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    15.06.2021 - 14 hours ago
    plot: soobin is at a party and someone drugs him - your muse can be the one that drugs him, or someone that swoops in to save the day. open to: tops, vers, men [ soobin ]

    soobin didn’t even realize anything was wrong. the party was thriving, his drink was nearly gone and the music was loud in his ears. in the mass of dancing bodies it was impossible to see how that hand ghosted over his cup, and how within the next ten minutes he was burning up and trying to get out of the crowd. he knocked into bodies, his head fuzzy as he tried to get to the kitchen. he was none the wiser to his drink being messed with and lifted it to take another drink. he felt.. warm and higher than he’s ever felt before. he felt a little tingly, his vision a little blurry and honestly? he was struggling to stay standing right now. all the more reason to lean into the person at his side for the offered support.

    #gay rp #gay smut rp #gay indie rp #gay smut starter #gay rp starter #kink rp#soobin starter #could be angst #could be fluff #could be bOTH idk #whatever lol
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    #marley <3 #txt hard hours #soobin smut
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    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #gyu's corner #this monster CO- #ok#anyways #i was writing it #like i said i wrote a bit of the smut #hehehheh #maybe soobin x reader x beomgyu #*thinking emoji*
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  • yeonjunbb
    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bewitched – (iii)

    ➳ pairing: bad boy!yeonjun x good girl!oc

    ➳ characters: loner bad boy!yeonjun, heartthrob!soobin, best friend!beomgyu, female oc (can be read as f!reader too) + a few supporting characters.

    ➳ genre: college!au, bad boy!au, slow burn, drama, strangers to lovers, smut.

    ➳ summary: after starting college, you never really imagined that you’ll cross paths with Choi Yeonjun — the loner bad boy with influences. But life is full of surprises, ain’t it?

    — masterlist

    — previous ♥ series masterlist

    ➳ rating & word count: 18+ ; 1.9K~ (unedited)

    ➳ warnings: language, heavy kissing, vaginal fingering, orgasm denial.

    ➳ disclaimer: this is fictional and doesn’t reflect any of their actions/personality!!

    ➳ taglist: join my permanent taglist! (if you want to join the series taglist comment below!)

    ➳ a/n: part 3! time for some answers hehe. let’s see what happens! enjoy! also tysm for 300 followers (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*°!!

    3 days after the big reveal, you don’t know which is more terrifying.

    The fact that Daniel is Yeonjun and he lied about his identity, or the cold harsh truth that you’re still insanely attracted to him.

    A sigh escapes you. Life is not favouring you at all, it’s such a pain in the ass at this point.

    Plopping down on your couch, you close your eyes. Things are very complicated right now. You wish you had the power to fix everything, but alas, you don’t.

    You remember how Yeonjun looked at you under the moonlight, the way his soft lips devoured your mouth. Are bad boys really capable of such gentleness? You don’t know… from the start, you’ve stayed away from the problematic bad boys. And guys like Yeonjun, if you’re being honest — you prefer to steer clear out of their way. But he’s something else. He got you addicted so fast so hard that it’s impossible to back out now.

    As if to distract you from his thoughts, your phone rings loudly. You open your eyes, inhaling a sharp breath and reaching for the device blindly. After several failed attempts, you finally grab it.

    It’s Soobin. With a soft smile on your face, you answer the call, his soft voice cooing in your ear.

    “[Name], just wanted to check in! How are you holding up?”

    “I’m… good, I guess. How about you, Soob? Anything interesting going on?”

    “What was that? You guess that you’re good? You better be taking care of yourself or I’ll–”

    You cut him off midway, reassuring him. “Oh god, of course I am taking care of myself! Don’t worry!”

    “Hmph.” Soobin grumps on the other side.

    “Oh come on, don’t be mad at me…” your voice is adorably childish in the end, making him sigh.

    “I’m not mad at you. But you do need to take care of yourself.”

    “Did you really call me to lecture me about self-care?”

    He groans at that. “So what if I did?”

    You pout, trying to change the subject. “Soob, can I ask you for something?”

    “What is it?”

    “Where did you meet Yeonjun that day? Just curious.”

    There’s no answer.


    He clicks his tongue. “At our college.”

    “I know that! I mean where at the college?!” you whine, clearly displeased.

    “I can’t tell you.”


    “Trust me, I’m doing you a favour.”

    “I didn’t ask for your favour, did I?”

    He ends the call, leaving you frustrated. Before you can call him back, you see a message pop up in your notifications.

    You smile as you notice Soobin’s message. Instantly giddy, you sent him a bunch of heart emojis.

    It’s official. You’re gonna confront Choi Yeonjun. Face to face.

    Time for some truth.

    Next monday,

    Today’s the day. You’ve thought it through several times and took your time. Beomgyu did try his best to scare you off, but you’re not afraid of Yeonjun. Not at all.

    Maybe because you know that he has a weakness for you. Or probably because the urge to meet him is too much and it’s numbing any other senses. Either way, here you are, walking through the hallway that leads to where he usually stays.

    Tall, scary looking girls and guys stare you up and down, whispering to themselves as you walk up to the empty classroom, also known as his office.

    “Hey, where are you going?” A girl stops you, looking at you curiously.

    “Isn’t it obvious?” you shrug.

    Another guy comes up, his voice mocking, “This place isn’t for you, cutie. Go back to your class.”

    You sigh, crossing your arms around your chest. “Who are you to tell me that!?”

    They both chuckle, drawing attention. “Aw, she’s trying to bite back. How adorable.”

    “How dare you mock me?? Apologise!” you hiss from anger, glaring at everyone who gathers around to see the show.

    Your words only fuel their laughing. A person from the crowd remarks, “Look, a little kitty is trying to snarl.”

    “Why the hell is there so much noise?” a deep, commanding growl shuts everyone up. You turn around, your body freezing immediately.

    It’s him. The demon that’s been haunting you for weeks now.

    Yeonjun is pleasantly surprised when he sees you, but he quickly replaces it with his cold demeanor. “What was happening here?”

    The girl who approached you states, “This… this baby was trying to enter your office. So I stopped her and asked her why is she here. Guess what? She was trying to bite back. Such a fool.”

    He glares at her menacingly, and she immediately shuts up, lowering her head. “Everyone apologise to my guest. Or else…”

    There’s no need to finish his sentence. “We’re sorry!” Everyone chimes in.

    You nod in acknowledgement, rolling your eyes. You were ready to teach them a lesson but he had to cut in.

    Yeonjun motions them to go away, and everyone obliges. Soon after, he grabs your wrist, gently pulling you inside the classroom.

    You gasp when he presses you up against the closed door, his brown irises studying you with curiosity.

    “Why are you here, [Name]?”

    You struggle against his grip, trying to move your hand away but failing. “Ugh– let me go!”

    He untangles his hand from yours, raising an eyebrow. “You didn’t answer my question.”

    “I’m here for answers, Daniel.”

    He chuckles at that, shaking his head. “I see. What answers if I may ask?”

    “Why did you lie?”

    He stops, regarding you thoughtfully. “I had my reasons.”

    Angry, you jab a finger on his chest, demanding clarity. “What reasons, Yeonjun? That you had to lie to me and play with my feelings for a day?”

    He grits his teeth, holding your wrist firmly. “I didn’t play with your feelings, [Name].”

    “Liar.” punching him on the chest, you try to take your hands away, but it backfires. He traps you inside his strong embrace, his hot breath fanning over your head.

    “What are you doing–”

    He tips your chin upwards, his pupils dilated as he looks at you with a burning hunger. “You enjoy testing my patience, don’t you?”

    Your body shivers involuntarily, your lips just iches away from his. Swallowing nervously, you look away. But he grabs your chin, forcing you to look at him.

    His lips crashes against yours. He lets go of your hands, and you curl them around his neck, instinctively pulling him closer. He smiles in the kiss, his hand grabbing your ass and squeezing the flesh briefly. You moan, his teeth grazing your lower lip, asking for permission to ravish your mouth.

    His prying tongue slides past your lips, meeting with your tongue in a passionate kiss. You gasp in pleasure, pulling onto his hair when he starts trailing kisses down your jaw. Yeonjun backs you up against the only table in the room, his voice a growl. “Why do you do this to me? Fuck!”

    You look at him, your chest heaving as you try to process the mind-blowing kiss. But alas, he’s not done yet.

    “Are you here for this, huh?” He reaches to drag his thumb over your chin, forcing your gaze up to him. “Wanted my touch that bad? [Name]?”

    Liquid heat rushes through your veins when he moves his hands all over your body, brushing against your sensitive spots. He squeezes your breast, enjoying the perky nipples that he feels through your clothes. “Tell me.”

    “No!” You choke out, “I came here to ask you why you lied about your iden– ahh!”

    He lowers his head to your neck, dipping his tongue to lick the sweet spot. You melt under his touch, both pleased and bewildered by the fact that he obviously hasn’t forgotten your most sensitive spots. Yeonjun’s eyes are fixed on you as he brushes both his hands beneath your skirt, tracing them up to the edge of your panties.

    You throw your head back in pleasure, your knuckles turning white as you grip on the edge of the table. “Please… ” you mewl, looking at him desparately.

    He smirks, brushing your inner thighs. “Please what?”

    “I need you to touch me.” You sigh shakily, your eyes pleading with him. Apparently he’s beyond teasing, because as soon as he reaches your soaked pussy, he pulls the piece of clothing to the side and pushes two digits into you.

    “Yeonjun…” your head falls on to his shoulder while he pumps you gently, a groan escaping him.

    “Fuck, you’re drenched.”

    He picks up pace, not giving you a moment to breath. You cry out when he curls his fingers inside you, hitting your g-spot. His pace gets rougher, clearly fuelled by your moans.

    When his thumb finds your clit, you clench around him, your breath coming in short gasps.

    He smiles complacently. “You love this, don’t you?” The pressure on your clit increases slightly. “You love that I’m the one doing this to you.”

    Without waiting for an answer, he draws his now slick hand away and puts it in his mouth, depriving you of an orgasm. “You taste just as good as I remember.”

    You whine, biting his neck from the frustration. Yeonjun makes you look at him, his voice dropping by an octave, “Bad girls don’t get to come.”

    You try to rock your hips, craving any type of friction that can satisfy you. But he stops you, growling in your ear, “It’s time to go back, sweetheart. I have work to do. As much as I’d love to do you instead… I can’t. Not now.”

    You look at him with dazed eyes, your voice a whimper, “You always leave me like this. I came here to confront but you–”

    “Shh. I told you, I had my reasons. I was simply trying to protect you.”

    “What? Protect me?”

    Dropping a kiss on your forehead, he retracts. “Yes, [Name]. I think you should fix your clothes…”

    You look at your disheveled state, sighing. “You’re not trying to get rid of me, are you?”

    Yeonjun looks offended. “You clearly don’t know me yet.”


    “No buts. You’re getting late for your own class.”

    You yelp at that, quickly climbing down from the desk and fixing your clothing and hair. Once done, you walk up to him with confidence, kissing his cheek.

    “We are not done yet, Choi Yeonjun.”

    He tilts his head, smiling, “Trust me, this is just the start.”

    end of part (iii) ♥ next

    author’s notes 💌:

    Aah tysm for reading bubs 🥺💟!! Please consider reblogging if you enjoyed this uwu 💓!! Comments are really appreciated too!! Your support keeps me going 🫂💙

    I request you to be vocal about your thoughts, that way I stay motivated to continue the series! Tell me what you think of this chapter!! Yeonjun do be acting sus 👀👀 what do you think?

    This is not edited (yet again aa) so I’m really really sorry for the typos and mistakes 😭!!

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    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    TXT's Reaction To Their S/O Asking To Give Them Head For The First Time

    Warnings: Suggestive, Includes all five members with respect to Kai being of age in America since that's where he's from. If majority of people feel uncomfortable with this, I'll delete his part.

    Requested?: Yes

    A/N: Okay so I'll assume that their s/o brings the question up at random while hanging out.



    This man would be shocked and probably ask his s/o to repeat what they asked him again. After they do - and he confirms he wasn't just hearing things - he would ask if they were sure that they want to go through with it. Mr. Choi Daniel is a thorough gentleman. Only after he sees that his s/o is sure of themselves would he let them get down on their knees.


    This tease would poke fun at catching his s/o staring down at his crotch all day. He reassures them that he found it cute though. Like Yeonjun, he would ask his s/o if this is what they really wanted to do. Even if it turned out his s/o wasn't really ready, he would respect that and wait. Rest assured, the man is ready to receive some head at anytime.


    Gyu would look at his s/o kind of weird as if they were speaking gibberish. He wouldn't mean to do that, but the question was a bit sudden. He simply didn't expect it to come up. Once he realizes the reality in full, he's down and lowkey excited on the inside - on the outside, he's acting all chill. One heated kiss later, his s/o is pulling on his pants and getting to work.


    Like Yeonjun, he has to do a double take at what his s/o just said. After realizing they're serious, he makes sure they're in a private place where no one will come in unexpected. He's not into him or his s/o getting caught, especially since this is their first experience. Only when he's sure of the environment would he let his s/o go for it.

    Huening Kai

    Kai would question his s/o right back, feeling that since the question was brought up at random that it was forced out. His s/o reassures him quickly that they had really thought about it. The reassurance puts him at ease and he'd agree to letting his s/o do it. Not to mention, he's curious about what it feels like.


    ©️ 2021 xxatinyminionxx. All Rights Reserved.

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    s - smut || a - angst || f - fluff || ss - suggestive

    last updated: 06/15/2021



    ༺ ˖࣪  ∗ ਏਓ ∗  ˖࣪ ༻

    huening kai

    • 7:02 pm by @3raaaachachacha || a f

    • Your roommate helps you change a lightbulb by @beebeomgyu || f

    ༺ ˖࣪  ∗ ਏਓ ∗  ˖࣪ ༻


    ༺ ˖࣪  ∗ ਏਓ ∗  ˖࣪ ༻


    ༺ ˖࣪  ∗ ਏਓ ∗  ˖࣪ ༻


    ༺ ˖࣪  ∗ ਏਓ ∗  ˖࣪ ༻


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    hyung/choi line mtl to shoot a s3x tape w you? i absolutely love your work btw <3

    omg tyyy <33333333


    yall are not shooting a s3x tape yall are shooting a MOVIE! a feature film if you may. it goes on for hours like you know ur fucked when he busts out the camera. guys you know i think beomgyu is the freakiest among them. he would wanna record one for the road, one for when he's with you, one for shits and giggles, one f-. when he misses you he turns it on like hmm i wonder what they're doing rn. probably is a fan of angles. he would wanna capture it ALL. shoves the camera in your face when you orgasm bc it's his favorite part. plz the video is so goddamn shaky but it gives it a more authentic feel that he likes. even if midway through you can barely tell what's happening/


    he would like the thought of it. i feel like he wouldn't really wanna be in the video though. more like basically recording you masturbating while he gives you instructions behind the camera. when he's alone and misses you he'll turn it on just to remind himself that you're so good for him *broken heart emoji* likes recording your fucked out face most of the time. like the camera is rarely ever on your body. he likes seeing the drool on your face and your dazed eyes looking past the camera at him. the video usually cuts off prematurely afterwards.


    soobin would much rather keep what happens in the bedroom, in the bedroom. the thought of recording yall having sex is off putting to him but if you suggest it he'll be like ok but only! only if you promise to not watch it all the time, you watch it all the time when he's gone. if he really gets into it then his favorite part of it all is capturing the moment he slides his dick in you. he likes watching it disappear into you and off screen hearing you gasp... next thing he knows he's hard from watching it and is now looking for you.
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    Here’s the request for Yeonjun and Soobin!

    #dirty kpop snaps #kpop snaps#dirtysnaps#choi yeonjun #choi yeonjun smut #choi soobin #choi soobin smut #txt yeonjun #txt yeonjun smut #txt soobin #txt soobin smut #txt#txt smut
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    #it’s just HHHHHHHH #it’s Good#vibey#txt smut #txt hard hours #soobin smut
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    #his face would get all red :( cute #txt smut #txt hard hours #soobin smut
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    #they both give cumming in their pants after an intense makeout energy tho #txt smut #txt hard hours #beomgyu smut#soobin smut
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