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    08.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ateez masterlist currently includes: kim hongjoong, park seonghwa, choi san and song mingi - more coming soon! taglist and requests are open!

    kim hongjoong

    boyfriend hongjoong series (gender neutral!reader):

    lucky - fluff, angst, body dysmorphia, scars (not self harm related), reader's body and weight is not described!

    tired - fluff, tired hongjoong

    park seonghwa

    plastic flowers (fem!reader): smut, fluff, angst, unplanned pregnancy, discussion of abortions, ot8 interaction

    birthday gift (gender neutral!reader): fluff, smut, masturbation

    drabble (fem!reader): fluff, sub!hwa, dildos, masturbation, mentions of pegging

    choi san

    guilty sadist (fem!reader): college au, fluff, angst, sex but no smut, lack of communication, impact play, choking, san-centric

    kisses (gender neutral!reader): smut, making out, drool

    regardless (fem!reader): fluff, minor smut, small-chested reader, insecurities, push up bras

    song mingi

    home is where the heart is: fluff, minor angst, best friend!mingi

    #ateez x reader #ateez fanfic#ateez fic#ateez fluff#ateez smut#ateez angst #kim hongjoong x reader #kim hongjoong fluff #kim hongjoong angst #park seonghwa x reader #park seonghwa fluff #park seonghwa angst #park seonghwa smut #choi san x reader #choi san fluff #choi san smut #choi san angst #song mingi x reader #song mingi fluff
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    {20} run

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    The Regular | Kim Hongjoong x fem!Reader

    Summary: No one likes working the morning shift. However, when working the morning shift leads you to meeting a super cute boy, you start to think maybe it’s not all that bad.

    taglist: @parkjiminstan16 @raysanshine @224-12 @stabby-teens @nycol-ie @skylions-den @meowtella @im-just-trying-to-survive-man @itsyaapollochild @webtoonbingereader

    #kpop fanfic#kpop au#kpop#ateez au#ateez fanfic #kpop social media au #kpop smau#ateez smau #ateez social media au #social media au #smau #kim hongjoong fanfic #kim hongjoong x reader #kim hongjoong smau #kim hongjoong#park seonghwa#jeong yunho#kang yeosang#choi san#song mingi#jung wooyoung#choi jongho
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  • nambamjun
    08.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Star Stuff {SMG}

    Pairing: (Hufflepuff) Song Mingi x (Hufflepuff, Gender Neutral) Reader

    Genres: Hogwarts AU, mutual pining, friends to perhaps lovers, fluff, some angst

    Warnings: I think one or two instances of slight language? Nothing too too bad though

    Word Count: 1.4K

    A/N: I’m finally and officially done with university for the semester! Off and on break till the fall, which means I’ll have a lot more time to write! I’m home with my cat and it’s missing Mingi hours (as per usual) so I figured why not put a lil thing out here super quick? Comments and (constructive) criticisms are always welcome, hope you enjoy ~<3

    You stood on the top most floor of the astronomy tower, pulling your jacket closer to your frame and breathing outwardly before burying your nose deeper into your house scarf that wrapped tightly around your neck. The crisp October air swirled around you, miscellaneous leaves dancing around the floor as it tousled your hair. You looked at your wrist watch, a gift from your muggle friend back home. Staring at the face you wondered how she was getting on these days. Sure, it had only been two and a half months since you had seen her last before leaving for this term, but knowing that didn't really make you miss her any less.

    To keep you company while missing old friends, though, you made new ones. Friends that you didn’t have to hide a pretty substantial part of your life from... aka, anything to do with magic. While it wasn’t as if you were popular you did have a few people who really exemplified the saying “quality over quantity”, and you knew that just as you would always have their backs, they would always have yours. Seeing as most of them were hufflepuffs including you this wasn’t too surprising. Most, not all, but hey the value of loyalty was held quite highly in your close knit group.

    Speaking of a hufflepuff friend… you zoned back in to your wrist. 11:37pm. You stuffed your now icy hand back in your pocket and huffed. Where is he…? This wasn’t the first time you two had snuck out after hours, far from it. Still, you hoped he hadn’t been caught. That would have definitely weighed on your conscience. I’ll give him until ten of midnight. Thirteen minutes is enough time, if he isn’t here by then… I guess I’ll head back and hope that he just fell asleep or something.

    And that is what you did. Five minutes... eight... eleven... thirteen... heck, fifteen. You gave an extra two minutes, but you could only wait around for so long. Briskly walking towards the door the only thought in your head was that you hoped he was warm in bed and that’s all there was to it. Well, that and the hopes that you, too, would be in that same placement in your own room. Lost in thoughts of blankets and pajamas, however, you failed to see someone start to come through the doorway just as you were about to exit. Your bodies crashed together and you stumbled backward, about to give them a right piece of your mind, but any anger faded instantly when you looked upon the apologetic yet smiling face of your best friend.

    “Song Mingi how dare you keep me waiting,” you pointedly whispered, lightly pushing him with your fist. “You had me worried! I had half a mind to send an owl straight to your room!” He started chuckling at your reaction and despite wanting to just be a tiny bit dramatic you couldn’t help but let his contagious smile spread to you. “So you’re laughing at me now, okay, I see how it is-” you started to throw your hands up in mock frustration.

    “Oh come on, stop being a drama queen. Besides, I’m here now!” You crossed your arms and tried your best to look as indifferent as possible. He sighed and gave you a big eyed stare. “I’m sorryyyyyyy...”

    Well who could stay mad at that face?

    You relented, stepping forward to give him a short hug before returning to your bundled up state, nose once again deep in your yellow and black scarf. Wordlessly you two made your way over to the usual sitting spot on the side steps and sat down, backs leaning against the wall. You allowed yourself to scoot right next to him and lean into his side, sharing the warmth as your eyes gazed out into the expansive night. You didn’t know he was looking at you until he lightly muttered, “is it just one of those nights…?” You looked up at him, his eyes soft and compassionate, and felt a flood of warmth bloom outward from your chest. You hummed and slightly nodded your head before lightly placing it back down onto his shoulder. He didn’t say anything else, just put his cheek on the crown of your head and moved even closer.

    It was times like this that you felt truly at peace. Here, with him, thoughts of all of the assignments you had to do didn’t even cross your mind. School drama was little more than something to chuckle at. Being homesick wasn’t even an issue, because although you were far from your family, you felt at home with him. Yes, the assignments were still there, and maybe two of your other friends were in the middle of a fight that put you in between them, but all of it would work out eventually. You’d be able to get through it all with him by your side. You grew up together, him having been one of the first friends you made upon arriving and being sorted into the same house. Now it was both of your sixth year. The fact that you didn’t have all the time in the world for moments like this loomed over your head sometimes, and it scared you that after this it would be time for the real world, where summer breaks would be no more and nights like these… you hoped they would still happen but who knows? Adults go their separate ways sometimes.

    Actually, no, it wasn’t adulthood that scared you. It was the change. Being ripped away from everything you knew, maybe even everyone, just to start something else, whatever that would be. But you were especially afraid of losing him. Not being able to see his beautifully unique smile every day, hear his laugh that was sweeter to you than bird song, or even just exchange little looks so many times a day to have two second long silent conversations that the others wouldn’t be privy to.

    Did you have feelings for your best friend? No.

    Were you in denial about that? Well… maybe…

    Were you going to do anything about it? Absolutely not.

    Because he’s your best friend, and you his. You couldn’t - you wouldn’t - afford to change anything from where it is now. Moments like this still had to happen. You wouldn’t know what you would do if they didn’t, let alone if he looked at you differently. Treated you differently. Or even, worst case scenario, left altogether.

    You blinked and forced yourself out of your head. You wanted to be in the moment and enjoy every moment with him you could, as fully as possible. All of that could wait until later. You took a deep breath inward and released it, letting yourself revel in the serenity you felt beside him. Little did you know that Mingi was thinking almost the same exact thoughts, with the same worries, and the same fears pitted in the bottom of his stomach. Looking up at the stars without tilting his head he thought to himself that he wouldn’t let any of that happen. He wouldn’t let you drift apart, in fact he would do everything in his power to make sure that the bond between the two of you would be stronger than ever. He allowed a small grin to work its way onto his lips. Right there and then he started plotting.

    Maybe Yunho could do me a favor and get the Gryffindor quidditch team involved. That would be so cool, with sparkling letters in the air that would fly out of the ends of their brooms! Is there even a spell for that…? What about maybe putting something like a slip of enchanted paper into that one book? No that might be too subtle and easy to miss. Maybe she’s not into grand gestures though. What wouldn’t be too big but yet still somehow grand? OH! OH! What about that one plant in herbology that blooms those little flowers she loves so much? Maybe I could…


    As his mind ran away from him the stars twinkled on above you, hearing the way your two minds crossed so beautifully and whispering to one another about where they thought it would lead. They looked down on the pair and sent some good old fashioned celestial luck to the young romantics. They knew soulmates well enough, and knew that luck wasn’t exactly something they needed in the first place, but why not? It couldn’t hurt. And besides, Mingi was coming up with so many ideas. He could use that energy to help him pick one of them and make it as perfect as possible. After all, to him, you were deserving only of perfection. Nothing less. And he’d be damned if that wasn’t exactly what you got.

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  • simphwa
    08.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Ateez Reaction To You Calling Them For An “Emergency”

    » Maknae line

    Suggested by » @racheloveyunho


    “Let me get this straight,” He pinches the bridge of his nose, letting out a cold laugh as he says, “You called me--no! you spammed me with calls and texts just because your stuffed animal was ripped open?” He glares down at you. 

    You can tell that he’s angry at you, making a fuss over such a small situation, but in order to avoid being scolded by him further, you showed him the plushie that he gave you the first day you met him. You stood up on your tippy-toes while making your eyes wide with sadness, “It’s the special one.” You pout. 

    San gasped seeing the familiar orange fox with ripped limbs on it, “Baby! Why didn’t you tell me that?! We need to fix it ASAP!” He takes it from your hands and runs over to the phone, “Hello? 911, we have an emergency.” He describes the state of the plush and hangs up, “She’ll be over any minute now, stylist noona knows how to sew well, no need to worry my love.” He strokes your head and places a kiss on your forehead. 


    “Why are you crying?” Mingi’s voice entails concern. He rises from his seat, gathering his jacket as you explain the sudden passing of someone you love. “I’ll be over soon.” He hangs up, dashing out the door and racing home to you.

    You sit on the edge of the bed, book in hand and tissue in the other. The front door swings open and in comes your boyfriend with watery eyes and open arms to greet you. He wraps himself around your body, gently stroking your head as you sob. “It’s okay baby, I bet he was wonderful and—“

    “He saved so many lives! With his superpowers!”


    “The man that died!” You point at your book and that’s when he realized what happened.

    “Oh! Baby…yes it’s very sad indeed.” He agrees, kissing the top of your head and sighing with relief, “Let’s get you washed up and ready for bed.” 


    “Y/N!” He burst through the door, running around the apartment like a madman until you came out of the bedroom, “Oh! Come here!” He runs over and wraps you in his arms, kissing your cheeks over and over again, “What happened? What’s the emergency?” 

    “I had a dream and it made me miss you.” You confess meekly, staring down at the wooden floor, “I-I know it’s not an emergency but-ah!” You yelp when you felt him pick you up and carry you back onto the bed, “What are you?”

    “We are going to snuggle so my baby doesn’t miss me anymore, I’m not mad! Promise baby, let’s just cuddle a bit now.” 


    Shattered glass, a hammer on the counter, and soft grunts are enough to set off every alarm in his head as he approaches the kitchen. You stand in the middle of the mess with a broom in hand, sweeping up all of the glass into the pan to throw out. 

    “What the hell happened!” Your boyfriend exclaims, eyes bulging out of his skull. 

    You sigh, “I couldn’t open the jar and you didn’t come on time.” 

    “Did you really need to open it that badly?” 

    “I was craving it okay?!” 

    He takes your hands and examines them, “No cuts?” You shake your head and he kisses your knuckles, “I’ll buy you a jar opener for when I’m not around.” He smiles, rubbing your back and bring you closer to him, his heart rate finally slowing down once he sees you’re fine. 

    ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙

    » Hyung line

    Taglist » @little-precious-baby ,, @ateezinmymind ,,  @xxotakuxxgirlxx ,, @please-handle-with-care ,, @wooyoung-a ,, @xuxithighs ,, @tinkerbellwoo ,, @bonbonhwa ,, @yoheyyosup ,, @purplelady85 ,, @mingi-ivity .. @serialee ,, @g1g1l ,, @gyubaby 

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    07.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    anyways look at these pictures of my fave kpop boy :)

    #hal.txt #his name is song mingi and he is so handsome #i love being a bigender bisexual w/ a heavy preference for men 😌 #sometimes the group hes in has um. some Not Very Good songs im ngl #but hes soooo cute so i let him get away w/ it #hes on hiatus rn tho :( for anxiety #like damn wish *i* could take a hiatus from school for anxiety too they have us doing SO much work
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    07.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Adventurer/Pirate ATEEZ 💛

    to color or not...???? 😭

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    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago


    #ateez fanart#ateez#song mingi#mingi#ateez mingi#mingi ateez#atz mingi #i missed mingi so i whipped these up rlly quick last night 😭😭 #there’s seven i did but seven don’t fit 😿 #my art#mik draws
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  • smutfanfictionlover-blog
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago



    AUTHOR’S NOTE: I really hope that Mingi will recover quickly and will be able to perform again with the other members. This is my first one-shot smut for Mingi and I didn’t expect it will be a long-one shot too. I hope you will like it my beloved readers!

    Song Mingi is a cabin crew in an airline company and he has a friend and colleague named Jeong Yunho. While they are serving something to their passengers, Mingi noticed someone, and as he approached her…

    “Good day miss! Do you need anything?” Mingi asked as he smiled at her.

    “I don’t need anything. Thank you!” she said as both of them smiled at each other. But Mingi didn't see that a man was beside her and raised one of his eyebrows.

    “*coughs* Sir, I know my girlfriend is beautiful and she told you already that she doesn't need anything. You can leave now," the man said and Mingi was surprised.

    "Okay! Sir! I am sorry," Mingi said, and when he left…

    “That’s rude! You shouldn’t have done that! I know you are jealous!” the woman said.

    “I am not jealous!” the man said and Mingi just sighed when he heard it.

    “That was so embarrassing!” Mingi thought. When he came back to the quarters with Yunho…

    “Mingi, I saw that earlier,” Yunho said as he laughed and teased him then Mingi glared at him.

    “Fine! I will stop!” Yunho said as he still slightly laughing at him.

    “I don’t know where I will be able to find a single lady that can love me,” Mingi said as he sighed.

    “Don’t worry I know there will be other ladies that will be head over heels to you since you are tall and handsome,” Yunho said as he patted his shoulder and smiled at him.

    "I really hope so, Yunho! We should now go back to our seats," Mingi said and Yunho nodded then both of them went back to their assigned seats in the plane. Then that time, across Mingi's seat is a female passenger who is sleeping and he noticed that she didn't wear the seatbelt on and he asked the seatmate of the passenger if she knows her but that passenger is not her friend it was just a stranger. Then Mingi stood up and Yunho saw it as both of them seating in the same row and…

    “Mingi, You should sit!” Yunho said.

    “Wait! I will just wake up this woman to put her seatbelt on then I will sit. You know, safety first of the passengers too," Mingi said and Yunho nodded. As Mingi approached her, he lightly tapped her shoulder and the woman slightly woke up and…

    “Miss, you should wear the seatbelt. Our priority is your safety,” Mingi said and the woman nodded but he can’t leave the woman because he knows that she will not wear her seatbelt and he was right and…

    "Miss, just wear the seatbelt right now and there might be turbulence while we are in the flight and you might fall into your seat and hurt yourself," Mingi said then that time, the woman still didn't listen to him and Mingi got frustrated then he just decided to help her wear the seat belt but suddenly there was turbulence that made the woman fell on top of Mingi and the other passengers are looking at them including Yunho who is now slightly laughing at him.

    “Damn! Another embarrassing moment for me!” Mingi thought.

    “Umm… Miss, you really should wake up,” Mingi said and as the woman woke up, she was shocked that she was literally on top of him and…

    "OMG! I am sorry! I should have listened to you. I am just very sleepy," the woman said as she went back to her seat and she can't look at him and she blushed.

    “She’s kinda cute though,” Mingi thought.

    “It’s okay! Next time, you should wear the seat belt before you sleep, okay?” Mingi said.

    “Okay! Thanks!” the woman said. Then Mingi went back to his seat and he looked at her and the woman slightly looked at him and he smiled at her.

    “Gosh! He is really cute and handsome!” the woman thought. The flight was really long and at that time, the cabin crew will serve their dinner and when they are preparing it…

    “Hey, Mingi! How’s the feeling of a lady on top of you earlier?” Yunho asked.

    “Can you stop it! That was just an accident, okay?” Mingi said and Yunho just laughed. Then while he was preparing the dinner for a passenger who paid for an in-flight meal, he saw the name of the passenger and he realized that the seat was across him and…

    “Oh! She’s Y/N! What a beautiful name!” Mingi thought as he smiled.

    “Why are you smiling? Did you already know her name?” Yunho said.

    “Yup! She paid for an in-flight meal and it happened that I will be the one who will serve the dinner for her,” Mingi said as he smiled.

    “I think you should get going!” Yunho said and Mingi nodded. Then while Y/N is doing something, someone approached her seat and she looked at him and Mingi is smiling at her and she blushed.

    "Miss, here is your in-flight meal for dinner. I hope you enjoy it," Mingi said. Y/N looked at his name tag and…

    “Oh! Thank you, Mingi!” Y/N said as she smiled back and it was Mingi’s turn to blush. Then he went back to the pantry where the in-flight meals that are ready to be served.

    “So, how’s serving the food to her?” Yunho asked.

    “It seems she really read my name tag. If I can just talk to her for a long time but we can’t,” Mingi said as he sighed.

    “I have an idea,” Yunho said as he smiled at him.

    “What is that?” Mingi asked and Yunho just winked. As for Y/N who is writing something in her journal, she wrote…

    "This is my second time traveling alone, but someone lightens up my day in my flight and his name is "Mingi" he is a cute, handsome, and helpful cabin crew. Even though we can't talk to each other that much, he really ensures every passenger is safe. I really hope for my next flights I will be able to see him again"

    As she finished wrote something in her journal, someone approached her and she saw the name tag it's…

    “Oh! His name is Yunho! He is also a very handsome cabin crew like Mingi!” Y/N thought as she smiled at him.

    “Someone wanted to give you this,” Yunho said as he smiled back.

    "Oh! Okay! Thanks!" Y/N said as she accepted the pack of candies and chocolates. Then Yunho left her. Y/N was surprised and she suddenly saw a note on it and it says…

    “I know we can’t talk directly but I am giving those to you since the flight will be long and I hope you will like it! - Mingi”

    Y/N blushed at note and…

    “Gosh! He’s so cute! He even gave me these!” Y/N thought as she smiled and Mingi saw it.

    "You think, she will like me too?" Mingi asked Yunho.

    “As we can see now. I think it’s a Yes,” Yunho said as he smiled at him. But suddenly Mingi sighed.

    “Why, Mingi? Do you think she will not like you?” Yunho asked.

    “It’s not that what I think. Because you know in any moment she will be going on her way and I might not see her anymore,” Mingi said as he pouted.

    "No worries, Mingi! I have full of ideas for you to see her in every flight she will take but of course, it depends on our schedule too," Yunho said.

    "Whatever idea you have. I think you should share it with me next time," Mingi said and Yunho nodded and both of them smiled. Then that time, when all of the passengers are now sleeping, he saw that Y/N is writing something in her journal again and he decided to go back to his assigned seat and…

    "Y/N, Why aren't you sleeping? You might have a jet lag when you arrived in the US," Mingi said and Y/N was surprised and blushed.

    “How did you know my name? By the way, thanks for these candies!” Y/N said as she smiled at him. and Mingi chuckled at her.

    "No problem! I just saw your name in the list of the passengers when I was the one who served you the in-flight meal earlier. You should go to sleep too because you don't want to be tired when you arrived in the US, right?" Mingi said as he smiled and Y/N blushed.

    "OMG! He has really smiley eyes! So cute!" Y/N thought.

    “Oh! Well, you’re right!” Y/N said.

    "Before you sleep I wanted to ask you if you are just really traveling alone?" Mingi asked.

    “Yup! But sometimes, I meet my friends in other countries too,” Y/N said.

    “Oh! I see! Do you have a boyfriend?” Mingi asked and Y/N was shocked at his question. Then Mingi noticed her reaction.

    “I think I shouldn’t have asked you that,” Mingi said.

    “No! It’s okay! I can answer that. I don’t have a boyfriend,” Y/N said as she smiled at him.

    “Oh! I may have a chance to her!” Mingi thought.

    “May I know, why did you ask me?” Y/N asked.

    “Ummm… I just wanted to know. That’s all. You really should sleep and rest now,” Mingi said as he smiled.

    “Okay! Good night Mingi!” Y/N said and smiled back.

    “Good night Y/N!” Mingi said. Then Y/N turned off her light and decided to slightly decline her chair and both of them went to sleep.


    The airplane was about to arrive in the US, Y/N woke up and she fixed herself. As for Mingi and Yunho, they checked each passenger if they have still some things that are not arranged or some of the passengers still didn't fasten their seatbelts. After they inspect each row of the seats, they went back to their assigned seats and as soon as Mingi went back, he smiled at Y/N.

    "Did you had a nice sleep, Y/N?" Mingi asked and Y/N nodded and she smiled back. As the airplane already completely landed on the ground and the doors were opened, Y/N stood up and when she was about to leave him, Mingi suddenly took a chance to held her hand and kissed her quickly on the lips, and thankfully no one noticed them and Y/N was surprised and she froze into her position and Mingi chuckled at her.

    “I hope we will meet again, Y/N. Take care!” Mingi said as he winked at her.

    “O-okay! Till we meet again, Mingi! I have to go bye!” Y/N said as she smiled and waved goodbye to him and Mingi waved back. As Y/N completely left inside the airplane, she touched her lips and…

    “Oh gosh! I didn’t expect that to Mingi and he is my first kiss!” Y/N thought as she tried to hide her happiness and being giddy at the same time. Then Yunho approached Mingi and…

    "Hey, dude! You thought I didn't see what you did to Y/N? That was fast, huh?" Yunho said as he smirked and Mingi blushed.

    “It’s just that I really wanted to make a move to her before she leaves,” Mingi said.

    “Oh! Okay! No worries, I will help you to make you and Y/N meet in a flight again,” Yunho said.

    “Are you really sure that you will be able to do that?” Mingi asked.

    “Yup! Trust me!” Yunho said and Mingi nodded and smiled at him. As for Y/N who already met with her friend, named Yeri in the airport.

    “Y/N! I am so happy you arrived safely!” Yeri said as she smiled.

    “I know! It’s been a long time too!” Y/N said.

    “You’re right! How’s the flight? Is it boring? You know it’s a long flight for you,” Yeri asked.

    “Well, it’s not boring at all. Because I met someone in the plane,” Y/N said as blushed then Yeri noticed it.

    "Oh! Tell me, you had a romantic moment with someone while on the plane?" Yeri said as she teased her.

    "Umm… you can say in that way. But I wanted to share too that before I will leave that man on the plane, he suddenly kissed me!" Y/N said.

    “What? That’s crazy, Y/N! It means you are referring to a cabin crew?” Yeri said shockingly.

    "Exactly! I didn't expect he will kiss me! Also, his assigned seat is just across me and he even helped me to fasten my seatbelt when I was very sleepy,” Y/N said as she slightly laughed because she remembered it.

    “Wow! Do you know already his name?” Yeri asked.

    "His name is Mingi. He is so tall, cute, and handsome!" Y/N said.

    “Wait! It seems I already heard that name. Oh well! I should ask my brother later,” Yeri thought.

    “Woah! I didn’t expect during your flight you will have romantic and unforgettable moments with someone,” Yeri said.

    “I know! But I don’t know when I will see him again,” Y/N said as she sighed.

    “You don’t exchange each other’s numbers or social media accounts to follow and have communication?” Yeri asked.

    “You know, he’s a cabin crew and he can’t disclose anything to a passenger,” Y/N said.

    “Well, you’re right. Since my brother is also a cabin crew and he told me that too,” Yeri said.

    “Oh! I see! You haven’t talked about your brother to me at all,” Y/N said and Yeri chuckled.

    "Y/N, what important now is that you are here and we should just talk about what should we do in the next 5 days while you are here in the US okay?" Yeri said as she smiled.

    “Well, you have a point!” Y/N said as she smiled back. As time goes by, Y/N is now in Yeri’s place, she arranged and organized her things in the room.

    "I think you should rest for an hour and we will talk about our plans, okay? I know you still have jet lag, right?" Yeri asked.

    “You’re right! I will just finish arranging my things and I will rest,” Y/N said.

    “ Okay! I will just call someone and I will order food for us too,” Yeri said and Y/N nodded. Then Yeri decided to go to her room and called her brother.


    Yeri: My handsome brother, Yunho!

    Yunho: Oh! Hey, Yeri! Why did you call?

    Yeri: I just wanted to ask if you know a cabin crew with the name Mingi?

    Yunho: Of course! He is my friend and I am with him now. Why?

    “OMG! What a sweet surprise we have here!” Yeri thought.

    Yeri: Oh! Okay! To be honest, my friend here who just arrived today told me about Mingi.

    Yunho: Huh? What do you mean?

    Then suddenly Yunho realized something and when Yeri was about to talk…

    Yunho: Wait! By any chance your friend’s name is Y/N?

    Yeri: Exactly! Does it mean you also know something happened between them during the flight?

    Yunho: Yup!

    Yeri: Okay! Can I talk to him now?

    Yunho: Sure! He’s beside me right now.

    Then while Mingi is doing something beside Yunho…

    “Dude! My sister wants to talk to you,” Yunho said.

    “Huh? Why?” Mingi asked.

    “Just take this call and you will know,” Yunho said and Mingi just nodded.

    Mingi: Hello?

    Yeri: I assume you are now Mingi, right?

    Mingi: Yes! Why do you want to talk to me?

    Yeri: My friend named Y/N, talked about you.

    As Mingi heard Y/N’s name he was so shocked and…

    Mingi: Did I hear it wrong, that your friend is Y/N?

    Yeri: No, you’re not! She told me that you actually kissed her when she was about to leave earlier.

    Mingi: Ummm… Yes! I really kissed her.

    As Yunho listening to their conversation, he slightly laughed and Mingi just ignored him.

    Yeri: I wanted to ask if you really like her and you have any plans to see her again?

    Mingi: Yes, I am! I just didn't have a chance to get her social media accounts to follow for me to communicate with her.

    Yeri: Oh Okay! You are not playing around with Y/N’s heart, right?

    Then suddenly Yunho heard it and he butted in their conversation.

    Yunho: Yeri, why are you asking those kinds of questions to Mingi? It’s like you are thinking that Mingi is a bad boy.

    Yeri: my brother, I am just ensuring that my friend will not be hurt, Okay?

    Yunho: Okay! Fine!

    Then Yunho decided to make Mingi answer Yeri’s question.

    Mingi: I am not playing around with Y/N’s heart and I will never hurt her. Also, that’s why I kissed her because I am deadly serious about loving her and liking her.

    Yeri: Okay! I am so happy that Y/N will finally have a boyfriend!

    Mingi: You mean, she really didn’t have any relationship before?

    Yeri: Yup! It means you will be her first boyfriend!

    Mingi is really happy to hear Yeri’s words and…

    Mingi: I am kinda speechless on what is happening right now. But can I talk to her?

    Yeri: As of the moment, you can’t, because Y/N is now resting in the room.

    Mingi: Oh okay! Do you have plans to tell her about what we talked about?

    Yeri: I will tell her when she wakes up later. Why? Do you have a plan?

    Mingi: I suddenly thought that you shouldn’t tell Y/N first that you actually talked to me and you should tell me when she will go back.

    Yeri: Why?

    Then suddenly Yunho butted again in their conversation…

    Yunho: Yeri, I told him that I will help him to get on the same flight with her so that they will meet again.

    Yeri: What? Are you really sure that your idea will happen?

    Yunho: Yup! You know, the manager is my close friend and I can somehow help Mingi to change his flight schedule.

    Yeri: Okay! I will ask her later when she wakes up already.

    Mingi: Okay! Thank you very much, Yeri! I am so happy that I will somehow meet again her on the flight if everything will be arranged smoothly.

    Yeri: Okay no worries, Mingi! Thanks for appreciating Y/N and also, she was so giddy and blushing when she shared with me what you did to her.

    Mingi: *slightly laughed* I am so happy to hear that! I will really cherish and love her.

    Yeri: That's so sweet! I will really wish the two of you will have a long-lasting relationship when you two meet again!

    Mingi: Thank you very much Yeri and also, for your brother, Yunho who will help me to meet her again.

    Yeri: No problem!

    Yunho: Yeri, we should get going and we will still arrange some things.

    Yeri: Okay take care to the two of you! I will send you a message when I already know her flight details in going back.

    Mingi: Okay! Thanks!


    After Yunho and Mingi had a conversation with Yeri…

    “I didn’t expect all of this will happen!” Mingi said and Yunho chuckled.

    “I will be so happy for you when you two meet again! Thankfully that Yeri’s friend turned out to be Y/N,” Yunho said and Mingi slightly laughed.

    “Let’s just go back to work first and we should wait later too for your sister’s message about the flight details,” Mingi said and Yunho agreed and nodded then both of them went back to work. As time goes by, Y/N was now awake from a long sleep and she decided to go to the dining room and…

    "You are on the right time, Y/N! Let's have dinner!" Yeri said and Y/N nodded as she joined her at the dining table.

    “So, did you sleep and rest well?” Yeri asked.

     “Yup! I already regained some energy and the jet lag that I felt earlier is somehow lessened now,” Y/N said.

    “That’s great! I wanted to ask you. Did you have already the flight details going back home?” Yeri asked.

    "Yup! Why are you asking me all of a sudden and I just arrived here today? Do you want me to leave that quickly?" Y/N said jokingly and pouted and Yeri laughed.

    “No, I am not! I just wanted to know the flight details. That’s all. Okay?” Yeri said and Y/N laughed.

    “Okay! Okay! I thought you want me to leave now,” Y/N said and both of them laughed. After they had dinner, Y/N showed her flight details to her and she took a picture of it.

    “Why did you take a picture of my flight details?” Y/N asked.

    “You know, when you will go back, I can somehow trace your flight if you already arrived or not and also, if there will be problems or delays in your flight,” Yeri said.

    “Oh! Okay! I understand,” Y/N said as she smiled. After they had dinner, Y/N volunteered to wash the dishes and Yeri decided to leave her for a moment and she sent the photo of Y/N’s flight details then Yunho saw that his sister sent a message to her and he decided to call Mingi and he showed the message to him.

    “That’s great we had already the flight details! So, what are you going to do now, Yunho?” Mingi said.

    “ I will talk to Mr. Hongjoong(the manager) if he can change your flight schedule because I already saw my schedule and it happened that I will be also on this flight. I will try to make some excuses or alibis for you to attend this flight," Yunho said.

    “Okay! Just message me if you successfully make my schedule changed,” Mingi said.

    “Don’t worry! I will update you as soon as possible,” Yunho said.

    “Okay! Thank you very much, dude!” Mingi said.

    “Don’t thank me for now. Because you know, it might not be successful,” Yunho said.

    "Whatever result will be. I should still thank you for helping me to meet Y/N again. If it's not successful, then I will wait for her to go back and I will meet her here," Mingi said.

    "Well, you have a point! But still, I will try my best to be successful in the plan," Yunho said and Mingi smiled. As soon as Yunho and Mingi were in their condominium…

    “Mingi, I will call now Mr. Hongjoong,” Yunho said.

    "Okay! Just tell me later what happened to your conversation," Mingi said then Yunho nodded. Then he went to his room and started to call their manager.


    Hongjoong: Hey, Yunho! why did you call me?

    Yunho: Mingi wanted to change his flight schedule just once.

    Hongjoong: Oh okay! Send me the flight details then I will check if he can attend that flight.

    Yunho: I will send it to you right away.

    Then Yunho sent a message to him and Hongjoong carefully checked the flight details if there are enough cabin crew who will attend that flight and…

    Hongjoong: Yunho, I saw you are on this flight too. As for Mingi, he can attend this flight because we have one cabin crew who will not be able to attend because of some important reasons. It's great timing that he wanted to change his schedule since the cabin crew in that flight is not enough.        

    Yunho: Oh! Okay! I will tell Mingi. Thank you very much, Mr. Hongjoong!

    Hongjoong: No problem! I should get going and I will arrange the change of Mingi’s schedule.

    Yunho: Okay! Thanks!


    After Yunho had a conversation with Hongjoong, he went to Mingi’s room and...

    “So, how’s your conversation with Mr. Hongjoong?” Mingi asked and Yunho smiled at him.

    “Thankfully, Mr. Hongjoong told me in that flight the cabin crew is not enough. It means you will be able to attend that flight,” Yunho said.

    “Are you sure about that? You are not joking me, right?” Mingi said and Yunho shook his head. Then someone sent a message to Mingi and he read it and it says…

    “Good evening, Mingi! Yunho told me that you wanted to change your flight schedule and I wanted to tell you that I already changed it - K.HJ”

    After the message, he also received a screenshot of his updated schedule and…

    “So, you believe me, right now?” Yunho asked and Mingi nodded.

    “Thank you very much for helping me Yunho and also, of course to your sister! I will see Y/N again!” Mingi said as he smiled brightly.

    "No problem, Mingi! I think after the flight schedule, you should meet her. Since we will be on three days off, right?” Yunho said.

    "Yup! I am so excited to see her again!" Mingi said happily and Yunho slightly laughed at him for being so cute and excited. As for Y/N who is hanging out with her friend and having lunch in the park, then Yeri received a message from…

    “Yeri! Mingi’s schedule was already changed and he will see Y/N again! - Yunho”  

    As Yeri saw her brother’s message, she smiled and…

    “I am so happy that Y/N will really have a boyfriend when she will go back home!” Yeri thought then Y/N noticed her.

    “Oh! It seems you are very happy. Did someone ask you out?” Y/N asked as she teased her.

    "No! I wanted to ask you. You really also like Mingi, the cabin crew you met on the plane?" Yeri asked.

    “Yes! I really like him so much! But I really don’t know If I will ever see him again. Also, Mingi is my first kiss! Gosh!” Y/N said and Yeri laughed at her statement.

    “I can really feel it that you are already madly in love with him even though that time it’s just your first time meeting him,” Yeri said.

    “Yup! Haha! Also, I like him too as a cabin crew because you know they help the passengers when we need something and ensure our safety. To be honest, there was one time he almost helped me to put the seat belt on to me but suddenly turbulence happened then I fell on top of him," Y/N said as she blushed and Yeri laughed again.

    “OMG! I bet you two are very embarrassed that time,” Yeri said.

    “Well, What can I say! Some passengers are looking at us that time including his colleague,” Y/N said

    “You really have so many unforgettable moments with Mingi, huh?” Yeri said and Y/N nodded and blushed then Yeri just slightly smiled at her.


     It's been five days since Y/N arrived in the US and it was now time for her to leave Yeri and…

    “Y/N, I am so happy that we meet again, and also, I hope when you go back here you will be able to bring Mingi with you," Yeri said as she smiled at her and Y/N blushed.

    “If we will meet again. I will definitely bring and introduce him to you that he’s already my boyfriend,” Y/N said and Yeri got giddy.

    “You know, you should go now and you might miss your flight. Take care and see you again soon! Sent me a message when you arrived safely,” Yeri said.

    “Okay! No worries! Bye Yeri!” Y/N said as she waved goodbye and Yeri waved back.

    "OMG! Have fun meeting again Mingi on the flight!" Yeri thought. As time goes by, Y/N went inside the plane and when she was about to put her bag inside the cabin, someone approached her.

    “I will help you,” the man said and when Y/N looked at him, she was shocked because it was…

    "Mingi? You are also on this flight?" Y/N asked and Mingi nodded and he put her bag in the cabin.

    "I will talk to you later, okay? I will help the others too and don't worry my seat is also right in front of you. Just sit down first and of course, wear the seat belt too," Mingi said as he winked at her and Y/N blushed.

    “Okay! No worries!” Y/N said as both of them smiled. Then Mingi left her and Y/N just sit down and fasten her seatbelt.

    “My gosh! I can’t believe this is happening! I met Mingi again!” Y/N thought as she smiled at herself. As time goes by, it was the best time for them to go around the plane as the seat belt lights went off. It was also the best time for Y/N and Mingi to talk to each other.

    “I am so happy that we met again Y/N,” Mingi said as he smiled at her brightly.

    “Me too! I thought we will never meet again,” Y/N said as she smiled back.

    “To be honest, I will thank my friend Yunho and his sister, Yeri that they made meet us again,” Mingi said.

    “What? Yunho’s sister is Yeri?” Y/N asked shockingly.

    “Yup!” Mingi said as he laughed at her.

    “When did you know that Yunho’s sister is my friend, Yeri?” Y/N asked.

    “I just knew that when his sister called him and that time you are now with Yeri and she even asked her if Yunho knows me,” Mingi said.

    “Oh! I didn’t expect we will have somehow connections in terms of our friends,” Y/N said and Mingi chuckled.

    “There is still one thing you didn’t know, that Yunho actually helped me to attend this flight to be with you,” Mingi said as he winked at her that made Y/N heart fluttered.

    “It means that’s the reason why Yeri asked me the flight details?” Y/N asked.

    “Yup! Then Yunho just talked to our manager to change my schedule,” Mingi said.

    “Oh! I am so surprised that both of them made us meet again,” Y/N said as she smiled and Mingi smiled back.

    “Wait! I will just go to the lavatory,” Y/N said.

    “I will just guide you going there. Is that okay?” Mingi said and Y/N blushed.

    "Okay! If you said so," Y/N said. Then Mingi guided Y/N to the lavatory. But when Y/N went inside, Mingi is just waiting for her to go out and Yunho approached him.

    “Why are you there? Also, you look like you are guarding the lavatory,” Yunho said as he slightly laughed.

    “Y/N is inside the lavatory and I am waiting for her to go outside,” Mingi said and Yunho suddenly smirked at him and…

    “Why don’t you do something romantic inside with her and no worries, I will be the one who will guard the lavatory so no one will know,” Yunho said as he whispered and Mingi was shocked at his suggestion.

    “Are you crazy? That’s too risky!” Mingi said in a low voice.

    “If you don’t want. Okay! I will leave now,” Yunho said then suddenly Mingi held Yunho back and he just smirked at him.

    "Make it sure no one will notice it," Mingi said.

    “Of course! Don’t worry! Just be quick, okay?” Yunho said and Mingi nodded.

    “Shit! This is a crazy thing to do!” Mingi thought. Then when Y/N was about to go outside the lavatory, suddenly Mingi pushed her back inside and locked the door and she was shocked at his action.

    “Mingi! What are you doing? Someone might caught us!” Y/N said in a low voice.

    “I am sorry Y/N. But I can’t take it anymore,” Mingi said and when Y/N was about to talk, Mingi kissed her passionately and trapped her in the wall and Y/N just kissed him back. While they are still kissing, one of Mingi’s hands went to her skirt and his hand went into her underwear and he inserted his finger that made Y/N moan into the kiss then Mingi started to pump his fingers to her at a fast pace that made Y/N held his shoulder and tried not to moan loudly. Mingi kissed her neck and slightly bite and sucked it delicately that made a hickey on her neck. After he gave attention to her neck, he still pumping his fingers at a fast pace and Y/N trying not to moan loudly.

    “Fuck! You are so hot when you are like this, Y/N!” Mingi said in a low voice and licked his lips. Then he decided to stop pumping his fingers and he pulled down completely her underwear and he licked her core that made Y/N covered her mouth so that no one can hear her moans then Mingi started to eat her out wildly that made her close her eyes.

    “Oh gosh! Mingi! More!” Y/N said as her hands went to his hair and caressed and Mingi smirked at her. Then Mingi continuously eating her out and…

    “Mingi! I will cum! “ Y/N said as she tried to talk in a low voice.

    “Cum for me!” Mingi said. After Y/N heard his words, she cums onto his tongue and he tasted her.

    “You are so delicious, Y/N,” Mingi said as he smirked and Y/N blushed at his words. Then Mingi helped her fixed her skirt and he also fixed himself and…

    “Y/N, we should meet tomorrow when we already arrived, okay?” Mingi said.

    “Don’t you have any schedule after this flight?” Y/N asked.

    “I don’t have! I will give you my number and my social media account so that we can communicate,” Mingi said and Y/N nodded and she gave her phone and Mingi saved his number and made Y/N followed him in his social media accounts. Then when they are about to get out…

    “Dude! Aren’t you two finished?” Yunho asked and Mingi laughed and Y/N blushed.

    “Y/N, I forgot you have to cover your neck. Because I suddenly made a hickey on it,” Mingi said and Y/N checked it on the mirror and she was shocked because the hickey is really noticeable and…

    "Thankfully I have a scarf. Let's go outside now. Someone might notice us!" Y/N said and Mingi nodded and then both of them went outside and…

    "Thankfully no one went here that often," Yunho said then Mingi and Y/N laughed. Then both of them went back to their seats and Y/N suddenly sent him a message and Mingi looked at his phone and he saw it's from her and he looked and smiled at her and Y/N just smiled back.

    “That was really crazy. But I enjoyed it though - Y/N”    

    “Oh! Is that so? Don’t worry you will get more than that when we arrived - Mingi”

    As Y/N saw his message to her, she blushed then both of them looked at each other and Mingi winked at her. For the rest of the flight they keep talking to each other but sometimes they are sending messages to each other whenever they will talk about something that shouldn’t be heard by the other passengers. As time goes by, the plane arrived and landed on the ground completely. Then Y/N stood up and Mingi kissed her again quickly.

    “You are really surprising, Mingi!” Y/N said and Mingi laughed.

    “Don’t forget to send me your address where you are living then I will go there tomorrow. You should rest and sleep first. I love you, Y/N,” Mingi said as he smiled at her.

    “I love you too, Mingi! I have to go! I will send you later the address when I got home already,” Y/N said as she smiled back and Mingi nodded then he waved goodbye to Y/N. When Y/N already left the plane, Yunho approached him and…

    “Hey! Hey! So, are you going to meet her tomorrow?” Yunho asked.

    “Of course! To be honest, we already exchange numbers and social media accounts when we are in the lavatory,” Mingi said.

    “Oh! You mean after the two of you what you had done there?” Yunho said as he teased him and Mingi just chuckled.

    “It’s your suggestion dude! Also, I thought I will never do that in my whole life,” Mingi said.

    "But you decided to do it. Not me!" Yunho said as he made a teasing smile.

    "Fine! But still, it was your dirty idea!" Mingi said as he made a fake smile at him and Yunho just smirked.

    “Let’s go and we should fix things up here so, that we can go home and rest,” Yunho said. Then both of them went back to work. As time goes by, Y/N was already home and before she will sleep and rest, she still can’t forget what they did in the lavatory and that made her blushed.

    "I didn't expect that those things will happen to me on the plane! Also, I will be able to see Mingi tomorrow!" Y/N thought as she smiled then she decided to send her address to Mingi and sends a message to Yeri that she was already home safely and she just went to sleep.


    It was the day where Mingi will visit Y/N in her apartment and Y/N received a message from him and it says…

    "Good morning, my lovely Y/N! I will go there to your place at lunchtime and also, I will bring food for lunch so, you don't need to prepare anything. Just wait for me. Okay? I love you Y/N! - Mingi”

    “OMG! I am so excited to be with him this day!” Y/N thought and she replied.

    “Okay! See you later! I love you too so much, Mingi! -Y/N”

    As for Mingi who received her message he smiled at it and…

    “I am so excited to see her today!” Mingi thought. As time goes by, Y/N already finished cleaning her apartment. Then that time someone knocked on the door and as she opened it…

    "Mingi!" Y/N said happily and both of them smiled at each other. Then she helped him to put the food that he bought on the dining table and as soon as they finished arranging the food on the table, Mingi hugged her and Y/N hugged him back.

    "I am so happy that you are here with me now," Mingi said.

    “Me too! We should really thank Yunho and Yeri for making us meet again!” Y/N said and both of them smiled and sat in the chair and started to have lunch.

    “So, until what time you will be here?” Y/N asked.

    “I can stay with you for 2 days here. Since I have three days off,” Mingi said as he winked and Y/N blushed.

    “Oh! That’s why you also carried some bags that I assume it’s all your clothes, right?” Y/N asked.

    “Yup! You’re right! But some of them are not,” Mingi said as he winked at her and Y/N slightly chuckled.

    “What does he mean? Oh well, I don’t mind what that was,” Y/N thought.

    “So, what are we going to do after lunch?” Y/N asked.

    “I just wanted to be with you all day here in your place and we can do whatever we want,” Mingi said as he smirked and Y/N blushed.

    "O-okay? Well, you're right. Since I am also a type of person who doesn't really like going outside too," Y/N said as she smiled at her.

    “Oh! That’s great! Don’t worry I will make it enjoyable for us this day, Y/N,” Mingi said as he smiled at her but Y/N felt some goosebumps and she just tried to smile and…

    “I don’t know if he is referring to other things, right? Gosh! I really feel there something behind Mingi’s words,” Y/N thought.

    “It seems you are in deep thoughts, Y/N,” Mingi said.

    “No! I am not! I really believe that we will be enjoying being together for two days,” Y/N said.

    “Oh! Okay! My question will be kinda straightforward to you. But tell me, are you still a virgin?” Mingi said and Y/N was almost choked at his question and Mingi chuckled.

    “Ummm… Yes, I am!” Y/N said as she blushed and can’t look at him and Mingi cupped her face and so that she can look at him.

    "Why are you being shy all of a sudden babe? Did you already forget that we almost made love on the plane? Well, to be exact, in the lavatory," Mingi said as he smirked and Y/N looked at him where his eyes are now dark and full of lust and she gulped. Then Mingi made Y/N stood up and he suddenly kissed her lips with hunger and she just responded to the kiss then Mingi smirked and he suddenly carried her in a bridal style and Y/N pointed where her room is and then he went inside the room. Mingi put her in the bed and he went to his bag and…

    “What are you looking for, Mingi?” Y/N asked.

    “Something interesting. Just stay there babe,” Mingi said and Y/N just nodded.

    "Gosh! This is making me more nervous than ever!" Y/N thought then she saw Mingi placed a box of condoms on top of her drawer that made her shocked.

    “Wow! He is so prepared!” Y/N thought and gulped. Then she saw other things that Mingi get from his bag and it was…

    "What? Are you kidding me? He has a blindfold and also, ankle cuffs with a strap and a pillow? Shit! He is kinky! Good luck to me!" Y/N thought. Then her thoughts were cut off when Mingi smirked at her and…

    "We will try this later, babe. *as he showed her the ankle cuffs with a strap and a pillow* Since it still will be your first time. But if you got used to it, we can use them today,” Mingi said and Y/N blushed.

    “Gosh! I really didn’t expect you are so prepared, huh?” Y/N said and Mingi smirked.

    “Why? Don’t you want to try those?” Mingi asked.

    “It’s not that I wanted to try it. I am just surprised that you have a kinky side,” Y/N said and Mingi chuckled.

    "Oh! Well, I bet you will enjoy my wild side, babe," Mingi said as he smirked again and he kissed her again passionately and his hands roamed around her body and Y/N moaned from the kiss that made Mingi insert his tongue in her mouth and dominated the kiss. As they continue to make out, they suddenly stopped and they helped remove each other's clothes, and when both of them are now naked.

    “Shit! His body is so sexy! But damn his size! I don’t know how will fit that to me later!” Y/N thought as she gulped.

    "You are so fucking hot, Y/N! I really want to devour you so much!" Mingi said then he hovered above her and he kissed her neck as he licks and bites it delicately that made Y/N tilted her neck to give him more access and Mingi made numerous hickeys in her neck and Y/N just moaned his name non-stop. Then after he gave attention to her neck, he groped her breasts and massaged and slightly pinch her nipples and Y/N just closed her eyes and moans at his action then Mingi decided to suck and lick her breast, and sometimes, he also bit her nipples that made Y/N arched her back and Mingi hummed in satisfaction.

    "So, responsive and I will make you moan my name more, later babe!" Mingi said as he smirked. Then after he gave attention to her breasts, he kissed every inch of her and Y/N just keep moaning his name because of his action. Then he also placed some wet kisses and slightly bit her inner thighs and Mingi saw that Y/N eyes are completely closed because of the pleasure she felt.

    “Babe! Look at me!” Mingi said and Y/N obeyed him and she saw that he was already between her legs and ready to devour her and she gulped at the hot sight in front of her. But when she was about to talk, Mingi suddenly licked her core at a fast pace that made Y/N throw her head back in the pillow and moaned his name loudly.

    “Shit! More, Mingi!” Y/N said and Mingi smirked. Then he suddenly added two fingers into her while eating her out wildly then Y/N gripped the bedsheets and moaned his name more. But as he continued to eat her core…

    “Mingi! I will cum! Oh gosh!” Y/N said.

    "Cum for me, Y/N! I wanted to taste you again!" Mingi said. As he continued to eat her out, Y/N cum onto his mouth and he sucked all of her juices that made a slurping sound in the room. Then he suddenly gets the sex toy that he showed to her which is the ankle cuffs with the strap and pillow and he put the pillow in her head and he put ankle cuffs on her that made Y/N's legs spread wide for him.

    "Fuck! This is what I imagine to you, babe! You look so sexy as hell!" Mingi said as he licked his lips. Then he gets a condom and puts on his cock and he kissed her again and Mingi is slightly rubbing his cock to her that made Y/N moan and as they stopped kissing…

    “So, are you ready for me, Y/N?” Mingi asked.

    “Yes! I am ready!” Y/N said.

    “I love you so much, Y/N!” Mingi said.

    "I love you too so much, Mingi!" Y/N said. Then Mingi kissed her and he slowly inserted his cock into her that made Y/N moaned into the kiss. As Mingi inserted his cock fully into her…

    “Are you okay, babe? Am I not hurting you, right” Mingi asked and Y/N nodded.

    “I think you are okay to move now,” Y/N said.

    “Are you sure? When you tell me like that. I will never stop now,” Mingi said.

    “Just do it, Mingi!” Y/N said and Mingi smirked and he leaned to her.

    "Someone's impatient, huh? Like what I said to you before, I will give you more than that," Mingi said and he started to thrust his cock to her at a fast pace and Y/N gripped the bedsheets and moaned his name loudly.

    "Fuck! You are so tight, babe! I like it so much!" Mingi said. Then he decided to thrust his cock to her at a hard and rough pace that made Y/N arched her back and threw her head back in the pillow.

    “Shit! You feel so good, Mingi! I want more, please!” Y/N said and Mingi smirked.

    "Someone's wanted me to be rough and deeper, huh? I will give that to you, Y/N," Mingi said then he held her legs that were cuffed and he rammed his cock to her that made Y/N almost screamed his name and Mingi saw that Y/N was already in pure bliss and…

    “Fuck! You are so sexy seeing you like this and begging for more!” Mingi said. But as he continued at his stable pace…

    “Mingi! I will cum!” Y/N said.

    "Cum with me, Y/N!" Mingi said. As he continued to thrust at her core, both of them moan each other's name as they cum and Mingi removed the ankle cuffs to her and removed the condom to his cock and threw it in the trash bin, and went back to lay beside her and…

    "So, how's your first-time experience with me," Mingi asked as he winked and Y/N blushed at his question.

    “It was a great experience even though it’s my first time and you made it very special too,” Y/N said as she smiled at him.

    “I am glad you liked it. I am thinking later before dinner we can watch some movies or any shows that you want to watch and order some food,” Mingi said.

    “Yup! You’re right! Since we should just also rest for this day and enjoy being together,” Y/N said as she smiled.

    “I love you so much, Y/N! I am so happy that I met you!” Mingi said as he smiled back.

    “I love you too so much. Mingi! I am also happy that I met you!” Y/N said and Mingi kissed her lips quickly.

    "We should nap and rest for a while so that we can do whatever we want later again," Mingi said and Y/N nodded and both of them smiled at each other. Then Mingi hugged Y/N close to him they went to sleep first to regain their energy. As Mingi stayed 2 days with her, they did many things that will surely be unforgettable for the both of them.

    끝 THE END

    Thank you for reading my one-shot smut fan fiction of  Ateez’s Mingi!

    Stay tuned for the next member! :)

    고마워요 여러분! (Thanks, Everyone!)

    #ateez#ateez smut#ateezsmut#ateezsmutscenarios#ateezsmutscenario #ateez smut scenarios #ateez smut scenario #ateezsmutfanfic#ateez mingi #ateez mingi smut #ateezmingi#ateezmingismut #ateez song mingi #ateezsongmingi#ateezsongmingismut #ateez song mingi smut #song mingi #song mingi smut #songmingismut#mingismut#mingi#mingi ateez#mingiateez#mingiateezsmut #mingi ateez smut #song mingi ateez #songmingiateez#songmingiateezsmut #song mingi ateez smut
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    If you want to you can ask me for a request, I mostly do Ateez requests, I can do some mood boards. Or you can ask me anything you want to know about me.

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  • mingkiii
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    。☆✼★━ [10:02] | s.mg ━★✼☆。


    starring: mingi x reader

    fsk-0: fluff

    volume: ~460 words

    vip access: @midnightseonghwa​ & @treasure-hwa​ & @yunhoiseyecandy​ & @barsformars​ & @yunkiwii​ & @cometoceantrenches​ & @cloudyyeonnie​ & @multidreams-and-desires​ & @absentcaryatid​

    “awake?”, you heard first thing in the morning, after a few minutes of blissful silence during which you enjoyed the sun shining onto your bare back (where had the blanket gone, you wondered at first, before you found your love wrapped up in both his and yours), enjoyed the birds chirping and the fact that there was not a worry in the world right now.

    “mhm”, you murmured back, smiling as you felt mingi shift in your arms, turning so that he was first facing, then hovering on top of you, a smile on his face as well.

    “you’re so beautiful like this”, he told you, causing you to roll your eyes in return.

    “what? you think i’m lying?”, a teasing tone in his voice now that you replicated.

    “not lying, just maybe exaggerating. you like to do that, you know?”, the last word unfinished because he decided to shut you up with a finger on your lips, then his lips on yours when you looked up at him with wide, sparkling eyes.

    “i’d never”, he told you before pecking your lips again, “never ever lie about that. or exaggerate”, then another peck, this time to your jaw, before he lifted his face again so he could decently look at you.

    “you look so beautiful. can’t believe i get to call you mine”, emotion in his eyes that his voice didn’t manage to convey, and you swallowed, getting emotional, which meant you had to stop his love confession before you both were sobbing like babies.

    “you’re beautiful too. but lay back down, i’m cold since my blanket has vanished under mysterious circumstances”, mumbling because you were still tired, and sighing happily when mingi dropped his entire body weight on you, becoming your - admittedly more sweaty and slightly smelly - blanket in the summer heat, bare chest to bare chest as you enjoyed the last few silent moments of the morning, his face buried in the crook of your neck and him humming.

    “my feet are cold”, he then complained and you laughed, couldn’t stop yourself.

    “two blankets and still not enough to cover all of you?”, teasing and he looked up only to pout at you.

    “my feet are cold”, he repeated and you admitted defeat, admitted that you were way too in love with this man and couldn’t ever not do whatever it took to make him happy.

    “put them on my legs, if you want”, you told him, earned yourself a small kiss with that and then feet pressed to your leg, feet that felt way too cold considering the general temperature in the room, but these were the things you did for love.

    and, if you were honest, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    Ateez Master list


    The elevator

    pouts and snuggles




    Cosy cuddles

    Soft kisses


    The protector


    Hehet Hero


    Nothing yet...


    Nothing yet..


    Sweet lullaby



    Nothing yet...

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    A year after the events of Past-Present-Future, Lee Mirae, Choi San, and Jeong Yunho receive a mysterious envelope containing photos and notes about the deaths of several individuals. The deeper they go into the case, they find that the entertainment industry hides a very dark secret.

    Group: ATEEZ Pairing: Yunho/OC Genres: It’s a little bit of: adventure, romance, mystery, crime, fantasy, action. Things to note: It also features mentions of other idols/artists: Junhong (Zelo), Dean, Chanyeol, Enhypen etc.

    Superpowers AU if it wasn’t obvious as well.

    T/W: Themes of death, violence, demons, cults, blood, use of weapons and/or firearms, use of drugs (both recreational and medical), implied/referenced assault, implied/referenced suicide, cussing

    A/N: Sorry for taking so long in updating this, but here we go, the penultimate chapter.


    Chapter 7

    The seven of them were gathered around Yeosang in his living room, giving him looks as if  prompting the vampiric-looking male to explain everything. Yunho was growing impatient, thinking of Mirae and what may have happened to her, what was happening to her at that moment. Mingi was playing with his lighter while Seonghwa was fiddling with his bow and Hongjoong had the blade from his sleeve out. 

    “Madame Seo has been around for years, and when I say years, I mean decades, you could say she’s almost a century old even if she looks the way she looks,” Yeosang began. “I met her at the time of the Gwangju uprising. She was an adviser to Chun Doohwan, you could say she whispered things in his ear that led to that coup that killed so many people,” He looked down as he recalled that day. 

    “She always believed in that kind of purge. It was her philosophy as much as it was Ose’s, the demon in hell she worships. Anyway, she came to my office to discuss investments in some businesses she planned on starting, the brothel, the fashion label, those things. She knew who I was, Ose granted her the gift of reading minds, she figured out I was a mutant, who lived much, much longer than she did,” 

    “She still can’t read Mirae’s mind even if she tried,” San muttered, shaking his head. 

    Yeosang glanced at him. “It didn’t take me long before I realized...Madame Seo was developing affections for me. Of course, she wasn’t my type. I was...shall we say, married at the time, to the woman who was the mother of my children, who turned you all into what you are right now. When my wife died, she made her moves on me, and each time I rebuffed her…” 

    “Smooth,” Yunho gave him a look. 

    “Yes, yes she was. Years later, I find out that she came between Na Youngji and Ji Myungsoo, became Myungsoo’s mistress and later on wife, and then that actress died. It was easy for me to find out because she told me. She told me Ose had granted her seven children, seven demon children, to do her bidding, so she could become his queen,” 

    Hongjoong raised a hand, looking puzzled. “Hang on, you’re telling me that Madame Seo, that woman we’ve been looking for, is the queen or wife or whoever of this Ose demon?” He said. 

    “Yes. Yes, she is. But of course she needed a human husband, enter that basketball player. Madame Seo had Youngji killed, of course, just to get to him, but when he figured out who she really was, she had her children kill him too. Fast forward to today, where she has everyone, including those in government, wrapped around her finger. Madame Seo’s ultimate plan was to get everyone to bend to the will of Ose, while she prepares for his ascent,” 

    “And the reason why she’s got people under her control is because of those girls she sends their way?” Wooyoung asked, and he nodded. “She’ll expose them if they rat her out,” and Yeosang nodded again. 

    “So, a bunch of middle-aged men going this far to get laid? They’d actually sell their souls for this?” San looked disgusted. 

    “Sex, power, and influence. Madame Seo can give it to them too. Protection from the media and from the press. There’s a reason why there are dating scandals getting exposed just when someone in their circle is being looked into by the authorities, ever wonder why Yang Tan gets those tips of celebrities supposedly dating each other?” Yeosang glanced at Yunho and San. 

    “...Mirae did say Hyuk would tell her most of those were publicity stunts,” San muttered. 

    “There you have it, gentlemen, I’ve explained all I need to explain.” 

    “What does she hold over you?” Yunho asked before Yeosang could walk off. 

    “She knows I killed that Park Enterprises CEO,” Yeosang replied. “Among other things.” 

    “Those other things are?” Yunho pressed again. “You might as well say it. If you’re going to help us, better come clean with what she’s holding over you.” 

    Yeosang gave him a look. “She also knows I killed the rest of the people in my bloodline, including my wife. And now, she’s also jealous of Mirae.” 

    “Why?” Jongho questioned. 

    Yeosang pursed his lips. “Why do you think she’s jealous? Think about it.” 

    “Because you like her,” Wooyoung figured it out, scenes flashing in his head the more he looked at the vampiric-looking male. “But she doesn’t like you the same way.” 

    “I am fully aware of that, but that is no one’s business but mine,” Yeosang stood up straight. “If you’ll excuse me, I would like to retire for a bit,” and he walked off.


    Yunho caught Yeosang in his study later that day. He was sitting by the window, drinking a glass of milk from a champagne flute. “For someone like you, I would’ve thought you took a liking to alcohol,” Yunho spoke as he stepped inside the room. 

    “I’ve been there, drank everything that was ever invented. Eventually it gets nauseating to drink even a drop of it,” Yeosang mumbled without looking at him. “But I do have a supply. Would you like some absinthe? It’s not as strong as you might think, as long as you put in some water over a cube of sugar.” 

    The vampiric-looking male gestured to the table nearby that had a tall, green bottle that was labeled in its name, the yellowing sign made Yunho realize that the liquor was likely older than him. “I guess I could have some,” He said. 

    Yeosang stood up and went over to the table, pouring some of the green liquid into a small glass. He placed a flat piece of metal over the glass, and a sugar cube. Yeosang carefully poured water over the sugar cube, letting it melt through the piece of metal until it reached the drink itself. From green, the drink became a cloudy yellow and Yeosang handed it over to him. “It’s best that way.” 

    “Thanks,” Yunho took a sip, his nose wrinkling at how strong the flavor was. He wasn’t a very experienced drinker even if he could hold his own. 

    “Has...Mirae told you about how we met?” Yeosang asked all of a sudden, gazing out the window. 

    “She met you when she found out you killed that CEO of Park Enterprises,” Yunho replied. “What about it?” 

    A smile crept up on the vampiric mutant’s face. “Nothing, I just keep thinking about that day. She came to the house of Park senior, inspected the body, argued with her brother, but if you’ll forgive me for saying, I was more entranced by her than I was with Park senior’s daughter,” He said. 

    Yunho raised a brow, curious as to what he meant. “And?” 

    “While she put up quite a front around me, I knew how she really felt,” Yeosang muttered. “Like many women before her, I could feel her shudder every time I was near, I could see her staring at my lips whenever we talked, as if she was begging me to kiss her, to ruin her like those women before her.” 

    Yunho stared at him, unable to speak, but Yeosang went on. “I had her cornered in my room one of those days she was doing a search for evidence. I could say I could cut the sexual tension between us with a knife. You’re probably wondering why the fuck am I telling you this,” a satisfied smile crept up on Yeosang’s lips, a giggle escaping him. 

    “Now you’re asking me that?” Yunho could feel his blood boil. 

    “I’m telling you this for the simple fact that Mirae needs someone who would take care of her. Treat her like the queen that she is. She deserves that much, you know? I can, can you?” Yeosang looked over at him. “You don’t deserve her, Jeong Yunho.” 

    “But you do?” Yunho put his drink down on the table with a thud. 

    Yeosang smirked. “You already died in Morocco, you had your chance with her. It’s over, Yunho.” 

    “No, no it isn’t,” Yunho got up. “She’s with me and she always will be.” 

    “Are you sure about that?” Yeosang chuckled. “She’s been playing you the entire time, in fact, I could still hear her moans whenever I remember her under me-” He stopped when he saw the prongs of Yunho’s sai pierce through his heart. 

    “You’re not picturing anything,” Yunho was glowering at him, watching the vampiric male fall to the floor, turning into a pile of dust. “Anymore.”

    Yunho’s eyes shot open and he sat up. He had been sleeping on the large couch in Yeosang’s living room. Seonghwa and San were sleeping on the other sides of the couch, Jongho was dozing off on the lounge chair near the window, while Mingi, Hongjoong, and Wooyoung were sharing the mound of couch cushions on the floor, including the cushions from Yeosang’s study. 

    He couldn’t believe what he dreamt. He knew it wasn’t true. Yunho reminded himself that it was probably the dust he inhaled from those documents talking again, but he still couldn’t help but think that maybe the feelings he felt in that were genuine. Mirae had already told him, reminding him that she never felt anything for Yeosang except for the fact that she respected him. 

    Yunho knew he didn’t have a reason to be jealous, but those things the shorter male was taunting him in his dream struck a nerve. Maybe he had some resentment towards Yeosang, maybe he was jealous. It was making him miss Mirae and wonder what was happening to her, he couldn’t hear anything from her even at this hour. 

    “Good morning- or should I say, good afternoon to you,” Yeosang said quietly upon stepping in, looking a little disapprovingly at the rest of his groupmates on the floor. “Well, better here than in the guest room, I’ve got Egyptian cotton sheets that should not and will not be ruined.” 

    “Afternoon? What time is it?” Yunho asked. 

    “It’s five p.m., one hour until the television special of that idol group,” Yeosang replied. 

    That made Yunho almost jump out of his seat. “Then we don’t have time to waste,” He took one of the cushions to hit San and Seonghwa awake. “Get up, get up, it’s time.” 

    Yeosang stared at them. “By all means, move at a glacial pace, the sense of urgency is astounding,” He rolled his eyes. 

    “What have you been doing then?” Yunho shot him a look. 

    “For your information, I was attending meetings. I own this building. I have a business to run, two and two makes four,” Yeosang replied. “...And I saw Mirae.” 

    Yunho’s expression fell. “...And?” 

    “As unconscious as the last time I saw her. Madame Seo has been trying to keep the idol group from feeding on her, they already tried last time, remember?” Yeosang said. “She only showed me a video of her.” 

    “Okay then, we’re back to where we started. Where are they keeping her?” San asked this time. 

    “I-I don’t know,” Yeosang shook his head. “The background is somewhere I can’t figure out.” 

    Yunho raised a brow at his answer. “Oh really?” 

    “Yes, really,” Yeosang glanced at him. 

    The rest of their groupmates were already at their feet. “Did Madame Seo give you the video?” Wooyoung suddenly spoke. Yeosang shook his head. “Are you sure?” He asked, but froze as he began to see flashes of what the vampiric male was talking about. 

    Mirae was strapped to a metal chair unconscious, with bits of dried blood on her nose and lip. Wooyoung kept blinking as if he could see everything twice as fast. There were slabs of bodies and thick metal doors. He turned to the rest of them. “I think I know where she is,” He said. 

    The van had pulled up in front of an old hospital building that afternoon. “Alright, we’re here where Wooyoung said it was,” Yunho looked over at the back. Yeosang stood out from the rest of them with his striped suit and walking stick. “This is the place, right?” 

    Wooyoung looked out the window. “Yeah it is.” 

    “The morgue?” Hongjoong asked. 

    “Yep, that’s where I have a feeling they’re keeping her,” Wooyoung muttered. “I can’t be sure, but it’s worth looking.” 

    “Then what are we waiting for? We have to get in there,” Jongho took his nunchaku out while Mingi opened the door. 

    All of them got down from the van, Yeosang looking especially conscious and walking behind them as they opened the doors to enter the morgue. The cold air hit them as they stepped inside, noticing that no one was around, not even a security guard. “Strange how there isn’t anyone watching,” San said. 

    “It’s a morgue, I don’t think anyone would think of coming in here unless it’s to identify a body or turn in one,” Hongjoong shrugged as they scattered to look around. “Well, we’re here now, where would she be?” He turned to Wooyoung. 

    Wooyoung felt around the doors, partly realizing how he had quickly taken to this ability of his to sense memories and events. Yeosang observed them, the rest of them pausing when he approached the column of three doors on the left. He ran his walking stick on the side until he tapped the doors. “If I remember correctly, yes,” He turned the handle of the middle door clockwise, the entire column of doors opening to reveal a secret passage lit with torches. 

    The air coming from behind the doors felt damp and there was a faint whistling of the wind in the darkness that was ahead of them despite the torches illuminating part of the way. “Funny how there’s so much more to this place than we thought,” Mingi mumbled, keeping his lighter on as the eight of them approached the passage. 

    “This is the way?” Yunho said. 

    “Yes, at least from what I remember, I haven’t been here in decades, well, she invited me down here,” Yeosang replied simply, immediately taking a step inside when San pointed the arrow of his harpoon gun at him. 

    “Alright then,” Yunho nodded, making the rest of them follow him down the dark path. The door closed behind them. “Who is she trying to have her children summon from above?” He suddenly remembered what Yeosang told them before they had fallen asleep. 

    “I don’t know. She wouldn’t tell me anything about who she plans on having summoned here, other than Ose’s ascent,” Yeosang said over his shoulder. “Probably sore at me even more now,” He muttered under his breath as they walked down the slightly rocky path. 

    The further they walked, the more torches began to light up. They realized that they were walking down a spiral path, and as they were approaching the bottom, they found a crowd of people whose appearances and identities were obscured by the crimson red robes and hoods they were wearing. In front of them was a woman whose face was obscured with a shawl but was cloaked in the same crimson red robe. 

    “...It’s a good time to come up with a plan now,” Mingi muttered to them as they stepped back, hiding themselves behind the pillars. 

    Yunho stared at the formation of the hooded figures. “Where is Mirae?” He asked, glancing over at Wooyoung, who was watching the figures move. 

    “Is she not here?” Wooyoung mouthed, and Yunho shook his head, having a better view of the area. “...Oh no.” 

    “She’s in N Tower, damnit!” Yunho realized, frowning in frustration. 

    “We don’t have much time, some of you go with Yunho to N Tower, the rest of us will try and tear these guys apart,” Hongjoong suggested. “For Mirae, and the world.” 

    “For Mirae, and the world,” They nodded. 

    “Leave Madame Seo to me,” Yeosang removed the concealed dagger from his walking stick again. “You and San better go. Tell Mirae I said hello.” 

    The spikes were protruding from Jongho’s arms and legs again, and he stifled his cries of pain as it pierced through the fabric of his clothes. 

    “Ose, Ose, Ose, Ose,” The crowd began to chant as they bowed several times in front of the woman. 

    “Try not to kill anyone, try,” Yunho said to them. 

    “You and I both know that cannot be guaranteed,” Yeosang gave him a look. “Death is sometimes the answer.” 

    “That’s why I said try,” Yunho muttered. 

    “Something tells me we have visitors in our midst,” They heard Madame Seo say, stopping the bowing that was happening in front of her. “Yeosang? My love? Is that you? You seem to have brought friends with you, why don’t you come out?” She asked in a honeyed voice. 

    Yeosang stepped out, sheathing his knife in his walking stick again and looking calm. “I couldn’t resist coming back here, you showed me this place once before, I seem to vividly remember us having a good time here for 24 hours, was it?” 

    “Oh I remember that very well, you showed me how strong you’ve gotten, and the many other moves you’ve learned from where was it? The Kama Sutra?” He could tell she was grinning. Madame Seo looked over his shoulder. “Come out, come out, I love me some strapping young men with weapons. Don’t bother teleporting though, you’ll find that it can be quite useless in here,” She looked at Yunho rather pointedly. 

    Yunho stepped out from the shadows, making the rest of them follow suit while several suited men appeared to take each of them, bringing them to the middle of the room. “Where is Mirae?” He asked. 

    “Oh my, you’re- Why you’re Mirae’s love, aren’t you? I’m not surprised, a handsome young man like you and-” Madame Seo paused upon giving him a once-over. “An immortal, no less.” 

    “Again, where is Mirae?” 

    “She’s somewhere safe, depending on how you look at it,” Madame Seo chuckled. “So, at last, here in front of me we’ve got the ones who have been looking for us, after quite a few warnings not to. By now, knowing what you know, there is a place for you in our circle, Ose would be pleased to have warriors like yourselves leading the charge in what would be the biggest purge on Earth.” 

    Madame Seo snapped her fingers, and a few hooded figures entered carrying small bowls of the gold powder towards her. “I’m sure you know what this is, right? It can either release your inhibitions, or release your worst instincts, depending on who you are,” She felt the powder between her fingers. 

    “I’m going to ask you one more time,” Yunho was glowering at her. “Where is Mirae?” 

    “Impatient, are we? Well, contrary to your thinking that she may be at N Tower, she isn’t,” Madame Seo shook her head and removed her shawl. 

    The hooded figures bowed and the rest of them stared at her. Madame Seo’s face was feline-like. “You missed me going down on you, didn’t you?” She glanced at Yeosang, who remained calm. She clapped her hands, and the figures carrying the bowls of powder backed away. “Reveal to them the future,” She said to them, and they pulled down on a lever. 

    The ground underneath them began to turn, the surroundings changing into what looked like an old operating room used by doctors to perform demonstrations of procedures. There was a space at the back that was lined with several stones that had markings. Yunho felt like collapsing upon seeing Mirae. 

    She was strapped to a kind of chair that had needles pointing at her nape, her wrists, and her spine. Mirae was wearing the familiar electric collar, and she was beginning to regain consciousness. “Remove the collar,” Madame Seo instructed, and the two hooded figures followed, taking the collar off of Mirae’s neck with a few clicks. 

    A few more hooded figures began to appear, pushing a television monitor that featured the special of the idol group. “This handy dandy machine that your Mirae is strapped to, can extract the essence of who she is, her mutant essence.” 

    “If you plan on killing her, fat chance,” San spoke. 

    “Oh I know that. Mirae’s just going to go through a lot of pain, spinal injections are painful after all,” Madame Seo smiled. She took out a small vial full of murky, red liquid from her pocket. “We’ve tested out the initial extraction from her by the way,” She held it up in front of them. “Painful, very, very, painful. But unfortunately more is needed.” 

    Madame Seo put the vial in a compartment of another machine that resembled a laser that was pointing at the marked stones. A loud whirring sound was coming from the machine. Before they could take a step further, they were suddenly held back by the hooded figures behind them, while the rest that were watching began to chant again. 

    Mirae’s eyes were opening and she gaped upon seeing Yunho. “Yunho- Yunho!” She yelled, struggling to get out, only to be overpowered, feeling her strength wane even further than the first time. 

    “Mirae!” Yunho struggled as well but to no avail. He was soon caught in a headlock, with his hands behind his back. “Mirae!” 

    An evil smile played across Madame Seo’s features and she turned on the machine that Mirae was strapped to. Tears were falling down the sides of Mirae’s face as the needles began to pierce through her wrists and then her nape. Mirae let out a scream, her eyes beginning to glow red but fading just as quickly. 

    The television special was beginning and they could hear the music playing. The idol group had begun to perform their first two songs. “Mirae!” Yunho kept yelling, trying his hardest to break free. “Mirae!!”

    “It’s so easy to get the best of people when they care about each other,” Madame Seo watched them with an amused expression on her face. “Increase the pressure,” She instructed the figures, who turned up the speed level of the needles drilling into Mirae. 

    She turned to San and blew the gold powder at his face. San’s eyes were turning red and he collapsed, squirming in his place at what he was beginning to see. She blew the gold powder onto the rest of their faces. Madame Seo began to chant the familiar Latin phrase they had heard. The beginning is the end is the beginning. Yunho tried to maneuver himself to break free, taking a deep breath when the gold powder was blown into the air. 

    “Mirae dead, Mirae dead, and it’s all my fault, all my fault,” San looked shaken, eyes still red. “Mirae dead, Mirae dead, it’s all my fault…” 

    “San! Mirae’s not dead!” Yunho managed to finally overpower the figure that was restraining him, only to be thrown to the other side of the room due to the figure’s strength. “San! You’ve got to help me!” He called out, trying to wrestle with the figure who had grown larger. “All of you! Help!” 

    Wooyoung quickly unsheathed his katanas, keeping his nose covered as he attempted to slice through the figure that restrained him, who brought in a sledgehammer. “Shit,” He collapsed, squirming as the dust had gotten to him as well. 

    The music played louder, and Yunho could see a beam of light coming from the background of the idol group that was dancing. Mirae’s screams were dying down, her strength declining, the more the needles penetrated her body. “Mirae!” He rushed forward only to be knocked away by Madame Seo herself. 

    “I think not, Yunho,” She said, getting into a stance. 

    “Oh I think so,” Yunho charged at her.

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  • lochnessie1812
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Some days I want to cuddle up to Mingi and call him my sweet babyboy while I play with his hair.

    Other days, I want to pin him against the wall, mark his neck and tell him to beg for me like the good slut he is.

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  • the-marionettes-locket
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    [4:41pm] 🔞

    “This is weeird…” Mingi whined “can I like… do something else?”

    “No Mingi… this is for my project.” You continue to set up the camera and box lights around your apartment. You had to make a mini portfolio for photography using a live model and Mingi was the only one available “you’ll be wearing a mask babe it’s okay. No one will know it’s you. It'll just be a few hours and then we can do whatever you want okay."

    He sighs loudly but eventually nods and head into the bedroom to get dressed. He comes back sometime later fresh from a shower and wearing the clothes you told him to wear; even down to the bright blue contacts you had him wear for contrast "This mask is really cool. it covers like half of my face." he holds the mask in his hand before putting it on "Okay how do I look?"

    "Like a really hot model. Now just stand over by the sliding door and lets get started." You hold your camera up with a smile and start clicking away

    At first it was really awkward. Mingi had no clue how to be in front of the camera. Being a little camera shy for a while. But after some coaxing with cuddles and food, he soon relaxed and was almost natural. Bringing out your mini fan for some affects on his clothes and his hair. You had moved him to the living room to sit on the couch for some new shots.

    "You look so comfortable babe~" You mumble under your breath. But you notice him moving about more "You okay?"

    "Yeah... I'm good." he says quickly "Are we almost done?"

    "Just a few more, can we go outside on the balcony?" You ask looking away from the camera for a split second and head to the door "Ooo~ i made it cold in here." You giggle and turn the fan off "Come on, I dont need the lights and stuff if we're outside."

    Once outside, you have Mingi lean against the back ledge and look off somewhere while you try out different angles "You're doing so good babe~ like my own personal model."

    You couldn't see the slight smirk he had on his face the entire time, it was just going to take you longer to realize it since you were in work mode. So he decides to give you a little hint and put his hand in one of his pockets, looking at you.

    "Ooo~ Mingi I like this pose. Very sexy." You sit on the floor looking up at him with the camera. A few shutter shots, you check those with a smile one your face "Uh...hmm."

    "Yes baby?" He says, his voice sounding a little deeper "Something wrong?"

    "Uh..." You look him in the face and then at his crotch and start giggling "Uhm, mind explaining why you are just about rock solid?"

    "You just look really cute when your focus. I couldn't help myself."

    "Okay well, I really like the last few I took so we're done now, We can hold off the cuddling until we deal with your problem." you were about to stand up when he pushed your head back down "Mingi?"

    "How about we have a little photoshoot of our own." He slips himself out of his pants "I saw that you have another mask like this. Lets make a portfolio of our own."

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    Mingi: [about to do something stupid] alright, Mingi, this is it. Any last words?.. wish I had a better idea than this but that won’t stop me

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    mafia!ateez reacts: s/o protecting them

    💌 This is: Requested


    He'd get a bit angry because he's more worried about you than whatever is about to come for him. You two would quarrel like an old married couple in front of his men who couldn't help but hide their snickers and stiffling of laughter.


    He wouldn't be able but to stare at you and your lips while you tend to his wounds after infiltrating the base of their enemy group. The mission was a success, however, Seonghwa came back with what he calls a "scratch". And while you are tending his wounds, he wouldn't help but stare at you, a smile occupying his lips as the realization of how lucky he is to have you came into his mind.


    While his men are still at the pantry, making their own coffee, Yunho was in his office, smiling as you came to surprise him with his favorites. As you leave their base, Yunho would brag to his men at how lucky he is to have someone like you.


    He thought he would feel a bullet piercing through his stomach, but instead, a smaller frame hugged his front. Yeosang's eyes shot open and widened at the sight of your shoulder with a hole of a bullet, your white blouse sipping the blood coming out. Yeosang would order his men to finish them while he carries you back inside to get treated immediately.


    He didn't understood why his drink suddenly vanished in front of him on the table. But his curiosity would die down when you suddenly fall down on the ground. San would rush to your side immediately and notice that the glass that fell from your hand was the same glass that was offered to him earlier. He would immediately escape the scene and take you to the hospital to have your stomach pumped. When you wake up, San would scold you for doing such a reckless thing, but would tear up afterwards as he thought he would lose you forever.


    He perfectly instructed you to hide under his desk when their base was infiltrated. But now he is raging mad because what was supposed a knife to his side was supposed to pierce through him ended up going to your arm. Would feel angry and worried at the same time because Mingi didn't like you going through any of his gang business, let alone have you in their office. While he tends your wounds, he would calmly tell you one more time not to step into their base because he doesn't what happened earlier happening again.


    He felt like his whole world was falling when you took the bullet for him, the bullet just didn't hit you anywhere, it aimed exactly at your stomach. Would order his men not to leave one alive and burn the warehouse down afterwards. On the way back, Wooyoung would let his tears cloud over his eyes and let out a few choked sobs. But as their doctor informed them that you wore a vest and missed your stomach, Wooyoung would give out a sigh of relief but would already think of what he would say once you wake up.


    In the beginning of your relationship, Jongho implanted in your head that whenever you are in his office or in their warehouse, you should never touch anything. Not even a single piece of paper. So while you were left alone in his office, you heard faint footsteps getting closer to where you are, quickly hiding underneath the desk. Slowly, the door swung open and a pair of feet wearing black boots entered. You couldn't make out what was the person muttering, slowly you poke your head out to take out one of Jongho's spare guns from his desk before hiding under the desk again. Before the person could leave the office, you pulled the trigger and shot the person in his leg, coiling down on the floor, once your eyes meet, you didn't hesitate to shoot one more time in the head.

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