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  • youbeomgyou
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    Não odeie os jogadores, odeie o jogo (adotada); insp.
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  • seungstarss
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    𝐁𝐄𝐓≛ 0.2 crazy cat lovers

    ᜊ yn. a third year literature major at hybe university. she doesn't have many friends due to them thinking she's "anti-social." yn has an interest in fashion and enjoys making her own clothing. (wants to switch majors)

    ᜊ reiko. a third year fashion major at hybe university. she has a really outgoing/tomboy personality which always makes yn feel at ease.

    ᜊ luna. a third year literature major at hybe university. she met reiko, yn and taehyun at their orientation. she's also roommates with reiko and yn.

    ᜊ taehyun. a tired third year literature major at hybe university. he honestly doesn't know why he's even studying literature, but he likes his friends so that's enough. often gets gets approached by casting managers.

    ᜊ huening kai. a second year literature major at hybe university. he met yn at his orientation (he was struggling and she assisted him) and have been close ever since. you can always find him with taehyun.

    ᜊ sir- are you there. yn's private account/spam.


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    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend’s diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. “lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want.”

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  • seungstarss
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    𝐁𝐄𝐓≛ 0.1 the frat brothers

    ᜊ jake. a third year at hybe university known for his idol-like visuals. jake doesn't have the best reputation: he's a big party boy, a heavy drinker & a player.

    ᜊ jay. a third year fashion major at hybe university. along with his friends, he also attends a lot of parties. he's quite mysterious and is seemingly hiding something.

    ᜊ heeseung. the former fraternity president & third year at hybe university. he got kicked from his position due to his lack of commitment. heeseung has a passion for illegal street racing, which is his current hobby.

    ᜊ sunghoon. a narcissistic third year at hybe university with prince-like visuals. the school's campus heartthrob, but is also known as the school's most ruthless player.

    ᜊ yeonjun. the fraternity president & fourth year at hybe university. he's widely acknowledged for his achievements and took on the role of president. he's usually very busy, but is quite the procrastinator.

    ᜊ soobin. the fraternity vice president & fourth year at hybe university. he's very smart and usually has to pick up after yeonjun. the brain behind everything, so he's quite busy.

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    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend's diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. "lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want."

    @fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @acciomylove @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza
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  • youbeomgyou
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    boy meets boy (disponível para doação); insp ~♡

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  • sunshinelixie-lee
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    *soobin as your boyfriend*

    a/n: aHhH *contented sigh* he'S So PreTtY wHaT-

    미안해요 ㅠㅠ 너무 짧아요오오 also I was listening to Claire de Lune on repeat as I wrote the make-out scene so... yeah, it's pretty soft

    warnings: intense making-out >///<



    There he is. Your prey. Innocently lying on the dorm couch and scrolling through his phone, completely unaware.

    The time is ripe to pounce.

    Silently you stalk your victim, crawling on all fours behind the couch. The object of your hunt doesn't even notice you're there until it's too late. You pop your head up over the edge of the couch and growl at him, a tiny feral smile on your face.

    Soobin glances up with that cute "OwO????" face he always gives the members when they're trying to grab his attention. He follows your movements with mild interest as you plop down beside him. Evidently, he determines that you're harmless because he goes back to scrolling his weverse page.

    Not to be dismissed, you lie down beside him, the image of an expectant kitten. Once again he glances at you, his face very clearly asking,

    "..... yes????"

    You don't speak, only crack a sort of smile and wiggle closer -- something Soobin finds so cute that he chuckles and sets down his phone.

    "What do you want, you little monster?" he coos.

    You're in a very

    ✨cute mood✨

    so you close your eyes and pucker your lips and nothing else.

    You hear more soft chuckles and the shifting of weight as he positions himself more comfortably in front of you.

    Despite the number of times he's kissed you, your heart is still going like the wings of a hummingbird.

    What with your closed eyes, only the sound of his breathing and the feel of his warm breath dusting your face reveals his relative position.

    Ever so, so gently, he lowers his lips onto yours.

    The kiss is sweet and soft, so soft that it feels like the wings of a butterfly are fluttering right there on your mouth. Overwhelmed by the warm, tingly sensation it shoots from your lips all the way to your toes, you let out a tiny sigh. He pulls back, laughing.

    "아아아 자기이이, you're so cute!" Softly, he pinches your cheek.

    The blush heats your face before you can bat an eye, and you squirm in sudden embarrassment.

    수빈Soobin chuckles at you, patting both of your cheeks, which you obligingly puff full with air. His eyes curve up into little crescent moons as he grabs you around the waist and shifts you closer to his face.

    The sudden proximity makes your face heat by another 50 degrees or so. His dark eyes twinkle somewhat slyly, so close that you could almost flutter his eyelashes with your own.

    "What's wrong?" he all but purrs. "I thought you wanted to play."

    If you were blushing before, you're now on fire at the implications in his tone.

    "Shut up," you whined, swatting his shoulder.

    Soobin grins again, his biceps which he swears come not from working out, but from breathing exercises flexing as he pulls you flush against his chest, pressing your lips to his own.

    Your arms wrap around his neck of their own accord, his own hands gripping at everything from your waist to your hips to your thighs. You can feel his mouth curling up into a smile as his lips slide against yours.

    You hum appreciatively at the warm softness of his mouth, lips tugging and gliding.

    Soobin sighs as you deepen the kiss, stroking your tongue against his. One leg crooks over his waist, your arms wrapping farther around his neck to stroke at the firm muscles at the junction of his neck and his shoulders.

    With a single fluid motion he rolls over to hover over you, every muscled line of his body pressing firmly against yours, reminding you just how capable he is of breaking you with a single hand. The thought makes a buzz settle throughout your entire being as he rests on top of you, one hand over your heart, the other cradling the side of your face as gently as a kitten. His elbows and knees are all that keep his weight from crushing you as he drops several sweet, smiley kisses onto your lips, your eyes, your nose.

    "Stay with me,"

    you breathe, tangling your fingers in his hair.

    He hums, going in for another heated kiss.


    he murmurs against your mouth.


    {{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}}

    ♡pls reblog if you enjoyed♡

    {masterlist}[request] taglist: @danielol @taecup-ontrack @oifelixcmerebrou @grassbutneo @0x1lovebot (requests are open & lmk if you would like to be on a taglist)


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  • daochailai
    17.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Capa Teste

    Trilogia Destinos - Yeonbin

    Abra a imagem para melhor qualidade

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  • gyucore
    15.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    pairing: ot5 x reader (individual endings + true end)
    chapter tags: zombie apocalypse au, angst, mystery
    synopsis: an unknown illness has rapidly spread throughout the world, taking down nearly the entire population and turning them into mindless vessels of death and chaos. in the midst of the rubble, you and your partner find a notice of a safe zone, and are taken in by a small group of survivors. you only have to hold out for seven more days until rescue arrives, but danger lurks at every corner, and not everyone can be trusted.
    warnings: mentions of blood, gore, profanity, character death

    master post

    Up until now, it never really crossed anyone's mind just how much the world can change in the span of three months. Bright and busy streets that were once filled with people of different shapes and sizes, each living their lives the way they're intended, were now dark, empty, and uninviting. Garbage and rubble littered everywhere, and nature had taken over most of the run-down buildings. What used to serve as homes for many were now hollow shells of forgotten memories. And areas that'd been avoided at all costs became shelter for those seeking refuge, be it a dark cave in the middle of a forest, a series of tunnels hidden beneath the local town plaza, or the rotten sewers of the downtown area. Anything to not receive unwanted attention. If it weren't for the looming threat of danger present around every corner, the world would've been a sight to behold.

    The downfall of mankind at the hands of an unknown illness. It had spread at an alarming rate, faster than renowned experts could ever have predicted. Endless efforts had been made to pinpoint its source, take note of its effects, and prevent it from spreading any further, but before they could yield the results of their research, the sick started acting strange. Two weeks after getting infected, the patients started behaving erratically. They've refused to eat their meals, lost their ability of coherent speech, and have had their mental capacity regress to that of a toddler. A week into their strange behavior and numerous reports flooded in left and right about how they'd start viciously attacking anyone that came within a certain range.

    A child could piece together what's going on, and a good portion of the populace were well aware of what was to come. An illness that strips a person down to that of a wild animal, erratic movements, and accounts of vicious attacks; the whole situation sounded like the start a film one would pay to see on the big screen at weekends, except this was real life. It had already been too late when the horrific realization fell on everyone.

    “I don't think we should do this.”

    You snap out of your thoughts at the sound of someone's voice up front. It hadn't occurred to that you'd been staring blankly at the moss covered floor for quite some time. “Sorry, what were you saying?” You ask, getting up from your seat on the ground.

    Sunlight shone through the cracks above the sewers, illuminating the person's face. “I said, I don't think we should go through with the plan.” It had been Beomgyu who'd stepped up to oppose this month's supply run.

    “Why? Is there a problem with the plans?”

    Beomgyu looks down for a moment, briefly avoiding your gaze to collect himself and find his resolve. He wasn't one to go against your decisions. After all, you'd never failed to take into account everyone's well-being in crafting your plans, and none of them have failed the group thus far. But this one just felt.. off.

    “It's too dangerous.” Beomgyu says with clenched fists, eyes full of conviction. “I know we're basically out of rations at this point but we've never done runs like this before. What if something bad happens to one of us?”

    “I've thought this over a hundred times, Gyu.” You tell him, eyeing the rest of your group on the side in concern. “You've seen it yourself during our last scouting, right? There's barely any resources left around these parts of the city. The only way we'll be able to survive until our next relocation is to raid the nearest mall.”

    “We could scout the area again.” Beomgyu insists, not letting his gut feeling slide. “We could find some other ways to get our hands on supplies without risking everyone's safety. You and I know the hordes prefer dark and wide spaces. There could be hundreds of them in there.”

    “We'll take the risk.” A hand makes its way to your shoulder. You turn and see the rest of your group, Suhyeon and Sungjae, the hand belonging to the former.

    Beomgyu frowns at the others' approval. You hold his hand and smile in attempt to reassure him, and for a moment, the two of you stare each other down. By the frightened look in his eyes, you could tell he was scared. And you were too. Everyone was, all the time. And with that fear, the idea of giving up seemed to grasp at your fingers, but the group wasn't in a place to do so. Beomgyu understood that.

    “Fine. I trust you.”

    You breathe a sigh of relief, giving his hand a little squeeze. “I won't let you down.” Was what you wanted to tell him, but couldn't find the courage to. You just hope things will actually go as planned.

    Since the beginning, Beomgyu has always placed his trust in you. Both of you were broadcasting majors in college, and had taken most of your classes together. The first wave of attacks from the horde happened during one of those classes. It was of pure luck that you were seated next to Beomgyu that day. Quick on his feet, he'd instinctively grabbed your hand and dragged you to safety as he ran. And you've never felt so grateful your entire life. The gruesome sight of your classmates being ripped apart bit by bit had rendered you frozen in place. If it hadn't been for Beomgyu, you could've been one of them. And ever since that day, you'd vowed to survive together no matter what.

     The group left the base around noon. It looked like it was about to rain so you urged everyone to move quickly. The last thing anyone wants was to have to navigate slippery grounds.

    Getting to the mall took nearly half an hour on foot. You had the group go around, sticking to the edge of the forest. In the situation you encounter a horde of infected, the dense trees and greenery would provide great cover. Fortunately, there had only been a few of them wandering around the streets, making it easy for the group to evade and not engage.

    Arriving at the mall, Suhyeon and Beomgyu proceed to scout the area, securing every entrance and exit. You and Sungjae stayed behind, reviewing the map of the mall by the main entrance.

    “Don't you think it's strange?” Sungjae says, copying the map on her notebook.

    “What?” You ask absentmindedly, drawing your own copy.

    “Usually there'd be more infected lurking around. This is the first time we didn't have to fight them off. Kinda makes me paranoid lmao.”

    Kidding aside, Sungjae had a point. Supply runs usually never went as smoothly as this, but no harm ever came with looking at the bright side.

    “All entrances and exits secured. We're ready to go.” Suhyeon reports tucking her ropes back in her bag. Beomgyu follows behind, giving an affirming nod.

    Sungjae passes down copies of the map, and you provide everyone with a final rundown of the plan.

    “We split up. Suhyeon and Beomgyu, you take the second floor. Scale the building carefully. Sungjae and I will search the ground floor. Take only the essentials. Prioritize food and medicine. Take anything that can be used as a weapon as long as it doesn't slow you down. Leave the basement alone. That'll reduce the risk of running into one of them. Hear a suspicious noise nearby? Get the fuck out of there. Each floor has three exits and two emergency exits, go to whichever is most safe. I'll trust that Beomgyu and Suhyeon did their part in properly securing the exits. If anything happens, fire the smoke signal. If all goes well, we regroup here. Everyone clear?”


    “Then let's go.”

    Beomgyu sifts through the stock room in one of the pharmacies, balancing a flashlight between his neck and shoulder as he grabs anything useful and checks for the expiration dates. Suhyeon volunteered to keep watch out front.

     He couldn't seem to get his mind off of Suhyeon's words earlier. She'd told him about her suspicions regarding the lack of infected nearby. How there must've been something that caught hold of their attention long enough to lure them to another location. Possibly the work of other survivors. Either that or.. they're all having a grand feast at what used to be a group of survivors' hideout.

    Beomgyu shivers at the thought. He'd rather there be no bloodshed, even if it weren't their blood being spilled. But if it had been the former, the ones possible for the distraction must've had a lot of reassurance on their side, and a goal in mind that needed the absence of hordes to be completed. Government interference? After all this time? Probably. They were the only ones capable of such a feat.

    “Noise about five stores away. Slow pace. You done?” Suhyeon asks, popping out from behind and shining an extra light on Beomgyu's face.

    He nods. “All done. Let's get out of here.”

    One step, and Beomgyu freezes. His eyes go straight towards the number of ad posters plastered on the walls. It was possible. An important notice from the government spread around through flyers.

    Beomgyu finds himself grinning.

    There's a fucking safe zone.

    Then the grin falls. There was no doubt you'd find out about the same information, but on what lengths you'd go to retrieve it has left him fearing for the rest of the group.

    He turns to Suhyeon, face grim. “We need to find Y/N and Sungjae. Now.”

     “The hell?”

    The infected collapses on the floor with a thud, its head bashed up from the blow. It had been following you and Sungjae ever since you'd passed through the stock room in the grocery. You two managed to corner it in one of back isles.

    “What's wrong? You okay?” Sungjae looks over at you, placing her bat down as she wiped off the blood on her arm. After asking, she notices your hands start shaking. You seemed so fixated on the bloodied piece of paper that fell out from the infected's mouth. She winces when you immediately picked it up. “I don't think you should be holding on to that thing any longer than you should.”

    “Right, sorry. It's just..” You read through the contents thoroughly, repeating them again and again until everything just goes blank and an array of uncontrollable emotions started flooding in. “Sungjae..” Your voice cracks a little as you hand the paper over to Sungjae, holding onto her shoulder as she too reads the few words on the print.






    “Y/N, this is— You mean, we can finally..” Tears gather in her eyes as she clutches the paper for dear life.

    You nod, letting go of Sungjae and readjusting your duffel bag. “We haven't gathered as much supplies as planned, but the ones we've bagged from this grocery should be enough. Beomgyu and Suhyeon can handle gathering supplies on their own. And I think we can both agree that what we need to do right now is to find out more information about this safe zone.” The torn up flyer obviously wasn't enough, and you were confident there were more nearby.

    Sungjae agrees, placing the last of her haul in her backpack.

    A crashing noise alerts you two, prompting you to ready your weapons.

    “The noise came from up front.” Sungjae whispers. “Let's leave through the side entrance.”

    You two got out of there quick, not wanting to aggravate whatever was wandering around in the front. The goal was clear.

    “Find anything that could lead us to a flyer. Someone must've put them up, right? There has to be more around here.” You say in between pants, stealthily striding your way through the halls.

    “Uh, Y/N?” Sungjae stops you as you pass by a bulletin board at the center of the mall. From the looks of it, flyers about the safe zone were plastered here, only that other survivors had gotten to it first, leaving a few useless scraps behind.

    If only you'd gotten to it sooner, fists clenching at the thought. “Let's keep looking.”

     The next few minutes were quick to pass by. All the running around, carrying heavy bags were starting to tire you down. Strangely enough, you hadn't encountered any other infected aside from the one in the grocery.

    “Y/N, can we rest for a bit? We've searched the entire floor already.” Sungjae begs, exhausted. You remember how Sungjae had the lowest stamina in the group, although she made up for it with her knowledge in medicine and first aid. She's always been the one to patch you up.

    “Maybe we should head back to the meeting grounds. Beomgyu and Suhyeon are probably waiting for us there. If they found any useful information upstairs, they'd surely tell us.”

    You consider Sungjae's suggestion. She had a point. But the ticket to salvation was already right in front of you. If you'd search for a bit more, surely you'd find it. Scouting the second floor was a no go. All the stairs and escalators were demolished by a bunch of freak survivors called the Lost Boys, evident by the obscene Peter Pan inspired graffiti they'd placed on the floor near the rubble. A part of you wishes they'd have a shitty day ahead.

    To go up from the inside, you'd need to scale the walls, and you weren't equipped for that. The only other accessible place you hadn't searched was the basement but that would be too much of a risk. You don't want Sungjae or the others getting hurt. On the other hand, if you were to go alone..

    “Jae.” You turn to Sungjae, tone a tad too serious for the latter's liking. “Head to the main entrance and regroup with the others. I'm going down the basement to find more flyers.”

    “What?!” Sungjae covers her mouth, realizing her voice had been too loud. Her next words come in whispers. Angry whispers. “Are you crazy?! Did you not have breakfast or something? I can't let you go down there alone! You said it yourself, it's too dangerous!”

    “But still..” You can't let go of the feeling that you might find something useful if you just kept on searching. Hiding down below isn't exactly as safe as it seems, and resources were scarce. It's not just the infected you have to wprry about but starvation and illness as well. The sewers weren't kind to survivors.

    “Alright, alright. Fine. You crazy bastard. If you really wanna go down there then at least take me with you. Two heads are better than one or whatever.” Sungjae rolls her eyes as she drags you to the path leading downstairs.

    “You sure you're okay with this? Suhyeon will kill me if you ever got hurt.” You try to free yourself from her grip but fail.

    Sungjae snorts at your comment. “I can take care of myself. Just promise me we'll be in and out real quick, okay?” She gives your hand a little squeeze as you made your way down, and you can't help but smile. Having someone who's got your back made all the difference.

     But if only you hadn't taken her.

    “Shit!” Beomgyu shoots another infected down from afar. “Nine. Hey, Suhyeon, how ya holding up down there?!”

    “Twelve! That makes all of them!”

    Beomgyu clenches his teeth as he propels down. They were on their way down the second floor when the fire alarm went off. The blaring sound attracted a few of the infected near the area, but not enough to overwhelm the two.

    The alarm could only one thing— you and Sungjae were in big trouble. Everyone had agreed on releasing a smoke signal when in danger. The appearance of smoke and its distinct smell would've alerted the other members of the group without attracting the attention of the infected. But setting off the fire alarm wasn't part of the plan.

    Beomgyu and Suhyeon rush inside the ground floor, readying their weapons for an encounter with an infected but there weren't any around. Not a good sign.

    “Now where the fuck are th—”

    A piercing scream cuts Beomgyu off. Suhyeon could barely move when she recognizes the voice. “Please, no..”

    Beomgyu places a hand over Suhyeon's shoulder. “It came from the basement..”

    And with that, the two took off.

    Beomgyu couldn't help but curse you in his mind. The basement was off-limits, and there was no way Sungjae would've decided to go down there on her own volition. It had to be you. He knew you'd be like this the moment you'd find out about the safe zone. Partnering up with you from the beginning would've been ideal, that way, he could've slapped some sense into your head when the time came.

    “I know what you're thinking, but going around pinning the blame on someone won't get us anywhere closer to saving them.” Suhyeon blurts out as the two made their way downstairs.

    She was right.

    Beomgyu clears his head. The details could wait after the rescue. He just hopes he was fit enough to pull this off.

     What awaited the two in the basement was a scene that could only be described as something straight out of a nightmare. There you were standing on top of a banged up display car in the middle of the floor, the flickering light of the fluorescent above you illuminating your bloodied figure as you shot the infected down one by one as they came crowding. Estimated, there were at least forty infected coming in from left and right, prompting Beomgyu and Suhyeon to stand their ground, shooting down the horde as they got closer.

    Half of the infected had turned their attention towards the two, taking away most of the burden on your part.

    But as the duo's eyes adjusted to the dark, your figure started becoming clearer. You weren't alone. Never should've been but Sungjae was nowhere to be found. Beomgyu could feel the blood draining from his face as he sees what it was you were clutching your arms, or rather, who it was. “Well fuck.”

    “Sungjae!” Suhyeon cries out desperately, taking out her bat with her free hand and charging at the horde with both weapons, hoping to get to Sungjae as fast she could.

    “Fuck. Suhyeon don't—!” Before he knew it, he'd lost sight of his comrade in the dark. All he could do was continue to shoot, but for how long? His eyes wander back to your figure, and couldn't help but wish it hadn't. He could make out Sungjae's state in your arms. At least, what's left of her. The look on your face screamed a thousand words and emotions. Regret, fear, grief; he couldn't really point it out. You looked like you were just about ready to leave the world behind at any moment, holding your half-eaten friend close.

    Everything was in chaos. Beomgyu didn't know what to do anymore. The horde just kept on coming, and he'd thrown himself in this dangerous situation without thinking straight. How had you gotten yourself in this situation in the first place? Why did Sungjae have to die? How will they ever survive this? Beomgyu could only pray for a miracle.

    And with the sound of the ceiling bursting, his prayers were answered.

    The rubble crashes to the ground, burying most of the infected with it. Beomgyu takes this opportunity to shoot down the remaining few in front of him, maneuvering his way to the front in search of Suhyeon, hoping that his friend had made it through the nightmare.

    To his horror, Beomgyu finds her body crushed beneath the rubble. “Suhyeon!” He hurriedly gets the debris off her but realized it had already been too late. She was done for even before the ceiling gave away. Her lower half had already been eaten. The dread slowly kicks in.

    He could've stopped her.

    She would've still been alive.

    A barrage of shots forces him out of his thoughts. He stumbles as he looks behind, seeing the silhouette of two individuals, non-infected most likely, actively shooting at a few infected coming in from the distance.

    Are we being rescued? He figures the whole ceiling mishap was their doing too.

    Beomgyu's attention then shifts to you, finding his strength to run to your side.

    The strangers alone managed to finish off the remaining threat, allowing the two of you some time to pull yourself together.

    Beomgyu quickly holds his hand out for you to take, but all you did was stare back at him in defeat.

    “Beomgyu, I..” You croak, gaze wavering. “Sungjae..”

    Beomgyu watches as you hold Sungjae closer to your chest.

    “She's.. She's..” Your body flops down, the smooth surface of the car's roof making you slip. “It should've been me.”

    Your words weigh down Beomgyu's chest. He couldn't even bear to look at you like this.

    “Sungjae's gone, Y/N.” He whispers. “Suhyeon is too. I know all of this is hard to take in but we have to get out of here right now.”

    Beomgyu offers his hand again, and this time, you make the move to take it.

    “Better get your shit together fast you two.” One of the strangers calls out. “Your stunt with the alarm attracted all kinds of danger. There's more where these guys come from. If you wanna make it out of here alive, you better come with us.”

    He was the taller one out of the two. Dark hair. Probably around your age. The same goes for his blonde friend.

    The blonde looks over at the bodies of your friends and sighs. “Small group, huh? I know how you feel. But we can't bring them along. Too risky. We don't want a potential infected in our hands.”

    “The jeep's out at front. We'll wait for you there, but I suggest you decide quick. Coming along is all up to you but we're not sticking around here for too long.” He adds.

    Beomgyu looks to you, eyes pleading. You take one last look at your friends. Suhyeon and Sungjae. You vow to never forget this day, to never forget them, and to never forget what they've done. The object in your hand served as a beacon of hope, and a grim reminder.

    “We're coming.”

    “Smart choice.” The blonde nods, and the two turn around to lead the way.

    You and Beomgyu follow after placing Suhyeon and Sungjae's bodies safely to the side, leaving behind your jackets to cover them up.

    You couldn't stop the tears from falling as you stared at the crumpled flyer in your hand. Sungjae had sacrificed her life for this flyer, and Suhyeon for everyone.

    Heavy rain pours endlessly from the sky as you got out, weeping for the lost. You hold on tight to Beomgyu's hand, earning his attention as he looks back. The gaze you shared was enough for you to know the other had been thinking the same thing. From this point on, you were to continue your lives not only for yourselves but for your two comrades as well, swearing to not let their sacrifices be in vain.

    And if you could save a few more lives with this flyer, then so be it.

    #tomorrow x together #txt imagines #txt x reader #txt fic#txt au#yeonjun imagines #yeonjun x reader #soobin imagines #soobin x reader #beomgyu imagines #beomgyu x reader #taehyun imagines #taehyun x reader #hueningkai imagines #hueningkai x reader
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  • wooletterzi
    14.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    ♡por um instante

    Em caso de inspiração, credite-me.

                               NÃO pegue ou utilize

                             sem a minha autorização

    ⠀⠀ 📅 10/09/2021

                               📖abra para melhor qualidade

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  • milki-library
    14.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    ≡ all members library ;

    # key .. f = fluff .. a = angst .. sg = suggestive  .. h = humour .. ★ = favourites 

    txt choi line when you’re feeling cold !  f / h 

    txt and their favourite place to kiss you !   f

    txt taking care of you when your drunk !  f

    txt reaction to you confessing !    f 

    txt when they have a crush on you !   f 

    txt reaction to their s/o being really clumsy !   f 

    txt reaction to their s/o suddenly giving them flowers !   f 

    txt reaction to your random purchases !   f / h 

    txt mini playlist !  

    txt what they would be like as your best friend  !  f

    txt reaction to their s/o blowing a raspberry !  f / h 

    txt and the dates they would take you on !   f 

    txt being your roommates  !  f 

    txt holding hands for the first time !  f

    txt reaction to their s/o falling asleep on their shoulder !  f 

    txt and types of “i love you’s” !  f

    txt little things about being in a relationship with them !   f 

    txt what they would be like as boyfriends !   f

    txt and what they would call their s/o !  f

    txt as domestic things !   f

    txt when they confess to their crush !  f

    txt comforting their s/o !  f

    txt reaction to their crush sleeping in class !  f / h 

    any txt member sunset kisses !   f 

    txt specific romantic things they would do !  f 

    txt getting you to bed when you fall asleep somewhere else !  f 

    txt in long distance relationships !  f

    txt first kiss with you !   f

    txt types of hugs !   f

    random txt scenarios !  f

    txt as college stereotypes !  f 

    yeonjun, beomgyu, and taehyun as your classmates !  f

    txt reaction their shy s/o gets flustered easily !  f

    txt when they hurt your feelings !  a

    txt when you get hurt !  a

    txt and the kisses they like to give !  f 

    txt and making out !  sg

    txt reaction to a clingy s/o !  f / sg 

    random habits txt have with you !  f 

    txt reaction to their s/o falling asleep on another member !  f 

    txt when you accidentally interrupt their vlive !  f / h 

    txt as your unrequited crushes !  a 

    txt when you randomly let go of their hand !  f 

    txt when they have a crush on you !  f / h / a 

    txt reaction it’s your first relationship !   f 

    txt reaction you get embarrassed doing aegyo !   f 

    txt first kiss with you !  f 

    txt when they see their crush holding something heavy !  f 

    txt reaction to their s/o crying during a thunderstorm !  f 

    txt reaction to a break up prank !  a 

    txt ideal types !  f 

    txt accidentally forgetting your anniversary !  f / a 

    txt reaction to their s/o thinking their ashamed of them !  a 

    txt with a really short and small s/o !   f 

    txt helping their crush !  f 

    txt reaction to you being easily flustered around them !   f 

    txt reaction to being rejected by their crush !  a

    txt reaction to finding out your his soulmate !  f 

    txt dating a girl with lots of stretch marks !  f 

    txt reaction to another member accidentally saying something hurtful to you ! f / a 

    txt reaction to you calling them pretty !  f 

    txt what he’d call you !  f 

    txt neck kisses !  f 

    txt and give your hand to your partner trend !  f 

    txt choi line reaction to you pulling them by their belt loops !  sg 

    txt how you’d spend your anniversary !  f 

    small things txt would do as your boyfriend !  f 

    txt reaction to their s/os best friend flirting with them !  f 

    kisses with txt !  f 

    txt as love songs !  f 

    txt reaction to you wearing their clothes !  f

    what txt are like as dads !   f 

    txt things they do that mean “i love you” !  f 

    txt the first time they wake up with you after sex !   f / sg 

    txt as endearing moments !  f 

    how txt would be as stay at home husbands !  f 

    big spoon vs little spoon headcanon !   f 

    #txt#txt fics#txt headcanons#txt oneshots#txt writing#txt fanfic#txt timestamps#txt drabbles #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together fics #txt x reader #tomorrow x together x reader #choi yeonjun#choi soobin#choi beomgyu#kang taehyun#huening kai #🖇— tomorrow x together #txt fic recommendations
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  • milki-bear
    14.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    big spoon vs little spoon

    all members x gn!reader, fluff, word count: 551, established relationship, lowercase intended.

    a/n ; this is a repost from my previous theme so I apologise if you’ve read it already, please still give it lots of love! <3

    i. YEONJUN

    — big spoon ; this boy loves being the big spoon ! he really likes resting his head into the nape or side of your neck and planting tiny kisses there 🥺 he loves how you react by blushing and telling him to stop. he thinks you’re so adorable and being able to literally engulf you in cuddles and make you blush so easily boosts his ego a tiny bit ! though he loves being the big spoon he isn’t opposed to being the little spoon sometimes if you want to be the big spoon (he enjoys it a lot but won’t tell you this).

    ii. SOOBIN

    — doesn’t care ; loves both equally and doesn’t have a preference, as long as you guys are cuddling he’s fine with anything. there are some days where he would want to wrap his arms around you enveloping you with his warmth and holding you like that for hours (your his baby after all) but other times he enjoys being the little spoon! overall he just loves being near you, hugging you and showing you the affection you very much deserve!

    iii. BEOMGYU

    — little spoon ; likes to be the little spoon but would never say it out loud. this boy loves being babied, cuddled and falling asleep in your arms. but don’t let the other members know this bc he would never live this done and he’s got a reputation to keep ! he literally just wants to be held :(( after long days of work, coming home with sore limbs from the endless dancing he’s done all day all he wants is to be in your arms, so he’ll wait from you to come home so that he can pull you into a great big hug and snuggle with you all night.

    iv. TAEHYUN

    — big spoon ; when you guys cuddle he wants to be the big spoon ! he loves feeling like he can protect you and likes feeling like the bigger one in the relationship. even though he’s the bigger spoon you will probably have to ask him for cuddles because otherwise he won’t initiate it but once you ask he is more than happy to cuddle you for as long as you want. he will intertwine your fingers as you lay together or even kiss the back of your hand. another reason he likes being the big spoon is bc it allows him to hide his blush :(( though this boy acts like he doesn’t like affection he’s a big sweetheart and gets so easily flustered by you. 🥺


    — big spoon ; this one may surprise you but kai would adore being the big spoon, mainly because it allows him to warp his arms around your waist and rub your tummy (and this boy loves your tummy a lot.. and i mean A LOT). he would always be asking you if you want to cuddle which ofc you say yes too just to be able to give you belly rubs! you’re kind of like his own personal pillow that he can hug when he’s tired, he just thinks you’re so soft he cannot resist.

    © milki-bear—all rights reserved. do not translate, reproduce, or repost my works. any form of reproduction is strictly prohibited.

    #milki-bear #🍨—tomorrow x together #milki writes. #txt #tomorrow x together x reader #tomorrow x together #txt x reader #txt headcanons#txt reactions#txt fics#choi yeonjun#choi soobin#choi beomgyu#kang taehyun#huening kai#txt fluff#txt drabbles#txt scenarios#txtwriters
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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago



    summary: your first encounter with beomgyu was at the library, stumbling onto him and you mistakenly taking him as a library step stool. ever since that embarrassing occurrence, you seem to always bump into beomgyu, in the most unfortunate events.

    tags: @iminchaosnow @atinyyylove @definitelynotcesia @bls-luv-me @softkons @ikyk-leeknow @akaashisbunny @imissjuyeon @cerisetalks @jiminaaaahhhh @miraculyfe @fruitysann @jueunnn @shrutiajit @pcybuttercup @fiantomartell @multi4lifer @beomsunjun @taehyunsfel @gloomyghostface @mxrcayong-main @beombeomlvr @snowfalltxt @jaemsluvr @envy-brr @deezarenotmynutz @mariecoura @todorokiskitten

    a/n: that's the end of a series of unfortunate events :D i rlly hope u enjoyed it (at least i did enjoy writing it hehe). this is a result of my deranged romantic feelings for beomgyu so- anyways thank you for reading 🥺

    pr0dbeomgyu asoue logging out......

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  • nikicoeur
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ↝ starry night | txt's choi line

    "Love is something wonderful - we promised to love each other for ever, but I guess promises were made to be broken."

    pairing: gn!reader + txt!(any choi liner). genre: (a [very] tiny bit of fluff); angst. disclaimer: I do not have any intention in romantizing the acts portrayed in this fiction piece. It can be a trigger (?) to certain people. wc: 602. inspo: “Starry Night” (Van Gogh), “penhasco.” (Luísa Sonza).

    Read at your own risk!

    A starry night. Yes, that was how the sky looked at 23:59 in mid September. Blue actually became our favorite color, or that was what I thought. I still remember how ethereal you looked under the dim lights that were decorating that one small street. Gorgeous. There were only two presences in that same location, which were ours, but yet you still did not realize I was there, paralized; the truth is, I have never seen someone so pure-looking. Did we know each other? I do not think so. Should I approach you? Would this be too invasive? - Wait... Where were you?


    I have lost you that day.

    Exactly one month after losing your sight, I went to the same mountain I first met you, but unlike the other time, I was at my lowest; having no friends (or in that specific case, no one) was the worst any person could go through. But you became my light. Days suddenly got brighter and life seemed an actual “heaven’s gift”, as people say. 

    Shortly, a simple “Hi” has become long talks, long talks has become dates, dates has become an actual relationship. What did I do for you to like me? That is still something I do not know how to answer.

    It did not matter because I had you by my side, right? 

    You had those beautiful, dazzling, sparkling eyes. They seemed crystal clear; even the sky got amused by their look. So much it made it rain out of nowhere, with no clouds up there. We ran, ran, and ran again. Where were we going? It did not matter again.

    Thank you for asking me how I felt on this day.

    Two weeks after running under the rain with you, we made a promise. 

    “Love me until the day I die.”

    But I guess promises were made to be broken.


    At the same place we met, we had one more date: little candles were lighting up our view alongside the moon, hovering over us. Lovely sight. 

    Little did I know the moon was warning me the end was close.

    You were acting strange. Your eyes did not have the same glow it used to. Now… they shine pink. Was it your favorite color now? Was there anything hidden? Was there another person? It did not matter. 


    I found out the thing I was most scared of: your eyes’ glow was not directed to me anymore.

    Now, back to the present, I was with you on the line. You sounded worried. Why? That is still something I do not know how to answer. 

    I could barely speak; the sound of me choking on my own thoughts was disturbing, frightening. Somehow I have managed to say something:

    “Run. Never look back.”

    You sounded puzzled. 

    “Where are you?”

    “It does not matter.”

    A sigh. 

    “I am sorry, Choi.”

    “PLEASE! Tell me, where are you?” - and then, crying sounds.

    “I am sorry. I love you.”

    Only the moon knew your location; the most comforting place, now, in your life. The same one as always. It is a pity that its poor eyes had to see this fatal scene. There was no looking back now.

    The last text you sent to him was repeating itself a million times in your mind.

    “When I held your hand, you let mine go and even pushed me off the cliff, but it does not matter.”

    It was going to be over. Finally.

    And at 23:59, the words “I love you” were the last spoken words heard by the same starry sky.

    fixed taglist: empty! (send an ask to be added)

    #yeonjun scenarios#soobin scenarios#beomgyu scenarios#txt angst#txt scenarios #txt choi line #txt choi yeonjun #txt choi soobin #txt choi beomgyu #txt fic#txt sad#angst #txt x reader #txt x moa #txt x y/n #i wanna show this to my teacher TT #txt #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #tomorrow_x_together #txt soft hours #txt hard hours #txt fluff#enhypen drabbles#short story#hybe labels #big hit music #big hit#choi yeonjun#yeonjun
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  • babellparadise
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Na primavera ❀

    > Capa disponível para doação;

    > 10/09/2021;

    > Caso se inspire me dê os créditos!

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  • omgsoholy
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    vacation — choi soobin

    genre: fluff

    pairings: soobin & reader

    cw: none

    "My love, you literally packed my suitcase all night. Now let me shower you with love..”

    — this is a part of the obvious au but it could also b read alone… super self indulgent, ugh i just want someone to spend a night in a pool and like hold each other while drinking and just basically be inlove…

    now playing: Zion T. — May 🥂

    You we're in the middle of a good dream when Soobin's voice interrupted your deep slumber, saying something between being late and not rushing for the flight. A silly thing for him to say, you have no schedule today. You thoughtz You didn't bother to think about it until you heard the sound of the faucet turning on and then off- you remembered. You're going on a trip today. Oh sh*t.

    You jolted up as the realization hits you. Worried creases occupying your forehead as you scanned the whole room only to be greeted by a smiling face of your boyfriend. “Good morning, bestie-“

    His smiles so bright, like your the prettiest thing he’s ever laid his eyes on. Like your just so wholesome and beautiful that his hearts leaps and he can’t help but throw that ever gorgeous smile through your way. It’s a blessing and an honor to have such a view, and you just cannot wait to until the day you sleep and wake up to this face every single day of your lifetime. You let out a content sigh as you thought about it. But you won’t let him know about it, at least not verbally but you’ll be glad to show it to him as you put your palm over his nostrils before proceeding to kiss his lips then both his cheeks.

    “Good morning, my sweetest heart.” you playfully answered his greeting with your hoarse voice, earning a boyish chuckle from the man in front of you. It warms your tummy in the best ways.

    “Are you ready for our little getaway?” he whispered before booping his nose against yours. “Let’s go, buddy.”

    You rushed to stand up, the remains of the drowsiness slowly leaving your body as you drag your body out of the bed, quickly reminding yourself to make the bed later before going out.


    You were sitting at kitchen counter as you watch him move back and forth around the kitchen. Setting up the breakfast for the both of you, occasionally stopping in front of you to peck your cheeks or even splashing water to you in which you just laughed it off.

    "You should've woken me up." you mumbled, when you pulled him all of a sudden, cheeks squished as you leaned against his chest to rest for a while—you're really not a morning person. You don't feel comfortable roaming around with the cold morning air, sometimes it makes you feel like puking and sick, but ofcourse since your sweeatheart is by your side, you know you can absolutely get by.

    His arms automatically wrapping around your waist as you put your weight on him, tilting your head towards his face to feel his warm cheeks against your skin.

    In Soobin's opinion, you looked extremely adorable whenever you do this, caressing anything and snuggling like a little cat. He knew how much you love skinship, and usually he would take advantage of this instances to remember how you feel so that he won't miss you that much whenever he's away but today, and for the following days he's surely going to enjoy a lot of cuddle sessions with you.

    "I already cooked our breakfast, bud. Don't worry." he knew exactly what you’re talking about.

    "I kind of planned what to cook for today." you replied with a pout and a slouched shoulders.

    "My love, you literally packed my suitcase all night. Now let me shower you with love, and let's start eating." he assured as he slowly caress your shoulder - mindlessly showering your head with small kisses that makes your heart flutter a thousand times - before lifting you up to move you to the stool beside him, carrying you like a baby. You’re basically his baby. You would gladly admit it, even if it’s out of your character.

    You smiled sheepishly at him before rubbing your cheeks against the soft fabric of his sweater, the smell of his clothing reminds you of how much the both of you basically picked up each other's habits and behaviors - he's not a bif fan of fabric softeners, but since you love it so much, he learned everything about it which you thought is a bit silly before but looking back at it now, you understand that his major love language is acts of service.

    "You know I'm just trying to, you know, help you with your tasks just like what you always do with mine." you admitted, smile still lingers on your honey coated lips caused by the pancake syrup.

    You didn't missed the way Soobin's eyes loiter at your lips and chin, thumb instantly meeting the side of your lips to wipe the excess syrup from dripping on your sweater. You gulped quietly, eyes slowly bulging out of your skull, as you stare at him lick the excess syrup off of his finger with those doe eyes- You groaned to yourself, this man's obviously playing with your feelings. You love him with all your heart and he knew it, he knew how to make your heart leap and how to make your stomach feel fuzzy and warm with just a single glance of those pair of pools.

    He grinned at you, eyes turning into crescent as his ever gorgeous dimples making its first appearance for this morning, before proceeding to move closer to you, both of your shoulders sitting beside each other comfortably. "Buddy, can I hug you?"

    You scrunched your nose at him before facing his direction only to open your arms as wide as possible, welcoming his warm presence in your snuggly embrace.

    "I'm so excited to spend some time with you, my baby." he said before kissing you on the forehead.


    "So this is the view I'm gonna get once we moved in together, huh?"

    “Uhm, excuse me? Do I know you, Mister?” you playfully asked him, before rolling your eyes. Turning your back at him to continue your sautéing.

    He grinned, accepting the challenge and quickly embodying the character that he’s going to play. You can clearly hear his mind out loud.

    He cleared his throat before leaning onto the counter.

    “I can clearly see that band on your ring finger, gorgeous. Do you happened to… have like… you know? A fiancé or whatever?” he sounds like a complete stranger right now and you swore to yourself that if he’s not a music producer, he could pass as an actor.

    “I am happily engage, Mister. So if you would excuse me? I’m busy.” you answered sassily, carefully bumping your shoulder past him to get the vegetables.

    He chuckled. “I can say that I am very much handsome than that fiancé of yours.”

    You know where this is heading to. This man just want to someone to toot his horn and you’re not here for it. You gaze at him to give him a rolling eyes, only to see him already staring at you, with those eyes that looks like a pair of glass that's facing the sky, and you- you are the sky, because his eyes looks exceptionally beautiful whenever he's looking at you no matter what the circumstances are.

    And just like that, you’re speechless.


    You giggled as Soobin extended his arms to snake around your waist underwater, pulling you plush against him. "I missed you..."

    "Miss me my ass, I was just away from you for like 1 minute?" you retorted as you boop his nose before encircling your arms on his neck, slightly bouncing your feet from the tiled floor, enjoying the way your body feels so light through the water. It’s so relaxing and amazing.

    Soobin's gaze makes you feel silly, flustered, and lightheaded. You know you should be used to it by now, but all of his attention was on you, what can a poor heart do instead of doing back flips?

    He is so handsome, looks so gorgeous, as the neon blue lights underneath the pool illuminates through his face paired with the bright light from the moon above him. He looks ethereal. You can never get used to this, it feels like the first time every single time that you look at him.

    He moved his hands to your hips, the way he holds you right now. So close to him, but you felt much closer to his heart. You didn’t missed the way his irises increased its size. How come a person can feel this way? You feel the goosebumps as you stare at Soobin right now, while the future briefly flashes through your eyes like a stupid movie trailer and the main plot is just this- loving and adoring Soobin with all your heart. Nothing more, nothing less.

    “I’m so proud of you, you know.” you blurted out all of a sudden.

    “It’s not because of how you live better know. With all this vacation and shit. I’ve seen you struggled with your family, and yourself, and I’m so happy to have witnessed all of it. I don’t know how to tell you this, and this won’t be enough to express the way I feel about you but… I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud that you’re doing what you love.” You know in normal days, Soobin would’ve dismissed everything you said or just quickly replying a bunch of compliments back at you but today, every word that you just said seemed to struck him straight to his heart, securing their own place there.

    It feels so good, and he loves it. He loves you.

    "Do you want to go there?" he said pointing to the opposite side of the pool, where its much deeper.

    "I want to but I can't even reach the floor there..."

    He giggled. “Ofcourse, I'll carry you, don't worry." he assured, squeezing your hips underneath the water.

    "Are you sure?"

    "It's my pleasure, your highness." he answered with a big boyish grin.

    He hold the back of your thighs every so lightly trying not to press too much against your limbs. Careful not to hurt you.

    "It's much warmer there, bud. You'll like it." he mumbled as you make his way to the other side of the large pool stopping carefully when the level of water is just right for the two of you.

    "See?" he added as he took a few steps backwards so that he’s leaning his back at the tiled wall of the pool.

    "It feels nice." you answered, nodding enthusiastically. It does feel warm, the water temperature is just right. As though it’s a blanket that keeps you warm on a cold night, paired with the embrace of your most beloved one.

    “You know I could drown you here right now.” you joked.

    “Bold of you to assume you wouldn’t drown if I leave you here.”

    “I’ll literally kill you if you dare do that!”

    “But you’ll be out like a light before you even-“

    “Yah!” you retorted back, pulling him closer to you with the thought of being left alone at the pool.

    His giggles ringing through your ear. “I was just joking, love.” he defended, which earned another rolled eyes from you.

    You stayed silent for a moment, enjoying how your body feels against each other - it's so warm, and so comforting, being so close like this with someone you adore the most. It feels so intimate, and you would surely treasure this moment forever.


    tell me what you think! +343569

    to masterlist…

    ©omgsoholy; i do not allow any form of translation or reposting. just please, don’t? but I’m glad u like it though <3

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  • pr0dbeomgyu
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    "this road feels familiar,"

    it wasnt really familiar actually.

    y/n and beomgyu were in the car, already heading somewhere. beomgyu had told her it's gonna be a surprise, but she wouldnt stop guessing ever since the last 30 minutes, just to get on his nerve.

    "no it doesnt,"

    beomgyu on the other hand was already sweating, worried if y/n really had figured out the place they're heading to. but from what he remembered, he only took y/n there once, and she even slept throughout the whole car ride.

    when they arrived, what she saw made y/n felt teary. it was the daisy field where they once had their hearts broken.

    "so do you wanna tell me when did u start liking me?"

    they were sitting close to each other, eyes on the scenery in front of them.

    "eager, aren't we?" beomgyu teased.

    "the very first time i saw you was at the library,"

    "yeah, yeah, when i stumbled onto you, right," she rolled her eyes.

    "no dumbass, it was before that,"


    "remember that one time hyuka dolphin-screamed at the library?"

    "how could i not? i was so embarrassed. wait, you were there?"

    "i was literally at the table beside you,"

    "you were? i was so busy being embarrassed, i didnt even notice," she said.

    "awww so you're saying it was love at first sight, gyu?" she turned to him, pinching his cheeks.

    "i guess? i dont even believe in that before i met you," he answered.

    "so when we met again at the library, i was already into you,"

    y/n blushed, she never expected beomgyu to start liking her that early.

    "i never thought you could be this romantic, beomgyu,"

    "so, how about you? when did u start liking me?" he asked, taking her hands in his. his thumb drawing random shapes on the back of her hand out of habit.

    y/n cant help leaning into beomgyu, putting her head into the crook of his shoulder. beomgyu shifted a bit, his other free hand went behind y/n, playing with her hair. once again, she melted into his touch, sighing contentedly.

    the situation was too perfect to be real, they felt like staying like that forever.

    "i dont really know the exact time i started to have feelings for you, but i definitely already did when you hugged me on the first movie night,"

    "ooh, i knew you're a sucker for my hugs,"

    "shut up, you liked me first,"

    they were surrounded by silence, but none of them paid any mind cause it was a comfortable one. that's how it is around him, she felt right at home.

    "so you wanna know why i brought you to the library and book cafe for our first date?"

    y/n's head is now on beomgyu's laps. this time, y/n's fingers were playing with his fringe that had fallen and covered a little part of his eyes, since he's bending down to look at her.


    "i dont want you to associate those places with your embarrassing moments anymore. i want you to remember them as the places we went to for our first date," he said, pulling her by her chin to fully face him.

    "also this place? i know it held a painful memory for both of us, such a shame for this beautiful place. so it's only right to make it our happy place again,"

    he looked at her so intensely, making her feel like she's the only thing he sees.

    "god, i know this is long overdue, but im so in love with you, choi beomgyu" she said.

    maybe it was the way y/n's looking at him? or was it the way she called him by his full name? what ever it is, it made beomgyu's heart skipped a beat.

    "finally you said it, i love you too, y/n,"

    she saw beomgyu almost leaned in, but stopped halfway.

    "so, are you my... you know, girlfriend now?" the sight of beomgyu getting shy is so rare to y/n, but she didnt want to ruin the moment, so she made a mental note to make fun of him later.

    "of course, silly. so now, please continue what ever you were doing just now,"

    beomgyu finally leaned in completely, his lips meeting y/n's nose first, making her giggle. his lips slowly traveled towards hers, both of them smiling into the kiss. the kiss was a slow and gentle one, but just enough to show how much they love each other.


    summary: your first encounter with beomgyu was at the library, stumbling onto him and you mistakenly taking him as a library step stool. ever since that embarrassing occurrence, you seem to always bump into beomgyu, in the most unfortunate events.

    tags: @iminchaosnow @atinyyylove @definitelynotcesia @bls-luv-me @softkons @ikyk-leeknow @akaashisbunny @imissjuyeon @cerisetalks @jiminaaaahhhh @miraculyfe @fruitysann @jueunnn @shrutiajit @pcybuttercup @fiantomartell @multi4lifer @beomsunjun @taehyunsfel @gloomyghostface @mxrcayong-main @beombeomlvr @snowfalltxt @jaemsluvr @envy-brr @deezarenotmynutz @mariecoura @todorokiskitten (send ask to get tagged <3)

    a/n: it's finally the end!! thank you for reading to the end, i'll add the extra episode for epilogue tomorrow. dont forget to leave your thoughts in my askbox ^^

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  • milki-library
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    「 choi yeonjun 」

    「 choi soobin 」

    「 choi beomgyu 」

    「 kang taehyun 」

    「 huening kai 」

    「 all members 」

    #🖇— tomorrow x together #milki-library #tomorrow x together #txt#txt fics#txt writers #tomorrow x together fics #yeonjun#soobin#beomgyu#taehyun#huening kai#txt smut #📂.restricted section
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  • milki-library
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    「 choi yeonjun 」

    「 choi soobin 」

    「 choi beomgyu 」

    「 kang taehyun 」

    「 huening kai 」

    「 all members 」

    #🖇— tomorrow x together #milki-library #tomorrow x together #txt#txt writers#txt fics #tomorrow x together fics #yeonjun#soobin#beomgyu#taehyun#huening kai
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  • k6ho
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    painting txt's nails.

    fluff, 377. no warnings.


    black nails because he thinks they're sexy. so sassy, he literally rests his head on his other hand and pulls his hand back every now and then to check your work. 'i think you missed a spot, y/n'. pls slap his hand. definitely shows his nails off to the members and brags about how amazing and talented you are. he also takes the time to send you mirror selfies where his hands are visible because why not tease you, ya know?


    the first time you paint his nails he'll let you pick pretty much anything you want, but then he realizes he actually likes it, and he'll start asking for specific colors. he's proud of anything you do though, regardless. he likes pastels or colors that match his hair and clothing! he definitely wants to try painting your nails but he's nervous to ask. just reassure him and before you know it nail painting dates are a normal occurrence for you two!


    every color imaginable. he rifles through your nail polishes and pulls out at least 8 different colors for each nail. good luck trying to even get started, he's like a kid who will not stop moving in his seat. he loves spending this time with you and loves when you paint his nails so much he'd literally even ask you to paint his toenails. um... maybe sleep on that one.


    clear coat with little designs on them! flowers on his pinkies, smiley faces on his index fingers, and hearts on his middle fingers. they're simple but just flashy enough for him. you wouldn't exactly notice the designs at first but if you were close enough to his hands you could see them. he really likes letting you hold his hands and play with his fingers while you admire your work <3


    colorful designs! pastels, stickers, smiley faces, stripes; he wants it all. if you can pull it off, he wants you to do it. he shrieks while you're trying to paint just to terrorize you but then he feels bad

    #ficscafe #tomorrow x together #txt #txt x reader #txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt blurbs#txt headcanons#txt reactions#txt fics#txt fluff#yeonjun imagines#soobin imagines#beomgyu imagines#taehyun imagines#hueningkai imagines #idk that im v proud of this but i actually found inspo to write so im posting anyway <3
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  • pr0dbeomgyu
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    y/n was a little bit surprised when beomgyu brought her to the campus library for their first date, but knowing him, nothing's really unexpected anymore, so she just went along, but only after making fun of him.

    she was too engulfed into her reading that she didnt realise beomgyu had approached her from behind, putting his hands on her waist, placing his head on her shoulder. she could see from her peripheral vision that his lips had already formed a pout.

    "y/n, why are you reading on a date? you should be giving your attention to me,"

    she immediately put her book down and turned around to cup his face, thumbs caressing his cheeks. funny how this simple gesture made beomgyu felt butterflies in his stomach.

    "my beommie is so cute, sorry, why did you bring me here then?" she chuckled a bit.

    "dont this exact place remind you of something?" he asked, there's a hint of mischief in his eyes.

    y/n looked around, trying to find a hint. she saw the sign 'FICTION'. it only took her a few seconds to recall, and when she did, she hit beomgyu's arms, apparently a bit too hard, cause beomgyu's hand immediately went to rub his arm.

    "beomgyu you little shit, did u bring me here just to embarrass me?" y/n shout-whispered as her hands went to cover her now red cheeks.

    "why, what happened here?" he teased, acting innocent.

    "i hate you. i know, i was dumb for bumping into you thinking you were a stool. fine, im sorry, you're never letting me live this down, arent you," she sighed.

    "why? that was one of the first moments before i started liking you," the teasing in his tone has been replaced by seriousness.

    "for real? b-but why? one of the first moments? when was the real first time then?" y/n had thousands of questions right now.

    "well, story time's over, let's go,"

    beomgyu bent down a bit to place a quick peck on y/n's cheeks, making her jump a little.

    "what's that for?"

    "i dont know, you're just so cute when you're confused," he shrugged.

    taking y/n's hand in his, he led the way towards the exit.


    summary: your first encounter with beomgyu was at the library, stumbling onto him and you mistakenly taking him as a library step stool. ever since that embarrassing occurrence, you seem to always bump into beomgyu, in the most unfortunate events.

    tags: @chaoticdreaminisode @atinyyylove @definitelynotcesia @bls-luv-me @softkons @ikyk-leeknow @akaashisbunny @imissjuyeon @cerisetalks @jiminaaaahhhh @miraculyfe @fruitysann @jueunnn @shrutiajit @pcybuttercup @fiantomartell @multi4lifer @beomsunjun @taehyunsfel @gloomyghostface @mxrcayong-main @beombeomlvr @snowfalltxt @jaemsluvr @envy-brr @deezarenotmynutz @mariecoura (send ask to get tagged <3)
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    Choi beomgyu, 𝐼 𝑑𝑜𝑛´𝑡 𝑘𝑛𝑜𝑤 ℎ𝑜𝑤 𝑜𝑟 𝑤ℎ𝑒𝑛 𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝐼 𝑓𝑒𝑙𝑙 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑦𝑜𝑢...♡︎
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