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  • tyunsie
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ˓ ⊹ txt ໒꒱ attractive things they do !

    ✿ — yeonjun has a habit of pulling you in for a kiss longer than he's supposed to. his hand will rest on the side of your neck, placing a finger on the side of your jaw. he doesn't want it to end but he also loves to see the awestruck look you give him once he pulls away, his lips turning up into a grin.

    ✿ — soobin tends to stare at you, not moving his eyes away from your frame. he looks at you with adoration in his eyes, the corners of his lips tilting upwards and his dimples are slightly poking through. "what?" you'd ask, feeling your face grow hot at his gaze. but he shakes his head with a grin, "nothing."

    ✿ — whenever beomgyu feels like teaching you how to play the guitar, pulling you onto his lap and guiding you with his hand atop of yours, his words slightly tickling the back of your neck. "do you get the hang of it now?" you're almost tempted to say no just so that the moment could last longer.

    ✿ — taehyun always has you by his side, he pulls you close next to him because he feels safer that way, especially in public. his hand rests slightly on your lower back, sending tingles up your spin as you try not to think of the affect he has on you that he isn't even aware of.

    ✿ — hueningkai doesn't even realize what he does and how it affects you. most importantly, he doesn't notice that brushing a piece of your hair away from your face would cause you to feel so flustered. the way you stumble on your words or how you'd look at him with wide eyes.

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  • crowhyun
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    you guys know what would be fun? I’m in a playful mood, so if you guys see this, send me questions you’d ask Dad!TXT (like from my reactions). If you want to ofc <3

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  • enhaflwr
    18.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    love is (not) easy #23 — two to go

    genre angsty fluff. warnings none.

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    taglist @gyuville @siasmile @pr0dbeomgyu @eclisqc @tyunluvbot @taejinxkoya @90s-belladonna @naomi-from-paleontology @nycol-ie @youreverydayzebra @blank-velvet @jejenono-ren @itsamemarioo

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  • crowhyun
    18.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Dad!TXT When You Go Into Labor

    Pairing: Dad!TXT x reader
    Warnings: Pregnancy, labor, blood, pain, yk how labor works
    Genre: fluff and some crack

    Choi Yeonjun

    so if you play the sims you’d know what i’m talking about

    but y’know when a pregnant sim goes into labor and the other parent starts to panic and runs around the house flinging their arms abt?

    yeah that’s yeonjun

    bby doesn’t know what to do

    he prepared for this moment, but his mind went blank

    like it’s the middle of the night and your contractions are getting worse

    you’re the one in pain but you have to calm down yeonjun

    he eventually drives you to the hospital

    maybe he did a little speeding

    but it was necessary

    he insisted to stay in the hospital room the whole time and watch everything

    like he literally stands where the doctors stand and WATCHES you give birth

    a bit weird if you ask me

    but he does it to make sure they’re doing it right

    he doesn’t know what’s right or wrong but he does know that he doesn’t want any extra pain for you and the baby

    he’s also your extra motivation

    “keep pushing, baby, you can do it”


    and surprisingly, his football coach way or motivation is working

    and boom, out comes the baby

    you hold the baby to your chest as it cries, getting it’s first glimpse at the world

    yeonjun is amazed

    he may have let a single tear shed at the sight of his baby girl

    after a bit of you holding her

    he held her, his eyes holding every star their is in the universe

    that’s fr his baby :((((

    you guys decide to name her Eunji, in hope that she’d be kind and smart

    After birth, you had to stay in the hospital for two days

    and guess what

    Yeonjun stayed with you too

    when it was time to sleep, he either slept on the sofa chair beside the bed or he squeezed himself next to you on the twin size bed

    he rlly couldn’t find it in himself to leave after you just went through an experience like that

    “Eunji’s just as beautiful as you…”

    Choi Soobin

    you guys were having a nice evening

    soobin was cooking dinner

    you were sitting in the living room watching TV

    everything was calm and serene

    you felt a bit of contractions some time ago, but you just brushed it off now that it was gone

    but once it came back, you started to get worried

    bcs the contractions were stronger this time

    you sit in the living room, pondering on if you should tell Soobin or if you should brush it off again

    there’s no use in having a labor scare when there wasn’t one

    but once you felt something wet under you, you become alarmed

    you thought maybe you peed yourself but you connected the dots soon enough (smh (Y/N))


    He runs into the living room

    “What? What? What is it?”

    You tell him that you might be going into labor

    he has the hospital on speed dial, letting them know they’re abt to pull tf up

    tries to carry you out the house but almost drops you

    he’s to panicked to be embarrassed

    you have to walk tho

    so y’all go in the car and this guy is ZOOMIN

    you gotta tell him to chill out on the gas pedal

    once you guys make it to the hospital, you have your room ready already

    thank you soobin

    soobin is so scared

    birthing one baby is painful but TWO??

    he’s ready to go to action if you need anything during the labor

    you could hold his hand bite his hand he doesn’t care

    and he’s ready too

    at least he thinks he is

    he sees the head of baby number one pop out and the next thing you know

    this mf is on the floor, passed tf out

    he couldn’t take it apparently

    but once baby number one is out, Soobin’s back up

    his face is white and he looks like he’s gna shit his pants BUT HES UP GODDAMMIT!

    finally, baby number two comes out


    both the babies have lips like soobin :((((

    and their eyes are like yours :((((

    they fr look like your little spawns

    Y’all decided to name the girl Yeona and the boy Yohan.

    after you finish with labor you can’t help but laugh

    soobin’s like ?????

    you tell him how you’re laughing abt him fainting

    he gets embarrassed

    at least this is a good story to tell to your future children :D

    Choi Beomgyu

    so uh

    you’ve kinda been in labor for an hour now

    maybe two

    the thing is, you didn’t even know

    you were literally just chillin on the couch, letting forcing Beomgyu to feed you grapes while watching a “horror” movie

    it was when you felt a wet spot from under you

    and Beomgyu is sitting so close to you, so he feels the wetness too

    he looked at you confused

    “babe is the movie that scary?”

    “i don’t think i peed myself, Gyu.”

    you become alarmed and it takes a second for Beomgyu to catch on

    just to make sure, beomgyu literally googles “how to know if my gf is in labor”

    at this point, you’re pretty sure you’re in labor and you know you have to drive to the hospital

    Beomgyu is visibly scared

    You guys go out to his car

    and mind you it is heavily raining outside to make things worse

    Once you’re both in the car, he’s speeding down to the nearest hospital

    the only problem is, is that the TRAFFIC IS HORRIBLE

    you guys are on the high way, and due to the rain, there was an accident further down the road

    so you guys are stuck in traffic, with no signs of it getting better for a few hours at least

    your contractions are getting worse and Beomgyu is getting more frustrated by the second

    he’s almost clueless on what to do

    he joins you in the back seat, trying to help you through your contractions and help you breathe

    even though he’s of great help, there wasn’t much else he could do to ease the pain

    “B-Beomgyu! I feel him! He’s coming!”

    Beomgyu almost rolls his eyes

    not at you

    at his son

    like why is he so adamant on coming out at this exact moment?

    beomgyu did the only thing he thought of

    he called 911

    you were literally about to deliver a baby in the backseat of his car during a heavy storm with cat and dog playing in the background on repeat for some reason

    beomgyus panicking while speaking on the phone, wondering what the FUCK to do

    the ambulance wouldn’t even be able to come here due to the fact that the roads were heavily blocked

    so, they guide him in how to help you give birth and he puts it on speaker

    bcs this is time for serious beomgyu, and he’s gna make sure his baby comes out safe and healthy

    he follows instructions very well and tries his best to stay calm even though you were in extreme pain

    he sees y’all’s baby start to come out and he’s motivating you to keep pushing

    once the shoulders were out, the best of the baby just


    and he’s out 😧

    right at the part where yeonjun barks in cat and dog 😍

    Beomgyu laughs in joy and relief of the baby coming out, and he lays the baby on your chest

    he takes out his coat, glad for the fur on the inside of it, and he wraps it around the baby so he could be warm

    once the placenta comes out, he was guided to wrap it in a towel and wait until you guys get to the hospital to cut the umbilical cord

    he didn’t have a towel, so what did he use?

    his shirt

    he was willing to strip naked so that you two would be safe and healthy

    after giving birth, y’all are both tired and sweaty and ready to call it a day tbh

    but y’all can’t :(

    so while the road was still backed up, beomgyu cuddled with both the baby and you, a permanent smile on his face

    you tell him how proud you were of him

    i mean, he literally helped birth your baby in the backseat of his car

    he’s a superhero for all i know

    once you guys finally get to the hospital HOURS later, you guys decided to name the baby Daesung, meaning ‘complete or big’ (yes i googled it 😤)

    bcs he was a 10 pound baby

    Kang Taehyun

    he knew it was coming this week

    as i said, this mf keeps TRACK

    don’t play with Kang Taehyun abt you and his baby

    it’s early morning when you go into labor

    you were just trying to make a strawberry smoothie :(

    tbh, you were hit strong with the contractions

    Taehyun ran to your rescue when you yelped in pain

    He literally almost cried then and there

    he can’t stand to see his loved ones in pain

    he immediately calls y’all’s midwife

    you both planned to have an at home birth

    after all his research, he learned that at home water births were less painful

    so he set up the bath while you guys waiting for the midwife

    he caressed and gave you kisses to help you through your contractions while saying comforting words

    once the midwife came, it was into the bath you go

    while you’re given birth, he questions the midwife

    like annoyingly so

    “aren’t you supposed to wait until the cervix dialates 10 cm? She’s at 7 cm, she’s not ready.”

    “aren’t you supposed to let the baby slide out naturally? Pulling is not the way.”

    That’s what happens when Taehyun catches you slipping

    but you’re literally squatting in the bathtub, trying to push this baby out

    demon like screams emitting from you

    taehyun is NOT phased tho

    he’s not even phased by the death grip you have on his hand

    he sings a ballad to help the baby come out

    and to give the baby her first vocal lesson 😍

    soon enough, the baby pops out and Taehyun thinks he did something magical with his singing as if you didn’t just push an 8 pound baby out your cooch

    honestly tho

    don’t tell nobody this

    but Taehyun cried

    and not just a few tears or so

    he was fr SOBBING

    you were kind of scared at first when you saw ur baby bcs her eyes were wide open

    that’s how you knew she had Taehyun’s eyes

    Taehyun was so sure he wouldn’t cry but he could barely even see his baby well bcs of the tears

    after being able to safely be alone with Taehyun and your baby, you made him apologize to the midwife for giving her a hard time

    then y’all rejoiced as a small family with your new baby girl Soomin <3

    Kai Kamal Huening

    when you went into labor, Kai wasn’t even with you

    he was at one of his classes

    being studious and shit

    and you were at home with your parents, bored out of your mind as you waited for Kai to come back and give you attention

    he always spent time at the house rather than in his dorm anyways, so he basically lived there

    BUT when he can’t be home, your baby suddenly wants to come out to play????

    it was as if your mom sensed it (mommy senses ig)

    she came busting up on the room

    “are you in labor?”

    and you didn’t even know you were in labor

    but once them contractions hit, you knew

    the family knew what to do

    your dad called kai immediately while you guys all got in the car to go to the hospital

    while he was on the phone, you could literally hear Kai screaming over the phone

    you hoped he wasn’t screaming while still in class

    his dad told him to meet up at the hospital

    you felt your symptoms get worse and only wished that Kai was with you right at this moment

    once you guys arrived at the hospital and you were checked in, you noticed that Kai was already there

    once he saw you, he wanted to hug you, but he knew that THE BABY WAS COMING

    while in the hospital room, you were given an epidural to help ease the pain



    you were screaming, crying, wailing even

    it was that “GET THIS DEMON OUT OF ME” type screaming

    Kai was lowkey scared

    for some reason, your baby was taking SO LONG to come out

    it was like he didn’t even want to be birthed

    but he was coming

    and soon enough, he was out

    were you surprised when the baby came out looking like Kai?


    The Huening family genes reign dominant once again

    Kai was so happy to see y’all’s baby for the first time

    He was laughing in joy, honestly it was the purest and cutest thing you could see

    You guys name the baby boy Haneul

    it means heavenly :(

    it’s cute :(((((

    now Kai has yet another precious being to rub the belly of


    AN: NO BCS WHY IS BEOMGYU’S SO LONG??? I’m sry y’all i’m in a Beomgyu kinda mood today idk what to tell you 🤷🏾‍♀️

    I hope you guys like it tho, i had fun while writing this and i hope it made you guys laugh or giggle just a bit at least <3

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  • sunshinelixie-lee
    18.09.2021 - 21 hours ago


    *soobin as your boyfriend*

    a/n: aHhH *contented sigh* he'S So PreTtY wHaT-

    미안해요 ㅠㅠ 너무 짧아요오오 also I was listening to Claire de Lune on repeat as I wrote the make-out scene so... yeah, it's pretty soft

    warnings: intense making-out >///<



    There he is. Your prey. Innocently lying on the dorm couch and scrolling through his phone, completely unaware.

    The time is ripe to pounce.

    Silently you stalk your victim, crawling on all fours behind the couch. The object of your hunt doesn't even notice you're there until it's too late. You pop your head up over the edge of the couch and growl at him, a tiny feral smile on your face.

    Soobin glances up with that cute "OwO????" face he always gives the members when they're trying to grab his attention. He follows your movements with mild interest as you plop down beside him. Evidently, he determines that you're harmless because he goes back to scrolling his weverse page.

    Not to be dismissed, you lie down beside him, the image of an expectant kitten. Once again he glances at you, his face very clearly asking,

    "..... yes????"

    You don't speak, only crack a sort of smile and wiggle closer -- something Soobin finds so cute that he chuckles and sets down his phone.

    "What do you want, you little monster?" he coos.

    You're in a very

    ✨cute mood✨

    so you close your eyes and pucker your lips and nothing else.

    You hear more soft chuckles and the shifting of weight as he positions himself more comfortably in front of you.

    Despite the number of times he's kissed you, your heart is still going like the wings of a hummingbird.

    What with your closed eyes, only the sound of his breathing and the feel of his warm breath dusting your face reveals his relative position.

    Ever so, so gently, he lowers his lips onto yours.

    The kiss is sweet and soft, so soft that it feels like the wings of a butterfly are fluttering right there on your mouth. Overwhelmed by the warm, tingly sensation it shoots from your lips all the way to your toes, you let out a tiny sigh. He pulls back, laughing.

    "아아아 자기이이, you're so cute!" Softly, he pinches your cheek.

    The blush heats your face before you can bat an eye, and you squirm in sudden embarrassment.

    수빈Soobin chuckles at you, patting both of your cheeks, which you obligingly puff full with air. His eyes curve up into little crescent moons as he grabs you around the waist and shifts you closer to his face.

    The sudden proximity makes your face heat by another 50 degrees or so. His dark eyes twinkle somewhat slyly, so close that you could almost flutter his eyelashes with your own.

    "What's wrong?" he all but purrs. "I thought you wanted to play."

    If you were blushing before, you're now on fire at the implications in his tone.

    "Shut up," you whined, swatting his shoulder.

    Soobin grins again, his biceps which he swears come not from working out, but from breathing exercises flexing as he pulls you flush against his chest, pressing your lips to his own.

    Your arms wrap around his neck of their own accord, his own hands gripping at everything from your waist to your hips to your thighs. You can feel his mouth curling up into a smile as his lips slide against yours.

    You hum appreciatively at the warm softness of his mouth, lips tugging and gliding.

    Soobin sighs as you deepen the kiss, stroking your tongue against his. One leg crooks over his waist, your arms wrapping farther around his neck to stroke at the firm muscles at the junction of his neck and his shoulders.

    With a single fluid motion he rolls over to hover over you, every muscled line of his body pressing firmly against yours, reminding you just how capable he is of breaking you with a single hand. The thought makes a buzz settle throughout your entire being as he rests on top of you, one hand over your heart, the other cradling the side of your face as gently as a kitten. His elbows and knees are all that keep his weight from crushing you as he drops several sweet, smiley kisses onto your lips, your eyes, your nose.

    "Stay with me,"

    you breathe, tangling your fingers in his hair.

    He hums, going in for another heated kiss.


    he murmurs against your mouth.


    {{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}}

    ♡pls reblog if you enjoyed♡

    {masterlist}[request] taglist: @danielol @taecup-ontrack @oifelixcmerebrou @grassbutneo @0x1lovebot (requests are open & lmk if you would like to be on a taglist)


    #txt #tomorrow by together #choi soobin#txt fluff#txt imagines #txt x reader #txt scenarios#txt fics#txt smut#txt angst#soobin #choi soobin fluff #choi soobin scenarios #choi soobin x reader #choi soobin angst #choi soobin au #choi soobin smut #choi soobin txt #choi soobin ff #choi soobin x you #choi soobin x y/n #soobin imagines #soobin x reader #soobin smut#soobin angst#soobin fluff#soobin fanfic#soobin ff#soobin scenarios #soobin x you
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  • odentist
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    ⊹ pairing: bf Soobin x detached female reader

    ⊹ warnings: shitty writing, fluff, angst

    ⊹ a/n: 3/5 of my loser drabbles, yeonjun is next disclaimer | masterlist

     There’s always a point in an action movie where time slows in the midst of a storm and the male and female leads connect eyes – a kind of unspoken agreement that everything is going to shit but at least I’m with you. That part always gets to Soobin.

     Something falls in his chest and he can’t help but look at you, the soft glow of the giant screen illuminating your transfixed expression. He’s missing the final scene but Soobin finds the lines on your lips and curls of your eyelashes just as captivating as the ending.

     “Can we leave?” he whispers into your ear.

     Raising stale popcorn to your lips, you ignore him. As he sighs and turns his attention back onto the screen, Soobin pulls your hand into his lap. Scowling, you yank your hand out from his grasp. “Leave me alone,” you warn.

     Home-bodied and clingy, Soobin always clashes with your aloof and restless nature. But your contrasting personalities are what made this work. Opposites attract, right?

     “I just want to touch you,” Soobin murmurs, slumping back into his chair.

     “Well, don’t.”

     Soobin watches you hesitantly as you re-engross yourself in the movie. His eyes flickering to the screen, he wonders how the female actor can look at the male actor with such convincing infatuation when you can’t even spare him an affectionate glance.

     When the movie ends, you stand abruptly and stride out of the movie theater. Soobin suspects you can’t stand sitting next to him any longer but nevertheless, he races after you.

     Almost barreling into your still figure at the door, he follows your gaze up to the sky.


     Lightning that violently flosses across billowing clouds. A scene quite similar to the ending of the film.

     Soobin finds it romantic. But you find it ominous. He’s reaching for your hand again and this time, you can’t think of an excuse to slip out of his grasp.

     “We’re fine, right?” Soobin asks quietly. Your poker face does little to ease his worries.

     “Yeah,” you kiss his cheek meekly. “Just fine.”

    #soobin angst#soobin#soobin drabbles#soobin fluff#txt #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #choi soobin #soobin x reader #soobin x y/n #soobin x you #soobin imagines#txt imagines#txt angst#txt drabbles
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  • bngchnsi
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    sleep softly now | c.s

    synopsis: sometimes, all you need is a good nap.

    (and a cock inside you too)

    pairing: soft dom!soobin x sub!reader

    warnings: afab reader, college au, fluff, smut, soft sex, vaginal fingering, use of lube, brief masturbation, penetrative vaginal sex, cock warming.

    word count: 1.5k

    Soobin could tell that his precious baby was having a hard time, your eyebrows screwed up and face reading one of confusion as you tried to do your homework. Every now and then you’d let out a grumble or a sigh of frustration, and after twenty minutes of this Soobin knew that you needed a break. Clearly your brain wasn’t working properly at the moment, and it would be better to try again at a different time.

    You jerked a little bit in your spot when Soobin rested his hands on your tense shoulders, relaxing a little bit when you realized it was just him. “C’mon bubs, let's go take a break,” Soobin hummed softly, pressing a soft kiss to your temple, and you sighed at the touch. “I really shouldn’t though, this is due in a few days…”

    “And there’s another few days to do it! C’mon, just staring at it and being grumpy isn’t gonna help you.” You pouted at his words but did not argue when he rolled you away from your desk, turning the seat so that you were facing him instead. You stared up at him with glassy eyes and brought your arms up wordlessly and Soobin grinned. Sometimes you could be so stubborn, but it seemed you were too exhausted right now to fight him which he was grateful for.

    Soobin leaned forward and let you loop your arms around his neck, wrapping his fingers underneath your thighs as he hoisted you up. Your legs wrapped themselves quickly around his slim waist and you snuggled into his body quickly, sighing in content. “Binnie,” you whispered, almost to yourself as you buried your face into his neck, and Soobin chuckled at just how adorable you were being.

    He pressed another kiss to your temple, his favorite spot to kiss other than your lips. “Y/n,” he replied and you giggled sleepily in response, your body wiggling happily in his hold and making Soobin’s heart melt right on the spot.

    “What do you need right now baby?” He asked, trying to gauge the best way for you to destress, and you surprised him with your response. “You please.” Soobin’s eyes widened a little, his heart skipping a beat as his mind went to all sort of places, before he forced his already hardening dick to calm down. Maybe you meant that in a different way, like cuddles and naps with your lovely boyfriend as a pillow! Really, Soobin needed to get his mind out of the gutter.

    But, just in case, Soobin asked, “How do you want me?” He hummed, pressing more kisses to your hairline as he rocked you both side to side, and you sighed in content. “Inside me,” you said sleepily, all shame or embarrassment at your blunt request unheard of, and Soobin felt his underwear tighten around him in record time.

    So maybe it was you that had to get your mind out of the gutter instead!

    Still, Soobin let it slide. You were tired and stressed and a good orgasm or two was a great way to get the human body to relax for a little while. “Are you sure you won’t fall asleep on me?” He joked and you giggled, shaking your head. “No silly, I mean cock warming. I wanna take a nap with you keeping me full,” you sighed happily as you spoke, sounding as if you had been thinking about this for a very, very long time, and Soobin wondered if it had just taken you being stressed and sleepy for you to finally feel comfortable telling him.

    Soobin frowned, a sight that you were unaware of. He would have to talk to you about telling him these sorts of things when you were more awake and relaxed. Unconsciously, he pressed another kiss to the bolt of your jaw. “Of course my love,” he said softly, already making his way to your shared bedroom in the small apartment, and your eyes were already drooping when he laid you down on your bed.

    Getting your bottom half undressed was a little difficult, what with you not wanting to move and offering very little help to your poor boyfriend, but soon enough you were only in a large nightshirt (that of which you had been wearing all day) that barely went past the swell of your thighs. Soobin made quick work of undressing, deciding it’d be better to be naked as he tended to sleep without any clothes anyways, before climbing into bed with you. You moved you so that your head was laying on the pillow, your body underneath the blankets as he slipped behind you, hard cock brushing against the soft swell of your ass. You sighed sleepily at the feeling, wiggling your hips just the slightest bit, and Soobin chuckled to himself. “So impatient,” he teased and you whined, the sound small and so cute to Soobin’s ears that he just wanted to eat you up.

    Or out. Whichever you would prefer honestly.

    You gasped when you felt Soobin’s fingers rubbing up and down your slit, bringing one thigh up so as to give the boy more room. Soobin bit his lip against a groan that was bubbling in his throat. You were so wet. How long had you been wanting his cock inside you? How long had you been fantasizing about this moment while you tried and failed to focus on homework?

    Soobin pressed wet kisses to the skin of your shoulder that he could reach as he slipped two of his long fingers inside of you, wanting to make sure you were prepped and ready for him. You whimpered at the intrusion, rutting down on his digits lazily as he scissored you open, and after only a few moments Soobin had four fingers stuffed inside you, filling you up almost as much as his cock soon would.


    “Do you want to use lube, just in case?” He asked and you nodded your head wordlessly, whining softly when his warm naked body was no longer pressed against yours. Soobin ignored your sad sound and reached into the bottom drawer of his nightstand, pulling out the half full bottle of lube and uncapping it with a small pop. He poured a generous amount straight onto his cock, hissing softly at how cold it was before rubbing it in. He let himself do this for a bit longer than was needed, quickly enraptured with just how good it felt, and only stopped when you started to whine again. Soobin shushed you softly. “I know baby, I know,” he whispered as he poured more lube onto his four fingers, rubbing the two middle ones in between your lips before inserting all four inside you. You whined and whimpered, your grinding growing more intense as he spread his fingers apart as much as your inner walls would let him, and you whined sadly when the intrusion left you.

    Soobin pressed an open-mouthed kiss underneath your jaw, sucking a little just to see you shudder. “Almost there baby, almost there,” he mumbled and you inhaled sharply as the head of his cock slid up and down your slit. You whined as he teased you for a few moments, crying out when he tapped the tip of his dick against your engorged clit, and the long drawn out moan you released as he started pressing inside of you intermingled with his own.

    You whimpered as Soobin bottomed out, filling you to the absolute brim, and you moaned when Soobin pushed your thigh gently back down. Soobin groaned in turn as he felt your inner walls tighten around him, like a king snake tightening itself around its prey, and he buried himself in the crook of your neck as he forced himself to not immediately start bucking into you. This wasn’t about him. This was about you, and you had wanted to simply cock warm him as you drifted to sleep.

    Soobin gritted his teeth against the almost animalistic need to fuck you and wound his arms around your middle, snuggling into you as he pulsed inside of you. “Is this comfortable my love?” He asked and if his voice was strained, he hoped you didn’t notice.

    You hummed, nodding your head slightly as you seemed to get sleepier and sleepier in front of him. “Thank you Binnie,” you mumbled, your words slurring together as his cock acted like some sort of sleep medicine, and within minutes you were fast asleep beside him.

    And even though Soobin wanted nothing more than to shallowly thrust inside of you and cum deep inside your pretty pussy, seeing you so relaxed for the first time all day was worth more than Soobin getting an orgasm.

    He smiled down at you and pressed a kiss to your cheek, sighing as he laid his head down on the pillow next to you. “Sweet dreams,” he whispered to no one that was actually listening before, after a few minutes of struggling to relax, finally fell asleep as well.

    tag list: @anonymous-appreciation​, @shazmatazz67​

    all rights reserved to bngchnsi. reposts onto other platforms are prohibited.

    #i wrote this in one sitting i apologize if it sucks- #this may or may not be completely self induligent >.< #txt smut #txt hard hours #txt dark hours #txt fluff #txt soft hours #txt x reader #txt fanfic #dom!txt #tomorrow x together smut #tomorrow x together hard hours #tomorrow x together x reader #tomorrow x together dark hours #tomorrow x together fanfic #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together soft hours #dom!tomorrow x together #soobin smut#soobin fluff #soobin x reader #soobin hard hours #soobin dark hours #soobin soft hours #dom!soobin
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  • jade-ie-28
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    •you walking around with cartoon underwear w txt•

    Genre~smut, hints of fluff
    Warnings~groping (lots of it), dirty talk
    Choi line

    ♢ Soobin ♢

    Making coffee in peace as you finish with pressing the pour button, placing the cup quickly under the machine as you’d got the separate cup.

    When two hands wound their way around your waste covered in his T-shirt, his slender fingers pulling the fabric up.

    You seat at his hands making him pout “Soobin we were at it all night” you chastise with little to no effect.

    “Aw but your wearing the cute panties I like” you look done and smile at your heart undies with little frills on the bottom.

    Nodding as he smirks and wraps himself around you as you giggle and continue on with getting your coffee.

    ♢ Yeojun ♢

    Finding you passed out in his bed is a recurring thing but what Yeojun wasn’t expecting was to see your cute sleepy outfit.

    His long white shirt risen up and resting on your middle back as your sleeping on your stomach and your leg bent out.

    Finding cute anime panties on you was one he almost choked himself, he sucked in his breath and nodded undressing down to his boxers.

    He carefully maneuvered over your body and slipped in next to you as you immediately find him and hold him.

    ‘Even clingy when she’s sleeping he thought to himself as he slowly passed out.

    ♢ Beomgyu ♢

    A lazy day with your boyfriend, amazing and innocent…what wasn’t so innocent was your boyfriends hands finding their way to your bum every five minutes.

    Cupping your ass cheeks as you lay on top of him in the best of bedsheets and comforters.

    you reached back and swatted at his hands which gave you a whine in response.

    “Gyu watch the movie we’ve been wanting to watch this one for months” you say sternly as he rolls his eyes.

    “But your wearing the cute panties you know how weak I am for them” Beomgyu said.

    you sighed “fine you may continue but one squeeze and your done”

    “Thank you baby”

    #txt imagines#txt reactions#txt smut #yeonjun x reader #beomgyu x reader #soobin x reader #txt fluff
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  • cerisetalks
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    [10:01am] txt as your bestfriends 🥺 except crush!taehyun

    “my life is falling apart! I'm sick and I look like I've been dead for 3-4 business days straight!” you say with your head in your hands,, you woke up late, and not only late! but sick too!

    but being sick sure as hell won't stop you from coming to school, there was no way, no fucking way, you were going to pass on a school day full of ogling your long time crush—taehyun

    and that leads us to where you are now, sneezing and sniffing while having a full blown breakdown in the school canteen, sitting right beside bestfriend!beomgyu and across off bestfriend!hueningkai

    “nothing is going right! I look ugly today and guess what? taehyun isn't even here today!! or am I also going blind?? is this what it is? god? sir? is it my time already??” you bang your head on the desk and your friends watch in silent amusement

    “well I, for one, think you rock the whole half dead look you have going on”

    “shut up gyu!”

    soft hours: open,,,,, tagging <3 @sherlockholicsbysoobin @cesiareads @iminchaosnow

    #cerisetalks#kpop#kpop boys#kpop txt#txt #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together fluff #txt fluff#txt bestfriends #kpop tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together members #tomorrow x together yeonjun #tomorrow x together soobin #tomorrow x together taehyun #tomorrow x together beomgyu #tomorrow x together hueningkai #txt yeonjun#txt imagines#txt soobin#txt beomgyu#txt taehyun #txt huening kai #txt timestamp#txt members#fluff#kpop imagines#kpop fluff#kpop timestamps#wholesome
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  • girlsfortxt
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    CHOI LINE REACTS TO... bts being your older brother

    PAIRING! choi line x f!reader ; brother!bts maknae line x f!reader GENRE! fluff ; best friends to lovers ; crack ; humour ; established relationship WARNINGS! mentions of cheating ; mentions of food WC! 1.2k NOTES! i was gonna write this in paragraphs but i got lazy and i havent written a full length anything in weeks so this was the easiest way for me rip

    ## YEONJUN

    it’s not uncommon for yeonjun to run into the members of bts around the company

    he wouldn’t say he sees them often but he’s seen them enough for it to become a normal thing

    he doesn’t even get flustered anymore so score

    however, when he passes by THEE kim taehyung in the halls and he tells him that he has been looking for him everywhere, he can’t deny he started fanboying

    why has taehyung been looking for HIM???

    that’s when his senior pulls out a very familiar looking purse and hands it to him

    “can you give this to y/n when you see her? she left it here yesterday—you know how forgetful she is”

    the rest under the cut!


    of course HE knows how forgetful you are, he’s your boyfriend

    but the question is, how does TAEHYUNG know 🤔

    at least now he knows why the purse looked familiar now

    yeonjun agrees anyways and takes the bag

    he was seeing you later that day for a date and he figures he could also ask you then why taehyung had your bag in the first place

    then taehyung tells him to “take care of y/n” and goes on with his day

    yeonjun is so confused

    he doesn’t know how taehyung knows the two of you are together or how he even knows YOU

    at some point during his dance practice, he ends up forgetting about it all until

    kim y/n...kim taehyung...

    and everything falls into place in his mind

    he finally understands why he would see you everywhere at the company long before the two of you started dating

    later, when he sees you for your date

    “y/n, you will never BELIEVE what i just discovered”

    ## SOOBIN

    soobin usually treats you to lunch

    it’s the least he could do seeing as he is so busy all the time

    he would pick you up from the hybe lobby and the two of you would head to the café together

    but today

    you were nowhere to be found

    he waited for ten minutes thinking that maybe you were just running late but eventually figured that you weren’t coming today

    you had been swamped with school lately so he understood that you might not be able to come out

    he was a sad boy ☹️

    soob decides to go to the café anyways just to get something to eat and guess who he sees when he walks in

    you sitting at a table laughing with some other guy 🧍‍♂️

    he couldn’t see who you were with because they were sitting opposite you with their back turned but he knows a guys back when he sees one and that was definitely one

    he didn’t want to jump to conclusions but he wished he knew what you were doing here with somebody else

    he doesn’t make his presence known because he hates confrontation but he can’t deny feeling a bit annoyed

    then the guy pushes out of his seat and stands up to walk around next to you and soobin can finally see who stole his girlfriend from him

    and it’s fucking park jimin

    his senior kisses your forehead before leaving the café and soobin’s jaw is on the floor

    he leaves quickly before either of you could see him and goes to their practice room to stew over what he just saw

    soobin didn’t know the two of you were so close, hell he didn’t even the two of you KNEW each other

    eventually you showed up in the practice room too, apologising for missing your lunch because “something came up” and soobin can’t help it anymore

    “y/n...are you cheating on me with jimin sunbaenim? because he is way older than you and i saw him kissing you and—”


    you were MORTIFIED at the accusation and soobin...soobin was


    like this emoji 😯😯😯 was him

    “park jimin....is your brother...”

    “i can’t believe you thought i was CHEATING”

    “do you think you can get me an autograph 😯”


    ## BEOMGYU

    it was a pretty normal afternoon, you were coming over to visit him at the dorms like you sometimes did

    he was just a bit more excited to see you than normal because he was finally going to confess to you

    okay so maybe he was a little in love with you whatever doesn’t matter

    he was pretty sure you were in love with him too, or at least had a crush on him so he was pretty confident about his plan

    that all went out the window when you arrived

    you looked as beautiful as ever and you had a massive smile on your face that made him a bit weak in the knees which was normal, so not the problem

    the problem was what you were wearing

    over your clothes, you had on a way too big plain black jacket that you had pushed up your arms

    it was so long that it stopped at your mid thigh

    this jacket was very clearly not yours and the only explanation for whose it could be and why you were wearing it was that—and it pains him to say this—you had a boyfriend

    now you may be thinking he’s jumping the gun a bit here buT LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE CAN YOU BLAME HIM??

    the rest of the day he couldn’t hide his annoyance at the fact that you were still wearing that stupid jacket

    there was air conditioning in the dorms you didn’t have to keep it on 🙄🙄

    you noticed his behaviour and asked him what was up

    he didn’t mean to but he just immediately blurted it out



    “my what 🧍‍♀️”

    “the boyfriend whose jacket you’re wearing 😔”

    and then

    you laughed in his face

    poor boy is so confused and starts pouting and whining 😭

    you explain that you are wearing your BROTHER’S jacket because he was the one who dropped you off

    cue more confused gyu

    “you have a brother 🧍‍♂️”

    “yes i do you know him actually 🙄”

    “who is it wtf”

    “jungkook 🧍‍♀️”

    now it’s HIS turn to laugh in your face

    you try convincing him but he’s just like “thEre’S nO waY yOuR bRotHeR iS jEon junGkOok oF Bts”

    he is in for a surprise when jungkook comes to pick you up when you are done hanging out

    like his jaw dropped

    went from being a brat to such a kiss ass in record time

    “i can’t believe you never told me your brother was THE jeon jungkook”

    “well it’s not like you’d have believed me🙄🙄”

    after his little fanboy moment he realised he could go through with his plan and ask you out

    “so, what im hearing is your single 😏 you want to go on a date 😏?”

    “i mean i guess since you like me so much 🤥 but you’re going to have ask my brother for permission 😁”

    he genuinely couldn’t tell if you were joking or not (you were) and ended up having a very awkward and embarrassing conversation with jungkook later that week

    he got his date though so 😁

    tagging. @igyus @afiaaaa19 @samu-sorbet @mjnisode @tyunni @k6ho @sungsunnie (taglist)

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  • enhanote
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    ♡ TXT OT5 what they like about you,

    gn!reader, warnings none.

    ෆ yeonjun. he adores seeing you in his clothes. since you guys share likings in some types of clothing— like his unbearably cute crop tops or his big, big sweaters, or even his cardigans. whenever you stayed over at his, you’d wake up in those fuzzy blankets of his, his scent still wrapped around you despite his absence in the room. he’d most likely stare (not in a creepy way) at you, sleeping soundly while cuddling him in his sweaters. his heart would literally threaten to bust out of his chest !! just being able to hold you like this, while you took in his warmth twice as much, was endearing.

    ෆ soobin. your curiosity. i think he’d be so interested whenever you spoke about your favorite things, even if they were totally bizarre. you’d most likely have ‘what type of bread is the best bread’ discussions at least twice a month. you’d love to just talk to one another, therefore those random facts you could remember, you’d blurt them out in the most unexpected moments, earning this sudden rush of excitement from soobin. he’s simply love to listen to you, and smile at you rambling on and on about a topic you were passionate about.

    ෆ beomgyu. he adored your laugh. he noticed you had different ways of laughing in different situations, too. i feel he’d most likely name all of your ways of laughing just to make you laugh even harder. you’d have giggling fits all the time !! i see beomgyu as such a playful guy, and he’d most likely show that caring yet super playful side with you, too. once, he pranked you with one of your teddy bears going missing. after finding out it wasn’t true, you had to laugh (trying not to cry), while threatening to hit him with said little teddy bear. overall, your relationship would be filled with jokes and lots of giggles.

    ෆ taehyun. similar to soobin, he loved listening to you speak; he adored your voice. the softness in you voice when you were waking him up, leaving sweet ghosts of little pecks on his face. the loudness of it whenever you squealed about one of his performances, making him blush like a little boy. the quietness of it whenever you shared kisses and repeated how much you loved each other through them. the endearing sound of it when you told him how proud of him you were. it was absolutely everything; your voice gave him the warmth your hugs could.

    ෆ huening kai. your personality. it was the first thing that attracted him to you; your nurturing nature, that kindness that made you seem better than anyone else (though you would never admit that), your confidence, too, it drove him insane. more than loving you, he admired you for your maturity. he himself was a bit more childish. yet when it came to you, he loved being able to see you in your most vulnerable moments and being able to take care of you was an absolute plus to him. a lover of those little details that made you you.

    © written by enhanote, 2021.

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  • capaimagines
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    txt - you’re being bullied

    Pairing: TXT x Reader | Genre: angst, fluff | Warnings: bullying, bruises, some blood, swearing | WC: 0.9k

    A/N: Will switch on and off from sister to partner

    request(s): txt reaction to their little sister coming home physically hurt because of bullies at school? pls i love y’all’s angsts sm!!! combing with Txt reaction to you being bullied

    Choi Yeonjun

    (partner): When you didn’t show up to homeroom, he knew something was wrong. You had been quiet and timid all week; nothing like your usual, bubbly and loud self. The two of you may not have been dating for long, but Yeonjun knew you well enough to know something was going on. He found you on the rooftop, your go to place when you needed some air, although this time, you were staring off into the distance with tears streaming down your face, “Y/N?” He said quietly as he walked next to you. You sniffled and held out your phone to him, “Make them stop, Jun. Please," He glanced at your phone, body filling with rage as he saw the messages from random people calling you not-so-nice names. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you to his chest as you cried. “I’ll make them stop, baby. I promise.”

    Choi Soobin

    (sister): When you came home with a bruised eye and scraped knees, Soobin knew the bullying was a lot worse than what you had initially told him, “Y/N, what happened?!” He practically screeched as you stepped inside. You refused to look up at him, feeling embarrassed, ashamed and scared. “I-I’m okay,” You stuttered and he clicked his tongue. You were his sister and he knew you like the back of his hand, “You’re not okay. Let me clean you up and then you’re telling me everything. I want names, Y/N," That was his ‘dad’ voice so, you knew you had no other choice. Soobin was going to go straight to the principal tomorrow, maybe even the kids parents. First, he needed to make sure you were okay.

    Choi Beomgyu

    (sister): Beomgyu was annoyed at first when your parents had told him to pick you up from school. He had argued that you were perfectly capable of walking yourself home, but they had told him he needed to regardless of his complaints. That’s what being a brother is, his dad had told him. However, now he was glad that he had to come pick you up. When he walked up to the school gates, he wasn’t expecting to see you surrounded by a group of girls who were pulling at your hair and clothes, yelling out taunts as you did your best to fend them off. When he barreled through the crowd of onlookers, he pulled you behind him, eyes raging at the girl in front of him, “You think this is fucking cool? You’re nothing but scum. Don’t you ever touch my sister again or I swear you won’t be able to touch anything ever again," He grabbed your wrist and pulled you along behind him. You smiled at his back, grateful that he had come to your rescue.

    Kang Taehyun

    (partner): When you came home from work with tears in your eyes and blisters on your heels, Taehyun was livid. You had told him earlier in the week that your new boss had been extremely demanding. Making you run and grab him coffee, sending you to run errands instead of him doing them himself. Going off on you when he deemed you were working to slow or not doing it to his standards. It was bullying because you were a female in a predominately male workspace and while you wouldn’t accept it, Taehyun was going to fix it, “Go shower and I’ll meet you in bed,” he said through gritted teeth, grabbing his jacket and slipping on his shoes, "I’m taking care of your problem. He’s never going to treat you like that again.”

    Huening Kai

    (sister): Hueningkai was fuming. Pacing back and forth in your bedroom as you quietly sniffled and played with the hem of your skirt. You had come home with some scratches on your arm, your hair pulled out of its braid and a bloody lip. You had no choice but to tell him what was going on now. You told him how the girl at school was jealous of you, that Hueningkai was your brother. That she had gotten angry when you told her that you were not going to introduce her to him. That she had been taunting you and messaging you repeatedly since then, never giving you a moment of peace, “Please, Kai,” you sighed out, “I just need my brother right now,” He stopped, looking at you with a frown before opening his arms to you. You immediately threw yourself into them and he rubbed your back, kissing the crown of your head. He made a silent promise that he was going to protect you better and he was going to fix this.

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  • jueunnn
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 : ̗̀➛ nine. pilates and sucrose

    warnings ; profanity but what's new!

    a/n ; to everyone who's been feeling bad for soobin already: i'm sorry yikes

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 ; in which kim y/n is severely infatuated with notoriously flirty choi beomgyu, to her absolute rage. getting over a year long crush isn't going to be easy- but you bet your ass she's going to try. choi beomgyu himself, on the other hand, has very different plans. he's gonna try his very damn best to get the girl.
    𝘵𝘢𝘨𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 ; @atinyyylove @cha-raena @belovedgyus @pr0dbeomgyu @meiiiwa @chishiyas-backstory @hainaz @90s-belladonna @iuwon @00-baejin-05 @envy-brr @shinkailovebot @lokideadontheinside @loveliestfelix @vantaelic @247byun @milkycloudtyg @jiminaaaahhhh @msxflower @hwallswrld @urresidentdrugdealer @nshitae send me an ask or comment to be added!! (bold couldn’t be tagged)

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  • jueunnn
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 : ̗̀➛ eight. soobin and statistics📉

    warnings ; profanity but that’s about it, beomgyu starting to be a little true to himself :’D

    accept call | deny call

    "hey, pretty."

    "beomgyu." you said a little too excitedly. you quickly toned your voice down before continuing. "what's up? need anything?"

    "just wanted to see how my favorite person was doing. y’know, the usual daily routine." you could almost hear the smirk in his voice, and you loved it.

    "favorite? give me a break, i bet you say that to everyone." you retorted, silently praying he would insist on his words. and that he did.

    "i most definitely do not! i really had a lot of fun hanging out with you," he said, "i've missed it a lot. i've missed you a lot."

    you bit back a blush and flopped down onto your bed, legs kicking behind you like a lovesick middle schooler. "i've.. missed you a little bit too maybe."

    beomgyu chuckled softly into the phone, his voice sweet as honey but edged with a slight rasp. "you're just as cute as i remember, y/n. bet you're cheeks are bright pink right now, huh? you always got embarrassed so easily." he teased.

    "i'm not!" you protested, your cheeks very much bright pink, "i'm very calm and collected at all times, thank you very much."

    then a sudden memory sparked in your head, and you cursed yourself for not remembering before. "hey, by the way," you said suddenly, "how are your parents doing?"

    you raised your eyebrows in concern as you heard beomgyu choke in surprise and break into a series of hacking coughs. "can we, uh, not talk about them?" he said finally, his voice uncertain. "it's kind of a... sensitive topic. y'know. divorce is tough!"

    you hummed sympathetically as he hurried on. "so i was wondering," he continued, "do you wanna go out tomorrow after school?"

    "again? you've been taking me out pretty often lately, you sure your friends aren't pissed?" you said, for once daring to tease him. soobin had already booked your afternoon that day, though, so maybe you would be the one to decline beomgyu this time.

    he laughed. "they're both dicks, don't worry about their shitty feelings. and y/n?"


    "it's a date this time."

    fuck it, soobin and statistics could wait.

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 ; in which kim y/n is severely infatuated with notoriously flirty choi beomgyu, to her absolute rage. getting over a year long crush isn't going to be easy- but you bet your ass she's going to try. choi beomgyu himself, on the other hand, has very different plans. he's gonna try his very damn best to get the girl.
    𝘵𝘢𝘨𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 ; @atinyyylove @cha-raena @belovedgyus @pr0dbeomgyu @meiiiwa @chishiyas-backstory @hainaz @90s-belladonna @iuwon @00-baejin-05 @envy-brr @shinkailovebot @lokideadontheinside @loveliestfelix @vantaelic @247byun @milkycloudtyg @jiminaaaahhhh @msxflower @hwallswrld @urresidentdrugdealer @nshitae send me an ask or comment to be added!! (bold couldn’t be tagged)

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  • ib9gyu
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    ✿: closer / c.bg

    warnings: angst , sad ending !!

    better if read while listening to: in my little mind - hodge


    "i love you" beomgyu shouted in the streets late at night, for all the world to hear. you laughed and punched his arm, wishing this moment could last forever.

    "to everybody who can hear, i love beomgyu more" now it was your turn to shout, your echo filling the small park. beomgyu turned around and cupped your cheeks, giving you a quick peck and resting his forehead against yours.

    "please dont leave me, ever. you're all I have" you let out a small chuckle reassuring him that could never happen, unaware he would break the promise one day.


    "you were all I had beomgyu" your voice cracked as you spoke into the phone. his phone number on the line, you knew he would never receive it, yet a part of you had hope he would call and tell you it would be okay.

    "why'd you leave me, you promised me" tears filled the plush you were hugging, your words went in vain as you were trying to send a voicemail to a boy who now doesn't exist, a boy who was buried in a graveyard. a boy who gave you his word yet broke it with no hesitation. you hated him, no, you wanted to hate him.

    "i wish we could go back to the nights we spent together, remember that gyu" a sad chuckle escaped you, the empty response on the opposite line making it hard to talk.

    "remember when we went to that park by our apartment, and we yelled at the top of our lungs. i miss those moments so god damn much" the memories stinging back into the front of your brain, burning on the way there. you slowly walked over to his room that you still hadn't packed up, the smell filling your lungs, it screamed beomgyu, it was a smell you wanted to last forever and ever.

    "i know somewhere deep inside, you wanted to stay, you wanted to keep breathing, but i know that you had given your all so there was nothing left to give, you did well my love, you did well" and with that, the line went blank, your sobs heard around the house. it would get better you tried reminding yourself, like he always did.


    a/n: i hate myself, this is making me cry and the music GOD PLEASE. i absolutely hate angst but why is it my forte 🤨🤨 i pulled a txt and said "crying crying crying" ❌❌❌

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  • crowhyun
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Level Infinity

    TXT x Juno (OC)
    Words: 4.9k
    Same Warnings

    Chapter 4

    Mark led us to a room called "Office Space EL3A" to patch up and disinfect the injuries we had, as well as supply Soobin with a set of fully intact clothing. After that, he led us down the end of the hallway where the office was, to a modern looking elevator.

        "Alright, so this elevator will lead us to level 3." Mark said, gulping. "Level 3 is...very dangerous. More so than this level is. But there's a colony on this level. They're called M.E.G base gamma."

        We entered the elevator as Mark explained. "They're very nice, but getting there is dangerous, and once we enter the level, both of you need to get ready to run. You'll both follow me quickly to the base, and they'll let us in. Trust me."

        The seriousness in Mark's tone scared me, and I looked at Soobin to find him looking back at me in fear. After all that's happened in this level, I'd be damned to die here.

        My heart rate went up once I looked at the numbers above the elevator door. It was blinking through numbers at an extremely fast rate until it finally stopped on 3. I gulped, making sure my bag was secured on my shoulders.


        The sound of the elevator rang through my ears, and it was like the calm before the storm. The minute the doors were open wide enough for us to leave, Mark dashed out, and we followed him. Despite Mark's average height and innocent facial features, he was quite fast, and I found it a bit hard to keep up with him and Soobin, who was in front of me.

        Suddenly, we stopped, and due to my momentum, I bumped right into Soobin, who stumbled forward a bit. Mark turned around, his eyes wide.

        "Okay, guys," He whispered. "The base is just right around the corner, but this is also the most dangerous part. At this point, we can't run any further. There are entities that wait in the shadows at the entrance. No running. No sounds. Nothing. Just leave it all to me. Got it?"

        We both nodded, happy to let Mark take the lead. He started walking at a normal pace around the corner, and we followed him in a straight line. At this point, I noticed how different this level was from the last. The hallways were even narrower this time, yet it was a cooler temperature. Without the large pipes lining the walls, it was much quieter, making everything more ominous.

        Mark brought out his entity blaster getting it ready just encase we were going to be attacked. Soon enough, we made it to the entrance of the base where there was a passcode right by the metal door. Mark put in four numbers as Soobin and I watched every dark corner around the entrance.

        The door made a weird sound before opening. Mark only opened the door enough for his body to squeeze through, and he quickly followed suit. Once we were inside, I sighed a breath of relief, and Mark closed the door behind us.

        "Thank God." Mark said, his face white. "There's no entities here, so we'll be safe."

        I nodded, just now deciding to look at where we've arrived.

        "Holy shit..." I said. Soobin looked up as well, his eyed widening at the base. It was as if we entered a whole new world. There were tall city like buildings, reaching so high that they got lost in the clouds. It was like we just stepped outside. The trader's keep was like an indoor city compared to this one. Yet, at the same time, it was a bit sad looking at this city. The roads were empty, but there was cars parked along the curbs. There was no one of the streets, but the traffic lights changed every once and a while. It was as if everyone suddenly disappeared making a once bustling city into a ghost town.

        "Does anyone live here?" Soobin asked.

        "Yeah. I know it looks deserted, but that's because the base is so huge with so little people living in it." Mark sighed. "Last time I checked, the population was around 50? Entities tend to attack the base a lot. They've lost people over time due to that."

        "Mark!" We heard a voice, and I whipped my head over to whoever it was. There was a tall man with black hair walking towards us, a smile on his face. "You haven't been here in a while." Then he looked over at us. "Who are they?"

        "Hey, Johnny." Mark said with a smile. "They're friends of mine. I met them while I was at work."

        "Ah...well why'd you stop by?" Johnny asked. "Have you finally decided to move here?"

        "Hah, no, I can't do that." Mark said. "Actually, I'm not going to work any more."

        "What...aren't you..." Johnny looked at Soobin and I, trailing off.

        "It's okay. They know." Mark said. "We were only planning to stop here for a bit to gather some stuff, and then leave."

        "What about the bird?" Johnny asked.

        "We'll try to steer clear of Jerry and his worshippers. That's all we can do, really." Mark sighed, and Johnny nodded.

        "Well, the only livable places are on James Street and Kohaku Lane." He said, looking at us and smiling. "Welcome to MEG base gamma."

        "So, we'll just be here to rest for as long as we need to before we leave." Mark said. "It's best not to get comfortable here. The accommodations are way better than the trader's keep."

        We were in a modern apartment where some other people stayed in. The lights worked, there was WiFi, there was running water, and there was food. I didn't know exactly what WiFi would do in a place like this. We had no phones, but there was a TV here.

        "I'm going to find Johnny so that we can talk." Mark said. "I know he's confused about this whole thing...I'll be back soon."

        I nodded, watching as Mark left the apartment, leaving Soobin and I alone. I noticed that he was looking at the back of his hand, studying the black number. I looked at mine, too, seeing a number 3.

        "We've made it quite far, haven't we?" I said, sitting next to him on the couch.

        "Yeah..." He said. "We still have a long way to go."

        "Yep." I nodded, then we sat in silence for a about a minute before Soobin spoke.

        "You were right." He said.


        "I should've trusted you from the start." Soobin said, and I heard him sniff. "If we had convinced Mark to come with us the first time around, maybe you wouldn't have gotten hurt."

        I looked at him, the corners of my lips turned down. "Soobin...you had a right to not trust Mark. He was a complete stranger, and we're in a predicament where there's danger at every corner."

        "It's not that. It's easy for me to trust people, Juno, it's just..." He sniffed once again. "I was being selfish. I...I just wanted it to be us two."


        "Because of my selfishness, I almost lost you. You could've died. You were going to die. Right in front of me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't save you. But...Mark could." He gave me a smile that masked his sadness as he wiped stray tears that decided to fall. "So, it's good that Mark is with us. I just wanted apologize. A lot of this could've been avoided if it weren't for me."

        I was about to say something before Soobin got up.

        "I should shower." He said. "I'll be done in ten minutes." He then walked off, grabbing the set of clothes that Mark gave him before going to the bathroom.

        I sighed, my shoulders dropping in defeat as I looked at the closed bathroom door. I wish he would know that none of this is his fault. In all honesty, it's my fault. I could've stopped and stayed at the trader's keep like he did, but instead, I dragged him out with me. He didn't even notice how much he's sacrificed himself since we've been out here. When I couldn't shoot the gun, he shot it for me. He threw himself at a smiler so we wouldn't die. He tried to retrive me from the grasp of a clump despite being in danger himself.

        Seeing him blame himself and be in pain took a toll on me. I haven't known Soobin for long, but I still felt a connection with him, whatever connection it is. I feel obligated to protect him just as he feels obligated to protect me.

        Soon enough, Mark came back while Soobin was in the shower. He came supplied with weapons, almond water, and clothes.

        "Just how long are we going to stay here?" I asked Mark.

        "Long enough for us to be fully rested." He said. "Are you guys new...by chance? Like, how long have you here?"

        "Uhm, I'm not sure." I said. "I started at level 0, and I rested in level 1 where I found Soobin and asked him to join me. We were in level 2 for a while before we found you."

        Mark nodded. "Well, time goes a lot slower than it does in the real world. What feels like a year here could be five minutes in the real world."

        "How long have you been here?"

        "Feels like years, honestly." Mark said. "Unlike the traders keep, the base has a way to tell time. The WiFi here is strong. Strong enough to get leads from the real world. It's not strong enough to contact people from the real world, but it's enough to get little things here and there."

        "Ah...so I guess this isn't just one big dream..." I said.

        "I'm afraid not."

        Soobin then emerged from the bathroom with wet hair and new clothes on. Mark then looked as if he remembered something, his eyebrows furrowing.

        "What are your names?" Mark said. Even I was surprised. It didnt occur to me that we didn't even exchange names with each other.

        "I'm Juno, and that's Soobin." I said, a slight smile gracing my figures.

        "Ah, you did mention his name." Mark laughed. "Well, we might as well get to know each other since we're going to be traveling together."

        We all took showers and ate a meal provided by MEG. It's been so long since I've eaten, yet the hunger and thirst that I've endured didn't even hit until I got the time to relax. Soobin was silent most of the time, even when Mark and I decided to exchange experiences and get to know each other a bit.

        "I actually worked as a waiter at Red Robin." Mark said. "I was closing for that day when I saw something in my manager's office. In all honesty, I don't remember what it was, but I touched it, and I suddenly found myself at level 0. It took so long for me to reach level 1, and the moment I find the trader's keep, I manage to insult a bird." He chuckled a bit. "Good thing I didn't die then."

        "We encountered Jerry once." I said, remembering the time. "Soobin tamed him, and one of his worshippers found us. I made a mistake and told her that we didn't worship Jerry. She went crazy and decided she wanted to kill us."

        "Ah, yeah, Jerry worshippers are like insanities but worse." Mark said.

        "Are they not an entity on their own?" Soobin asked, finally speaking up.

        "No one says they are, but I feel like they are." Mark said. "About that-" He reached into his bag, bringing out a tattered old notebook. "This book holds information about all the entities that I've ever seen and learned about. They teach others about entities at the base a lot, but no so much at the trader's keep. You used to live there, right Soobin?"

        Soobin nodded.

        "Well, yeah, you'd know then." Mark said. "The trader's keep isn't really helpful for survival. It's safe, yes, but it's more like a place to trap you there forever. You guys can look through the notebook. Read it a bit when you have the time. Knowing your enemies will be the most helpful."

        "Thanks." I said, feeling relieved that we had a steady flow of information.

        "I have a question, though." He said. "How did you guys get here?"

        Soobin and I looked at each other, wondering if we would should tell him. Soobin already warned me bout Jerry worshippers being hostile towards us. That might be the same for non-worshippers and random wanderers.

        "Mark...do you know about the game 'Level Infinity'?" Soobin asked him.

        "Oh, you mean that creepy pasta game where you play it and then actually get sucked into the game like Jumanji-" Mark's eyes went wide upon realization. "You guys came...from the game?!"

        I nodded, hoping that it wouldn't trigger him or that he wouldn't tell the whole colony.

        "S-so, are the rumor's true?" Mark started to get excited. "Do you guys really have powers?"

        "Uhm, I guess you can call them that." Soobin said.

        "Mine hasn't really shown itself, yet." I said, rubbing the back of my neck.

        "What can you guys do, though? Isn't it based off of the game character you pick?"

        "Yeah," Soobin said. "I picked the smiler character and she picked the winged character."

        "Wah," Mark's eyes were still wide as he placed his hands on his cross-crossed knees. "I'm sorry, this is just so cool to me. People who came from the game are almost like...like...like celebrities! The one person who got to the furthest level was one from the game."

         "How many levels are there?" I asked.

         "I don't know." Mark said, his smile fading. "If...if level infinity lives up to its name, then..."

         He trailed off, and we got what he was saying. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach at the prospect that the levels to this game would really be infinite. Was there any way out?

         "I'm gonna rest for the night." I said, getting up from the living room couch. Soobin immediately got up after me.

         "Oh, alright." Mark said. "There's two bedrooms, I can just room with Johnny for the night-"

         "It's fine." Soobin said. "I'll room with Juno."

         Mark's eyebrows raised, and I could see the corner of his mouth twitch up ever so slightly before relaxing again. Even I was surprised as I looked up at Soobin with wide eyes to see he had a stoic face.

    "Okay, then," Mark nodded. "I'll take that room." He hesitated for a bit before he bid us goodnight, going to his room. I looked at Soobin, still a bit surprised.

         "There's only one bed, Soobin." I said. "Would you be comfortable with that?"

         "Yeah. Would you?" He asked. I nodded. We're stuck in a game where we could die at any moment, sleeping in the same bed with a man isnt the end of the world.

         I woke up earlier than Soobin did. I looked at the other side of the bed to see the tall man comfortably asleep. Because the sun was invisible to the everlasting fog and low clouds, everything was always dim without the lights on. I guess that was a good thing, especially for tired wanderers.

        I got up from the bed slowly, so I wouldn't wake Soobin. I'm not sure how long I slept, but it didn't feel like it was long. I was still groggy, and I wanted nothing more than to fall back asleeep, yet I knew that I would have to get used to not sleeping for "days" at a time. Mark did say that time runs lower here, so maybe my body was still running on real time.

        I walked out of the bedroom to see that Mark was still sleeping as well. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the tattered entity notebook sitting on the coffee table. I felt compelled to look through it. Like Mark said, knowing your enemies will be the most helpful. We could manage to get rid of entities along our way much quickly.

        Looking down at my black leg, I sighed, remembering my near death experience. That should be a lesson for what will happen if we can't protect ourselves in time. I grabbed the notebook, sitting on the couch as I flipped through it.

        The first entity that I saw was an insanity. I gulped, remembering Soobin's old friend who turned into one. There was a photo pasted onto the notebook of what I presumed to be one. The skin was red and it looked almost like a zombie. It had a massive smile, just like a smiler. I could feel the goosebumps on my arms. From the little bit that I could remember hen seeing a smiler, the insanity didn't have much of a difference from it. I read some more information about it.

    Entity #1: Insanity

    -very hostile

    -used to be human

    -symptoms include: hallucinations, hearing voices, fluctuations of emotions, reddening skin, constant smiling, etc.

    -can be cured by almond water in the first stages of transformation

        It's almost as if they really are zombies. I couldnt imagine how Soobin must've felt when Jisoo turned into one. One second, someone close to you could be normal, and the next second, they could be trying to kill you. I huffed out a breath of are, flipping to the next page.

    Entity #2: Skin-Stealer

    -usually docile

    -should be avoided

    -never touch them

    -very fast

    -they tear the skin off their targets and wear them as a disguise

    -can tell when one is a skin stealer if they have a large scar on their neck or chest

    -blood is transparent

        I looked at the picture next to the description to see what Soobin and I saw when we first entered level 2. It was tall with pale-yellow skin and sunken white eyes. It didn't hurt us when we saw it, but I'm guessing that was because he didn't anger it. What would've happened if we had tried to interact with it..."

        "You're up early."

        I whipped my head up to see who was speaking when I saw Mark. I didn't hear him walk in, but I guess that was because I was too intrigued with the entities in the book.

        "Oh, yeah," I said. "I woke up and figured that I shouldn't go back to sleep..."

        "Hm..." He nodded, then sat next to me, looking over my shoulder at the notebook. "Y'know, the furthest I've been was level 5. After that, we're going to have to wing it. But...I need to know exactly what your guy's motives are. Like, not in a interrogation type of way, but in order for me to help you both, I need to know what's the point."

        "I'm just trying to find my friends." I said, looking down at the notebook. "You know how I told you we came from the game?"

        He nodded.

        "Well, for one, Soobin and I didn't know each other until I got to level 1." I said. "But I was playing level infinity with two of my friends when we both pixelated and all ended up in different levels. For me, it was level zero, and the others were on level 7 and 9..."

    "Level 7 and 9," Mark said to himself, trailing off. "I've never been to those levels, but word would get around about how other levels are like. Level 7 is less dangerous than level 6...hold on." Mark got up and went inside of the room he slept in. He came back with another notebook in hand. "In this book, I wrote about what I've learned about as many levels as possible. There's not every level, of course, but I know I've learned about level 7 and 9." He flipped through the pages almost aggressively, and he stopped on one. "This. There's not much info about level 7, but it's pitch black like level 6 is. The difference is that the whole level is flooded, and there's a lesser chance of insanity happening there. There's only one reported entity living on level 7. It's called "the thing". It lives in the waters of the flood and is known to be dangerous."

    "So...that's where Taehyun could be?" I asked, my eyes wide and looking for answers.

    "Is that his name?" Mark said and I nodded. "Then, yes, he could be there. But, no matter what, it's dangerous for him there. Even if he met with the colony, TPWG, he's in danger. They're known to sacrifice wanders to "the thing" if they refuse to stay at their base."

    "How do we get there?" I asked. "How long would it take for us to get there?"

    "I...I don't know." Mark said. "I was told that there was no direct way from level 5 to level 6. I wouldn't even advice going to level 6, as it's way too dangerous and there's a for sure chance that we'd die there. Level five leads to levels that are way too high in number, which is why I never went further than level 5. I don't even know if level 6 can lead to level 7."

    "We'll find out." I said, face stoic. "Go to level 9. I want to know what that is."

    He looked at. With his brows slightly furrowed for whatever reason, then he flipped to the page that was about level 9. "Ah..." He read it a a bit. "Level 9 is a bit more dangerous than level 7. It's said to have an entity infestation. It's a suburban neighborhood where it's always night time. What his name? The one that no-clipped there."


    "Well, as long as Beomgyu stays in the houses, he won't be in much danger." Mark said. "But he could also be on any other level by now. That could be the case for Taehyun, too. They may have started at level 7 and 9, but they could be in the hundreds, for all we know. But then again, some levels are extremely hard to get out of. But, we'll find a way to get to both of those levels. But Juno...I have another question. If we do ever get to find your friends, what are you going to do afterwards?"

    "Oh..." I looked down, knowing that I didnt think that far. My main motive for this whole thing was to just find my friends and go back home. Yet, I wouldn't know how to get back home. Mark sighed at my silence.

    "You know what, you don't have to think about that." Mark said. "But we'll find Taehyun and Beomgyu. I'll help as much as I can so that we can get there. Okay?"

    I nodded.

    "Now let's rest some more. We have a lot of getting ready to do."

    A few hours or so later, we were all up and getting ready to trek through level 3. Mark has reiterated to us many times exactly how dangerous this level was. Yet, with the new weapons and rest we've acquired, I had a good feeling about this.

    "Alright, so here's the plan," Mark started. "We have to find the closest elavator here. It can't be the one we just go out of, it has to be a different one. That elevator will either take us to level 4 or 5, but most likely, it'll be level 5. That's what we're going for. Yet, if we do go to level 4, then that won't be a problem."

    "What's on level 4?" I asked.

    "Practically nothing." Mark said. "Think of level 0, but safer. We don't need to go there, though. Level five, though. Let's just say that it's not the safest. But, it's definitely possible to get through it, trust me. Our main problem for now, though, is us getting through level 3. We made it here safely, but making it to level 5 will guarantee us going head to head with an entity."

        "What entities are on this level?" Soobin asked.

        "Ah," Mark's eyebrows raised for a second as he tried to think. He started punting on his fingers. "Hounds, facelings, dullers, smilers, clumps, bursters, maybe more. No one will ever know exactly what's on each level, but those are the most common."

        "Are we expected to know what most of those are?" I gulped.

        Mark shook his head. "Not for now. But one this is for sure. They'll all go down at the likes of this." He held up his while gun. "It manages to kill almost every entity. The average gun can only kill a few. The only con about these is that they can't be refilled and they come with only 6 bullets per gun. Johnny managed to supply us with 7 of these. Only use them when absolutely needed."

        "I'm guessing this level is where they are absolutely needed?" I assumed.

        "You're guessing right." Mark said. "We have everything, right?" We gave an affirmative. "Good. Let's go."

        We grabbed our bags, which thankfully weren't too heavy, despite the many almond waters and weapons. We made our way back to the entrance of the base, guns in hand.

        "Mark...does Johnny ever come out?" I asked him, suddenly feeling curious.

        "No." he said. "I wondered about that, too, before finding out that Johnny doesn't mind staying here for the rest of his life. It seems sad, but to be honest...sometimes I feel like this is where he belongs."

        I slowly nodded. Where he belongs...

        "Okay, I'm going to open the door...you guys ready?"

        I looked at Soobin, and I still saw the fear settle in his face just like the moment I met him. We made it this far, there's no way I'm going to die, now. I nodded, sending Soobin a reassuring look. It didn't seem to reassure him much, but the tight smile on his face showed that he appreciated my concern. Mark gave us one last nod before he swiftly opened the door. We quickly made our way out so mark could close the door behind him.

        "Don't move too quickly." Mark whispered. I held my gun tightly in my hand, looking everywhere around me just in case I managed to see an entity. My heart was beating wildly in my chest, I felt like it was going to burst.

        We all slowly moved together, following Mark's lead.

        "S-Soobin," Mark suddenly said, and I whipped my head over to his voice. "Soobin, Soobin!" His voice rose as panic started to settle in him. My muscles tensed, but I was confused until Soobin swiftly turned to his left, closing his eyes tightly and shooting his gun. I didn't see it until it was dead. Thre was an entity, almost like a dog-human. It had long black hair on its head, and to be honest, it looked absolutely disgusting.

        "That," Mark said. "Was a hound. That'll scare any others off for a moment, so let's hurry. Follow me."

        At a much quicker pace, Mark led us down a hall where we approached another hound, but it was quickly taken down by Mark's gun. I made a mental note that hounds were the easiest to kill out of all of the entities I've seen so far. You could easily tell that they were coming due to the growling sound they emanated.

        I suddenly saw something move out of the corner of my eye, and I quickly turned to point my gun that way.

        "Don't shoot!" Mark said, putting my gun down. It was some type of featureless humanoid with dark grey skin that quickly ran away at the sight of us. "That's a duller. They're harmless most of the time."

        "Most of the time?" Soobin said.

        "Think of a skin stealer." Mark said. "They're docile, but once you provoke them, they become really dangerous."

        I appreciated the information, but the look of the duller was still stuck in my head. How come docile entities are so scary looking?

        Following Mark the rest of the way was surprisingly easy. We were approached by a bit more entities, but we were able to shoot them down easily. I think I was pretty handy with a gun...

        We approached an elevator, and though I felt relieved, I was still on edge, hoping that another entity wouldn't show up as Mark pressed the button, and we waited for the elevator. Where else could the elevator be? Are there elevators on each level, and was this some sort of tower complex?

        We heard the ding button, and the elevator opened. We got in, but there was no buttons on the inside. I looked at Mark with furrowed brows as the elevator door closed.

        "Mark, where are the buttons?" I asked.

        "This elevator doesn't have any." Mark shrugged. "Like I said, going on this elevator will either take you to level 4 or level 5. It's completely random."

        We waited for the elevator to take us to our destination, yet I felt conflicted. I wanted to go to level five so that we could get to Taehyun faster, but at the same time, I wanted to get to level four, just so I could feel safe again. But...my main priority would be Taehyun and Beomgyu being safe. That's all.


        The elevator door slowly opened, revealing what almost looked like an empty hotel lobby?

        "Jackpot." Mark smiled. "Level 5."




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    Chapter 2

    Pairing: Yeonjun x Park Bonghwa (OC)

    I walked into the classroom the next day with my head down. Ever since lunch yesterday, I've been hearing more and more gossip about me. I guess I've already established a reputation in this school, and it wasn't good. It would be best to try and stay under the radar. I wondered if this is how Yeonjun feels?

        I sat in my seat right next to him, feeling slightly uncomfortable. He didn't even spare a glance at me since I walked in the room. He kept his gaze straight at the board, his finger tapping silently at the desk. I bit my lip in defeat, knowing that he was probably still mad at me. Nonetheless, I know that the "show" had to go on. I took out my homework that I tried my best on, even though this school was ahead of my other school, and I didn't know the full material.

    For the whole class, I felt tense in my seat, just wanting to go home already. I wanted to apologize to Yeonjun, too, but I couldn't find it in me to figure out how to apologize to him. I didn't even think that he would accept the apology. Then I think about it. If i was him, and if I was put in his position, would I accept my apology?

    I wasn't given time to dwell on it as the bell rang, signifying the start of the lunch period. Before I could even think of trying to talk to Yeonjun again, he was out of his seat and out of the classroom. I sighed, picking up my bag to go to the cafeteria. Once i was there, I looked around for him, but I couldn't find him anywhere. Did he even come to lunch?

    I grabbed my lunch, going to an empty table to sit down. I didn't dare try to sit with anyone or make friends. All the talk about me has already spread, and in the eyes of the school, I was one of the "weird" ones.

    Ten minutes into the lunch period, and I was completely fine being alone, yet the Yeonjun situation was still eating at me. As I was staring out of the windows, I felt the table move a bit as someone roughly placed their tray on the table and sat down. Startled, I whipped my head over to the person in front of me, seeing that it was Yeonjun.


    "Don't talk to me." He said before I could even get his name out. With my mouth slightly agape, I paused for a second before solemnly nodding and looking back down at my food. He probably had no where else to sit. Or maybe...maybe I stole his table. Maybe he always sat here at lunch, and because I'm selfish, I sat here instead. God, I keep messing up. All a new student ever does is just intrude.

    Five minutes of silence go by, and I would sometimes glance over at Yeonjun, who decided it was much more interesting to stare out of the window than to talk to me. Maybe I should apologize now. I know he said don't talk to him, but...

    "I'm sorry." I blurted out. I knew it wasn't enough, but I just wanted to see if Yeonjun would at least take it. There was a couple seconds of silence before he spoke.


    I frowned a bit. Wouldn't he know what I'm sorry for? "For...for touching your horn. And for stealing your lunch table. And for talking to you when you told me not to talk to you."

    He looked at me with a bit of confusion, furrowing his eye brows. "It's okay...I guess."

    "And I don't think your horns are weird." I said. "I think they're cool and unique."

    He stared at me for a couple of seconds. "You're weird."

    "Oh..." I said, looking down. Maybe what I said was a little weird. I have to keep reminding myself to stop bringing up his horns. Like he said, I have to mind my business.

    "But thank you."

    I looked back up with wide eyes. So maybe what I said wasn't that weird? He confuses me.

        "And you didn't steal my lunch table." He said, looking back out of the window. "I never ate lunch in the cafeteria anyways."

        I frowned a bit at that. I've always heard about kids who didnt eat in the cafeteria due to being bullied, and they felt more comfortable alone. Seeing how horrible these kids were, my heart hurt thinking about what he has to go through on a daily.

        We said nothing else for the rest of the lunch period. Even though he still hasn't said more than a few sentences to me, I still felt grateful that he was talking to me and that he forgave me. I still didn't think he liked me, not at the least, but it's progress, isn't it? He never sat in the cafeteria, so why is he here now? If I didn't know better, I would think that he's here because he doesn't want me to alone.

        I rounded the corner of the street to my home, my head down to watch how my feet kicked loose rocks from the pavement. It was a cloudy afternoon, so everything looked a bit dull, unfortunately.

        "Good afternoon, Bonghwa!" I heard my neighbor say. Ever since I moved here a couple of days ago, Ms.Lee would always try to speak to my family and I. She was a kind old lady who usually sat on her porch outside.

        "Good afternoon, Ms.Lee." I smiled, giving her a bow.

        "How was school?" She asked. "Are you liking it?"

        "School was great, I'm studying hard." I said, giving a thumbs up, then continuing the walk to my house. Of course school wasn't really going good, and from two days of going there, I could confidentially say that this year wasn't going to be the greatest. It's not like Ms.Lee needed to know.

        As I approached the front door of my house, I could already hear it. I heard the angry shouts emitting from my house. I thought that the move would maybe help my parents to calm down just a bit, but it was like the fighting was worse.

        I sighed, opening the door and stepping into the house, trying to be silent enough that they wouldn't notice me. I wouldn't want to be the subject of their anger.

    "You're serving no use in my home!" My father yelled at my mother. "You don't cook, you don't clean, you don't do anything!"

    "I've told you many times, Taeyan, I'm not meant to be a house wife!" My mom retaliated. "You trap me here by marriage and by a child so that I can do the house work for you! Do you think I went to university for nothing?!"

    As their argument proceeded, I went upstairs, successfully staying out of their sight. I was used to it by now. It's been like this for years, and I knew who was the main reason for it. Me.

    I threw my school bag on the floor by my bed and I flopped myself on the soft blanket, sighing. School wasn't a safe place. Home wasn't a safe place either. Back home, I had places where I would go to get away from it all, but the move took all of that away. It was my last year of high school, anyways, so maybe I'd be able to get into a good college and move out for good.

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  • crowhyun
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    Prompt: As a bunny hybrid, Soobin is having the hardest time controlling his natural instincts and needs. He goes as far as working with and befriending humans in order to keep his hybrid side in check. Then, he gets evicted from his small apartment, and his forced to move back on campus in the bunny dorm. Because he's not used to living with other bunnies, he gets overwhelmed. Once a certain embarrassing accident happens, he suddenly becomes attached to someone.

    Reader Profile

    Name: (Y/N)

    Age: 20

    Breed: Himalayan Mini Rex

    Breed Traits: friendly, sociable, sweet, very docile, though sometimes feisty

    Genre(smut): smut, fluff
    Words: 8.9k
    Smut warnings: there's no distinct roles here, but Soobin is leaning more towards sub here, inexperienced Soobin, big dick soobin (obvi), breeding kink, soobin is quite rough, heat sex, reader is on birth control, mommy kink, slight overstimulation, hand job

    "You sure you don't want to come to dinner with us, cottontail?" Soobin's coworker, Hyunjae, asked with a laugh. Soobin chuckled uncomfortably, not exactly used to the name his human coworkers liked to call him. He shook his head.

        "I requested to stay a few more hours." He said with a tight smile. "Have to pay rent somehow."

        "Oh, alright, whatever's good for you." Hyunjae said. "I'm not sure where we're going is going to serve what you guys eat anyways." He laughed. Soobin knew he meant it as a joke, but it make him wince a bit. He was still human enough to eat stuff like meat and pasta, he just avoided it sometimes.

        He waved goodbye to his coworkers as they clocked out to enjoy the night for themselves. The restaurant wasn't so busy at this late of night, so it was fine that Soobin was the on of the few workers left. He was struggling with paying his rent every month while working a minimum wage job. It sucked even more that he didn't get as many tips due to being a hybrid in a majority human facility. It was much cheaper to live on campus, but Soobin couldnt possibly do that. Assimilating into the human population was good for him. At least, that's what he told himself every day.

        He lethargically slugged up the stairs of his apartment complex, finally able to return home at 1:00 AM. The elevator stopped working and had been under maintenance for almost a week already. It was like torture, having to walk up these steps to the 6th floor after an 11 hour work day. Once he finally made it to his studio apartment, he felt he could finally breathe. His apartment was small, cramped and cluttered, but it was all he could afford in this city.  He fell onto his bed, disregarding the use of a shower and the growing pile of undid homework sitting on his desk. He started to think that maybe living paycheck to paycheck just so he wouldn't be around his own kind was starting to be a little too hard...

        Okay, maybe a lot too hard.

        He stared in agony at the paper taped onto his door that said in big letters, "EVICTION WARNING". He tore the paper off, whining quietly to himself. He didn't pay rent for one month, and he told his land lord that he was going to make it up this month. It doesn't help that she was going to raise the cost of the rent up. It was as if she desperately wanted Soobin out. He stomped his way into his apartment and onto his laptop. He had to get another job. Or at least a better paying one. He couldnt work two jobs and be a full time college student, he didn't have that much time in the world. Maybe he could mow people's lawns, or tutor students at his school. Oh, what the hell, he didn't even have the qualifications to do those things. One more warning from his landlord, and he'd be out for good. He sighed, holding his head in his hands. This was too much for him. His parents definitely weren't going to help, because they were the ones trying to get him to live on campus from the start. Maybe he should've listened...he quickly shook his head. He was perfectly fine living here. He was just going to have to make some adjustments in order to make it work. That's how life is.

    One Week Later

    He kept his head down while he walked to his first class of the day. He didn't want to attract too much attention, but that was hard for him, as he was more than six feet in his height, if you didn't count the large white bunny ears on top of his head. He hated being here, he really did. Everywhere, he smelled the pheromones of every other hybrids, the pheromones getting exceptionally stronger whenever he passed by a bunny hybrid. Why did there have to be so many bunny hybrids attending this school?

    It was especially worse once he entered the lecture hall. Bunny hybrids seemed to take a liking for the liberal arts. He scaled the room, hoping that no one took his usual seat that was in the back corner. He inwardly rejoiced once he saw that it was empty, and he quickly took his seat. He busied himself by scrolling around on his phone before class would start. Though, instead of looking at his phone, he usually scanned around at the other students for no particular reason.

    There weren't many predator hybrids that went to this school. The usual would be fox hybrids, skunk hybrids, cat hybrids, or dog hybrids. The really scary ones were quite scarce. It was a blessing that none of them were in this class. Amongst his scanning, Soobin got hit with a wiff of extremely strong pheremones that had him widening his eyes in surprise and confusion. Weirdly enough, it was you who had came to sit next to him, despite the free seats scattered around the room. You had small black ears that stood upright and from where he was, he would see a white fluffy tail. You were very small. He assumed that you might've been a mini rex. The thing that had him gripping onto his pen the hardest was the fact that you smelled like roses, caramel, and cider wood, if that combination was possible. It was like your scent was the only scent he could smell now.

    "You don't mind me sitting here, right?" You asked in a sweet voice, even though you were already sitting there. To be honest, he minded very much.

    "N-no, it's okay." He gulped.

    "Great." You smiled, taking out your books and setting it on your desk. Soobin felt quite uncomfortable sitting so close to you. Your scent was intoxicating, and it made the bunny side of him rise. That's exactly what he didn't want. His bunny side was a complete burden. He didn't notice that he was staring at you until you turned to face him and he quickly looked away.

    "What's your name?" You asked him. "I havent really seen you around here. Are you a transfer?"

    He shook his head, his cheeks and ears red. "My n-name is Soobin. I've been here...for three years."

        "Ah..." You winced. "I didn't notice. That sounds bad, doesn't it?"

        Yes. "No." He said. "It's fine."

        You smiled at him, turning back towards the front. Soobin closed his eyes in relief. It wasn't like he didn't like you or anything. He just wasn't the best with conversation.

        After what felt like a long day of classes, and an even longer day at work, Soobin rode the bus home, nerved spiked. He felt sick to his stomach at the prospect of what he would see when he gets home. He's been feeling this way everyday since the eviction warning that was taped to his door. Soon enough, there wont be a warning, but a notice instead, and he dreaded that. He hoped his landlord will give him just one more chance to pay his rent, just one.  He got off the bus and walked the majority of the way home, which took only a couple of minutes. Soon enough, he was on the sixth floor, slowly dragging his feet across the linoleum. Once he got to his door, he saw exactly what he was dreading.


        "Fuck..." He mumbled, leading his head against the door. He now had five days to move out, or his landlord would more than likely take him to court. Once he got inside, he called his dad, knowing that he would be awake at this time, and he told him the news. Of course he expressed diappointment, but he was more than happy to finally persude Soobin into living in the dorms like he should've been from the start. Once he got off the phone, he sighed, seemingly just looking into the depths of nothing. Moving into the bunny dorms on campus may not be as bad as he actually thinks, but he just hates the fact that other bunnies can affect him so much. It was easy for him to get angry around them, it was easy for him to get overwhelmed around them. Maybe if he got used to them, it wouldn't be so bad.

        He rolled his suitcase down the halls of the dorms. He could admit that the building itself was nicer than his old apartment building, thats for sure. Instead of linoleum and old tiles, there was navy blue carpet that had stains, but only if you looked closely. He held the sticky note in his hand as he looked for room 3B. He was nervous to meet his roommate, and it was like he could feel energy coming from every door he passed. He felt wary about having to intrude in someone's personal space. Whoever it is might not like him. If that happens, what if they fight? And then what if he gets kicked out? He'd be a homeless bunny! A stray, if you will.  He stopped at a wooden door that said 3B, and he took a deep breath before putting unlocking the door and poking his head in. It seemed empty, so he quietly walked all the way in, closing the door. He froze once he heard someone speak.

        "You're back that fast?" It was a feminine voice. He got confused as he watched someone walk out of the bathroom. He notice the black upright ears. "Soobin?" You said, perplexed.

        "D-did I walk into the wrong room, the key worked, m-maybe they gave me with wrong key-" He panicked as he turned to the door.

        "No, this isn't my room." You said. "Jake did say he was getting a new roommate. I was just here to hang out, but he went to go get us some snacks."

        "Oh..." Soobin said, slowly turning around, feeling awkward. You were kind of blocking the way to get further into the room, but instead of saying anything, he just stood there.

        "I guess this is why I never see you. You didn't even live on campus." You laughed. "I guess I'm going to see you more often, since you're rooming with my best friend."

        He tightly smiled, nodding his head, all while avoiding eye contact.

        "Aren't you gonna ask me my name?" You lifted a brow. Soobin's words got stuck in his throat, ad you laughed once more. "You must be shy. Cute. My name is (Y/N). Nice to meet you."

        Soobin was about to say something before the door opened and hit him in the back. he quickly moved out of the way, his ears bright red by now.

        "Oh?" A man poked his head through the door at the collision. "Sorry! You must be my new roommate?"

        Soobin nodded.

        "It's a shame you met (Y/N) first, she didn't give you any trouble, did she?"

        "Shut up, Jake." You said, rolling her eyes. "Soobin and I are already friends. Aren't we?" You wrapped your arm across his shoulder, tip-toeing to do so. He felt overwhelmed, your delectable scent abusing his senses. He choked and started coughing while you looked at him with concern, his face red from both the coughing and embarrassment. "You okay, Soobin?"

    He nodded frantically. You looked him, eyebrows still furrowed.

    "Uhm, I should go, though." You said. "I wouldnt want to interrupt while you unpack. You got yourself a pretty good roommate, I admit."

    "She's right." Jake said and you rolled your eyes.

    "See you around." You smiled, then left the room. Once the door closed, Soobin felt a wave of relief, being left with only a trail of you scent, and the scent of...burning wood? He guessed that's what Jake's scent was. He didn't particularly like it, but he didn't hate it, either. Jake also had floppy brown ears. He seemed nice enough.

    "So...what major are you in?" Jake asked with a smile, flopping down on his bed.

    "Literature..." Soobin said quietly.

    "What was that?"

    "Literature." He raised his voice a bit.

    "Ah...don't people usually say that literature is useless?" Jake asked. "Why'd you choose it?"

    "Well, I enjoy it. And I enjoy reading." Soobin said unzipping his suitcase to unpack. He was used to getting these questions about his major, so it didnt annoy him too much.

    "Hm...you seem like a reader." Jake chuckled. "You're not a freshman, are you?"

    "I'm a junior."

    "Oh? I'm a sophmore."

    Soobin nodded with a tight lipped smile, having nothing more to say, and enveloping the room into an awkward silence.

    "Did you take your heat supplements?" Yeonjun, his only hybrid friend asked. Soobin nodded. "Then you don't have to worry about your raging hormones while living in the bunny house. You've been living there for what, like, two weeks already? You'll be fine."

    "But...I'm almost running out of supplements." Soobin said. "You remember when I dropped an open bottle in my sink? I managed to save most of them, but I don't have enough to last me for the month." Soobin recalls the law where you can only purchase a months worth of heat supplements every 30 days.

    "You could borrow some from someone else, like your roommate."

    "Jake doesn't use supplements. He told me that."

    "Then you could be like him and just go our natural way of life." Yeonjun shrugged and Soobin shook his head rapidly. For one, he didnt have a heat partner, and for two, he absolutely despised having a heat. He despised the uncontrollable urge that hybrids had, and he despised that as a bunny hybrid, his heats were longer. "Just chill out about it, Soobin. I don't know how many times I have to tell you, but one day you're going to have to go through at least one heat. Heat supplements have bad effects over time."

        "I know, I know." Soobin sighed. "I'm going to stop using them after college, don't worry."

        "Mhm." Yeonjun looked at him with his eyes squinted, but Soobin ignored him. Soobin really meant it, though. After college, he was probably going to find his mate, and then he was going to stop taking heat supplements. It was only about a year and a half until then. He would be fine waiting that long.

    Sitting in class, Soobin was once again tense at the fact that you were sitting next to him. You could tell how tense he was, yet you weren't sure why. He always seemed that way.

    "Hey, Soobin?" You asked in a sweet voice, quiet enough that the professor wouldn't hear. "I'm having trouble with the lesson, do you think you can be my study partner at the library tonight?" You just wanted to get to know him better. Also, he seemed to know what he's doing when it came to annotating passages.

    "Uhm, s-sure." He said. "What time?"

    "I'll be at the library at 7, so you can come anytime after that." You smiled.


    Soobin was nearly racing to the library after he finished his last class of the day. It was almost 7, so you should be there, anyway.

    What if she thinks i'm weird for being so early?, he thinks. At that, he immediately slows down, going from speed walking, to taking a simple stroll down the quad. Soobin felt honored, honestly. Of all the people in that class, you decided to befriend him and ask him to study with you? If your scent didn't impact him so much, this would've been perfect. Finally approaching the library, Soobin checked his watch to see that it was 7:02 PM. Was this still early? Well, he didn't think that making you wait would've been polite. He opened the door to the library, walking in and immediately scanning the place so he could see if you were there. He felt nervous for some reason, like there was butterflies in his stomach. It wasn't a date or anything, he was just helping you study. Right? He finally laid his eyes on you. You were sitting at a table near the windows, textbook already open and writing notes. You were probably getting started on your homework. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves before walking over to the table, and clearing his throat to signif his presence. You slightly flinched and looked up, smiling when you saw Soobin.

    "Oh, Soobin, hey!" You said, gesturing to the seat beside you where he could sit. "I didn't think you'd actually come at 7."

    "Should I have come later?" He asked.

    "Nope, this is perfect." You said. "I was reading the passage we got for homework and I was starting to get stuck. You came at the perfect time."

    "Ah..." He nodded, a relieved smile on his face. "That's good." He took out his textbook and notebook, flipping to the page that the passage was on. He quickly skimmed it to get the gist of the passage. "What part were you having trouble on?"

    "Here...professor Song said we have to find at least 5 examples of allusion." You said. "I've found 4, but I cant seem to find another one."

    "Hm, let me see..." Soobin read over the passage again, looking for an allusion, then he looked over at the notes you've ready made. "Ah! Here, where it says, 'The network of chains that reached the ship were designed with the thought of the mathematic genius of Einstein'. The allusion here is Einstein himself."

    "Oh, really?" You said, eyes wide at missing that, then you chuckled. "It's so obvious, yet I missed it."

    "I-It's okay." Soobin said.

    "You know, you're really smart, Soobin." You said. "Do you think you can help me with my essay coming up for my journalism class?"

    "Of course." He said a bit too quickly.

    "Great! We can do that after we finish this homework." You said. "Is that too much?"

    He shook his head. "It's not too much at all." The longer he looked at you, he could feel his attraction to you multiply, his hormones going crazy at sitting so close to you. You were wearing a sweat shirt and leggings, but he swore you had to be the most beautiful girl he's ever see. He could feel himself losing control of his hybrid side, and he quickly stood up, excusing himself to go use the bathroom. You were confused at his abruptness, but shrugged it off. Soobin was being incredibly helpful, and it only made it better that he was so handsome. You smiled to yourself thinking about his shy antics. What a cutie.

    Soobin came back after a few minutes, his mind back in the right place so you guys could get some work done. He really did help you with your essay, and you were sure that you were going to get an A.

    "Thanks, Soobin, really." You said, getting up from your chair. It was almost 10 PM. "Maybe next time, I could buy you dinner to repay you."

    "Oh? Well, y-you don't have to-"

    "But I will." You smiled. "Good night, Soobin." And you walked past him towards the door. When you were far enough away, you could still smell the trail of his scent. It was a mix of clean linen and strawberries. It could probably be up there for the best scents you've smelled. You wondered if he liked your scent as much as you liked his.

    Soobin walking into his dorm room from having yet another study "date" with you. That's what he liked to call it at least. It was the fifth time you asked him to help you study, and each time, he was more than eager to do so. This time, he had mustered up the courage to buy you dinner instead of you doing it. You tried to refuse, but he did it anyway, and it sure made him happy to provide for once.

    "Oh, hey Soobin." Jake said when Soobin entered the room. Soobin scowled, knowing Jake wasn't able to see him from this angle. Over the past month that he's lived here, he figured out that he didn't like Jake. He was pretentious, and he didn't have a filter. He said what he wanted without caring if they hurt anyone's feelings. He wondered how you and him became friends.

    "Hi, Jake." Soobin said dryly.

    "You go out often." Jake said, chuckling. "I thought you'd be a homebody."

    "You...you shouldn't judge so quickly." Soobin said, taking off his jacket.

    "I'm not judging...Its just an observation. You're so sensitive." Jake rolled his eyes.

    Soobin was getting tired of him constantly pointing out what he thought was bad about him. He's too sensitive, he's too quiet, he's so nerdy, this and that. "How did you become friends with (Y/N)? Because she really doesn't seem like someone to befriend assholes like you."

    "Woah, woah, woah." Jake said with a smile, showing Soobin that he didn't take him seriously. "Feisty. Are you on your heat or something? Chill."

    "No, Jake, I'm not going to chill when you sprout bullshit out of your mouth every time you see me." Soobin said, finally able to speak his mind. "Do you have a problem with me or something?"

    "Well, you obviously have a problem with me, because I didn't even do anything. I can't make a harmless joke without you crying about it."

    "I-I'm not crying about it. The jokes just aren't funny, and they're demeaning."

    "N-n-no they are f-f-funny, you're just s-s-sensitive." Jake said, mocking Soobin and laughing afterwards.

    "You're genuinely and asshole." Soobin said, his face red from anger. Before his emotions could get out of hand, he stormed out of the dorm even though it was nighttime. He'd just sleep over at Yeonjun's tonight, he didn't care. He couldn't be around that man-child for any longer. He wished he could talk to you about it, but he remembered that Jake was your best friend and Soobin was just barely your friend. You probably wouldn't even believe him when he'd tell you how horrible Jake really was.

          Once he got to Yeonjun's house, he explained everything that happened, and Yeonjun let him angrily rant on and on about it. Once he was done, he noticed exactly how tired he was, and Yeonjun let him crash on his couch. He dreading having to go back to his dorm tomorrow and having to face Jake once again. The weekend coming up suggested that Jake had all the time to bother him since they'd have no classes.

           Soobin held onto the door knob of his dorm, contemplating whether to turn it or not. He thought that maybe it would be nice staying out for a bit more, but then he remembered how all of his stuff was here. Closing his eyes tightly, he hoped that Jake wouldn't be here today. His mood was ruined even further when he opened the door and heard Jake's voice. But this time, Jake wasn't alone. There was some girl that Soobin never met sitting next to Jake on his bed. She had upright brown bunny ears. Soobin looked at them in confusion.

          "Ah, I'd thought you'd never come back." Jake said standing up.

          "I don't want to talk to you." Soobin said. He meant for it to sound meaner, but there's obviously wasn't enough malice coming from him.

          "Hear me out, Soobin." Jake said. "I want to apologize. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, I genuinely thought I was just having a good laugh. To be honest...I'm worried about you."

          "Worried?" Soobin frowned. "Worried for what?"

          "Well, you've been quite irritable for this past week, i mean, more than usual." Jake said. "So, i connected the dots, and I think you're on your heat."

           "What? N-no, I took my heat supplements, I'm not on my heat." Soobin said. This was unbelievable. How come Jake apologizes, and then says the thing that got Soobin mad in the first place? Not to mention, this was also embarrassing to have this conversation in front of someone else.

          "Maybe you're not, but you have symptoms of it and it might come soon." Jake said. "So, as an apology, I've decided to help you out with it."

    "What!?" Soobin said, backing up with his eyes wide.

    "Wait, I don't mean that I will help you through it." Jake shook his head. "She will." He gestures to the girl with a smile. "I figured you didn't have a heat partner, so I got once for you."

    "You cannot be serious." Soobin deadpanned.

    "What?" Jake looked genuinely confused. "Is she not pretty enough? I called another one but she's late, yknow, just in case you didn't like this one."

    "Jake, I'm not on my heat, and i'm not going to let you pimp out some random girl to me." Jake was starting to get annoyed as he sighed and rolled his eyes. "Get your head out of your ass and see this opportunity you have here. This hot girl is willing to help you through your heat, which is obviously coming. Do you think you're too good for her or something?"

    "Stop trying to make me out to be the bad guy." Soobin scoffed. "This is...this is wrong on so many levels. I didn't ask for this, and I don't want this."

    "You say that now, but-" Jake stopped talking, interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door. "Ah, that must be the other one since she was running late. Wait until you see this one, you might change your mind." He walked to the door opening it. "Oh? (Y/N)? What are you doing here? I'm kinda...busy."

    "I didn't come here for you, I came to see if Soobin wanted to hang out." You said. "He's here, right?"

    "You're hanging out with Soobin, now?" Jake laughed. "Come in, maybe you could talk some sense into him."

    Confused, you walked into the room, seeing some random girl and Soobin, who was damn near cowarding into the corner of the room. He looked uncomfortable.

    "What's going on?" You asked.

    "Soobin here, is showing signs of being in his heat." Jake said. "And like the nice guy I am, I'm trying to help him, but this fucking virgin is too scared."

    "Apparently, he's too good for me." The girl spoke, rolling her eyes.

    "I-I said i'm not comfortable with that!" Soobin spoke up, voice rising. "I told him I don't want that, a-and I'm not on my heat!"

    "Jake!" You turned to him, frowning.

    "Don't Jake me, I'm trying to help him and he doesn't want to listen!"

    "You're not listening!" I said. "He said he's uncomfortable! And this is just weird. Why in the world would you do something like this? Are you some pimp?"

    Jake rolled his eyes. "Oh so now, i'm the bad guy."

    "Yes, Jake! That's exactly what you are!" You couldn't believe your friend. He's don't stupid things before, but this has got to be the dumbest thing he's done. When you saw Soobin in that corner, you started to get protective, the anger rising in your chest at seeing him so uncomfortable, and even scared. "We're leaving."

    "We?" Jake said.

    "Yes, Soobin and I." I stomped over to grab Soobin's hand and I nearly dragged the tall boy out of the dorm where the tense energy laid.

    "W-Where are we going?" Soobin asked.

    "To my dorm. My roommate isn't there." You dragged him all the way out of the building and to the girls dorm next door bringing him to your dorm. Once you two were alone, you crossed your arms and looked at Soobin expectantly.

    "...what?" Soobin said.

    "Explain. From the beginning." I said. "I want to see if it's worth it being friends with that jerk anymore."

    Soobin gulped, not used to seeing this angry side of you. "W-well, yesterday...Jake and I got into a fight..."

    Soobin explained everything from what happened yesterday to what happened just before you showed yourself in their dorm. With almost every word, you couldn't help but to get angrier and angrier. Soobin was put in such an uncomfortable place for so long, and you didn't even notice?

    "I tell you what, I'm going to go back up there, and I'll beat the shit out of him for that." You paced around the room, planning on how you were going to make him realize how wrong he was. "And I'll beat that bitch's ass, too, how dare she make you uncomfortable!"

    "(Y/N), please don't!" Soobin said. "You might get kicked out of school for that."

    "Then what else am I going to do?"

    "You...you've done enough." Soobin said. "You managed to drag me away, didn't you? And maybe you can have a talk with Jake, a-and you can tell him you don't want to be friends with him anymore, but only if you choose to do that..."

    You looked at him for a second and sighed, sitting on your bed. "You know what, you're right. I need to cool down. But...after I give Jake a piece of my mind, I'm never talking to him again." Soobin nodded, butting his lower lip. As glad as he his that you don't want to be friends with Jake anymore, he feels the guilt of being the reason as to why your friendship has been ruined. "Are you okay?" You asked him. He hesitated for a bit, then nodded. "Well...my roommate isn't going to be here for a few days more, she's visiting her parents, so...you can stay here until you can get another room with someone else. We just have to make sure my RA doesn't catch us."

    "Really?" Soobin said and you nodded.

    "Only if you want to."

    Once he agreed to doing so, you felt relief. It hurt to see him in a situation like that, and now it was great that you were able to drag him off into a better one. But now that that's happened, you could help but see some truth to at least one thing Jake was saying. Soobin's heat was coming. You could smell it as his scent became stronger with time, and the way your eyes dislated when near him.

    "Soobin, I have a question." You said, biting your nails in nervousness.


    "Don't get mad at me or anything, but...are you sure your heat isn't coming?" You looked at him concerned. You could see his face turning red and his ear slightly twitching.

    "Well...honestly? I don't know." He said. "I ran out of heat supplements last week, and I thought that I could hold off until next month."

    You nodded in understanding. "So, if your heat does come, what are you planning to do about it?"

    He didn't answer for a minute, probably thinking it over, yet you were patient.

    "I don't know." He said quietly. You bit your lip and looked down, the both of you going silent once again. You tried to think of something to help him. You could get another bunny hybrid to him help, but you knew he was uncomfortable with that. Taking a heat supplement now would be too late and it was wasteful. The only option left was...you.



    "I know this is going to sound crazy, and you can refuse, but..." You didn't know how to word this, and you didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable. "Would it be okay if I helped you with your heat?"

    He froze, and you figured you've done something wrong.

    "Like...h-help me, help me?" Soobin asked and you nodded. "Do you w-want to do that?"

    "Well, I don't mind." You said. "But if it makes you uncomfortable, then that's okay."



    "Yes. You can help me with it." He said. "I'd really appreciate it."

    "Are you sure?"

    He nodded. You were surprised to say the least. You weren't sure that he'd say yes, but it was making you feel special. He was comfortable enough to do something so uncontrollable and personal with you.

         "Do you know about the heat hotels?" You asked and he shook his head. "They're hotels for those going through their heat, since there's not really a place on campus to do...that. Have you...have you had a heat before?"

         "I've always just taken heat supplements since I was able to have a heat." He said.

         You nodded. "So this will be your first time..."

         "I-is that bad?"

         "No! Definitely not." You said. "But heats are quite uncontrollable, and they last a while for rabbit hybrids. I want you to be fully comfortable."

    "I am. Don't worry." He said. Actually, he was more than comfortable with this idea. He was incredibly attracted to you, and even thought he hasn't known you for that long, he can't think of anyone else to lose his virginity to.

    "Okay. When you feel that your heat is coming full force, tell me so that we can get a room at a heat hotel, okay?"

    "Alright." He was incredibly nervous. That was his biggest emotion. Just seeing you there in front of him was enough to make him want to go into heat already. Your scent penetrated his nostrils, making his body heat rise. But...not yet. The time will come.

    It was his second night sleeping over at your dorm, and throughout his sleep, he could stay still.

    His pupils moved around through his closed lids, a vibrant dream playing in his head.

    You laid on the bed, completely nude as you looked up at Soobin seductively. Your legs were spread open, revealing your moist center, just screaming for Soobin to sink his cock into you. But he couldn't. Not yet. He wanted, no, he needed your permission. His urge to get it done already was masked by the need for you to say something. He wanted to be a good boy for you, he wanted to thank you for all you've done. It was like his brain clicked into motion once you finally gave him explicit permission, and the feeling of him sinking into you was the best feeling he could ever experience.

    You woke up, the moon still in the sky and the cicadas still chirping. Your eyes squinted open and your brows furrowing, wondering what woke you up. You say up in bed, hearing the sound of sheets shuffling and heavy breaths. You looked over to where Soobin was sleeping, and your eyes nearly bungled out of your head.

    There he was, his eyes shut tight as he rutted against a pillow wedged in between his thighs. He made quite moans and whines, the sounds going straight to your core. You couldn't believe what you were seeing right now, and how wet it made you. His features were contorted into pleasure, and he was still sleeping despite his rough movements with the pillow. Despite the fact that you wanted to see this forever, you remembered that that was your roommates pillow, and she wouldn't appreciate such a strong scent on it from another bunny. You were so greateful that heat hotels were open that this hour. You quickly got up, fully awake, and you went to wake Soobin up.

    "(Y/N)..." He moaned. You hesitated, starting to feel a little too hot. What if he didn't start his heat, and he was just having a dream? But...his scent was only getting stronger, and even you could feel the effects of his heat. If his heat was strong enough to kickstart yours, then that's how you knew it was in full throttle.

         "Soobin, wake up." You said, shaking him gently. It took a few tries to get him to fully wake up, but when he was awake, he looked confused. "I think your heat started. Do...do you want to go to the heat hotel now? He said nothing, still not fully awake, but then he noticed. His member was rock hard and straining against his pants, and the sweat running down his forehead showed that he needed to take care of it real soon.

         "Y-yeah, let's go." He said. You nodded then took action, quickly grabbing the plastic bag by your bed and running to the bathroom, telling Soobin to wait a few minutes.  Yesterday, you went out to buy a lingerie set that you thought Soobin would like. He probably wouldn't care due to him being in heat, but you wanted this to be good and you wanting him to fully enjoy it. Maybe he wouldn't be so adamant on taking supplements.  The set was a light pink set that wasn't too showy. You didn't want Soobin to get overwhelmed. It was full lace and had a garter belt attached to it. You wore you clothes over it so that it would be a surprise for Soobin.

        "(Y/N)?" He knocked on the door a few times. "Can you please hurry? I-I can't wait for much longer."

        "Sorry, I'll be out in a second." You finished putting you clothes on then you got out, seeing a flustered Soobin at the door. "Just try to hold it in until we get there, okay Soobin?" He nodded, his features twisted into pain and lust. You put your shoes one and you both went outside to your car, starting the route to the nearest heat hotel.

         "What if we just do it in here?" Soobin said, his voice needy. You were surprised at his suggestion, but you knew that it was his heat clouding his judgement.

         "We can't do that, Soobin, we're almost there." I said. Just a little longer. He was getting more fidgety by the second, his eyes laser focused on your thighs and the way they were rubbing together. He could smell just how aroused you were, and he had to use every inch of self control he had to not bring you to the back and taste you for himself.  You finally pulled up to the hotel and the both of you all but stumbled your way in.  You went to the front desk and quickly booked a room. The workers were going a bit too slow for your liking when taking you to your room.

        "Room 34B, enjoy." The woman said monotonously.

        "Thank you." You smiled tightly at her, using the key to open the door. Once you were in the room, it finally hit you that you were going to do this with Soobin in a matter of...now-

        Your thoughts were cut off hearing a whine from Soobin. He was looking at you as if he was waiting for you to initiate the first move. You didn't have a problem doing so, knowing that this was his first heat and most likely his first time all together.

         "Kiss me." You said, pulling Soobin towards you by his shirt, finally connecting your lips to his. His lips were pouty and soft, just like you had expected, and he responded so well to your advancements. His large hands were placed on your waist, guiding you closer to his raging hard-on. You swiped your tongue on his bottom lip, prompting him to open up for you, and he did so immediately. Your tongue made its way into his mouth, saliva mixing with his. You could feel him grinding his lower half into yours, your clit thinning underneath your clothing, which was starting to become bothersome. Much to his surprise, you started trailing your hand down his chest until you got to the top of his pants. You slipped your hand beneath the waistband of both his pants and his underwear.

         "Is this okay?" You asked once you parted from his lips. He nodded his head fiercely.

         "Please..." He whined.

         "Please what, Soobin?" You teased, knowing exactly what he wanted.

         "P-please...touch me." He said, eyes glossy. You lowered your hand further, finally wrapping your fingers around his cock, feeling just how large and thick it was. You couldn't believe that this was what he was hiding under those pants. You did a few experimental rugs, earning whines from him before you pulled the whole thing out. You could see his precum dripping from his cock in large amounts, as if he already came. You rubbed his cock up and down, seeing what he liked best. He was so sensitive, his hips twitching forward whenever you grazed your finger over his tip.

         "You have such a pretty cock, Soobin." You said, his hips twitching forward once again.

         "I-I'm gonna c-cum." Soobin stuttered out, starting to thrust into my hand. I entertained it for a bit before I let go, him thrusting a few times into nothing before stopping. I could see tears welling up in his eyes.

         "You want to fuck me, right, baby?" You asked him, your hands roaming underneath his shirt. He nodded. "Words, baby."

         He hesitated a bit, his shyness starting to come out again. He was falling apart at the pet name.  "Y-yes...I wanna fuck you so bad."

        You started to get giddy, but you didnt want Soobin to notice. Instead, you went over to the bed, and you slowly took off your clothes, his eyes watching you hungrily. Once you stripped from all your clothes, you were left with the lingerie set you prepared. You weren't sure if he was going to like it, but by the way his cock twitched, you assumed he did.

        "Aren't you going to touch me, Soobin?" You asked innocently, keeping eye contact with the poor boy. He gulped, the fire in his eyes never ceasing. He slowly made his way over to you, his shaking hands going to your waist first, sliding up to cup your breasts. He looked up at you, as if asking if this was okay. "Go on."    You bit your lip as you felt Soobin's large hands caress and grope your breasts. You wouldnt forget this exact moment for years, you bet.

        "Y-you're so pretty..." Soobin said, his fingers trailing over the delicate lace. You smiled, softly grabbing ahold of his hair to kiss him again. This time, he was a bit more eager, pushing closer to you, his tongue flicking out almost immediately. You liked the look of eagerness on Soobin. You hooked your legs around Soobin's waist to bring him even closer, his cock rubbing against your covered folds that already had the lace of your underwear dripping wet. He whined into your mouth at the friction, his hands grabbing ahold of your ass. At this point, you just wanted to get to the main event. You could do this anytime, but in the moment where his heat was so strong and it was affecting you, you needed to be filled now.

        You parted from the kiss, Soobin's lips chasing after yours. "Not now, baby." I said. "I need you."

        "You need me?" I could tell he was holding back from doing what he wanted at this moment. You grabbed his swollen cock, giving it a squeeze. "You can have me any way you like, baby."

        "I...I don't want to hurt you."

        "You won't hurt me, Soobin." You said with a small chuckle, moving further up the bed on your back, spreading your legs wide for Soobin to have a full view of you. Soobin gaped at the image, parts of his dream flooding his brain. Just like in the dream, you were spread out for him, waiting for him to take you. He trailed his eyes down your folds, seeing how the lingerie stuck to you because o your wetness. He didn't know what he wanted to do first. Did he want to taste you? Fuck you? Finger you? As much as his brain couldnt answer, his cock could. It was red and leaking with pre-cum, almost painfully hard.  You noticed how he was frozen, and you chuckled, moving to take off the rest of his clothes, revealing his toned abs. You remembered when you first met him how human-like he was. Well, he is half human, but he was more human than the average hybrid, not giving into his instincts. You guessed that was why he was fighting his heat, not wanting to lose control. So, instead, you decided to take that control. You almost roughly pushed him onto the bed on his back, his eyes going wide at the force. You smirked, straddling his hips and dragging your nails along his chest. You took his hands placing them on the swell of your ass, and he followed every move easily. He licked his lips, his eyes hungrily eyes every part of your body.

        "You ready?" You asked him, lifting your hips up above his stiff member. He nodded frantically. "Cute." You move your panties to the side, and you slowly lowered down on his cock. You closed your eyes, the stretch slightly stinging, but satisfying an itch at the same time. He quietly moaned, biting his lip to not let anything else out.  You finally bottomed out, your hips resting on his. "Fuck, you're so big." You breathed out, lifting yourself and dropping back down, all at a slow pace. Your slick already managed to trail down to his hips, making things messy far too early.

        "P-please..." Soobin whined, his grip on your ass tightening.

        "What is it, Soobinie?" You asked, slowly grinding on his cock.

    "Faster, please."

        You smiled, immediately abiding to his wishes. You started bouncing on his cock, letting out soft moans. You felt every ridge of his cock touch almost every sweet spot, making you go crazy. You looked at Soobin as he squirmed and moaned, the feeling of your tight walls enclosing him like heaven. After a few minutes, you felt yourself getting tired, but you were far from an orgasm. You slid off his cock, falling onto the bed with your legs wide open. He looked at you like a hurt puppy at your abrupt stop.

        "Fuck me." You told him, already feeling frustrated from the emptiness you felt. He licked his lips, stumbling to get on top of you. His eyes were eager as he slid in without warning, bottoming out quickly. He adjusted his position, his arms holding his up on each side of your head, as he pushed in again. He started a medium pace, the lewd sounds of your wetness filling the room alongside both of your soft moans. "Faster, Soobin."

        His hips faltered before they came to a complete stop, and you whined at your pleasure being taken away.

        "A-are you sure?" Soobin asked softly. "I don't want to hurt you..."

        "Soobin, I know you're holding back." I said. "Don't hold back. You won't hurt me, I promise. And even if you do, I'll tell you immediately. Just...please fuck me, Soobin." You wrapped your legs around his waist, bringing him loser. You could still tell he was holding back a bit, but the arousal and heat that came from him was so palpable, it had you whining before his cock was even in you. He slid himself into you again, the relief of being filled enveloping you. He started thrusting into you with more fervor, the sounds of wet skin slapping being heard. His moans were louder this time, as were yours. You involuntarily clenched around him, hugging his tight cock. His face was like a wince of overwhelming pleasure as he started rutting into you at a faster and harder pace.

        "Oh, fuck, baby, you're doing so good." You moaned, back arching. He moaned at the praise, slowly losing control the more he fucked you. He felt his bunny instincts start to come in, and for once, he didn't care. He wanted it. He wanted to make you feel good, he wanted to make you proud of him. He fed off your praises as they made his skin hot. His moans started to get even louder as he rutted into you, fucking you harshly into the mattress.

        "Yes, baby just like that," You felt your orgasm creeping up, his rough movements driving you crazy. Oh, how you liked him like this. Rough and on the verge of losing control. "You're such a good boy for me."

        "I'm your good boy?" Soobin breathed out.

        "Yes, you're my good boy...fucking me so well."

        He groaned as he fel the last bit of control he had snap. He lifted one of your legs up to your chest like he saw in porn, and he started hammering into you, drunk off of the feeling of the way you sucked him in, and how small you looked compared to him. You held onto him tighter, the sudden change surprising you. You trailed your nails down his back, most likely making marks as he gave it to you good. Your orgasm started rising at a quick pace from there, seconds away from snapping.  You were nearly screaming from the pleasure, your walls gripping onto his cock with force. "I'm gonna cum!"

        Soobin was ecstatic, his pride rising at the fact that he's being so good to you, giving you pleasure. Your pussy was like a vice grip on him, and he felt his orgasm coming up as well. You finally came, moans probably loud enough to be heard outside of the hotel room. Soobin's thrusts faltered, finding it hard to go on with how tight you were squeezing him.

    "Fuck, (Y/N), let me cum inside of you," Soobin pleaded, his orgasm coming quickly. "Please let me fill you up, please."

        You whined from the overstimulation, the pleasure almost too much. "Cum inside of me, baby, fill me up with your kittens-"

        It's almost embarrassing how he immediately came after you said that, his hips twitching against yours and spilling what seemed like gallons of cum inside of you. His eyes were shut tight, and his mouth gaping as he shook from the intensity of it. He had never orgasmed this hard, and it had him saying all types of profanities. It was when his strong orgasm was cooling down when he said what had been on his mind for so long.

        "Fuck..mommy..." He breathed out, not even noticing what he said before you spoke up.


        His eyes widened as he looked up at you, cheeks bright red in embarrassment. He has just ruined the whole thing, now you probably think he's a weirdo. He stuttered to try and event himself. "S-sorry, I d-didn't meant call you that," He said. "That was w-weird, I'm so sorry."

        You bit your lip as you tried to contain a laugh at his panic. In all honesty, the name made you feel a certain way, your arousal growing again.  "Don't be sorry, baby. I liked it." You said caressing his hair. His post-orgasm glow made him look even more gorgeous than he already was. "You think you can call me that more often?"

        He smiled, feeling lucky that he had you in this moment and that he didnt creep you out. "Yes..."

        "Yes, what?" You lifted a brow. You could feel Soobin getting hard inside of you again, and he started grinding himself into you.   

        "Yes, mommy."

    You were glowing. After spending a whole week with Soobin and not having to go to school due to an excused absence, you felt like heaven. You remember those nights when you'd let Soobin fuck you on almost every surface of the room. He was insatiable, it almost tired you out. You never thought that the insatiable, uncontrollable soobin was under the shy boy persona of his. You felt special, because you were the only one to ever see it. Even though you were still practically on an orgasm high, you remembered you had to do one thing that was very important.

    Soobin panicked as you lost control of your anger, flinging yourself at his roommate. He had watched you two argue over what happened last week, and what started off as calm quickly grew into a fight. Jake covered himself his his arms and you were relentless with him, and Soobin tried his hardest to calm you down.

    Even though he didn't like fighting, there was a reason he didnt try as hard to pull you away from him. He was secretly glad Jake got the beating he deserved. Once you were finally satisfied, you straightened up, smoothing out your clothes, anger still radiating off of you. You were afraid of hurting him too bad, but only because you didn't want to be kicked out of school.

    "If I ever see you talk to my boyfriend again, I'll make you suffer. This friendship is over." You aggressively took Soobin's hand, stomping out of the room. He tailed behind you with a pink face, the fact that you called him your boyfriend making butterflies fly all around in his stomach.

    He could definitely get used to this.


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