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    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    txt with a cute and small someone nsfw version

    pairings: choi line x gn!reader

    word count:

    notes: nsfw, suggestive, semi-smut (but not too smutty)

    request states: "I don't know if your requests are open if not then please ignore this


    can you make an nsfw version of this for the hyung line that is if you're comfortable with doing nsfw

    also can I request for the same thing with txt you can do nsfw or sfw whatever you're okay with"


    praying for your soul DHFJSDHFJ

    he loves the fact that you're WAY i mean WAAAY smaller than he is

    one night he came home to you wearing almost nothing

    that nothing is his thin white tank top

    you're barely wearing an underwear as well

    you're working on your school or work assignments

    looking smart and cute as ever

    and the fact that you look even smaller in his shirt

    oh word help this man

    he got horny quick HFJDHJFD

    he looked at you from head to toe

    leaned on the door frame

    arms crossed

    bites his lips

    "hey sexy,"

    so you look over to his direction, and smiled

    "bubs! you're home!"

    he walked towards you and stood behind you, so you tilted your head backwards so you could see his big, tall frame behind you

    and he gave you the "spiderman" kiss

    the sexiest spiderman kiss

    his tongue asked for entrance in your mouth, and you let him in.

    "jun, i have to finish my assignments."

    he bit your lip and licked it before separating and connecting your foreheads together

    "that can wait, i can't wait right now baby, i need you."

    "but jun,"

    he pulled you up and carried you to the bed hovered over your small body, you now looking EVEN smaller than you actually are.

    "you look so small under me, i want to ruin your small frame."

    you giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck, your knee teasingly rubbing his crotch

    "if you wanna ruin me so bad, do it."


    we will NOT stop talking about how this man is tall

    and probably has a big junk

    so when he saw you laying down in his bed

    how you seemed smaller than you are

    you're wearing his dress shirt that you found in his closet

    and the tiniest shorts

    so he jumped over you and hugged your frame

    his large hands cupping your cheeks and kissed your neck

    then he cupped your ass and smacked it

    hot asf btw

    "hehehe binie it tickles"

    you said as you laid on your side and spooned him, his face buried between your chest.

    he loves it so much omygod?? help

    he giggled and caressed your nipples under the shirt

    he repositioned himself so now he's much taller and you rested your head on his chest, wrapping your legs on his waist

    he rubbed your thighs and butt

    "you know, i love that you're tiny right?"


    you looked up and smiled

    you stood up and sat on soobin's thighs

    you felt his hardened member against your heated part

    slightly rocking your hips against his

    soobin tilted his head upwards and let out a slight moan

    "you like that?" you asked him

    with his eyes closed he hummed

    he looked over you and despite your small body, the fact that you can drive him crazy like this is amazing

    you leaned forward and gave him a peck

    "do you want me to continue?"

    "yes please."


    beomgyu was attempting to prepare diner for you both

    then you saw him and you felt warm inside


    you hugged him from behind

    your arms wrapping around his waist

    your head only reaching his shoulder and you rested your head

    he smiled from your action and turned around

    he gave you a forehead kiss

    he saw your nipples perked and hard

    peeking through your shirt

    which made him feel heated up

    he looked down and smiled

    "are you wearing anything under?"

    you innocently shook your head

    "hmm,, do you think diner can wait?"

    your brows furrowed and detached yourself from him

    "maybe you should continue cooking, i'll wait in the living room."

    and you exited the kitchen

    you really think he'd continue cooking? because, no. HAHA

    he immediately turned off the stove and followed you to the living room

    you, not expecting a thing from him, were pushed on the couch as he placed himself between your legs

    "when i say diner can wait, it can wait, and will wait."

    you blushed and covered your face

    he helped you remove your shirt, exposing your bare chest and your underwear

    you almost quickly covered your chest but beomgyu was quicker than you

    and ran his large hands through your body

    making you shiver and squirm under his touch

    you moaned softly and ran your hands through his hair

    "i'll eat my diner first, sorry hun."

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    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    TXT helps their crush!

    ༄✯... Yeonjun

    He wouldn't bother, to be honest. You need help and there's no one who bothered to help you carry the heavy reams of paper. He feels really confident in helping people and his a bold guy. So he did the first thing that came into his mind; take ¾ of what you are carrying.

    "I'll help you," he said and walked behind you, so you could lead the way.

    Man's would be celebrating inside his head.

    ༄✯... Soobin

    Soobin would malfunction for like seconds before he helps you get up from the floor after you got hit by the volleyball. His mind is panicking whether he should stay and let you get up on your own or help you and be teased.

    He chose the latter- it might be once in a lifetime opportunity to help you or get close to you. He's willing to risk it go go bunny

    "Are you okay?" He will softly ask while his mind slowly starts to drift when you smiled at him.

    ༄✯... Beomgyu

    He will tease you so much! Even if it did take a lot of courage to help you study, it's not a lot to tease you. This boy is full of confidence in the subjects he knows. key words; subjects he knows.

    If it's a subject that he isn't good or know at all, he'll just be quiet and it's your turn to tease him.

    "not so smarty pants now, huh?" "shut up! You're the one who needs tutoring!" You guys continued to study... Until you both can't answer one problem... And just played for the rest of the day.

    ༄✯... Taehyun

    Taehyun wouldn't mind helping you out, even if it means him screaming and being flustered inside.

    The moment he lends you his jacket because your skirt got dirty and he has to wrap it around your waist cause you got paint on your hand... This boy lost it... He lost his mind.

    His cheeks goes so red, to the point you had to ask him if he has a fever. He's a chill and cool boy, but you- you really can bring out the flustered mess in him.

    ༄✯... Huening Kai

    He's a flustered and protective mess. Protective because you feel uncomfortable with guys staring at how gorgeous you are but also flustered because he's protecting you.

    He will stay close to you, distract you from the stares, and if he can, he will glare at the dudes staring... You eventually notice his actions and melt at how protective the little giant boy can be.

    "y/n, have you seen the new Molang stuffed toy-" *glares at a boy staring at you*

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    「 Notice me? noticed. - xiv. run away」

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    Taglist: @shiningstar-byulxx @jays-real-girlfriend @moaberryjjunie @jiheonie @jiminismybabymochi @nyfwyeonjun @beemarkie @faiirybread @t-toodumbtocare @rjsmochii @shesin-therain @helo-xx @loveyedami

    Sorry if this took months, literally. So many things was going on. Lowercase letters are intended!

    ᯽ 12:04 pm

    Saturday picnics has become a normal thing for Yeonjun and I, ever since we became roommates. Not only that, but Jeno and Jaemin tagged along today because they want to.

    "Jaemin is actually a good cook," Yeonjun takes a bite of the sandwich Jaemin made. The other chuckled while Jeno gives me my smoothie he bought.

    Families filled the park- playing and running around. Some of them are also having picnics with tents and things. It was a pretty wonderful day.

    Jaemin laid on the blanket, his eyes shut as he enjoyed the breeze. It always feels good to be out, doing what you enjoy, and having fun. Although, it made me think what the others are doing.

    As much as we wanted to invite the others, it might cause a ruckus, especially since they're all so... Ehh- rowdy.

    "when will you tell Renjun?" Asked Jeno while he ate a cookie. I noticed that Jaemin and Yeonjun drfited their gazes towards me. I heaved a sigh and shrugged.

    "I don't know- all I know is that I bumped into him at the convenience store days ago! He might be living near us." I took a sip of my smoothie before Jaemin grabbed his phone.

    It was all relaxing and calm for a few minutes until Jaemin jolted up. It made everyone flinch at his sudden action.

    "I- y/n, you need to hide." He grabbed of my hand, he was panicking. I noticed that he was looking around, so Yeonjun and Jeno did the same.

    "Huh? Why-,"

    "woah! Y/n!" My body stiffened when I heard a familiar voice. I turned around to see Jisung who looked too surprised. What's even more surprising is that Huening is behind him.

    "I- you- since when!?" I shouted in confusion- that is until Jaemin gave me his phone. His Twitter is open...

    Wait- oh no! I grabbed my phone and started scrolling until Taehyun commented.

    Immediately, everyone started to panic when Taehyun left the comment. They were all wary and their gazes kept going everywhere.

    I was only getting up until I saw Taehyun and Soobin running towards us and behind them is Renjun.

    That's my cue to run away, so I did! I ran farther from them and his behind a tree. I couldn't hear what they're saying but it looks like I gotta stay here for a while.

    ᯽ 12:20 pm

    The three boys ran up to the others- Jaemin, Jeno, and Yeonjun looked confusingly concerned. Jisung and Huening were struggling to not speak about the matter.

    "you- you guys are here!" Soobin was surprised to see them all. Because of his instincts, he looked around for y/n but he doesn't see her anywhere. Even Renjun did the same.

    "y/n isn't with you?" Asked exhausted Taehyun when he saw the extra drink and utensils on the blanket.

    Unbeknownst to them, Jeno pulled out his phone and quickly messaged y/n.

    Yeonjun nervously laughed, "well- she had an emergency, you see?" He lied, knowing that y/n is hiding somewhere nearby. He peeked at Jeno and Jaemin who were whispering at each other.

    "aw, she won't be coming back?" Renjun asked but before Yeonjun could answer, Jeno's hand covered Yeonjun's face.

    "but her sister is coming! You should meet her sister! They're both really pretty and nice," laughed Jeno.

    Yeonjun places a hand on Jeno's hand as he gave the younger a questioning look. "Stick with it, she can't hide forever," Jeno whispered.

    Jisung and Huening's gaze stayed on y/n from a far.

    "oh? Her sister? I didn't know she has a sister to begin with." Renjun sat on the grass while Soobin sat beside him. Taehyun moved closer to Jisung and Huening who were still staring at y/n.

    "yeah- yeah! Oh, look, there she is!" Nervous and trembling, Jaemin pointed at the girl who was walking towards them.

    Pretending to be her own sister who doesn't exist, she was shaking. She made her voice higher than normal to avoid suspicion, however, she doesn't know how long this act will last.

    "h-hi, hello..." Her voice got softer. While Jeno and Jaemin were trying to contain their laughter, Jisung, Huening, Taehyun, and Yeonjun were wondering if her voice is okay.

    "you look like that one girl I bumped into the convenience store!" Renjun pointed at her and her eyes widened.

    "o-oh? Ah!!!! I remember!" She acted a long but she was silenced when she noticed Soobin's stares.

    "i-is there something on my face?" She asked, but Soobin only leaned closer. His face inches from hers and y/n felt like she was about to be crushed.

    "you sound like y/n..." The others froze, so frozen that they could be mistaken as statues. "Is it because you're siblings?"

    "maybe! Maybe!" Yeonjun pushes Soobin off her. He then laughs before Taehyun decides to call her. Her phone rang and when she checked, she looked at Taehyun with a puzzled expression.

    That was until he mouthed her to act and leave before the three of them leave. She rejects his call, but pretends that she answered it.

    "hello?" Everyone got quiet around her... "Oh? Y/n! Mom wants to see me?.... Oh, okay- I'll be there." She sighs and gets up.

    "I'm sorry if I can't stay longer- my mom got into an accident, sorry. I hope to hang out with you guys again soon, bye!" And she ran away, again.

    This time, she was headed to her car. She waited until she gets a message from Yeonjun or Taehyun that they've left.

    It looked like they were just hanging out, probably catching up at the park.

    When y/n was told to return after the three left, she was laughed at by the five boys who stayed.

    "damn, now they're going to ask you about your non-existent sister."

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    summary. txt's reaction to being called embarassing nicknames by their s/os in front of the members.

    genre. fluff, crack

    warnings/notes. cringey nicknames, playful teasing.

    wc. 0.6k

    pairing. idol!txt x nonidol!gn reader.


    you and yeonjun were sat comfortably on the couch, watching a movie along with the rest of his members. your boyfriend had his arms wrapped protectively around your waist and had his head placed on your chest. to you that didn't seem like the most comfortable position, but yeonjun seemed to love it. "puppy, are you sure you're comfortable?" you spoke, a little too loudly, before realising what you had said. yeonjun looked at you with wide eyes, a smile threatening to spread across his face. soon, yeonjun went bright red as you heard the members snickering blatantly at the nickname. "puppy? i'd have thought yeonjun hyung was dom-" beomgyu spoke, but was interrupted by the pillow hurtling towards his face. "i like puppy," yeonjun whispered in your ear once everyone had stopped teasing the two of you.

    rest below the cut !


    calling soobin "bunny," wasn't an uncommon thing in your relationship; soobin loved when you called him that and was completely used to it. but using it in front of other's was always a red zone— seeing as it could be perceived as quite a sexual name, as well. so, when you called him bunny around his members when asking him to pass you your phone, he went completely stiff. "soobin?" you asked, confused why his ears had started to turn red. turning to your right, you saw yeonjun choking back belts of laughter. raising your eyebrow, you slowly realised you'd called him bunny. seeing soobin covering his face as the younger members jeered and called him bunny as well.


    it had started as a joke once beomgyu had begun to grow his hair out. along with his hair, he had grown a certain amount of sass, leading you to call him princess whenever he'd flip his hair. however, 'princess,' became a common nickname for you two, and neither of you realised or said anything about it. "princess, here," you said, giving beomgyu a bottle of water once he finished their dance routine. unphased, he thanked you for the water, finishing most of it. "princess?" yeonjun spoke up. "huh?" beomgyu asked, looking towards him. "(y/n) calls you princess?" soobin continued. "oh, yeah," he shrugged. the boys were slightly confused, you could say.


    taehyun listened to you complain about your classmate, passing comments about she was way out of line, etc. "angel, you need to understand the intensity!" you groaned. hearing a splutter from your right, you turned your head, confused. "what?" "you call him angel?" kai asked you, chuckling as he chewed his food. going silent, you blushed slightly when you realised you'd called taehyun angel. feeling an arm wrap around you, you turned your head to your boyfriend. "call me that more often," taehyun nuzzled into your neck.


    "hi bambi," you greeted, leaning into kai's wide embrace, as he let you inside the front door. "i missed you," he whined against the top of your head, waddling to the couch with you still in his arms. "he really does look like bambi," taehyun commented as kai plopped down on the couch with you, yelping as he heard taehyun. "why are you here?" kai blushed. "do you think i'd miss finding out what (y/n)'s nickname for you is?" taehyun chuckled. groaning, kai begged him not to tell the rest, even offering to do his laundry. "deal!" taehyun said, leaving the living room. "do you not like bambi?" you asked, pouting. "no! of course i do," kai assured you, "i just don't want anyone else to call me that." kai placed a peck on your cheek before taking you back into his arms, squeezing you with all his might.

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    pairing: soobin x reader (x yeonjun in this chapter)
    word count: 2.7k words
    genre: romance, humor, angst, socmed au
    synopsis: your first date is with someone you didn't ask for but you're happy with him anyway, spending your day at a place you've always wanted to visit.
    warning(s): none
    taglist: @jay-kie @rjsmochii @skiez @kkoongiesgf @wooyoung-a @yeonieluvs @l1th1umm (can't tag) @jays-real-girlfriend @day6andetcetera @tonightletspretend @lovehyuckz-main @taehyunsmine @spookybias @sunshine-skz @loveyedami @terrytaehyunnies @hoonswrld @jiminaaaahhhh @youreverydayzebra @demoiselle-en-detresse00 @moon1uvrs @choi-y-n @mylifeisafxingmess @yuchan-stole-my-heart @hee-deungi (can't tag)
    note: please do tell me what you think 👉🏻👈🏻
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    "Are you finished? Your date's here." Hueningkai spoke suddenly, heat skyrocketing through your body as you realized you've been staring at yourself in the mirror for too long.

    "H-huh? Yeah, I'll be there in a minute." You stuttered out, turning away to look at something else so that he couldn't meet your eyes, embarrassed that you've been caught checking yourself out.

    Hueningkai clearly didn't think much of your small outburst of embarrassment, as a chuckle escapes between his lips from amusement.

    "You look really pretty by the way." He adds before closing the door, leaving you there with astonishment written across your face. The compliment will be echoing in your mind for who knows how long.

    You stood there to give yourself some time to recover, there's no reason for you to be that flustered over a mere compliment from your roommate. Usually, it doesn't affect you that much whenever he does comment on how you look, responding with a small noise of acknowledgement. You figured it must be because you're actually dressed for an occasion.

    You opened the door and stepped out, catching Hueningkai's attention away from his phone. His eyes softened at the sight of you, his lips forming into a grin from the way you confidently gave him a twirl, letting him have a good look at your outfit. You've been planning your whole outfit last night out of excitement.

    "What do you think? Doesn't look that bad, right?" You asked one last time to make sure.

    Hueningkai brought his phone down to give his undivided attention towards you, nodding his head in response to your question. "As I said you look pretty, I can give you more compliments but… you have to promise you won't fall in love with me." He raised an eyebrow, lips curled into a sly smirk to tease you.

    You gave him a light smack on his shoulder, nervously giggling at his words. "Ugh, cut it out." You rolled your eyes at him, grabbing your things from the coffee table.

    "I'm only warning you." He grinned stupidly.

    "Yeah, I'll get going." You waved your hand, turning on the heels of your shoes to leave your apartment. You're used to those kinds of banter with him, but frankly, it still manages to make you flustered. It only shows that you're not used to those kinds of remarks from someone else, let alone from someone attractive like him.

    The moment you stepped out of your apartment complex, a rush of nervousness ran through your body. There he is by the other side of the road, his chin sank down into the comfort of his palm, sitting on his scooter as he's waiting for you to come out. You stood there in silence as you examined him, adorning a sleeveless leather jacket with a grey hoodie, and a plain white shirt on the inside to complete the look. If you didn't know better you would've asked a random stranger if he's their boyfriend from how he looks.

    You cautiously approached him, taking your time to formulate a proper sentence to greet him. You could feel the irritation start to eat away at you. The way your hands trembled as if you're going to present in front of class, it's hilarious to you to be this nervous upon meeting your boyfriend for a day.

    He was already facing you with a smile when you looked his way, your heart started to hammer against your rib cage as he waved. Not wanting to hold eye contact with him as he hopped down from his scooter, you let your stare fall onto your feet. The messily tied shoelaces of your shoes wasn't enough of a distraction, he looks too good and it's not good for your weak heart.

    Is this how people feel on their first date?

    You know that Wishlist's choice of boyfriends look better in real life than pictures, they don't give them enough justice on the internet as much as to see them in the flesh, but you're surely not prepared to hear what his voice might sound like. Thinking about that for too long sounds ridiculous because he's already there to greet you in less than a few steps away, you'll be able to hear what he sounds like soon enough.

    You shyly approached him, only noticing the height difference once he stepped closer. "Hi," you greeted.

    "You look really pretty." Yeonjun immediately slipped a compliment, his lips forming into a smirk. He brought his hand close to your face, brushing his knuckle against the skin of your cheek, then carefully tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear.

    You looked away from him, not knowing what to say. The sudden shower of compliments from people puts you in an indescribable place. You're grateful, but you're not sure how to respond to them properly.

    He kept his gaze on your face, finding your reaction to his compliment endearing. "I'll give you compliments as many times as I want to see you like this again. You're so cute." He says as a boyish laugh escapes his lips.

    The public display of affection accompanied with his words, you don't think you'll be able to survive today's date. The risk of you spewing nonsense is high.

    "You look pretty, too."

    Yeonjun seems to be taken aback by your response, his eyes widening from hearing those exact words. He quickly recovered from the shock as his expression changed into a fond smile and his eyes softened. He's not used to hearing such compliments like that, but he doesn't deny that he loves it.

    "Really?" He began teasingly, keeping his voice low, "that's really sweet of you, but I'm sure it's not as sweet as the taste of your lips."

    For a moment, his words didn't process in your mind, that you're not listening to him speak as you're completely distracted by his face that's a few inches away from your face. But seeing the way he's looking at you, he looks like he's leaning in for a kiss.

    You stepped back, offering him a smile. "I… I forgot that we have to act like we're in a relationship, that was something." A nervous giggle escaped you, realizing how incapable of communicating you had become these days.

    He lets out a lighthearted laugh, his hand gently holding yours to bring you comfort at this moment. He knows that this is your first date and for you to act like that, he deems it as normal, he doesn't mind and he'll try his best to keep things at a rate you can handle.

    "Don't worry about it, babe." He grabs one of the helmets and hands one to you, gesturing to you for you to wear it. "And you mentioned something about going for a ride so I thought I'd bring my scooter for this date."

    There are several stickers decorating the helmet, it varies from colorful stickers to adorable animals. You looked around the helmet for a much longer time as you pushed your lips for it to form into a pout, endeared by the thought of Yeonjun putting all of those before the date. You peered up to see him starting the engine, releasing it from its stand as he balanced both of his feet on the ground. His gaze flickered from your face to the helmet you have in your hand.

    "Something wrong?" Yeonjun curiously asked, tilting his head to add more emphasis to his question.

    You quickly shook your head, "nothing's wrong."

    "I thought that it's really adorable for you to decorate this one, assuming you did, and have matching stickers with Judy and Nick from that one Disney movie." You explained, getting on his scooter with your hands on his shoulders for support. "You kinda resemble Nick if you ask me." You locked the clip of the helmet right after.

    "A friend told me to put those on. Well, what kind of couple would we be if we're not matching? I should probably call you carrots." He reached behind him to guide your hands, asking if you're comfortable before letting you wrap your arms around his waist.

    "Hold on tight, carrots. I wouldn't want to lose you now." He says as he mimicked Nick's voice, chuckling when you recognized the voice.

    "An aquarium?" He held your hand with his and pulled you with him, a big smile spread across his lips.

    Yeonjun turned back to you with a laugh, such a genuine reaction to your confused words. His laughter soon drowned in children's amused noises and their parents' loud chatter, turning your attention away from your date to look around your surroundings. Their joyful voices ringing in your ears as they walk past you reminded you so much of your childhood. Those moments of being reckless, bright smiles and running around without a care in the world, you missed that feeling of contentment. It felt like nothing was holding you back.

    He squeezed your hand, his eyes following your line of sight before maintaining eye contact with you. "I thought it would be nice to take you here," he pauses, "you said that you've always wanted to visit an aquarium and here we are." Yeonjun brushed his thumb on the back of your hand, lowering his gaze in such a bashful manner.

    He remembered that. Yeonjun remembers such a small detail from your late night conversation, you don't remember saying such things to him at three in the morning, but seeing how he treats his job as if it's the real thing makes your heart full. He genuinely puts so much effort in making you feel special for your first date. You're afraid that you won't be able to find a boyfriend like him, he's setting your standards too high.

    "You remembered?" He giggles at the expression you're making, poking your cheek out of amusement. "But do you remember what type of sea animal I like?"

    He gave you a wink, "I'll show you."

    And thus he took you inside of the ocean park, the bright smile he adorned never once faltered. Yeonjun didn't let go of your hand throughout the first corridor you walked through, the dimly lit hallway brought you great curiosity, only to realize that they're giving a mermaid show to the new batch of arrivals. They soon switched the lights on along with the music that sounded so much like magic, it gave you a glimpse of a world so different to yours. You watched with pure amazement in your eyes, but instead of watching the mermaid show, he only had his eyes on you that's filled with genuine admiration.

    He put his arm around your waist once you told him it was okay, giving him a signal of consent. Yeonjun stopped at a certain spot in front of the big aquarium, eyes wandering around looking for something. You turned to watch him in amusement, but then you turned to look at where he's pointing, seeing a large stingray swimming above a swarm of fish.

    "Stingrays. You like them a lot, it's cute how you know so much about them." He casually says as his gaze soon trails down to watch you, loving how much of your inner child is showing.

    Your lips form into a smile, "I had an obsession over them because their mouths look adorable."

    "Like this?"

    You turn to look at him and let out a laugh, it's amusing to see how he's trying to imitate the stingray's mouth. His somewhat visible dimples are showing as he pressed his lips tightly together.

    You reach out to poke his dimples on either side of his cheeks, your eyes turning into upside down crescents from smiling too wide. Maybe you're not disappointed anymore for not getting your desired boyfriend from Wishlist. Yeonjun's the epitome of a perfect boyfriend anyone could ask for, he's more than what you deserve.

    "You look more adorable though," you mumbled under your breath.

    Yeonjun's lips form into a lopsided grin, his hand trailing down to rub your arm. "So you admit that you find me more adorable than those stingrays? Gotcha."

    "Maybe," you roll your eyes and turn on the heel of your shoes, leaving him dumbfounded before he follows you to wherever you're headed.

    The next one is the touch exhibit for aquatic animals as it says in the brochure you have in your hand. Yeonjun caught up to you, looking over your shoulder to read the brochure's contents. His eyes widening from the mention of getting to touch some aquatic animals. He rests his chin on your shoulder, you freeze at close proximity, you can feel his breathing against your skin. He gives you a slightly worried look wondering if you're uncomfortable.

    He was about to move away until you gently pushed his head back down, you made sure not to mess with his hair in the process. "It's in the kid zone but I don't think a bunch of adults joining in would hurt." He heard a hint of mischief in your tone that made him smile.

    You thought you wouldn't be blending well with the kids surrounding the touch zone, but you thought wrong as Yeonjun entertained the child next to him as he crouches. You watch him explain the type of starfish sticking onto a random rock to the kid, finding yourself completely endeared to the sight in front of you.

    You reach down to touch a smaller starfish, poking it gently not to hurt the animal. Through text he doesn't seem so interesting, his replies were quite scripted that reminded you so much of lines from romance movies. They sounded like he was forced to say such things to a stranger. But when he's here with you, you believe that he's not just somebody who's getting paid to take you out on a date. He genuinely makes you feel like you have someone that makes you feel loved in a way you crave the most. It's not scripted and you like how he doesn't treat this as a job he needs to do, and instead makes you feel like you're truly with him.

    "Wait, look—there's a bunch of fishes there!" Yeonjun's voice snapped you out of your reverie. He points towards another direction that's out of your sight, turning your head to look, you feel a pair of plush lips against your cheek out of the blue. You quickly bring your hand to your cheek in shock, eyes wide open as you look at him.

    He lets out an amused giggle, leaning his forehead against yours as his nose scrunches. He finds you so cute to the point he wants to pinch your cheeks and squeeze you until he's over your cuteness.

    "Sorry if that was too much, I couldn't help it." He says while he pulls away. "You look cute when you're focusing on something."

    You furrow your brows, pouting at his words. "Is cute the only thing you can think of?"

    Yeonjun tilts his head. "Oh? You dare challenge me?" He slings his arm around your waist, then pinches your waist to test if you're ticklish. He didn't know you're ticklish and to know that fact somewhat brings him joy. "If you allow me, I'll smother you with kisses."

    You pushed his face away from you, looking around to see a bunch of kids that's too occupied with the touch zone. "There are kids here, I'd rather not." You nervously laugh, trying you very best to look at anything but him.

    He leans in close to your ear, his breath fanning against your skin makes you want to pull away. "How about we go somewhere private then?"

    "I sometimes forget that you're flirty, I can't do this—" your words are quickly cut off when Yeonjun pressed another kiss to your cheek. A bunch of kids saw that happen as you heard a collective aww and some eww around you.

    He'll be the death of you. There's still more places for you to explore with Yeonjun and so far you've only been to three places. The day's still young and you figure that you'll be having the time of your life, actually, you already are and you haven't smiled this much in months. The loneliness that's slowly eating you away stopped for a moment, letting you have this moment with him in peace. The decision of signing up for Wishlist will never be something you'll regret.

    A date with someone like him, even for a day, gave you a glimpse of what a relationship must be like.

    #hybenet #lsn.works #kdiner #soobin x reader #soobin scenarios#soobin imagines#soobin au #soobin social media au #soobin fake text #soobin text au #soobin texts #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun scenarios #txt x reader #txt scenarios#txt imagines #txt social media au #txt smau #txt fake texts
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    — ❝ SO CLICHE !

    ( PRESENTING ... a tomorrow by together series made from top ten cliche tropes seen in movies + books. there is no official release date as to when they're gonna be posted. all works + covers are mine ! )


    ❀ — it's been a while since you've seen choi yeonjun once again and you don't complain. but when he comes knocking on your door at three in the morning soaking wet wearing a grey sweatshirt and black joggers, you can't help but let him in.

    ( CONTENT ) — yeonjun x fem!reader, yunho (ateez) x fem!reader. exes to lovers au, fluff, tons of angst (i'm sorry

    𖦹 LIKE GLUE !

    ❀ — everything is going well until you get handed, by mr. kim himself, a clipboard with the tasks that you'd have to help the class with. luckily (or not so), you had choi soobin by your side to help you out. the same soobin that wrote a love letter to you at the age of nine years, the same soobin that hopes you don't realize just how much he still likes you.

    ( CONTENTS ) — pining!soobin x fem!reader. stuck together au, fluff, humor. slightly angsty but not really, soobin is a huge hopeless romantic (so is the reader tho).


    ❀ — thanks to your advice, choi beomgyu took up the chance to join the lacrosse team in hopes to finally get a girlfriend. but, what happens when he realizes that the only girl he's looking for, is you?

    ( CONTENTS ) — oblivious!beomgyu x pining!reader, beomgyu's a lil slow in this sorry guys


    ❀ — kang taehyun wants nothing else but normality. so when you unintentionally find out that he is the son of the second most richest man of seoul, he doesn't hesitate to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't rat out his little secret. but truthfully, you could care less.

    ( CONTENTS ) — richkid!taehyun x fem soccer player!reader, secret billionaire au. fluff, humor, light angst. taehyun has a dark/kinda sad backstory.


    ❀ — you swore to yourself that the last thing you'd ever do, is fall in love with one of your brothers friends. i mean, they had to be as obnoxious as him, right? wrong. kai kamal huening is the exception.

    ( CONTENTS ) — hueningkai x taehyun's sister!reader. like one year age gap, it's not that wide. younger!reader. brothers best friend au. fluff, humor.

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    ( f = fluff / a = angst / h = humor / s = suggestive )

    run away — choi yeonjun


    crown — choi soobin

    ( f ) three legged race

    can't you see me? — choi beomgyu


    blue hour — kang taehyun


    0X1 = lovesong — hueningkai


    we lost the summer — ot5


    #txt #tomorrow by together #choi yeonjun#yeonjun#choi soobin#soobin#choi beomgyu#beomgyu#kang taehyun#taehyun#huening#hueningkai#txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt drabbles#txt masterlist #tomorrow by together drabbles #tomorrow by together timestamps #tomorrow by together scenarios #tomorrow by together imagines #txt timestamps#txt angst#txt fluff #tomorrow by together masterlist #kpop imagines#txt soobin#txt yeonjun#txt beomgyu#txt taehyun#txt hyuka
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    Accidental Love || C.YJ

    social media au! reader x yeonjun
    summary: being the biggest soobin stan you are, you make a post about his teaser pictures, not knowing you accidentally tagged his band member, yeonjun, until he replies to your tweet.
    warning: swearing


    "im so nervous."

    you took karina's hand, putting it in your lap and squeezing it gently.

    "dont be nervous, jimin. if anyone is gonna get chosen to be part of an entertainment company, its gonna be you." you gave her an adorning smile.

    jimin never gave herself enough credit. even growing up, she would always doubt herself, never allowing herself to feel too much confidence. it always hurt you, seeing your incredibly talented best friend convince herself that she wasnt good enough.

    "youre gonna be famous one day, jimin. i just know it." 13 year old y/n said to her best friend as they were walking home from school. jimin had just lost the talent show and she was feeling worse than ever.

    "youre just saying that.." jimin spoke softly, her head facing the ground as you both slowly walked along the sidewalk.

    a frown made it's way to your face. you stopped in your tracks, turning around to face her fully. the other girl did the same, looking at you with her eyebrows furrowed. without saying a word, you wrapped your arms around her, placing your head on her shoulder and holding her as tight as you could.

    "you really are one of the most talented people in the world, and im not just saying that. you could lose a hundred times and i would still think so. a stupid middle school talent show means nothing! you'll always be the best dancer in my eyes, no matter what anyone says." lifting your head up from jimin's shoulder, you noticed slight tears beginning to fill her eyes. you gasped, frowning once again.

    "no, no please dont cry! im gonna start crying too, jimin..." your hands immediately found their way to her cheeks, wiping her tears away with your thumbs.

    "i love you y/n, thank you for everything. youre always the person to give me confidence when it feels like i cant find any." jimin's words made you smile, placing your arm around her shoulder as you guys began walking home again.

    "hey, whatre best friends for?"

    you smiled at the memory and gave jimin's hand one last squeeze before the judges began lining up to announce the names of the chosen trainees.

    about half an hour passed and the staff from SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and a few others had taken their picks at the students.

    now it was time for the Bighit Entertainment staff to choose.

    your heart was beating crazy fast. you felt the sweat form in the palm of your hands and you knew jimin felt it too as she let out a quiet giggle. you took in a deep breath and tried to prepare yourself mentally.

    this is it, y/n. if you make it in now, the rest will be a piece of cake.

    you stared at the ground as the names were announced.

    "Aeri Kim, Ning Yizhuo, Kim Minjeong, Yoo Jimin and..."

    "Park Yoojin."

    you kept your gaze on the ground, focusing on the dirty laces of your shoes.

    you heard the right names, you knew exactly what they said. you just wished nothing more than to be dreaming.


    you knew the girls were staring at you. in fact, the entire class was.

    you were the it girl of the class, a stellar student indeed. so this came as a shock to everyone, except Miss Park Yoojin in the corner. she was snickering unlike the other students.

    taking a deep breath once again, you gathered up the courage to face your friends.

    "im so, so proud of you guys. i always knew you guys were meant to be stars. my four, talented stars." you threw your arms around the girls, trying your best to keep your tears concealed. tears of happiness for the girls, of course.

    "hold on, y/n-"

    you stood up, trying to prevent your legs from shaking, and began walking towards yoojin.

    she noticed your presence and rolled her eyes.

    "here to make a snotty comment, y/n-"

    "congratulations, yoojin." you stuck your hand out, giving the girl a small smile.

    her eyes went wide at your sudden act of kindness. but eventually, she gave in and gave your hand a firm shake, returning your smile. but hers looked more guilty than anything else.

    maybe she did deserve it more than you. after all, she was one of the top dancers in class as well.

    after what felt like an intense and awkward handshake, you made your way out of the class, ignoring the shouts and calls of your name.

    you really needed to be alone right now.



    what did i do wrong? what went wrong?

    your mind was racing with questions, trying to think of every possibility, any reason as to why you were the only person out of the entire class that wasn't chosen.

    were you really not as good as you thought?

    "was this all for nothing..?" you spoke out to absolutely no one. your voice was weak and frail. every ounce of energy you lost today, your confidence went right along with it.

    you fell to the cold wooden floor of your private little dance studio, pulling your knees to your chest.

    the studio was hidden in a plaza of mini shops and stores. it was your old dance teacher's place. she gave it to you when she retired, knowing that you would take good care of it.

    and you did. you filled yhe room with fairy lights to give it a good view, and many small plants that you come in to water and take care of every single morning.

    you took a deep breath. now instead of confusion, you were filled with anger and sadness.

    you stood up and finally let your feelings out. the hot tears rolled down your cheeks, staining them and leaving behind a bright shade of red. you began shouting and stupidly punching the air.

    your thoughts were all over the place.

    "i needed this..i needed this! its not fair...is it my fault? am i not good enough?"

    "you really think that?"

    you froze in your spot. that voice was all too familiar.

    you were scared to look up at the mirror. you weren't prepared for this, not just yet.

    but you did anyway.

    and there he was. he was wearing a grey hoodie with black skinny ripped jeans, fancy white shoes and his black hair was slightly messy. he even had a black mask covering half of his face, but you knew it was him.

    you could tell by his voice.

    snapping back into reality, you quickly wiped away your own tears and squeezed your eyes shut. you thought that if you couldn't see him, he couldn't see you.

    "what're you doing here? i look like a mess!" your voice rose by itself as your heart began to race. you heard his footsteps as they started to sound closer and you tried squeezing your eyes even harder.

    "well if you absolutely had to know, im here to comfort my friend." you could tell he was smiling by the way he spoke, his tone sounded playful.

    "maybe your friend doesn't want you here.." you felt his arms wrap around you and on impulse, you placed your head against his chest. you exhaled slowly, finally allowing your eyes to open.

    you looked up to find him staring down at you with a goofy smile plastered on his face.

    "well, my friend is kinda stupid and sometimes she says things that she doesn't mean so-" now it was your turn to laugh.

    "yeonjun!" you whined, smacking the side of his arm. this only made him hold you even tighter, swaying you around in his arms.

    "im kidding! i think my friend is the coolest person in the world. you should see her dancing too, she'll blow you away." his words warmed your heart.

    "your friend isn't that good. she didn't even get accepted into her dream company." you huffed, looking away from his gaze.

    yeonjun frowned. he didn't want to see you like this.

    "well, that dream company is stupid for not choosing you. they dont even know what they lost."

    "yeonjun, you work at that company.

    "then i'm even stupider for letting it happen."

    you looked up at him and smiled.

    "take care of them for me? the girls, i mean. they worked so hard for this. please yeonjun, make them feel welcome and loved." once again, he frowned.

    "i wont need to y/n. you're gonna be there to do it yourself." your lack of confidence you had in yourself was making him upset.

    you noticed the change of mood so you nodded at his words, not wanting to upset him further. you pulled away from him and walked towards the stereo.

    "wanna dance with me?"

    that surely turned his frown upside down.

    "sure, what song?"

    "oh i already have something in mind." you said as you clicked play on the laptop.

    he stared at you before smiling, the beginning tune sounding too familiar to him.

    "blue hour!"

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    Bewitched – (iii)

    ➳ pairing: bad boy!yeonjun x good girl!oc

    ➳ characters: loner bad boy!yeonjun, heartthrob!soobin, best friend!beomgyu, female oc (can be read as f!reader too) + a few supporting characters.

    ➳ genre: college!au, bad boy!au, slow burn, drama, strangers to lovers, smut.

    ➳ summary: after starting college, you never really imagined that you’ll cross paths with Choi Yeonjun — the loner bad boy with influences. But life is full of surprises, ain’t it?

    — masterlist

    — previous ♥ series masterlist

    ➳ rating & word count: 18+ ; 1.9K~ (unedited)

    ➳ warnings: language, heavy kissing, vaginal fingering, orgasm denial.

    ➳ disclaimer: this is fictional and doesn’t reflect any of their actions/personality!!

    ➳ taglist: join my permanent taglist! (if you want to join the series taglist comment below!)

    ➳ a/n: part 3! time for some answers hehe. let’s see what happens! enjoy! also tysm for 300 followers (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*°!!

    3 days after the big reveal, you don’t know which is more terrifying.

    The fact that Daniel is Yeonjun and he lied about his identity, or the cold harsh truth that you’re still insanely attracted to him.

    A sigh escapes you. Life is not favouring you at all, it’s such a pain in the ass at this point.

    Plopping down on your couch, you close your eyes. Things are very complicated right now. You wish you had the power to fix everything, but alas, you don’t.

    You remember how Yeonjun looked at you under the moonlight, the way his soft lips devoured your mouth. Are bad boys really capable of such gentleness? You don’t know… from the start, you’ve stayed away from the problematic bad boys. And guys like Yeonjun, if you’re being honest — you prefer to steer clear out of their way. But he’s something else. He got you addicted so fast so hard that it’s impossible to back out now.

    As if to distract you from his thoughts, your phone rings loudly. You open your eyes, inhaling a sharp breath and reaching for the device blindly. After several failed attempts, you finally grab it.

    It’s Soobin. With a soft smile on your face, you answer the call, his soft voice cooing in your ear.

    “[Name], just wanted to check in! How are you holding up?”

    “I’m… good, I guess. How about you, Soob? Anything interesting going on?”

    “What was that? You guess that you’re good? You better be taking care of yourself or I’ll–”

    You cut him off midway, reassuring him. “Oh god, of course I am taking care of myself! Don’t worry!”

    “Hmph.” Soobin grumps on the other side.

    “Oh come on, don’t be mad at me…” your voice is adorably childish in the end, making him sigh.

    “I’m not mad at you. But you do need to take care of yourself.”

    “Did you really call me to lecture me about self-care?”

    He groans at that. “So what if I did?”

    You pout, trying to change the subject. “Soob, can I ask you for something?”

    “What is it?”

    “Where did you meet Yeonjun that day? Just curious.”

    There’s no answer.


    He clicks his tongue. “At our college.”

    “I know that! I mean where at the college?!” you whine, clearly displeased.

    “I can’t tell you.”


    “Trust me, I’m doing you a favour.”

    “I didn’t ask for your favour, did I?”

    He ends the call, leaving you frustrated. Before you can call him back, you see a message pop up in your notifications.

    You smile as you notice Soobin’s message. Instantly giddy, you sent him a bunch of heart emojis.

    It’s official. You’re gonna confront Choi Yeonjun. Face to face.

    Time for some truth.

    Next monday,

    Today’s the day. You’ve thought it through several times and took your time. Beomgyu did try his best to scare you off, but you’re not afraid of Yeonjun. Not at all.

    Maybe because you know that he has a weakness for you. Or probably because the urge to meet him is too much and it’s numbing any other senses. Either way, here you are, walking through the hallway that leads to where he usually stays.

    Tall, scary looking girls and guys stare you up and down, whispering to themselves as you walk up to the empty classroom, also known as his office.

    “Hey, where are you going?” A girl stops you, looking at you curiously.

    “Isn’t it obvious?” you shrug.

    Another guy comes up, his voice mocking, “This place isn’t for you, cutie. Go back to your class.”

    You sigh, crossing your arms around your chest. “Who are you to tell me that!?”

    They both chuckle, drawing attention. “Aw, she’s trying to bite back. How adorable.”

    “How dare you mock me?? Apologise!” you hiss from anger, glaring at everyone who gathers around to see the show.

    Your words only fuel their laughing. A person from the crowd remarks, “Look, a little kitty is trying to snarl.”

    “Why the hell is there so much noise?” a deep, commanding growl shuts everyone up. You turn around, your body freezing immediately.

    It’s him. The demon that’s been haunting you for weeks now.

    Yeonjun is pleasantly surprised when he sees you, but he quickly replaces it with his cold demeanor. “What was happening here?”

    The girl who approached you states, “This… this baby was trying to enter your office. So I stopped her and asked her why is she here. Guess what? She was trying to bite back. Such a fool.”

    He glares at her menacingly, and she immediately shuts up, lowering her head. “Everyone apologise to my guest. Or else…”

    There’s no need to finish his sentence. “We’re sorry!” Everyone chimes in.

    You nod in acknowledgement, rolling your eyes. You were ready to teach them a lesson but he had to cut in.

    Yeonjun motions them to go away, and everyone obliges. Soon after, he grabs your wrist, gently pulling you inside the classroom.

    You gasp when he presses you up against the closed door, his brown irises studying you with curiosity.

    “Why are you here, [Name]?”

    You struggle against his grip, trying to move your hand away but failing. “Ugh– let me go!”

    He untangles his hand from yours, raising an eyebrow. “You didn’t answer my question.”

    “I’m here for answers, Daniel.”

    He chuckles at that, shaking his head. “I see. What answers if I may ask?”

    “Why did you lie?”

    He stops, regarding you thoughtfully. “I had my reasons.”

    Angry, you jab a finger on his chest, demanding clarity. “What reasons, Yeonjun? That you had to lie to me and play with my feelings for a day?”

    He grits his teeth, holding your wrist firmly. “I didn’t play with your feelings, [Name].”

    “Liar.” punching him on the chest, you try to take your hands away, but it backfires. He traps you inside his strong embrace, his hot breath fanning over your head.

    “What are you doing–”

    He tips your chin upwards, his pupils dilated as he looks at you with a burning hunger. “You enjoy testing my patience, don’t you?”

    Your body shivers involuntarily, your lips just iches away from his. Swallowing nervously, you look away. But he grabs your chin, forcing you to look at him.

    His lips crashes against yours. He lets go of your hands, and you curl them around his neck, instinctively pulling him closer. He smiles in the kiss, his hand grabbing your ass and squeezing the flesh briefly. You moan, his teeth grazing your lower lip, asking for permission to ravish your mouth.

    His prying tongue slides past your lips, meeting with your tongue in a passionate kiss. You gasp in pleasure, pulling onto his hair when he starts trailing kisses down your jaw. Yeonjun backs you up against the only table in the room, his voice a growl. “Why do you do this to me? Fuck!”

    You look at him, your chest heaving as you try to process the mind-blowing kiss. But alas, he’s not done yet.

    “Are you here for this, huh?” He reaches to drag his thumb over your chin, forcing your gaze up to him. “Wanted my touch that bad? [Name]?”

    Liquid heat rushes through your veins when he moves his hands all over your body, brushing against your sensitive spots. He squeezes your breast, enjoying the perky nipples that he feels through your clothes. “Tell me.”

    “No!” You choke out, “I came here to ask you why you lied about your iden– ahh!”

    He lowers his head to your neck, dipping his tongue to lick the sweet spot. You melt under his touch, both pleased and bewildered by the fact that he obviously hasn’t forgotten your most sensitive spots. Yeonjun’s eyes are fixed on you as he brushes both his hands beneath your skirt, tracing them up to the edge of your panties.

    You throw your head back in pleasure, your knuckles turning white as you grip on the edge of the table. “Please… ” you mewl, looking at him desparately.

    He smirks, brushing your inner thighs. “Please what?”

    “I need you to touch me.” You sigh shakily, your eyes pleading with him. Apparently he’s beyond teasing, because as soon as he reaches your soaked pussy, he pulls the piece of clothing to the side and pushes two digits into you.

    “Yeonjun…” your head falls on to his shoulder while he pumps you gently, a groan escaping him.

    “Fuck, you’re drenched.”

    He picks up pace, not giving you a moment to breath. You cry out when he curls his fingers inside you, hitting your g-spot. His pace gets rougher, clearly fuelled by your moans.

    When his thumb finds your clit, you clench around him, your breath coming in short gasps.

    He smiles complacently. “You love this, don’t you?” The pressure on your clit increases slightly. “You love that I’m the one doing this to you.”

    Without waiting for an answer, he draws his now slick hand away and puts it in his mouth, depriving you of an orgasm. “You taste just as good as I remember.”

    You whine, biting his neck from the frustration. Yeonjun makes you look at him, his voice dropping by an octave, “Bad girls don’t get to come.”

    You try to rock your hips, craving any type of friction that can satisfy you. But he stops you, growling in your ear, “It’s time to go back, sweetheart. I have work to do. As much as I’d love to do you instead… I can’t. Not now.”

    You look at him with dazed eyes, your voice a whimper, “You always leave me like this. I came here to confront but you–”

    “Shh. I told you, I had my reasons. I was simply trying to protect you.”

    “What? Protect me?”

    Dropping a kiss on your forehead, he retracts. “Yes, [Name]. I think you should fix your clothes…”

    You look at your disheveled state, sighing. “You’re not trying to get rid of me, are you?”

    Yeonjun looks offended. “You clearly don’t know me yet.”


    “No buts. You’re getting late for your own class.”

    You yelp at that, quickly climbing down from the desk and fixing your clothing and hair. Once done, you walk up to him with confidence, kissing his cheek.

    “We are not done yet, Choi Yeonjun.”

    He tilts his head, smiling, “Trust me, this is just the start.”

    end of part (iii) ♥ next

    author’s notes 💌:

    Aah tysm for reading bubs 🥺💟!! Please consider reblogging if you enjoyed this uwu 💓!! Comments are really appreciated too!! Your support keeps me going 🫂💙

    I request you to be vocal about your thoughts, that way I stay motivated to continue the series! Tell me what you think of this chapter!! Yeonjun do be acting sus 👀👀 what do you think?

    This is not edited (yet again aa) so I’m really really sorry for the typos and mistakes 😭!!

    Bewitched taglist 💟: (comment if you want to join)

    @jiminaaaahhhh ; @lizsvcks ; @eunnieah ; @shuichi-sama ; @nyfwyeonjun ; @day6andetcetera ; @elilensherrxavier ; @rjsmochii ; @licorne-manon ; @cacaubs ; @multifandombtvh ;

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    Just say you love me || Kang Taehyun

    Summary: What if who you loved never loved you back? and you had to be hit with reality to finally realize it.

    A/N: yo sad hours were hitting hard, i had to get this in. also i love taehyun my boy but i just had this idea with him. 

    Also a warning about the sadness, so if you don’t want to read it then go check my other one :)

    Word count: 513 (short and lovely) 


    Anticipating one last time, for the time I’ll meet him. I think this time I might get him to say to me the he loves me, to finally admit it because why else would he get closer to me? but I still have my doubts...

    Hearing him come closer I turn to his direction as my nerves got the best of me.

    I fiddled with my fingers and bit my lip, while looking at him get closer.

    He looked left and right before he looked at me with a hard expression on, his hood casting a shadow on his face making look even scarier.

    “What is that you want?” he asked harshly “I want to know how you feel about me” being firm now would be best for me.

    “Is this really why you called me in the middle of the night for?” he chuckled then his expression turned dark again. 

    “Yes! I wanted to end this confusion we’re having and get a better understanding of our relationship taehyun! You know how much this relationship means to me” i tried to reason with him and maybe persuade him to go my way.

    “So what is it that you want to hear? I told you we can’t have a serious relationship yet here you are, almost crying over it an-” “THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU LET THIS CONTINUE HUH?! WHY DID YOU KEEP GOING WITH EVERY MOVE, EVERY DATE, EVERY HAND HOLD, HELL EVEN EVERY DAMN TOUCH? WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST STOP IT?” I couldn’t contain how sad and angry I was at this moment.

    I knew he was a push type of person and that he wasn’t keen on whatever our situation was, but why did he lead me on like that? to the point that I feel like my emotions are suffocating me! to the point that I feel like I could be nothing without him! to the point I would fall so deep into this hell hole.

    “So what DO you want me to say?” I was quite angered by him at this moment, I mean he can’t be serious right now, after all I said and all I’ve done for this relationship, he really doesn’t realize what I really want?    

    “Just say you love me!” I yelled as tears start running down my face “just once...” my loud sobs echo through the area my voice clearly trembling “all I wanted was you... I want all of you” sinking to my knees I just cry as I hear him sigh “sorry... but I can’t” he said in a trembling voice, barely a whisper, his head hung low and footsteps slowly faded away.  .

    And all is surrounding me now is darkness and the sound my pained crying.

    What else could I have done to make him stay? I needed him but all i got was emptiness. 

    “I NEED YOU TAEHYUN!” smacking the ground not caring if my fist bleeds, I scream behind him.

    Now I’m just a zero in this world, he took my all and left with it.


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  • s4ijohs
    14.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    these photos

    #imagine late night walks with soobin #new bedtime scenario ig🙄 #%!$no one cares kyla
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  • beomglocks
    14.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    hyung/choi line mtl to shoot a s3x tape w you? i absolutely love your work btw <3

    omg tyyy <33333333


    yall are not shooting a s3x tape yall are shooting a MOVIE! a feature film if you may. it goes on for hours like you know ur fucked when he busts out the camera. guys you know i think beomgyu is the freakiest among them. he would wanna record one for the road, one for when he's with you, one for shits and giggles, one f-. when he misses you he turns it on like hmm i wonder what they're doing rn. probably is a fan of angles. he would wanna capture it ALL. shoves the camera in your face when you orgasm bc it's his favorite part. plz the video is so goddamn shaky but it gives it a more authentic feel that he likes. even if midway through you can barely tell what's happening/


    he would like the thought of it. i feel like he wouldn't really wanna be in the video though. more like basically recording you masturbating while he gives you instructions behind the camera. when he's alone and misses you he'll turn it on just to remind himself that you're so good for him *broken heart emoji* likes recording your fucked out face most of the time. like the camera is rarely ever on your body. he likes seeing the drool on your face and your dazed eyes looking past the camera at him. the video usually cuts off prematurely afterwards.


    soobin would much rather keep what happens in the bedroom, in the bedroom. the thought of recording yall having sex is off putting to him but if you suggest it he'll be like ok but only! only if you promise to not watch it all the time, you watch it all the time when he's gone. if he really gets into it then his favorite part of it all is capturing the moment he slides his dick in you. he likes watching it disappear into you and off screen hearing you gasp... next thing he knows he's hard from watching it and is now looking for you.
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