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  • No sé si te quería

    O si no lo hacía

    Lo único que sabía

    Era que no quería una relación tan fría

    Pero eso no significa que no te aprecie

    Se dice que hay amor pero de distintas especies

    No importa la manera en el que el sentimiento crece

    Ahora lo que importa es que estés sin que yo te reze.

    - arelaxguy.

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  • hello so uh ever since i was in to pokemon i had this day dream and still have it sometimes anyway it started as an idea for a fanmade evil pokemon team called team nightmare the leaders name is Draco Darknram (Dark-nin-ram) the admins names are Sebastian (male#1) , Prometheus (male#2) Claudia (female #1) and Torali (Tor -a-lie) the leader has a very young daughter  by the name lisa who has powers like physic abilities , can read peoples minds can hear the voices of pokemon , is extremely intelligent , can control legendary pokemon and can make wild mean pokemon kind and loving anyway Draco found lisa being attacked and bullied by other people so Draco took and adopted young lisa and raised and loved her as his own and yes this character actually cares about his own child and team . now if ya wonderin what Draco and lisa look like lisa has long dark purple curly hair wears a light purple tube top and purpleish pink leggings with regular purple shoes has blue eyes wares glasses and she is six years old but act like a very mature adult now draco has medium blonde hair wears a black felt sweater like shirt with black leather pants and has a light black cape and very dark brown boots he is very handsome and very attractive and wares glasses like lisa now the admins Sebastian wears an all black tuxedo has very dark purple hair has black sun glasses  , Prometheus has a spiked  leather black jacket a dark grey tank top and purple boots and dark grey hair  , claudia wares a black short coat with grey buttons wears a purple long dress and a black fedora and light grey high heels and a necklace with a purple heart ,and black hair  Toralie wears an outfit kinda like the one lady gaga wears in the intro of poker face except its dark purple and the mask is black and has light grey hair now on to the grunts *for the females* ever seen lady gagas blue outfit that she wears in poker face* well you might have to watch the video to know what i am talking about* anyway they wear that which is  dark purple they ware  gray tights  and black gloves and gray shoes they have long dark gray hair and they wear sliver sunglasses Now the males they wear the same lady gaga outfit thing except the bottom has shorts and instead of it being purple its black with purple tights they have black hair with grey shoes and wear dark grey sunglasses. now they are from the Sadoka region (sa -do -ka ) which is close to galar their hideout is a huge abandoned castle   . anyway sorry this is super long but i understand if you say no but the reason im tellin ya bout this because  i want to make a series where team nightmare team up with team rainbow rocket and well id make it myself its just that i’m not good at art so maybe you could help me make this series like a collab or something but if ye say no i understand but feel free to draw the characters if ye’d like of course ye don’t have to . thanks for reading :)


    Heya! Ok, first of all: this is really cool!

    I also keep daydreaming a lot thinking about stories, but usually they are about characters that already exist, like the ones here in the blog, so it’s super amazing to me that you can actually think of all that just out of your imagination, specially with so much detail regarding the character’s clothes and hairs, their story, the relationships between them and etc.

    I really like your descriptions and it seems to me that you have a color pallete going on there… with lots of purples and grays. That’s very nice! It totally sounds like something that could be canon in the games. Really, congratulations, because it’s very well-thought! And I have to add that I love the names Torali and Prometheus. I know Prometheus is from a Greek legend, but Torali is a name I’ve never heard before and I really liked it. ^^

    Also, you don’t need to apologize for the long text, I always write gigantic chuncks of text myself, so who am I to complain? It’s fine. :) Thanks for sharing your ideas with me and the other followers, I’m sure others will enjoy it as well! :D

    Now… uh… It’s kinda painful to me to say it, and I’m sorry about it, but I’ll have to refuse the offer of working with you on that project… Not because I didn’t like your idea or don’t feel like working with you on it, but because I’m currently pretty much overwhelmed by all the projects I have for my blog, and I really don’t think I’d be able to engage in another drawing-related project now… :/ I’m already working on my comics at a slower pace than I wish I could, and I’m trying to think about how to accelerate the process of drawing them so that I can post more often… I’m also creating some written content about the Villains and I have some drawing rewards for my patrons that I need to finish… As well as drawing stuff to keep my Instagram alive every now and then. And there are also my sideprojects that I make with my siblings: we make some comics about Sonic characters in my own language, and even though they are just something between me and my sibs, I don’t want to give up on this project and let them down. And I’m looking for a job because capitalism……. Oof.

    So yeah… I’m sorry, really! But basically it would be very complicated to me right now, I don’t think I can handle another project, specially one involving another person, because that would be an even bigger responsibility to me and I wouldn’t wanna fail to deliver something I promised. Oh and… By the way, I’m pretty flattered that you asked my help with it, it means a lot to me as an artist! Thank you!

    Anyway, congratulations again on all that, because it sounds really amazing! I hope you can find someone to work with you on that, and if you ever create some content with it, please do show me! ^^ Good luck! ♥

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  • I’m so sorry for all the damage I’ve done.

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  • I’d like to formally apologise to all my readers right now because this next fic is gonna probably hurt a lot.

    #sorry #really I am #when you read it it might not seem like I am but #I'm sorry
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  • I am kind of going through a financial crisis at the moment, therefore my time on the internet is limited as I can only spend so much money on cellular data.

    With that being said, my posts will come at random until I have unlimited access once again. There will be a Weekly Reading Picks for this week, and I will try to queue some for the future.

    #chaotic psychotic updates #chaotic psychotic rambles #sorry
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  • The Fattest Callout Post @ myself

    last night i was supposed to go on a date with someone i’ve been talking to for a month and i was stood up in the same breath that they called me “baby”. when i was really upset and humiliated over getting myself ready and waiting for over an hour the one to text me was my ex girlfriend. we were up til 4 am talking about the ways our lives have been since we broke up and it was so nice to just have her in my life again.

    i’m just upset i broke things off with her because i felt damaged and messy and i didn’t want that to get to her, and i was so so afraid of opening up to someone and having a healthy relationship for the first time

    like i do deserve better than people who waste my time and don’t respect me, i do deserve to feel loved, but when i do i just get overwhelmed and emotionally dip

    when the hell will my overdramatic, sufjan-listening ass take a hint and make healthy decisions long term? huh?

    every time i say i’m done with relationships so i can grow on my own i go out and take up with someone who treats me like shit

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  • Aaargh (delete later)

    Really really really don’t want to go to the dining room or eat dinner right now.

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  • rant.

    okay so im not spell checking this or anything so theres probably gonna be typos n shit so sorry

    also this is gonna be a rant on shipping so if that makes you uncomfortable then keep scrolling

    a long ass time ago i was into gamegrumps, and the shipping culture in that fandom was enormous. the gamegrumps themselves were aware of it and didnt mind it. 12 year old me was all like “okay then shipping them is okay” and it WAS. theres a difference between shipping irl people with their consent and shipping them without consent. idk much about the gamegrumps fandom anymore, cause its been a long ass time since ive watched their stuff, so if theyve since come out saying it makes them uncomfortabl, then im sorry. 4 or so years ago, shipping them was common place and it wasnt toxic because it never made danny or arin feel weird (to my knowledge).

    i never really got too into markiplier or jacksepticeye, so i didnt see the dumpster fire that was septiplier. the only experience i had with irl shipping was positive, and i never had creators calling out their fans for stuff like this.

    as i moved from gamegrumps to supermega, the same attitude was held about shipping due to their massive audience overlap. i saw shit shipping them all the time and i dont remember matt or ryan saying to stop, so i didnt really. once again, the fandom only encouraged people to keep going, so it did.

    next major irl fandom i was in was misfits, or gaybabygang (gbg). shipping was not that uncommon, but it wasn’t really that popular. at this point i had the belief that shipping was okay, because it had always been okay for me to do that in the past. switz was a big one tbh (but not anymore, im aware of the fact that both swagger and fitz dont want to be shipped with eachother). the enviroment for shipping was still there, and so i still did it.

    i watched carson before smplive became a thing. many newer smpl fans probably dont know that carson and raccooneggs were shipped alot too. its something thats been lost to time and mostly due to the fact that they almost never interact anymore.

    smplive became a thing, and at first the fandom was tiny. it did things that would now be frowned down upon, like shipping. however, this fandom has been different than any other irl fandom ive been in. unlike 5 or so years ago, youtubers can now come out to their fans and tell them that what theyre doing is wrong, and that is amazing. if smplive was a thing 5 years ago, cooper or schlatt or any of them would probably not say anything, not because they were okay with it, but because they most likely would feel like their efforts to stop the shippibg wouldve been wasted.

    my point is, ive grown. if you look far enough back on my blog, youll see that, and im not gonna delete my past because i want people to be aware of how ive changed as a person. there were other, smaller irl fandoms i was apart of, and because no one told me not to, i would ship them. with smplive, ive learned to not fucking do that. but its not that easy, because ive always been told what i was doing was fine and okay, and now people were calling me disgusting for shipping??

    im gonna be honest, the aggressive anti shipping was not the thing that persuaded me to stop what i was doing. people yelling at you online doesn’t change your opinion, rather it only makes you stay in your little corner of the internet, surrounded by people who agree with you, people who condone your behavior and tell you its all okay. i recommend reminding people that they shouldnt ship the smpl boys cause THEY dont want to be shipped, not cause YOU dont want people to ship them.

    i dont ship any irl person that doesnt want to be shipped. carson mentioned on his stream about how when people ship him with kate, or pokimane with fitz, its because they play up the romance on stream, whether the romance is there or not at all. ive been online and in fandoms of irl people (all youtubers) for about 5 years now. ive changed. and i think that if i want other people to change, i shouldnt be aggressive in my methods, because being aggressive wasnt what convinced me.

    i also want to be clear: if you scroll back and see everything ive posted on this blog (because ive never changed blogs, it evolved with every fandom i joined) youll see things that id probably get “cancelled” on here for. i just want it to be known that i dont condone alot of shipping i used to be active in. if any of the people ive shipped in the past have now said they dont wanna be shipped, then thats on me.

    there are people who don’t mind being shipped, that should be known. but i dont ship any smpl members. i want to make that clear.

    thanks for reading this far

    #long post. #sorry#vent#matt rambles #please dont reblog with ill intent;; id love to have a constuctive conversation #discourse #also not maintagging this
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  • Sam being silly on stage

    #I had nothing to do #sorry #clips were taken from two videos on sam fender fan account on youtube #I'm on mobile and i can't attach the link to their channel for some reason #sam fender #sam fender video #samfenderdaily
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  • Request: Surprising Winksy with sexy lingerie on Christmas😏😏

    Made this one a little more jokey because there is a LOT of smut coming your way this evening

    You were so excited, Harry finally returning home for Christmas after a few busy weeks, and you were so excited that you had gone out the day before, shopping for hours for the perfect new set.

    And you’re waiting impatiently, pacing around in the navy blue set (matching to his away jersey, of course) and matching drape over your shoulders, heating turned up to keep you warm.

    “Babe?! It’s like a million degrees in here, what’s going on?” He shouts through the house, bags dumped by the front door.

    And of course he’s got back when you’d given up on waiting for him, laid on the sofa in lingerie, half eaten pizza from last night in hand and friends on the TV.

    “Seriously?! I waited all afternoon for you!” You huff, Harry’s eyes drawn to your boobs. 

    “Babe.” His voice is strangled, siting next to you on the sofa and his knee is touching yours.

    “Nah, sorry. I waited for three hours! I’m starving!” You joke, wink thrown to him as you take another slice of pizza. “You can look, but you can’t touch.”

    “Babe!” He whines, you laugh driving him insane.

    You’re well aware of his eyes on you as you finish the pizza, slow and drawn out, even the action of you licking your lips driving Harry insane.

    “Fuck.” He whispers as you sit up, hand brushing over his bulge as you smirk. “Babe.” He groans as you stand up, wiggling your ass slightly.

    “Got to clean up.” You wink, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to his lips.

    “Nah, upstairs, now.” You laugh as he takes your hand, practically pulling you upstairs.

    And yeah, maybe you had to wait to surprise him, but it was worth it.

    #25 days of christmas #harry winks imagine #not as christmassy this one #sorry
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  • yes im trying to forget that atleti plays today. everyone shut up

    #also i know i said i would make an edit for last match but i lack the will #i saved all the good pictures and all but #feeling a bit tired #not ready to see atleti be shit today w/o lodi #so#sorry
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  • It’s kind of sad knowing that my Birthday is on Friday and I feel terribly alone.

    My friends mostly live across the country, and I am out of sight out of mind to them. Plus I am estranged from my father this year, and he is usually the only person besides my friends who give me birthday gifts.

    It feels really sad, cause I feel distant from most of the people who used to celebrate my birthday or give me gifts.

    So the only person who would get me a gift is my husband, and we are super poor. So he got me a frying pan that we desperately needed. It’s my only gift and I will cherish it, but it feels melancholy too.

    #i wish my birthday wasnt so close to xmas #at least 3 friends are coming over and we clare gonna make cocoa in our fav cups.l #rant#personal#sorry
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  • “Spend most of my life racing a stopwatch”

    #marcus armstrong#f2#f2edit#formula 2 #p: marcus armstrong #i don't even know what this is #sorry#edits*#*
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  • Concept colon write out all your punctuation to prank your followers who thought they had their screenreaders set to quote no punctuation period end quote

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  • Life’s to short to deal with guys who can’t tell you how they feel.

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  • image
    #i'm spamming you with pictures today #sorry #i get really excited about yule
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  • I got a BIG D(epression)

    #Dickpression #If u will #This is the conserning shit #Sorry
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  • Sooooo I’ve just realized that I’m an idiot and that I haven’t posted anything on Tumblr for months (just on Instagram)

    (I don’t know why I did that sksk don’t ask me. I think it’s because the tag list makes me kinda nervous,,, I have no idea really)



    I think I’ll just post everything right now lol

    ARE YOU READY? Because I’m not :’D

    #art #I'm an idiot #sorry #i can't help it really #that's in my dna #being stupid you know
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  • F*ck………… I don’t like saying sorry but… sorry.. things have been going on. Boosworth is finally moving in! who is Boosworth? you will see soon. He’s finally done with the grand prix and is ready to move in! he’s a bit sensitive… so if you upset him or make him cry…

    I̷̲͖̪͐̍͋ ̴̱͔̲͔̅̀w̴̳̃͛̕i̸̜̳͖͗̑͂̂ḻ̸̗̚ḽ̸͖̈́ ̵͙̑̌f̸̨͍͎̍̅̃͘͜ỉ̴̯͙̣̒͛n̵̡̲̭͗͒̕d̵̛͕͚͔̮̆́̚ ̸̰͌͛̍ȳ̶̡̲̬̦͋ö̸͍ư̵̢̢̌̎̀.̴̧̛̬̞̊̚.̶̢̥̱͍͋.̸̧̱̼̗̾ ̵̧̛̝̽̿ ̵̢̛̌̾̓h̸̹͖̎̔͋e̴̟̥̮͓̓̌h̸̟̣͍̀͛ȅ̵̥͖̭̍͘h̶̛͍́͊́e̴̩͇̖̟̒̌͝h̴̢͔̓̓͋é̸̱͚̋̆͝h̴͕͆ ̶̲̫͚͙̎͛̈́

    ̵̛̮͚͆̒͆y̵̨̛͖̖ö̶̥͍̞̞͌u̴͚̥̽ ̵̣̠̃̏̌̚m̵̝͕̏̍̈́͠ì̴̙͌̓g̵̘̝̎̊̉h̵͉̲̱̹͂̃̾̕t̸̙̙̆̽͜͝ ̴̱̲̌̅̃a̷̞͙͋̿̍͠ç̷̮͉̂ţ̶̛̮̦̿́ū̸̦͛͝͝a̶̡͕̖̩͒͒͒͝l̶̢̥͚̫̿̓͗̈́l̷͔̙̹̰̽̈́̅y̶̖̹̽͝ͅ ̴̞̇̈l̵̦̣̱͗͛ͅö̷̜́͝o̵̡̙̱̍̓ḱ̴̡̻̜͛̓ ̶̢̠͓͇̂͐̚g̶̯̱̖͚̽͊o̴͖̊͊͌o̵̡͇̭̭̔͝d̵̢͓̭͉̈̊̅ ̴̧̨̠́ͅá̴̩̺͂̉͘s̵͈̈́̓̐̈́ ̷̢̬͍̬̃̀a̷̯̱̓̒͗ ̴̰͋͆̐͑͜p̶̧͚͇̯̿́͛a̸͙͎̋î̴̘̗n̶͓̫̎̕t̷̡̹̦̉͑͝͠i̴̫̭͍̅̓̓́n̷̜̯͕̿̌̎ͅg̷̩̺͍̉̂́ ̸̭͍̑͊͛i̶̖͙̼̙̽͂̎͝ń̴̬̜̣̩̆ ̴̭̈́͋m̵͇̞͑̀͐͊ȳ̸̹̤͙̟̽̒͘ ̸̦͓͙̖̅̄͘̕c̶̱͒͒̓o̵̧̻̅̀͐l̷̨̗̅̆̾͘l̸̦̬̤̅̈̈̕ͅe̷̲̠̊c̷͔̈͐t̸̮͝ḭ̶̧͓͙̀́̊̍o̴̙̘̰̝͐̾n̸̼̠̰̺͐̈́͝

    ………anyways.. I’m gonna update profile picture soon and answer your questions soon. again sorry for the wait. so in short….. updating everything and getting to you soon.

    #hey guys#luigi nintendo#nintendo#king boo#boo#sorry guys #sorry not sorry #sorry#sort of#im sorry #i was busy #i'll be back #i'll be better
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