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    19. navy blue

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    song recommendation
    college!beomgyu x f!reader

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    text under the first two images!

    barely proofread

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    your hands were shoved into your hoodie pocket. well.. not your hoodie, you were wearing one of beomgyu's sweatshirts that he had left at your dorm. it was a soft sage green color with a small bear by your left collar bone.

    you hadn't known how obsessed he was with bears. he had atleast four teddy bears on his bed at all times, which you found adorable.

    your feet carried you to his dorm building, smiling at your own thoughts. it seemed the more you thought about beomgyu, your regular self deprecating (and self sabotaging) intrusive thoughts left you alone. he really was your happy place.

    you stood outside of his building, waiting for a random person to enter or leave so you could squeeze behind them since the card for your own building wouldn't allow you access into it.

    the sound of the door unlocking made you shoot your head up and race to the door. to your surprise, a face covered in freckles came into your view. "oh my gosh, yn! what are you doing here? it's great to see you!" you honestly forgot how deep felix's voice was.

    "hey felix! i'm just here visiting beomgyu. it's great to see you too! how are things going with you?" you watched as the door had shut behind him, frowning slightly.

    "oh i'm just going to meet the other guys for dinner. you-know-who is still acting like a bitch though" he chuckled, kicking the concrete beneath his feet. he had noticed your frown towards the door, making him turn around and swipe his card, unlocking the door. "i won't tell if you won't" he winked.

    "ah thank you so much felix! i hope you have fun at dinner! don't let you-know-who ruin your night out!" you waved goodbye to him, slipping through the door and towards the elevator.

    as you pressed the elevator button, your phone buzzed from your pocket. it was beomgyu calling. "where ya at, goldie?" you could hear a slight concern in his voice.

    "oh! im waiting for the elevator now. i ran onto felix coming in and we talked for a bit. i should be up in a minute or so." as you said that, the elevator doors opened, revealing the person you wanted to avoid at all costs. beomgyu was talking in your ear, but you weren't processing anything he was saying.

    hyunjin stood in the elevator looking shocked, before he mustered up the dirtiest look possible. his eyes shooting daggers at you, shoving past you harshly. you stumbled back, surprised by his actions.

    "yn? are you in the elevator now?" beomgyu's voice rang.

    "oh, uh yeah, i'm on my way." you hung up before he could say another word. your trip up to the sixth floor seemed like forever. all you could think about was how harsh hyunjin was to you. did your friendship really mean nothing to him? god yn, now is not the time to be thinking about this. ever since the halloween party you decided that you weren't going to be sad about losing him. he really wasn't a good friend especially after unloading all of your secrets to hundreds of ears.

    you barely even realized the elevator doors opening, but you're glad you did because you immediately saw beomgyu's smiling face. you rushed up to him, wrapping your arms around him tightly. he chuckled, his arms finding your middle and squeezing you tightly.

    "hey baby, i missed you." if he wasn't supporting your weight, you would've crumbled to the floor at his words. you didn't say anything, simply burying your face into his chest. he twirled your bodies around and practically carried you into his room.

    when you arrived, he flopped onto his bed still holding onto you. you lifted your head from his chest, face still burning hot from the pet name he called you. he let out a giggle, his hands finding your waist and guiding you to sit up on him.

    "you like when i call you baby?" he smirked. you slapped his chest playfully before burying your face in your hands. "don't hide baby, let me see your face." he pulled your hands from your face, intertwining his fingers with yours. "you're so cute."

    "aren't we supposed to be studying?" you avoided his gaze, making him giggle even more.

    "but i'm comfortable here." he pouted.

    you scoffed, moving yourself so you were sitting next to him instead of straddling his waist, "you're the one who said i couldn't be a distraction and look at you!"

    "you didn't even bring your backpack!" he argued back, pulling you to lay down and entangling his legs with yours, basically trapping you with him.

    "okay... you have a point. but still!" you readjusted yourself so you head was resting on his chest. "c'mon bear, you gotta study." the warmth radiating off of his body enveloped you. you snuggled your head further into him.

    "let's take a quick nap and then study when we wake up." you hummed, you weren't even tired before coming over but his touch lulled you to sleep almost instantly.

    you woke up a few hours later to beomgyu playing his guitar. you sat up, rubbing your eyes, "bear? what are you doing?" your voice was quiet, but nonetheless he turned around to look at you.

    a guitar pick was tucked between his lips. he hummed, placing it on his desk and scooting his chair closer to his bed. "i found this song i wanted to learn."

    "play it, i wanna hear!" you pouted. you loved when beomgyu played his guitar. every time he picked it up he looked at peace. you really admired him for it.

    he chuckled, making sure his guitar was tuned to perfection before softly strumming it, "the sky is navy blue, soon to be baby blue, and baby you've got nothing but time," your jaw dropped, you had no idea beomgyu had such a beautiful voice. of course you had heard him humming to songs, but you didn't know the extent of it.

    his eyes flicked up to yours as he sand the next few lines, "i never told her that i loved her, i just showed her that i loved her, was her shoulder when she needed to cry."

    he repeated the first verse, you could feel yourself tearing up. this boy was going to be the death of you. "has there ever been a time, where we ain't have much to say? the seat was on recline, it was way late in the day. we would stay past we would lay, closed eyes, and the sky was indigo-oh-oh."

    "you would ask what's on my mind, begged for me to say. i part my lips then nevermind, i'd tell you a million times. i'd tell you a million times, but you already know-oh-oh." you sat still on his bed, a proud smile finding it's way onto your lips.

    he sang the first verse another two times, but you were still amazed at his talent and passion for music.

    "yeah, sometimes it's not words required. and sometimes it's ah yeah, ah yeah, i'm falling for you. i'm falling for you, you, you, you." he played the rest of the song out with his soft strumming. he let out a breath, leaning his guitar against his nightstand.

    "so? what did you think?" he leaned back in his chair, smiling at your reaction to his singing.

    you jumped from his bed onto his lap, his chair rolling back an inch or two from the impact. you had startled him with your actions making his eyes widen. " oh my god bear it was amazing! i had no idea you could sing like that! and your guitar skills were perfect as always. it was so good! what's the songs name? i want to make a post about it! your voice complimented the lyrics so well. just hearing it made my heart grow. you're so talente-" he shut your rambling up by slamming his lips onto yours.

    you nearly jumped back in surprise, but his arms held you tightly against him. you fluttered your eyes closed, kissing him back passionately.

    after a few seconds he pulled away, resting his forehead against yours. "you talk too much, baby." you couldn't speak. you brought your hand to your lips, touching them softly. "y'know, i meant every word i sang."

    you looked into his eyes, smiling shyly. he chuckled, playing with the ends of your hair that rested on your back.

    "i really like you, beomgyu."

    "i really like you too, yn."

    so much for studying, huh

    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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    a/n: dedicated to the user who sent me an ask about being serenaded by beomgyu,, sadly i lost your tag i'm sorry D: i hope you enjoyed this chapter though :)
    also?? BRUH THEY KISSED!! y'all have no idea how happy writing this chapter made me :))
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  • park-jimin97
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    cruel summer

    soobin x reader

    masterlist ; part two

    a/n: so this fic is inspired by a song called vacation bible school. it’s an interpretation of it. i also wanna say that everything is intentional about what occurs. as always feedback is appreciated, good or bad! very slight use of curse words. For outfit reference, see photo from my masterlist :D

    semi long story ahead

    disclaimer: all stories are acts of fiction and are in no way a real representation of the band or idol mentioned.


    Summer was that time of year you dreaded the most. Sure, people had pool parties, bonfires, and whatnot. But it was hard for you to enjoy your summers since you spent half of it away as a counselor at a dinky camp. Each year your parents tried to sell you on the idea of summer camp. As if it was this magical time and anything amazing could happen. It never was.

    The whole car ride there made your stomach start to get that familiar kind of pain. The one where you feel like you could vomit or pass out, but nothing in between. Your mom chatted away about all the fun things you could plan for your charges this time but you were busy in your own world. Mind already made up that this summer would be as dreadful as the past 3. Spending your day keeping an eye on 15 little kids was no picnic for you. It felt like each second you had to pull a sucker from a kids hair or cover a scrape with a bandaid. It’s not that you didn’t like kids, you just didn’t like dealing with 15 on your own in the blistering summer heat.

    When you finally arrived you hopped out of the car and drug your bags out of the backseat. You gave your mom a hug goodbye before turning to head to your cabin. The only perk to this experience was your private cabin with air and Wi-Fi, which you only had because your dad is best friends with the owner of the camp. Too bad you didn’t get to spend as much time in it as you wanted though. The doors swung open with that familiar creak as you stepped inside. Shutting the screen behind you, you placed your bags on top of the small wooden dresser that sat in the corner, opening it to begin putting clothes away. Not that you’d need too many, you practically wear a uniform the whole time. Another part that you hated.

    “Knock knock!” A bright voice chirped out through the screen behind you as two small knocks hit against the door.

    Oh god. Her.

    “Sarah!” You squeezed out throughout a tight smile, eyes practically rolling to the back of your head. You slammed the dresser shut before spinning around to face the cheery girl. She stood on the other side of your screen door, brown hair pulled into her signature braids, armed with a clipboard. Sarah was the type of girl who took camp wayyy too serious. She was sweet but my god if you had to hear her speech on proper fire techniques one more time.

    “Just wanted to let you know that you will be meeting your campers tomorrow! I also stopped by to give you this book of rules and instructions on proper camp behavior-”


    “As well as the reminder that our counselor meeting will be happening in 20 minutes!”

    “Okay thanks,” You replied, back already turned to finish unpacking. “I’ll just finish up here and be on my way.”

    The typical counselor meeting consisted of the same bullet points and guidelines that they had posted all over camp. Keep an eye on the kids, no fights, no boys in girls cabins too late, blah blah blah. After you finished unpacking you treaded over to the dining hall to sit through an hours worth of Charlie browns teacher lecturing you. At least they had good snacks at this thing.

    “Great. First one here.” You mumbled under your breath as you made your way to the snack table. You grabbed a small styrofoam plate from the side and stared blankly at the options before you.

    “Having trouble deciding?” You jumped at the sudden deep voice behind you, snapping you out of your trance. “I usually go for the cookies at these types of things.”

    “Oh yeah sorry,” You turned to face the mysterious voice, only to be met with a the most attractive guy you’d ever seen. You could feel your mind short circuit as you studied his features.

    He was tall, like REALLY tall. He had dark brown hair that draped just above his eyebrows, lips in a perfect pink pout. His outfit was like the cherry on top of a perfect sundae. A gray “KISS” shirt that looked a little snug on his buff arms and black skinny jeans. My god he was gorgeous.

    “Oh um, yeah um. they - they are pretty good.” Suddenly tripping over your words, you felt the heat crawling up your face. The boy didn’t seem to notice as he reached for a plate beside you. You weren’t sure if you were imaging things but you could’ve sworn he just flexed his arm a little.

    “I’m Soobin.” He said as he piled cookies onto his plate before turning to face you as he popped one into his mouth. Through a mouthful of cookie continued, “This is my first year at this place. What about you?”

    The elevator music in your head continued to play as you opened your mouth to respond to the brown eyed boy. “Oh I’m Y/N. This is my 4th year here.”

    Soobin nodded his head as he wiped his cookie covered mouth with a napkin. “Any advice for a newbie?”

    “Honestly I could give you all the advice in the world and it wouldn’t be enough to survive this hell hole.” Your voice was flat as you made your way to one of the chairs that had been set out. Soobin followed you as he laughed at your blunt response.

    “It’s really that bad?” He laughed as he sat down beside you, stretching his long legs out in front of him.

    Since your throat suddenly felt dry you could only nod in response to his question. You took a big swig from your water bottle as you felt his eyes on you.

    “Maybe you could give me some tips later? We could hang out after this at your cabin if you want. I’d say mine but I have a roommate who’s… really annoying and weird about the rules.”

    Before you could answer the rest of the counselors came in and took their seats. The owner of the camp made her way to the front of the room as a loud cheesy track boomed through the speakers. The rest of the group flew out of their seats, jumping and clapping in joy with the song. You and Soobin stood up and clapped along unenthusiastically. You meet his eyes, startled when he winked at you with a dimpled grinned before turning to face the front.

    A painful hour and a half later, the meeting was finally over. You and Soobin strolled in the dark to your cabin, making fun of everyone that was a little too happy about listening to safety tips for 30 minutes. The two of you stood on the porch of your cabin as you fished the keys from your pocket to unlock the door. Once you were finally in you and Soobin sat across from each other on the leather sofa opposite of your bed. Your conversation flowed easily as you chatted away about everything he should expect during his time at camp.

    “Oh that reminds me, I have a little something!” You jumped up from the couch and made your way over to your suitcase. After some digging you produced a medium sized bottle of pineapple flavored rum, much to Soobins delight. “I was going to save this for tomorrow butttt it’s rare I make a friend so fast here so why not drink it now.”

    Practically moments later, the two of you had completely emptied the bottle. Drunk giggles left your mouth as you watch Soobin make a complete fool of himself while he attempted to convince you he was definitely not drunk.

    “Okay okay let’s get back on topic. How to survive here 101.” Before you could give it a second thought, you reached your finger out to poke his ever so charming dimple. Your face flushed as you pulled your finger back, apologizing for getting in his personal space.

    He quickly shut the apology down, telling you that he thought it was… cute. You weren’t sure if it was the alcohol getting to you but you could’ve sworn there was a twinkle in his eyes as he met yours. Trying to avoid his intense stare, you cleared your throat while turning your head to look at the clock on the wall.

    “Oh crap. It’s really late, I should get to bed. We have to be up at like the ass crack of dawn. But I had a fun tonight, can we hang out tomorrow?” The words kept nervously falling out of you as you stood up from the small couch. Soobin stood with you, stretching his arms out while yawning.

    “Yeah I better get going. I didn’t realize how late it had gotten.” He said, looking down at you to make eye contact. You followed him to the door to see him out, telling him to find you tomorrow morning before the campers came. He promised he would, thanking you for making his first day actually worth it. As he started to walk out, he suddenly stopped and turn to face you once again. That same twinkle in his eyes from earlier.

    “Something wrong?” You ask him as he just looks at you, a small smile forming on his face. He doesn’t respond to your question, only walking up to you and cupping your chin with his large hand, titling it up so you could meet his eyes. You gaze into his eyes briefly before closing them once he leans down to kiss you ever so gently. The kiss was brief but tasted like the pineapple rum from earlier, knees going weak at the scent of his cologne. He pulled away slowly, the feeling of his lips still lingered.

    “Goodnight” He whispered before walking outside, closing the door behind him. Filled with joy, you flopped backwards onto your bed, heart swelling with new emotions.

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    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Prompts- send me a prompt and the genre from which u took it along with any member of BTS, TXT or enha

    Soft angst

    "Am I too late?"

    "please, look at me"

    "you. . . you never had a problem with it before"

    "I'm . . . just disappointed"

    "Do you have to go?"

    "Don't leave me, please"

    "I need you"

    "I'm glad they make you happy"

    "Did you ever mean anything you said?"

    "Am I just a joke to you. . ?"

    "I did. . . I did love you"

    "don't give me space, that's the last thing I want from you"


    "Can we just stay in bed?"

    "your so damn beautiful baby. I can't believe your all fucking mine"

    "I'm tired just cuddle me"

    "stop whining you big baby"

    "stop moving! I'm almost done"

    "another kiss?"

    "oh just shut up and kiss me"

    "god, I miss you so much"

    "you know I'll always be there for you, right?"

    "open up babe, I'm out with your favourite pizza"

    "dance with me"

    "your hearts beating real fast" -"yeah, cuz of you"

    "I'm only doing it because your cute"

    "quit staring at me, I can't keep messing up my sentences because of you"

    "I like the way your hand fits mine"

    "my friends get annoyed by how I talk about you all the time"


    "you need to sleep"- "I am not human therefore I require no sleep"

    "are you implying that you want to kiss me?"

    "damn baby, that was hot"

    "it's cute that you tried to protect me and all, but your like a foot shorter than me y'know"

    "do you think ants see us as giants?" - "what the fuck"

    "your really lucky your cute."

    "are you flirting with me?"

    "oh fuck me." - "gladly, sweetheart"

    "are you okay?" - "can you kiss it better"

    "you have really pretty eyes"

    "you'll catch me?" - "always"

    "is it so hard to see that I'm in love with you?"

    "don't say that"

    "you knew, yet to chose to be with me"

    "because I love you!"

    "na uh, you ain't leaving without giving me a hug"

    "your so warm"

    "is that my shirt?"

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  • neofltr
    02.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    what txt would call their partner

    yeonjun - baby/babe

    a classic, loves the simplicity and adores callling you it all the time

    soobin - love, honey

    hes a sucker for cute petnames^^ calling you "my love" is his favorite thing

    beomgyu - baby

    he either calls you baby or a really cheesy petname just to tease you, theres no in between

    taehyun - babe

    he doesnt really use petnames, he usually calls you by your name or a nickname, uses "baby" to tease you

    kai - baby

    hes similar to taehyun, would call you by your name rather than a petname, but its mostly bc hes shy ^^;; he dosent use "baby" often but he slowly gets more comfortable with using different petnames !

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  • hyukalopsia
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    time to regress and breathe

    #tomorrow by together #txt#soobin#beomgyu#soogyu #capa de fanfic #capa para social spirit #capa para doação #Spotify
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  • choi-y-n
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ Under a Spell - 03. Kai Kamal Huening  **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚

    SYNOPSIS: Rumor has it that yn’s family is known to be the kindest and powerful witches and wizards. They own “Diagon Alley” a small shop varying from silly potions to dangerous hexes, meanwhile here’s yn accidentally giving Choi Soobin, aka her crush, a love potion.

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    Taglist: @erynandreaaa ​ @00-baejin-05 ​ @definitelynotcesia ​ @btxtreads ​ @delicateflowersaestheticpony @groovybiscuitdiplomatpeach ​@higamersitsbarney

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  • jenzyaa
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    beomgyu x reader, soobin x reader 彡 crack [wc: 500+]

    "do not beest afeard, quaint mistress. f'r i shall saveth thee from thy demise!", your best friend said as heroically as he could (and you could tell he was trying hard) as his eyes wandered from his phone screen back to the cockroach sitting on the other side of the room. he looked just as stiff as the broom he was holding in his left hand, knuckles white and face pale.

    you turned to look at the cockroach with a sigh and honestly, you would be anything but surprised if the cockroach facepalmed right back at you there and then. after all, you were both watching a giant man threaten a bug with a broom while simultaneously reading off his phone in what seemed to be an attempt at shakespearean.

    "gyu.. thanks man but I'm goo-", you started after a moment of silence but were immediately interrupted by a high-pitched scream as the cockroach moved the tiniest bit.

    "HOLY SHIT- i mean, no, don't worry y/n, I'll protect you!", beomgyu exclaimed with a shaky voice as he cringed at the bug, not daring to move an inch.

    his actions did anything but reflect his words. you narrowed your eyes at him.

    "I think they're more concerned about your sanity than the cockroach, beomgyu.", you heard soobin say from behind you as he entered the room, looking amused.

    beomgyu narrowed his eyes at the older boy who plopped down next to you with a smirk playing on his lips.

    "don't make fun of me!", beomgyu whined, making both you and soobin grin. he barely managed to throw the tall boy next to you a dirty look before he saw the black dot move from the corner of his eye, immediately turning back to the problem at hand with a panicked shriek.

    a tense silence engulfed the room as you, soobin and the cockroach watched the self proclaimed hero take deep breaths while also mumbling something to himself (you were assuming words of affirmation).

    this seemed to go on for a few minutes and no one dared to move an inch.

    anticipation filled the air when beomgyu took his deepest breath yet, rolled back his shoulders and looked right at the bug, eyes narrowed and teeth bared.

    then, he yelled.


    and with what sounded like a pathetic attempt at a war cry, he ran toward said parasite, broom ready in his hand to attack.

    and the moment he got close enough to the cockroach, it flew away and out of the window. you swore you could hear it’s triumphant laugh.

    beomgyu on the other hand tripped over himself, eyes wide, and landed face down on the floor with a grunt.

    once more, none of you dared to say a thing as you stared at the scene in front of you.

    beomgyu's breathing was uneven, but he didn't open his mouth either.

    that’s when you were fully sure: never in your life had you ever experienced second hand embarrassment as painful as in this moment.

    soon enough, soobin turned to look at you.

    "I mean, at least he didn't read it off his phone this time."

    main masterlist

    © jenzyaa on tumblr

    #beomgyu is insane like that #being friends with soogyu would be the funniest shit ever fr #txt x reader #txt fanfic #beomgyu x reader #soobin x reader #txt crack#choi beomgyu#choi soobin #yeonjun x reader #huening kai x reader #taehyun x reader #kpop x reader #tomorrow x together
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    • Como não amar alguém!

    → Caso se inspire de os créditos.
    → Capa teste, sou pessima fazendo capa divertida MOTIVO eu vou colocando os elementos, mas chega um momento que não sei mais o que colocar, por isso tantas partes vazias :(
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    hello! welcome to my blog :) i mainly

    write txt (especially beomgyu)

    i hope you enjoy my works :)



    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───



    c. yeonjun


    c. soobin


    c. beomgyu

    song recommendation (smau)

    sparks (smau) coming soon!


    k. taehyun


    h. kai

    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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    part 15: jealousy

    taglist: @lokideadontheinside @00-baejin-05 @iyeonjuni @junluvr @txtville @nycol-ie @mysticore-replies @kac-chowsballs @endzii23 @aria-grace-scott


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    na moral, que música boa

    #tomorrow by together #txt#beomgyu#soobin#soogyu #capa de fanfic #capa para social spirit #capa para doação #Spotify
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    ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀Bem vindos!

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀Masterlist

    ☺︎︎ 𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐞

    ☺︎︎ Apenas conteúdo voltado para Neo Culture Technology (NCT), Tomorrow x Together (TXT) Stray Kids e animes.

    ☺︎︎ Mistério, fluff, smut, horror, suspense, crack etc.

    ☺︎︎ ENG/PT-BR


    #nct dream fanfic #hanma x reader #tokyo revengers#chainsaw man#jaemin smut#haechan smut #bonten x reader #chifuyu x reader #mark lee reader #taeyong #stray kids imagines #lee know headcanons #txt#soobin smut#yeonjun#Spotify
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    You cant sit with me! - imagine Soobin (fanboy)

    (Eu nunca postei nada aqui então não sei se estou postando da maneira correta)

    "Oiii!!" foi o que o tal...qual é o nome dele mesmo? Somi? Soli? Sumin?...Aaah! Lembrei! Soobin! Aliás, qual é o problema dele? Qual é! Já vai fazer um mês que ele está me incomodando, ele envia cartas, chocolates e sempre tenta se sentar comigo na sala de aula e nos intervalos! É sempre a mesma história, ele vem até a mim com aqueles olhinhos de cachorro pidao, pede para se sentar comigo, eu falo que não e mostro o dedo do meio. Isso já está se tornando repetitivo...

    "O que você quer?" Digo sem muita paciência, pela amor né! É a mesma coisa todos os dias!

    "Posso me sentar com você?" Ele diz com um grande sorriso no rosto, confesso que ele é até bonitinho

    "Não" digo e mostro o dedo do meio, pronto, agora ele vai embora né?

    "Mas por quê?" Ah nãooooo

    "Porque eu não quero, agora sai daqui vai!" Se ele falar mais alguma coisa, eu vou jogar a minha maçã nele.

    "Por que você sempre me rejeita? Eu te fiz algum mau, S/n-oppa?" Oppa?? Era só o que me faltava!

    "Sai daqui logo, moleque!" Digo e jogo minha maçã em sua cabeça e logo vejo o mesmo levar sua mão até o local onde foi acertado.

    "Eu não quero ir embora! Me deixe ficar com você, por favor!" Por que diabos esse garoto está tão insistente hoje?

    "Por que você é tão irritante?" Esse garoto está me dando nos nervos!

    "Por que você é tão gostoso?" O que? Esse cara pirou?

    "Tá doido moleque? Cai logo fora daqui"

    "Eu só vou embora se você me der um beijo" Mas o que merda esse garoto tá falando?!

    "Você tá ficando maluco? Eu nunca te beijaria, idiota!"

    "Então deixa eu sentar com você! Eu não vou te morder! Eu sou um cara legal" Mas que garoto idiota! O jeito vai ser deixar esse maluco sentar comigo

    "Tá! Senta logo! Mas tem que manter distância de mim e aí de você se tentar fazer alguma gracinha!" Digo e vejo ele sorrir e rapidamente se sentar ao meu lado mais próximo do que deveria

    "Desincosta!" Digo empurrando o mesmo

    "Eu queria que você fosse meu baby boy, você é tão baixinho!" Ele disse e coloca sua mão em meu cabelo, mas o que merda esse cara tá pensando? Ele tá querendo morrer?

    "Se você falar mais alguma coisa desse tipo, Eu juro que te mato!"

    "Ok" Ele diz enquanto pegava sua caixinha de suco e o canudo

    "Realizei um dos meus sonhos hoje" ele diz enquanto bebia o suco

    "Que sonho?" Digo enquanto como um pedaço de bolo, eu não estou nenhum pouco afim de conversar com ele mas minha curiosidade fala mais alto.

    "Me sentar com você, esse é o sonho número quatro" Que idiota.

    "Espero que os outros três sonhos sejam menos idiotas" digo o encarando com tédio

    "O sonho três é ser seu amigo, o sonho dois é ser seu namorado e o sonho um é ser seu marido" ...cara estranho...muito estranho...

    "Você é estranho, Soobin" digo e logo vejo o mesmo gargalhar

    "Sou estranho por sonhar com meu baby?" Baby? Isso é pior que oppa...

    "Para de me chamar dessas coisas, Eu não sou nada seu!"

    "Ainda não! Até porque tudo começa de modo lento. E o primero passo eu já concluí, agora só falta o segundo" sinto que não deveria perguntar qual é o segundo mas a curiosiade está me matando...

    "E qual é o segundo?" Me arrependo de falar quando o vejo sorrir como eu nunca tinha visto, o que esse merda vai aprontar?

    "Esse!" Ele diz e segura meu rosto MAS QUE PORRA, ESSE IDIOTA TÁ ME BEIJANDO!!! O empurro da cadeira, vendo o mesmo cair no chão e então eu lhe dou um chute. Ele apenas ri, ri muito, esse idiota tem merda na cabeça?!

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    Why does this picture give me Minho, Bangchan, Soobin, Beomgyu, Hueingkai and Yunho vibes?? Help..

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  • agustdiv1ne
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    that’s the spirit! — TEASER


    pairing: choi soobin x reader

    genre: sixth sense/ghost hunter!soobin, high school au, s2l, fluff with plot basically

    wc: tbd, aiming for at least 10k :)

    summary: several days before halloween, you find the quiet boy who you share some classes with staring up into your bedroom. you're a little creeped out, and miles more scared, but then he tells you something that changes how you see, well, everything. 

    warnings: (in this teaser) mentions of murder/serial killers, mentions of stalking, cursing, reader is scared scared, some overthinking on the reader’s part

    note: this may be a halloween fic and november might almost be over, but i still wanted to get this out there. it’s the first time in months that i’ve worked on a full-blown fic, so i hope you guys are excited :)


    as soon as you catch sight of his shadowed form, your heart drops to your stomach. the blinds are shut and the curtains are drawn as tightly as possible in a heartbeat, your lungs constricting while your hands begin to tremor.

    what the hell. what the hell? why is he even here — again? has he been here every night, unbeknownst to you? this couldn't be a coincidence — he stares at you in class and all of sudden he's standing right outside your house every night? no way, not a coincidence.

    maybe he's a serial killer, you think. maybe he's scoping out your house for the best route up to your room. perhaps this is a scare tactic, a way to scare you before he strikes.

    you flinch.

    the front door. you almost never lock it.

    you bolt without thinking, nearly tripping and falling down the stairs, to make sure the front door is secured shut. you check, double check to make sure all the windows and doors are locked, draw every curtain shut, check every nook and cranny for any possible entrance to your house. when you find none, you finally breathe.

    soobin has always acted a little strange at school, but this is something entirely different. Is it because you ran into him that he decided that your were it? is this some kind of stalker horror story? are you going to become a serial killer's victim, one briefly mentioned in a documentary made a few years down the line?

    or maybe this is all a cruel joke. yeah, a joke that you're the butt of, the punch line. you'd rather that be the case. you could live with that; you couldn't — no, wouldn't live if it's the former.

    you feel bile rise in your throat, but you swallow it back down. you return to your room and check under your bed, in your closet, as if you were five years old again.

    you don't sleep for the rest of night, cradling your old aluminum softball bat like a lifeline until the sun peeks its head over the horizon.

    the school day passes at a snail’s pace. instead of completing any work, you decide to watch the clock, glancing up from the doodles in your notebook every few minutes, until the lunch bell rings. you don’t dare look at soobin, who sits across the classroom, as you shoot up from your desk as soon as your teacher dismisses you.

    you wake a couple hours after you doze off, only to glance at your alarm clock and realize that school begins in a measly twenty minutes. after scrambling out of bed, throwing on clothes, and half-assedly brushing your teeth, you sprint to your car and speed your way down your neighborhood’s street. you make it to your first class with mere minutes to spare.

    you make it a few feet into the hallway before a hand catches your wrist. your head whips around to see who stopped you, only for your heart to drop into your stomach.

    you should have known it would be soobin.

    his stare bores into your form like a laser, and you resist the urge to gulp. “what do you want?”

    “this is going to sound crazy, but i need you to come with me,” he says, ignoring your question, and you stare at the junction where his large clasps your wrist. you snatch your arm away from him, your hands balled into fists hard enough for your knuckles to pale in color, fingernails biting into the skin of your palms — you think that you might start bleeding if you keep pressing. a few moments of consideration later, you meet his gaze and send him your best intimidating glare; you hope that he can’t see the nerves manifesting themselves in the tremble of your hands.

    “absolutely not.”

    you cringe at the shake in your voice while he heaves a deep sigh. it seems like he knows exactly what you are thinking when he speaks next. “i know you’re weirded out by what’s going on, and i really don’t blame you, but i need you to listen to what i’m about to tell you.”

    you maintain your glare as your lips form a flat line. “no.”

    he mirrors your expression, but there’s a shine of conflict in his eyes. “there’s something wrong with your house.”

    cracking your knuckles out of habit, you ask what he means by that.

    “if you’d hear me out, i could explain,” he deadpans, eyebrows raised expectantly.

    you concede (not without a roll of your eyes), but tell him that you have to stay where people would be able to see you. he accepts the compromise, so the two of you push your way through the front doors of the building and find solace underneath a ruby-leaved tree near a window. it’s on the chillier side today, yet the goosebumps that usually plague you have calmed down for now. you watch as soobin nervously fiddles with the sleeves of his hoodie while you wait for him to speak.

    “listen, if you’re not going to spit whatever the hell it is you wanted to say out, i’m gonna go eat lunch,” you say as you turn around to walk back towards the cafeteria. he panics, pleading for you to stay and that he promises that this won’t take long. you turn back to face him, and he lets out a sigh in what you think is relief, following it with a determined nod.

    “please don't laugh. i, uh," he sucks in a deep breath. "basically, i can see ghosts.”

    please send me an ask or dm if you would like to be tagged!

    © to agustdiv1ne. do not copy, repost, steal, and/or translate.

    #choi soobin x reader #txt fluff #soobin x reader #soobin scenarios#soobin fanfic#soobin fluff#txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt au #txt x reader #txt soobin x reader #choi soobin scenarios #choi soobin fluff #soobin drabbles#soobin timestamps#txt drabbles#txt timestamps#txt fanfic#txt ff #txt soobin fluff #soobin au #kpop x reader #kpop scenarios#kpop imagines#kpop au#kpop fluff
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    TXT Masterlist

    Choi Yeonjun:

    coming soon

    Choi Soobin:

    coming soon

    Choi Beomgyu:

    coming soon

    Kang Taehyun:

    coming soon

    Huening Kai:

    coming soon

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    Boundaries ~ drabble

    Pairing / Yoongi x (f) reader

    Genre / Smut, the first one lol im so embarrassed

    Warnings / oral sex, fingering

    Word Count / 3.011

    Summary / Your boyfriend Yoongi gets jealous and possessive when you flirt in front of him.

    A/N: The first smut ever so im kinda nervous to post this lol but it’s cool to try new things, life ain’t all about angst(? Once again i have to thank to the greatest Beta ever, @tae-bebe​ thank you for always doing this for me, you’re amazing <3 As always, feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!

    As soon as you entered the Hybe building with your boyfriend Yoongi you already felt the tingles in your stomach. It was a Friday afternoon and that meant it was the day you were shooting your dance cover, as a foreign trainee it was a regular thing you were doing but that didn’t mean you felt any less nervous every time. Before going to the dance practice room you decided to get something to drink and a snack because being anxious made you feel hungry. You could feel Yoongi’s judgemental eyes on you but he didn’t say a word because by now he knew it was pointless when it came to you and your snacks.

    In the line of the cafeteria you bumped into someone and without paying attention you apologized, but the person seemed to recognize you.

    “Oh, you’re the foreign trainee right?” Confused you turned around and realized it was Yeonjun from TXT. Perplexed at being identified by him you couldn’t say a word, “I watch your dance covers, you’re good” he added in a friendly tone “I’m Yeon-”

    “You’re Yeonjun, yes” you spoke with a small smile on your face.

    “Hyung, do you want anything else?” Beomgyu then approached you, he stood next to Yeonjun and gave you a smile.

    “Nah, I’m good,” he said nonchalantly.

    “Are you all here?” you asked him in a curious tone.

    “We had practice today and now we want to recharge our batteries.” He was a mix of coy and extroverted and you found that combination endearing. “Do you have practice too?” he asked.

    “No, I’m going to shoot a cover” a small nervous laugh escaped from your lips.

    “Oh, that’s so cool!” he said in an excited tone “Can we go and watch?”

    You froze for a moment not knowing how to answer. Yoongi and all the other Bangtan members would be there to cheer for you because afterwards they had their own practice time. You scratched your head in a nervous manner but seeing Yeonjun’s longing face won you over

    “Uhhh...yeah I guess it wouldn’t be a problem” you agreed, shooting a quick glance to Yoongi who was standing beside you the whole time without saying a word.

    “Great, I’m gonna tell the rest of the members” he smiled at you, enthused. You smiled back and left the cafeteria next to Yoongi who was walking a bit ahead of you.

    “Well that was random and...unexpected.” Yoongi broke the silence while you were getting into the elevator. His tone was neutral and you couldn’t figure out what he was trying to say. Maybe he was annoyed, or bored or didn’t even care, it was hard for you to tell.

    “It was random, yeah” you tried to lighten up the mood, but since there was no answer you took another sip of your iced americano. “What was I supposed to do then?” You inquired innocently.

    “I guess you couldn’t say no” he said, his low voice husky as you exited the elevator.

    You stood there for a second, suddenly feeling a tingle in your core area. There was a bit of annoyance in his tone and you could tell he was not pleased you had been so nice to them. The thought of the unexpected turned you on a little but it wasn’t time for distractions.

    You set out your belongings on the floor while sitting next to one of the glass walls of the big practise room, then pulled your phone out to look for one of your playlists to start stretching. A few seconds later your dance teacher arrived along with the man who was in charge of the camera.

    “Hurry and stretch so we can start soon” he’d ordered and you obeyed.

    While doing your stretch exercises everyone started arriving slowly, Hobi was the first one because he was the most excited for you. Also you were doing the cover for Boy Meets Evil, so you needed him for instructions. Every Bangtan member was already there except for Namjoon who was late, and before long it was time for you to change your clothes and do your make up quickly. A few minutes later you were already in the room again trying to shake your nerves away. Jungkook, Jimin and Hobi always had encouraging words for you, and Jin managed to bring a big smile to your face with his dad jokes. Yoongi was still sitting on the floor with his phone, observing the scene from a distance of you with the rest of the members, and he couldn’t help but smile.

    All of a sudden you heard the door open and you saw five young men entering the room in the most polite and timid way. You gave them a warm smile and waved for them to get closer. They did a small bow with their heads towards everyone.

    “I don’t think I have to introduce all of you” you said trying to break the ice, for some reason you felt a bit awkward in this situation.

    Luckily for you everyone made sure to release the initial tension, sitting all together and chatting before you started with the choreography. Minutes later the door opened once again but this time it was Namjoon running to be seated with the rest of them. He did a confused face while glancing at you, hinting at the TXT members, you just laughed and did a gesture indicating that you’d explain later.

    In the middle of all the takes you discussed some of the movements with Hobi and your dance teacher while the rest of them seemed to be having fun, even Yoongi who was pretending not to every time you looked at him. After the last take you ended up lying on the floor in exhaustion, everyone approaching to congratulate you. Your main concern was doing a good job to pay tribute to Hobi’s work, but you knew you’d done well because he had the biggest smile on his face and kept repeating “Whoa noona you did amazing, I’m so proud of you”.

    After recovering your breath and having the biggest sip from your water bottle you greeted everyone in the room. Namjoon made his way to you with a sigh. “Noona, I’m sorry that I was late but I can’t stay now because I need to go back to work.”

    You smiled warmly “No need to apologize dude, thanks for the support”. He gave you a small hug and left. He was followed by the cameraman and your dance teacher next. For some reason you felt the atmosphere turning a bit heavy, so you started doing your stretches while chit chatting with everyone.

    “I know I’m in your country, but since I come from another culture you can drop the honorifics with me.” You offered to the younger members, and felt the piercing eyes of Yoongi on you.

    In the background Jin was gasping loudly in shock but then he laughed. They knew you weren’t being disrespectful, it was a way of trying to make the younger ones feel more comfortable around you. Beomgyu clearly already felt that way with you thought as he turned and asked a question that made Yeonjun and Soobin gasp in horror.

    “Y/N - ssi, out of us five who do you find the most attractive?” he laughed as the others read out and smacked him.

    You let a small laugh escape from your lips but you felt a bit startled when you noticed Yoongi staring at you, once again inexpressive. His deadpan expression made you feel unsettled but at the same time you were in the mood for playing with him a little bit. You smacked your lips and made a thinking face while moving your tongue in a playful way.

    “Mmmmm…” you started playing with your hair in a mock flirty manner “You’re all a bit young for me...” you paused and glanced over at Yoongi, “but I think I’d say...Soobin-ssi”. You saw how everyone froze for a few seconds and poor Soobin was red as a tomato. “Don’t get me wrong, you all have your visuals on point and are very cute, but Soobin is very handsome” you stated innocently.

    “Hey y/n - ssi they’re kids, stop making them uncomfortable” Jin said as he laughed out loud.

    You could feel the tension radiating from Yoongi so you decided to take things a bit further.

    “Wouldn’t we look cute together?” you asked as you grabbed Soobin by the arm to get him closer to you while he was covering his face in embarrassment and giggling. Everyone was being even louder than usual because of your act.

    “Hey! How come you never flirt with me like that?” Jimin complained with a pout and Yoongi gave him a death stare.

    “Jimin-ah you’re like a little brother to me, I couldn’t never see you like that” you stated with a grossed out expression, which of course annoyed Jimin even more.

    “I’M ONLY A FEW YEARS YOUNGER THAN YOU, HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT!?” he exclaimed. Everyone was on the verge of tears of laughter at this point.

    Hobi, as the sole voice of reason, apologized to the younger ones on behalf of the older members. “I promise you we aren’t like this all the time” he giggled.

    “Some of us got a little more excited than others.” Yoongi spoke in a low tone. You felt his gaze on you but you looked away on purpose.

    Soobin made a small sound clearing his throat to catch Yeonjun’s attention, “Ah yeah, we should get going now” he said as he motioned to the rest of the members to stand up. “Thank you so much for letting us hang out with you, Noona.” Soobin hesitated for a second until he said politely “1, 2, 3 thank you!” in unison as they bowed.

    It was impossible not to be endeared by them. “Hey, I said no need to be so polite with me.” you joked. “It was really my pleasure to have you here, thank you for the support” and you gave each of them a quick hug.

    Once they left the rest of the Bangtan members started to warm up and it was your time to change your clothes and take off your makeup. You were in complete silence in the dressing room so you startled when you heard the door open.

    “Fuck Yoongi, you scared me” you said, covering yourself quickly because you thought it was someone else.

    Yoongi closed the door in silence and stared at you. You glanced around the room quickly and the sound of you gulping was somehow way too loud.

    “You thought you could play around in front of me without any consequences?” his pace was slow as he spoke to you. “I gotta admit it was kind of cute, you trying to get my attention like that…” he was getting closer and closer “...so desperate”. He was standing in front of you with a deadpan expression but you could see the lust in his eyes “cute”, the smirk made you bite your lip.

    “So you like them younger now, huh?” you stood there in silence “It’s okay, but I don’t think that Soobin kid has the slightest idea of what to do with you.” he played with your hair as he spoke, and you felt goosebumps erupt on your body. You felt his hot breath closer to your lips, and you closed your eyes expectantly, but instead he started planting kisses all along your neck making a path to your exposed chest. A small moan escaped from your lips but then you felt Yoongi suddenly stop.

    “Mmmm, I think you’re enjoying yourself a little too much” he teased. “After all, you’ve been very rude so I don’t think you’re worthy of pleasure.”

    You opened your eyes and frowned “But I-” you tried to defend yourself.

    “But nothing, I told you that if you misbehave you’ll get punished”. His voice was low and raspy and while it was a turn on, his serious face turned you on even more.

    You tried to complain once again but it was useless at this point, he’d made up his mind. He had you cornered against the wall “You’re all mine, don’t forget that” he whispered in your ear while grabbing you gently by the throat, planting a few more kisses on your neck. You felt his hand releasing you but slowly going down to your abdomen area, teasing with the edge of your underwear which were soaked at this point. You started to move your legs as an indication of where you needed to be touched, biting your lips as you pleaded.

    “It’s cute when you beg, Jagi-yah, but it’s not working today.” Yoongi taunted some more as he kissed you hungrily. It was sloppy and hard, pushing his body into yours so you could feel his hardness. The feeling of his stiffness made you moan into his mouth. He smiled between kisses because he had you right where he wanted.

    He continued planting kisses all over you and touching every inch of your warm body. “Please let me touch you” you begged.

    “No, Jagi-yah I told you, you don’t deserve that today.” You felt frustrated and annoyed.

    “Then please stop, or I’m gonna cum anytime soon”, suddenly he stopped and stared at you.

    “No you won’t” he smirked.

    You stood there confused until you felt him abruptly separating your legs with his feet, getting rid off your underwear rapidly. Now at your feet he kneeled down and stared up at you with desire in his eyes. You gave him a yielding look and he smirked devilishly.

    “You look extra delicious today, jagi” he teased, “too bad you won’t be able to do as you please”. He started to plant soft kisses to your inner thighs, making his way into your heated pussy. He gave a soft blow with the intention to cool it down, you felt shivers the minute you felt him smoothly opening your folds. You could hear him moaning against you, twirling his technological tongue a few times. He ended up smacking his lips when he moved away from your thighs. You looked at him confused.

    “Why did you stop!?” your tone was desperate at this point, but he just let out a small laugh.

    “Because I’m having fun with you, that’s why.” he was on his feet again, touching your face with one hand as the other one was on your waist “Just like you had fun with me earlier with that boy.” He gave a small nip to your jawline “It doesn’t feel good, does it?” he said in your ear. You could only reply with a moan. “Mmmm, I think it does feel good for you though.” His hand was no longer on your face, it was trailing down to your pussy once more. “You can only cum when I say so, got it?”, you looked him in the eyes and nodded.

    He started touching you gently at first while kissing you slowly, with lust and devotion. He followed the rhythm with the path of your breathing, when your breathing turned heavy so did he with his fingers. The sound of your wetness, sloppy kisses and moaning filled the room.

    “Yoongi, please I’ll cum soon” you pleaded.

    “No, you won’t” he stopped and replied in an authoritative tone. “We agreed that you would when I say so, don’t be such a brat”. You felt how your walls clenched hearing his tone. “Be a good girl for me, okay?” he planted a quick kiss on the tip of your nose, you smiled warmly and nodded.

    He returned his attentions to your pussy, but this time more intensively, thrusting two fingers inside you and a couple of minutes later adding one more. With his other hand he started to work on your clit, the tension you felt in your body was unbearable. Your back was arched against the wall and you were on your toes, hoping you would feel your release soon. His gaze was focused on your desperate movements, smiling to himself as he pressed against your clit even harder, the pace of his fingers growing faster and faster.

    “Please Yoongi, I need to cum” you cried but he didn’t answer.

    He kept going but this time he slowed down a little. He came closer to your breasts and lavished them with attention, licking all the way up your neck to your mouth. Your breathing was heavy and so was his, he felt how your walls were preparing to clench around his fingers and his stiff cock twitching in his pants was longing for the same. The tempo he was maintaining on your clit was slower and harder, inside you he was moving his fingers rapidly. He rested his head on your shoulder gasping loudly and you cried once again

    “Please I need to-” you couldn’t complete your phrase because your walls were clenching, you felt your orgasm about to wash over you. Shutting your eyes you moaned loudly, scratching at Yoongi’s arm, you were getting closer and closer, it was almost there.

    Yoongi felt your orgasm building up inside, the moment you were about to burst he stopped and let go of you. He stared at you with heavy breathing and so did you. He laughed at your frustrated and confused expression “I told you not to cum”, he smiled sideways trying to catch his breath.

    “No, you said I could when you say so!” you said frustratedly. He approached you and suddenly you felt intimidated.

    “This is why you don’t play with me, y/n - ssi” you felt his breathing closer to your face. He planted a small kiss on your lips and then turned his back to you as he walked back over to the door, “I’ll see you later at home” he smiled wickedly. He fixed himself and let a loud gasp out before stepping out of the dressing room, leaving you naked and bothered. 

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    mudar de ideia de última hora dá nisso

    #tomorrow by together #txt#soobin#hueningkai #capa de fanfic #capa para social spirit #Spotify
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