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  • Telling some truths tonight! @seekerelectriceffects truth fuzz gets grimy!
    Better in ūüéß
    Guitar - @asherguitars electro hawaiian custom
    Fuzz - @seekerelectriceffects truth fuzz
    OD - @jrocketaudio .45 caliber
    Amp - @strymonengineering iridium
    Drums - @xlnaudio Addictive Drums Reel Machines
    Reverb - @digitechfx polara
    Delay - @bossfx_us dd-200
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  • The Sky had many colors that streaked across the sky similar to the aurora borealis, and a dark pyramid structure was beneath.¬† The landscape looks like a jungle around me and the structure, with many trees however there were also sand dunes. The pyramid had many steps leading up the front and there was a white energy beam coming into it at all times at the top.

    I was walking down a long corridor with water running through it, large pillars on either side lined the way. There were other people around me, workers building and artists painting, they stopped and watched me pass.  I seem to be young, however I knew that I was destined to lead or hold a very high position as an adult. There is the feeling of being very upper class, and having much power even as a child. The people looked at me with revere and respect and I had servants. The walls were made of stone, very smooth and perfect.

    Energy is used very differently here. I use crystals to heal and control the energies. There was a betrayal at the end of this life, maybe 48 or 68 years. I fell and died at the hand of my lover, or took their life and then my own it is not clear. It was done by stabbing. In this society and this life, the downfall was that there was a slow transition into darkness. There was a transition from being connected to nature, and magic to greed and jealousy power and ego. Experiments gone awry. This is the downfall of this society. 

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  • Gotta Have A Little Talk With The Peanut Man (Instrumental) - Smoggs (Gotta Have A Little Talk With The Peanut Man (Vocal) / Gotta Have A Little Talk With The Peanut Man (Instrumental), 1977)

    #Soul#Soul Music #Soul Music Songs #Music#Music Songs #Gotta Have a Little Talk With the Peanut Man #1977#Smoggs #Event Records Inc. ‚Äé
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  • There is movement in the bushes ahead, and I see a beautiful white long haired rabbit. As I looked into his light blue eyes, he was there to guide me, and I knew that I should follow. I have been down this road before. There is movement in the bushes ahead, and I see a beautiful white long haired rabbit. As I looked into his light blue eyes, he was there to guide me, and I knew that I should follow.

    I see my feet and I have shoes on, they have embroidered flowers of many colors.  As the mist clears away , the sounds of the forest take hold of me. I danced and sang with the birds in the forest. I was a happy child, i came into this life with a deep connection to Spirit and had many abilities. I liked to levitate objects around me and giggle as they danced about in the air. Much like I came into my current incarnation, more in the spirit realm then in the three dimensional body that my soul is housed in.

    As I blossomed into a teenager, my power only increased. I communicated with animals telepathically, and could also project my consciousness into their bodies, when I needed to see situations without being noticed. I thought at first that i was actually shape shifting, however I came to understand that I did not become the animal, only coexisted in their bodies when necessary. I have many pets that follow me on my little quests and adventures. I am unaware of what year it is, however It is an ancient time and I am wearing long hooded capes made from velvet. My hair is long, and wavy and there is a vile on a long cord hanging around my neck, maybe filled with essential oil or some other healing elixir.  I also have the ability to predict the future or possible futures, using tools like runes and cards to do so.  I easily read other creatures minds, to a point at least, I cannot hear their every thought, however I know generally what they are thinking. 

    When I have come of age, I am not to be married even though I want true love more then anything. The reason that is so, is because the King (Kyle in my current incarnation) has taken notice of my abilities and decided to move me into his palace to be his personal Oracle. I am over the moon at this, because it makes me feel important, noticed, and helpful. In those times, it was very normal and expected for the King to have a spiritual advisor, a wizard, or a sorceress.  I truly want to help in any way I could and feel so honored, however I have an extremely innocent nature. I had not ever known deceit, and even if I was being deceived I would never have noticed because my nature was that pure.  

    The King becomes very fond of me, immediately after my arrival. He and the Queen both have benefited from my gifts of healing and entertainment. She quickly became unamused by me however due to her seething jealousy.  As the months go on, and my magical abilities come to fruition, our feelings for each other grow as well. Though his were not the same kind of feelings, he constantly tested me and took advantage of my innocent and trusting nature. I fall in love with the King, even though I knew that I could never be with him, not really. He becomes obsessed with me on an intimate level, and the closer he gets to me the more powerful it makes him feel. Like a Wolf stalking a Dragon, that thinks she is a sheep. I am blinded to it because of my devotion and love for him, so I am under his thumb. He begins to ask me to use my powers in ways that are not ethical, and I am not even aware of it. He has a way of wording things so that it seems like the thing he wants me to do is absolutely the right thing to do ethically. However those spells, and violations of privacy were detrimental to his enemies on a disturbing level. I do help him ruin many of his opponents, and win many battles.

    Soon, I become pregnant and give birth to his bastard daughter. She is the light of my whole life in this time, the happiest memories are with her. She is my Mom from the life I live now, and we are so close. I try to teach her my ways, and as a small girl she loved going into the forest with me to gather herbs for my potions. We went on this way for years, the two of us. However the King would not acknowledge her, and would not love her. That was a dagger to my heart and spirit.

        But then one day, I make a prophecy to the King that is incorrect, and there are horrible consequences. He is furious, and immediately forgot the years of accuracy, and my servitude. He banishes me from the palace, and puts Alice into a nunnery. We never see each other again, as I am cast out of the land and into the deep woods. Even if people do ride past me, they would not look or acknowledge me. I have a small home there, and I am completely alone. But only alone on in a human capacity, the spirits are all around me and are wonderful company. I have many animal companions also that live with me, and I finally feel at peace. 

    ¬† ¬† I was about 45 now, and the world was changing. There was a new Religion and Pagans were being burned alive, it seemed to change overnight. The ones who were once revered and worshiped for their abilities were now being chastised and humiliated. I could see this in my mind‚Äôs eye, and I knew that because I am the most well know, most renowned psychic in the kingdom, this would be my fate. I was immediately afraid for my daughter, but I saw her in the convent fitting in and she truly loved serving God, she did not have the abilities that I do. And that day did come. I thought, ‚Äúwhy didn‚Äôt I hide this? Why didn‚Äôt I just try to be normal and fit in?‚ÄĚ I caused so much death and deceit inadvertently¬†with the misuse of my power.‚Äú It is all my fault."¬†Those were the last thoughts I had before they stabbed me to death and brought my body back to the town to show the people they had defeated the "evil witch‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†But there is no pain, and there is much knowing and loving instead on the other side.

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  • Michael Jackson Golden Hits

    Michael Jackson Golden Hits


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  • Ela vai chorar‚Ķ

    Ela vai chorar…

    E vai morrer de saudade

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  • #quotes #motivation #aaronfantazii #soul #powerfulquotes #success #selflove #spirituality #awakening #getyojuju #foryou

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  • Janice Bulluck - Do You Really Love Me
    [Album - Don’t Start A Fire 1987]



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  • Yo era, capaz de subir al cielo para bajarte la luna. Con tal de verte sonre√≠r. Con tal de verte Feliz. Lastima que tu nunca valoraste eso, porque mientras yo te baja la luna tu mirabas las estrellas. ‚ú®ūüĆô

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  • Okay but can i quickly ask a question bc it‚Äôs been bothering me for a long time now?

    AM I THE ONLY FUCKING ONE who when lies down and cries BECAUSE IM TIRED OF MY EXISTENCE the tears go into my ears but when i sit THE FUCKING NOSE STARTS RUNNING AND WAKES UP THE WHOLE HOUSE?!?!

    I mean, Karen, just let me drown in self-pitiness in peace

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  • The O'Jays - For The Love of Money (Official Audio)

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  • Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

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  • Just to say, m o k r o √Į √© is in the KR HOME-STUDIO # 354, french magazine

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  • Laugh To Keep From Crying - Nat Turner Rebellion Featuring Major Harris (Can‚Äôt Go On Livin / Laugh To Keep From Crying, 1971)

    #Laugh To Keep From Crying #Nat Turner Rebellion #Major Harris#Soul#Soul Music #Soul Music Songs #Music#Music Songs#1971 #Philly Soulville Records
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  • Vamos de Funk de verdade
    #funky #gfunk #funkmusic #soul #soulmusic #djsanmix #ribeiraopretosp #blackmusic #soul #soulmusic #soultrain #black #baladablack #discog #disco #djs #dj #djlife #hiphopoldschool #hiphopnation #rap #djsanmix (em Ribeir√£o Preto)

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