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  • lunarlxve
    21.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    trees in fall | yn nyc gang

    ✧ synopsis: arranged to be married to your best friend you harbor no romantic feelings for starts to feel like a trap for y/n. so, she decides to live life one last time before she’s tied down by a promise her parents made for her. She visits Seoul for her last semester of college and lives life with no regrets.

    extra extra

    y/n : a senior in college just wanting to escape for a couple months. studies english literature at hybe university.
    ilikey/n : y/n account she only uses when she’s in seoul
    yeonjun : y/n fiancé, goes to bighit U in nyc. a comp major. and is absolutely, and unequivocally in love with y/n.
    heejin and huening kai : friends y/n met at bighit U. her emotional support

    masterlist | seoul friends {next}

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  • lunarlxve
    21.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    trees in fall → masterlist

    ✧ synopsis : arranged to be married to your best friend you harbor no romantic feelings for starts to feel like a trap for y/n. so, she decides to live life one last time before she’s tied down by a promise her parents made for her. She visits Seoul for her last semester of college and lives life with no regrets.

    ✧ warnings : cheating, just straight cheating. swearing. kissing? maybe. underage drinking. (i’ll keep updating)

    ✧ paring : sunghoon x reader x yeonjun

    ✧ genre : fluff. smau. some written parts. angst. college au. slow burn

    ✧ features : enhypen. some members of txt. yeji of itzy. heejin of loona.

    ✧ status : ongoing

    ✧ schedule : trying for mon. wed. friday. and maybe a surprise on the weekends

    timestamps do not matter
    this is just for fun and is NOT a real representation of how these people act
    i’ve changed the ages of some people to fit the plot
    don’t ask me about the extensive use of mirror selfies. we all know the iconic 02 mirror pics, i had to use them. enjoy!

    ✧ profiles:

    y/n nyc gang , seoul friends , sunghoons bros


    ✧ 1. bitch boy
    ✧ 2. OUR boy
    ✧ 3. thinking of you <3


    @abdiitcryy @youreverydayzebra
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  • 3raaaachachacha
    21.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    11:10 am

    Choi Soobin / 613 words / fluff / smut

    ~ Requested ~ i’m not sure if your requests are open, but could i request a fluffy smut with soobin? maybe like a long distance relationship type? thank you, love you guys!!!

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    It had been nearly half a year since you last saw your boyfriend. You knew living across the country for college was going to be tough, but you were both more than willing to make it work and thankfully, you were still going strong. You called every day and when you couldn't, you'd text each other about your day. It was hard being away from Soobin, you missed him, missed being by his side. With that being said, you decided to surprise him since you were moving back soon anyways. Soobin's glum mood quickly changed when he saw your name on his screen.

    "Hi baby," He cooed into the phone, "I missed you! How are you?" He asked a million questions and you giggled, going to say something until the sound of a knock echoed through his phone, "Hold on, let me just see who's here."

    You nodded in understanding and the moment he opened the door, his reaction was priceless. There you were standing in front of him as you quickly hung up the phone and pulled him into a warm hug. Soobin was speechless, his mind couldn't comprehend what was going on. All that he knew was that he needed you, he needed to be close with you and show you how much he missed you.

    Soobin pulled you into his place before pressing his lips against yours, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist. He maneuvered the two of you towards his room and within seconds, you were both naked on his bed. His lips pressed sweet, yet delicate kisses to your skin as he lined himself up against your soaked entrance.

    "Fuck, it's been a while," He groaned against your lips once he was fully sheathed inside of you, "I missed this feeling of you taking my cock so well."

    "I missed you so much, Bin," You moaned breathlessly, hands pulling Soobin flush against you, "You have no idea."

    Soobin began to thrust his hips into you at a slow yet steady pace. His lips removed themselves from your skin to look you in the eyes. One hand holding your hip and the other pushing the stray strands of hair away from your face as he continued his pace, "I know," He whispered, "God, I've missed you so much."

    A few soft whimpers left your lips as you tried your best to keep quiet since his members were home as well. The overwhelming feeling of love and lust took over your mind as all you could think about was Soobin.

    "You know I love you," He mumbled against your cheek, "So much."

    You hummed in acknowledgement, pulling him forward to capture his lips in a passionate kiss, "I know, and I'll love you forever. You know that."

    Soobin smiled widely and increased the speed of his hips before moving his hand that was on your hips to your clit. Rubbing at the swollen nub to help you reach your high. It didn't take long for your orgasm to reach as Soobin continued to thrust into you before abruptly spilling inside of you with a low groan releasing from his lips. Slowing his pace, he carefully pulled out and picked up his discarded shirt to clean you up before chucking it into the laundry basket in the corner and pulling you into his chest.

    "I'm so happy you're here," He sighed with content as he pulled you closer to him warm frame, "I was beginning to feel a little lost without you."

    "You better mean that," You perked up and positioned yourself on top of him, "Because I'm here to stay with you, just like we’ve both been hoping for.”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🌶️

    #txt #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together soobin #choi soobin #txt choi soobin #tomorrow x together choi soobin #txt soobin #tomorrow x together huening kai #tomorrow x tomorrow #tomorrow x together beomgyu #tomorrow x together taehyun #tomorrow x together yeonjun #txt boyfriend#txt blurbs #txt best friend #TXT timestamps#txt fluff#txt smut#txt scenarios #txt soft hours #txt suggestive#txt angst#txt fics#txt reactions#txt preferences#txt oneshots#txt imagines #txt hyung line #txt hard hours #txt masterlist
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  • planetdream
    20.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    ᥫ᭡ — txt when their s/o gets a haircut

    this post contains: fluff !

    requested — s/o gets a bob haircut

    💌 what’s ya name b.o.b so they calling u bob? lol my bad🧍🏾‍♀️ this is cute tho thank u for requesting <3 can u tell I'm yeonjun biases 🤡 cause i am


    loves it ! likes when you wear more off-the-shoulder tops (if you're into that) because he thinks it complements your face and haircut. wants to run his hands through your hair at any chance he gets. does not hesitate to kiss your neck whenever he gets the smallest chance to. makes you wear the necklace he bought you with his name on it !!! non-sexual dominance yeonjun and his hand on the back of your neck to guide you or to just rest there.. yea. does this x10 now that your hair is shorter.


    was probably surprised, especially if he's never seen you with a haircut. compliments you at all times because you look good and he just HAS to let you know every time he thinks about it (well, almost every time, cause he thinks about how attractive you are a lotttt). sometimes you'll just catch him staring at you, he doesn't even notice that you noticed. sometimes comes up to kiss your cheek randomly and has a ton of pictures of you on his phone.


    he loves it and youuu. tried to convince you to get matching haircuts when you expressed how you were thinking of getting a haircut. a little disappointed that you aren't matching but he thinks you look so good. big flirt ! will run his hands through your hair or twirl a couple strands of your hair around his fingers as you two talk. pretends as if he following the conversation with a: "yeah, totally. crazy that that would happen. but did i tell you how good you look?"


    ngl, i feel like taehyun is on the verge of "why would you do that?" and "not bad. you look nice". i think he might like your hair a bit longer simply because that's just what he's so used to. but the more he sees you, and how the haircut perfectly complements not only your face but you as a person, he loves it. might not ever mention it, but would looove to help you with different styles when it's growing back.


    literally thinks you look so pretty. but when don't you?? looks at you like you hold the stars in your eyes. typically notices immediately when you change smaller aspects of your appearance (ie; different eyeliner, change in clothing style, etc). so i think he’d be in awe and very welcoming of this newer, bigger change. like soobin, has to tell you how pretty you look every time he thinks of it.

    © PLANETDREAM 2021

    #☁️ — daydreams #☁️ — daydreams.txt #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together headcanons #tomorrow x together #txt imagines #txt x reader #txt fluff#txt reactions#txt headcanons#yeonjun scenarios #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun fluff#yeonjun headcanons#soobin scenarios #soobin x reader #soobin fluff#soobin headcanons #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu fluff#beomgyu headcanons#beomgyu scenarios #taehyun x reader #taehyun fluff#taehyun headcanons#taehyun scenarios #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai fluff#hueningkai headcanons
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  • sooblvr
    20.09.2021 - 20 hours ago


    pairing choi soobin x gn!reader // genre angst, unrequited love // warnings none // word count 0.4k // request here

    there was never a dull moment or conversation with him. even if you weren’t doing anything in particular, his company was more than enough. it was hard to say when you started having feelings for soobin. it seemed like things had always been that way. always giving him lost puppy eyes when he left, feeling butterflies while you got ready to see him, yet getting a rush of sheer peace the moment you saw him. 

    though you were careful not to give in to foolish hope, it was nearly impossible to not let your mind wander when the lights were off, blankets wrapped around your body, half asleep. 

    did his smile linger when you complimented him? had he blushed the time you grabbed his hand to drag him inside a store? was his umbrella actually broken or did he just want to share yours?

    it was the beginning of the end when soobin started spending less time with you. if you wanted to visit a recently opened art gallery, he had already gone. if you needed someone to accompany you to the movies, he was busy. even when you did see each other, there was an awkward coldness to him. 

    you hadn’t been at his dorm for more than five minutes when he walked in with another person. there was a tingling sensation in your hands upon seeing how gently he was holding theirs. his roommates were in the living room playing some new game beomgyu had brought. 

    “everyone, this is my s/o, they’re the person i've been spending so much time with lately.”

    like a deer in headlights, you couldn’t hide your surprise. it’s not like you expected him to be single forever; above everything else you wanted him to be happy. “he’s a keeper,” you smiled at them genuinely. shortly after, you added, “he takes too long to answer texts though.” 

    you went for a long walk after. you had been one another’s go to person for so long, it felt weird to think this wouldn’t be the case anymore. perhaps it was better to distance yourself, sort your feelings out before saying something you’d regret. but before you could get too deep in your thoughts, you received a text from taehyun, “i took back your letter before he could see it. how are you feeling?” 

    the reason you were on the dorm when soobin wouldn’t be home was to drop off your confession letter.

    ᝰ — taglist; @igyus @sanciaga @junityy @kwonhowsshhh @taejinxkoya @myluv-yeonjun

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  • babigyu
    20.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    ➪ summary: y/n finds out choi soobin kissed his ex.

    ➪ word count: 931

    ➪ pairing: choi soobin x reader

    ➪ warning: slight angst

    a/n: it’s been awhile since i’ve posted here, but i’m back! i’ll try to post here more often! 😌

    “why’d you do it..?” your voice quivered, resisting the urge to let a sob form.

    “why’d i do what?” soobin’s soft yet concerned tone sounded in your ears, making it even harder to keep your tears from spilling over.

    he had closed the door behind him quietly, throwing his bag to the ground before walking towards you, attempting to cup your face only for you to slap his hands away.

    his worried brows had furrowed even more; it was a bit out of character for you to refuse his affection.

    “you know what you did! don’t play dumb with me, choi soobin!”

    why is he looking at me like that? why is he pretending it didn’t happen?

    soobin hesitates, trying to figure out what the best approach was to this situation.

    “y/n, i swear, i’m not playing dumb. i don’t know what you mean, genuinely.”

    “liar!” you shut your eyes tightly in anguish, tears now escaping from their burrows.

    “you kissed her! her of all people! why?!”

    you look up to see soobin standing with his mouth agape, again, trying to find words to say.

    his eyes were different now, they almost seemed to be filled with guilt.

    “i didn’t kiss—“

    “what do you mean you didn’t kiss her?! look at this!” your trembling hands held up your phone for him to see.

    a picture of both soobin and his ex was now on display, showing that the two of them had shared a kiss at the library that was located just down the street from your shared apartment.

    “how can you tell me you didn’t kiss her? your lips were touching, soobin!”

    “y/n, calm down, please—“

    “calm down? you want me to calm down?! you kissed your ex! how the hell am i supposed to calm down?! is this a joke to you?!”

    “no, it’s not! can i please explain—”

    “explain what? that i mean nothing to you? that i was just your play thing until you got your ex back? that all of your “i love you’s” to me were fake and—“

    “they aren’t fake! you are not my play thing, y/n, you’re my absolute everything. can you just please, please, listen? can you listen to what i have to say? just for a minute? please?” his eyes were closed now, hands clasped in front of the two of you, pleading.

    you were silent except for the small occasional sniffle and sob coming from your throat, waiting for him to continue.

    “i didn’t kiss her, she kissed me. i didn’t have a say in it.” he started, slowly bringing both of his hands to his sides before explaining a bit more.

    “she told me she still loved me, and i was going to turn her down, but she kissed me before i even had the chance to.”

    “why didn’t you stop her? why didn’t you pull away?” you interrogated, pushing for a quick answer that would satisfy your aching heart.

    “i was shocked, i didn’t know she’d go that far…” he trailed off, his eyes now on the floor between the two of you.

    “if this was true then why didn’t you bother telling me?” you kept your eyes on him, studying his movements to see if he was lying to you, and so far, he seemed pretty genuine about everything.

    “because you didn’t give me a chance to.” soobin stated simply, looking back up at you, causing your heart to squeeze painfully.

    “i walked through the door to see you crying, i didn’t know what happened, so the kiss was the last thing on my mind. i didnt remember it until you reminded me, and even then, you wouldn’t let me explain what happened.”

    it was your turn to look back at the floor, an overwhelming feeling of guilt taking over you.

    “i’m not upset, y/n, i know you were worried. i would’ve been too if i were you.” he was now studying your body language, double checking to make sure you were okay.

    “can i hug you?” soobin asked amidst the silence, making you flinch slightly from the sudden question.

    “sorry.” he frowned as he had just accidentally scared you.

    hearing him apologize caused you to sigh before wrapping your arms around him in a hug.

    “you shouldn’t be apologizing dummy, i should be…” you mumbled against him. “i’m sorry.”

    you felt his arms wrap around you as well as a kiss being placed onto the crown of your head.

    “i forgive you.” he says softly, his hands gently rubbing small patterns along your back, which was something that had always managed to calm you down.

    “can we make a promise though?” he asks quietly, trying his best not to accidentally scare you again.

    “what is it?” you shifted a bit to pull away from the hug, hands still planted at soobin’s sides.

    “can we promise to talk things through before assuming anything about each other?” he moved a stray hair away from your cheek as he awaited an answer.

    “of course. again, i’m sorry for lashing out. i shouldn’t have reacted that way.”

    “it’s okay, i understand.” he presses a few small kisses to your forehead, causing you to giggle.

    “i love you, soobin.” you say, softly smiling up at him as he also returns the small smile.

    “i love you too, y/n.” he says as he leans in to peck your lips before wrapping you in his arms once more, squeezing you gently.

    you giggled again as you closed your eyes and relished his warmth, letting the silence overcome the two of you once more.

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  • txlovesong
    20.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    thanks to everyone who liked clueless! it means so much to me🥺 n i want to write more but idk what to write.. can someone pls suggest something? plss 💔

    #ive been trying to come up with something for days😶‍🌫️ #gonna put this in the tags cause im desperate #txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt reactions#beomgyu imagines#yeonjun imagines#soobin imagines#taehyun imagines#hueningkai imagines#txt angst#txt fluff
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  • wooyukh
    20.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    CHAPTER 10: “papa jun”

    [ synopsis: yn’s first year of college isn’t going the way they planned. from not getting along with their roommate, to falling in love with their roommate’s boyfriend. this was seriously not part of their agenda at all. ]

    <- PREVIOUS | NEXT ->


    ❁ taglist: @spookybias @abdiitcryy @atinyyylove @a-noona-mous @basicallytumbl1 @beombug @boba-beom @childofhelios @divinamelancolia @echo-of-a-writer @faiirybread @feyregels @frozen-yogurt14 @gyuville @hjinnie @hyuckhoon @hyunsungcore @ikyk-leeknow @jimblekook1 @jiminaaaahhhh @jjunobugg @kawaii-desv @kthstigmas @lemon-boy-stan @08stay @love-svt @lokideadontheinside @madstermojo2000 @moarmy-nm @mojwisungie @neonew @ohmy-fandoms @rainbowmagicpixecorn @sbnchaos @seunqs @scintillasofbeomgyu @simpforsung @soobinahh @soulstaes @sunooflowerss @vantxx95 @viscoolreal @whatinthebts @wooyaluvr @wooyoung-a @xashkufax @yeonjunsrealgf @youreverydayzebra @yunkiwii @00-baejin-05

    ❁ can’t tag: @strawberryaourt

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  • definitelynotcesia
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    33. plan

    HELPLINE —kang taehyun smau ☆゚.*・。゚

    pairing: kang taehyun x reader ⊰⊹ฺ genre: fluff, angst, humor/slice of life ⊰⊹ฺ word count: 644 ⊰⊹ฺ chapter type: semi text ⊰⊹ฺ chapter warning: none really, except that i wrote this half awake kfbskshs hope you like it still (;^ω^)

    GENERAL FOREWORD: I have no ill intention of romanticizing emotional manipulation. I aim to portray a story that will give awareness to these matters, as they are very much real and victims shouldn't be labeled, judged, or stigmatized. Please know that I made a thorough research prior, along with everything that I learned as a psychology major, as I was conceptualizing the story so as to give a realistic point of view.

    "you look nervous, we're not even there yet", you almost jumped out of your spot when you heard taehyun whisper right into your ear, making you shudder despite the hot afternoon. what is wrong with this man and his incredibly sexy voice?

    "sexy hmm?" he smirked moving away from you, eyes now straight ahead while his hands neatly tucked inside his pockets. you eyed his side profile with disbelief. well, not really towards him, but more towards your stupidity. did you really just spoke that out loud? great way of embarrassing yourself, y/n, great.

    "you think too loud, cutie", he shot you a brief, but all too heart wrecking, sweet smile before walking away as the queue in front of you started moving.

    "i wasn't!" you shot back trying to disregard the burning sensation on you cheeks.

    "atleast i know you think i'm sexy, hmm cutie?"

    "i kinda hate you", you roll your eyes before nudging him forward— a pity attempt to hide the fact that you're liking that nickname more than you care to admit; and the fact that he literally hasn't called you anything for the past 2 hours but that.

    to be honest, this isn't your first embarrassment of the day in front of this man. it's safe to say his presence alone is enough for your neurons to fail firing as they should.

    "dude, you're painfully obvious. might as well confess", yeonjun popped from behind. you gave him a playful slap on his arms making him laugh. "sorry tomato head. if i were you, i'd kiss him there at the top", he added while snickering.

    "isn't that usually done on a ferris wheel and not on a rollercoaster ride?"

    "well, you're not like the other girls", he replied mocking a high pitched pick me girl tone making you laugh. "what do you think?"

    "i said no kissing, you dumbass!" you blushed.

    "who's kissing who?", taehyun interrupted making you jolt like you were caught on your crime.

    "no one!" you quickly answered.

    meanwhile, you heard yeonjun snicker as he placed his arms around your shoulders. "none that concerns you", he answered the other guy with an unmistakable smirk. by the looks of it, you just know he's going to do something for his dumb idea to happen.

    "well great, it's our turn now", taehyun smiled.

    as if on cue, the ride crew announced for the next batch to prepare. this news had the rest of your friends stirring and bickering for who's going to sit with whom. "i'm sitting beside y/n", was all it took for them to fall silent, as if yeonjun's declaration was a bad joke.

    "why?" he asked innocently, his arms still around you, "i thought were assigning the sitting arrangement?"

    "you're sitting beside me, dumbass!" soobin called. "did you forget?" he added, this time with more conviction.

    "but y/n asked me if we can be seatmates, right y/n?", yeonjun pouted.

    you looked up at him with furrowed brows. basing from the conversation you had earlier, you certainly thought of a different situation; something that involves forcing you to sit beside taehyun. not this— and no, you're not disappointed. not at all.

    "alrighty, pair up now brave ones! the ride is ready for the next batch", the ride crew announced once again.

    "i agree with taehyun, you really do think too loud tiny", yeonjun whispered as both of you walked towards your seat.

    you were about to give yeonjun a glare when your eyes met taehyun's. it morphed into infamous crescents when he saw you looking back, before proceeding to talk to the overly excited kai and meg. you hated how there's so much unrequited tension going on, and the fact that you'd have to deal with it for the rest of the afternoon; yet deep inside, you are not really complaining at all.

    HELPLINE —kang taehyun smau ☆゚.*・。゚

    ♡ synopsis: determined to take the pain off the past, y/n wanted nothing more but become the help and comfort that others needed. yet here comes the man with an obnoxiously adorable eye smile, unintentionally ready to sabotage all that she thought was healing— that includes a 24/7 help line and an alternate persona.

    previous || masterlist || next

    taglist: @00-baejin-05 @kthstigmas @she-is-dreaming @sherlockholicsbysoobin @meiinumaki @nikicoeur @renwritings @beomkihao @virtualoperatorcloudherring @rae-blogging @pixyseeun @pr0dbeomgyu @boraha-e @soobsdior @iminchaosnow @jjikyuu @lokideadontheinside @flowers4riki @hasahi @badroseee @softkons @loonatheworld @lumixen @jeminiepabo @nyfwyeonjun @shittynana @lycorisdoreablack @hobizi @youreverydayzebra @kpop-khh-writer-trash @nshitae @soobinbins @owlien123 @april1538 @cerisetalks @envy-brr @dnghycks-bestie @dongmarklie @geniejunn @90s-belladonna @injunsflwr @ikyk-leeknow @nichiverse @mi-nombre-es-simp @taehyunsfel @beombeomlvr @evertyun @stoof @letmeal0ne @etherealcherrie

    ♡ if you want to be added on taglist/tell me what you feel about this chapter, you may send an ask!

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  • tx5t
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    breeding kink.

    soobin's hands on your waist were so tight that you were sure it would leave bruises later but seriously, who cares? the best feeling ever was to look at the mirror after have the best sex with him and notice how he destroyed you in a fucking good way.

    he texted you hours ago asking if he could see you and you agreed but nothing on his tone was about to see you naked and under him and he was used to letting you aware of his intentions. being your friend with benefits were the best idea ever and now you both couldn't stop fucking everywhere.

    and talking about fucking everywhere, you were sure your couch wasn't on the same spot anymore. being with your ass lifted to soobin and horny as fuck after so much provocation made you both hungry for each other. his voice was so deep whenever he said something dirty to you, the moans coming from his pretty lips let you pretty aware of how good he felt when hitting his balls deep inside your clenching pussy.

    “you’re such a dirty bitch,” he said behind you and with the sound of skin slapping filling your ears, you could only moan, “you’re drooling over there, is my dick that good?”

    you moaned in response and he slapped your ass so loud you could swear later it would be tattooed there. that thought made you moan louder and wiggle your ass like a response to his slap which made him get the message and give it another one on the side, “that makes two pretty marks on your ass to let you know whose ass it is.”

    “fuck, stop, wait- oh my god,” you tried to lift your body but the way he got you so immersed on the couch as hitting from behind made it hard to do, “let me change the position.”

    as you just felt his dick slides out of you, a sad moan left your lips and he laughed, "it'll be inside you again in seconds.”

    now turning to him, you took a good view of his slim body before he could come even closer and rub his tip at your clit slowly while staring deep in your eyes, a hot wave of pleasure running through your whole body making you bit your lips. the feeling of his dick almost getting inside of you just gave the brilliant idea of trying something different this time.

    “wait,” you started as his tip was already inside, almost giving up to try because you both were so horny to wait a bit. he looked at you a bit worried at the sudden stop and you keep going while changing your eyes to him and at your body parts down there, “let’s try without.”

    “what?” he asked and when finally get what you were talking about as you kept eyeing his dick almost inside of you, your cheeks blushing a bit, he bite his lips. “oh my God, you want it raw. fucking slut, hm?”

    “fuck you, i just think it would be- soobin!” you said as you felt a slap at your pussy. he was on his knees at the small couch that you both managed somehow to fuck there and the view was so good.

    “don’t tell me ‘fuck you’ when my dick is fucking you deep and good,” he said with his voice dropping octaves as he managed to take his condom off and drop it somewhere. it was so pretty and he was so hard only for you.

    the pink tip was dripping so much pre cum and you could tell he was even more excited for try like this, his face and body were so easy to ready. when you felt his tip, now without a condom, rubbing in your clit it felt like heaven. it was even better right now. his moans were a bit loud as he slowly went deep inside of you without waiting too much.

    “fuck, i’m going to fill your pussy so bad.” he whispered in your ear as gripping your legs and put it around his waist, giving you both so much access to the pleasure.

    “want you to cum inside me so bad, soobin.” you said back knowing it was true. one hand traveling through your body until reaching your neck, where he close his fingers around and you moan back feeling so good.

    his hips were faster than before, his dick sliding out few times because of how wet you were and the noises you both would make whenever he got inside and deep in you again was the best. the view of your boobs moving each thrust he gave was making soobin feel his orgasm closer and closer, you were already reaching your high, and when he felt his disk being slightly squeezed by your pussy clenching nonstop around him was the last thing he felt before come inside of you.

    his hands on your waist again, holding you so tight that you moaned at how held and safe you felt and yet sensitive at his touch that made you hide your face with your hands but he instantly made a move to take them off, “want to see how you look while i come inside you, baby.”

    the pet name made you clench again and he moved inside you, it was so sensitive that you put your hands on his chest to control your body from trembling and try to move, your legs shaking made him smirk and he moaned as he gave a look down there just to see your pussy dripping so much and yet his dick covered with his cum too.

    you tried to balance your body just to take a look at what he looked so invested to keep his attention and when you saw, you couldn't control a whiny.

    “liked the view?” he asked and you just hummed still zooming from your previous orgasm, “can i still fuck you?”

    he laughs at your question and you feel his lips tracing small pecks between your boobs until reach your lips. he kissed you for a while as he moved his hips against yours again and you whined at the sensation, the wet noises were loud and he just gave you a look.

    “i’m hard again...” he whispered and something ran through your body. you could feel his cum leaking from your hole and yet he still hard.

    but who were you to say no to him when you felt the same way and ready for much more?

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  • ne0ctar
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    cough - choi soobin

    pairing -> choi soobin x reader

    genre -> fluff, meet cute kinda (?)

    summary -> soobin has seen you, but he’s not quite sure of it

    word count -> around 500

    warnings -> none

    a/n -> inspired by the 5th prompt here

    soobin stares; he can only stare as he looks at you, and all he can think of is that he’s seen you somewhere, somewhere very near and quite often actually but he doesn’t remember. he whacks his brain and slams the inside trying to remember as the book he was reading lay forgotten and he tried to scourge his memories, looking at the shelf you were walking around of, from his place at a table just beside it because he’s seen you! and he has to know where!

    someone coughs beside him pulling him back to the real world from the abstract world of his brain and he realizes it’s rude to stare like that; thankfully, you haven’t noticed.

    but as he’s about to take his eyes off of you, he sees you reaching for something in the upper shelf so he gets up as quick as he can and is about to ask if you need help when you —

    you try to jump for it and take down the entire bookshelf with you, falling on your butt from losing balance as a few books tumble right over your head and soobin stands, mouth agape and in shock.

    you spot him, still standing with his mouth open and frozen, “soobin, hey,”

    soobin flushes right there and then, how did you know him?

    “care to give a hand?” you ask, still fallen over the shelf. soobin nods quickly and helps you get up.

    a few librarians walk over to check the commotion and try to pull back the shelf to its original spot, giving you dirty looks as you bow your head towards them, “i’m sorry,” you whisper-speak to them.

    “and thank you,” you turn to soobin who nods, still not remembering where he knows you from.

    you’re both looking at each other a few seconds way more than you should as your hand is still in his.

    the same man from before coughs pulling you both from your staring contest, and soobin internally threw all of the books from the fallen shelf at him.

    “can i, can i ask you something?” soobin asks as you both withdraw your hands and you try to dust away your outfit.

    “uh, yeah sure?”

    “how do you know me?”

    “guess i’m that forgettable huh?” you sneer

    “no, no, it’s just that i have a bad memory and—“

    “i’m messing with you, it's alright we haven't talked much” you smile at the conflicted boy.

    “i’m your neighbour, y/n,” you extend your hand again.

    soobin hears a click of a lock opening in his brain, yes, that’s it!

    “wait, let me get that book,”

    and you run back to the pile that the employees are carefully picking up and putting back.

    “yes, okay, now, are you leaving?”

    soobin spots the book he was reading on the table, he wasn’t reading anyway.

    “yeah, i am,”

    “good, then do you wanna come with me since we, like, live close and it could like save fare, you know?”

    “yeah ofcourse,”

    “would you like to grab coffee on the way?”

    “i’d love to,”

    #this is so random i just saw a cute prompt like this and it had to be done >:( #prism.nw #soobin#choi soobin #soobin x you #soobin x y/n #soobin x reader #choi soobin x reader #soobin scenarios#soobin imagines#soobin headcanons#txt imagines#txt scenarios #txt x reader #txt soobin #tomorrow x together #txt headcanons#kpop imagines #kpop x reader #tomorrow by together #kpop scenarios#kpop headcanons #txt choi soobin #txt fluff#txt blurbs#kpop fluff#kpop blurbs#soobin fluff#soobin blurbs#soobin angst
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  • eternallyhyucks
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    is this love? | choi soobin

    requested by: anon & @renjunn1es (like 50 yrs ago pls)

    pairing: bsf! soobin x fem! reader + mentions of ex! yeonjun

    word count: 647

    genre/warnings: fluff + a little angst , swearing

    —note: this is pt 2 of ‘what is love?’ :)

    𖤐 ྀ

    a month had passed and y/n was still sad about yeonjun. she still missed him. she missed how he made her feel. she missed what they had; or at least what she thought they had.

    soobin was over it. he was tired of hearing y/n cry at night, he was tired of being there to comfort her, and he was tired of trying to be the one who replaced her first love. he was tired, but he couldnt help but stay because he knew that he could never fill that void her heart, but he had to try right?

    “hey y/n do you wanna go get some food later?”

    “im okay, i think i wanna stay in tonight too”

    soobin sighed and hesitated for a second before standing in front of you. “y/n can i ask you something?”

    “yeah of course” you said smiling

    “do you think you’ll ever get over him?” he paused and took a breath in. “i know it’s hard and i know that you were really in love with him, but y/n, you arent even trying to. you’re just sitting here and sulking everyday-”

    “shut up.” you said angrily. “soobin shut the fuck up. who do you think you are ?? just because i came to you after my breakup doesnt mean you’re allowed to say this shit. im fine and im fucking over it. now leave me alone.”

    taken aback, soobin stood silently for a second. after taking everything you said in, he sat on the couch next to you and put his hand on yours.

    “soobin i told you to leave me alone” you said pulling your hand out from under his

    “y/n, i know you’re still hurting, i do. but you cant continue to sulk and lash out on anyone that tries to help you. i want you to feel better y/n. i want you to be happy again. im doing all this because i love you.” realizing what he had just said, soobin paused and sat still.

    sighing, y/n responded to him. “soobin?”

    “yes?” he said nervously

    “i know.”

    “what??” soobin’s mind and heart were racing. did she know he loved her this while time? was he that obvious? “what do you know?”

    “i know that you want whats best for me and i know that you want me to be and feel better but it’s so hard. i feel like i havent made any progress in feeling better”

    relieved, soobin responded, “y/n, theres a reason why i wanna go outside and help you take your mind off of him, you just wont cooperate🙄”

    “hello you should be being nice to me right now”

    “mf you’re the one that just yelled at me, ur lucky that i didnt give u a nice slap across the face tf🤨 now go get ready, we’re going to get food”

    “fine. only bc i yelled at you”

    “hey soobin im sorry”

    “i already forgave you for yelling at me lol, dont worry about it, i understand” he said smiling

    “no,, im sorry for not being able to love you the way you want me to”

    “what?” soobin’s smile faltered

    “i heard you whispering to yourself the day i broke up with him. i remember it from earlier today too and im sorry. i want to love you back, but i dont want you to feel like you’re second to someone. i want to be completely over him and more in love with myself before i get into any new relationships”

    “this is so embarassing” he said blushing “BUT YES I LOVE UR PLAN!! SAY IT WITH ME #GIRLBOSSY/N”

    “soobin please”

    “say it or else ill kick you out of my apartment”

    “no soobin we are in public”

    “okay well i guess you’re homeless now🤣”

    “WAIT okay #girlbossme”


    “i hate you so much”

    “you wish you did”



    @overthemoonbae , @yejicrossing , @baekswoons , @igsana , @renjunn1es , @junityy , @pr0dbeomgyu , @igyus , @sungsunnie , @fiantomartell

    —lmk if you would like to be a part of my taglist!!

    #hoping i did soobin justice☝️ #requested#txt#soobin#choi soobin#soobin fluff#soobin angst#txt fluff#txt angst#soobin imagines #choi soobin imagines #soobin scenarios #choi soobin scenarios
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  • seungstarss
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    𝐁𝐄𝐓≛ 0.2 crazy cat lovers

    ᜊ yn. a third year literature major at hybe university. she doesn't have many friends due to them thinking she's "anti-social." yn has an interest in fashion and enjoys making her own clothing. (wants to switch majors)

    ᜊ reiko. a third year fashion major at hybe university. she has a really outgoing/tomboy personality which always makes yn feel at ease.

    ᜊ luna. a third year literature major at hybe university. she met reiko, yn and taehyun at their orientation. she's also roommates with reiko and yn.

    ᜊ taehyun. a tired third year literature major at hybe university. he honestly doesn't know why he's even studying literature, but he likes his friends so that's enough. often gets gets approached by casting managers.

    ᜊ huening kai. a second year literature major at hybe university. he met yn at his orientation (he was struggling and she assisted him) and have been close ever since. you can always find him with taehyun.

    ᜊ sir- are you there. yn's private account/spam.


    ⇦ previous | next ⇨

    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend’s diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. “lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want.”

    @fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza @ncityy04 @jjun4thitboy @j3ntle @studioreader @elicheel @nyfwyeonjun @abdiitcryy @angxln-ki @atinyyylove @chuntians
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  • xysthe
    18.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #xysthe #rain’s requests 🌼 #prompts — my 200 special 🍥 #choi soobin#soobin #soobin x reader #soobin x you #soobin imagines#txt drabbles#txt imagines#txt soobin #tomorrow x together #soobin scenarios#soobin drabbles#kpop #choi soobin x reader #soobin fanfic#txt #choi soobin x you #choi soobin x y/n #soobin x y/n #kpop fanfic#txt scenarios
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  • seungstarss
    18.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    𝐁𝐄𝐓≛ 0.1 the frat brothers

    ᜊ jake. a third year at hybe university known for his idol-like visuals. jake doesn't have the best reputation: he's a big party boy, a heavy drinker & a player.

    ᜊ jay. a third year fashion major at hybe university. along with his friends, he also attends a lot of parties. he's quite mysterious and is seemingly hiding something.

    ᜊ heeseung. the former fraternity president & third year at hybe university. he got kicked from his position due to his lack of commitment. heeseung has a passion for illegal street racing, which is his current hobby.

    ᜊ sunghoon. a narcissistic third year at hybe university with prince-like visuals. the school's campus heartthrob, but is also known as the school's most ruthless player.

    ᜊ yeonjun. the fraternity president & fourth year at hybe university. he's widely acknowledged for his achievements and took on the role of president. he's usually very busy, but is quite the procrastinator.

    ᜊ soobin. the fraternity vice president & fourth year at hybe university. he's very smart and usually has to pick up after yeonjun. the brain behind everything, so he's quite busy.

    𝐁𝐄𝐓≛ /. MASTERLIST /. next 0.2 ⇨

    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend's diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. "lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want."

    @fiantomartell @terrytaehyunnies @nyujjan @softforqiankun @redikuluspupil @berriniki @hobistigma @punneysushi01 @jdyunvrs @icywhatim @deathena @dear-dreamie @acciomylove @neovrse @whoe-dis @primorange @enhacolor @sunghonkers @shoftiiel @luv3iza
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  • sunshinelixie-lee
    18.09.2021 - 3 days ago


    *soobin as your boyfriend*

    a/n: aHhH *contented sigh* he'S So PreTtY wHaT-

    미안해요 ㅠㅠ 너무 짧아요오오 also I was listening to Claire de Lune on repeat as I wrote the make-out scene so... yeah, it's pretty soft

    warnings: intense making-out >///<



    There he is. Your prey. Innocently lying on the dorm couch and scrolling through his phone, completely unaware.

    The time is ripe to pounce.

    Silently you stalk your victim, crawling on all fours behind the couch. The object of your hunt doesn't even notice you're there until it's too late. You pop your head up over the edge of the couch and growl at him, a tiny feral smile on your face.

    Soobin glances up with that cute "OwO????" face he always gives the members when they're trying to grab his attention. He follows your movements with mild interest as you plop down beside him. Evidently, he determines that you're harmless because he goes back to scrolling his weverse page.

    Not to be dismissed, you lie down beside him, the image of an expectant kitten. Once again he glances at you, his face very clearly asking,

    "..... yes????"

    You don't speak, only crack a sort of smile and wiggle closer -- something Soobin finds so cute that he chuckles and sets down his phone.

    "What do you want, you little monster?" he coos.

    You're in a very

    ✨cute mood✨

    so you close your eyes and pucker your lips and nothing else.

    You hear more soft chuckles and the shifting of weight as he positions himself more comfortably in front of you.

    Despite the number of times he's kissed you, your heart is still going like the wings of a hummingbird.

    What with your closed eyes, only the sound of his breathing and the feel of his warm breath dusting your face reveals his relative position.

    Ever so, so gently, he lowers his lips onto yours.

    The kiss is sweet and soft, so soft that it feels like the wings of a butterfly are fluttering right there on your mouth. Overwhelmed by the warm, tingly sensation it shoots from your lips all the way to your toes, you let out a tiny sigh. He pulls back, laughing.

    "아아아 자기이이, you're so cute!" Softly, he pinches your cheek.

    The blush heats your face before you can bat an eye, and you squirm in sudden embarrassment.

    수빈Soobin chuckles at you, patting both of your cheeks, which you obligingly puff full with air. His eyes curve up into little crescent moons as he grabs you around the waist and shifts you closer to his face.

    The sudden proximity makes your face heat by another 50 degrees or so. His dark eyes twinkle somewhat slyly, so close that you could almost flutter his eyelashes with your own.

    "What's wrong?" he all but purrs. "I thought you wanted to play."

    If you were blushing before, you're now on fire at the implications in his tone.

    "Shut up," you whined, swatting his shoulder.

    Soobin grins again, his biceps which he swears come not from working out, but from breathing exercises flexing as he pulls you flush against his chest, pressing your lips to his own.

    Your arms wrap around his neck of their own accord, his own hands gripping at everything from your waist to your hips to your thighs. You can feel his mouth curling up into a smile as his lips slide against yours.

    You hum appreciatively at the warm softness of his mouth, lips tugging and gliding.

    Soobin sighs as you deepen the kiss, stroking your tongue against his. One leg crooks over his waist, your arms wrapping farther around his neck to stroke at the firm muscles at the junction of his neck and his shoulders.

    With a single fluid motion he rolls over to hover over you, every muscled line of his body pressing firmly against yours, reminding you just how capable he is of breaking you with a single hand. The thought makes a buzz settle throughout your entire being as he rests on top of you, one hand over your heart, the other cradling the side of your face as gently as a kitten. His elbows and knees are all that keep his weight from crushing you as he drops several sweet, smiley kisses onto your lips, your eyes, your nose.

    "Stay with me,"

    you breathe, tangling your fingers in his hair.

    He hums, going in for another heated kiss.


    he murmurs against your mouth.


    {{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}}

    ♡pls reblog if you enjoyed♡

    {masterlist}[request] taglist: @danielol @taecup-ontrack @oifelixcmerebrou @grassbutneo @0x1lovebot (requests are open & lmk if you would like to be on a taglist)


    #txt #tomorrow by together #choi soobin#txt fluff#txt imagines #txt x reader #txt scenarios#txt fics#txt smut#txt angst#soobin #choi soobin fluff #choi soobin scenarios #choi soobin x reader #choi soobin angst #choi soobin au #choi soobin smut #choi soobin txt #choi soobin ff #choi soobin x you #choi soobin x y/n #soobin imagines #soobin x reader #soobin smut#soobin angst#soobin fluff#soobin fanfic#soobin ff#soobin scenarios #soobin x you
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  • girlsfortxt
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    CHOI LINE REACTS TO... bts being your older brother

    PAIRING! choi line x f!reader ; brother!bts maknae line x f!reader GENRE! fluff ; best friends to lovers ; crack ; humour ; established relationship WARNINGS! mentions of cheating ; mentions of food WC! 1.2k NOTES! i was gonna write this in paragraphs but i got lazy and i havent written a full length anything in weeks so this was the easiest way for me rip

    ## YEONJUN

    it’s not uncommon for yeonjun to run into the members of bts around the company

    he wouldn’t say he sees them often but he’s seen them enough for it to become a normal thing

    he doesn’t even get flustered anymore so score

    however, when he passes by THEE kim taehyung in the halls and he tells him that he has been looking for him everywhere, he can’t deny he started fanboying

    why has taehyung been looking for HIM???

    that’s when his senior pulls out a very familiar looking purse and hands it to him

    “can you give this to y/n when you see her? she left it here yesterday—you know how forgetful she is”

    the rest under the cut!


    of course HE knows how forgetful you are, he’s your boyfriend

    but the question is, how does TAEHYUNG know 🤔

    at least now he knows why the purse looked familiar now

    yeonjun agrees anyways and takes the bag

    he was seeing you later that day for a date and he figures he could also ask you then why taehyung had your bag in the first place

    then taehyung tells him to “take care of y/n” and goes on with his day

    yeonjun is so confused

    he doesn’t know how taehyung knows the two of you are together or how he even knows YOU

    at some point during his dance practice, he ends up forgetting about it all until

    kim y/n...kim taehyung...

    and everything falls into place in his mind

    he finally understands why he would see you everywhere at the company long before the two of you started dating

    later, when he sees you for your date

    “y/n, you will never BELIEVE what i just discovered”

    ## SOOBIN

    soobin usually treats you to lunch

    it’s the least he could do seeing as he is so busy all the time

    he would pick you up from the hybe lobby and the two of you would head to the café together

    but today

    you were nowhere to be found

    he waited for ten minutes thinking that maybe you were just running late but eventually figured that you weren’t coming today

    you had been swamped with school lately so he understood that you might not be able to come out

    he was a sad boy ☹️

    soob decides to go to the café anyways just to get something to eat and guess who he sees when he walks in

    you sitting at a table laughing with some other guy 🧍‍♂️

    he couldn’t see who you were with because they were sitting opposite you with their back turned but he knows a guys back when he sees one and that was definitely one

    he didn’t want to jump to conclusions but he wished he knew what you were doing here with somebody else

    he doesn’t make his presence known because he hates confrontation but he can’t deny feeling a bit annoyed

    then the guy pushes out of his seat and stands up to walk around next to you and soobin can finally see who stole his girlfriend from him

    and it’s fucking park jimin

    his senior kisses your forehead before leaving the café and soobin’s jaw is on the floor

    he leaves quickly before either of you could see him and goes to their practice room to stew over what he just saw

    soobin didn’t know the two of you were so close, hell he didn’t even the two of you KNEW each other

    eventually you showed up in the practice room too, apologising for missing your lunch because “something came up” and soobin can’t help it anymore

    “y/n...are you cheating on me with jimin sunbaenim? because he is way older than you and i saw him kissing you and—”


    you were MORTIFIED at the accusation and soobin...soobin was


    like this emoji 😯😯😯 was him

    “park jimin....is your brother...”

    “i can’t believe you thought i was CHEATING”

    “do you think you can get me an autograph 😯”


    ## BEOMGYU

    it was a pretty normal afternoon, you were coming over to visit him at the dorms like you sometimes did

    he was just a bit more excited to see you than normal because he was finally going to confess to you

    okay so maybe he was a little in love with you whatever doesn’t matter

    he was pretty sure you were in love with him too, or at least had a crush on him so he was pretty confident about his plan

    that all went out the window when you arrived

    you looked as beautiful as ever and you had a massive smile on your face that made him a bit weak in the knees which was normal, so not the problem

    the problem was what you were wearing

    over your clothes, you had on a way too big plain black jacket that you had pushed up your arms

    it was so long that it stopped at your mid thigh

    this jacket was very clearly not yours and the only explanation for whose it could be and why you were wearing it was that—and it pains him to say this—you had a boyfriend

    now you may be thinking he’s jumping the gun a bit here buT LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE CAN YOU BLAME HIM??

    the rest of the day he couldn’t hide his annoyance at the fact that you were still wearing that stupid jacket

    there was air conditioning in the dorms you didn’t have to keep it on 🙄🙄

    you noticed his behaviour and asked him what was up

    he didn’t mean to but he just immediately blurted it out



    “my what 🧍‍♀️”

    “the boyfriend whose jacket you’re wearing 😔”

    and then

    you laughed in his face

    poor boy is so confused and starts pouting and whining 😭

    you explain that you are wearing your BROTHER’S jacket because he was the one who dropped you off

    cue more confused gyu

    “you have a brother 🧍‍♂️”

    “yes i do you know him actually 🙄”

    “who is it wtf”

    “jungkook 🧍‍♀️”

    now it’s HIS turn to laugh in your face

    you try convincing him but he’s just like “thEre’S nO waY yOuR bRotHeR iS jEon junGkOok oF Bts”

    he is in for a surprise when jungkook comes to pick you up when you are done hanging out

    like his jaw dropped

    went from being a brat to such a kiss ass in record time

    “i can’t believe you never told me your brother was THE jeon jungkook”

    “well it’s not like you’d have believed me🙄🙄”

    after his little fanboy moment he realised he could go through with his plan and ask you out

    “so, what im hearing is your single 😏 you want to go on a date 😏?”

    “i mean i guess since you like me so much 🤥 but you’re going to have ask my brother for permission 😁”

    he genuinely couldn’t tell if you were joking or not (you were) and ended up having a very awkward and embarrassing conversation with jungkook later that week

    he got his date though so 😁

    tagging. @igyus @afiaaaa19 @samu-sorbet @mjnisode @tyunni @k6ho @sungsunnie (taglist)

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