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  • enhaflwr
    17.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    [ 8:26 am ] #17 — apple picking

    pairing soobin x gn! reader. genre fluff. wc 263.

    you were struggling to reach the red apple, up on the tips of your toes and leaning as far as your body would allow you. but you failed yet again, falling back on your feet with a huff. despite the cold weather, you were on the verge of sweating due to the effort.

    ‘you can do this,’ you said aloud, knowing that pretty much nobody was around. pushing yourself back up, the tips of your fingers just reached the apple.

    a hand reached forward from behind you, tugging the apple from the branch. you fell back once again, turning to face the stranger who held the apple out in front of you. the first thing you noticed was that he was tall, and then you noticed he was cute. soobin had been watching your struggle for the past few minutes before he built up the courage to approach you.

    ‘i could tell how much you wanted this one,’ he smiled, dimples showing. you took the apple from his hands, thanking him. ‘i’m soobin, by the way.’

    ‘i’m y/n,’ you sent him a smile back in return. ‘thanks again.’

    ‘do you mind if i join you?’ he wasn’t sure where the confidence to converse with a stranger had came from, but he didn’t mind considering he thought you were attractive. ‘i came here with some friends but they ran off to the corn maze instead.’

    ‘sure,’ you nodded, grabbing your basket and placing the apple on top of the growing pile. ‘having somebody who can actually reach the apples would be a big help.’

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  • 3raaaachachacha
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    9:29 pm

    Choi Soobin / 621 words / fluff / smut

    Day sixteen of kinktober - Choi Soobin x Fingering

    ⊱ ─────────────────────── ⊰

    The movie playing on the television in Soobin's dorm was currently filling the room with sound. One you had long forgotten about since your mind was playing games with you. The dorm was as quiet as it could get since all the members were already asleep and the fact that you hadn't had sex with Soobin in weeks was about to drive you crazy. You were horny and it was the perfect time for the two of you to get frisky with one another. Which was how you found yourself in this situation.

    Soobin loved watching his long fingers move slowly in and out of you. He liked seeing them slick and shiny, coated with your juices. Watching your eyes roll back and the way you arched your back when he hit that one spot was enough to make him cum in seconds. Pleasing you this way was his favorite thing. Not only did you feel good, but it turned him on immensely, but he also did love to be a bit of a tease and have you begging for him to make you feel good.

    Two of Soobin's fingers were currently buried inside of your wet core as you had your head rested against his chest. His fingers only casually thrusting into your pussy at a slow, agonizing pace as he continued to pepper you with kisses and watch the film in front of him. His long digits felt great, thrusting in and out of your pussy, but it definitely wasn't going to get you to where you needed to be.

    "Bin," You murmured when his fingers hit deeper, “Give me more. Please.”

    At the sound of your voice Soobin’s attention came to focus on you as a small smile made its way onto his face, he had you exactly how he had wished. His free arm wrapped itself around your waist to hold your front close to his as his digits began to move faster and small whimpers escaped your lips at the sound of your pussy being so wet for him. 

    He crooked his digits up in attempts to hit your g-spot and he chuckled at the way you bucked your hips up and down to create that friction you needed, “You like that baby? You like having my fingers in you?” He groaned, feeling your walls clench around his fingers, letting him know that you were close to coming. 

    You whimpered loudly in response and Soobin placed his thumb on your swollen nub, moving it in circles to help you reach your high. You couldn’t help at this point but to let out another loud moan, causing Soobin’s cock to twitch in his pants. He was more than ready to take you right then and there, but he wouldn’t, not yet anyway. He wanted to feel you clenching around his fingers first, wanting to watch your face contorted in pleasure from something as small as his fingers. Most importantly, he wanted you to cum on his hand and watch your juices drip down his digits before making you lick them clean.

    “Shit,” You mumbled against his shirt, clenching the material in your fists as you finally reached your high and came all over his fingers.

    Soobin continued to thrust his fingers to help you ride out your high before slowly removing them and staring at your juices that coated his fingers. Before he could even say anything, you already had them in your mouth, sucking them dry and Soobin couldn’t help but groan at the sight. Quickly changing positions so that you were now flush against the couch, a huge smirk plastered on his face, the two of you were more than eager to keep this going.

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🌶️ 


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  • rikiszn
    13.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Dear Sputnik: Spotlight

    Genre: Fluff

    AU: Band!au, drummer!Soobin

    Warnings: None

    Summary: Choi Soobin was constantly in the spotlight, but he needed a breather every now and then, so what happens when he meets Y/n, his escape from it all?

    Dear Sputnik Masterlist


    Choi Soobin wasn’t always the confident person he was today. The charismatic leader of TXT was someone who always used to shy away from all the attention, but once he was given the chance to be in the band, his personality did a full one eighty. Soobin was filled with confidence, he was the drummer and leader who had a reputation for being a gentle giant. He continuously indulged in the newfound fame, his ego and confidence inflating by a lot. Who knew though, that the only person who would have Soobin weak to his knees was the shy girl from his class?

    Even he himself could’ve never expected someone like her, but Soobin had his reasons. To him, Y/n was like a breath of fresh air in between his double life. “Why do you even hang out with me Soobin? I don’t think I’m the person who would really fit into your circle you know” Y/n laughed. It was like music to Soobin and his heart only beat faster at the sound of it. Soobin only smiled and ruffled her hair, Y/n trying to swat his hands away.

    “You’re different I guess, being around you is like a breath of fresh air. Being around all these people is not easy, like really” Soobin toyed with the drumsticks in his hand, it became a habit once he started playing the instrument. “What’s so different about me?” Soobin laughed at Y/n’s question, but she only crossed her arms and clicked her tongue. “Yah I’m being serious” she hit his shoulder.

    Soobin piped down and looked at Y/n, he could tell her everything he found special about her, but he halted himself in case he would say too much. He couldn’t risk their friendship, not yet. “Well, for one, I guess you make me remember that I’m a normal person, like I’m not the leader of TXT. You really ground me and like, snap me back into reality for once, it’s also good to get away from the attention every now and then” Soobin replied honestly. Y/n rolled her eyes, a smile etched across her face.

    “How sweet of you to say that, I never expected to be that person in your life. In all honesty you’re fun to be around as well, the kicker in my boring life” Y/n replied. It was funny really, the two were polar opposites, yet they still managed to gravitate towards each other. Fate really had to play with their feelings didn’t it. Soobin cocked his head in confusion, for someone as rowdy as him, Y/n’s reply seemed very unexpected. “Me? Y/n I never even thought that you’d enjoy my company one bit” he replies.

    Soobin then walks to the corner of the room, spinning his drumsticks once again. “Are you going to our gig downtown?” He eyes Y/n. She moved over to the seat beside him and nodded, looking at Soobin’s drum set with much curiosity. “Your drum set is very pretty by the way” Y/n complimented unknowingly. For once, Soobin was left flustered by someone.


    “You’ve been so eager to practice lately, did something possess you?” Yeonjun was tuning his bass when he noticed Soobin looking way happier than usual, especially during band practice. Soobin shook his head and plugged his drums into the speakers, checking the sound. “No reason, uh I just want to perform extra well at our next gig” he shrugged. Yeonjun raised a brow at him and chuckled, he didn’t buy it at all, not when Soobin’s more tame than usual. It wasn’t a bad thing, he just wasn’t used to it after awhile.

    Surely it wasn’t just the fact that he wanted to perform well, he had to be hiding something. “Are you hiding anything from us hyung? I saw Y/n over the other day” Beomgyu plopped beside Yeonjun on the couch, causing Yeonjun’s bass to slightly shake.

    The boy rolled his eyes, annoyed at how his tuning was disturbed. Soobin froze, they were going to find out somehow, so he just had to come clean. “We just talk and hang out sometimes, I don’t know what it is but I like being around her. She brings me back to reality” he admitted shyly. Yeonjun and Beomgyu smiled at this.

    Soobin was an insanely hard worker as their leader, so hearing about the girl who balances him out, it only made them feel happy for him. “I don’t see a problem with that at all, I mean you seem to really like her, so you should shoot your shot” Beomgyu said, giving Soobin a thumbs up. Soobin shook his head, he couldn’t tell if Y/n saw him the same way.

    “Come on Bin, you should totally take your chance while you can. Who knows what anyone else would try with Y/n” Yeonjun encouraged. After all, Soobin seemed super into her, so he didn’t see any harm in trying. Soobin only looked at drum listlessly, he doesn’t know what to do.

    That Saturday, Soobin was extremely nervous for the first time to perform. “Woah Soobin hyung, are you ok? You’ve never been this anxious to perform” Hueningkai approached Soobin, who he noticed was pacing around anxiously, as they set up the equipment. Soobin blinked and apologized to the younger, this was the first time he invited Y/n to watch them. “Oh I’m alright Kai, I just have a few things on my mind but nothing much” Hueningkai nodded, still worried about the older male, but he had to go back to preparations as they had no time to waste.

    Soobin sighed and sucked in a breath. Y/n was going to see them perform and he couldn’t afford to have any other things on his mind, he had to do well for her. “Soobin, I just saw Y/n come in— AND, and— I’m sorry if that made you more anxious, but I swear, everything will be fine. Right Taehyun?” Yeonjun looked at Soobin and Taehyun only gave Yeonjun a awkward smile. Soobin looked around and saw Y/n sitting at a table with a friend.

    “We’re gonna start now so, let’s do this and wrap up well. Remember let’s just have fun and enjoy the stage” the rest of the members nodded and they stood at their places, Soobin stepping behind the drums and getting ready. Yeonjun then cleared his throat and spoke into the mic.

    “Good evening! We are TXT, short for tomorrow by together, and tonight we will be performing an original song by us called Loser Lover. It is a song about a loser being a lover for the person they love most, hope you all enjoy tonight!” The people clapped as the music started, Soobin singing softly into the microphone. He could see Y/n in the crowd, and he smiled at her as she smiled back at him. It gave him a sudden adrenaline rush as he continued performing passionately, still glancing at Y/n every now and then.

    “Lover with a dollar sign is a loser!” Once the song was over, multiple cheers had erupted from the crowd and the applause was endless. “Thank you all so much! We’ll be taking a short break and will come back with more. Have a good rest of your night” Yeonjun said. They all immediately got off the stage and Y/n ran over to Soobin eagerly. “You guys did so well! That was amazing! By the way, meet my friend Doha, she said you guys deserve a bigger stage” Y/n laughed. Soobin rubbed the back of his neck and thanked Y/n, ignoring the teasing from his members from behind. “Y/n, I hope it’s ok but could we talk in private?” Soobin asked. Y/n looked up at him, nodding as she followed him to a more private area.

    Outside, Soobin took a deep breath and looked Y/n in the eye. “Y/n I’m going to be honest and I don’t know how to say this, but I’m happiest when I’m around you—“ Soobin paused and Y/n giggled softly, holding his hand. “Hey, take it easy, I’m listening” she said comfortingly, Soobin held her smaller hand in his. He was getting distracted and his thoughts were all over the place. “I like you Y/n, you’re someone I want to have in my life for a really long time. I don’t know where I would be without you, I understand though if you don’t like me back see—“ Soobin was cut off by Y/n.

    “I can’t believe it took you so long Choi, I feel the same way! Ever since you know, you asked me to hang out after school. I love your company and would honestly keep you in my life forever” Y/n admitted. Soobin was perplexed but inside he was the happiest he could ever be. “Well, let me take it slow then” Soobin pulled Y/n in and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

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  • rikiszn
    13.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Dear Sputnik Masterlist

    TXT Band AU, inspired by Chaotic Wonderland.

    Genre(s): Angst, Fluff

    Warnings: Established in each imagine

    Guide to the series:

    No release dates are affiliated with the imagines, meaning they will be released randomly.

    Character backgrounds are connected, but all imagines are meant to be read as a stand alone.

    The imagines in no way shape or form depict how the TXT members act in real life.

    None of the media used is mine, all credits to their rightful owners at BigHit Ent.

    If you would like to listen to the playlist, you can dm me or send an ask and I’ll give you a link.


    Drummer! Soobin x Nerd!Fem! Reader (f)

    Leader and drummer of Hybe has a crush on the nerd, Y/n. Will he be able to win her heart despite his rowdy nature?


    Bassist! Yeonjun x Rich Kid!Fem! Reader (a, f)

    Y/n always got what she wanted because she was spoiled, but what happens when she meets Choi Yeonjun? The bassist of Hybe’s band. With him, she finally learns that she doesn’t need material belongings when she has the right person by her side.


    Guitarist!Beomgyu x Singer!Fem!Reader (a, f)

    Beomgyu was in a slump and needed a muse to give him back the inspiration he craved. Well, he got more than what he wanted once he met the singer Y/n, who he met at the dingy alley behind his house.


    Vocalist!Taehyun x Fem!Guitarist!Reader (a, f)

    Taehyun, the exceptional vocalist of TXT, was given the amazing opportunity to perform in a competition as a school representative. Without any hesitation, he immediately chose Y/n to be his partner for the duet round.


    Pianist!Hueningkai x Childhood Bsf!Reader (f)

    He always seemed to be in the eyes of others, garnering attention for being TXT’s star pianist, it meant he would gain popularity one way or another. Though, Hueningkai had his own guilty pleasures found in the form of his best friend Y/n.


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  • gyusorbit
    10.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    txt as songs i'm obsessed with

    contains: headcannons, ANGST, fluff (maybe 👁)

    word count: 545 words

    author's note: aaaand lia strikes again with her headcannons that make absolutely no sense and shitty explanations!!!! yay !!!!!!! ok but tbh i have too much fun writing these like all my wips are just sitting there collecting dust and here i am dedicating my fave songs to txt every 3 minutes JAHDJSBDJAJ this is a cry for help 😀 anyway, enjoy!!


    this is so depressing why do i always give yeonjun the sad ones everyone say BOO LIA BOO👎anyway, ik for a FACT that yeonjun listens to the weeknd RELIGIOUSLY like his songs are so 😩 but out of all of them, this one just gives off the strongest jun vibes idk why maybe i'm just sad. i just feel like he puts up a strong front a lot and smiles even when he doesn't want to like :(( yk it's okay to be weak right moas love you so much and we have ur back always <3 AJJSJDHAJDHAJ WHY AM I SO SAPPY TODAY UGH. but also i just have like so many scenarios in my head with this song playing in the back LMAO.


    the title says it all,,,,, everybody wants to love soobin. like please he's literally the most perfect person ever omfg how is he real how is he actually living and breathing everyone stop breathing your taking up all the oxygen🤚NAJDJSJDJAJDJ no but for real, this song just fits. i listen to it and all i can think about is soobin and i love it (plus he just gives me dreampop-ish vibes idk why maybe i've been listening to loona odd eye circle too much).


    why hasn't anyone made an edit of beomgyu to this song 😐 how dare you hear this song and not automatically make 193718 edits of him to the chorus of this song 😐 for shame, i say. FOR SHAME. ok but jokes aside, the instrumentals of this song are so ✨ and gyu is just so ✨ UGH I CAN'T DO THIS. i just love this song so much and i love him so much and stayc girls it's going down ☹☹💔 but also!!! y'all know those clips of gyu fooling around and running around ?? but also the clips of him just sitting there and smiling softly at the camera ???? yeah


    this song is beautiful. kang taehyun is beautiful. a beautiful song for a beautiful person. need i say more? AJJDSKBDJSJSJ okok but honestly. i have never been more mesmerized by a person than when i first saw taehyun like he's not even my bias but everytime i look at him i just fall apart PLS he's just so pretty 😭😭 idk how to explain it but this song is what it feels like when i look at him ❤ also I CAN'T GET THAT PHOTOSHOOT WITH THE FLOWERS OUT OF MY HEAD HE WAS SO PRETTY THERE


    1. this song gives me so much nostalgia idek why it's just so comforting 2. i feel like he'd really like this song. like the guitar riffs and her vocals suit him so well imo. plus the beep boop sounds at the beginning of this song WHY DO I HEAR HIS VOICE PLS IT DOESN'T EVEN SOUND LIKE HIM I'M GONNA CRY. also the album cover is blue and kai's color is blue idkc i take no criticism i am correct.

    © 2021 gyusorbit, all rights reserved.

    #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together blurbs #tomorrow x together headcannons #tomorrow x together drabbles #txt angst#txt fluff#txt headcannons#choi yeonjun#yeonjun imagines#yeonjun scenarios#yeonjun headcannons#choi soobin#soobin imagines#soobin headcannons#soobin scenarios#choi beomgyu#beomgyu imagines#beomgyu scenarios#beomgyu headcannons#kang taehyun#taehyun imagines#taehyun scenarios#taehyun headcannons#huening kai #huening kai imagines #huening kai scenarios #huening kai headcannons #txt imagines
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  • asinnersfinest
    10.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    [ the wisps sing ]

    word count: 0.9k

    pairings: ghost!beomgyu x reader

    warnings: definitely not as sad or heart wrenching as soobin's, but it's sad. mentions of death and txt being dead. unedited, sorry, sorry!

    a/n: really can't give anyone a break with the sad stuff can I? It was between gyu being a ghost or an imaginary friend, which sounds great. Might write something like that.

    have something you want me to write? my requests are open!

    inspired by this song!


    “let me go.”

    a sob broke from your lips as you knelt on the wet pavement, the salty tears mixed in with the rain on your face. your hair stuck to the back of your neck as you looked at the man in front of you. his brown eyes bore into yours, a sorrowful looked passing over them.

    “it’s time, ____. you’ve already let the others go, let me go.” he wouldn’t walk any closer, no matter how much it hurt him. you needed to forget about him, why couldn’t you?

    “beomgyu, please.” your voice cracked, and a roll of thunder followed. beomgyu glanced towards the dark sky, the rain hitting his face, but leaving nothing behind. beomgyu sighed. “it’s not healthy to keep us, keep me here. it’s not going to help you.” beomgyu moved to turn away, to walk away from the sobbing and finally feel peace, but something stopped him.

    “i can’t let you go. i have no one.” you sob into your hands. lightning flashed above. beomgyu shoved his hands into his pockets, nudging the rocks with his feet. at least he could touch something inanimate.

    “____.” he sighed, closing his eyes. you pushed yourself up, rocks biting into the palms of your hands. beomgyu didn’t turn around. “why do you want to leave me?” you whisper.

    it should have been hard to hear you over the downpour of rain, but beomgyu heard you perfectly clear. he turned towards you, staring at your red eyes, your running nose, your wobbling lip.

    “there’s nothing left for me here.” he said, voice low. your heart felt like it crumbled. “i’m here.” you looked towards your feet. “why am i not enough?”

    beomgyu flung his hands. “it’s not that. it’ll never be that. ____, i’m dead. you cannot have any form of relationship with a ghost!” beomgyu snapped, more at the situation of having to leave than at you. a new wave of tears rolled down your cheeks.

    “i don’t have anyone else.” you repeated. beomgyu ran a hand down his face, sighing. “i wouldn’t leave if it were my choice. i wouldn’t be a ghost if it were my choice!” he jabbed himself in the chest. “i want nothing more than to hold you, to make everything go away, to make things better!” he ran a hand through his dark hair. “god i missed being able to hold your hand.”

    he dropped to his knees, arms limp at his sides. you followed him, knees barking in protest that the fall again. “but you’re going to have to let me go.”

    “i can’t.”

    “just until i can hold you once more.”

    a broken sob ripped from your chest. “Please…” you reach your hand towards him, desperate to just feel him, one last time. beomgyu didn’t reach back. he didn’t do anything, only stared. your hand shook, before dropping against the wet pavement. “why can’t you let me go?” beomgyu asked, refusing to look at you.

    “i still need you.”

    “i can’t be there for you the way you want me to be.” beomgyu said, voice growing thicker. you chewed your lip. “just knowing you’re here makes everything feel less overwhelming.”

    “i want to be at peace, ____. it’s been over a year.” beomgyu countered. “i can’t stay here, watching you waste your life away because i’m preventing that.” tears burned the back of his eyes. you sucked in a sharp breath. “i refuse to allow you to waste your life crying over a group of dead guys. not when you have your entire life ahead of you.” beomgyu continued, licking his lips and swallowing thickly.

    your heart felt like it dropped, and you wanted to ignore the fact that beomgyu was right: you depended on the fact that they were there everyday, helping you and cheering you up. you didn’t allow yourself to heal, and beomgyu finally realized that. it wasn't only taehyun, yeonjun, soobin, and kai who stopped you from healing, but it was him too.

    so, beomgyu chose the hardest decision.

    he stood up and turned away from you. he was ready to let you have your healing processes, he was ready to see his friends again. most of all, he was ready to see you in whatever lifetime is fated for it.

    you didn’t say anything as you watched beomgyu walk away, walk in between the gravestones of the group of boys you once called family. he stopped before he passed the last one: his own. he rested his hand on the top, the concrete rubbing against his hand.

    “____.” he called out. you hum, eyes hurting from crying. “i’m gonna miss you.” he said, not looking at you.

    don’t look at her, it’ll be harder to leave. he thought, chewing the inside of his cheek. “i’ll miss you too.” you replied.

    “let me go.” he repeated again. “tell me you let me go.”

    “i-” you tried, voice breaking. “i’m letting you go, gyu. please, be happy wherever you go.” a fresh wave of tears rolled down your cheeks as beomgyu nodded once, walking past his gravestone.

    you couldn’t see him anymore, and your chest felt tight. a cry broke from your lips as you shoved yourself up, rushing towards beomgyu’s headstone. if anyone saw or heard you, they didn’t show up. you couldn’t care less, all you knew was that you were heartbroken all over again, and terribly alone.

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  • rikiszn
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Rêver (CYJ)

    Genre: Angst (not really), Fluff

    AU: Chaebol!au, Model!au

    Warnings: Abusive parents, a lot of dialogue (again), major time skips because I got lazy to describe everything LMAO, swearing

    Summary: Y/n was finally taking a huge step and cutting her abusive family out of her life, which was going so well for the most part, Yeonjun and her moving in together, their first fashion week overseas, it was the dream. So why were her parents trying to interfere?

    Notes: I want to be a fashion designer so bad, like imagine designing your own clothes and having them worn at fashion week? It would be a dream. Also this isn’t edited so pls excuse any errors


    “Y/n, that’s absolutely amazing! On your birthday too!” Hoyeon, Y/n’s childhood best friend, exclaimed. Y/n gave Hoyeon a shy smile and a wave of her hand, she never expected such a huge invite to show off her clothes at Paris Fashion Week of all events. “Hoyeon it’s such a huge honor if I’ll be honest. I just don’t understand why they would invite me among these other amazing designers, I mean my brand isn’t even all that” Y/n replied, but Hoyeon only scoffed.

    That statement was complete bullshit, Y/n’s brand Jeunesse was and still is a huge hit, especially since it’s first launch. Despite all her achievements though, Y/n never talked about them and that upset Hoyeon. She thought about her best friend giving herself more credit, she worked hard to make a name for herself in such a competitive industry. “You’re too humble it’s annoying, like you’re practically a self made millionare Y/n and you received countless awards, which is like how do you even accept them, and you still manage to hide it from everyone” Hoyeon whined.

    Y/n giggled, she was good at keeping things to herself and her family never really cared so it was much easier to do than expected, after all, she felt like she needed no one’s approval. “It’s simple, I don’t tell people I don’t want to and my parents don’t even care. I fly to my awards of course, kudos to the private jet I saved up for, and I pretend like I’m staying at Yeonjun’s, when in reality, he’s just at the event with me. Also I like don’t even appear in mainstream media like the news, talkshows well….My parents aren’t interested in those either” Y/n finished before smiling. Her life seemed so put together even though she lived it double.

    Within her double sided life Y/n always thought Yeonjun, her boyfriend was the best thing that’s ever happened to her besides Hoyeon and her other friends, she just couldn’t ever ask for a better support system. The two of them had met when Y/n used to do modeling on the side for over three years, when she was still in college. They instantly hit it off and dated not too long after, the news of them getting together spreading like absolute wildfire because of how well known they were.

    Them being dubbed as one of Asia’s Hottest Couples on Forbes Magazine, it was a pretty big deal. CEO and famous model Choi Yeonjun dating fellow model Kim Y/n? And now that Y/n started her own company, things got even crazier. The two were there since day one of course, watching each other and supporting one another in building their companies from the ground up. It was tough, but Y/n and Yeonjun were persistent, working on not only their relationship but also building their own empire together in the fashion world.

    “I’m cutting off my family on my birthday as like a gift to myself. My PA can answer calls from outsiders, they need an appointment to see me, so all I need to focus on is work and the people I choose to keep in my life” Y/n sipped on her latte. Hoyeon smirked at this, Y/n played her cards right and used it to her advantage. After all, she knew her parents could honestly care less about her and did all the work on her own in the background, but they didn’t need to know that. Though Hoyeon slightly frowned at a thought that popped up.

    She’s seen Y/n go through hell with her family, and being an only child wasn’t necessarily easy, be it all the pressure and problems on her, but Hoyeon’s seen how they abused Y/n when she was a kid as well. Even in their childhood years, Hoyeon always bore witness to Y/n’s pain that she’s tried so hard to hide, from bruises to emotional scars. “I’m truly happy for you Y/n, you deserve all the happiness and you can finally be free from the past” Hoyeon said fondly. All she ever wanted was freedom and unconditional happiness for her best friend after all, because Y/n was always in a state of pain that she couldn’t express towards anyone.

    “By the way, where are you moving into again?” Hoyeon continued. She noticed Y/n’s eyes light up and giggled at her, she looked like a child who was given a piece of candy. “Hannam the Hill! I’m ecstatic to finally live there after years of dreaming about it. I moved all of my things that I need into the place, and my family barely even noticed” Y/n smirked in reply. It was all going so well, and she planned it all out nicely, meaning nothing was going to go wrong.

    Hannam the Hill was also one of her dream places to live, the lavish apartments being one of the most expensive places in the entirety of Korea. “I bet I’ll be staying more often then—“ before Hoyeon could even finish her sentence, Y/n gave her a awkward smile.

    “What?” She looked at Y/n suspiciously. “I’m moving in with Yeonjun” she replied quickly and looked at her lap embarrassed. The two have been dating for awhile, and it was inevitable really, hell they could even be engaged at that point. Though people would’ve been more shocked to even hear that they don’t even live together yet. Then, as if on cue, Yeonjun entered the café they were in and approached their table to pick Y/n up.

    “Hoyeon, I already paid for these so don’t worry about the bill, but I’ve got to go in a bit, my schedule is packed. I’ll see you in Paris my love!” Y/n waved and wrapped her arm around Yeonjun’s. “See you then Ms. CEO” Hoyeon teased and watched the two walk away. It still hasn’t dawned on her that these two were a powerful pair, and that she was even a close friend of theirs.

    “Baby I’m so happy! It’s your first fashion week, are you excited?” Yeonjun grinned, putting a hand on Y/n’s thigh. Y/n nodded excitedly before placing her hand atop Yeonjun’s on her thigh. They were on their way to the office to finish up some left over work before they left for Paris the day after. “Most of the work was prepped last week, so there’s not much left” Yeonjun said nonchalantly. All he wanted was for him and Y/n to have comfort before they left because a huge event like Paris Fashion Week was going to be very stressful and hectic, and they needed to manage their condition to avoid problems.

    “Thank you so much Jjunie, you take care of me so well” Y/n placed a kiss on Yeonjun’s cheek as he turned to her. All he wanted in that moment was to stay with Y/n, just the two of them together, but alas they had arrived at the office, the driver dropping them off. There the security had escorted them into the building, avoiding as much press as possible. No time for interruptions, everything was on a strict schedule and they needed to finish the left over workload.

    Hours had passed and the office had grown dark, Y/n and Yeonjun the only ones left. “My love, I’m done with the work. Do you need help with anything before we leave?” Yeonjun asked and approached Y/n’s side of their shared office. Y/n looked up at him and shook her head, she had just finished her last bit of files for the clothes so she was done for the most part. “I’m done as well Jjunie, thank you. At least we’ll be stress free on the way, then it’ll be hectic for the rest of the week” Y/n laughed, picking up her Prada laptop bag and Yeonjun following suit, grabbing his own Fendi bag as well.


    At home, Y/n packed three suitcases worth of clothes and got ready for bed as usual, she had to leave first thing in the morning and couldn’t afford any obstacles in the way. “Y/n where are you going with these clothes?” Her mother barged into her room without warning and Y/n shrugged. “I’ll be gone for the week, Yeonjun’s taking me on a birthday trip” that was a total lie, Y/n had packed the rest of her clothes she needed before her and Yeonjun would finally live in their new home together. “Why didn’t you tell us? You’re not the one—“ Y/n clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes.

    Yeonjun and her didn’t need to spend anything, they were invited to Paris Fashion Week and they would gladly pay off their own expenses if needed. They had their own money after all, and this would be the last time Y/n would be seeing her parents so she decided not to give it much thought. “I’m an adult now, you two just begged me to stay because you can’t handle being without me” Y/n stated coldly. Her parents never wanted her away, and it made her feel stuck, but she was finally leaving them out of her life for good.

    That night Y/n didn’t feel any remorse before leaving as she walked around her childhood home in the dark, taking in the beautiful house one more time. The mansion wasn’t always warm, it just served its main purpose as a home. When Y/n was younger, her innocence blinded her from how her parents treated her but as she grew older, she realized that her parents hardly even cared about her anymore.

    “I can’t bring myself to stay, you both have gone too far” Y/n sighed, sitting at her old spot by the big window in the library. She always frequented the spot with Hoyeon, talking and giggling as children and even into their teenage years. Things are different now though and she doesn’t look at it the same way anymore. Y/n grimanced looking back on a fight between her and her mother in the library.


    “You’re ungrateful! Little wench, you don’t even love me and your father anymore do you?!” Y/n stood still. What her mother stated was indeed true, but she had to hide it from them in order for nobody to get hurt. “I won’t be here to worry you anymore. You both don’t love me or support me either, so it makes sense as to why I am distant towards you and father!” Y/n shouted back. Her parents barely even raised her, too busy to think about what they wanted instead of actually checking up on their daughter and what she wanted. “Well we didn’t need you anyway” Y/n’s mother sighed and walked off, leaving her in the cold, empty library.


    “I’m supposed to be over this. Get it together Y/n, you’re twenty two years old fucks sake and you have your own fashion company. You were even featured on Forbes magazine” Y/n massaged her temples and walked back to her wing in the house. She left a long letter to her parents in her father’s study before she would leave. “I’m gonna miss how beautiful this house is, too bad the memories in here aren’t as luxurious” Y/n seethed quietly, slipping into her room. “Tomorrow is a grand day, and you’ll finally be happy Y/n” she said to herself and let the sleep take over her vision.

    The next morning, Y/n’s alarm rang at five am on the dot, giving her an hour to get ready. “I’m so excited to go to Paris for my first ever fashion event as a designer, this is gonna be an experience of a lifetime” Y/n said to Hoyeon through the phone. Hoyeon was already in France having left the night before, so the time difference and jet lag was getting to her. “Oh you bet, now Y/n I’m so sorry, I have to go. I’m walking the runway at eleven, see you after and stay safe” Hoyeon yawned and before Y/n could reply, she ended the call.

    Y/n was almost done styling her hair, and her makeup already flawlessly done. “Now the outfit” Y/n smiled, taking the only hanger left in her walk in closet. It was a beautiful fitted black dress that ended around her mid thigh and it had a wide neckline along with a slit at the skirt. The dress was made by Yeonjun after their first christmas together. Y/n then paired it with her favorite Dior Diana Bag that Yeonjun had gifted her last year, and topped it off with a pair of black knee high Alexander Mcqueen boots. “Perfect! Oh Yeonjun’s here already” with enough time to spare, Y/n’s butlers had hauled her suitcases into the black van outside her driveway.

    “I’ll be off then, tell my parents I am never coming back” Y/n waved at her old maid, Leila, who nodded at her, trying not to tear up. She had watched Y/n grow up into such a beautiful young lady, and now she was off to find herself. Y/n got into the van and sat beside Yeonjun as it drove off towards the airport.

    “You look stunning as always my love” Yeonjun gave her a kiss on the lips while she flashed him a cheshire grin. Yeonjun was adorning a similar outfit, just a simple all black ensemble, looking very clean cut. A black Guess turtleneck, black Alexander Wang skinny jeans and a Chanel blazer with black boots. “I’m finally free Jjunie, now we can enjoy ourselves at fashion week” Y/n said enthusiastically.

    Yeonjun’s eyes widened. Of course! By the end of the week they were going to officially move in at Hannam the Hill, their new home together and Y/n would finally leave her past behind. “Baby no way! That’s amazing news, I’ve got to tell mom and dad that we’ll have dinner at the new place when we come back!” Y/n nodded enthusiastically at the mention of Yeonjun’s parents. He didn’t really come from a well off background like her, so when she met his parents, it was as if they had filled the gap of where her own parents were supposed to be in her life. “Jjunie this is my first fashion week as a designer, will we be ok?” Yeonjun chuckled and nodded, with him of course Y/n would be ok, it was just very busy.

    Minutes go by and they finally arrive at the airport, six thirty on the dot as always. Y/n’s PA as well as Yeonjun’s waited by the entrance to give them a final run through on their schedule before they took off. “Since you both have a similar shared schedule, Ms. Kim you will have a meeting with the stylists once we touch down and Mr. Choi will have fitting with the models as well. After that we have dress rehearsals for the run way, which you both will attend and finishing it off with a dinner with the special guests” Y/n’s PA, Ayeon, finished.

    Y/n nodded and thanked her as Yeonjun and her headed to the jet. “You two rest up well! You’ll be by mine and Yeonjun’s side and it will be just as stressful, so get as much sleep as you can” Y/n called and the two PAs nodded, watching the couple enter the private jet. “They look so normal yet so elegant. I forget who we’re working for sometimes, I mean those two are currently some of the most influential people of all time” Ayeon shook her head as she turned to Yeonjun’s PA, Yerin. Yerin stared for awhile, a small scowl on her face, but nodded once Ayeon snapped her out of her dazed state. “Right they do” Yerin replied awkwardly, and they both walked off.

    In the jet, Y/n and Yeonjun had finally took off into clear skies. “Baby you just look so gorgeous today, I can’t afford to have the men at fashion week see you” Yeonjun chuckled. He loved how Y/n dressed herself up today and it didn’t help that she looked absolutely gorgeous in the dress he had made for her. “Jjun I only have eyes for you, so don’t worry about me ok? Besides you’re my standard, no one could compare” Y/n giggled, then she snapped an unsuspecting photo of Yeonjun to put on her story. “Yah did you take a picture of me?” Yeonjun raised a brow. Y/n tried to hide her phone while Yeonjun tried to snatch it from her. “Jjun stop!” Y/n laughed.


    Touching down onto the tarmac, Y/n and Yeonjun had arrived safely, their staff arriving an hour prior. “There will be a lot of press, so stay close by my side love” Yeonjun then held Y/n by the waist as they walked out of the arrival gate. As soon as they stepped out, the security team had surrounded them, ready to protect from the swarm of photographers and reporters. “Jjunie, it will be a short walk, I’m sure we can do this” Y/n then held Yeonjun’s hand as they walked through the mob.

    Once they got out safely and into the black range rover that was sent over, Y/n and Yeonjun sighed. “That was already exhausting enough, we still have a couple more schedules to fill in today as well” Y/n said listlessly, going on her phone to see what was posted. She first went onto her instagram story and saw the picture she took of Yeonjun where she added the text, ‘coming soon! see you at paris <3’. “That’s cute, but why don’t you go check my story” Yeonjun smirked. Y/n looked at him confused but complied and clicked onto his profile.

    There on Yeonjun’s story was Y/n, looking out the window and a molang plushie on her lap. Yeonjun added the text with ‘cutie, paris here we come!’. Y/n looked at Yeonjun and slapped his shoulder. “Why did you! Now people are gonna start sending molang plushies” Y/n whined. Yeonjun could only laugh knowing what was about to come. If the fans knew Y/n liked something, they would constantly send her gifts at the building for weeks. “If it makes you feel better I’m sure you can take the ones you like and we give the rest to Hueningkai, how does that sound?” Y/n nodded as Yeonjun held her hand in his. They were in for a long ride today.

    “Ms. Kim is everything according to your liking?” The head stylist asked Y/n as she inspected the clothes closely. She nodded and walked over to her Ayeon. “Everything is perfect, what’s after this schedule Ayeon?” Y/n said, scrolling through the week worth of activities for the event. “Dress rehearsals, Yerin told me Mr. Choi’s meeting is over so now you both can head to the runway before we proceed with dinner tonight” Ayeon smiled. Y/n thanked her as they walked off to the car, which would take Y/n, Yeonjun and their PAs to the runway location.

    “Baby! How was your meeting?” Y/n gave Yeonjun a peck on the lips as he sat beside her. “It went great, the models were very cooperative and are in good condition, so we won’t have a problem with them at rehearsals later” Yeonjun smiled. Y/n nodded and she decided to talk to Yerin and Ayeon just to chat on the way. “How are you both? I hope you’re not too stressed, after all, we still have a whole week ahead of us. Don’t worry though if you have plans on touring, we have a free day before the last event” Ayeon smiled at Y/n, she was always so considerate towards her staff and she was super kind.

    “We’re alright Y/n don’t worry!” Yerin grinned in reply. Y/n was taken aback, as well as Yeonjun and Ayeon. Who was she in her right mind to drop formalities on Y/n? This didn’t seem right to Yeonjun. “Yerin, why are you dropping formalities? That’s not your place to call her by her first name” Yeonjun said sternly. Yerin seemed anxious and quietly apologized to Y/n, quietly going over the schedule. Yeonjun didn’t understand why his assistant was out of it today, if she doesn’t perform well then that will just add onto the stress that’s already piled up enough on the first day.

    Dress rehearsals went by quickly and Y/n and Yeonjun were already making their way to their final agenda of the day, the dinner. “Jjun I heard all the BlackPink members are here! I’m so excited, and apparently Mark Tuan is gonna attend as well!” Y/n said enthusiastically as they entered the restaurant. It was a beautiful place, decorated almost like an old timey theater. “Y/n over here!” Hoyeon called her over while she sat at their table. Walking over, Y/n saw Jennie beside Hoyeon along with Jisoo, and Mark Tuan across the table. Y/n absolutely couldn’t believe her eyes, the people she looked up to were here in front of her. “Good evening” she said in Korean, knowing that everyone at the table would speak said language.

    The dinner went on smoothly and Y/n had gotten closer to Jennie and Jisoo through Hoyeon. Mark and Yeonjun also got closer through the dinner. “It was so nice to meet you sunbaenims! An absolute honor” Y/n bowed. “Please is all ours, dinner was lovely. How about a picture before we leave?” Jennie smiled and they all agreed. After a few snapshots, Y/n and Yeonjun were finally making their way back to their hotel. “That was exhausting, but this is only the beginning” Y/n sighed, relaxing against the backseat.

    Yeonjun laughed, spending fashion week with Y/n was going to be an adventure. Last time he spent it alone, it ended with him coming home grumpy and a lot of dates with Y/n to make up for it. “I’m glad I get to spend it with you. If I came to fashion week alone again then we’re going to have some problems” Yeonjun said. Y/n shook her head at him, her boyfriend was a very levelheaded person, but he had a limit and she didn’t want him more stressed than he already is. “I’m happy to be here with you as well Jjun, I’d honestly be super all over the place right now if it weren’t for you” she leaned her head on his shoulder and Yeonjun decided to lay his head on top of hers.


    The next morning Y/n woke up in a beautiful hotel room which she didn’t even recall coming into. “I carried you in here my love” Yeonjun walked in as if he had read her mind. She got out of bed and went over to hug Yeonjun, today was their second day, only six more to go. “What’s your first agenda Jjun?” She said into his chest.

    Y/n felt the vibrations of Yeonjun’s laugh as he patted her head, he found her absolutely adorable. “Well we have to look over the final checks for the runway, the little adjustments and all that, then we watch the runway show, but we have to walk down the carpet an hour prior of course, and dinner again” Yeonjun replied. How fitting, he memorized the schedule already.

    “Ayeon texted me that I have to have hair and makeup done in a bit, then we change after we make final adjustments later” Y/n pulled away and went to go get ready. “Wear the other dress I made for you” Yeonjun wrapped his arms around Y/n’s waist from behind. “The white one?” And he nodded into her hair. “Jjunie the makeup team will be here soon and we have to get ready, you can be clingy all you want after ok?” Yeonjun chuckled and pulled away, hearing a distant knock at the door.

    “That must be hair and makeup, I’ll be in the other room love” Y/n nodded as Yeonjun left to go open the door, leaving her alone. Then her phone rang on the bathroom counter. It was her parents, so she decided to answer it. “Y/n where are you?! Come home right now!” Her mother bellowed through the phone. Y/n rolled her eyes, they wanted to drag her back? Not a chance.

    “I’m in Paris, and I’ll be forwarding your call to my PA so you won’t be in direct contact with me anymore” Y/n then hung up the call and heard someone walk into the room. It was Yeonjun and around three or four hair and makeup team members.

    “Come in! You can get started now, the schedule is packed so we can’t waste any time” Y/n smiled at them, then looked over at Yeonjun. “While we’re at it, you guys can also split the work and do Yeonjun’s makeup” The team immediately worked after Y/n’s instructions. As they were getting their makeup done, Yeonjun noticed Y/n spacing out a lot. “Baby, are you ok?” Y/n snapped out of her daze and nodded, she was thinking way too much into that call with her mother. “Huh? Yeah I’m alright thank you Jjun” she replied, and Yeonjun nodded, still worried about Y/n.

    Once makeup and hair was instantly done, Y/n and Yeonjun had breakfast while they were at it, and were out the door just in time for final touches at the runway backstage. “Hand me the necklace— Thank you, it’s perfect. Someone fetch that girl the Swarovski earrings!” Y/n was frantic, everything was going well, but they only had forty minutes left before they had to walk the carpet. “Ok thank you all for your work! Let’s do well and have fun today!” Y/n then walked over to Ayeon who led her to a separate dressing room with her outfit for the next event with the press. When Y/n walked in she gasped at the dress.

    “It’s beautiful Ayeon! You’re telling me this is what Alexander want sent over?” It was a gorgeous black dress that was designed like a coat and it had special pins sent over, custom designed just for Y/n. “Well it’s what arrived and I’m just as shocked as you are Ms. Kim, it looks beautiful! Prada also sent over custom boots for you!” Y/n turned to the rack of clothes and saw a pair of Prada boots with custom stitching of her brand, Jeunesse, on the small pouch.

    This outfit was going to be so beautiful to show off. “Now hurry! We don’t have much time left” Y/n nodded and put on the beautiful outfit. It looked stunning, Y/n could hardly recognize herself.

    “There you two are! Come on, we’re on to walk in ten, Mr. Choi waiting for Y/n” Ah there Yerim was, dropping formalities, but Y/n didn’t have time to care about that at the moment. She rolled her eyes at Yerim and walked out the door, finding Yeonjun waiting for her.

    He was clad in a striped suit and black boots, all designed by himself (reference outfit to the chaos chapter fight or escape behind twitter update). “Jjunie! You look so handsome, let’s go?” Y/n looped her arm around Yeonjun’s as the doors opened, leading them into the night of the press. “You look so beautiful as well Y/n, don’t be so nervous ok? We can do this” Yeonjun gripped Y/n’s hand in reassurance and they walked out.

    The second day had come to a close and everyone was exhausted but relieved. Another day finished without any problems. “Y/n, can we talk?” Yeonjun said from the balcony, before turning to Y/n. She got out of the shower and was in a silk nightgown, a matching robe atop it. “Yes Jjunie?” she walked over to Yeonjun on the balcony, looking over the beautiful Paris scenery. “Did something happen earlier? You seemed out of it when we were getting hair and makeup done” Yeonjun gave Y/n a kiss on her neck and held her close. He was so worried about her.

    “I’m alright, my mother ended up calling, but I blocked her number and told Ayeon to take my calls” Y/n sighed. She hated how she was supposed to enjoy fashion week despite the stress, but her parents were going to be pestering her PA and she felt bad.

    “I’m sure they’ll give up soon, safe to say you probably need to give Ayeon a raise for dealing with them” Yeonjun chuckled softly. “I should, ugh she’s so sweet. Jjun, I think you need to fire Yerim soon, she’s not that good of a PA now is she?” Y/n turned to Yeonjun and leaned against the railing of the balcony. “Tell me about it” he sighed in reply.

    As far as Yeonjun knew, Yerim was good at her job, but lately she’s been slacking off, constantly trying to flirt with him. “I need to fire her asap I think, all she’s been doing is flirting with me and it’s absolutely exhausting” Y/n laughed, she knew something was off with Yerim ever since she started dating Yeonjun. “Why does she even think she can get on our level? Jjunie we’ve been dating for over three years, who does she think she is?” Y/n ranted. Yeonjun found it adorable and just pinched her cheeks, the amount of trust they had in each other was more than he could ever ask for from his partner.

    “You trust me so much, I love you a lot Y/n. If I could, I would say that I’d marry you right here right now” Yeonjun laughed. Y/n smiled and looked away bashfully, the thought of her and Yeonjun getting married? It felt possible. “I’d love to marry you Jjunie, you’ve been there for me constantly so I don’t see why not” she admitted.

    Yeonjun looked at Y/n with absolute warmth, he found his soulmate he thought, and nobody could replace her. “Now let’s get to bed, I heard tomorrow we’ll be in for a bunch of interviews” Y/n slipped into bed and Yeonjun followed, engulfing her into his arms. “Yah!” He tickled Y/n, leaving her squirming and laughing.


    “Are you stupid?! Yerim this is the second time you’ve ruined the schedule and it’s only our third day in Paris, go fix that or else you’re fired the moment we touchdown in Korea” Yeonjun rolled his eyes. Y/n looked up from her phone and at her boyfriend, who was currently pacing around the room restlessly, running his hands through his messy locks. “What happened?” She mouthed towards him, Yeonjun looked and her and mouthed for her to wait a bit. “I want you to fix that before Y/n and I arrive understand? Ok bye” Yeonjun ended the call and walked over to Y/n.

    “What’s wrong? What did Yerim do this time?” Y/n asked, standing up and looking at Yeonjun worriedly. “Yerim mixed up the fourth day schedule and today, I’m so close to firing that girl” he sighed. Y/n looked at him, a frown gracing her features. “Fire her by the end of the week once we arrive in Korea and I’ll help you find a new personal assistant” she whispered, and fixed Yeonjun’s shirt.

    Today they wore casual outfits for the interviews, the colors coordinated neatly. Yeonjun wore a while Burberry shirt with wide leg pants, converse and a beret, while Y/n wore a white button up tucked into a black mini skirt and the same black Prada boots from the day before.

    “You’re right love, now let’s go, what interview do we have first?” Yeonjun and Y/n waited in the hotel room’s living room, which was connected to the bedroom on the otherside. “Ayeon will be here in a few minutes, she said we’ll have a interview and photoshoot with Vogue” Y/n replied.

    “How about we take a quick photo? I need something to post” she continued, and Yeonjun nodded. The two of them stood in front of the huge full body mirror in the room and snapped a few photos, some playful and some serious. “We look good” Yeonjun chuckled, then they heard a knock on the door. “That’s probably them, I’ll open it” he opened the door, welcoming Ayeon, Yerim and the Vogue team.

    The day consisted of multiple interviews, some fun and some being on the more serious side, makeup touch ups and laughs. It was unreal to Y/n, she was practically living her dream, and it was all thanks to her own blood, sweat and tears. “Jjunie let’s go shopping! Ayeon and Yerim told me that we had free time tonight” Y/n squealed, and who was Yeonjun to really reject Y/n’s declaration?

    The most they could do was have fun since Y/n and him were meeting friends that same night. “Alright, go crazy the price won’t matter since you already know” he smirked, and they headed downstairs. Yeonjun is a lover and thing he loves most is fashion and spoiling the love of his life, Y/n.

    “Jjun are you sure we can carry all these? I think we should drop them off before we see the others” Y/n laughed. They indeed went crazy, and their arms were filled with multiple, Fendi, Alexander Wang, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Dior shopping bags. “Yeah we should probably drop these off, let’s finish up quickly” Yeonjun called over Yerim and Ayeon to pick up the bags and to keep them in the room. He trusted them not to take anything or else they would be fired, and an extra instruction for Ayeon to be careful since he didn’t trust Yerim anymore.

    They headed over to Le Jules Verne, it was located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower and they were going to see Yeonjun’s fellow model friends, who Y/n also knew since way back. “Look there they are! I can see Soobin waving!” Y/n dragged Yeonjun over to the table occupied by, Soobin, Taehyun, Beomgyu and Hueningkai.

    “You two look stunning, now sit! We ordered already” Soobin chuckled. Yeonjun sat beside Soobin and Y/n followed suit beside him. “Y/n! How’s fashion week so far? I can’t believe you’re here as a designer for the first time” Hueningkai smiled. “It’s been well, busy for the most part, but I’m having a lot of fun” Y/n nodded back at the younger and they all caught up that night, barely seeing each other often so it’s safe to say, they took a few hours that night.

    “It was nice seeing you guys again! We’ll see you in Seoul, take care!” Yeonjun waved at his friends as him and Y/n entered the range rover again. “I’m stuffed, it was so nice to see the guys again after so long~ I hope we see them again soon in Seoul” Y/n smiled to herself, looking out the window and admiring the beautiful view of Paris at night. “Same here, seeing Hueningkai and Taehyun starting college, Beomgyu and Soobin hitting off in ther model careers, it’s overwhelming” Yeonjun breathed, everything felt like a dream, he’ll never get used to this kind of life.

    The week went by so fast and Y/n and Yeonjun were already at the airport, with a few extra suitcases, ready to go home to Seoul and have a good rest in their new home. “Ready to go?” Yeonjun smiled, and Y/n nodded back as they entered the airport. The two had a long talk the night before, Yeonjun was finally going to fire Yerim knowing she had feelings for him and was trying to ruin their relationship, and they would see his parents for dinner that night. “I can’t wait to see mom and dad, we’ve been so busy with everything that we barely saw them” Y/n said. Yeonjun nodded, he was glad Y/n saw his parents as her own.

    “Ayeon I hope my parents didn’t bother you too much, I gave you something extra for how hard you worked this week. Take it as a thank you from me and Yeonjun” she handed Ayeon an envelope and left with Yeonjun in the private jet. Ayeon was perplexed upon looking at the cheque and made eye contact with Yeonjun, who nodded at her and gave a tight smile. She couldn’t believe it, Y/n gave her too much! More than her pay check even, but she couldn’t protest as they had to fly back to Korea soon.

    In Korea, Y/n and Yeonjun told their staff that they could have the weekend off and thanked them for their hard work before heading off to Hannam the Hill. “Did you call mom and dad? I ordered groceries beforehand because I wanna cook for them” Y/n was excited, Yeonjun’s parents were practically her own and they loved her back just as much. “Yes baby, don’t worry ok? Mom is just as excited as you are” he chuckled. Yeonjun was excited to see his parents as well, he was glad he made them proud and now that he was living with his girlfriend in a lavish apartment, he wanted to ask them if he could marry off Y/n soon.

    “Yeonjun this place is so beautiful! You and Y/n live here now?” Y/n giggled upon hearing Yeonjun’s mother. Her own mother could never, she would probably call it tacky despite it being the most expensive place to live in Korea. “Mom, dad! Good evening, it’s so nice to see you again after so long. Sit, I’m preparing dinner!” Y/n saw Yeonjun and his parents enter while she was cooking, and he smiled fondly at her. “Y/n let me help you! You look so beautiful since the last time I saw you, has my son been treating you well?” Y/n laughed and nodded, welcoming Yeonjun’s mom into the spacious kitchen.

    “Dad, could I talk to you for a second?” Yeonjun asked his dad, and they both went off for a bit more privacy. “What is it Yeonjun? I’m proud of you by the way, you worked so hard to get this life” his dad chuckled, he watched Yeonjun grow up from being a stubborn kid to a young man living with his girlfriend in one of Korea’s most lavish apartments. “I wanted to know if I could your permission to marry Y/n, I’m planning to propose to her in two or maybe three years time” Yeonjun admitted to his dad. It was a huge decision, but he felt like it was good to ask from his parents.

    “I don’t see why not, but what about Y/n’s family?” His dad replied. “She cut off her abusive family dad, so I’m not certain I would really need their say when they can’t decide for Y/n forever” it hurt Yeonjun to say that Y/n cut off her family, but she needed to think about her health and happiness before anything.

    “I see, be careful Yeonjun ah. Y/n’s family is powerful as well, so take care of her well, make sure you two won’t be in danger” Yeonjun nodded as him and dad walked back into the house. “There you two are! Come on, Y/n and I poured our heart and soul into this” Yeonjun’s mom joked. The two laughed and went to the dining room.

    That night, Y/n and Yeonjun’s first night living together, the two had laid in bed in comfortable silence. “What did you and dad talk about? Mom told me embarrassing things from your childhood again” Y/n laughed, examining Yeonjun’s features. He was so handsome, Y/n felt lucky to be with him.

    “Nothing much, just catching up. How are you with your family?” Yeonjun didn’t want to touch on such a sensitive subject, but he had to be frank with Y/n since it was a huge decision. “I just hope they won’t interfere with us—“ Y/n and Yeonjun then suddenly heard a phone ring. Yeonjun went to go see and it was from his phone.

    “Hello? Ah security office yes? What? Mr and Mrs. Kim?” Y/n raised a brow at Yeonjun and he grimanced. Her parents were here? But how did they know? Yeonjun told the security office he would call them back. “Your parents are here Y/n, I can deal with them—“ Y/n sighed. This was it, she had to put a stop to all this. One last time so her parents would finally stop. “Let them in, I’ll talk to the two of them” Y/n said emotionlessly. Yeonjun was reluctant but respected Y/n’s decision.

    Upon entry, Y/n’s parents saw her beside Yeonjun. “And where did you get all this money?” Her mother scoffed. Y/n and Yeonjun didn’t say anything as they led them into the living room. “Mother, father. I think it’s time we have a serious conversation, hear me out for once. Both of you have done great damage to my mental health, and never considered how I would feel. I think it’s best if I am out of your life permanently, I’m an adult now and am capable of my own decisions, but I cannot continue to put you both first because I have my own life now. My boyfriend Yeonjun over here, my career, everything” Y/n poured her heart out. It was tough but she had to let them know about her feelings for once.

    “You’re just ungrateful! After all we’ve done?! You only think about yourself Y/n, how selfish” Y/n’s mother screeched. Yeonjun stood in front of Y/n protectively, this was going to be messy. “It’s not selfish to put myself first mother, I have my own life now and I want you and father out of it. Now get the fuck out of my house” Y/n spat. Her parents were immediately escorted out of their home and it was quiet. Yeonjun only holding her close. That was it, everything was over.

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  • s-uwu-binie
    07.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    ;- ꒰ °habits they developed in your relationship ꒱

    ➻ txt x reader (gender neutral)

    ➻ fluff all the way, luvs <3

    ⤷ lovesick boys who can't help but fall deeper in love with you

    𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐣𝐮𝐧 - 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐬 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠

    this man follows a routine, and he is a man of his words. yet, this one happens to break his resolve. ever since he started dating you, nothing has been on his mind but you. you are the one constant he can't get rid off and he thinks you might be the death of him. even when yeonjun is working, all he sees is your face, which earns him a snicker from the others. because come one, who doesn’t want to see a smitten yeonjun. he’s adorable. when he starts his day, he wants the first thing he sees is you. so, every morning when he wakes up, he’d reach for his phone to admire his lockscreen. which is you, sitting on his lap while giving a huge smile to the camera.
    “what a pretty sight to wake up to. i hope y/n has a good morning and an even greater day.”

    𝐬𝐨𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐧 - 𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐞

    soobin loves his food, and he takes pride in that. he loves the boys he really does, but if they try to take his food away, they should be ready to catch some hands. but never you, nope. you’re his angel. if you ever wanted the last bite of his pasta, he’ll give it to you in a heartbeat. if you wanted the last slice of pizza, he will give to you. no questions asked. the others give you the side eye, but of course it’s in a joking way. they all love you. soobin is such a nice guy, all he wants is that you are taking care of yourself. and as your boyfriend, he thinks it as his duty that he has to make sure that you’re well taken care of. and when he feeds you, the sight is way too adorable to handle.

    “what? ohh, you want it? here, i know you how much you want it. no need to ask me, baby. i’ll always give it to you.”

    𝐛𝐞𝐨𝐦𝐠𝐲𝐮 - 𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐟𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐣𝐨𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐚 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭

    beomgyu loves teasing, you know banter. he loves giving teasing comments, especially if it’s towards yeonjun. he usually does this when one of the boys is doing something embarrassing and he just has to make a comment that will earn him a smack in the face. beomgyu does this usually when you’re around. like he’d turn, then he’d say a snarky comment about yeonjun’s fashion sense, and the smile and laugh he receives in return is enough to keep beomgyu going through the whole week. he once turned to the side out of habit, forgetting that you weren’t there. imagine the confused face he had and the small pout he sported when he forgot you weren’t there was so hilarious that taehyun took the chance to make a snarky comment.

    “y/n, look at this! i took another video of yeonjun talking to himself in the mirror. i gotta send you the video.”

    𝐭𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧 - 𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐦 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝

    taehyun adores you, there’s no doubt in that. and it’s also no secret that he loves in his own unique way. if taehyun could give you the world, he would. you’re just that special to him, and he believes he has to show this everyday. so, he thought about leaving notes would be a great idea. taehyun found the idea way too cheesy at first, but when he saw your reaction to his sweet messages, he figured he could try for you. he will always try for you, if it means he can love you till you both grow old. his notes are different from the previous ones that came before. he keeps you on your toes, wanting to surprise you at any given chance.

    “i saw you eyeing this last week, so i bought it. and before you scold me for spending my money, i just wanted you to know you deserve it, y/n. i love you <3.”

    𝐡𝐮𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐚𝐢 - 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐭𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐬

    he is so sweet every time. hyuka loves in big amounts and it overflows. hyuka can’t go a day without talking to you. if it so ever happens that he doesn’t get to talk to you or message you, he will be filled with guilt, which you explained to him that it is not his obligation to always talk you and that being by your side is already enough. so he resulted to always sending you texts. his favorite ones are the ones he sends before you sleep. this is simply because of the reason that he wants to be the one who wishes you a goodnight’s sleep every day. and once he clicks send, your cheeks are red and he’on the other side with a smile of his own.

    “i’m sorry i didn’t to see you today, we were really busy. but i have time tomorrow, i already planned out what we should do. i’ll pick you up at 6. so make sure to get some sleep, angel.”

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    TXT reaction to a virgin s/o

    Yeonjun-- God, he loves it. How you squirm and whine with every little touch. How you fluster at every suggestive comment. It’s just such an ego boost, the way you always get so blushy and shy. He wouldn’t rush you into it though and would take extra care to make sure that you’re comfortable with everything beforehand. Even so, he’d constantly be checking on you throughout, “How does that feel?” “Do you like this?” Que smiley Yeonjun when you mewl all soft and pretty, gushing about how good he makes you feel.

    Soobin-- Insert cocky smile, Binnie. He’s the kind to act completely different in and out of the bedroom so it’s no wonder that he’s lowkey into corrupting you. “Oh? Am I really your first?” Thinks you’re pulling his leg because this is too good. He’ll play around with it. Test out what you like the most, ask you about the things that you have experienced. All under the guise of ‘getting to know what you can handle better’ . Trying his best to act seriously, but the way he’s struggling to withhold a simper easily gives him away.

    Beomgyu-- It’s more the fact that he is the first one to get to see you like this that gets to him. “I’m your first? Nobody else?” It’s a very special moment for him, getting to rile you up so easily with just the trace of his finger along the skin of your inner thigh. Loving the fact that this was something that only the two of you would share. The fact that no one else would be able to experience you like this. The knowing that you’ll always remember him for it.

    Taehyun-- He really doesn’t mind much. It’s like an extra boost, but he wouldn’t be as excited about it as the Choi line. The only thing that he would really be cautious of would be how he’d handle you that first time. Making sure to really get you going before he even thinks about starting anything. He would be a lot softer with you as well, making sure to pay extra close attention to your every reaction and really take the time to slow down and be in the moment for you.

    Huening-- You being a virgin would really make him more comfortable. It would just take from the worry fueled by the want to impress you, thinking that other guys had been better. So when you dropped the bomb it really diffused the tension, “Oh? No worries, we’ll go slow.” That was his plan from the start anyway; to go slow. Still, he would tease you a bit. Did you really think you were getting off this easy? Where’s the fun in leaving you be? “So cute, y/n is all blushy<3”

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    [12:08 AM] Choi Beomgyu

    “Are you ok? You seem so down” Beomgyu said through the screen. It was currently midnight and Beomgyu called Y/n after a day of busy schedules just to check up on her. “I’m fine I guess, I don’t know” Y/n said solemnly. The whole day all she could really think of was why her mom was being upset with her, she didn’t even do anything.

    “Baby, tell me please” Beomgyu said, worried about how Y/n was feeling. This was the first time he had seen her so sad and hurt. “My mom again, I don’t know what her problem is but she keeps ignoring me. I’m tired gyu, I don’t even know what to do anymore” Y/n was holding in her tears by now, everything just wasn’t going her way at all.

    “Tell you what, I’ll come over and sneak into your house that way you can at least have some company” Beomgyu grinned. Y/n shook her head furiously and told him not to come. “You have a whole day of schedules! Soobin’s gonna kill me if you come over” Y/n whined. Beomgyu only laughed seeing Y/n so insistent on him not coming over. “Soobin hyung can wait, he’ll understand. I just want to be there for you, now hang tight, I’ll be there in a bit” before Y/n could protest, Beomgyu hung up the call. She was going to be in so much trouble, but thinking about Beomgyu made her heart leap for joy.

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    07.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Belle Âme (CSB)

    Genre: Fluff

    AU: Nonidol!au

    Warnings: None

    Summary: Exams were coming up soon, so Soobin decided to take you on a early birthday shopping trip just to release some of the pent up stress.

    Notes: A very random prompt that I came up with today since my birthday is coming up, and this actually just happened a few hours prior, minus the part with Soobin LMAO.


    Soobin decided to take you, along with your parents out on a unexpected shopping trip a week before your birthday to release some of stress you had before exams week, just because you both were all cooped up in the apartment due to all the school work. You both had midterms the week after as, so he told you to go crazy, the price didn’t matter and that he would pay. Though, he soon regretted that choice because he was now dragging around a load of shopping bags on both of his arms.

    “Baby can we go home now? These bags are getting heavy” Soobin whined. Your dad laughed as he was also helping Soobin with some of the bags from behind. “One more store please! The shoes I want are on sale and I honestly wanted them so badly” You pouted. Soobin was exasperated at that point, but he reluctantly agreed. How could he say no when you gave him that look? Especially when he did say you could get whatever you wanted.

    With your mom by your side, the four of you walked over to the Converse store together to get your final purchase. “Are these the ones you wanted Y/n?” Your mom asked, pointing to a pair of run star hikes, and you nodded eagerly. “Alright, well how about the pink ones dear?” She continued. You shook your head and went over to the section where the classic shoes you wanted were. “I want these, Soobin could you come help me?” Soobin walked over and smiled at you. Then he grabbed the shoes at the top of the shelf, before handing it over to you.

    “I’ll get these in a size eight please! I’ll try them on first as well” you handed the shoes to the clerk as they nodded, before walking off to get your size. “Yeonjun hyung actually has those. Are you gonna turn into some trendy, flashy monster now like him?” Soobin chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist. You laughed and turned to your boyfriend before giving him a small peck on his nose.

    “Binnie I would never, you know that. I just need new shoes that I use on the daily since my old ones are all scuffed now” you replied. Soobin nodded as you saw the clerk approach with the box. “Thank you so much, Bin could you hold my bag for a second?” Soobin took your handbag and watched you sit down as you put on the shoes. “Y/n try these too, they look very nice” your mom handed you a different colored pair that you reluctantly took and decided to try on.

    “See! Those look much better Y/n! And besides, they’re limited edition, don’t you want to be different?” Your mom said. You shook your head and looked at Soobin, panicked. He stood beside your dad and gave you a confused look. “Well it’s up to Y/n to pick whatever looks best, but I agree with your mother, those would look good as well” your dad commented. You sighed thinking he was on your side for at least a second, but the hope soon died down when he sided with your mom.

    “I think the ones you picked are lovely Y/n. It’s really up to you to pick which ones you want, they’re your shoes after all” Soobin said gently. You smiled at him and nodded. “I’ll take these then” you handed the clerk the pair you wanted as he nodded, going over to the counter to punch in your purchase. “Y/n are you sure? You can’t be serious those can easily be faked!” Your mom rolled her eyes. It hurt you in a way, but you decided to ignore it because after all, it was your choice and it’s not like your mother was paying, your boyfriend was the one paying.

    Soobin wrapped an arm around you as you both walked over to the counter to pay for the shoes. “Don’t listen to your mom Y/n, she’s only soiling your birthday plans. If you like these then I’m glad you went for your choice” Soobin handed his card over to the cashier and you took the bag with the shoes earnestly. “Thank you!” You said, while you and Soobin walk over to your parents. “Where now?” You ask, in case your parents had any other plans.

    “Home” your mom started coldly. You were taken aback at her but followed your parents out the store. “What’s up with her?” You whispered to Soobin. He only shrugged but told you not to mind it, thinking your mom was probably just in a mood again. “I think it’s the shoes, Binnie I don’t think—“ Soobin shushed you as you all made your way to the car. “It’s not your fault Y/n, ok? Let’s talk later, your parents should get home first” nodding at him, you then went into the car to wait for them to finish loading the bags.

    Throughout the whole ride home, your mom hasn’t said a single word and ignored you all the way. “Bye Y/n! See you and Soobin at your birthday, it was nice to see you both again” your dad bid you both goodbye while your mom only sped walked into the house, barely glancing back at the car. “Bye dad, bye mom! I’ll see you both! L-love you, take care” you stuttered at the end of your sentence when you and Soobin finally drive off.

    “Are you ok Y/n? You seem tense” Soobin asked. You shook your head once again and sighed, leaning against the back of the seat. “Bin I don’t know what I did, but my mom is ignoring me again. I don’t even think it’s about the shoes, like I’m the one wearing them, and she’s gonna take it so personally? I don’t get it” you were about to cry at this point. Your mom was being so difficult and you never understood her, as much as she liked the shoes, she didn’t have to force it on you. She knew you didn’t like them.

    Soobin sighed and put his hand on your thigh. “Your mom is just being silly my love, don’t worry, she’ll get over it soon. If she doesn’t, we can always just go off somewhere by ourselves or stay at home on your birthday” he said. You teared up a bit and sniffed, it was such a stupid thing to be mad over but it was your mom, and you always put your parents first. “Ok Binnie, I trust you. Thank you so much for today, I loved it a lot, even if my mom ended up mad at me” you smiled at Soobin. He was the best boyfriend you could ever ask for and nothing was ever going to change that.

    “No problem at all. Don’t let your mom ruin our fun ok? It’s your birthday and I want you to enjoy it” Soobin gave you a kiss on the lips as you reciprocated. “You really are the best” you laid your hand atop his as you both drive into the night. Soobin would always be there, and he’s all you need to keep you happy.

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  • rikiszn
    06.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    [2:30 AM] Kang Taehyun

    “You want me to sing you to sleep my love?” Y/n nodded into his chest sleepily as he smiled at her. Taehyun kissed the top of Y/n’s head before shifting his position slightly. “Can you sing Ghosting please?” She looked up at him and he nodded back in reply. “Nights with you always comfort me because we can’t spend much time together, I love you Tyun” Y/n was slowly nodding off, so Taehyun held her close and sang softly. “I love you too Y/n” he replied, caressing her hair and holding her in his embrace, as if she was a gentle piece of glass.

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  • summerrainwinterbreeze
    04.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    TXT as the five love languages (receiving)

    Yeonjun--Physical touch. He’s always the one initiating the physical contact. The flirting, the courting. So for you to come up to him out of the blue, wrapping your hands around his torso, fingers skating the smooth of his skin. It just feels... so warm. So sugary, and affectionate that he can’t even dare fight a grin. He’ll reciprocate, as he always does, pulling you close, locking his lips with yours, “Did you miss me, baby?” your praise means so much to him. Your gentle affirmations. He tucks you away to his chest, you’re so precious. He could never let you go, “Of course I did Junnie” Is all you need to say, all he needs to hear.

    Soobin--Acts of service. As the leader, he naturally has a lot on his plate. So to come home to find everything already taken care of, and you being the one behind it? Binnie can’t help but smile. It’s comforting for him. To just be able to let go knowing that nothing is going to fall if he does. That there’s nothing weighing him down. The thought of nothing needing to be done makes him feel light, weightless. Like he can take it all on. Better yet, fall into your arms, knowing that you’re there to catch him and that his only duty in the present is to shower you with kisses and praises.

    Beomgyu--Words of affirmation. “What is this?” he’ll pull the card from your hand slowly, thinking you were about to play some form of a joke. But when he opens it and begins to read the words you wrote for him, colours will swim, not disappearing no matter the ferocity of his blinks, no matter how much sweetness rolls down his cheeks, “Y-ya, don’t tell me this is a joke. Please” Please. He really wants you to mean this. It’s exactly what he needs to hear. Exactly what he yearns for. So when you blush, averting a gaze,” I...I was thinking about you gyu” How is he supposed to stop himself from jumping at you with all he has. You opened his heart. Now it’s yours to take care of.

    Taehyun--Gift giving. He loves the surprise of it the most. When you walk into his studio unannounced, unexpected, a pretty little red box extended towards him, he beams. He loves that break from his schedule where you bring him little presents, tokens that remind you of him. “What’s in this one?” he holds the box to his ears as if waiting for it to speak. He’s careful when he unboxes it, not wanting to rip the ribbon, the paper. (he’ll store it away later, to hold when he thinks of you, to have when the sun takes shelter behind ash-like clouds). “This is so pretty! Where did you find this one?” He enjoys listening to the story behind it. Thanking you a million times over. Because he’s so thankful. So glad that you’re thinking about him as well.

    Huening--Quality time. He isn’t really one for the material. Preferring to have you to himself, talking about everything, and nothing. Philosophizing under the stars, drawing constellations in the sky, scampering about grassy fields, making elaborate crowns out of wildflowers… He enjoys telling you about the things in his room as well “What’s this one” your fingers twirl about the glass ornament, setting it into the groove of his palm, “Oh, there’s a really funny story behind that one”. He just wants to be with you, hold you while you tell him out your day, loving when you do the same. He just wants you.

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    La Fleur

    Genre: Angst, Fluff

    AU: Hanahaki!au

    Warnings: Throwing up petals, mentions of sickness, graphic descriptions with blood

    Summary: She loved him, but he didn’t love her. The thorns only kept growing, just as her love for him. Was there still another way to give love another chance? Or will someone else help wilt away the flowers in her chest before it’s too late?


    “Y/n!” There he was, Kai Kamal Huening or as he went by Hueningkai. Y/n couldn’t take her eyes off her own best friend, she felt butterflies in her stomach around him, which was completely odd. “Good morning Kai!” Y/n smiled at him and ran over. It was currently the first day of school, and just like their usual ritual, they promised to meet at the top of the stairs wherever their classroom was. As dumb as it sounded, it became their thing since middle school.

    “I’m glad you still remember our usual ritual as always” Y/n laughed and Hueningkai nodded back. “Of course we’ve done it for so many years, how could I ever forget” he replied. The two slung their bags on their shoulder and stalked over to their classroom. “Also how am I still in the same class as you, this isn’t fair!” Y/n whined jokingly. Hueningkai pouted at her as she pinched his cheek, laughing heartily.

    “I’m only joking Kai don’t worry, I’m glad that I at least see a familiar face every day. Even if it’s the same one the last five years” Y/n comforted. “Yah Y/n that’s mean. If you buy me a something later, I’ll think about of forgiving you” Hueningkai laughed as they entered the classroom. Finding two empty seats near each other, they put their bags down and went to look for the rest of their friends, who were most likely in the next class over.

    While they walked over to the next classroom in search of Taehyun and Seri, a few friendly seniors they’d befriended had approached them. “Ah our favorite couple! Ning and Y/n” Soobin joked. Hueningkai chuckled at his hyung and shook his head. “We’re not a couple hyung, come on” Y/n’s smile slightly faltered, but she caught herself.

    Truth was, after all these years, Y/n thought she wouldn’t ever fall in love with Hueningkai. So why was she sad about him denying the joke? They weren’t together after all. Y/n shook off the thought and put her hands up, shaking them in denial. “You two keep denying it, I mean we’d probably see you date by the end of the year, but maybe even before that” Yeonjun chuckled, to which Soobin had seemed to really agree to as he nodded eagerly.

    “I doubt it, not when there’s this new girl in Taehyun’s class. I think her name was like Miyeon” There it was. Of course, Kang Miyeon, she was Taehyun’s cousin who she met a few times. They went to the same academy with Taehyun, and since Hueningkai didn’t go to academy, Miyeon was pretty new to him and the rest of their friends. “His cousin? I didn’t know she’d transfer here” Beomgyu then approached them and waved.

    Hueningkai slapped a hand over his mouth, while Y/n laughed bitterly. Kang Miyeon was pretty, why didn’t she even think of that? Miyeon was gorgeous and had a bright personality, her and Hueningkai would get along just fine. Y/n tried to convince herself so hard that she wasn’t in love with her own best friend and that it was just because she wasn’t used to it, but even she herself knew that she was lying.

    “Sorry I was late! Guys meet my cousin Miyeon, she’s new” Taehyun had approached them and Miyeon walked right beside him. Y/n waved at her before engulfing her into a big hug. “Miyeon! I missed you, why didn’t you tell me at hakwon (academy) that you were moving to our school?” Y/n pouted. Miyeon giggled and pat her head. “I wanted to surprise you Y/n, and please don’t leave my side today” she said as Y/n nodded in reply.

    “You can go with me, Taehyun and Hueningkai. Soobin, Yeonjun and Beomgyu over here have a different schedule but we can always just hang around after school” Y/n smiled. It felt nice to finally have another girl in the group. Suddenly Y/n was knocked forward as Seri had jumped onto her back. “Taehyun you bitch! You left me and went off with Miyeon” Seri accused jokingly, pout evident on her face.

    Taehyun chuckled and ruffled Seri’s hair before kissing her forehead. “YOU’RE DATING?” Y/n exclaimed. Soobin’s jaw dropped to the floor and Beomgyu cocked his head in confusion. “We started dating over the summer” Seri replied shyly. Taehyun wrapped an arm around her waist as Yeonjun pretended to gag. While everyone was busy questioning the new couple, Y/n had spotted Hueningkai and Miyeon talking amongst themselves.

    “Hi Miyeon, I’m Hueningkai. Don’t worry about them, we play around like this a lot but I promise you’ll get used to it” He smiled at her. Y/n found his smile foreign, she had never seen that look in his eyes. “I’m sure I’ll definitely get used to it, I’d love to get to know you Hueningkai” Miyeon smiled back at him, a strange glint in her eyes as well. Y/n shook this off and immediately paid more attention to her other friends, but Beomgyu and Seri noticed Y/n’s strange behavior. They looked at each other and nodded, this probably wasn’t good.

    Later that day, Miyeon had got along with everyone else just fine and already seemed like she was in their friend group for years. “Yah don’t tell her that! It’s embarrassing!” Hueningkai tried to fight Taehyun off but the latter was too strong. Y/n had walked over with Miyeon and Seri by her side, sighing at the boys. “Kai here you go, now please forgive me” Y/n handed Hueningkai his favorite snack and drink, which he eagerly accepted and looked her dumbfounded as she sat next to him.

    “You actually got me something ohmygod Y/n you really are my best friend aren’t you” He exclaimed as he hugged Y/n jokingly. “Ok enough now get off me. This doesn’t happen often so consider yourself lucky” she replied. While the rest had started chatting among themselves, which was really just Seri and Taehyun basically just bickering despite being a couple. Y/n had noticed Miyeon inch a little bit closer to Hueningkai, and it made her wonder why, but then again why would she care? Hueningkai was just her best friend.

    “Hey Miyeon, do you wanna share?” Hueningkai said softly to the girl. She nodded and took a bit of his snack that he had offered. Y/n stayed quiet, Hueningkai barely shared any of his snacks, they’d really be lucky if he even offered them first, so seeing him adjust to Miyeon so quickly bewildered Y/n. The two got along so well, which worried her, but she shook it off and tried not to hold it against Miyeon. Hueningkai and her were both close friends to Y/n of course.

    The school day was finally over and the five had met up with the rest of their group. “Are you guys going to academy?” Soobin asked. Y/n shook her head and looked over at Taehyun and Miyeon, who also shook their heads. “Ah well how about we all go get something to eat then? Just so we can get to know Miyeon over here” Soobin suggested, while grinning widely at her. Miyeon already had that effect on them? Honestly it was predictable.

    At the small tteokbokki restaurant, while they were all eating and chatting, Y/n had excused herself and walked over to the restroom. There once she had finished her business, she suddenly burst into a coughing fit. It was strange, but once Y/n had opened her eyes, she saw three or four petals scattered across the sink. “No it can’t be—“ Y/n examined the petals, though beautiful she realized what this meant, and it was deadly.

    “Y/n what’s taking you so long? Hueningkai is all over—“ Seri had bursted into the restroom and saw Y/n hunched over the sink, petals in hand. She drank in the whole situation and realized as she ran over to Y/n. “Y/n…Why didn’t you tell me you had Hanahaki?” Seri said worriedly. Y/n looked at her wordlessly and shook her head. “I just found out now as well, Seri what am I gonna do?” she cried softly. Seri cradled Y/n in her arms and sighed, this wasn’t looking good at all. “Please don’t tell the others” Y/n hiccuped.

    As they walked back to their table, Y/n saw Hueningkai and Miyeon laughing together. A pang of betrayal had resonated through her chest, but she swallowed her pride and walked over with Seri, who only looked at her in concern. Y/n told her to leave it and sat down again, this time just a bit further from Hueningkai. “Are you ok?” Beomgyu asked, and Y/n nodded, now completely silent. Since they lived in the same direction, Beomgyu had walked her home, though he was still worried about her. “You sure you’re alright? If you need anyone to talk to I’m always available” he said gently. “No it’s ok, thank you Beomgyu. Have a goodnight, get home safe” Beomgyu watched her figure retreat and he sighed, then he coughed up another petal.

    “Hey hyung” Beomgyu had called up Soobin. “Oh Beomgyu hi, did Y/n get home safe?” Beomgyu hummed in reply as he continued walking. “Listen hyung, should I just confess to Y/n? These flowers are getting frustrating” Soobin chuckled from the other line. “Confess to her, you should show her what love is and who knows, maybe she could end up falling for you. It’s not too late Beomgyu ah, just take it slow and you will start to notice slight but good progress ok? Now I have to go, I still have to feed Odi” Soobin hung up and Beomgyu looked at the ground. He had to be strong for Y/n.

    Since that day, Y/n and Seri had decided to keep it a secret from their friends, but as time went on, Y/n’s condition grew worse. “Y/n please stop doing this to yourself, you have to get surgery because this is only killing you please” Seri begged Y/n, who could only really smile in reply. These days, the petals have started becoming full grown flowers, blood scattered all over them. Y/n could barely breathe properly, but she chose to keep it to herself, even if it meant hurling a whole bouquet and splattered blood into the toilet every day.

    By now, Hueningkai and Miyeon had already started dating, meaning Y/n had no other way out. Seeing them interact hurt enough, but now they were full on being affectionate towards each other, a few kisses here and there, his arms around her waist. Hueningkai had already ditched Y/n by now and was so focused on Miyeon. The time he carried her bag was long gone and was replaced by Miyeon’s bag instead. It hurt Y/n and broke her heart, but the show had to go on, she always put her friends before herself and that was her fatal flaw.

    “Seri I can’t afford to forget him, we’ve been through everything together” Y/n rasped. Seri looked at her disapprovingly, but then they heard a familiar voice running over to them. Turning to the direction of the sound, they saw Beomgyu. “Wait what” Seri was confused, did Beomgyu know anything? “Y/n please, I have to tell you something” he panted.

    Seri and Y/n gave each other confused looks and stared at Beomgyu. “I like you, a lot Y/n. Not even like, I love you and I know that you’re going through the same thing with Hueningkai, but maybe there is a way for us to reverse this” he declared. Seri was shocked, maybe Y/n could give this a shot, after all the two could end up healing each other, as long as they went through it all together.

    “Beomgyu are you sure? Alright then, let’s give it a try. Baby steps am I right?” She smiled. Beomgyu grinned back at her before taking her in his embrace. “We can get through this together, I’m sure of it” he whispered in her hair. Y/n nodded back as Seri teared up at the small exchange. They weren’t perfect yet, but they were gonna get through it together, the two of them are strong after all. Beomgyu grinned, maybe taking Soobin’s advice was actually helpful.

    Beomgyu took Y/n out on dates, brought her home and made a routine for themselves. Today they were at a diner and Y/n laughed at something Beomgyu had said. “It was so funny really! Yeonjun hyung slipped and I tried so hard not to laugh at him because we were in public” he exclaimed. “That’s so mean! You could’ve helped him” she threw a fry at Beomgyu, who dodged it completely. It wasn’t ideal for Y/n to be on a date with him, but Beomgyu was starting to feel like home to her.

    “Call me when you get home ok? Stay safe Beomgyu, until next time” Y/n waved at him and he nodded back before waving as well. “Alright! Text me when you’re already in your house!” He said in a goofy voice as he ran off. Y/n had a slight smile on her face while she watched his figure retreat. Beomgyu is being so good to her, she honestly didn’t want to let him go.

    As the days dragged on, their condition became more stable and the two had actually started growing more fond of each other, were they finally healing? “Y/n careful! You’re already weak enough my love” Beomgyu held Y/n as she gave a awkward grin. “Are you feeling any better you both?” Seri asked. Only Seri and Soobin knew about both of theirs condition, but she watched over them since the others shouldn’t know, Soobin didn’t tell her that he knew though, just choosing to watch from afar. “Much better actually, I stopped coughing up full flowers and no more blood. How about you Beomgyu?” Y/n hugged the boy by his waist as he laughed. “Same here actually, and I think it’s safe to say that, we both healed each other” Beomgyu grinned.

    Y/n and Beomgyu started dating since that day. Maybe there was a way to wilt the flora without forgetting anyone, baby steps were maybe the key, because everyone deserves a shot at love, even if it wasn’t the perfect or ideal love story.

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  • rikiszn
    03.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Gelid (CBG)

    Gelid (adj.): Icy; extremely cold

    Genre: Fluff

    AU: Nonidol!au

    Warnings: None

    Summary: It was the first snow of the winter season and Beomgyu drags Y/n into the freezing cold to have a snowball fight and to make snowmen.

    Notes: I actually got this from a random prompt generator and it seemed like such a Beomgyu kind of thing to do, I just had to write it.


    It was a chilly winter night and Y/n decided to have a night in to watch christmas movies with Beomgyu. “How has it not snowed yet? Like we’re already five days into December and it’s been nothing but gloomy weather. I expected snow but instead we got rain” Beomgyu whined before flopping beside Y/n on the couch.

    As much as they both wished for the first snowfall, they knew that all they could really do was wait if out patiently. That’s how the two ended up on the couch in their pajamas, scrolling through netflix mindlessly with all the christmas specials.

    “Beomgyu hand me the cocoa” Y/n whined. Beomgyu shook his head and held the other mug tightly, giving Y/n a smug grin. Y/n clicked her tongue and glared at him, annoyed. “If you want it so bad then you’re gonna have to kiss me first” Beomgyu smirked, to which Y/n rolled her eyes at him.

    Beomgyu was still her same old best friend, only this time they both could finally be more affectionate with each other. Y/n sighed and gave in at the end, giving Beomgyu a simple peck on the lips and pouting. “See? That wasn’t so hard now was it” He handed Y/n the warm mug of hot cocoa as she eagerly took it in her hands, sticking her tongue out at him.

    “Yah you’re such a meanie, you look more interested in that hot cocoa than you do with your own boyfriend” Beomgyu pouted. Y/n turned to him, trying not to laugh while sipping on the hot chocolate. “You’re jealous over hot cocoa? Beomgyu you can’t be serious” she giggled, placing her mug on the coffee table beside Beomgyu’s.

    A moment of silence had passed and suddenly Y/n was tackled onto the couch by Beomgyu. He started tickling her and kissing her all over her face as she laughed, completely defenseless. “Beomgyu!” Y/n called out his name, but to no avail because this only encouraged him.

    After a few more laughs and shared kisses, the two lay breathless on the couch as the Nightmare Before Christmas played softly in the background. Beomgyu then sat up and looked out the window, gasping from the shock. Y/n looked at him but Beomgyu only jumped up from the couch, rushing to grab his jacket.

    “Y/n the first snow is falling! Hurry up!” Beomgyu exclaimed, jumping up and down. Y/n was struggling to get her shoes on and could barely put on her jacket, because Beomgyu was already dragging her out the door. Once they were outside, Beomgyu rushed to the elevator while Y/n tried to follow closely behind.

    “Slow down Beomgyu!” Y/n called out, but he didn’t listen because he was already shaking from excitement and the adrenaline rush. “No you should walk faster Y/n” Beomgyu retorted, teasingly sticking his tongue out at Y/n. She hit his shoulder and he yelped, the elevator dinging, signaling their arrival.

    “Let’s go Y/n!” Beomgyu held Y/n’s arm and dragged her again, that’s when she finally saw the snow falling from outside the building. The two were both finally outside, greeted by a fairly empty street, because of how late it was. Beomgyu wasted no time and immediately gathered as much snow as possible.

    “Beomgyu what are you—“ Y/n was cut off by a snowball being thrown at her. Beomgyu laughed and ran off while Y/n started gathering snow as well. “Just wait until I’m done with you!” She threw a snowball at Beomgyu, but he only dodged it and continued running. Y/n sighed and chased after him, the two laughing like kids again.

    A few minutes pass and they were both making snowmen by this time. “Beomgyu we don’t have carrots for the nose” Y/n said in realization. Beomgyu shrugged and stuck another rock in the middle of the snowman’s face. “There, now it looks like Yeonjun hyung” he said happily.

    Y/n laughed and Beomgyu hugged her from behind. “Do you know about the superstition about spending the first snow fall with your significant other?” Y/n says softly. Beomgyu buried his face in her neck, shaking his head. “Well if you spend the first snowfall with your lover, true love will bloom and it will be everlasting” Beomgyu kissed Y/n on the lips and she kissed him back.

    “I love you so much Y/n, I mean it” he whispered against her lips. Y/n giggled as they shared a soft eskimo kiss. “I love you too Beomgyu, thank you for everything” she replied, both of them standing under the falling snow illuminated by the dim street lamps.

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  • enhaflwr
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    [ 11:15 pm ] #02 — horror movies

    pairing soobin x gn! reader. genre fluff, humour. wc 226.

    ‘is it over?’ you whispered, head buried in soobin’s chest. but he didn’t know the answer himself, squeezing his eyes shut and gripping onto you for safety. it was just an old, cheesy horror movie, but neither of you could handle the jump-scares.

    slowly opening one eye, you turned your face towards the screen to see if the gory scene had ended. much to your delight, it had. you tapped soobin on the shoulder, signalling to him that the dreaded scene was over.

    ‘please don’t ever make me do this again,’ he whined, pout on his lips. ‘i won’t be able to sleep all night.’

    softly patting his cheek, you leaned forward and gave him a short kiss. then you turned back to the movie, and the intensity of the scene made you let out a high pitched scream. you could feel soobin shaking a little bit, gasping at your reaction. snatching the remote from the table, you quickly switched the tv over to some cheesy romantic comedy to lighten the mood.

    ‘let’s go to bed,’ you suggested, moving away from his hold. he hurried to follow you, afraid to leave your side. ‘and swear to each other that we will never watch another horror movie together.’

    ‘sounds perfect to me,’ he agreed, gripping your hand tightly as you made your way over to your bedroom.

    #october queue w lei ☆ #txt#txt au#txt timestamp#txt blurb#txt drabble#txt fluff#choi soobin#soobin#soobin au#soobin timestamp#soobin blurb#soobin drabble#soobin fluff #choi soobin au #choi soobin timestamp #choi soobin blurb #choi soobin drabble #choi soobin fluff
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    txt as my favorite movies

    contains: headcannons, light angst (not really i'm just sad)

    word count: 511 words

    author's note: this is so random but i was looking through my dvds earlier and i was like GASP OMG NO ANHDJWHFJWHS and here we are. (i know that doesn't make any sense but please pretend you understand🧍🏻‍♂️) ANYWAY here is txt as my favorite movies because ☹💔 enjoy!!


    NAURRR JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS BREAKS MY HEART PLEASE yk the scene at the very end ☹ where emily turns into butterflies and disappears into the moonlight ☹☹ yeah ☹☹☹ idk why but it just reminds me so much of him FUCK but also THE HUMOR AKSJDJSJHFJS THE JOKES GIVE ME STRONG JUN VIBES IDK WHY. AND VICTOR'S PIANO SOLO AND THE PIANO DUET JUST >>>> IT'S HIM I SWEAR. anyway yeonjun = emily in another life i rest my case (plus they're both so pretty pls i'm gonna cry).


    the amount of pain this movie has caused me since i first watched it is just unbelievable and i am 100% positive that every moa can relate when i say we cry to every video of soobin we encounter 😐 NAJDJJSJFJAKS no but fr the way shoya is so quiet reminds so much of soobin and just some of his behavior in general. and also THE FIREWORKS SCENE IDK WHY BUT THAT ENTIRE SCENE REMINDED ME OF SOOBIN AND NOW I'M SAD PLEASE


    NO SHUT UP I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY THIS IS PERFECTION THE MOST ACCURATE ONE HERE. also bc ever since i found out he listened to that one song from your name 😞😞 DEVASTATION. anyway i picture beomgyu liking rainy days to a certain point like he likes the rain but it's nice to see the sun every once in a while yk??? (also i've come to the conclusion that this is beomgyu in his movie form JAHDKSBFJSH pls my comfort movie and my comfort person <3)


    omg i've been waiting for this one first of all THIS MOVIE MAKES ME SO HAPPY AND EVERY TIME I SEE TAEHYUN I JUST AJSHJSDHJAHD INSTANT SEROTONIN BOOST. also idk if it's just me but the whole lantern thing screams TERRY 👹 to me. AND THE PAINTINGS RAPUNZEL DOES PLS IT JUST MAKES SO MUCH SENSE TO ME. but i think the scene with the festival and all the dancing really did it for me like i saw it and i was like yep that's terrance all right. (also rapunzel's voice and her vibes just give me sunshine and rainbows and taehyun is sunshine and rainbows and omg i love him sm)


    ANSNSKAJHDJA WAIT HEAR ME OUT kai's laugh + the vibes IT FITS IT'S PERFECT. plus he reminds me of the lorax and the grandma sometimes like JAJDKSHFKAHKDJW I KNOW IT'S RANDOM BUT TRUST ME ON THIS ONE I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. but overall kai just gives me those "i am in love with nature" vibes and this movie is lit about trees like i bet he probably plants trees with his plushies in his free time ANDNSJHFKAHRJ PLEASE I'M CRYING anyway kai secret tree planter 🤔 i think so 🤨 (i am 10000% sure that kai is audrey pls they're so pretty he has to be

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    Stay (KTH)

    Genre: Angst

    AU: Coming of Age!au

    Warnings: Slight infidelity, a bit of swearing

    Summary: She just wanted him to stay, but to him, all promises are meant to be broken.

    “Taehyun!” Y/n ran over to the boy sitting on the playground bench. Taehyun looked up from his lap and waved at Y/n with a smile. She sat next to him, then looked at his arm. “What happened to you this time Tae? Please take care of yourself” Y/n scolded. “It’s nothing really. I slipped at the skate park” he replied softly. Y/n pouted but nodded nonetheless as he ruffled her hair. “Be careful next time for me please” she sighed and Taehyun nodded.

    Y/n could remember it all, from the small details of their childhood to the last time they parted ways. She was a musician by now, and she chose to chase her dreams after Taehyun had left her in cold.

    “I’m alright Y/n! You’re the one that’s down with a fever after all” Taehyun sat beside Y/n and placed a cold wet towel on her forehead. She attempted to swat Taehyun’s hand away, but to no avail. “But I’m still worried about you Tyun, we were both soaked under that rain” Taehyun chuckled and ruffled Y/n’s hair, it was his way of comforting her by now and he did it because he found her absolutely endearing.

    Y/n buried her face in her hands, what went wrong between them? Her and Taehyun even fell in love in October, he told her under the falling leaves. To her, every moment spent in their relationship was precious, so how could he just get up and leave her? It was simple really, it was because Kang Taehyun was an unfaithful cheater, or as he called it “falling out of love”.

    “I love you too, so much Y/n” Taehyun held her in his arms, and she wrapped hers around his waist tightly. Y/n couldn’t believe it, Taehyun, her best friend who she’s fallen in love with, felt the same way. “Taehyun, please don’t ever leave my side…Stay with me always” Y/n whispered. Taehyun nodded into her hair softly and kissed her forehead. He thought she looked effortlessly beautiful that night, but wasn’t ready to express how he saw her in his eyes.

    He was so good to Y/n, so why didn’t he stay? As far as she could recall, her and Taehyun were doing just fine after a year of being together. They both were affectionate, had nice dates here and there. Though, Taehyun was already making steady declines in the relationship as they had went on.

    Y/n couldn’t tell if Taehyun had actually fallen out of love with her or if she had done something. So, she grabbed her guitar and started strumming unconsciously to ease her thoughts. Y/n had played the first song she had ever wrote for him, a familiar but sad melody.

    “This is so good baby! I love it, hopefully we can use it at our wedding soon” Y/n blushed at Taehyun’s remark. He was already thinking so far into their future, and the thought of marrying him alone gave her a sense of security in a way. “Don’t worry, we’ll get married and I’ll make sure of it” Taehyun smiled.

    What a big promise to make, why would he even bother if they were just empty words? What would two dumb teenagers in love even know? They were just enjoying the moment under the stars. Nothing mattered back then, they were kids in their own world, it was normal to think that way.

    Y/n sighed and slammed the table next to her. “You’re such an idiot Kang Taehyun” she seethed, a stray tear falling down her face. Y/n loved him so much, they were both there for each other when one or the other needed them most.

    Y/n and Taehyun stood at the platform of the train station. Taehyun silent the entire time, he was practically out of it the whole date. “Are you ok my love? You haven’t said a single word the whole date or even smiled Tyun” Y/n was abruptly cut off by him.

    “I’m fine Y/n, God I don’t always have to smile now do I? For fucks sake let’s just go home” Taehyun sighed before stomping into the train, Y/n following suit. What’s up with him? The whole time they headed home, not a single word was exchanged between them.

    Y/n grimanced at the memory, it was the same night she found out Taehyun had been cheating on her. It wasn’t just any ordinary person to her though, it was her younger sister Chaewon of all people.

    “With my sister Kang Taehyun? Fuck you for promising to stay with me” Y/n spat at him. They had met up again at a nearby park, Y/n boiling with rage. Taehyun was devoid of emotion as he looked at her, he hardly cared anymore, but he couldn’t tell Y/n that. “All promises are meant to be broken Y/n” Taehyun chuckled and walked away.

    He promised to stay, to be by her side, but why did it all end up as empty words? Was she not enough? Y/n cried softly and walked his figure walk away into the distance.

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  • summerrainwinterbreeze
    01.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    Yeonjun-- Pulling you in closer when strangers walk by. He doesn’t like the idea of people he does not know getting too close, whether physically or through intrusive conversation. Even so, he doesn’t want to seem too possessive or clingy even though he can be. So to put himself at ease, he’ll snake an arm around your waist, pulling you into himself. Hip to hip. Elbow to elbow. He’d pull you closer if he could.

    Soobin-- Makes the decisions. Mostly the little things like “Where should we sit?” or “Shall I chose this one or that one?”. These may be phrased like questions, but they’re mostly rhetorical. He’s not trying to be rude, really, he holds a lot of respect for the choices you make, as well as your opinions, and would apologize profusely if he made it seem as if he didn’t. It’s just that he asks things like this mostly for confirmation. He already knows what he wants. So after a while of dating him, you already know the answer, “What do you think Binnie?”

    Beomgyu-- Fiddles with your clothing/ appearance. Gyu’s a little fidgety. Constantly fixing his fringe, making adjustments. So it’s only natural that he’d extend his ministrations to you. It really doesn’t matter where the two of you are, or what you’re doing. He’ll stop you all the same, “Ah, wait, your hair is all in your face”. The kind to suddenly duck down in front of you just to tie your lace. He’ll undo and redo at least eight times. Until he deems it fitting to his standards.

    Taehyun-- Excuses you from conversations. He does believe that you are independent and capable enough to make your own decisions. But if the conversation has been dragging on for much too long, or he finds that you look uncomfortable in the slightest? He will not hesitate. You’ll know he’s there by the hand he places on your hip, standing so close that his breath ghosts the shell of your ear. Calculated intimidation. He’ll be polite once addressing whoever it is you were talking to but will leave no room for negotiation or question, “I’m afraid we have to leave now”. Simple. To the point.

    Huening-- Invites himself. He’s not one who enjoys being away from you for extended periods of time. So when your schedule is overbearing and has you moving from activity to activity without pause, he finds a way to tag along. He’s such a smooth talker, good at both beginning and carrying a conversation to the point that your colleagues rarely take note that he originally was not supposed to be there.

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  • rikiszn
    01.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    April Fools (KKH)

    Genre: Angst

    AU: Coming of Age!au

    Warnings: Reader is toxic and bitchy towards Hueningkai, mentions of smoking

    Summary: She was broken and held up boundaries for herself, bad reputation aiding in her not being attached to anyone. Hueningkai wanted to fix her, but he was a fool to think it was easy.

    Notes: I recommend listening to the song as you read, just for more immersion. You don’t need to though, listening to it just helps the atmosphere once you read the fic :)


    Y/n was a unique character to Hueningkai, she held something in her that he couldn’t read. He was constantly fascinated by her, wondering how her mind worked and whatever ran through it. That’s where his curiosity had then led him, on a rooftop with Y/n, staring at the city below.

    “I will never understand what your intentions are Kai, like why would someone like you go around with with me? I’m the total opposite of what you are at school” Y/n laughed, puffing out some smoke. Kai turned to look at Y/n, studying her features under the light of the moon above.

    “I don’t know what it is about you, but you hold something I wanna uncover. I see more than what you expect or even think Y/n” he sighed and laid against the roof, before continuing. “I may be dumb enough to be swayed, but not enough to follow you around for no reason” Hueningkai rested his arms behind his head.

    Y/n looked at him, unreadable expression plastered on her face. He raised his brow at her. “You’ll just get hurt in the long run though, and you don’t deserve that” she said softly. There she goes again, Hueningkai never understood why Y/n would think of him so differently to her. They were both old enough to handle themselves and he was being treated like a child.

    Was it the popularity? The good grades? Sure they were very different in those aspects, but at the end of it all, they were both just teenagers who wanted to live their lives, carelessly or not. “Y/n I wouldn’t mind, as long as I’m with you, nothing around us matters” Kai closed his eyes while they sit in silence. Then Y/n stood up from beside him and went back to the main part of the rooftop.

    “Ok Mr. Sentimental Kamal, well I’ve gotta go now since it’s getting late. See you tomorrow at school” she dusted off her uniform skirt and ran off, waving towards Hueningkai. He waved back and had a small smile etched across his face, at that moment, nothing else truly mattered to him.

    The next day at school, Hueningkai was cornered by his own best friends. “You were with Y/n again last night weren’t you?” Yeonjun asked sternly, to which Hueningkai replied with a soft nod. Beomgyu sighed, but Soobin held him back in case he tried anything. “Kai you already know that girl is bad news, I thought you’d be better than this” Soobin said calmly, but Hueningkai only hardened his face.

    The five of them have been through this before, but Hueningkai chose to stay stubborn through it all. “I’m not a baby anymore hyung, I can handle myself” he huffed. Out of nowhere, Beomgyu had finally snapped. “If you get hurt by this girl, you’re on your own understand?” he said through gritted teeth. Hueningkai was in shock, then Yeonjun held Beomgyu back and excused themselves.

    This left Hueningkai with Taehyun and Soobin. “Just be careful Huening, we love you and are just looking out for you. We don’t want you hurt” Taehyun pat his back as the bell rang, signaling for them to get back to class. Hueningkai only rubbed his forehead in frustration, following close behind Taehyun and Soobin.

    That same day, Hueningkai had met up with Y/n again, this time behind the school. “Kai be honest with me. Why are you doing this?” She lit up another cigarette and he gulped. “Doing what?” Hueningkai asked. Y/n side eyed him and he got the hint. “Look, I like you, and I want to help fix everything that goes wrong” he replied nonchalantly. Y/n laughed bitterly and puffed out more smoke.

    “Kai I don’t think you’d really understand” she scoffed, Hueningkai was actually dumber than he thought he was. “Then make me understand Y/n, I can help you” he said calmly, standing his ground with his hands in his pockets. Y/n gave him a smirk and shook her head, running a hand through her hair.

    “I told you that you’d get hurt being involved with me. Kai my life is more complicated than you truly think it is my love” she retorted sarcastically. Kai realized he shouldn’t have meddled in with Y/n, but it was too late because to him, he followed her around like a lost puppy constantly. He was a blundering fool, just wanting nothing more than to be with her, even if it hurt him.

    “By the way, I have a boyfriend sweetie, I’m sorry. Ciao Kai! Good luck with everything else I guess. We can always stay friends!” Y/n laughed maniacally while walking off, leaving him there. It was as if their whole friendship and feelings for her was built on April Fools, it was all just a sick joke.

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