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  • gyuury
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    pick up! one; normal teenager stuff

    warning(s): none(?)

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    — synopsis: you've got dumped by your boyfriend of 2 years, and now you're depressed. how do you cope? by drinking of course. anything else? oh right, by ranting to his now abandoned number through voice message while you're completely wasted. but what happens when the abandoned number had a new owner and he has actually been listening the whole time?

    taglist: @tyunni @enhyphun @beomgyuanti @junityy @softforqiankun @luvmingi @xysthe @primorange @gyuza @jongsaengseong @90s-belladonna @sunshine-skz (bolded couldn't be tagged!)

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  • soobeaniee
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    You hear the low exhale that leaves Soobin's nose as he shifts to slip his arm under his head and his other hand closer to yours. His shoes tap against the roof of the car in a slow rhythm. You fidget around too for a few moments before you find a new position, your eyes never leaving their fixed spot on the night sky. There was nothing to look at, really; it was too cloudy to make out the stars and even if the sky had been clear, they would have been outshined by the rusty and simple streetlamps that creaked every time you leaned against them but never wavered in their light, not so much as a flicker.

    He shifts his head again and you feel his eyes on you; your eyes, the slope of your nose, the curve of your cheeks, trailing down to your soft lips upturned in a smile hidden in the corner of your mouth that only he can see.

    "What's up?" you murmur.

    When he doesn't answer, you finally tear your eyes from the blank sky to the boy lying beside you. His big eyes stare back at you softly behind his messy bangs and his mouth is curved upwards in the smallest of smiles. You're not prepared for the loving look in his eyes and for a moment, you feel your heart stop and your breath catch in your throat.

    He's beautiful.

    You don't know how long the two of you stay like that, studying every detail on each other's face and exchanging quiet smiles, but suddenly Soobin's hand is enveloping yours with his nose in your hair and your head is laying on his chest and you can feel the strong thump, thump of his heart with every inch of your body.

    He presses a soft kiss to your forehead, his lips warm against your cool skin. You press yourself further into his side, and tap your fingers against his stomach three times. "I love you."

    He doesn't answer. He doesn't need to.

    You know he loves you, too.

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  • milki-bear
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    sleepless nights ⋆。˚

    any txt member x gn!reader, angst + fluff + a little suggestive (?), word count: 748 words, non-idol au, drabble, lowercase intended.

    synopsis: reader spends lonely nights alone struggling to fall asleep, as they reminisce on the memories they once shared with their boyfriend.

    a/n ; i wrote this a while back ☆ — it’s written from reader‘s pov and is a bit more poetic from my other works. whilst there is no indication to who the “ex boyfriend“ is i wrote this with taehyun in mind.

    wet cheeks, tears trace my chin, run down my neck and pool in my collarbones creating puddles much like the weather outside. i watch the rain as it drips down the window outside in the darkness, the only source of light coming from the bright moon and millions of stars beaming down.

    drifting my eyes away from the window, they land on the digital clock that sits on my desk. 1:00 am. it’s always 1:00 am. thats when the heart ache sets in.

    the breakup was mutual but that doesn’t make the heartache any less painful.

    i squeeze my shut trying to ease my mind but as i close them all i can picture is his warm smile, the way it would reach up into his eyes and the dimple that appeared on his left cheek.

    i picture his eyes, the way they sparkled whenever he told me about his day and as i hold my blanket a little tighter i feel his presence, his warmth and i miss it. i miss the way he’d wrap his arms around me and whisper that everything would be okay.

    i knew it was coming and i should have left then because the constant fights were like daggers piercing my heart. i saw it coming when he slowly became distant. i saw it coming when he didn’t come over as often. i saw it coming when he didn’t return my calls.

    yet i couldn’t bring myself to say anything so i let the anxiety of him leaving build up until all my emotions spilled out in anger and tears like tidal waves.

    it was a yelling match. running out in anger. somehow i ended up crying on the floor and he had driven off after slamming the front door shut.

    every relationship has fights, every relationship has ups and downs. but, the ups are always so fucking amazing, and the downs feel like literal hell.

    i remember how his lips were always so soft, when our lips touched they danced with each other ever so softly as if either one of us could shatter at any moment if not careful. his soft lips tracing every sensitive part of my body.

    i remember the way his hand fit so perfectly in mine like they were made for each other. i remember all of our stupid shenanigans and that time when we both went for a drive at 2 AM, and looked at the stars in one of the parks hand in hand.

    and i remember the pain.. “i’m sorry. but i think we have to break up, i don’t love you anymore…” he almost whispers to me, even after all we’ve been through he doesn’t want to hurt me which breaks my heart even more.

    it would be so much easier if he just ripped the bandaid off instead of trying to avoid what we both knew was happening.

    “i was thinking the same. we constantly fight and neither of us are right for each other anymore” i say smiling sadly. “maybe we met too young. maybe at this time, we don’t know how to love each other right..” he said as he tried to avoid my eyes.

    “do you think if we met years from now, we would be right for each other?” i whisper softly. he just smiles and whispers what might have been a goodbye before turning and walking out the front door.

    ‘its mutual’ i think as i watch him leave. that night i cried until i couldn’t cry no more, i wished things could of been different. now i realise that our timing will never be right for each other. fate has chosen a different path for us to carry on, like parallel lines. it never meant to cross at all.

    i open my eyes realising that i still have not fallen asleep ‘its mutual’ i think again as more tears spill out of my eyes, it’s mutual i repeat the lie that i’ve told myself a thousand times before because sometimes lying is easier than facing reality.. he fell out of love with me while i was still falling in love with him.

    i knew if he knew the truth the guilt would eat him alive.. it would destroy him like a moth destroys your favourite shirt and i couldn’t do that to him.

    i would bare the pain, the heart ache for him because i still love him even if he doesn’t feel the same.

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  • mookgui
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    Richkid!Yeonjun x female Reader.

    Word count: 8.4K

    Genre: angst, comedy, fluff, smut.

    Warnings: smutty

    Log: You’ve worked at The LoneStar Resort since you started college, you enjoyed it as much as you could. When summer break came around you took up full time there with a room to stay. A few wonderful weeks in and the owners son comes to stay over the holidays, boy could he be any worse.

    (Not proof read yet)


    “Okay Yumi, I’ll make sure to see you after work tonight”

    “Yep! I’ll look forward to it y/n, have a good day!”

    Hanging up the phone, you got back to brushing your teeth, ready for the day ahead.

    You worked at the resort after college hours and most weekends, so you very used to the place. You really enjoyed your co workers as well as the bosses there. The scenery was beautiful and you for the most time just enjoyed your job.

     But one thing struck your mind, two words for that matter.

    Choi. Yeonjun.

    The cocky smile topped with witty remarks, ruined your week within seconds, your start of full time work started when summer break was here, the first few weeks were wonderful, Nothing out of the ordinary.

    You remember the first plate you brung him at the resorts dinner room, he called you back immediately.

    As you walked to the singly sat boy on the far back table, you couldn’t help but notice the way his silky soft hair complemented his skin tone and his big brown doe eyes and his full plump lips-

    “I asked for the tomato to be put under my salad, it’s not under the salad”

    You were a bit confused, but you had heard of worse guests before.

    “Sorry, you wanted the tomato under the salad?”

    “Yes you just repeated what I said” you were kind of thrown off by the attitude in his voice, seeming a second ago his doe eyes gave him the appearance of a kind hearted puppy, but now you just wanted to pull his hair hard by the roots and bash him into the table.

    Ok so you had a bad temper and could feel your face starting to heat up, but with a deep breath you looked at him with a smile.

    “Oh alright. I will just go get you another one re made with the tomato under the salad”

    You looked up to meet his eyes and saw a grin forming on his face


    “Ok won’t be a moment” grabbing his previous bowl and walking back to the kitchen with a scrawl across your face.

    Gosh you can’t believe the nerve of the privileged.

    ‘Fucking tomato under your salad, do it yourself’ you thought to yourself.

    You quickly got into the kitchen and told the cook, only for him to whip up a new salad in just a moment. This time making sure to put his golden tomato under the rest of the salad.

    From there your took out his order and plastered on the biggest smile possible for the boy. As soon as you got steps away from the table, his head shot up from his phone and you placed the bowl in front of him

    You clasp yourself hands together and gave a small smile.

    “Awesome, if there’s anything else I’ll be-“

    “Actually I think I want the other salad”

    You look at him with absolute disbelief this time. A knot slowly making its way to between your eyebrows. “Um but you have your tomato under everything now” you paused and gritted your teeth “like you asked”

    You notice a cocky sly grin from on his face as he stared you right in the eyes.

    This little shit is enjoying making you run around him. You watch him then push the bowl away keeping eye contact with you

    “A change of appetite, I suppose, y/n”, he said your name with such a smug tone you felt your eye twitch.

    You followed his eyes down to your name tag, and you could tell this is going to be a long summer.

    A quick shiver was sent down your back form the first encounter, and you pushed out all the intruding thoughts of the black haired Satan spawn.

    With that you pulled yourself up out of your room and made your way down the corridor.

    “Good morning yumi!”

    You only just managed to catch the girl beofre she turned the corner. She quickly back tracked to see you

    “Morning!” Her voice was muffled as she had just stuffed a bagel in her mouth and you couldn’t help but laugh “sorry, y/n I’m late to the massage room, but I’ll make sure to catch up with you tonight”

    You agreed with her and watched as she ran off dropping things in the process, she was usually late to her morning sessions but she made it work.

    Making it back to your journey to the kitchen you felt yourself watching out for the boy with every corner you turned. You were alert and wary, It was better to be safe than sorry at this point.

    Managing to make it to the kitchen you said your morning hellos to your co workers and put on your apron.

    “Y/n! Isnt it my favourite server”

    You looked up from tying your apron to see the cook, Moe smiling.

    “Well good morning to my favourite chef Moe!” You gave a whole hearted smile to him and asked if there were any breakfast plates that needed to be taken out, he had asked you to take out one plate of pancakes to someone on the outside deck.

    You gladly made your way out the back door, plate in hand, you felt this morning was going to be a good day by the way the sun was shining onto the deck, highlighting all the nature and making the grass looking even greener.

    “Oh what a surprise and a delight to see you today y/n”

    Your smile quickly faded but you managed to regain it slightly, you couldn’t help but notice the way he looked, eyes puffy from probably just waking up and a low cut white shirt, it wasn’t a horrible look for him considering.

    “What do you mean surprise, I work here, every morning. You know that, Choi.”

    You placed the plate down in front of him and he laughed at your comment “so feisty, you know I like feisty girls”

    You couldn’t help but scrunch your nose up, almost fake gagging at the unnecessary statement.

    “If you need anything else I’ll be inside”

    You held a thumbs up and began to walk slowly backwards, trying to get away while you could.

    “Actually, I think I wanted something else”

    You let out a small groan and walked back to the table, “it’s seven in the morning, at least don’t start hassling me until eight.”

    “Oh maybe I could go to the chef and tell him how my server dropped my utensils on the ground and refused to get me new ones”

    “Choi, that makes no sense”

    With that he made a very obvious motion with his hand and swiped his knife and fork off the table and let them clink onto the ground.

    You watched as he folded his arms and looked at you smugly and you felt heat rise up your face.

    You looked at him blankly. I mean you could not believe he was doing this for his demonic humour.

    “Alright, I guess I’ll have to see the chef now” Yeonjun went to stand up out of his chair, and you let out an even louder groan than before and bent down to pick up the utensils to go get new ones, it’s not that Moe wouldn’t believe you over him, it’s just you had better things to do than bother the chef with Yeonjuns antics.

    You made your way over to the knife and fork stand as you felt his eyes on your back. Remember Y/n this is for your job, you need the money.

    You walked back to see him smiling with hands clasp on the table, still staring at you.

    “Okay, have a good breakfast”,it took all your courage to add a snarky comment on the end of your sentence and he seemed to having noticed by the way he look so amused.

    Darn his perfectly trimmed eyebrows and silky hair is all you could think watching him.

    You dropped the new knife and fork on the table and quickly made your way to the door

    You made sure you were inside before rolling your eyes.


    The rest of the day went a smoothly as ever, no wives of millionaires complaining about how the resort does not cater for their vegetarian Chiwawa or better yet sight of Yeonjun.

    You had finished for the day and decided to use your time to head to Yumis room. Knocking quickly and when she opened the door you were invited in straight away.

    Now after a hour of eating dinner you ordered from work and talking about the recent drama episodes you asked about how Yumis day at the massage rooms were .

    “Absolutely horrid, I had almost 5 rich old men with hairy back come in that wanted the hour deluxe full body massage”

    You cringed at the thought and were thankful you went with server instead of being a masseuse here.

    She reached for another slice of the pizza and asked you the same thing

    “It was fine, I had an early morning run in with Choi, but I survived”

    She put the pizza down for a second after hearing the boys name, with a sigh she continued

    “Seriously y/n, when are you guys going to make out or something”

    You almost choked on the drink at hand at the question.

    “What do you mean, why would you even say something like that” coughing a little and placing your drink down you looked at her in shock.

    “Hey you said he was cute when you first met him!”

    You chuckled at her for bringing that up and stated that was before he opened his mouth.

    “Come on, he would not hassle you this much if he didn’t like you y/n”

    she finally picked up her pizza slice and chucked it in her mouth.

    You felt a bit weird thinking of his actions like that, to be honest you never actually questioned his actions towards you and just put it off to being, he likes to see people suffer.

    “Why would a attractive, son of wealthy resort owners care for a server”

    She raised her eyebrow at the question “So you think he’s attractive?”

    You shoved her as she laughed at the angry Scowl on your face.

    “I think he loves to see me in distress, that is what I think”

    She picked herself up from laughing and just nodded off your comment reaching for a drink of soda.

    “And I think differently”

    She began flicking through channels to watch on the TV and you couldn’t help but think of what she was just talking about, you quickly brushed off the thoughts and carried on with your movie discussions.


    “I can not do that, please swap shifts with me Yumi”

    You were in pure fear at the sight, you weren’t even qualified as a masseuse but you would swap with anyone rather than serve at the pool today.

    “I would happily swap with you, but we would not be allowed, do you even know how to heat the hot stones” she looked at you with pity but you did not care at this moment.

    You stood staring at Yeonjun seated at a pool table, but this time accompanied by three boys to suit.

    You had only woken up half an hour ago and know here you are getting ready to serve the table, You already knew you were in for it, one Yeonjun was enough and you assumed the worst of the friends.

    “Honestly I’d be pissing you pants right now if I were you”

    “Oh my gosh, thank you, your making me feel so much better” you gave her a shove to the arm and she comforted you with a pat on the back.

    “Okay y/n you can do this” she grabbed you by the shoulders and gave you a pep talk but then decided to push you into it with force.

    You stumbled forward and tried to play it off, you made sure to turn around and mouth your anger to her, but she took off after it.

    Turning back around you made your way to the boys table, as you got closer you heard their loud laughing and chattering a lot clearer.

    When you reached the table, the first boy to look up was a blonde haired boy with big eyes that you found hard to look away from.

    You let out a cough first and spoke,

    “Hello, what can I get for you all today!”

    You immediately found yourself making eye contact with Yeonjun as he was the only one you knew

    The boys seemed to have paused the current conversation and one of them stared at your name tag, it was oddly quiet until you heard the same one speak.

    “Oh so this is y/n”

    He received a sudden hit from the blonde haired, big eyes boy “you idiot, Beomgyu” he said rolling his eyes.

    You felt a bit awkward not really knowing what that was all about, you looked at Yeonjun to see what he was going to order, hoping this could be done fast, but he looked to another boy to order.

    “We’ll all have the truffled scramble and a jug of the daily green smoothie”

    The boy this time that spoke had a vibrant shade of red colouring his hair and obnoxiously cute dimples to match.

    “Sure thing, ill be out soon with your order!”

    You took the menus off the table and walked back to the kitchen, you were so very surprised you did not get a snarky comment from Yeonjun and you couldn’t help but feel happy due to no negativity for once.

    After you had served other guests, you were called to take the boys the order, you came out by two trips and out the food down, one last trip to get the juice jug.

    You came back and noticed how Yeonjun had the same smug look he usually does before something against your will takes place, you went to place the jug on the table, but just then he decided it would be an awesome idea to bring his arm up to grab the salt.

    With that your arm was tipped and the jug spilt back onto you, you pulled it up quick enough so not all the contents dribbled onto your clothes, but half already so.

    You couldn’t help but noticed the rest of the boys trying not to laugh at the situation and you saw Yeonjun sitting there arms folded enjoying the view, smirking even.

    “Oh I’m sorry y/n, I did not see you there”

    you heard little eruptions of giggles from the rest of the group and you tried to not let the red creep onto your cheeks from the utter embarrassment.

    With the biggest inhale of air you looked at Yeonjun, “actually, I should have seen where I was putting the jug, sorry I’ll get a new one”

    He looked a bit surprised at your reply but didn’t show it too much.

    You tried to walk back to the kitchen trying not to let the smoothie drip onto anything.

    “Sorry Moe, I’ve just got to go back to my room to change, I’ll be back very soon”

    “Oh whys th-“ Moe spun around from the oven to see you, he gave a nod of approval and you quickly got on your way.

    You made it back to your room with few stares and headed for the shower, you couldn’t help but think about why Yeonjun does this, does he want a reason to tell his parents to fire you or does he want you to quit on your own, it’s so confusing and you don’t know why he chose you to pick on.

    You did make sure to be fast in the shower and get changed as you are still on your hours.

    You once again shot out of the room after finding a white shirt to wear as the black one was now smoothied.

    “Oh y/n, I need you to take these drinks out to the group in the main pool”

    You were given a job to do as soon as you got back and you took over the co workers serving.

    You looked around to see that the only group in the pool was Yeonjuns. You sighed remembering the last situation that happened minutes ago.

    You saw three of them in the pool and one of them not to be seen, you walked over to the closet table to the boys in the water.

    “Hey, these drinks are your guys, Would you like them over here or by the pool side”

    Yeonjun looked over to you and you could not help your eyes wandering to see his flexed muscles and pecks just out of the water, you did not know he was that buff.

    “The poolside sounds good” the blonde said not paying too much attention to you.

    You pressed your lips together not really wanting to go closer to them but complied.

    You walked over to the edge and crouched down, you began placing the four drinks down, once you carefully placed them you began to stand up but suddenly felt a force form your back.

    Next thing you knew, you felt the sudden rush of cold water surrounding, the Water wasn’t that deep so you began to stand up, it was a surprise so the feeling of water up your nose left a harsh sting.

    Once you made your way above the surface all you could hear was laughing from the group as if they were hyenas.

    You looked back to see the culprit, bent over with his arms wrapped around his stomach, This time it felt a lot harder to hide the embarrassment and you looked to your side to see Yeonjun laughing hysterically.

    You knew he would have asked the other to push you in and when he had finally opened his eyes to see you with your wet hair sticking to your face and clothes fully engulfed in the water, you felt your eyes prick with tears and your nose start to heat up.

    Once he saw your eyes water up his laughing died down immediately.

    You managed to get to the ladder and climbed out of the pool, you couldn’t help but let a couple tears fall down as you walked through the lobby trying to get back to your room immediately.

    “Y/n, y/n wait”

    you felt even more annoyed to hear that voice after what he thought would be a hilarious scene occurred.

    “Wait what!? Wait for you to make fun and laugh at me again in front of everyone”

    You kept walking but felt him grab onto your arm and you turned around, it was probably the first time you’ve even seen that look on him, he looked concerned, or maybe even guilty.

    Still clad in only wet swimming trunks, you thought about how you’d probably have to clean the water in the lobby afterwards.

    “It was stupid, I’m sorr-“

    “Why do you hate me?”

    His eyes widened at the accusation and he spoke immediately

    “I don’t hate you?”

    “From the moment, I spoke to you made it hard for me, everyday I see you, you make things harder for me and then throw in a snarky comment for fun! And today you embarrass me not only once but twice! What have I ever done to you, you make fun of me daily” you paused for a second and looked up from the ground to him where you previously kept your vision, “just hurry up and tell your parents that you don’t like me! Then I’ll be fired and we’ll both be happy!”

    You pulled your arm harshly from the boy as he stood there, he really did look so distressed with his eyebrows creased in

    he stood there as you walked away, you already knew that you should probably start packing your things up when you reached your room.

    You were beyond angry, he had the nerve to make past weeks hell and then stand there like a coward when you finally tell him how much of a jerk he’s been.

    After awhile of sobbing about, showering again and messaging The restaurant area that you needed to throw up and were sick you laid on your bed and drifted off quickly, after the nap, all you did was watch shows on the TV by the bed and get ready for what was possibly going your last night here.


    “Knock knock”

    “I said knock knock”

    You suddenly jolted up,

    “Oh uh coming, who is it”

    “It’s yumi hurry up!”

    You quickly got to the door and opened it up, she ushered you back in.

    “Get ready y/n, mrs Choi is looking for you”

    You felt shocked that she was personally looking for you, you thought that she would have just sent someone else to fire you, Yeonjun must’ve told her some really bad things is all you could think about.

    “Oh no I’m going to be fired”

    “Don’t say that! Just hurry up” she swung the door closed, leaving you alone

    You scattered around for clothes and got ready as fast as you could, you can’t deny you were mentally preparing yourself as well, you were annoyed but by now you were move annoyed at yourself for breaking a sweat over stupid games.

    As you got to the lobby room you had to cringe seeing the spot you had the encounter with the boy at.

    Just past view of the spot you managed to see Mrs Choi, speaking with a receptionist, you took a deep breath in and marched on forward , she was hard to miss, always dressed in a tidy white dress, gold jewellery to complement, you could see that Yeonjun got his good looks passed down.

    She seemed to have noticed you as you got closer and she waved the receptionist off.

    “Oh y/n, I’ve been looking for you”

    You stopped in front of her and decided to out on a smile, you may as well leave with a bit of pride, you thought.

    “Yes, Mrs Choi before you start, I just want to sa-“

    “Yeonjun told me”

    She cut you off and held a finger up to shush you. You instantly looked to the ground, okay well this must be it.

    “He told me about all the Astounding service youve been giving and the kindness youve been spreading!”

    You looked up in utter shock, you had to be dreaming, you started to question if you had really been woken up by Yumi.

    “Not only that he told me about you saving the Chiwawa in the pool yesterday! I’m so glad to see your feeling better from being sick after that y/n”

    She looked at you with almost sparkles in her eyes, she looked so very happy, you did feel bad knowing that, that was a lie, but you weren’t sure on how you would counter the lie anyway.

    “Oh it was nothing, I’m just glad the pup is safe” you let out an awkward laugh with the sentence, you cursed to yourself momentarily for doing that.

    “and you must truely would be a excellent server, Yeonjun does not tell me about how great the workers are! Ever!”

    You found fiddling with your fingers comfortable around now. Did he really say all of this to his mother after you yelled at him and told him he made life hard.

    Sure he did before, but you couldn’t help but feel bad.

    “That’s nice of him to complement my skills, thank you for letting me know Mrs Choi”

    She made sure to thank you again and told you she’d be available if you needed her at anytime, she left with the clink of her red bottomed shoes hitting the tiles.

    You could not help but laugh as you stood there, but you once realised you were laughing alone in the lobby by yourself so decided to retreat to your room.

    You felt great, all the stress seemed to have leave whilst you walked back to your room, you even added in a skip to your walk.

    You made note you’d probably have to see Yeonjun again, and you’d probably thank him for doing that for you, of course if you add up all the times he’s made life miserable it would probably counter his actions this time.

    But none the less, you didn’t expect such a action from him.

    When you got to your door, you felt your stomach drop when you saw Yeonjun in front of your door knocking, you thought if you were to run away you could deal with this after, but his head swung your direction and you almost groaned.

    He held a hand up awkwardly and waved,

    “Uh hey”

    Once again you found him clad in a white shirt but this time blue flannel pants to match.

    “Um hi”

    You stood by the hallway for a bit and then walked closer to the door and sighed.

    “Did you maybe want to come in”

    “Yes please”

    You could not suppress a laugh when you heard him speak so quietly.

    “Since when did you use manners, Choi”

    You pushed the door open and lead him in,

    “I’m trying to be sincere”

    he looked like he really meant it, he seemed uncomfortable and you trailed to his eyes only following the ground.

    You both sat on the couch, a good space in the middle of you both

    Yeonjun looked a lot cuter, a big change from his smug and confident look he carried at all times, here he sat in pyjamas and his hands clasp between his thighs.

    He looked like he trying to manage to say something and to be honest you were finding this entertaining.

    “Thank you”

    He’s head shot up to you across the couch, he did find himself being surprised but you spoke again

    “Thank you for telling your mother I did those things” you locked eyes with him and he let a small smile crawl onto his face

    “That’s the least I could have done” he let his eye brows frown and he trailed on “I’m really sorry y/n”

    Now it was your turn to be surprised, you could not believe your ears.

    “What has gotten into you Choi”

    “I just” he let a sigh out and began rubbing his knees “after what you said yesterday, I thought about how much of an asshole I was”

    “Yeah you were an asshole” he nodded his head to your agreement and carried on

    “I guess I just liked to have you around”

    You felt your face heat up at the sudden statement and tried to brush it off and not take it the wrong way.

    “Well I think I’d like to have you around too, when your like this that is”

    He met your eyes again and he let out a small laugh, boy was his eyes nice to look at you thought.

    “Well, there’s actually a water park opened up newly in town, I thought maybe you wanted to go” he heard what came out of his mouth and quickly went on, “as an apology that is”

    He looked quite excited and he had such a big smile on when asking.

    “Oh uh I-“

    You did feel very confused at what he was asking you, isn’t this the same guy that had his friends push you into a pool for pure amusement.

    He immediately looked disappointed at your first words and cut you off

    “Oh, it was silly, sorry, I’ll get going and I’ll see you around, I forgot your always here at the pools anyway” he stood up from the couch quickly.

    “Hey let me finish!”

    He turned around and stood still, the boys lips were pressed in a thin line, probably trying to stop himself from saying something else.

    “If you had let me finish, I would have said.. I’d really enjoying going”

    His face instantly lit up and you chuckled at his reaction

    “Okay we can go tomorrow, since it’s your day off, 2pm”

    He stood a bit more comfortably now, you felt a bubbly feeling in your stomach at the fact he knew your days off.

    “That sounds like a plan, I’ll see you tomorrow” you stood up while he walked over to the door and you went to say bye before he left but he stopped again.

    “Hey do you think we could start again, like start over”

    He only just had grabbed onto the door handle when you relied “only if you promise to not make me spill smoothies in myself”

    Yeonjun did seem to cringe for a moment but quickly turned around and promised to make sure no smoothies will be spilt on you ever again.

    “Alright goodbye Choi”

    You finally shut the door after he left and you felt your heart beating at an unusual pace.

    What was happening


    “I can not believe that happened”

    Yumi randomly spoke up as you finished your hair off and she started hysterically laughing.

    “Neither can i, he just seemed like a good person”

    She let out a small laugh “Yeah a really good person, I just knew he liked you!”

    You could practically hear the know-it-all in her voice, “oh stop it, this is an apology for him being Satan the whole time he’s been here”

    “Your not dressing up like it’s an apology” she smirked “ your dressing up like it’s a date” she waited for your reply but you thought it would be best to let her have this one.

    Just as she was going to continue patronising you the door beep to you heard knocks at the door, you felt your eyes go big realising the time, running to the mirror you checked yourself

    “Hey you know what you remind me of” Yumi stated, you reached for your handbag and called out a “coming!” Before asking Yumi what you reminded her of.

    “You remind me of someone going on a date!”

    You should have expected that reply and just gave her an eye roll and a quick goodbye before opening the door and going out.

    You were met with Yeonjun dressed in a grey shirt tucked into back dress pants, his usual black hair over his forehead.

    He stood hands in pockets and the new smile your starting to become attached too.

    “You have a change of clothes right” you laughed

    “No I wanted to swim in this” he remarked sarcastically, you laughed at his comment, it felt nice to joke about small things.

    “You look really nice, by the way”

    He pulled out his keys as you walked out of the lobby doors.

    “When do I not look nice” you didn’t really mean to let that slip out but he just gave a chuckle and agreed.

    When you had gotten to his car, you weren’t surprised to see it was the cleanest car you’ve ever seen with a shiny finish to it, he beeped the lock button and got it, you made sure to be extra careful opening the passenger side side and sitting down, the car smelt brand new, and it probably was.

    “Shall we go” Yeonjun started the car and began to drive, you watched him start the car and the both of you carried on casual conversation for the rest of the drive and you noticed he took the wrong turn off to the water park.

    “Oh the turn off was back there” you told him, pointing back to the previous sign.

    “I know” he kept his eyes on the front of the road and cried on

    “I knew it! I knew this was too good to be true”

    You acted scared and pretended to grab for the door, Yeonjun got frightened and reached for your arm

    “N-no we’re still going, I just thought we could go to the arcade first, it would be fun”

    You didn’t really hear what he said as you only paid attention to his hand wrapped around your upper arm, he noticed and took his hand off giving a small apology.

    You brushed it off and looked at him.

    “Yeah well I don’t know if that’s a good idea, your probably going to lose at everything”

    He let out a very confident laugh mockingly,

    “I’ll have you know I never lose” Yeonjun raised and eyebrow with his words. You could not help but scoff at his cockiness.

    “We’ll see about that”


    “You’ve lost every single game to me so far”

    Yeonjun looked at you with pity but not enough pity to let you win a game.

    “This is sooooo unfair, I didn’t know you were a arcade junky” folding your arms you gave a very upset look to him.

    “Okay one more game and we should head off to the pools” Yeonjun paused for a Moment and leaned up against the game machine he had yet again just bet you at. “How about we make a deal, if you win you get a wish and if I win I’ll get a wish”

    The smug grin he had on his face made you absolutely want to wipe it off with a victory.

    “Okay I’ll accept, on one condition” you held a finger up to his face “I pick the game we play”

    “Accepted” he folded his arms and asked what game it is you are going to choose

    His eyes followed your finger from his face to Ponting over at the basketball machine game, you saw him grin even more at the game and that only made you thought he’s probably secretly an NBA player, making you slightly regret your decision.

    “Game on”

    You made your way over to the basketball machine and set up the game to two players, you could feel yourself breaking a sweat waiting for the game countdown to begin.

    As soon as the games timer hit zero you picked up the first ball only for it to miss and you heard Yeonjun laugh as his went in, you started to just start chuckling them randomly and fast instead of precision due to the fact your precision was not the best. 

    Your score surprisingly was behind Yeonjuns by 2 at half time and it only made your adrenaline kick in as you started to throw the balls faster. You didn’t even pay attention to Yeonjun as he seemed to be just as into the game as you were.

    The countdown was up to 5 seconds and you threw the last balls you could into the hoop as best you could, trying to take up all the time with tries.

    The seconds ran out and the buzzer went, you were already upset knowing you wouldn’t have gotten as many as mr lebron James on your side.

    The score board lit up with a large green “WINNER” and you didn’t even register until you heard Yeonjun say nothing.

    You looked up to see it was your score board lettered with the large writing.

    You jumped up and down at the excitement, “yay! I won”, you grabbed Yeonjun by the shoulders and repeated over and over how you won a match against him

    He stood there with a sigh and congratulated you on your win.

    “Yeah, yeah one game out of twenty”

    “Doesn’t matter, I won the most important one!”

    “Okay, we should go have a look at the prizes and we’ll head off to the park”

    You agreed with Yeonjun and the two of you went over to the prizes, the first thing that caught your eye was a pair of a blue and pink matching plushies.

    Yeonjun seemed to have noticed you saw them and asked the store clerk to grab them down.

    “Choi, those are 1000 tickets, I’m sure we could get them if we play more games but we need to go to the water park”

    Yeonjun only smiled and you saw that he slid a few notes over to the clerk. You grabbed the two plushies from the worker and gave you the pink one.

    “There we go. Matching” he smiled and smooched his blue one up to yours, you giggled at the sight.

    “Your unbelievable”


    “I don’t know if I can go down that” you stood at the bottom of the water slide reaching almost to what seemed the the clouds.

    The name in itself frighten you ‘The striking cobra twirl’, “come on you can do it, we can even go down on the same blow up”

    You could only think about it for a second before he pulled you to put your stuff in the lockers.

    “I’ll go get changed and I’ll meet you out there soon” you watched as he walked into the men’s changing rooms and you went into the woman’s

    You only had to change quickly so you back out side waiting on the seats for him in no time, you waited and went onto your phone to see few messages from Yumi

    Yumi: how’s it going y/n??

    Yumi: have you guys made out yet

    Yumi: your taking so long to reply, you must be having a good time.

    Y/n: oh stop it, that will not be happening

    Y/n: I told you I’d be gone for awhile!

    You were waiting for a reply but heard someone next to you


    You looked up to see Yeonjun in a loose white tank top showcasing his shoulders and muscly arms as well as giving side veiws of his ribs, a lot of skin and it made your stomach feel butterflies, you didn’t even want to think about the short board shorts he wore giving a lot of attention to his thighs.

    You quickly snapped out of it and looked up his face that had a knowing look across it, you almost wanted to hit yourself for staring but you tried to cover it up with bringing attention to going on The striking cobra twirl slide.

    He immediately agreed and you too went up to stand in the line of the slide.

    You were hoping the line would take a while but it seemed to have be moving fast.

    By the time it was already your turn and you had to sit in the front spot of the blow up while Yeonjun sat leaned back with legs by your sides behind you.

    “Ok keep all legs, arms in” the lifeguard holding you two said.


    You let out a squeal but the life guard already got to one and sent the two of you hurling down the slide

    You let out a very loud scream as the walls incasing you both went past at extreme speed, your screams were almost blocked out by Yeonjuns laughing at you.

    You tapped on your shoulder and said it was okay and you tried to find the fun in it all and when when you hit the first turn you gripped onto Yeonjuns legs and laughed with him.

    The ride was almost over and you held your arms up while you went past the camera that takes photos. The lifeguard waiting at the bottom pulled your floaty in and you both thanked him and stood up

    “That was super fun!” You jumped up and grinned, you couldn’t believe you actually enjoyed that, you heard Yeonjun reply with a small ‘cute’ but quickly speak louder,

    “Should we go have a look at the photos”

    You forgot about the recent comment and agreed, you went off to the photo stall by the waterslide and looked out for your photo across the many others,

    You smiled when you saw yours, you had your arms up and a big smile on while The black haired boy behind you had his arms gripped onto the side handles with a warm smile.

    Yeonjun agreed that is was a good photo and you went to ask to buy the photo in a pair.

    You had them printed off and put into a plastic case.

    “These are really cute” you said looking at the photo in hand, you took Yeonjuns from him and told him to wait by the pool while you put them in your locker. You walked over admiring the photo in hand, you had to remember to show Yumi after.

    You placed them down and as you walked back, you felt a wave of evil rush over you, You saw him standing by the pool side and took action before thinking, you ran up and pushed him into the water.

    He tried to catch himself and let out a grunt at the force, he was sent into the water with a splash.

    You watched as he came out of the water with a angry stare and hair in his face, you did feel a little bad and decided to reach a hand down to pull him up and as soon as his hand met yours, he pulled you in just as hard.

    You could deny you didn’t expect that to happen, but you still let it happen.

    You came up from the water and splashed him in the face only for him to splash you harder, which them turned into a splash zone war, you hoped no one in the water around the two of you were effected, but you were so immersed you didn’t even notice.

    You decided enough was enough and went under the water to swim to him and pull his leg up off the ground, he fell under with you and started tugging on his leg, the both of you only came up to the surface to laugh and suck in a big breath of air.

    He had managed to get his leg out of your grasp and held you by the waist, you were giggling and trying to struggle out of his grasp when you noticed the position you were in together.

    His arms around you tightly and your bodies pressed tightly together, you looked up to him already staring down at your eyes and it’s almost like the other people’s screams and talk went silent as he began to close his eyes and lean it. You took the opportunity to drop down under his grasp and grab his leg once again throwing him off balance under the water.

    He came up once again to your fit of laughter, you felt your stomach start to get sore from the laughter.

    “Oh that is it” he lunged forward to you and you both carried on until you surrendered.

    You continued at the water park until it got a bit later and you decided to get changed into dry clothes and drive back to the resort.


    ”I really enjoyed today, thank you” you stared at the pink plush in hand and waited for the boy in the drivers seat to speak.

    “Same, thank for coming with me, I hope you’ve accepted my apology”

    “I accepted the apology yesterday silly”

    You watched as he fiddled with his hands and you played with the pink toy in front of you.



    You both went silent after trying to speak at the same time and looked at each-other only to laugh directly after.

    “you go”, he said but you insisted he did.

    He thought for a second before continuing,

    “I just hope we could maybe do this again, I really liked hanging out with you, and I know I was horrible, but I guess that was just my way of getting your attention because I’m not the best at talking to people” his speech started to speed up and you saw his ears start to turn red, “I’m sorry I was so bad and made your days harder, I just really like you, and I think I really really like-“

    You cut him off with a kiss on the lips, you felt him go completely still but once you reached up to his neck he seemed to have snap out of it and return the kiss as well.

    You had only meant for it to be a small kiss to get him to stop rambling but once you felt his lips on yours you couldn’t help but any more, you sat up a bit further to get closer to him and you felt his hands each up to your cheeks, caressing them softy.

    The kiss started to get a bit sloppier and you helped when he bit down on your bottom lip making you jolt, he ushered you by the hips to climb over the middle console and you quickly worked your way over to his lap not taking your lips off his.

    You straddled his thighs and started running your hands up and down his neck, you let his tongue into your mouth and felt his hands start rubbing your waist.

    In all honesty the kiss was somewhat innocent until you sat fully on his lap and decided to grind down on his fully clothed dick.

    He let out a groan and kissed you harder than before, you opened your eyes to watch his shut with his eyebrows crossed in a knot.

    You began grinding down on him a bit faster and felt yourself getting uncomfortably sticker on your underwear, you could also feel his erection growing under you, you let out a moan at the friction but Yeonjun quickly stopped you by holding your hips in place.

    He looked at you seriously “are you sure you want to do this y/n?”

    He was still holding your hips in place and you nodded, “pleaseee Yeonjun” you whines at the loss of friction and pleaded for him to let you carry on.

    He only stared at you in shock with wide eyes.

    “What?” You questioned him

    “You’ve never called me Yeonjun before”

    You didn’t even realise that you hadn’t called him Yeonjun before as you usually stuck to the name Choi for him and you didn’t know he’d even remember such a thing.

    “Well I could probably moan it too if you let me continue” you reached for the collar of his shirt and played with it as he contemplated what to do next.

    He reached for the door handle of the drivers side door and asked you to get out first and he followed, you were a bit confused as he tried to grab his keys but kept dropping them.

    “H-how about we go to my room?” He finally got the keys and locked the car before looking at you to see you frantically agreeing with him.

    He pulled you with him up the lobby elevator and you tried your best to hide from other co workers you know.

    You saw him rocking on his feet in the elevator and you watched as sweat beads dripped down his neck as he tried to fan himself off.

    “Yeonjun are you okay?” You were quite concerned as he’s been this way ever since you got out of the car.

    “Yes I’m fine” as soon as the doors opened to his floor you followed him down the hall to the largest door there was, you didn’t even have time to appreciate probably the nicest room in the facility as he pulled you in and slammed the door.

    He threw his lips onto ours and gripped your waist, the kiss this time was a lot messier than before, it pretty much was such mouth to mouth as he struggled to pull your shirt up.

    He pulled away from your lips and pulled your shirt over your head stumbling into his room for the bed.

    “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this”

    he groaned as he began kissing at your neck, this all seemed so surreal and you were a-bit taken back from what was happening.

    You fell back onto his bed and he climbed on top of you as he began taking your bra off, your clasp cane apart with a pop and as soon as it was completely off he began sucking on your nipple and sucking around it, you let out a loud moan from the feeling,

    “Th-this isn’t fair”, he stopped what he was doing and looked up at you through his shiny, dark hair covering just the top of his eyes.

    You reached for his shirt and lifted it up over his head, you already knew his arms were muscly but his pecks and abs were just as prominent and you gab tracing your hands down his chest as he went back to kissing around yours.

    “Uh Yeonjun please”

    He carried on with his current mission but removed his mouth from your chest to talk,

    “Please what, baby?”

    “Please touch me” he happily complied and pulled your shorts off along with his.

    He came up to your lips to kiss you once again and you let him take control with his tongue, you suppressed a moan in the kiss as he ran a finger up your clothed centre.

    He began rubbing faster over your underwear and you already knew they would be soaked, he pushed them to the side and let two of his fingers slide into your pussy.

    “A-ah” he began to pump his fingers in a slower pace until he added another making you yell his name out.

    “Your so hot baby” Yeonjun moved from your lips to you neck and he sucked on one place.

    He gave more attention to your clit and started to rub it aswell as pumping his fingers in and out.

    “Ah Yeonjun I’m really close”

    He continued going faster with his fingers and just when he felt your walls tighten he pulled his fingers out.

    “Ah you asshole” you slapped his chest and pouted at him.

    He only smirked at you and brought his fingers up “you want the cock don’t you?” You did nod at his question and told you to suck on his fingers.

    You sucked on them and he groaned at the sight, he quickly discarded your underwear leaving your pussy bare and puffy.

    He pulled off his own pants and underwear and you stared at his cock spring free, it looked awfully hard and the tip looked eager and red, pre cum intriguing at the tip.

    He reached over to the nightstand and got out a Condom ripping the packet with his teeth, you stopped him and told him you were on the pill.

    “Are you sure, I don’t mind wearing one”

    “Oh Yeonjun, just hurry up”

    He threw the packet away and spread your thighs out to sit in between them.

    He grabbed his length in hand and lined himself up with your entrance, he ran his tip up your slit a few times coating it in juices.

    You let out a groan feeling him slide inside you, his length stretched out your walls and felt hot, you waited for the sting to calm down before telling him to move,

    He was already moaning as he pushed himself in but after a couple slow pumps he started moaning really loudly, “your s-so tight” he began to pick up his speed and start sucking around your collarbone.

    You raked your hands up his back loving the feeling, when he started hitting a familiar spot you let out a loud moan of his name and he started hitting it harder. “Who makes you feel this good babe” you were so caught up in the feeling you didn’t even realise he was speaking sense.

    You felt a tight grip on your scalp and you looked into Yeonjuns eyes, “I asked a question”

    You gulped and told him he did, you didn’t know he could be rough and you only hoped you’d get to do this again anyway.

    He continued his pace with constant swear words falling from his mouth and small murmurs of your name.

    “Yeonjun I’m getting really close please”

    With that said Yeonjun picked up your thigh putting it over his shoulder allowing a new angle to be hit, and he bucked in with force,

    You felt your eyes stinging with tears as he continued and you could feel your walls tighten, he must’ve too as he put a thumb on your clit and started pressing down hard.

    This immediately sent you over the edge as you came hard, he carried in bucking his hips into your a few times hardly until you felt him cum as well.

    He fell on top of your body and you let out a ‘hmmp’ as he did,

    You tried to push him off of you by the chest, “Yeonjun I can’t breathe”

    He just tightened his grip around you and replied “good” as he did so.

    “I knew you were just trying to kill me after all”

    He laughed at your accusation and slowly got up pulling his member out as well, you did whine at the empty feeling but he just laid down next to you and held you, taking up the feeling.

    You laid there for a while enjoying his warmth until you spoke up

    “Was that a date today?” You said looking over to him.

    He opened his eyes at the question, but you spoke again before he could have

    “Because I hope it was”

    He only smiled and pulled you in tighter making you Yelp in surprise.

    “It totally was” is all he replied, before shutting his eyes again but he opened them once again to your voice.

    “You know I’m probably going to have to get another job now”

    You stated, if this was going where you thought it was going you probably would not be able to keep working underneath Yeonjuns parents.

    “What do you mean, my mum knew I liked you way before”


    He hummed in response, “she knew awhile ago”

    “You liked me while ago?”

    You smirked at his sudden confession and he groaned and stated you could talk about it in the morning when you both weren’t tired, he said he just wanted to cuddle.

    You complied and let yourself close your eyes and get comfortable with your head on his shoulder.

    The sudden ring of a phone made you shoot up and Yeonjun reached to the floor to pick up your phone.

    He looked at the caller ID and passed the phone to you.

    “Whose Yumi?”



    ahahah! Thank you so much of your read this, I’m actually meant to be study for exams tomorrow but what eva. This is kind of shitty as I’m not a writer but I was bored and I just hope someone enjoys! Honestly as I was writing the smut ( I’m sorry 😞😞) my mum started playing Cat and Dog over the house speakers and I felt sad and mad…… anyways have a good day/morning/night lovlies!!! Xxxxx

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  • txt-fic-recs
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Sookai (🐰+🐧)

    ⸻ ૢ་༘࿐a list of ao3 links for sookai recs!

    ❥ • you dried my hair (teacher hueningkai, web developer soobin, fluff, hurt/comfort, anxiety, therapy) ⤿Soobin and Kai learn to navigate the line between accepting help and offering too much of it. "Soobin brushed his teeth that morning, and Kai knew because he had been keeping track. On better days, it would be used and wet on their shared bathroom sink. On not-so-better days, Soobin would stare at the bathroom door like there was a battle on the other side, and in a way, Kai knew that there sort of was. Again, Kai walked the tightrope."

    ❥ • SIDESTEP (college au, kissing booth, established relationship, humour, fluff) ⤿ Hueningkai is seriously, seriously this close to quitting his job at the fundraising booth.

    ❥ • 2am need a bit of you (soulmate au, angst, soulmarks, open ending) ⤿ Kai trails a string of light kisses on Soobin's neck, jaw, cheeks, lips. He covers as much ground as he can, marking all the available space. It's the only thing he can do to show the world Soobin is his. Because it's not Kai's name on Soobin's wrist, and it's not Soobin's name on his.

    ❥ • hold my hand, we're going to fall now (i'm not afraid, don't let go) (hogwarts au, mutual pining, misunderstanding, fake dating, armortentia, fluff, slow burn) [ongoing] ⤿ Soobin just wants to make it through his final year at Hogwarts quietly, ace his N.E.W.T.s, and ignore the way his heart skips a beat sometimes when he sees his former crush pass by in the hallway. A certain Slytherin prefect has other ideas.

    ❥ • space case (angst, BTS mention, soulmate au, beomjun side-ship, open ending) ⤿Soobin firmly believes in the butterfly effect. A butterfly simply flapping its wings, can cause a fucking tsunami somewhere across the world. Isn't that sick? It's so sick, if you ask him. He likes that -- he likes thinking that any small, seemingly insignificant decision he makes, can cause a chain of events that change his life. He likes thinking that everything he does means something, whether it means something to himself or to the stranger he passed on the street. So, no, he can't really get behind this soulmate thing, because it's fucking stupid that his destiny is already written in the damn stars. He has to spend his entire life knowing that he doesn't get a choice in who he ends up with, or where their lives go from there. His fate is sealed, like some sort of fairytale. or the one where kai and soobin are soulmates.

    ❥ • I'm a fool for you (college au, soulmates, hanahaki disease, fluff, angst, sookai side-ship) ⤿ In which Beomgyu’s roommate is hot, straighter than a ruler and the university’s biggest fuckboy. Also his soulmate. It’s fine. He’s fine. Until he coughs up his first petal that is.

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  • soobeaniee
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    txt as your best friend

    genre: fluff

    warnings: mentions of food, insecurities, stress, hospitals, injuries, crying

    a/n: this was literally completely and utterly self-indulgent hgsgjdksf also don't ask why soobin's is so long i jUST HAD A LOT TO SAY OKAY

    choi yeonjun

    he probably approached you first

    took y'all a while to become best friends

    he was friends with e v e r y b o d y so it was kinda hard to be like oh yeah im one of his closest friends

    y'all hit it off tho

    and after a couple months of talking it was clear you guys were meant to be best friends

    he talks your ear off and is the clingiest person alive

    drags you to 99.99% of the social gatherings you go to

    he knows you like the back of his hand

    n o t h i n g gets past this boy so don't even try to lie to him he will call you out on your bs

    this means he acts like a mother sometimes and makes you do stuff you dont wanna do if he knows it'll be better for you in the end

    this also means he knows when to stop and let you figure things out for yourself

    you tell each other everything

    crushes, trivial details of your day, things you stress out about, things that made you happy, your ugliest insecurities, your deepest secrets

    when he was a trainee he'd brag nonstop to you about always placing first

    and you'd always be like "yeah yeah okay mr ego"

    but secretly you were so proud of him and he knows that <33

    tries to teach you how to dance

    will never laugh at you even when you fail miserably

    he just looks at you with the fondest smile on his face and records you fooling around in front of the mirror like a proud mom

    you have so many pictures of him on your phone

    most of them never make their way onto twt bc you always forget to send them to him lmao

    you also sometimes deliberately not give them to him because you want some of the cutest ones for yourself but dont tell him that

    your #1 cheerleader!! never fails to hype you up and tell you how amazing you are

    he once caught you beating yourself up about something and he just *sad and confused yeonjun noises*

    will never ever let you talk bad about yourself

    literally would sit you down and list all of your amazing qualities if you asked him to

    depends on you a lot, and expects equal investment in the friendship

    trusts you with his life and hopes you do the same

    rest of the members under the cut!

    choi soobin

    soft boi

    literally the purest little bean

    you've never worried about him drifting from you because you know he would never do that

    even when y'all were in middle and high school, when he had so many opportunities to just ditch you and hang out with the popular kids, he always stuck by you no matter what

    you're so supportive of what he does and he's so grateful for that

    calls you whenever he's feeling down and you always pick up no matter what the time is

    lots of teasing on both sides because y'all are both crybabies

    but you're cute crybabies so it's ok <33

    your family adores him and has basically adopted him at this point

    boy just marches into your home and eats your food and sleeps on your bed and you come back from school or work and you see him sprawled on your bed and you're just like ????

    sometimes he'll walk into your apartment, sleep in your bed for a couple hours, and leave with a quick hug and a forehead kiss

    you don't mind, because it means you know that he got some good rest

    lots of random late night talks between you guys where you just sit on your bed, cuddling with your plushies and you talk about anything and everything

    he has a sixth sense for knowing when you're not feeling too good, so whenever you have a bad day he'll come over and make you feel better with food and cuddles and pillows to scream into

    if he can't see you in person he'll drop everything to facetime you and lets you rant for as long as you need to

    off topic but y'all were probably each other's first kiss

    you were just talking about how neither of you have ever kissed anybody and you guys were just like "... wanna try it?"

    you never did it again pls it was so awkward

    he gives you a bunch of piggy-back rides

    won't let you try to carry him bc he knows there's no way you'll be able to pick his giant self up

    but will welcome your hugs with the biggest smile on his face <33

    you visit him in the dorms as often as you can

    a lot of the time you'll sneak into the dorms while the boys are at practice or schedules and you'll make a bunch of food for them

    and they come back and soobin just envelopes you in the biggest hug ever

    you know that smile he has when he's laughing super hard or smiling really big where his eyes turn into crescents and his faces scrunches up?

    that's his expression 99.99% of the time when he's around you

    you were the first person he called when he debuted and you both bawled your eyes out

    the video where he's crying really hard after his debut? part of the reason is because he saw you in the front row holding a huge banner and cheering him on

    he hugged you for like fifteen minutes straight that night

    overall the purest friendship ever

    choi beomgyu

    this brat

    the most annoying person alive

    teases you to no end about anything and everything

    you have a crush? he's speeding on the fastest route to them to let them know

    you did something embarrassing? he's screaming the details from the top of a cafeteria table

    probably has some weird nickname for you that you hated at first but you find it endearing now

    not that you'd ever admit that

    gets so offended when you don't call him by a special nickname


    fun fact you were the first person to compare him to a teddy bear

    and beomgyu always talks about it on vlives and stuff

    refuses to be compared to anything other than a bear yn said he was a bear so he's a bear!!

    speaking of vlives he always calls you when he's live

    does not care if you are in the middle of a job interview or on an anniversary date, he expects you to call within five rings

    talks about you 24/7 to moas at this point his fans know you better than some people in your life

    all teasing aside though, i think beomgyu would be the type of best friend that's really in tune with your emotions

    not necessarily amazing and comforting you

    but because he can practically feel what you're feeling he's the best person to just sit in silence with

    or scream your head off with

    there is no in between

    he's fiercely protective over you

    worse than your dad when you start dating

    he got into a fight with a boy that hurt your feelings at school once

    he came back with a split lip and a cut over his eye but waved you off when you tried to scold him

    "im your best friend, it's my job"

    you're super protective over him too

    people are prob scared of you guys y'all are literally a power friendship honestly

    kang taehyun

    a very chill friendship

    you guys are rly rly close obvi

    but it's just very chill

    y'all almost never fight, and even when you do it's handled in a very mature way

    you were the one to encourage him to pursue music

    went with him to every audition and helped him to weigh the pros and cons of every company

    you stay with him in the studio a lot

    you're just on your phone or studying and he's doing his thing with music

    you're one of his biggest inspirations and a lot of the lyrics he writes references little details about your friendship

    he's so carefree around you

    you bring out the most raw and softest side in him

    nobody makes him laugh as hard as you do

    knows you better than anybody in the world

    partly because you tell him everything

    but also because he just knows- what keeps you up at night, the reason why your favorite song is what it is, the story behind every little one of your quirks, your signs when you're under stress or feeling bad

    he worries about you a lot and hates to see you hurting

    you were in the hospital once and you were injured pretty badly

    he cried the entire night in the waiting room

    you respect each other a lot

    he gives the best advice so you go to him with your problems and he does his best to guide you

    of course, you do the same for him

    the type of friend where it doesn't matter if you guys don't talk for a couple days or weeks because of stuff in your lives, as soon as you start talking again you guys are able to pick off right where you left off

    likes talking about deep stuff with you

    depends on you a lot and is forever grateful for you sticking with him through everything

    but who wouldn't?


    the bestest best friend in the history of best friends

    tackles you in a hug and an excited laugh whenever he sees you

    you guys get lost in your own little world really easily

    y'all understand each other without needing words

    little glances and side eyes are enough to communicate everything

    some stuff only makes sense to you guys

    istg y'all could be talking about llama fur and watermelon seeds in alien language and you'd get each other

    the boys often find you guys rolling on the floor laughing and clutching your stomachs

    you never really know what you're laughing about but you make each other so happy

    his laugh is so fricking contagious

    the kindest person you've ever met

    literally the sweetest soul e v e r

    he gives the best hugs

    so clingy

    this mf literally drapes his giant body over you and you have to drag him around on your back

    you look out for him a lot and save him from his clumsiness

    he gets really sheepish when you catch something that he drops or stuff like that

    rubs the back of his neck with a lopsided grin

    but you never get mad at him, just laugh slightly and ruffle his hair

    you make him a lot of food

    boy is always stealing stuff from your kitchen

    always washes the Tupperware dishes before giving them back to you tho

    movie nights!!

    makes fun of you when you cry at disney movies

    you guys love watching horror movies together

    your voices are gone at the end of them- yours because hueningkai always picks the scariest ones that scare the shit out of you and his because he tries to outscream you even tho he never gets scared

    helps you study even tho he gets more confused than you sometimes

    so he ends up just settling for being your personal hypeman

    "you can do it yn!"

    you're his biggest fan

    literally always hyping up his voice

    if you could get his youngblood cover tatooed across your forehead you would

    you guys can talk or text for five hours straight without getting tired

    you always remind him to take care of himself and he does the same for you

    you just love each other a lot and would give the world for each other <33

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  • bbhyeoliskooks
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    ❝𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐚 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝.❞

    How TXT friendzoned you.

    𖥻 Genre: 4 cups of angst, best friend!au, unrequited love

    𖥻 Warnings: None

    𖥻 Song: If It Is You (Rosé)

    (Please know I finally opened requests! So if you’d like, I’d love to write you a ship, reaction, imagine/scenario, or just even thoughts about txt!)

    죄 연준:

    » At first, you thought that Yeonjun reciprocated your feelings

    » With all those smooth, almost flirty remarks he made to you every time you saw each other... seriously, how could you not?

    » That’s when you came to a decision once noticing your heart belonged to your best friend, Yeonjun

    » After pining for so long and wishing he was yours, you decided that you would just tell him instead of hiding under the facade that the two of you were only close friends

    » So with a pounding heart and flustered cheeks, you drove to Yeonjun’s house in search of the boy that made you complete

    » Knocking on the front door, you were surprised when there was a loud groan in his house before said boy slowly opened the door... with only a towel wrapped around his torso

    » You looked away immediately before he could speak, “Jjunie, I-”

    » “Who’s that girl?” A sultry voice purred, interrupting you from inside the house, “when are you going to be back? Jun, I need you.”

    » Your eyes widened and you swore you heard your heart crack from inside, eyes glistening with tears that you tried to force away

    » “I’m sorry,” he smirked, not taking notice to the hurt in your face, “I’m a little busy now. I’ll call you later, yeah?”

    » And there he just slammed the door shut once you murmured an almost audible okay, fists clenching tightly at how much heartbreak tore at your chest

    » You just stood on his front door step, tears spilling hopelessly onto the white porch when you realized that you would only be a friend to him your entire life.

    죄 수빈:

    » You were irrevocably in love with Soobin, your childhood friend beginning from the time you first met him... which meant that you were there for his heartbreaks as well

    » His significant others came and went, and each time you hoped that he would be able to see you instead of other people

    » But he proved you wrong every single time when he introduced you to yet another person, hoping the two of you would get along since after all, you both were the most important people of his life

    » You hated how much you were still very much hopeful that he would look at you instead of the other way, so with a brave face you called him over once you were finished studying

    » Of course your friendship with him was incredibly precious and you hoped that he would be by your side forever, but the love overflowing in your heart was unbearable- something you couldn’t take because all you saw was him every time you closed your eyes

    » Soobin assumed that it was another movie night but you were blankly sitting on the couch, staring into space as if something was occupying your mind

    » “Is there something wrong, Y/N? I thought that-”

    » “Soobin, I’m in love with you! I can’t hold it back anymore, but I love you... so so so much that it even hurts... I don’t mean to wreck what we have now, but I just couldn’t take it any longer,” you blurted out without any hesitation, watching his face for any sign of reaction

    » He was paralyzed in his spot, eyes gentle with sadness as he said, “I-I’m so sorry, Y/N...” He paused before his soft voice whispered, “but you’re my best friend, and I can’t think of you as anything different...”

    » You immediately forced a smile onto your face when you heard that, hoping that he wouldn’t possibly be able to see how much it stung even if you were an open book

    » Soon after Soobin left because of the awkwardness, causing you to sob endlessly into your pillows. You’ve always helped him whenever he became depressed from his breakups, and now he himself was the cause of your heartbreak. 

    죄 밤규:

    » Alcohol affected people in many, many ways

    » And with you accidentally confessing everything to everyone- even if it was embarrassing- you chose not to drink at a social situation ever again

    » But when you came to a party with your best friend, Beomgyu, who stupidly gave you a drink once he saw how scared you were, you just couldn’t say no

    » That decision led to one of the worst moments in your life.

    » In fact, you weren’t even thinking of confessing your feelings to Beomgyu in the first place

    » Were the feelings themselves little? ... clearly not, but you did your best to hide them in fear that you would destroy your friendship with him

    » The night went like this: with you drinking too much and throwing up in one of the rooms, causing Beomgyu to take care of you like the good friend he was

    » Bringing you outside to the side of the house, he patted your back as your stomach took multiple twists and turns, creating butterflies in your stomach that you mistook to be the cause of Beomgyu who continually kept asking you if you were okay

    » You just smiled at the boy of your dreams who was trying to take care of you, murmuring almost incomprehensible words of ‘I love you more than a friend’ that he couldn’t understand at first

    » “N-no,” the grin on his face faded once he realized what you said, “you’re lying... Y/N, you can’t possibly have feelings for me! We’re best friends!”

    » Hearing that you instantly pushed him away clumsily, getting up on your feet to run away before he could see your tears

    » ... well, you aren’t sure now- you haven’t talked to him in a while ever since that night and now that he’s got a significant other

    강 태현:

    » In all your life, there wasn’t anyone else you had ever looked at except Taehyun

    » He was literally perfect... it didn’t take too long for you to fall for him with the two of you being in your first year of college

    » He picked you up whenever you were sad, he was there for you and loved you like a best friend- something that you did up until a few weeks after meeting him

    » It was as if the stars brought you together even if your personalities were vastly different, and you held onto that hope no matter how many times he called you his close friend

    » One day he called you over to a cafe and you dolled yourself up, hoping that he would find you attractive- only to find someone he was extremely affectionate with right in front of your seat.

    » “Y/N, this is my significant other!” He pointed at the person beside him, who waved with friendliness towards you

    » In in instant, you felt the world crash upon your shoulders and you gasped something out once the two of you were finally alone, “Tyun, can we talk?”

    » “What’s up?” He said with worry, leaning closer to you when your voice was nothing but a whisper

    » “I-I... I love you. I just had to tell you, and I’m sorry if I ruined this friendship but I needed to tell you!”

    » With a sad expression he explained everything to you as gently as he could so as to not hurt you. However in the heat of the moment you ran out of that cafe, unable to pick up his calls in fear that you would break yourself even more

    » Does he ever realize how much you still think of him? Even if the two of you separated a month ago?


    » Kai was the best person you could ever ask for, as someone who would forever stay by your side

    » He was the best friend you could ever have, so why did you ever gain butterflies for him and him only?

    » You saw something more every single time you hung out with him- in those eyes that sparkled whenever he saw you and that contagious smile you never got tired of

    » Shamelessly you did your best to show him that he was something more... perhaps through prolonged stares, subtle compliments, and laughing at his jokes even if they were too cheesy to be funny

    » And normally you had friend dates right? Friend dates...

    » So this time you both chose to spice up your closets with a few new clothes!

    » Whilst you were shopping for some clothes together, Kai brought you along to one of his favorite stores for a few opinions

    » Everything was going swell until...

    » “You’re so cute, Kai,” the words accidentally slipped out of your mouth when you saw him come out of the dressing room

    » Picking up on all of your signs (one thing that he was incredibly suspicious of before), he shook his head with confusion

    » “We’re just friends, right Y/N?” The boy smiled awkwardly when he saw your face fall apart, “Just friends...”

    » “Yeah,” you admitted, looking away from him so that your tears wouldn’t be able to be seen, “just friends even though I’m completely in love with you.”

    Released: October 24, 2021. (12:55pm)

    Thoughts: Wow. Getting friendzoned is absolutely horrible, omg... I mean I never have since yk keah big scaredy cat to confess her feelings in the first place but like... geez.... that’d make me feel terrible... STOP IM EDITING THIS A MONTH LATER AND I REALIZED THAT I JUST DID STOP 😭😭🙏💔

    Taglist: @chaoticdreaminisode , @dj-fart , @atinyyylove


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  • txt-fic-recs
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Taebin (🐿+🐰)

    ⸻ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐ a list of ao3 links for taebin recs!

    ❥ • can i go where you go? (can we always be this close?) (childhood friends, slowburn, non-linear narrative, mutual pining, taebin side-ship) ⤿This is how Yeonjun falls in love: in years that go by, in grains of sand that trickle down from an upside-down hourglass, slow yet certain, steady but sure. Like the rain— a drizzle at first, then a downpour, and then finally, the storm. This is how Yeonjun falls in love: in between wishes that aren't his to make, in a parting gift for an eighteenth birthday that stretches past the night, and all the years that dwindle in between.

    ❥ • do flightless birds dream of flying too? (fluff, humour, angst with happy ending, college au, fake dating, slow burn, taebin side-ship) ⤿Some background: First, Choi Yeonjun is a third-year Dance major, close friend, and the object of his affections for the past two years (Soobin would interject, love at first sight, with disgust, though Beomgyu disagrees). Second, this big fat crush he’s been harboring is preventing him from living his life to the fullest. College is supposed to be the time to explore, date and learn what you want in a relationship. He can’t do that when he’s only got eyes for one person. Third, given the first two points, he’s come to the answer that he just needs to get over Choi Yeonjun. The question is: how? The answer: Sometimes, the best way to get over someone is to actually just date them. Or, in Beomgyu's hopeless case, ask them to help you practice dating. No, Beomgyu will not explain how that works.

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  • sherlockholicsbysoobin
    24.10.2021 - 3 days ago


    synopsis: where's the worst place to see your ex boyfriend that you haven't seen since forever? on a funeral. in an event where someone is being buried, why- just why are there feelings creeping up from the grave?
    when the scars of the past starts opening up, can the person who inflicted it mend it? or would they just inflict another type of pain that they would have to carry forever?

    warnings are stated every chapter

    fluffy and angsty yeonjun smau

    now playing: wander

    note: this is a new masterlist because the old one is not working anymore :((


    @cesiareads @definitelynotcesia @chaoticdreaminisode@cerisetalks @atinyyylove @jiminaaaahhhh @dazumis @enhacolor @gothmingguk @milkleeee @sunflower-euphro @damnkillerbunny @uhmdaddychill @ioiaeri @renjunvibes @txtville @letmeal0ne (send and ask if you wanna be added!)


    profiles i profiles ii

    01: Farewell to our Mr. Melendez

    02: Model Choi

    03: Panic

    04: That Must've Stinged

    05: She Drunk???

    06: Partners

    07: Over Lunch

    08: Lunch

    09: Found Wallet

    10: Panda Bear

    #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together smau #tomorrow x together au #tomorrow x together fanfic #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together angst #choi soobin#choi yeonjun#choi beomgyu#kang taehyun#huening kai#txt fluff#txt smau#txt au#txt imagine#txt angst #yeonjun x reader #ficscafe
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  • renjunn1es
    24.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    [ crushed ]

    pair: crush!beomgyu x gn!reader ft bsf!taehyun bsf!huening kai

    genre: angst, school!au

    warning(s): brief mentions of food, my first angst so idk

    wc: 1k ish

    brief summary: in which you watch as your crush falls for someone else.

    you couldn’t believe it.

    you. you, were hanging out with choi beomgyu. it was like a dream come true. your forever crush, was hanging out with you.

    except, hanging out was a strong metaphor to use. more like you were assigned to tutor him after school, but it was a start nonetheless.

    the two of you sat in a busy little cafe, the strong smell of cocoa beans and sugar packets filled the air. light chatter and the sound of the bell on the door rang every now and then. both of you decided to sit in a more secluded area, near the back of the cafe.

    “so, does that make sense or do you want me to explain that again?” your pointer finger followed the question along the bottom of the pixelated text. beomgyu leaned closer to get a better look at the question, your heads nearly touching.

    “um, i think i got it.” he stated after reading over the question. beomgyu took his pencil in his grasp, scribbling something down in his lined notebook. you watched as his pencil hit the paper, the led of the pencil becoming familiar words. you placed your chin in your palm, there was something about him that made your heart race.

    “okay, i got it. let’s move on to the next question.” beomgyu set his pencil down, turning to face you. yet, you were distracted. the way his dark hair was slightly tousled, the way he practically glowed when the sun shone through the big glass window just right. he was breathtaking.

    “y/n? y/n, you there?” beomgyu raised a brow, his handing waving over your eyes. you blinked once, then twice. you shook your head briefly, “um yes. sorry. yes, let’s move on–” you watched as his gaze moved from you to something, or someone behind you. your sentence flailed, and your eyes followed his.

    there stood a girl. a pretty girl. her chocolate brown hair was in long bouncy curls. she wore a white ruffled dress, one that stopped just before her knees. she was tall and lean. she smiled at something her friend said, then proceeded to approach the front counter to order something. every move she made was so light and airy. so angelic.

    you tore your sight away from her, your eyes focused on beomgyu once more, who looked memorized. like he was under a spell. he gulped slowly, staring at her as she walked back to her table. you watched as they has a ‘kdrama moment’ . a moment where their eyes met, a moment where everything else melted away.

    including you.

    beomgyu finally turned to you, shutting his notebook close. “hey, can we end early today?” he gave you a sympathetic smile, already packing his things. “um, but we have two more chapters.” you could feel your voice shake ever so slightly.

    his smiled softened and his eyes grew bigger, like puppy dogs. “please y/n, i’d be really happy if you let me off just this once.” he zipped his backpack, securing his studies. “and i promise, i’ll study twice as hard.” beomgyu held up his pinky and you laughed a bit. you interlocked your pinky with his, your heart beating at a quick pace. “i promise.”

    and with that you watched as he left your table and walked up to the mystery girl, leaving you alone.


    “and he just left?” huening kai questioned, raising a brow. “just like that? i don’t believe it.” he dismissed what you said and continued with his lunch. “but why would y/n lie about that?” taehyun said, stating the obvious.

    the cafeteria was filled with students, eating and chatting like usual. nothing seemed out of the ordinary. except, you. you had told kai and taehyun about the other day, but they weren’t really helping.

    “it doesn’t matter anymore.” you shrug, playing with your food, as it was the only thing that seemed interesting to you. huening kai and taehyun looked at you, your posture and knitted brows saying everything they needed too.

    “look,” huening kai started gently. “i bet she isn’t all that.” taehyun groaned disapprovingly, throwing his head back. “what kai means to say is that, you said you have a session with him after school today, so start there.” taehyun nudged your shoulder lightly.

    “yea! you’re great y/n, he’d be dumb to not see it.”

    “kai, shut up, he’s coming this way.”

    and as if right on time, you could feel beomgyu’s shadow fall over you. he sat right beside you, his back hitting the ledge of the lunch table. you turned to face him, the corners of your lips automatically lifting upwards.

    “hi, y/n.” beomgyu grinned, a boyish smile adorning his features. “i was wondering if we could cancel for after school? something came up.” the corners of your lips dropped instantly, a frown replacing the smile you once wore.

    “oh. what came up?” you watched beomgyu shift awkwardly, staring at his black and white converse. “um i have a date.” he coughed out, yet you heard every word. the large ache in your heart grew by seconds as you desperately tried to swallow the dry lump down your throat.

    “oh. well, um, i hope it goes well.” you smiled weakly, giving him a thumbs up as. “thanks, y/n for being so chill about it. you’re a good friend.” beomgyu stood, walking back to his crowded lunch table, where his friends seemed to be waiting for him. there was an unfamiliar pep in his step, one that caused your heart to crack.

    “well, at least he didn’t say he sees you as a sibling?”

    “yea, he sees you as a friend.”

    “that’s enough talking for today.”


    and that was the first night you cried over beomgyu and mystery girl. your heart hurt so much, you weren’t sure if you could take it. you waited until after school, late at night. when the house was dead quiet, and your parents were deeply asleep. that was when you let the tears flow.

    you sat in your bed, a bowl of unfinished cereal sitting in your lap. your laptop flashed scenes of shrek 2, and your sheets laid untidy and scruffy. you felt sick. ever since you heard about beomgyu’s date, you hadn’t eaten since. but it’s not like you could do anything about it. it’s not like could control who he liked.

    your eyes were puffy and red from crying, and you could barely make out what was happening in the movie. but, you didn’t care. you felt too tired and drained to care. you had lost your appetite and you let your cereal to get soggy. no matter how much you tried to not think about it, you couldn’t help yourself.

    there was a buzz underneath your leg that caught your attention. unlocking your phone, you read the messages you had received.

    you begrudgingly left your comfortable sheets and made your trek downstairs, careful to not wake the household. the old wooden stairs creaked as you walked down, but you succeeded without waking anyone up.

    there was a small hope that bubbled in your chest. maybe his date went badly. maybe he realized how much he meant to you. maybe mystery girl wasn’t really all that. wait. no. that’s bad. that’s not something a friend would say or think. no. no. no.

    your hand had met contact with the cool front doorknob, pulling you away from your thoughts and as soon you swung the door open, it revealed an energetic beomgyu. he was dressed in regular sweats and a pair of snug boots sat around his feet. you know, the kind of wooly boots you get for christmas? yea those. his black hair fell over his eyes, framing his face nicely.

    “hi- is right now a bad time?” beomgyu gave you a questioning look, one that made you feel embarrassed. it wasn’t until now that you realized that your outwards appearance wasn’t in its best condition. it was too late now.

    “i mean, it is midnight. but i wasn’t doing anything important.” you shrugged dismissively.

    “okay, well…” beomgyu trailed off. the small light of hope flickered. “i wanted to tell you about my date. i feel you’d understand. you know?” and just like that, the little light of hope died out, like a flame in a snowstorm.

    “oh.” you closed the front door a little more, hopeful he didn’t see the tears glossing over your eyes. “actually, i’m feeling really tired right now. so, i don’t think nows a good time.” your voice came out as muffled and hoarse.

    “well… that’s okay! thanks anyway y/n,” his smile fell a little and as soon you shut the door on him (rather quickly) you could hear the faint sound of his footsteps become quieter and quieter as he walked away.

    you turned and your back hit against the cold door, your back slid down the door as your knees crunched up to your chest. there was an awful hole in your chest, and you weren’t sure what could fix it.

    a/n: lynne’s first angst😱😱😱

    #i didnt know how to end this #imagines#kpop#fanfic#txt #tomorrow by together #fiction #tomorrow x together #beomgyu#angst#yeonjun#soobin#taehyun#huening kai
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  • rikiszn
    24.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Dear Sputnik: Magnifique

    Magnifique (French.) (adj.): Beautiful

    Genre: Angst, Fluff

    AU: Band!au, Bassist!Yeonjun, Rich!Reader

    Warnings: Smoking, implications of the reader being a spoiled brat, neglectful family

    Summary: Y/n always got what she wanted, but when she meets Choi Yeonjun, no material could amount to the love he has for her.

    Dear Sputnik Masterlist

    Notes: Apologies in advance that this took way too long, I was out for my birthday and had writer’s block, along with exams.


    “You’re joking right? I have to get those shoes for my birthday, please mom and dad. My birthday only comes once a year and I want it to be meaningful this time” Y/n pleaded. Her parents sighed, why did they raise Y/n to be so spoiled? “No Y/n, that’s enough already. You should be focusing on things like school, college. Don’t always depend so much on us” Y/n’s mother spat. Y/n was taken aback, her parents had never been so harsh on her, and she wasn’t used to it at all. She knew she was a brat, but she never crossed any boundaries.

    “What?” Y/n stood still, nothing felt right in that very moment. That’s when it all started, her parents neglecting her needs, and it going on for almost six months. They started to ignore Y/n, leading her to focus on herself. She started to distract herself with studies and just her wellbeing in general. Y/n had completely shut the world out and kept her close friends around, all was normal really, until her best friend Soobin had introduced her to Choi Yeonjun, the bassist of his band.

    Y/n then came home one night, completely tired and burnt out. “I’m home” Y/n called out tiredly. She knew her parents wouldn’t care so she trudged to her room listlessly. It was normal by now really, they’d been ignoring her for almost the whole year. Slipping into her bed, Y/n sighed and rested her eyes for a bit, she’d been working on a bunch of assignments all day. Then she heard a knock on her door. “Come in” Y/n called out, the door opened to reveal her maid, and the only person who’d been taking care of her, Lita.

    “Ms. Y/n, dinner is ready” she peered into the room and saw Y/n sprawled across her bed, head buried in the pillows. Y/n peeked out and nodded, peeling the covers off her. “Thank you Lita, really” she smiled and followed the older woman to her dining room. Y/n planned to move out in a few months already, she felt like she served no purpose in her family home anymore. Then she recalled a conversation she had with Yeonjun earlier in the day. Speaking of Yeonjun, he was the only person keeping Y/n sane as of the moment.

    “Move in with me, we can be in our own world forever Y/n. Once our potential will be discovered, we can finally show the world who we truly are together” Yeonjun held Y/n close. She smiled, she could’ve never expected the male to slither himself into her heart, not especially when they had a rough start. “Ok, I’ll move in with you” Y/n said softly, leaning into his embrace. The universe really had somehow sent him at the right time in her life. “By the way Yeonjun, what are we?” As far as Y/n could recall, her and Yeonjun had never really labeled each other ever since they first got together.

    Yeonjun looked at Y/n with an unreadable look and kissed her. “We’re dating Y/n, I’m sorry for not establishing it beforehand, but you’re the love of my life and I couldn’t ask for anything more” he pulled away and smiled. Y/n’s heart then soared as she finally knew what they both were, and she couldn’t have been more happier than in that moment with him.

    Y/n spaced out, Yeonjun was taking her to meet his family soon as well. “What are you thinking about Ms? Has there been anything on your mind?” Lita asked, and approached to clear the table. Y/n cleared her plate and nodded, ever since her parents had stopped aiding for her needs, she had only found comfort in Lita. “Lita, I have this really special person in my life now. His name is Yeonjun and he is a music major, I met him through Soobin, he’s the bassist of his band” Y/n thought about their first meeting, and though they had a rough start, it ended up blossoming into a beautiful relationship between them.

    “Sounds absolutely lovely dear, does he treat you well?” Lita slipped into the seat beside Y/n and smiled, Y/n finally seemed happy after months of shutting everyone out. She hadn’t been well mentally, and Lita took it as a miracle for her. “He treats me full of love Lita, I wouldn’t know what to do without him really” Y/n replied. “He just makes me forget everything. I thought having all the material things in my life, but my connection with Yeonjun goes beyond that” she continued. By now, Lita had been listening more intently.

    “He seems like a very unique character Y/n, tell me more about him if you don’t mind” Y/n hummed, there was so much she had to say about Yeonjun. From the way he makes sure she’s ok, to showing her that things can go beyond materialistic ideals. “Well, Yeonjun isn’t really someone who comes from a well off background, so he’s changed my ways of being spoiled. I learned a lot about life from him, and because of that, I worked hard and landed myself an internship in this huge fashion company” Y/n said happily. Lita noticed how Y/n was practically beaming and encouraged her to speak more about it.


    “You’re a little bratty, where’d you get that attitude from?” Yeonjun clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes at her. Y/n had walked in, whining to Soobin about some order that wasn’t right, and although Soobin was used it by then, Yeonjun wasn’t because it was his first time ever meeting her. He found this spoiled brat very annoying. Y/n frowned at his remark and looked over towards a very distressed Soobin.

    “Hyung, I swear it’s not what you think. Y/n got the wrong order but we were in a rush to come over, so she couldn’t get a refund, but she’s not that bad I promise. You just uh, caught her at the wrong time?” Soobin replied awkwardly, he just wanted to introduce Y/n to them because she was going through a lot, but the second Y/n had walked in, she had given Yeonjun the wrong impression immediately. “Hm, I guess. Spoiled little princess huh? Soobin, I get you come from a well off family, but what is this?” Soobin face palmed, this wasn’t going as planned whatsoever. Yeonjun gave Y/n a bitter smile.

    The two may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but that changed as time went on. Y/n continued to visit them at practice, to kill time, and Yeonjun slowly ended up tolerating her since Y/n’s attitude had tamed down a bit. “Why were you so spoiled?” Yeonjun asked randomly. The two of them were alone for a bit because of the others running late that day. “My family thought giving material things was just a way to fill the void of their absence, but it only made me feel greedy really. You know how these rich kids function really” Y/n chuckled sadly, then scoffed at the thought.

    She knew her parents never really loved her. “Now I just loathe my parents and the person I used to be. The neglect finally got to me as time went on” Y/n continued. The confession broke Yeonjun, who knew that under the twisted attitude Y/n used to have, was just a girl crying out from the pain she felt? He should’ve never judged her to begin with. “I’m so sorry Y/n” he whispered, but Y/n only stayed silent after she realized what she had said.

    “You’re telling me you knew Y/n came from an abusive family and you didn’t try to do anything about it?” Yeonjun had decided to talk to Soobin about it after she had left, and it only led to him misunderstanding their friendship. “I did try hyung, but it only ended in me not being able to step foot in their house for months” Soobin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. Yeonjun bit the inside of his cheek, he wasn’t even the one being treated in such way, but it hurt him to even talk about it. Why did Y/n have to make it seem like it was nothing? It would only affect her mental health in the long run, not like it was already affected to begin with. “Well? What do you suggest we do hyung? I’ve done all that I could as her best friend” Soobin said, feeling very antsy.

    “We should help her Soobin. Since she is old enough to do what she wants, we should show her what life is actually like outside of that bubble her parents trapped her in” Yeonjun murmured. Y/n needed someone to love her and show her the brighter things in life, she didn’t deserve everything that’s happened to her in the years of being alive. Nobody deserved that kind of treatment at all.

    From then on, Yeonjun had made it his personal mission to make Y/n experience more than just material happiness. He showed her things she had never seen and went on adventures, like spray painting on a wall once, and it leading to a chase from the police. “Oh? You’ve had a change of heart I see?” Y/n panted, then she looked down and saw Yeonjun’s hand still gripping her wrist gently. Yeonjun hadn’t realized it, but the more time he spent with Y/n, he started to fall for the girl. “It’s nothing, listen Y/n, I know we just ran from the police, but I wanted to say that, I fell for you. Like really hard” Yeonjun was bold, he hated beating around the bush so his sudden confession did catch Y/n off guard in the moment.

    “You do?— I— This is a lot to take in at the moment, but whatever I can say is that, I feel the same. You really showed me how to enjoy life Jjun, and taught me a lot. I can’t thank you enough for that” she then pulled Yeonjun by the collar and kissed him on the lips. Y/n and him were total opposites, wasn’t he turned off by how she acted at first? She couldn’t tell. “Before you question me, I started to fall for you once I saw who you truly were. The Y/n who was committed to change for the better, the Y/n who was down for anything as long as we would have fun. I’m glad I was here to see you grow from who you were before” Yeonjun cupped Y/n’s face in his hands and gave her another chaste kiss on the lips. That night had turned into a whole new chapter of their relationship together.


    “Ms Y/n? Are you alright? You’ve been spaced out for quite awhile” Lita waved her hand in front of Y/n’s face gently, and she was immediately brought back to reality. “Sorry, as I was saying, he’s the oldest in the band and he actually wrote me a song once” Y/n gushed shyly. She had recalled one of their late night randevous, and he had gifted her a song a month into their relationship. “I wrote this when I first started feeling odd whenever we would spend time together, it’s called Balance Game but there’s an alternative title that Beomgyu suggested. It’s ‘What if I had been that Puma’” Yeonjun chuckled. He then picked up his bass and started strumming softly, looking Y/n in the eye as he sang the lyrics softly.

    Y/n was blushing a deep red, but thankfully the lighting had hid her face. “Yeonjun you really didn’t have to” Y/n whined, but Yeonjun only pinched her cheek as he continued singing. Y/n meant the whole universe to him, and she was his first ever love, so not even the song alone could express how much he loved her. “I love you so, so much Y/n” Yeonjun whispered and gave Y/n another soft kiss on the lips. Time stood still between them, and they smiled into the kiss. It was all so perfect really.

    “How adorable Ms Y/n. I hope Yeonjun continues to treat you well as he should be” Lita caressed Y/n’s hair, a gesture that she had gotten used to doing ever since Y/n was a young girl. “I’ll bring him over someday I promise” Y/n then stood up and walked to the dining room entrance, glancing back at Lita one last time. “Thank you Lita, really. I wouldn’t have put myself first if it weren’t for you” Lita only gave Y/n a soft nod of her head. As long as Y/n was happy, it was all that mattered.

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  • ayotae
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    1:55am ★ soobin
    genre: angst, cursing.
    a/n: tears ehehe <3

    soobin, your boyfriend for 3 years, has been cheating on you. everything you had was shattered to pieces.

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  • gyuury
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    PICK UP! — a soobin smau

    — synopsis: you've got dumped by your boyfriend of 2 years, and now you're depressed. how do you cope? by drinking of course. anything else? oh right, by ranting to his now abandoned number through voice message while you're completely wasted. but what happens when the abandoned number had a new owner and he has actually been listening the whole time?

    pairing: soobin x fem!reader (ft. professional dancer!yeonjun) genre: fluff, angst, (attempted) comedy, non idol!au, a socmed!au but there will be written parts, love triangle? warnings: swearing, pining(?), a ton of fillers, possibly slow updates, my bad humour; different warnings each chapter status: ongoing!

    + a/n: this is my first time so don't go so harsh on me bc im not rlly familiar w being funny😞 also, this is inspired by the kdrama "More Than Friends" I highly recommend checking it out if you enjoyed this :) i would also like to thank May for helping me fill in plot holes i didn't even notice,, even tho that meant for them to know almost everything that would happen!! srsly tho, ty may. they practically co-wrote this💀

    taglist: @enhyphun , @tyunni , @beomgyuanti send an ask!

    profiles 1 — profiles 2 — profiles 3

    one: normal teenager stuff

    two: happy accidents

    #choi soobin x reader #choi soobin angst #choi soobin fluff #txt imagines#txt smau #tomorrow x together #txt fanfiction#kpop fanfiction#kpop smau #soobin x reader #soobin fluff#soobin angst#txt fanfic#txt fluff #txt x reader #choi soobin#kpop#x reader#kpop fanfic#txt soobin#txt yeonjun #tomorrow x together smau #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun angst#yeonjun smau#choi yeonjun #ive been thinking abt whether to post this or not for SO LONG but!! im on my break so😁🤞🤞 #txt angst #tomorrow by together
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    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    first love

    soobin (txt) + reader (fem.)
    college!au, fluff, friends to lovers, non-idol!au, smut
    tags: marking, oral (f receiving), fingering, praise kink, vaginal penetration, use of protection 👍🏻, loss of a character’s virginity
    ~13.8K word count

    posted: october 22, 2021

    One of the best decisions, you decided, was going to college. Sure, it’s not for everybody, and for a long time you weren’t sure if it was for you. Your parents were like most, encouraging you to go with high hopes that it would lead you to a good career. You, on the other hand, had heard from many of your friends and strangers on the internet through their stories that sometimes college was a waste of time and/or money, so you were skeptical. Luckily, your best friend Sooyoung was sharing the same troubling decision as you, so you both decided to look for a fitting college for the both of you go to so you wouldn’t be alone. After graduating high school and months of college applications, you both decided on an arts college in Seoul. Both of you being from Daegu meant that both of your parents were apprehensive about leaving your hometown, but ultimately they decided they would have to put aside their worry in order for you to get your desired education.

    So, you went to college and for the first three years you were content. You decided on a technical Music major, dreaming of maybe producing and writing music, while Sooyoung picked a Performing major.

    Your last year of your degree was when your life started to change for the better, because that’s when you met Yeonjun, a.k.a the catalyst for your near future. Yeonjun was a fellow student with a Dance major who was in desperate need of electives that weren’t going to be so boring that they made him want to drop out. That’s how he landed in his seat next to you in Professor Kim’s Songwriting 101 class for his spring semester and met you. The two of you became good friends over the semester, often helping each other study and hanging out outside of classes. That’s how you met him.

    Soobin was in his third year of his Arts History major, and being an introvert, he found his four closest friends and stuck to them. Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai were all a bit more extroverted him, which he was mostly thankful for since it brought him out of his shell when necessary. Like when Yeonjun invited him to go shopping in Seoul with his friend from his Songwriting class. That’s how he met you.

    The two of you got along really well, and soon enough the two of you became the ones in the group that the others teased for being in love with each other. The thing was, Soobin wasn’t like his friends when it came to relationships. He had never spoken to a girl romantically, let alone been in a relationship. He wasn’t brave enough to make the first move; hell, he got nervous when the group would hang out and the only available place to sit was next to you. His cheeks bloomed with blush when you complimented him. He couldn’t even imagine asking you out.

    You on the other hand, had been in a handful of relationships since high school, some more serious than others. You usually weren’t the one to commence a relationship, but you had done so a couple of times. The fateful day the three of you went shopping in Seoul was in the beginning of May, and for the next couple of months you found yourself falling for the younger, but taller, boy. However, you were left wondering if he felt the same as he never made a move on you. Fortunately, Yeonjun and Sooyoung came to the rescue, setting up a movie night for the group where everyone but you and Soobin cancelled last minute, leaving the two of you alone at the movie theater lobby wondering where everyone else was.

    Soobin had sat with you on a bench in front of a poster for a new horror movie showing this month, clutching a bucket of popcorn in his hands as you checked your phone again for the nth time. The movie was scheduled to begin five minutes ago, which meant the previews would be finishing soon. The two of you had been sitting in the lobby for nearly ten minutes, sharing awkward conversation while you waited for your friends to show up.

    “Well,” you sighed, “The movie should be starting soon, do you want to go ahead and find seats?”

    Soobin looked at you for the first time in those ten minutes, riddled with nerves, unbeknownst to you, “Um, sure. Did Sooyoung text you back?”

    You both had sent texts to your friends asking where they were, but of course they all agreed to ignore the two of you in hopes that their plan would work.


    “Well our tickets are already paid for, so we might as well go,” he smiled timidly, standing first and waiting for you to follow suit before he led the way to your designated theater.

    The movie had been decided by Yeonjun so naturally it was an action movie, which was coincidentally you and Soobin’s favorite genre of film. The two hours of the film seemed to pass faster than you expected, and when it finished, the two of you walked out together excitedly gushing about your favorite moments from the film. Soobin expressed his elation at the fighting sequences while you raved about the cast’s stellar performances. As you two got to the parking lot, you asked him if he wanted to get some dessert, to which he shyly agreed. So, the two of you found a nearby ice cream shop where you enjoyed some ice cream cones. There your both continued to talk about how good the movie was, then about the college semester so far, then about your classes. Soobin told you stories about his annoying Arts Appreciation professor. You told him about the song you and Yeonjun had been working on for your songwriting class and how excited you were for your professor to hear it. He listened to you intently with a smile on his face; he loved watching you speak about music so passionately. He remembered one time when your friends were all hanging out and you had mentioned you weren’t sure what you wanted to go to college for before you came to Seoul, so he found it endearing that you seemed to find your calling over your three years here. Moreso, he was glad you came when you did, because you had to be one of the best people he had met.

    That night you and Soobin had ended up hanging out for nearly five hours, and you enjoyed every second of it. He drove you back to your car at the theater parking lot, shyly admitting that he had a fun time with you. You returned the compliment, joking that your friends were going to get an earful the next day. He laughed in response, clearing his throat awkwardly before getting the courage to ask you if you could text him when you got back to your dorm safely. Warmth threatened to spread across your face as you suddenly felt butterflies. Why must he be so endearing?

    You agreed with a stupid grin on your face, trying not to outwardly swoon when he opened your car door for you and waved on his way back to his car. The entire drive home consisted of you recounting the night with your heart racing. When you arrived at your dorm you saw Sooyoung lying in bed, reading a passage from her assigned book for her Theater History class. She sprung up into a sitting position, haphazardly stuffing a bookmark into the pages before setting in her lap. A mischievous grin formed on her lips at your arrival.

    “Don’t look at me like that,” you warned her, trying to come off stern, though she knew you too well. She saw right through you.

    “How was the movie?”

    “You would know if you showed up. Why did you all ignore our texts?” you asked as you let your purse fall to the floor in front of your bed. You were met with your best friend tilting her head in a way that wordlessly said ‘are you kidding me?’.

    “Answer my question first.”

    You sighed, plopping down on the edge of your bed and grabbing your teddy bear from your pillows into your arms, holding it tightly, “It was fun.”

    The look she gave you pressed for you to say more and you quickly crumbled, planting your face into the teddy bear as you attempted to stifle your scream, “Ugh, he’s so cute!”

    Your friend shrieked in excitement, jumping up from her position to mirror you, sitting at the edge of her mattress, facing you, “Please tell me he asked you out. Or you asked him. Please.”

    You let the teddy fall back into your lip as your lips formed a pout, “No, we didn’t.”

    She frowned, “Did he seem like he had a good time?”

    “I thought so. You know how he is, he seemed nervous most of the time.”

    She pursed her lips in thought, and the two of you were interrupted with the sound of your phone buzzing with a notification. You picked up your phone, and your heart nearly dropped into your stomach when you saw the text notification come up.

    soobin: did you make it home safe? 😣

    “Is that him?”

    “Yeah, I forgot he told me to text him when I got here.”

    “Oh my god, he definitely likes you,” she said excitedly, like a giddy schoolgirl. You tried to contain your nerves as you replied to him.

    you: yes, sorry! you?

    soobin: just pulled into the parking tower. i really had fun tonight

    you: so did i ☺️

    You watched the bubble come up as he typed for a few seconds and then went away. You waited a little longer and started to lose hope of another response. When the bubble didn’t return, you locked your phone. Sooyoung was staring at you with a questioning expression.

    “Well? What did he say?”


    Your phone buzzed again, and you quickly checked the screen.

    soobin: if you’re not busy this weekend, would you like to go to dinner with me?

    You practically melted.

    you: of course! does saturday work?

    soobin: it does! i’ll text you then. goodnight 🌙

    you: goodnight soobin 🌙

    “________, you’re killing me here. What is he saying?” Sooyoung groaned, ready to jump out of bed and take your phone from you to quell her anticipation.

    “He just asked me out,” you mumbled in disbelief, still recovering from the butterflies that were running rampant in your sternum.

    You friend shrieked again happily, shaking her feet in excitement for you, “I knew it! Ugh, took you two long enough. I can’t wait to text Yeonjun.”

    You rolled your eyes, throwing a spare pillow from your bed at her before you announced you were going to shower and get ready for bed. During your entire night routine you couldn’t stop imaging how Saturday would go. Where would you go eat? Would it be awkward? Surely it wouldn’t. Was this an official first date? Was he the type to kiss on the first date? No, he couldn’t be. Soobin seemed so timid; you couldn’t see him being so forward.

    As you laid down that night, you struggled to fall asleep. And across campus, Soobin was lying awake, listening to his nighttime playlist, staring at the ceiling as his nerves tingled. Once he arrived back at his dorm that he shared with Yeonjun, he did indeed give his friend an earful, but eventually confided in him how nice the evening with you had been. With some urging from Yeonjun, he built up the courage to ask you to dinner and ever since then he couldn’t stop thinking about you. He had a crush on you since the two of you met, but he was notoriously shy. Never in his life had he asked a girl out, so this was nerve-racking for him. The music eventually lulled him to sleep where he dreamed of you for the first time.

    By the time September rolled around and the fall semester began, you and Soobin were an exclusive couple and had been for a little over two months. You were worried the relationship would make your education suffer, but it was quite the contrary. Soobin was very studious, and encouraged you to do your best, often offering to help you study. Most of your dates were weaved into studying sessions that were held in various places around campus. You liked this new routine you found with him, when either of you did well on practice quizzes or worksheets, you rewarded him with kisses to the cheek, and vice versa.

    Being college students, you were limited to your date spots during the week, but Soobin liked to spend your free time on the weekends taking trains into the nicer parts of Seoul for dinner or shopping. During the week you preferred spending time with him in his dorm, usually when Yeonjun wasn’t there to mock the ‘love birds’ as he liked to call you two.

    Unfortunately, just as you were getting settled in to your new dorm room and your relationship with Soobin, Chuseok came. You and Sooyoung were set to take a train back down to Daegu while Soobin would go to Ansan and see his own family. You had decided to take a couple summer classes to ensure you graduating on time in the spring, so you had seen him pretty often during summer break. The five day break for Chuseok would be the longest you went without seeing him in person.

    He stayed with you the Friday morning before your train left that afternoon, sitting on your bed as you packed your bag. Sooyoung had packed all her stuff already and was in her only Friday class. You told her you wanted to skip yours to pack, but really you just wanted to spend some more time with Soobin before you left.

    “You’ll text me every day, right?” you asked, folding your jeans neatly.

    Soobin smiled, resting the back of his head against the wall behind him, “I sure will. We can FaceTime too, if you want.”

    “I’d love that,” you beamed, moving on to fold your shirts, “Does your family have any plans for Chuseok?”

    “Yeah, my sister actually is going to be coming with her husband for the first time in a few years. And my brother will be coming with his girlfriend,” he said, looking down at his hands in his lap before admitting, “I wish you would come with me.”

    You paused as you set your clothes precisely in your suitcase, “I know, I wish I could go too. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my family, though. I could always visit Ansan during winter break.”

    His dimples were on full display as he broadly smiled, his eyes turning into adorable crescents, “That would be so fun. The snow is really nice there during Christmas time.”

    “Oh, that reminds me, I need to pack a sweatshirt,” you hurried to your closet, shuffling through your clothes trying to find a good one to take. You hummed a song that had been stuck in your head, oblivious to Soobin watching you with a smile on his face. She’s so cute, he thought to himself. He could tell you weren’t finding a sweatshirt you wanted to bring, and that’s when he got an idea. Maybe it was the k-dramas he had been watching, but he remembered that girls typically liked to wear their boyfriend’s clothes. So he hesitantly pulled the green hoodie he was wearing over his head, shaking his fingers across his hair in attempt to keep it from looking messy.

    “Here,” he said, making you turn around. You swore you could feel those familiar butterflies in your tummy when you saw him trying to fold his hoodie for you. “You can take mine.”

    You walked back to the bed, ignoring his offering to capture him in a hug, smothering his cheeks with kisses that made him laugh. He returned the hug, dropping his hoodie between you so he could encircle you with his arms, making you feel small in his grasp. He recuperated your kisses, pressing them anywhere on your face he could reach. When he finished, he sighed.

    “I’m gonna miss you.”

    “I already miss you, and I haven’t even left yet.”

    “Would you calm down, you’re shaking the seat,” Sooyoung playfully smacked your thigh, laughing when you looked up at her with shock in your eyes. When you realized that you had been annoyingly bouncing your leg, you apologized.

    “Sorry, Soo. I’m just ready to get back to our dorm.”

    “You mean, you’re excited to see Soobin?”

    You felt your cheeks flare up with warmth, “Yes.”

    She chuckled, resting her head against the back of her seat, “We’re almost there. Just five more minutes. Is he at his dorm?”

    “He said him and Beomgyu were at the library after lunch,” you replied, swiping your phone screen to see that he still hadn’t answered your last text asking what he was doing. “He hasn’t texted me in a few hours, though.”

    “He’s probably getting dinner or something,” she shrugged.

    You nodded, locking your phone and turning your music back on. The train ride continued for another few minutes like Sooyoung had said. The station was almost in sight, and when it finally was, everyone started gathering their things in preparation to get off. When the train finally came to a stop, you followed Sooyoung out the doors, keeping close to her in the crowd of people as you two made your way out to call a cab. As the two of you made it out of the front doors of the station, the crowds dispersed into cars or down the walkways to the parking lot. There were cabs lined up along the front of the building, swiftly being taken by patrons looking to make their ways home. You and Sooyoung were walking along with your baggage kept close, looking among the people for a vacant cab. You almost gave up walking when you noticed a familiar, tall figure standing out quite a few yards away.

    “Is that-“

    You cut off Sooyoung with a shrieked, “Yes!”

    The two of you hurried to meet up with your boyfriend, who greeted the two of you with a smile. In his arms were two small bouquets of roses, one yellow and the other red. He handed the yellow roses to Sooyoung, to which she expressed her gratitude. He handed the red roses to you before enveloping you in a tight hug and kissing you swiftly on the lips.

    “How was you guys’s Chuseok?”

    “It was great, yours?” Sooyoung replied, smelling her flowers and reveling in the sweet smell.

    “It was really nice. I told ________, but I hadn’t seen my older sister in a long time, so I got to see her,” he explained, rocking sightly on his heels. He seemed to suddenly remember the cab sitting idle behind him, “Oh, I took the liberty to get a cab for us back to campus. My treat.”

    Sooyoung sighed in relief, “Perfect. I was not looking forward to paying for this one, or walking to the bus stop if we couldn’t get one.”

    You gave her a pointed look, to which she reverted, “I mean, thank you, Soobin. Do you mind helping us put our bags in the trunk?”

    He happily agreed, taking her suitcase from her and gesturing to the cab driver to open the trunk. Once all of the bags were settled in, the three of you took the backseat and headed to the dorms. During the ride, you found out Yeonjun wasn’t coming back until Monday, so Soobin had the dorm to himself for another four days. You offered to stay there and watch a movie, since you hadn’t been with him for the past five days. Soobin was more than happy to have you over, so he agreed. Like the gentleman he is, he even extended the offer to Sooyoung, but she politely declined.

    “I’m extremely tired,” she reasoned, “My mother kept me up until midnight lecturing me about my preparations for finals.”

    “That’s not for a couple more months, though?” Soobin questioned.

    “You don’t know my mother,” she answered simply with a small chortle.

    The cab came to a stop in front of your dorm, and Soobin helped the two of you get your bags out of the trunk before paying the cab driver. The car pulled away and back down the street, leaving the three of you in front of your building. Soobin followed the two of you into the lobby, taking a seat on the bench across from the stairs, “I’ll wait here for you, okay?”

    You nodded, following Sooyoung up the stairs with your bags in tow. Your best friend spoke the whole way up, venting about her annoyance of being back. She had an exam on Monday that she was less than thrilled to study for, and she made sure you knew it. You chuckled at her expense as you made it to your room and tossed your suitcase onto your bed. The two of you kept a steady conversation as you went about your separate night routines despite it being only 1pm. You went to the showers together, meeting back at the sinks where you brushed your teeth, and then walked back to your room. She got comfortable in bed, ignoring her unpacked suitcase on the floor.

    “You’re not going to unpack?” you asked as you gathered a small bag to stay at Soobin’s for the night.

    “No,” she mumbled, her voice already thick from her need for sleep, “I’ll do it in the morning.”

    “We both know that’s not happening,” you smiled to yourself, and she let out a small chuckle. You heard her turn over and knew she was out for the night. Quietly, you double checked that you had everything before sending Soobin a text to let him know you were on your way down. You slipped his hoodie over your shirt, pulling the strings so the hood was snug around your head. You still couldn’t believe how comfy it was. The door was shut behind you with a silent click, and you made your way down the stairs. Soobin was standing at the bottom, his dimples displayed with his smile when you finally appeared.

    After nearly ten minutes of walking, you finally made it to his dorm. The sun was starting to set, which meant lots of students were coming to their dorms for the night, so it was easy for him to sneak you in among the crowd. Luckily, the hoodie further helped to disguise you. Once inside of the comfort of his room, he locked the door behind the two of you, and you were greeted with the familiar smell of his cologne mixed with Yeonjun’s.

    “If you want to get comfortable, I’m gonna go change and get ready for bed,” he told you, making his way to his closet to pick out some pajamas. You took his offer, climbing into his bed and snuggling against his pillows. His scent was even stronger there in the sheets. When he turned around, he couldn’t help but giggle at your position; you looked entirely too adorable in his hoodie, his bed, tucked under his comforter.

    “Cute,” he smiled shyly, “Why don’t you pick out a movie for us while you wait?”

    “You got it,” you winked, pulling your phone from his hoodie’s pocket and unlocking it. You scrolled through the vast expanse of Netflix’s catalog in his absence, losing track of the time while you tried to decide. After a while, he returned, with damp hair and a new outfit, tossing his day clothes into a hamper by the door before closing it behind him and locking it again.

    “Did you find one?”

    You shrugged with a small hum, “You’d think with so many options on Netflix, that I would have found something. But no.”

    He laughed, turning the overhead light off before turning the bedside lamp on and crawling into his bed with you. Of course, the bed wasn’t made for two people, but neither of you minded. If anything, it just meant he could hold you close as the two of you fell sleep, which neither of you had an issue with. You had only been to his room once overnight, and you were convinced that was the best night of sleep you had. It had been a long while since you slept in the same bed as someone else, you forgot how nice it was.

    The two of you took the same positions as you had the last time, you nearest to the wall, and him facing you against the pillows. His right arm laid between the two of you, while the left draped over your waist over the covers. You held the phone between you two.

    “Just pick a random movie,” he suggested, pressing a light-hearted kiss to your temple. He watched your finger scroll across a row of films, and then stop on one called Mr. and Mrs. Smith. “Oh, it’s an action movie.”

    “Brad Pitt’s in it, so it must be good,” you said, clicking on it. The movie was entertaining, keeping you both locked in for a while until a particular scene came on. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s characters began an intimate scene, and though you weren’t put off by the actions, it was a bit flustering to watch with Soobin beside you. You did your best to not show your reaction, and you didn’t know it, but Soobin was doing the same.

    He watched the characters share passionate kisses and more, his mind stirring as he wondered if you were uncomfortable with the scene. Obviously you weren’t, because you hadn’t turned it off or skipped it. Though, this did bring up another thought he had.

    The two of you had been dating for almost three months, and neither of you had brought up the topic of sex. He knew you were experienced, but you weren’t sure just how much. One night while you were hanging out with the friend group, some sexual jokes were passed between Beomgyu and Yeonjun to which Sooyoung had made the comment, “That’s like your ex who would always finish in, like, thirty seconds.”

    You had blushed in embarrassment now that the attention of the table was on you, “Yeah, let’s not bring that up. That relationship didn’t last long at all.”

    “Just like him,” Beomgyu laughed, causing the others to follow suit. Everyone except Soobin, who feigned a smile, but inside his insecurity was brewing. Before then he had never thought about the fact that you weren’t a virgin. He did figure, the both of you were college students in your early twenties, so it wasn’t uncommon for people your age to have sex. It’s just, he was a virgin, so he assumed you were too, which obviously wasn’t the case.

    The second time, he was with you, Yeonjun, and Sooyoung, playing 20 questions. It was Yeonjun’s turn to ask you a question, and he asked, “What’s the worst way you’ve been broken up with?”

    You groaned, thinking for a moment before answering with a small scoff, “My last boyfriend broke up with me right after we had sex.”

    “What a dick,” he responded, “Was that the same guy you talked about at dinner last week?”

    Sooyoung shook her head, laughing, “No, but this relationship didn’t last long either.”

    You playfully nudged her, once again oblivious to your boyfriend’s expression beside you. He wasn’t bothered by you bringing up your past sex life. More so, he was consumed with the thought that he wasn’t sure what he would do when it would come time for the two of you to have sex. He wasn’t clueless by any means; though his knowledge of sex came to him as it did to other boys his age, through bad porn videos, romance movies, and sex scenes in TV shows. He didn’t deem himself educated enough to do it just yet, and the last thing he wanted was for you to see him as weaker or pathetic for being a virgin.

    These kinds of thoughts kept his mind whirling throughout the rest of the movie; his attention only coming back for the ending when you commented about the twist of the couple’s target being bait for the two to kill each other. He hummed in agreement half-heartedly, not recalling the events that led up to the ending. Once the film was over, you asked him to plug your phone on the charger. He did so, and then you snuggled closer to him, your head falling against his collarbone with his chin above it.

    “Gooodnight, Soobin,” you mumbled sleepily.

    “Goodnight, baby,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head before falling asleep.

    The next morning you woke up, with the sunrise vaguely shining through the curtains. Soobin was still holding you close, his arms wrapped around you and his legs entangled with yours. That’s when you felt it; the beginning of an erection against your thigh. A small smile graced your lips, and, at first, you were going to ignore your boyfriend’s excitement. It’s just morning wood, you told yourself. But then you thought about how you and Soobin had never talked about sex before, let alone had it. Come to think of it, Soobin had never mentioned any of his past relationships. Maybe it’s a sore subject for him. Maybe he just doesn’t think it’s important to talk about. You tried to remember Yeonjun ever mentioning Soobin’s dating life, but you came up empty.

    It was then that your boyfriend began to stir beside you, his body naturally stretching against you. He groaned in his sleep at the sensation of his joints moving and his muscles aching. His head moved to the side, displaying more of his neck to you. His left leg shifted a bit more over yours, pressing his erection even more into your thigh which was barely covered in shorts.

    God, he looks so hot like this, you thought, admiring how luscious his lips looked during his sleep.

    Feeling a little risky, you reached up and pressed a kiss to his cheek, getting no reaction from him. You pressed another to his jawline, right below his ear. His chin tilted slightly, but it seemed to be just his body reacting as he was still asleep. You pressed your lips against his neck softly, and that’s when he shifted even more. His arm moved up to your stomach, draping over your own arm. His shoulders moved in a rotating motion, finding a more comfortable resting position against the pillows underneath him. You giggled under your breath, loving the effect you had on him even in his sleep. You kissed his neck again, this time with a bit more tenderness, adding your tongue. Your wicked mind decided to give him a little hickey, right where his shirt collar would hide it. A part of you wanted to put it somewhere noticeable, but you knew the boys would give him hell if they saw it.

    Soobin let out a small moan as you continued to press kisses against his supple skin, your tongue running over the spot you were making red.


    You hummed against him in response, your hands finding purchase on his waist, “Yes, baby?”

    Soobin was now awake, and alarmingly so. The first thing he felt was unfortunately his hard-on, and instantly a wave of shame washed over him. His first thought was panic as he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. He quickly realized that wasn’t the case, in fact, it was the exact opposite issue. It seemed it had turned you on, and now you were giving him a hickey . . . his very first hickey, at that. A part of him wished his heart beating a million miles per minute would be from excitement, but he was petrified. He didn’t want you to stop, but also, he did. He needed you to stop, because he didn’t want it to go too far.

    Another moan got stuck in the back of his throat, only this time it turned into a small croak as he quickly sat up, trying to move so you wouldn’t notice his heart nearly beating out of his chest, “I’m sorry, I just realized I have class soon.”

    You, still dazed and confused from his sudden outburst, were left fallen back against the pillows. You nodded wordlessly, making awkward eye contact with him before he nervously went to his closet to pick out clothes. So many thoughts were running through your head, but one stuck out, “It’s Thursday. Soobin, your first class isn’t until nine. What time is it?”

    Before he could answer, you leaned over his now-empty space on the bed to check your phone, “It’s not even seven a.m.”

    He hesitated before answering you, picking out socks and underwear from his drawer to top off his outfit, “Yeah, well, the showers are usually crowded right before eight, so I want to go early. I’ll be back.”

    You didn’t get a chance to retort as he was already making his way out of the room; the door was closing shut behind him with a deafening sound. And just like that, you were left alone in his bed, the comfort of it starting to ebb away as the feeling of rejection crept in. Insecurities soon followed; did he not want to have sex with you? Were you moving too fast? Did you make him uncomfortable? Did your actions embarrass him? For a moment you started to panic, hoping you didn’t ruin one of your best relationships so quickly.

    Soobin was gone for almost thirty minutes, stalling after his shower. He was so nervous to go back up and face you in his room. Mostly, he was worried about having to explain himself. He didn’t know how you would react to him being a virgin, and his mind was plagued with worst-case scenarios. Eventually, more and more students came into the showers, and he took that as his sign to go back to his room.

    There, you were out of his bed and adjusting his hoodie around your midriff, letting it fall naturally over your hips after the night’s sleep. You didn’t look at him as you ran your fingers through your hair in attempt to detangle it. He wasn’t sure of what to say, so he waited for you to make the first move. It took a while, but you finally grabbed your purse from the floor, and headed to the door.

    “Do you want me to walk you down?” he asked, moving to follow you.

    “No, I don’t want you to be late for class,” you replied with a slight waver to your voice, “I’ll text you later.”

    The door shutting was louder in his head as it rang in your absence, the sound of his heart plummeting following it. What did I just do? he thought.

    “Please tell me you have a minute to talk.”

    “Of course. Is something wrong?”

    “Sooyoung, I think I fucked up.”

    “What happened?”

    Your breath was shaky as you made it back to your empty dorm. You and Sooyoung usually woke up early to get coffee, but since you stayed with Soobin, she went alone. Right now, you really wished she was here, but a call would suffice.

    “Soobin and I watched a movie last night, and then went to bed. Well, this morning he woke up with some morning wood, and I thought maybe he was in the mood . . . I started kissing him, and everything was fine, but then I started to give him a hickey and he bugged out.”

    “He what?”

    “He sat up so quick, and said he had to go to class, but his first class isn’t until nine. It was, like, six forty-five.”

    Your best friend went silent for a moment, processing your predicament, “So- Was he embarrassed, or-?”

    “I don’t know. I thought of so many reasons for it, but . . . He took half an hour in the showers, and when he came back he didn’t say anything, so I left,” you explained, “I feel bad, because I don’t know if what I did upset him. I’m afraid I moved too fast, or . . . Soo, what if he doesn’t find me physically attractive?”

    Sooyoung scoffed, “_______, you can’t be serious. You might not see the way that boy looks at you, but we do. He looks at you like you’re the most beautiful thing in the room.”

    Her words were comforting, but did little to quell your damaging thoughts.

    “Maybe just give him so space for now, and text him later? Soobin’s a smart guy, I’m sure he’ll explain everything when he’s ready.”

    You nodded, despite knowing she couldn’t see you, “Okay. Did you leave the coffee shop yet?”

    “No, you called at the perfect time. I’ll get your usual.”

    “You’re the best, Soo.”

    It was almost three p.m. when you started to feel antsy. Not speaking to Soobin was proving to be hard for you; all you wanted to do was ask how his day was going. Instead, you were stuck in your Music Appreciation class, eyes darting to your phone screen every few minutes in the hope that he would text you. You wondered what he was doing right now. Should you go see him after class? You know Sooyoung said to wait for him, but you also knew how your boyfriend was. If you didn’t make the first move, there was a very good chance he wouldn’t make it himself. You tried your best to pay attention to the rest of your professor’s presentation, putting your worry on a back burner.

    Soobin wanted so badly to talk to Yeonjun about this morning, but he didn’t want to bother his family time. He wondered which of his friends would be best to talk to about it, and he ultimately decided on Taehyun. His friend didn’t respond to his call, so he figured he was in class.

    taehyun: can’t call right now. is everything ok?

    soobin: sorry to bother, i’m just having an issue with ________. can i meet you after class?

    taehyun: sure, meet me by the arts building in ten.

    Taehyun met Soobin in front of the Arts building on time, taking a seat on an empty bench, “What’s up?”

    Soobin sighed in annoyance, dreading telling Taehyun about his failed sex life, “Well, I hope you don’t mind me telling you this, but ________ stayed over last night, and-“

    “Please tell me you used protection,” Taehyun said in a tone similar to a parent, and even though he was mostly joking, he was nervous for what Soobin’s answer would be.

    “No, not that. Well, it’s- Look, basically, I woke up with a . . . y’know,” Soobin tried to stay subtle, “-and I think she felt it. Then she started kissing me, and started to give me a hickey, and . . . I didn’t know what to do.”

    Taehyun waited for him to continue, and when he didn’t, he arched a brow, “So, what did you do?”

    “I freaked out. I got up and told her I had class, and then I hid in the showers for thirty minutes.”

    Your boyfriend’s friend shook his head in disbelief, trying to hide his teasing smile at Soobin’s expense, “So you’re telling me you had the chance to have sex for the first time and blew it.”

    Soobin groaned, falling flat against the back of the bench with a pout, “Yeah, but . . . I never really thought about sex with her until today. We never brought it up, and I don’t think I’m prepared. I don’t know what she likes, or what I like. I don’t own condoms, and I don’t trust myself to pull out. What if I finish too quick, or-?”

    “Soobin,” Taehyun interjected, effectively shutting down Soobin’s rant, “Look, it’s completely normal to be nervous and unprepared for your first time. But you can make time to prepare. You can talk to _______ and work it out. The way you’re talking, you’re setting yourself up for failure.”

    Soobin nodded slowly, “How do I . . . prepare, though? I’m not going to the library for sex ed books.”

    Taehyun laughed, “Good thing the internet is free then, huh? I mean, obviously don’t go and watch loads of porn or anything, but maybe read some articles by sex professionals, or even Reddit could help you.”

    Your boyfriend could practically feel a lightbulb go off in his head, “You’re right.”

    Dinner time came and went, and you still hadn’t heard from Soobin. You regretted not texting him after your class, but you reminded yourself of Sooyoung’s words. By the time you were ready for bed, you wondered what other options you had. That’s when it came to you.

    You walked out into the hallway, opening your phone contacts and clicking on the one person’s name that you needed.

    “Hey, _______, miss me already?”

    “Hey, Yeonjun. How’s your trip going?”

    “Ah, really fun. Did Soobin show you the pictures I sent him earlier?”

    Your heart sank, “No, he didn’t.”

    “Oh, well I’m going to post them on Instagram later, so you’ll see them,” he said happily, “What’s up?”

    “Well, I actually called for some advice.”

    “That’s new,” he joked, “Is everything okay?”

    “I don’t know. Basically, I stayed the night with Soobin last night, and when we woke up this morning, I felt him having a . . . problem, y’know what I mean?”

    Yeonjun hummed in response.

    “Well, I started kissing him and it was getting a little heated, and then he freaked out suddenly. And long story short, we haven’t spoken since. I’m worried I made him uncomfortable, or did something wrong.”

    Yeonjun wasn’t sure what to say, and the longer he stayed silent, the more you grew worried.

    “Um, honestly, _______, I’m shocked. Soobin gushes about you so much, I would think he would’ve taken this opportunity and ran with it.”

    Usually, your face would grow warm at the comment, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to be flattered.

    “I mean, Soobin is a nervous guy, I’m sure he just got embarrassed about the morning wood. Or he probably just didn’t want his first time to be spontaneous, I don’t know.”

    You were about to reply, when you fully took in what he just said, “His first time?”

    “Yeah . . . did he not tell you he was a virgin?” when you didn’t respond, he cursed, “Shit. Well, I definitely didn’t want to be the one to say it, but here we are.”

    “Why didn’t I think of that,” you muttered, more so to yourself.

    “Soobin is a shy guy, he was probably too embarrassed to tell you,” he tried to reason, “Um, look, do you want me to talk to him for you?”

    “No, I- I already feel bad about calling you and getting you involved. And for interrupting your night.”

    He tsked, “Come on, you could never interrupt me, ________. And for sure, I’ll leave you two love birds to make amends. I plan to see you two with open arms at the train station on Monday.”

    “Of course, thanks Yeonjun.”

    “Anytime. Goodnight, ________.”

    “Night, Jun.”

    You gave Soobin the night to himself, and unsurprisingly you woke up the next morning with no messages or calls from him. So, as you got ready for the day, you decided to finally make the first move. Before you left for your morning class, you sent him a text.

    you: hey, is it ok if i come to your dorm after my class?

    He also only had one morning class on Fridays, so you hoped his answer would be-

    bin 🐰: of course

    bin 🐰: also, i’m really sorry for not explaining myself yesterday.

    you: we’ll talk about when i get there. enjoy your class 💗

    Soobin was initially nervous when he saw your first text, but with your last response, the tension in his body immediately dissipated. Honestly, his mood surrounding your current situation was really positive. He took Taehyun’s advice and stayed up until nearly one a.m. researching about sex. He scrolled for hours through forums of hundreds of people discussing their first times, how they felt, what they wished they did different, what they wished they would have communicated, what they did to prepare, and more. He even took the liberty of exploring some kinks, and honestly, that was where he spent most of his time. Of course, he knew about some kinks, but there was a whole world of them he had no idea existed before then. He wondered what kinks he would like, which ones you liked. Some seemed so interesting that he wrote them down in his notes in the event that he got the courage to ask you about them; who knows, maybe you’d want to try them out with him.

    When his class finally ended, he rushed back to his dorm, making sure the room was tidy before you arrived. He received a text that you were on your way, so he went downstairs to meet you in the lobby. The old bench beneath him groaned lowly with the nervous bouncing of his leg as he waited for your silhouette to appear on the other side of the glass door. When it did, he couldn’t stop his heart from leaping in his rib cage. You always looked so beautiful, no matter the time of day.

    “Hi,” he greeted you shyly, standing as soon as you walked in. You smiled, hugging him tightly. This is already going so much better than I hoped, he thought as he took in the sweet smell of your perfume.

    “Hi, how was class?”

    “Good, yours?”

    “Boring, as usual,” he cleared his throat, reluctantly taking your hand in his as the two of you made your way up to his room.

    Once inside, he locked the door and you settled on the edge of his bed. He joined you, sitting on the mattress, facing you, wondering what to say. He had no idea what you were thinking.

    “Soobin, why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?”

    Oh, right. That.

    Your boyfriend reacted with a heavy sigh, looking ashamed of himself, “I was embarrassed.”

    “Why on Earth would you be? That doesn’t bother me in the slightest, and we could’ve avoided all of this if you had told me,” you said, placing a reassuring hand on his knee, “Do you not trust me?”

    “Of course, I do. It’s just- I knew you had experience, and it made me feel insecure. I didn’t want us to do anything and make myself look stupid because I didn’t know what I was doing.”

    “Soobin, that’s kind of the point of your first time. You’re not supposed to know what you’re doing. I mean, you are, to some degree. But I wouldn’t expect you to have the talent of a porn star. Hell, I didn’t know what I was doing when I lost my virginity.”

    “I know,” he looked to you with a half-hearted smile, “-and I’m really sorry for not saying something sooner. Honestly, I didn’t think about it much, expect for the times you talked about your experiences.”

    You were about to tell him he didn’t need to apologize, that you understood he was just nervous and processing his emotions was difficult in the moment. However, he spoke again before you could speak, “I also was kind of upset that I wouldn’t be your first. I wasn’t upset with you, just in general. I was so happy when I met you, and our relationship is so special to me that I couldn’t imagine sharing my first time with anyone else. So, the fact that I won’t be your first hurts my pride . . . just a bit.”

    He laughed through the painful statement, hoping not to come off as pathetic as he felt.

    “Trust me, my first time was nowhere near special. I wasn’t even dating the boy, and it wasn’t enjoyable. It barely lasted five minutes. Truthfully, I was just waiting for it to be over, and as for the other times. Some times were better than others, but I never felt loved by any of them. That’s the difference with you, Soobin. You may not have been the first person I had sex with, but you’re the first person I’ve ever loved. And I think that’s a better accomplishment, no?”

    Soobin could swear his heart was going to swell past the bones in his chest, and for a moment, he bit back the urge to cry. How did he get so lucky with you?

    Your boyfriend nodded, his cheeks blooming with blush, “You’re my first love, too . . . and hopefully, my last.”

    Now it was your turn to calm your heart’s inflation. To do so, you leaned forward and placed a kiss to his cheek, letting him decide the next move. He followed your lips, placing them against his as he put his hand on your waist. The two of you had made out plenty of times, but never further than that. Your attempted hickey that started this all was about as far as the two of you ever got. And with the fervor in your kiss, Soobin wondered if today would be the day you two finally took that next step.

    Your lips separated with the need for air, both of your ribcages slowly moving up and down with your intake of breath, “Do you think . . . we could do it now?”

    You pulled further away to look him in the eyes, trying to decipher he was being serious, “Right now?”

    “Yeah,” his eyes darted away from the fierce look in yours, feeling like a piece of specimen under a microscope, “If you want to?”

    “I mean, I don’t want you to feel forced to do it now that we’ve talked. Are you sure you want this?”

    He let out a small chuckle, “Yes, really. Actually, I’m more than ready . . . I’ve been doing a lot of research, so I wouldn’t be completely clueless when the time came.”

    The thought made you laugh a little. Of course he would do something like that; Soobin was nothing if not thoughtful, “Then, show me what you’ve got.”

    That sentence alone made sparks fly in Soobin’s psyche, the hair at the nape of his neck standing on end. Before his brain could short-circuit, you pulled him in for another tender kiss, your arms wrapping around his shoulders as you moved onto your knees, the joints burying themselves in his mattress. He decided to go with the flow for now, easing into your touch, enjoying the feeling of your lips on his. His hands found purchase on your waist, his cold fingertips brushing against the skin underneath your shirt’s hem.

    The silky, ebony strands of his hair fell through your fingers easily, and you had to stop yourself from pulling on them softly. As the kiss deepened, your body urged his to recline on the bed, letting him relax against the sheets. You laid beside him, in a simile position to the one you were in when everything went haywire, only this time when you attempted to give him a hickey, neither of you were going to stop it from happening.

    In fact, the only thing Soobin was trying to stop was himself from making noise. It was in the middle of the day, but the last thing he wanted was a student or even the RA to pass by and hear him. He opted for closed-mouth moans, the sound ending up as a whimper, which only made the arousal between your legs more abundant.

    “Does it feel good, baby?” you asked, your lips brushing against his skin, tickling him.

    “Y-yes,” he stuttered, his Adam’s apple shifting as he swallowed his nerves. You smiled, and he felt it as you continued to press kisses along his collarbones, your hand gently running along the skin underneath his shirt.

    “Why don’t we get this off of you?” you asked, taking the edge of his t-shirt in your hand and urging him to remove it. Soobin nodded, swiftly pulling it over his head and letting it fall onto the floor to be forgotten. Your boyfriend wasn’t the gym type like Beomgyu and Taehyun were, but he did keep a nice body. You placed more kisses to his chest, making goosebumps appear along his arm. This is what I’ve been missing out on this whole time, he thought, his eyes closing.

    They shot open again when your lips disappeared, and he felt you shifting. He looked up to see you sitting back up on your knees, pulling your own shirt off in a brisk motion, your bra leaving barely anything to his imagination. You watched his expression with a tiny grin, his eyebrows furrowing as his eyes got slightly wider. Something about him being so innocent turned you on so much more than you thought it would.

    “Do you want to take my bra off?”

    His eyes darted to yours, his mouth going dry. You urged him with a small nod, taking his hands in yours and pulling him into a sitting position. His arms wound around you, his face merely inches from yours. He would kiss you if he wasn’t so nervous about getting your bra open on the first try. Luckily, your bras weren’t too complicated; his fingers found the clasp almost immediately, and with a gentle tug it came loose. The white straps slipped down your shoulders, the cups falling down your abdomen until all you had left to do was discard it. You did so while Soobin’s eyes stayed trained on the newly revealed flesh.

    “You can touch them,” you spoke gently, inwardly reminding yourself that this would be a long process or getting him comfortable. You had never dealt with an inexperienced boy before, so this was new for you, but also exciting? You could see the eagerness itching at him.

    With your reassurance, his hands moved up from your waist to your breasts, his fingers encompassing the skin so delicately. He obviously had never touched a woman before, so he was taking it all in, the way they felt. They were so much softer than he imagined, and he loved it. He was practically salivating at the thought of his mouth on you; then he realized he didn’t have to think about it. All he had to do was ask.

    “Can I . . ?” he spoke lowly, the question trailing off as he made eye contact with you. You saw him leaning closer, thinking he wanted to simply kiss your chest. You nodded, anticipating how good it would feel for him to explore you. What you weren’t expecting was the warmth of his tongue to ever so slowly go over your nipple. The action made you moan, and your nipples immediately stiffened, which made Soobin’s ego boost. He smiled as he repeated the action, much more confident in what he was doing. He gave your right nipple lots of attention, licking it, sucking it, holding the breast in his mouth. He could see himself getting used to this.

    He repeated the same gestures to your other nipple, his right hand molding and kneading your other breast for stimulation. You were practically putty in his hand, and you were loving every second of it. It seemed he was too, because you could see an erection forming under his sweatpants.

    “That feels so good,” you assured him, you fingers carding through his hair again, almost holding him in place.

    “I’ve always wondered if I was a boobs guy or an ass guy,” he said, pausing his movement, as he looked up at you, “Definitely a boobs guy.”

    You laughed, tilting his chin up with your finger to bring his lips back to yours. His full lips felt so fluid against yours, and then they were moving over your face, your cheeks, your nose, your jaw, your neck. You felt him trying to give you a hickey, but it stung.

    “Ah, Soobin,” you shifted away from him just enough for him to stop, his eyes looking alarmed, “You’re fine, it’s just you’re using too much of your teeth. Just kiss and suck the skin, don’t bite. I mean, you can a little bit, but not hard. Okay?”

    He nodded, hesitantly returning to your neck, taking your advice really well. His lips made good work of pressing against your throat, his tongue laving the spot he was sucking over and over again. After a minute or two had passed, he pulled away to see a slightly red mark against the skin, and he felt accomplished. You assumed he was done, so you pulled him back in for another kiss, your right knee carefully adjusting itself between his thighs. There, you felt his erection against your kneecap, and you gave it an experimental brush. A mix of a grunt and moan was stifled between your mingled lips, and you considered yourself successful. Now, you so badly wanted to have him in your mouth, moaning for you over and over again. You wanted his name to fall out of his lips like a song; you needed it.

    You ushered him down on his back a second time, your legs now straddling his thighs as you made work of kissing his chest again. This time, your lips trailed down his sternum, over his abs, to his happy trail. He was sensitive there, and his body let you know by the lightest tremors his breath had when you kissed the lines of his V.

    “Can I take these off of you?” you asked, your voice dripping with hope. With his breath still quickening, he sat up, and for a moment you worried he was going to want to stop. His hand trapped yours against his pelvis.

    “Actually, I want to- I- I wanted to try oral on you first,” he explained, his lips still adorable puffy from the many times you had kissed in the past ten minutes. Part of you was buzzing ecstatically with anticipation, but the other part was begging to have him in your mouth. You wanted to give him his first blowjob and make it the best one in his whole life. Maybe later, you thought, after all, you have the rest of the day. And technically, until Sunday night, to do whatever you wanted.

    “Okay,” you nodded, giving him another kiss as you sat back and took off your shorts. You were left in your underwear, and you wanted to give him the option to take those off of you like you did with your bra.

    So, you got comfortable against the pillows, spreading your legs enough for him to kneel between them. He leaned down and captured your lips in a kiss again, following your example of trailing kisses down your body. He had to stop himself from getting distracted by your breasts again, leaving them with pecks before moving to your stomach. When he arrived at the top of your underwear, he looked to you for consent to continue. You gave him a nod, and even helped him by lifting your hips while he tugged them down your thighs, over your calves, and finally freeing them. Now you were bare, and he couldn’t peel his eyes away.

    Like a man in drought, searching for water, he fell at your mercy, making himself comfortable between your thighs. The closer he got to where you needed him, the more your heart raced. His left hand wrapped under your thigh, massaging the skin there as his right hand itched to touch you. He didn’t know where to start; should he finger you? Eat you out? Should he tease you first? His erection was painfully reminding him that it was due to explode soon, and it clouded his thinking. The pressure of it between his hips and the mattress certainly didn’t help.

    “Soobin, I don’t want to rush you, but if you don’t touch me soon, I’ll scream”, you sighed, your eyes closing as you felt your heartbeat thumping between your thighs. Your boyfriend smiled up at you from over your pelvis, letting out a small laugh. His warm breath tickled your heat, and you whimpered. That was so hot, his inner voice groaned.

    All of those articles and forums came rushing back to him, the knowledge rushing through his mind like a river. Here goes nothing.

    His tongue darted out to coat his lips in saliva before he leaned in and pressed a kiss to your apex, just above your slit. Your breath hitched, which he took as a good sign, and he continued. Kisses were littered all around your lips and your inner thighs, avoiding the place you needed him most. That’s what girls seemed to like from what he recalled reading. The tease. The buildup. It made for a more enjoyable orgasm, and that’s exactly what he wanted you to have.

    When your hips started to lift slightly from the mattress, he knew this was it. Finally, he steadied his breath before letting his tongue run between your lips, from the bottom all the way to the top. The smallest gasp left your mouth, and your hand reached down to touch his that was resting next to your hips. He interlocked his fingers with yours as he dove back in, repeating the motion a few times, alternating between a slow pace and a fast one. He found that it was fairly easy when following your reactions. The more tense you got, the closer you were, so he would slow down. It seemed to be working, because you were getting wetter and wetter the longer he went.

    Eventually, he felt like you were losing grip on your impending orgasm, so he took his right index finger and thumb in his mouth, coating them in his saliva. Then, he rubbed his fingertips in your arousal, causing you to moan again. He loved having this effect on you, it made him feel so powerful. Though, now he realized he was at a fork in the road that he hadn’t been looking forward to.

    “Uh, ________?”

    “Yes, baby,” you breathed out, looking down at him.

    “Can you show me where your clit is?”

    If this hadn’t been his first time, you would have jumped him right then and there and gave him the best orgasm of his life. There was nothing hotter than a thoughtful partner.

    You agreed, releasing his fingers from yours as you met his other ones between your thighs. Fuck, you were really wet. You could feel your heartbeat under your skin, and you followed it to your bundle of nerves at the top of your slit, giving it the slightest rub. The action made your body shiver, and Soobin took note of it. So it is as sensitive as all those people said online.

    His damp thumb met yours at your clit, and once he felt it you removed your hand, preparing yourself for the gut-wrenching feeling you were about to experience. And gut-wrenching it was. He gave a reluctant swipe over the nerves, just to watch your thigh twitch when he did. A devilish smirk occupied his lips as he continued fo give the skin slow, gentle rubs, easing you into a rhythm. Your hips subconsciously followed the movement, shifting under his care.

    Soon enough you felt a tug in your lower abdomen, and you knew what was coming. Soobin could feel it, too, noticing your body’s reaction as he continued to work on you. He decided he was going to keep going, only he wanted to try fingering you this time. He had read it was good to prep with your fingers, especially before penetration. So, he collected some of your arousal on the fingertips of his left hand before slowly inserting two of them into you. A long whimper released from your mouth, and your head pressed further into the pillow.

    “Soobin, that feels so good. So good, please keep going.”

    You didn’t have to tell him twice. He pushed his fingers in as far as he could, reveling in the strange feeling of your inside before he pulled them out and pushed them back in. He tried his best to keep the momentum going on your clit with his right hand as his left one continued to find a pace to match. The entire time, you were basking in the pleasure, feeling the knot in your stomach getting tighter and tighter with every thrust of his fingers. Your chest was moving quickly, and Soobin was slightly upset that he was too busy to watch them.

    Finally, after minutes of him working you up, you warned him that you were about to cum. He stalled for a moment, not sure if he should keep going or stop, but luckily he kept going. His fingers inside of you felt your walls clench against him, and then they grew slicker and slicker until his fingers were practically swimming in you. He was starting to wonder if it had passed when suddenly your thighs pressed closer together, squeezing his hands against each other tightly.

    You let out a high-pitched moan as you reached down and urged his hands away from you.

    “Are you okay?” he asked, looking to you with concern. Did he do something wrong? Was he supposed to stop?

    He was flooded with relief when you let out a laugh, “You just gave me one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had, just with your fingers. I’m way more than okay.”

    If pride was measured on a scale, then his would be practically broken. Never in his life had felt so pleased with himself. You could see the gained confidence in his reaction to your words, and your insides beamed with happiness.

    Soobin glanced up at you and then back down at your center, clearing his throat, “Do you mind if I . . . taste you?”

    “You didn’t even have to ask,” you spoke leisurely, your body and mind still recovering from your orgasm.

    Soobin smiled, delving back between your lips with his tongue, collecting your arousal on it as he continued to lick you like did before. This time, he decided to use his the tip of his tongue to rub your clit, wondering if it felt better than his fingers. You whined, your thighs vibrating; you moved up onto your elbows which got Soobin’s attention and made him stop.

    “Does that feel okay?” he asked, your juices glistening on his chin. The sight made you want to go crazy.

    “It feels amazing, but that’s why I need you to stop. This is your first time, I’m supposed to make you feel good.”

    He shook his head with a grin, “I’m enjoying making you feel good. Besides, I was really worried about finishing too quickly, and I read that foreplay and oral were good ways to prolong that.”

    What a nerd, you though, I love him.

    You laughed, encouraging him to meet you back up on the bed so you could kiss him. You tasted yourself on his lips, and he seemed to like the idea of that, because he groaned as soon as your lips locked. His hand held your naked hips steady while the other kept him above you, his covered erection poking against your bare thigh. You were more than ready to get to the main event; so eager that you went for the top of his sweatpants again.

    Without words, he followed your lead, pausing the kiss to step off the bed and remove the pants. His navy boxer briefs were the last thing keeping you from consummating your relationship. He imagined this moment for so long, and he couldn’t believe it was going so much better than the several hundred times he pictured it. His legs were between yours again, your center brushing against the tent in his undergarment. A small grunt came from his throat as your hips lifted to rub against his. That’s when he suddenly remembered.

    “Wait,” he carefully got back off his bed, making you sit up with worry. You watched as his half-naked form rushed to the closet, pulling out a grey, plastic shopping bag. A crumpled receipt fell out of the bag onto the floor as he held up a box of condoms. “I went to the store last night and picked some up. I wanted to make sure we were safe.”

    He just keeps getting better.

    “Perfect,” you smiled as he hurriedly opened the box, retrieving a pack before discarding the box on the floor with its bag. “Y’know, I figured you didn’t have any, so I was just going to let you finish in me. I’m on the pill anyways.”

    His fingers paused over the aluminum packet, twitching at the thought of him cumming inside of you with absolutely no barrier. His bones felt like jelly. All the guys in the forums he read said they preferred no condom; apparently it was ten times better than with. The texture of the rubber just didn’t compare to the feeling of a woman, he recalled. But, he wanted to do things correctly and safely.

    Still, he couldn’t help but groan, “Don’t tell me that. I’m trying to do this the right way.”

    You laughed at his expense, apologizing as he climbed back into his position. You watched as he opened the condom packet, your eyes moving to his as he looked at it for the first time. Maybe it was weird to think it, but he looked so adorably innocent.

    “Do you want to take off your briefs?”

    He nodded, handing you the condom. Suddenly, he felt all those nerves from fifteen minutes ago come rushing back. What if you were disappointed with his length? His girth? What if you thought his dick looked weird? All of these insecurities were making it hard to relax. It was almost as if you sensed his uncertainty, because you pressed comforting kisses to his shoulder. Just the action alone made it a little easier. So with a deep breath, he lowered the briefs down his thighs, and then his legs until he tossed them onto the floor with the rest of your clothes.

    Truthfully, he had nothing to worry about. His erection stood at an average size, and was bigger than any of the guys you had slept with in the past. You could feel your mouth salivating and your walls clenching. You were feeling desperate.

    Soobin, on the other hand, noticed you staring at him and felt his cheeks burning up. Instinctively, he went to shield himself, mumbling how embarrassed he was. You smiled, leaning up to give him a reassuring kiss, “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We can stop at any time if you want to.”

    He shook his head vigorously. He got this far, he wasn’t going to quit now, “No- No, I want to keep going. Just . . . help me?”

    You gave him a small nod, taking the condom in your nimble fingers, “Do you want me to put it on for you?”

    He agreed with a simple nod, watching your hands place the nipple-like tip of the condom on top of the head of his erection. The thin rubber fitting snuggly onto him as you rolled it down as far as it could go. The feeling was weird, but Soobin decided to ignore it for the sake of continuing. Once the condom was in place, you urged him to get comfortable between your legs again as you rested on your back.

    “Are you ready?” you asked, your eyes twinkling up at his nervous ones.

    A sheepish laugh escaped his lips, “I’m supposed to be the one asking you that . . . but, yes.”

    “Okay, just go slowly.”

    He nodded, looking down as he took the base of his length and placed it at your entrance, “Are you sure you’re wet enough? It’s not going to hurt you is it?”

    Man, he really did do his research.

    “I’ll be fine, just go slow,” you reassured him, growing more and more impatient. He was so close to making you feel good.

    With a new level of concentration, Soobin began to push his length through your entrance at the slowest pace he could manage. A pathetic whimper left his lips at the feeling of your walls closing around him. The sensation was so much different around him than on his fingers; it was ten times better. He could only imagine how much better it would feel without the condom. Part of him regretted even bringing it up when he had the opportunity to do it raw.

    Once most of him was inside of you, he looked up to see you relaxed against the pillows with your eyes closed and your mouth slack. The sight made his ego inflate, “Let me know when to move.”

    “N-now. Now, please,” you stuttered, your hand moving from his waist to his hips, urging them to move. So desperate, he thought to himself, it’s so hot.

    He began to pull out slowly, just enough to keep his head inside before pushing back in. A groan escaped his throat at how good it felt, but he tried not to let himself go yet. He focused on building up a pace, starting slow and then getting steady the longer he went. His breath grew rugged with his body’s rhythm, and you found that you loved watching his expression as he thrusted into you. He looked so cute like this, working his hardest for his orgasm. You couldn’t wait until the two of you could experiment with sex soon; there was so much you wanted to try with him. You wondered for a moment what kind of kinks he would have.

    Soobin let out another whine as he got faster, feeling a tension beginning to form in his stomach, “Ah, I think I’m going to cum soon.”

    “That’s okay, baby. Just do it.”

    He shook his head, only slightly slowing down, “No. No, I don’t want to yet.”

    “Okay, then stop,” you put your hands on his chest as he stopped moving, removing himself from your heat.

    “I’m sorry-“

    “Don’t apologize,” your hand went up to his face, rubbing your thumb over his cheekbone, “It’s okay. Just take a deep breath and we can start again when you’re ready.”

    You could see how red his erection was and how badly he wanted to cum. You wished he would allow himself to just let go, but you didn’t understand how much he couldn’t. The last thing he wanted to do was finish early and then not be able to get hard again soon after. He wanted this moment to last as long as possible.

    To ease his mind, you pressed more kisses along his face and neck, and like a cat you felt a low grumble in his throat similar to a purr. It made you giggle, “You’re doing so good, Soobin. I’m so proud of you.”

    Those words made his heart swell, and he felt a little more motivated. He returned your affection, his arms wrapping around you as he brought you into a warm kiss. He gently put you back against the mattress, kissing down your neck to your breasts. Maybe paying attention to you would buy him some time, and he discovered that he loved watching you unravel under him.

    With your breast in his mouth and your hand in his hair, you couldn’t help but moan lowly. You were desperate to have him in you again, but you would let him move at his desired pace. Luckily, Soobin didn’t take long to start again. He played with your breasts for a few moments, loving every inch of skin he could get to. He even experimented with the smallest nip of his teeth against your nipple which made you moan louder than any other time before and made him go crazy. That trick would definitely be kept in his back pocket for the future.

    “Alright, let’s try this again,” he said, taking his covered length in his hand again before feeding it into your slit slowly. The both of you let out small moans as he began his rhythm again. This time he went faster, rocking his hips back and forth between yours and grunting into the skin of your neck. His breath was hot against your ear, making you shiver. One of your hands gripped his back while the other stayed buried in his messy, black hair. You gave a small tug on the locks when he thrusted a little deeper, letting out a loud groan.

    “Oh my god, do that again. Pleas- Ah,” Soobin was quick to follow your demand, thrusting deeper and harder. Your walls started clenching around him, and immediately he felt like he was going to cum any second.

    “Please tell me you’re close,” he begged, his breathing turning into panting, “Please, I’m about to bust, ________.”

    “Almost, keep going, baby, please. You’re doing so good, just hold it in for a little longer,” you took your hand out of his hair and slipped it between your stomachs, using it to stimulate your clit as he continued to pound into you. “Ugh, yes, just like that. Don’t stop, Soobin, please. Don’t stop.”

    Soobin took your words to heart, not letting up on his pace. In fact, he was so close that the only thing he could focus on to keep him from crumbling was his movements. The more he concentrated on his thrusting, the longer he held on. The feeling of your fingers moving between your pelvises was making it hard to focus, but he tried not to think about how close you were getting. Though, your moans of his name definitely didn’t help.

    Finally, the knot in your stomach came back full force and you felt yourself panting, “I’m gonna-“

    You let out a moan as your walls clenched rapidly around Soobin’s dick. Your hand that was on his back went around his shoulders, pulling him close to you, chest to chest. Your groans in his ear were about to send him over the edge until he felt your teeth scrape against the soft flesh of his earlobe. There was no way in hell that he could hold back any longer.

    “Ah, fuck-!” Soobin let himself cum into the condom, your heat continuing to clench and unclench around the rubber covering. You released his ear from your grip to press slick kisses to his neck. Sweat was starting to bead along his hairline, which made you chuckle. He really put in the work.

    Once his hips stilled after the effects of his orgasm, he didn’t know what to do. His forehead pressed against yours tenderly for a moment, and then his exhausted body collapsed on him. He laid beside you, his cheek resting on your damp breast; the warmth of his breath tickled your sensitive nipple.

    “That was . . . amazing,” you let out the last word with a deep, happy sigh. Soobin couldn’t help but grin widely—which you felt against your skin—and his arm wrapped tighter around your waist comfortingly.

    “It was. Thank you for being patient with me.”

    You smiled, “Always . . . Y’know, I’m curious about this praise kink you seem to have, though.”

    “I- I don’t have that,” he stuttered sheepishly, making you laugh, “If anyone has a kink, it’s you, you biter.”

    “I did not bite you that much!”

    “Mhm, whatever you say.”

    The two of you laughed a little and then settled into comfortable silence again, your breaths still calming from the wonderful events you just finished. That was until your boyfriend let out a small gasp, looking up to you, “You should go to the bathroom.”

    “W-why?” you asked with a chuckle, shocked by his alarming tone.

    “I read that it’s good for the woman to pee after sex,” he explained innocently, his bright eyes twinkling up at you from under his messy fringe. You smoothed the locks with your gentle fingers, brushing them out of his face.

    “Okay, I’ll go in a minute. Let’s just rest for a little longer,” you spoke softly, feeling yourself growing tired. Maybe a nap before lunch would do the both of you some good.


    “Mm?” you hummed in response, your eyes closed.

    “Hey, don’t fall asleep on me.”

    “You’re the one who’s laying on top of me, actually.”

    “You got me on that one,” he laughed, sitting up beside you. The absence of his warmth made you shiver, “You’re so beautiful.”

    “And you are so unbelievably handsome.”

    He let out another laugh, and he picked up your hand to press a kiss to the back of it, “So, do you want to sleep over again tonight?”

    “And every night until Yeonjun comes back?” you added, smiling mischievously as you made eye contact with him. He raised a brow, returning your facial expression.

    “If you want to. You’re always welcome here unless Yeonjun says otherwise,” he leaned down and pressed another kiss to your forehead.

    “I don’t think Yeonjun would be too happy knowing we had sex multiple times five feet from his bed.”

    “You know, you’re right. We should keep this our little secret.”

    “Mm, good luck with that. Your friends are terrible secret keepers.”

    “You’re right about that,” he agreed, “Especially Beomgyu. He loves gossip.”

    You laughed, recalling the time your entire friend group found out one of the English professors was fired for fucking a student last year. Beomgyu had run up to the group one day while you were all hanging out after classes were done for the day, and despite being surrounded by other people in the student cafe, he shouted the information to your table—and effectively the rest of the room, “Very true.”

    “Alright, let’s go get cleaned up,” you said as you sat up, careful to keep your thighs closed so your juices wouldn’t mess up his sheets.

    “The both of us?”

    “Yeah, you’re gonna come stand guard in the showers for me, won’t you? I’ll also need to borrow some of your clothes. I’ll have to go commando since I don’t have extra underwear.”

    “What a bummer,” he remarked sarcastically, making you laugh.


    “Only for you, my love.”

    Yeah, the next two days were going to be fun.

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  • flwrkisses
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    boyfriend! soobin.

    hi lovelies! thanks again for all the love you guys have been showing to my blog, it's been so long since i've been this inspired to continue to write. currently, my blog is going through major renovations while im off on holiday. sorry for the delay!

    genre: fluff, slight nsfw themes, gender neutral! reader, idol x college student/working class person.

    boyfriend headcannons:

    ❁ yeonjun, soobin, beomgyu, taehyun, heuningkai.

    the confession;

    soobin had fallen for you from the first time he saw you, it was kinda embarrassing if he was honest.

    every time you'd walk into a room his eyes would fall on you, watch you fondly and by the time he was being snapped out of whatever trance you seem to put him in, the boys were teasing him about it.

    his heart would pound in his chest, his ears would turn red and he would be left completely speechless. mentally cursing at himself for not saying anything to you.

    it wasn't until yeonjun approached you to tell you what was going on that you guys finally spoke. was he being a little snitch? yes, but he did help bring you and soobin together.

    if it wasn't for yeonjun you would have never known that the crush you had on soobin was returned. you would have never stayed late after class to talk to him. and you both would have never mustered up the courage to go out on a date.

    after a couple days of talking after class you both exchanged numbers, then a couple weeks after non-stop text messaging soobin called you! and it wasn't just any call, he was asking you out on a date.

    your heart was full hearing him ask if you were free on friday night to go to this cool retro arcade bar. he stuttered a bit, as he asked and you didn't even let him finish before saying yes.

    it took him off guard, but it made him smile from his room. part of him happy yeonjun stuck his nose into his buisness, just this once.

    the date went amazing, you guys laughed and played games until 2 in the morning. you guys didn't even notice it was so late, you both were having too much fun. luckily, the date went so well, it was the starting point for many many more and the start of a very beautiful relationship.

    the relationship;

    as we all know soobin is an introvert, so pda is a big no no for him. he will kiss and love on you when you guys are alone but around others he'd probably hold your hand and leave it at that.

    he hates cheesy things, literally could never do the matching shirts of outfit thing he would literally blow up. everytime he sees one of those couples, he leans over and makes fun of them in your ear to make you laugh.

    expect kisses on your forehead ALL the time. most times he comes from behind, leans his whole body over you just to leave a quick kiss on your forehead.

    he'll most likely sit you on his lap as he plays games. if you play video games as well then you both will be gaming while cuddling. literally each time you guys team up while playing, you guys always win. it makes him so happy.

    he loves coming up behind you and reading what ever you're reading from behind your shoulder.

    also make sure he doesn't spend all his money playing the claw machine games because he will. no matter how bad he is he will want to get you something from it.

    there are cuddles at all times, he loves being with you and touching you in anyway. he usually tucks his head in your neck and happily lays there with you.

    he literally loves any opportunity to get something off the top shelf for you. meaning, expect teasing from him.

    he loves to tease you, and loves it when you do the same to him. it's all jokes so no one is seriously hurt at the end. plus, it shows you both can laugh.

    most times when you guys are listening to music he will rap out loud to make you laugh since he knows you love his awful rapping.

    out of all pet names he can call you, he really likes calling you "bun" or "bunny". he thinks its different from the standard and dry plain old "baby".

    with this being said, he will whine if you call him something like "babe" or "baby" because he thinks thats just a regular everyday pet name. he wants you to get creative.

    watch out because he literally loves kissing you. like he LOVES it. once he kisses for the first time he will continue to do it until he can't get enough.

    he loves when you show interest in things he likes, which in return he looks up things you like as well.

    expect him getting super pouty when he feels jealous, he doesn't get jealous often but when he does; he pouts all day.

    you learn his nightly routine so you help him make sure his desk chair is pushed all the way in, the closet door is closed, and now that you're with him he closes the door to his room.

    being very honest he started washing his face because you do it. he spends time in the bathroom with you washing his face. which ends up in you washing his face for him.

    he's a big baby for most things, will often whine to get his way or to keep you close to him. sometimes to even to get you to bring him things.

    always, always, ALWAYS thinks of you when shopping and often times brings you gifts. and they aren't dumb gifts you would never use, it's actually thought out gifts like things he knows you'd wear or use daily.

    he also loves when you wear his clothes, he loves seeing how they fit on you, how big they are and how small and comfortable you look in it.

    most dates he takes you on are late at night, to parks, arcades, gaming cafes, or to stores for late night ramen or ice cream runs.

    he opens most doors for you, holds doors open, walks on the outside of the sidewalk (the side closest to the cars), guides you through spaces with a hand on your lower back.

    he often times thinks its cute when you beat him in something and you get so happy you brag about it the rest of the day.

    something he will always do for you no matter what, is hum or sing softly at your request. no matter how sleepy he is, he will always sing for you no matter what just because you asked.

    you better believe that you'll be screaming and dancing to the lyrics of all block b songs with him.

    when he's away on tour or working late he will always try to facetime you at some point in the day. even if he has to stay up till 3 am, no matter if you have to scold him for staying up late.

    he will probably come to you when he's looking for advice or a second opinion. he's the leader pf his group and often needs to resolve conflicts or make hard decisions, so he always confides in you to see what you think.

    expect to see him flustered a lot, just because you're dating it doesn't mean you don't make him blush anymore. if anything while in the relationship he's blushing more than ever. he's just still in shock he got the person he wanted the most.

    yes, the boys make fun of him for being so whipped for you. but it's cute, and you're just as whipped for him.

    fights are usually rare, soobin is someone who tries to talk things out before things get out of hand. usually these conversations are kinda hard to have but he always reminds you he loves you at the end

    if for whatever reason he's mad at you, he'll probably get a bit quieter than normal. go to sleep on his side of the bed without a word, probably talk about it in the morning if he's ready.

    if you're mad at him, he would understand. he wouldn't even try to get you to talk to him, he'd give you your space and kiss your head before bed.


    most times soobin is very gentle when it comes to sex. lots of kissing, lots of whispered compliments.

    he's someone who doesn't enjoy quickies, instead he likes taking his time with you and gets off on the fact that you feel good.

    usually he gets a bit more touchy than normal when he's horny or in the mood. he will not want to do anything in public, again thats a big no no. but as soon as he gets you alone in private. it's OVER.

    he likes when you take control, he thinks it's hot but also just enjoys being submissive for the most part. when he's on top he's also very submissive, he needs a dominate bottom to tell him what you like.

    he's going to always, always, always ask if he can kiss or touch you. he will never do anything without your consent no matter how long you guys are together.

    something about him tells me that his neck is very sensitive and gets off on hickies or regular neck kisses.

    he has in fact put on fluffy animal ears and liked the reaction he got from you so, he likes wearing them for you.

    he loves when you leave marks on him. any type of lingering mark to remind him of the night before on his body he likes.

    expect to hear lots of whiney moans, and begging coming from him. he's truly adorable when he's close to his high.

    after care is amazing with him, he thinks of everything. he makes sure you're alright, and probably runs you a hot shower you can both take together. even feed you after with a snack.

    thanks for reading! hope you all enjoyed!

    requests are open! tap here.

    and my masterlist is currently under construction but you all can access it from here. tap here.

    - mari x

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  • lemon-boy-stan
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    summary: these are just some fanfics that i’ve really enjoyed reading. please support the authors! genre: fluff, angst, smut

    >> italics: personal favourite <<

    loved. by adi!! @wooyukh (smau; angst, fluff, crack)

    something new to learn by @hoshiwhxre (smut; ft. soobin)

    cupid is here! by @5csbin (smut)

    yeonjun kink list by @yeostars (smut; headcanon)

    untitled #1 by @yeonjuns-anti-romantic (smut; drabble)

    something new to learn by @hoshiwhxre (smut; ft. yeonjun)

    utopia by adi!! @wooyukh​ (smau; angst; fluff; crack)

    kinktober 2021 day six by @honey-hao (smut; tw: choking)

    little bunny by @5csbin​ (smut)

    sleep softly now by @bngchnsi​

    drunk dialing by @yeostars (suggestive)

    love languages by @softbbyg0rl (fluff; headcanon)

    something different by @blueberrycheol (smut)

    taehyun fucking you in his studio (porn link)

    boxer!taehyun gets jealous by @bangchanswolfpelt (smut; drabble)

    19:34 pm by @byeongsung (smut, timestamp)

    none yet


    #txt #txt fic recs #txt angst#txt fluff #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun smut #yeonjun smut imagine #soobin x reader #soobin smut #soobin smut imagine #soobin x reader smut #yeonjun x reader smut #taehyun x reader #taehyun imagine#taehyun smut #taehyun x reader smut #taehyun smut imagine #beomgyu smut #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu x reader smut #beomgyu smut imagine #hueningkai#hueningkai fluff#hueningkai imagine #hueningkai x reader #txt smut #tomorrow x together smut
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    Soobin SFW Alphabet

    Mellow speaks: Not at me being stupid and forgetting that this request existed, but anyhoo, here I am right now! I know I had said I won't create another alphabet for a while, but this request is already some 10 days overdue, so here you are lovely anon! Hope you guys enjoy reading this!

    A - Attractive

    (What do they find most attractive in a person and about you?)

    Soobin would definitely want a person who can understand him, and who can help him come out of his shell. Sure, he's grown much more open and confident over the past few years, but he's still shy when meeting strangers. So he would want someone who would make the first move, instead of being intimidated by how he looks when he's not smiling or how tall he is.

    He is great at reading people's emotions, and would probably want someone that can read his emotions, because that's something he doesn't get to experience everyday. He would want a person who can understand without him having to say much, and who wouldn't judge him for feeling the way he does.

    B - Baby

    (Do they want a family? Why/Why Not? How big?)

    Sometime down the road, I can see Soobin as the type to want to have a family, provided he finds the right person. Believe it or not, he would probably be quite good with kids, and ideally would want to have two kids of his own.

    C - Cuddle

    (Do they like to cuddle? How do they like to cuddle most?)

    Soobin absolutely lives for being cuddled by you, and despite his height, he prefers to be the smaller spoon. He just loves the feeling of having his head snuggled into your chest. With that said, he also enjoys having you in his lap, his long limbs forming a sort of cage around so that he can "protect" you (or so he says, the real reason is to not let you escape).

    D - Date

    (Ideal date?)

    Soobin is too much of a homebody to so much as even think about going out on a date with you. His idea of a perfect day is to order in food while you cuddle on the couch, a blanket thrown over your legs as you watch a movie. However, if you want to go out, then he won't think twice about accompanying you. He just loves getting to spend time with you, and if that means having to get dressed on a day off, then so be it. This is especially true if the place you're going to on your date is totally new to you (like a paintball class for example) or a place where he knows for a fact that he will enjoy himself (say a concert).

    E - Energetic

    (How energetic are they?)

    He's not lazy, he just prefers to save his energy and efforts for something more important. However, he's all for helping you around the house as you go about doing your chores, and as I said, if you want to go out, he won't think about it twice. Still, to him, it's much better having his arms securely around you as you tuck yourselves under the blanket, talking about anything and everything.

    F - Fight

    (How are they in a fight?)

    Soobin hates fighting and confrontation in general, and that's even more true if you're the one involved. He tries his best to maintain his cool and to stop an impending fight from actually happening, afraid he'll say or worse, do something he's gonna regret later. His prefers just going absolutely quiet and giving you the silent treatment (if you're at fault, of course). His eyes well up quite fast if you find yourselves in an argument, and when things cool down, he's very often the first one to apologize, because he just wants you back in his arms already.

    G - Gifts

    (How do they feel about gifts? How do they give them?)

    Soobin likes saving things like gifts for special occasions, preferring to go all out and buy an expensive something for you. At the same time, if he finds a trinket or something similar that reminds him of you, he won't shy away from buying it straight away. He likes buying you things that he knows you will actually use, and so, he often keeps his ears open to pick up any hints that you're in need of something.

    H - Honesty

    (How honest are they? Do they keep secrets?)

    When it's things about himself, Soobin prefers to come clean to you straight away, not wanting you to find out in a way that would hurt you. However, when it's something that's related to you, he takes a little longer in telling you, hating the possibility of a confrontation. He does end up telling you quite soon though, unable to keep things from you.

    If it's something that's bothering him or if he's hurt about something, then that's a different story altogether. That's because most of the time, you'll have to find out what the issue is yourself, since he won't say anything, not wanting to be a bother.

    I - Injury

    (How do they react if you get injured?)

    He would have quite a few different stages if you ever get injured. At first, it would take him a minute to process what's going on. When everything finally registers in his brain, he would go into full-on panic mode, smothering you with love and questions and fussing over the wound, tears welling up in his eyes at the thought of his baby being hurt. He would calm down soon enough though, patching you up and giving you some medicine, while also scolding you for being careless. He would start taking care of you from that moment on, pointing out when you're in danger of hurting yourself by being clumsy.

    J - Jealousy

    (Are they the jealous type? How do they deal with it?)

    Soobin's jealousy usually stems from his fear of you finding someone better than him, and so whenever he feels like you're not giving him enough attention, he becomes a 100 times more clingy, trying to get you to take notice of him (as if you weren't already). It's quite easy to notice when he's jealous, since he becomes extra pouty and downright sad.

    K - Kiss

    (Their favorite way to kiss you?)

    Soobin loves kissing you on the nose and the forehead. The former because he really finds you adorable whenever you scrunch your nose, and the latter because he loves placing his chin over your head whenever he hugs you, and from that position, the closest spot that he can kiss just so happens to be your forehead.

    L - Love Confession

    (How did they confess their love?)

    To be honest, while it was painfully obvious that Soobin had a major crush on you, thanks to the way he would go all red and start stuttering whenever his eyes landed on you, confessing was a huge problem, since he just couldn't find it in himself to approach you, despite everyone telling him that you like him too.

    In the end, it will probably be you who confesses, partially so that you can put the poor boy out of his misery. Not something too grand, just a simple whisper in his ear or even a text message late at night, saying, "I like you too."

    M - Mean

    (What are they like when they’re mean? Is it common?)

    Soobin's idea of being mean most of the time involves not talking to you and giving you the silent treatment. Even though he is upset at you for something, he doesn't want to say something hurtful, and so, he prefers not to say anything altogether. However, there are time when some words do end up escaping his lips, and most of the time, they do sting quite a bit. He regrets it the moment he realizes what he said, and his resolve quickly flies out the window as he starts apologizing profusely, wrapping his arms around your form as tears threaten to spill from his eyes.

    N - Nicknames

    (Do they have nicknames for you? What are their favorites for them?)

    Soobin mostly likes sticking with "baby" or "babe," since he finds them quite cute. He also frequently likes to twist your name, turning it into a pet name of sorts. As for himself, he really likes when you call him "Bunny," or better yet, "Soobunny." It never fails to make him smile.

    O - Open

    (How long did it take for them to open up to you?)

    Soobin is still quite a shy person around strangers, so it was fairly awkward in the beginning. But soon enough, he started seeing you as a friend, and that made him want to open up to you and show you his goofy side. That, of course, changed when he realized he has feelings for you, becoming shy once again for fear of doing something stupid in front of you. Truth be told, it was this change in his demeanor that made you privy to his crush on you in the first place.

    P - Proposal

    (How would they propose? Would they propose at all?)

    Soobin would want to propose to you one day, but he would also be totally down for you being the one proposing. If it ends up being him though, he would probably want to keep it simple and intimate. I see him as the type to either propose when you're in bed, ready to fall asleep, or to take you out in the middle of the night to a place he knows the both of you cherish. He would prepare a long speech, and while he would have no trouble memorizing it (he was MC Soobin after all), when the moment finally arrives, he'd realize that something pre-prepared is nowhere near as sincere as what he's thinking at that exact moment.

    Q - Quiet

    (What are quiet moments like with them?)

    When he's alone with you, Soobin cherishes the silence, feeling comfortable just basking in your presence. He loves listening to the sound of your heartbeat, lulling him to dreamland as he holds you close.

    R - Rainy Day

    (What are they like in the rain?)

    Typically, Soobin just likes to cuddle with you under the duvet, sipping cocoa as you watch some sappy movie. There are days however, when one of you manages to pull the other out, just to play around and get soaked in the rain. Safe to say, you probably end up catching a cold the next day, and Soobin's wish of cuddling with you while being covered in blankets comes true anyway.

    S - Sad

    (How do they handle their sadness? How do they react to yours?)

    Some might think he likes to be left alone when upset, but in reality, his way of dealing with sadness is hiding in your arms and ranting to you for hours. He really appreciates the fact that you are always there to just listen, and he can't thank you enough for it.

    The same goes for your sadness, as he does his best to listen to you, giving you his own opinion and advice on things. He knows that the best way to improve someone's mood is to let them rant, and so, he's always ears for you.

    T - Time

    (How long did it take for you to get together?)

    As I said earlier, even though Soobin has a massive crush on you, he just can't find it himself to confess to you, being a tad bit too nervous. So it's safe to say that he lost quite a lot of precious time in second-thinking everything, time that he could have spent with you. In the end, after practically months of watching him suffer, you finally end up being the one to take the lead, either directly, or indirectly by giving him hints.

    U - Unique

    (What’s an interesting thing about them that not a lot of people know about?)

    When he's in a mood or is throwing a tantrum or is simply ignoring you because he's upset, the quickest and surest way to get him to pay attention to you is to hang out with the members. Seeing you laugh and hug his group mates never fails to make him jealous, and you can rest assured that he'll be begging for your love and attention in a matter of minutes.

    V - Value

    (What are some of the things they value most in life? value most about you?)

    In life, Soobin values the people (and in Odi's case, animals) he cares about, the most. That includes his members, his family, his friends, Odi and of course, you. He has always been extremely thankful for the love and support he has received, and strives to always try and give it back.

    As for you, I think it would be easier to answer what he doesn't value about you. He just loves every aspect and every side of you, but if he were to choose, he would say the way you always understand him even when he himself doesn't know what he feels. He also really admires the way you're not afraid to speak your mind, and stand up for what's right.

    W - Wildcard

    (random fluff headcanon)

    There's two sides to Soobin's reactions when it comes to PDA, and there's no in-between. If he's the one initiating things, then you can rest assured that he will be oozing confidence, pulling you onto his lap, giving you kisses, patting your hair, and what not. But if you're the one to make the first move, all his confidence will literally fly out the window, as he proceeds to turn into a blushing, stuttering mess.

    X - XO

    (Are they affectionate with hugs and kisses? If not, are they in other ways?)

    Soobin being Soobin, he's an absolute sucker for showing affection through his actions. If given his way, he would remain attached to you 24/7, just feeling your smaller form hidden away from the world in his arms. He's also big on kisses, though most of the time, he likes to demand them rather than give them. You can expect him to start pouting if he's ever in need of kisses, sticking his bottom lip out until you give him what he wants.

    Y - Yearn

    (How do they deal with yearning?)

    When he misses you, Soobin just can't stop talking about you. He loves to tell everyone just how much he loves you, and boasting about how amazing you are. But when that's not enough for him, you can expect a ton of texts and voice messages from him, all of them ranting about how he can't wait to hold you in his arms again.

    Z - Zen

    (What makes them calm?)

    Nothing calms Soobin down more than having you in his arms (or better yet, being in your arms), his head on your chest as he listens to your soft heartbeat. He just loves being attached to you like gum, talking to you for hours on end.

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    Any txt and enhypen angst or smut request.Kinda wanted to write again after a long hiatus.

    A/n : Legal line only for smut.

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    synopsis ღ. you have been crushing on nishimura riki since your freshman year of high school. now in junior year, you finally gain the courage to confess to him with a love letter. trusting your friends sunghoon and sunmi to do it was the biggest mistake of your life. not only did they place the letter in the wrong locker—they gave it to the class president , yang jungwon!

    masterlist | previous | previous (bonus chapter) | next

    author note: sorry for not updating in a few days BUT IM BACK YEH LET ME KNOW UR THOUGHTS SO FAR !!

    taglist ( is closed ! ) @g0niki @enhacolor @c9tnoos @youreverydayzebra @simpforsung @20-cube @acciomylove @from-xero @ncityy04 @w3bqrl @primorange @jjun4thitboy @myluckycat @i4woni @linsixie @jungw8ns @1800xibal @neptuniees @beomi-e @honeybutterchup @aurumness @thekinkpopstandsforkrackheads @sunsetouches @seungstarss @heuningkai-hour @bbanggami @meiiiwa @berriniki @kyleeanne @letmeal0ne @whoe-dis @loveprisms @wccycc @hyuckslytherin @lumixen @gyuza @xithecherie @rikibae @mika-t3t @strawberryyukhei @fionathebanana @shoftiiel @nyujjan @bloom-bloom-pow @sunki6z @jehyvn @witheeseung @milkycloudtyg@odetoyeonjun

    #I’m fine 👍 wonie bby we both know u arent :(( #riki and yn interacting?? my o my #enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen x female reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen angst#enhypen series#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smaus #enhypen social media au #niki imagines #niki x reader #jungwon imagines #jungwon x reader #soobin imagines #soobin x reader #sunghoon imagines #sunghoon x reader
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    taglist: open! send an ask!

    taglist! @gothmingguk @simplystraykids @pikachuwithadalek @envy-brr @jimblekook1 @minasbadweather @kthstigmas @planethyuka @hannahdinse8 @90s-belladonna @ye0njunch01 @taejinxkoya @meiiiwa @catecita @kingkaithekiwi @13isacoolnumber @hoshi4k @hobistigma @jiminaaaahhhh @nycol-ie @bettyschwallocksyee @nshitae @bngchhris @daisyhwa @fool4yjn @lokideadontheinside @pixyseeun @salty-satan @97bbies @etherealcherrie @jisungsquirrelhabits @jaemsluvr @soobsdior @jeonkoookiee @00-baejin-05 @pineapple-hoseok @mintay @lovesoo @berrychyuu @poutypeachyprincess @meowtella @ahnneyong

    if your name is in bold i cannot tag you!

    #starstruck💫 #tomorrow x together smau #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together social media au #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together angst #txt social media au #txt fluff#txt au#txt angst #txt x reader #txt yeonjun #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu#choi soobin#choi yeonjun#yeonjun angst#yeonjun fluff #yeonjun x reader #dcom au#idol au#beomgyu au#beomgyu angst#beomgyu fluff #beomgyu x reader #soobin angst #soobin x reader #huening kai fluff #taehyun fluff
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