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  • tinkonka
    27.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    friendly reminder if you kin me or think you relate to me in some way i can and will rip you in half <3

    #if ur a friend u get a sort of pass but mention it around me and i wil shake you like maraca
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  • slimesprinkles
    27.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    all i’m saying is that i don’t want people with said kink to interact with us because it makes me & the other mods uncomfortable, i don’t know what else to tell you dude 🧍‍♀️ i explained it in the post

    #maybe go reread it and itll knock some sense into you #also you shouldve used text tones or specified sm sort of tone #but im being /srs #not stim #i have work later so im going back to sleeo. good luck and all that
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  • notamasteratanything
    27.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    How to get started with Tumblr? How to get the posts we want on our home page?

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  • ilovealeclightwood
    27.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    gonna attempt to read my book while i get a new puzzle set up

    #i don’t have the patience #for this to come out on audiobook form #so I’ve been reading it on my laptop #and I think I can sort pieces and read at the same time
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  • journalofanobody
    27.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    A dream and a bargain

    you came to me in a dream

    hands together, open, palms up,

    a gesture of giving

    or a request?

    What you wanted from me

    I could never be sure,

    what you were giving to me,

    seemed beyond belief.

    Much later I learned...

    you wanted the soul that I had already given you,

    you offered your heart,

    of which you had none.

    It seemed in that dream, as in life,

    to be a reasonable bargain.

    -- Michael Boiano

    #Michael Boiano #poetry of a sort
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  • pcktknife
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I think alot about disappearing completely and how sad it would be. I remember when I was in like first grade our teacher told us in 7 billion years the sun would probably explode and the earth would probably go with it and it made me so sad to think about the earth being gone cause all the places i like are on earth. In fifth grade a classmate did a presentation on the san andreas fault and i hated him so much for making me think about my home being hit by an earthquake so big that my city and so much more would fall into the ocean. I would get so so upset and sometimes even cry about the thought of me, my cousin and grandmother's daily commute to school (and the school itself) being forgetten under water-also drowning im very scared of drowning. It would be so sad for places to disappear and for the memories of the places to go with them. I don't like thinking about cities sinking or the earth exploding because it's more scary to me for no one to remember the places that existed and the memories that were made there than the deaths that would occur as a result.

    #I would hate to disappear so so much #I think even people who deep down may wish they had left no mark on the planet wish to be remembered- even if not as a memory of a person.. #but instead just to have some sort of reminder they existed for someone to have just a tiny thought about #I don't know what I'm saying I'm writing this at 430 am and I am just thinking #I don't want people to forget me I don't have to be remembered as anything special. #Just seeing some drawing I wrote on like a bathroom stall and thinking 'huh wonder who wrote that' would be enough for me i think. #this is kinda all over the place #tldr i dont like the idea of forgetting or being forgotten #kae.txt #i just want acknowledgement of existence even if its indirect #okay gnite lol im done
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  • pointyearedelvishprincling
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the most jarring part of You s3 was the lord huron song that played actually. thee jump scare of all time

    #it should be illegal to play that band without a warning akdhsjh #you spoilers #(sort of?)
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  • ninsomi
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the last one and a half minutes of the hex core are so fucking good

    #ive been sort of into music lately isnt that so crazy
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  • g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    just saw the wwdits s3 finale trailer, and im pretty sure a significant part of the “fighting” is literally just “dude you Cannot fend for yourself, dont do this” and then the two of them sort-of-literally grappling to prove their respect points (”yes i can” “no, you super cant”). which like, is sort of fighting, but not exactly a brawl of like, hatred or anything (tho theres certainly frustration). maybe itll escalate, i donno, but i think thats where its starting at

    nandor has one defense mechanism to getting attached to people when he feels he shouldnt, and its “emotional or physical distance”, so guillermo going “you genuinely Should Not go alone, for your wellbeing” (which is true, but also theres obviously some ulterior motives there) is probably the worst possible thing for his plan lmao

    the shot of him with small luggage at a station doesnt seem to directly lead into the shot of (implied) him in a coffin in a box, since he didnt like, bring a coffin to the station (unless hes using some sort of vampiric transport business that Provides coffins, which, if there is one, that seems rather new given how the baron arrived)

    also interesting that hed be shown going to a station, since weve seen the show transition directly to and from the coast before- implies that either something interpersonal happens here, or hes not going to the coast in this moment

    its worth noting that the second shot could also be:

    the start of a visual punchline where the camera shifts to nandor not actually In the box

    totally unrelated to nandor, hes not in there nor is this a punchline. the party guests do need to get back home somehow, after all. unless some of them are moving in (or moving in nearby)???? the guy and his human partner do seem weird enough to maybe become heavily-recurring characters

    thinking on it, i think nandors probably not in that box. he might be, but i think these other two possibilities are more likely (and the trailer does show other out-of-context shots to establish that we cannot take implications at face value)

    also worth noting- these two scenes could happen in any order. the box scene might happen first, and then nandor might decide to go somewhere more local.

    will nandor and guillermo move elsewhere together? maybe to somewhere else vampiric-council-related, who knows (wildcard guess: everyone is moving out, for grief/council reasons)

    because nandor is going to do something, and if he leaves successfully this time (no cults) on his own then guillermo is going to do Something Else (maybe start teaching others how to bodyguard??? who knows, thats just a guess) and theyre going to be separated for awhile, which would be interesting sure but its only one possibility, and theyve already spent a lot of time separate this season

    also worth keeping in mind: nandor really does seem to be looking for an extra sense of community, establishing himself as an individual like a young adult going to college (... what if he does go to college? be an interesting way to bring some of the mosquito club members back into the plot. i actually would really love to see this college possibility!!). so whatever happens, we will probably get some progress on that front, more than just the family that he has at home (but it could happen with guillermo by his side)

    i wonder if we’ll meet more energy vampires this episode, re: colin. i also wonder if we’re going to get any new recurring characters in the house early next season, and like, if so, Who (cravensworth familiar again? a new roommate? multiple people??)

    interested to see how the episode goes! Something is gonna happen with the party, and i dont know what yet, weve really been left in the dark on that (what with the focus on nandor and colin, weve been effectively distracted)

    no idea on what the titular portrait will be, unless colin really is possessing it, which seems like the obvious option (but also would cut off all of his established routines, limiting him to side character status unless we get to see the world inside portraits or maybe this is just a temporary thing). possible that its related more to the party than to colin

    lots to look forward to, lots to speculate on, with the party we havent been given much to go on but its likely that some sort of development will take place in terms of like, a promotion or something, who knows

    #i sort of wonder if the gangs going to split up- theyre going to start getting separate houses and like #just be neighbors or something #so theyd still hang out and such but theyd have more collective space for shenanigans #since in the beginning the fact that they were all roommates did seem to be a source of shame for them and like- #maybe they dont actually mind and its just that its seen as less cool. but its also possible that they Do want to branch out a bit #too soon to tell but thatd be an interesting way to shake things up for a new season- tho itd still leave nandors college-esque thing #which hed still need to make progress on #and doing both nandors thing And the splitting-up thing would be a lot for just one episode #and we're getting advertised nandors thing a lot for this next episode #so maybe the splitting-up thing is more for the future and not for the next immediate episode #italked#itagged#wwdits #Gray has Thoughts about What We Do in the Shadows (2016) tag #wwdits spoilers#original post#cults anecdotal #(with fingers crossed) NANDOR AT COLLEGE PLEASE. GUILLERMO HAVING TO MAKE AN EXCUSE FOR HIS BODYGUARD STATUS PLEASE #WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT I THINK THERES A LOT OF FUNNY POSSIBILITIES THERE
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  • linkin-logs
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hehehe it’s all set up,,, my brand new pc,,,, aAA

    I love it so much!!!!!

    #I don’t really like the keyboard or mouse #the keyboard squeaks and the shifting colors hurts my eyes when I try to type #I also need some sort of speakers so I can hear the damn thing lmao #I forgot those weren’t included #and for my birthday my parents are getting me a drawing tablet so I can start my long and tedious journey of digital art lmao #I’m so excited!!
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  • smash-chu
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    It's Ace Awareness Week ✨ I exist, i draw and i am ace, you have now been made aware

    #ace awareness week #my sona#my characters#strawbebby#my art#smash-chu's art #every year this particular week sort of comes out of nowhere n i'm like ah time to make a doodle again #strawbebby is always a treat to doodle tho
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  • mshroomie
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Screenie shamelessly stolen from @sprucewoodmpreg bc I didn't wanna look thru the videos on my phone again rn

    Lit erally the first thing that comes into my head when I see bdubs

    #last life spoilers #last life smp #bdoubleo100 #zeph.lol #he's got like. a shrimp flavour of feral #rabid animalthingy creature of sorts or smth
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  • segemarldoodles
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Oct 27 - "Crystal"

    #esoterica #oc tober 2021 #my art#day 27 #i just searched the genre on bandcamp to get some music for the feel of this on #there sure is some music in that genra. lol #sort of morrowind inspired because ive played that recently too
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  • agrimmsimblr
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    They grow up so fast.

    #a grimm sort of tale #natasha grimm#legacy challenge #the sims 4
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  • orikeepitasecret
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I was playing among us one server for over an hour and like orange kept following me. And I kept expecting him to kill me but he never did. Even though he was imp once. And I had just made the executive decision to stick with him in the next round after a a meeting and he mcfuckin disconnected :(. Like my friend left!!!! Never to be seen again.

    #i wish among us had some sort of friends thing because like gen would love to play among us again with some people #but I'm not about to give out any of my contact info
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  • forestwhisper3
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    This is what happened when I stay up too late too many days in a row...

    I start making drink picrews based off of characters in my fics. 

    My current headcanon is that in the best-case-everyone-lives-happily-ever-after (except the bad guys) scenario, Tifa starts making drinks modeled after her friends. Since the group is famous for saving the world, they’re a massive hit. Here are the ones I’ve done so far:

    So to start, we have the drink based on Castalia:

    I wanted to go a sort of gold-ish color because of her alchemy. The shiny bits in and around the glass are for the same reason. Kind of looks like it’s glowing, right? I thought it was pretty neat. The red mixed in with the gold is because red is her favorite color, so I associate it just a bit with her. The ribbon because...well, ribbon, and the rocks and star kind of tie the look together.

    The taste is tangy/sour, but it changes to tangy/sweet midway through. 

    I haven’t come up with a name for it (or any of these, really), but I figure it’ll be something like Alchemist’s Megalixer or some other play on words based on both who it’s modeled after and the fact the flavor profile changes so suddenly.

    I know pretty much nothing about alcoholic drinks, so those of you who do, feel free to come up with stuff.

    Anyway, moving on...

    Next, we’ve got Vincent’s drink:

    Tifa is considering the slightly unoriginal name of Silent Valentine, although she’s kind of on the fence. I’m currently unsure of the flavor. Probably something smooth and easy to indulge in. 

    A classy drink for the classy. I dunno, something like that, I guess.

    Next up we have Cloud:

    I imagine Cloud’s drink would be something soft, with a sudden punch to it. A sort of hidden strength that’s unexpected from it’s unassuming appearance. We’ve got the light blue for his eyes and the slight green at the top to symbolize the mako that played such a big part in his life. I picked the gold stripes because I just feel it suits him, and the three apple slices because I thought they looked kind of like his hair, ahaha. 

    I don’t know what to call this one either.

    Next we have the mixologist herself, Tifa:

    I’ll admit, this one gave me trouble. I know I wanted to include wine-red as the color, but I was having trouble with the overall look. I finally went with purple because it not only goes well with the wine-red, but it is a color often associated with nobility/royalty, and Tifa is a queen. The bow kind of reminds me of her dresses for some reason, and the colors are a nod to how lively and passionate she is. 

    I get the feeling she likes her drinks strong, so this one will probably leave you reeling if you drink too many. No idea on what it would taste like, though.

    No name on it either. Feel free to give suggestions.

    Next is Zack’s:

    Zack’s is probably the simplest of the bunch, but that was intentional. Purple because I associate it with him, and blue for his eyes. The flower petals in the back are to tie his to Aerith’s The reason I chose to be so minimal with the decorations for Zack’s is because he’s such a genuine, nice, guy that what you see is often what you get- and what you get often doesn’t leave you disappointed. Straightforward and ready to brighten someone’s day.

    Although I did consider giving it a little drink umbrella.

    So yeah, I imagine this drink would taste a bit fruity. 

    Aerith’s turn!

    I really like how this one turned out. I think it suits her. No name or definite taste, but probably something light. Maybe sweet.

    I’m starting to fall asleep at my desk, so here’s the last one I made:

    What do you think this drink would be like?

    (made using this picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/658765)

    #Picrew shenanigans #I did a thing #Not a very productive thing but a thing nonetheless #Productivity will be for later today #Right now it's time for sleep #Goodnight #Horizons- fanfic content (sort of)
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  • domesticgoddesswriter
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Smuggler -- HOD

    "I recognize you." Jacob pointed at Estel.

    "Hey, Mister Bossman." Estel grinned.

    Jacob looked between the two of them. "This is your boy?" he asked Donald.

    "Sort of. He got into a bit of trouble. I'm keeping him off the streets for now."

    "Thought you said you had a family, boy." Jacob narrowed his eyes.

    "I'm a family of one." Estel shrugged. "Still needed the money."

    "He's worked for you before?" Donald raised a brow at the boy.

    "Several times. Good worker. Keeps his head down and keeps up with the older boys."

    "Then you should have no problem letting him work for ya today."

    ~~Excerpt from Chapter 91 of The Herd of Durin by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on November 1st. Subscribe now!❤

    #Bagginshield#Thorin/Bilbo #centaur!au #Pony!Bilbo #Draft!Thorin #Mpreg#Sort of #Human!Estel #Adopted!Estel #Spy!Estel
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  • peachyphyr
    27.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Yesterday at school some of my classmates talk to me about anime and comics, and one of them said that i had that mysterious aura that make sense for me to be interested in anime stuff, idk i should be happy or offended by that, but i take it as a compliment lol

    #shapphire; talks #and yea im on a break #again #shapphire stop procastinating when #brb until i sort out things #then ill come back with more writings! #that shouldnt be too long #ill be writing a childe fic for a collab #so it should be before december #aaaa rambling go brrr
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  • el-im
    27.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Inktober 2021 (Star Trek Themed), Day 9/31: “Pressure”

    “You have betrayed everything you believe in and now you're in turmoil... your name was to be spoken with reverence for generations to come, and instead you have chosen the role of betrayer.” Degra and a Sphere-Builder, from ENT, “The Council” 3x22. 
    #trek #star trek ent #inktober 2021#degra #this paper is hands down some of the worst fucking paper i have EVER drawn on. it didnt hold the graphite well at all and everything smudged #my art#all art #anyway the first ideas for this prompt was (obviously) vulcan neuropressure but i didnt think i could do that vertically #second idea was the osmotic pressure therapy the emh used for naomi wildman just after she was born but that didnt actually look that neat #in canon. i was misremembering her being like. submerged in a tube of breathable liquid so that was kaput cause it wasnt that interesting #then next idea was archer and admiral forrest in broken bow #because archer is heading this great mission that sort of. determines the rest of their expedition #but then i thought about degra -- under pressure to build the weapon though he was generally a peaceful man #and THEN i thought about his relationship with the spherebuilders who told him a. the survival of his race depended on this genocide #and b. that he personally would be the savior of his people if he went through with it #the entire xindi people sort of. hung their hats on him which i think is really something #so #anyway the best thing abt drawing shit from ent is that no one likes it but me and so few people have seen it that no one knows how #completely and utterly inaccurate degra's costume is and how much i adapted it so i wouldn't have to draw the details of it <333 #edit: oh. also. forgot to say another idea i had was doing the vulcan neck pinch but i couldnt find a particular one i liked #and bc i wanted to do spock (of course) it was hard to find a scene where the person getting pinched wasnt Very Much Overacting so
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  • imagine-your-love-story
    27.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
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