning.

    It absolutely emits this hopeless, heartbroken vibe that begs for its story to be told; to be understood. And there is something about the languid, steady version of this song that just ensnares me–and I’m not entirely sure what it is. It could be that despite it’s softness it is filled with an undeniable sense of urgency–of the the threads holding something together coming unraveled far too quickly for it to be fixed before it snaps entirely. It could be the sadness of a heart cracking, and then slowly continuing to fissure until the pieces come apart. But the truth is that I don’t know–and maybe that’s what draws me in the most.

    #how do you sleep? #john tucker #sam smith cover #cover#cover music #how do you sleep? cover #male musicians#male mucisian#male vocalists#male vocalist#song#songs#music#love music#love song#love songs #songs about love #music about love #to read is to breathe songs of 2019 #songs of 2019 #to-read-is-to-breathe songs of 2019 #sad music#melancholy music #music to listen to #music to draw to #music to daydream to #music to write to #music to create to #music that pokes your heart
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  • Missing you harder than ever
    #xxxtentacion #xxxtentacionedits #longlivejahseh #longlivex #llj #badvibesforever #last #music #album #legend #starseed #remembertoremember #jahseh #jahsehdwayneonfroy #jahsehonfroy #musician #artist #song #singing #rip #coverart #digitalart #aesthetic #grunge #alternative #rock #mvp #soundcloud #god #nevergiveup
    (bij Gekyume)

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  • Songs of 2019

    October 11, 2019

    Radio Ga Ga by Queen


    It just goes without saying that everything Queen did was amazing. From the first song to the last, they shaped the future of music, inspired a generation, and went down in history with a flare unlike any other.

    I am still shook from Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie, not the song–though I guess the song, too). The end of that movie–the Live Aid performance–is so intoxicating that it emotionally sucks me in every time. And when they roll into this song, it feels like the scene catches fire; like your heart begins to lift high enough that you might be able to fly. It’s that anticipation you feel as a rollercoaster crests the top of its highest hill, when you can look out and see the entire theme park, the highway stretched out for miles, and the world as it bustles on–and then you fall.

    The drumbeats of this song echo the pounding of your heart, and you are swamped with this unmistakable and unexplainable happiness. It is this inherent belief that everything is going to be okay, that life will blast past you filled with sunshine if you choose to let it in and feel every moment of it.

    This song is that hope, that memory, that belief. It’s why we play it as loud as it can go, why an entire stadium screamed the words to this song at one of the largest performances in the world. It is bottled joy and the swelling of your heart as you chase everything that is yet to come.

    And I love it.

    #radio ga ga #queen#bohemian rhapsody#song#80s music#80s#songs#music#male musicians#male mucisian#male vocalists#male vocalist#band#80s band#70s band #to read is to breathe songs of 2019 #songs of 2019 #to-read-is-to-breathe songs of 2019 #happy music #music to live by #music to listen to #music to daydream to #music to play with the car windows down #happy song
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