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  • // I owe a ton and I want to write but I’m absolutely worn out tonight.

    #sorry #; on the roadside #tbd
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  • You know what I’m doing right now…

    maskless Rain video edit 👁👁


    how could I forget how once his intros came out that I wanted to do this. Oh my God…

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  •           [ okay today is technically a work day so imma be making a mask, doing a reply, back and forth until i actually have to go out and do things ]

    #;; ooc #[ since i'm going to be going for productivity #im probably going to be selective on what i reply to #rather than doing them in order #sorry #but i have like 10 masks to make today ]
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  • (svt and skz talking backstage)

    Seungkwan: So guys, what are your plans for tonight? Anyone free?

    Minho: Uh, we’re just going to Bang Chan’s place! You’re welcome to join!

    Lee Chan, blocking the door to his house starfish style: OH HELL NO

    #seventeen#stray kids #incorrect seventeen quotes #incorrect stray kids quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #lee chan#bang chan#dino#christopher bang#minho#lee minho#seungkwan#boo seungkwan#kpop memes#svt memes#skz memes#incorrect svt#incorrect skz#lmao#sorry #giorno's theme intensifies #bye#chan#svt#skz #but did you get it #nvm
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  • #fotos #decidi já mudar pra minha princesa #sorry
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  • that crumbling feeling when you care about someone and they hit you with the “i didn’t ask you to.” and when you set limits and they somehow make you look like the bad guy :( im just not in a good mood :(

    #chuu’s thoughts#ranting#kagdjsgdh#sorry #delete later just wanted to get it out of my system
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  • i have seen a lot of jatp related posts talking about cheesecake guys what happened???

    #i'm out of the loop #sorry#text#jatp #julie and the phantoms
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  • to @radiorenjunand @c-sanshine. I am sorry rip

    #sorry #it was not my intent lmao #rip
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  • friends, i am so tired

    #me every week: maybe i need to take a break from online #literally the next day: i must be online at all times #the combo of SAD / regular depression / lockdown depression and anxiety is just 👌🏻 #also every time i even think about writing a post like this i just think about how annoying i am #and how annoying it must be to see this #i’m not asking for any sympathy i just need a vague vent about how exhausted i am all the time #sorry #/ delete later
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  • “Lean Wit Me” by Juice WRLD

    Acoustic guitar + vocals

    6:00pm 1st of December

    Just the intro riff and first verse, I’ve just been recording when I practise things on my phone so I can listen back to them and delete 99% of them. Figured I’d share them for a change so I’ve been doing this.

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  • “Here without you” by Three Doors Down

    Acoustic guitar + vocals

    1:08AM 1st of December 2020

    I skip chunks and don’t sing a lot of it. Just posting random stuff that was recorded.

    Maybe I’ll be able to come back when I’ve improved and be happy with how bad I was and how I moved beyond it. Maybe not. Who knows.

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  • young dean winchester be like *represses sexuality* *experiences microagression* *represses sexuality* *smokes two packs Marlboro red* *experiences microagression* *has sex with a guy in a restroom at a dive bar* *represses sexuality* 

    #sorry #but young dean in mom jeans won't leave my heed #nice gender presentation nerd; what; your DAD pick it out for ya? #anyways#dean winchester #these are so fucking rough bc I have two deadlines today and tomorrow and im stuggling #imma tag a mutual im sorry if this is cringe just ignore it please #sunforgrace #welcome to my inconsistent artstyle #also I did the impala dirty by forgetting its KAZ not KZ #if you're still reading these tags hello I love you
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  • I’ve been writing some Christmas prompts and a lot of them are sequels and GOSH nothing will ever compare to how uncomfortable I get reading my stories to fact check or remind myself of that universe. It’s like a full-body shudder xD I don’t know what it is but especially the older ones…

    #stuff nobody but tammy cares about #dont listen to me im just complaining #idk I just get this imposter syndrome? #it feels like that at least in a way #but less about achievement and more about everything?? #honestly my self-belief has gone so rapidly this year lmao #you could tell me I’m not even speaking English and I would lowkey believe you #time to overshare again #this took a turn #sorry #but anyway <3 maybe one day I’ll get over it #I think it's worse for the old ones because I genuinely cannot remember writing them xD #and idk weird time of my life #now I just feel like I connect to writing better and it's kind of made a difference in terms of urges to delete #not the way nobody asked for this but I'm just rambling on because there is nothing else to do #if you made it this far? no you didn't <3
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  • Guys. I have a MacBook Pro arriving today. I will update all MOAMs this week.

    But then I’ll probably never touch them again. Sorry.

    #birthday treat to my self #i have other priorities now #sorry#moams
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  • crazy how the other merc couldnt even stop lewis it had to be a whole fucking virus to come through and go ‘hey fia needs you to chill for a lil bit’

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  • Reading you was easy most of the time
    I could understand all your moves
    Predict what would happen next
    As the burden of my own guilty engulfs me
    My chest aching at the thought of you
    Remembering is paramount
    Self loathing and feeling sorry for myself
    Selfish to think the fault is all yours
    Never noticing how much brightness you brought in my life
    Failing to acknowledge your importance
    Loneliness is the only thing left
    Please let this pain in me be a mirror of what i created
    Unworthy of deserving my terror
    Yet you withstood it and tried to climb up
    Perceptions of myself always blocked my vision
    Hate, rage, anger were the only emotions I could see
    Mind racing from past to future
    Hindsight showing me my failures and wasted energy
    Hoping you’ll remember me
    Knowing you have a deep resentment
    Loving will not cease
    Built for different stories
    Our paths must diverge

    I’ll love you forever

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  • I say words not knowing they hurt you and i’m truely sorry, I don’t know how toast when I’m with you because I love you.

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