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  • The most powerful weapon on earth ~~
    Is the human #soul on fire

    #determination #courage #power #life #insta_videos #fireinthebelly #stepoutofyourcomfortzone #instastrength #Riashippyhealth #bosslife
    Its Sunday Good Morning 🤩✌

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  • I forget how to feel .

    Have you ever felt that you are watching your life through a window?!

    I always feel that way that my soul caged in that body and I can’t free it

    It’s scary….. emm Sometimes

    I want my soul to be free , i want to catch feelings again no matter happiness , sadness or whatever

    I am tired of being only Empty and Anxious .

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  • I Am In Love - Jennifer Lara (I Am In Love / I Am In Love Part 2, 1981)

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  • Send Your Love Away ❤️

    There are so many people in the world today

    That use a hug, find them right a way.

    Love is not tied down or distant.

    So send your love away.

    Open your heart and just listen to it.

    Mile by mile, it won’t just won’t quit.

    You’ll be surprised what your love will transmit.

    If you send your love away.

    We are all born a special gift.

    Able to share because it might uplift.

    Use it because it is there.

    It will show that somebody care.

    When you send your love away.

    Open up your eyes not just to see.

    Then you would notice would this world could be.

    The Man up above paid a fee.

    So you could send your love away.

    Day by day into night by night.

    Everyone’s trying to do what’s right.

    Evil is dark but good will shines bright.

    When you send your love away.

    Life is a journey, meeting people wherever go.

    Stepping across stones only the Universe knows.

    Ask no questions just go with flow.

    And send your love away.

    We are more than we see selves.

    Just putting our hearts on the shelf.

    Saving it for a rainy day.

    And not hearing what has to say.

    Because we’re afraid of giving it away.

    Open your eyes not just to see.

    Then you’ll notice what the world could be.

    For you, God already paid a fee.

    So give thanks when you bow to pray.

    And send your love away.

    - b.noble

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  • sorry my friend…

    sorry my friend


    my heart goes out to ya
    given everything that you’re going through
    they say its never easy and it’s true
    if you need me hit me up it’s cool
    - yo
    - what’s up?
    how ya feeling anyway my dude?
    I’ve been there myself a few times as well in this living hell thought you knew
    - real talk
    ain’t no need to do interviews
    we could just sit in silence
    reminiscing about youth
    or resort to other coping mechanisms that you may choose
    just try to keep it together
    if you can
    you’ve got too much to lose
    - be strong
    because I’m pretty sure that when you got the news
    you didn’t know if you had it in you to continue
    - hold on
    endure it all
    even though it hurts so much
    you’ve got enough nerve to push through
    no pressure
    no rush
    - it’s a process
    or just dealing
    I mean really
    is it too much to ask of you
    if it is then I’ll chill
    it’s cool
    I respect that
    no doubt indeed


    sorry my friend


    #originalcontent #authenticengagement #collaborativeefforts #mutualsupport


    #hiphop #music #art #soul



    (at New York, New York)

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  • Uma composição do próprio Boz em parceria com David Paich, que marcou minha geração e continua marcando (em especial os amantes da música boa), aqui em uma versão mais recente. Tem outra, mais recente ainda, da Banda Incognito, com participação especial de Mário Biondi, também MARAVILHOSA 👏

    #bozscaggs #incognito #vanessahaynes #incognitoband #soul #vinyl #soulmusic #musicforthesoul #oldmusic #60smusic #musicdaily #music4life #musicislove #loveformusic #musicforever #lifeismusic #originalsongs #blackmusic #soultrain #funk #funky #soulmusic #rnb #randb #soultosoul #60s #70s #70smusic #nelbispo #LyricistComposer #LetristaCompositor 

    (em São Paulo , Brazil)

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  • I´ve Been Thinking - The Power Of Attorney (From The Inside…, 1974)

    #I´ve Been Thinking #Soul#Soul Music #Soul Music Songs #Music Songs#Music #The Power Of Attorney #From The Inside… #Polydor
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  • Eliza Quill. If I told you that this seemingly normal, 17-year-old girl living in the metropolis of New York, was a descendant of phoenix’s, or even was a phoenix herself you’d be surprised, astonished, and might not even believe it.

    But what if I asked you to look a little deeper. In the way her onyx eyes flare into a fiery orange-red shade when she looks at or near the sun, so she avoids the sun altogether. Or the way you can see her body physically warm up and feel better when she’s near a fire, so she stays away from it at all costs. Or even her name itself.

    Eliza, short for Elizabeth. She was named after the Great Queen Elizabeth I, who was referred to by William Shakespeare in his play, Henry VIII, as the Maiden Phoenix. Turns out, she wasn’t just named after the Maiden Phoenix because her parents were fascinated by the idea of phoenixes or the Queen. She was named after the Maiden Phoenix because this long-lived bird was ancestry. The symbolism of strength and re-birth was something that was in Eliza’s blood.

    The phoenix was said to have become extinct thousands of years ago, some say that the legendary bird did not exist at all and that we had no proof of it being real in the modern world…Except we do. Eliza along with a few other rare people are the proof.

    You see, all the creatures that you were told that were extinct or that didn’t even exist, were in fact real. The reason that they were ignored, forced to hide, was because the people didn’t want to accept it. They were afraid of believing the truth, so chose to sugarcoat it instead and live in a world that only what society thought was acceptable, was to be accepted. The only way a truth lives on is for it to be repeated, talked about, and normalized but those were all things that the people chose not to do. Hence, the phoenix, werewolves, vampires, sirens, and what not were forgotten. If they were ever talked about, it would be in the form of myths and ‘fairytales’.

    What about the few people who do know about their true selves. That they are much different than the humans around them. Well, for starters, most of the young superhumans very rarely get a chance to fully transform, sometimes not at all. But a part of their actual selves stays with them, even in human form.

    Take the Basilisk for example. Those people have the most compelling eyes, green in most cases, and have an ambition for greatness, they are the descendants of Basilisks. Basilisks can kill with just a single look, much like the people who have dark, deep eyes in what you feel as if drowning, which gives them a perfect upper hand to take you off guard, or they who spend their time researching about the deadly cobras of the jungle. They are also the ones who greatly admire tradition and customs. Their admiration for power and control is a trait passed on from one generation to another.

    Just like Eliza Quill being a phoenix, Magnus Sawyer is a basilisk. Unlike Eliza, Magnus had great control over himself and was proficient in hiding his 'monstrous’ self. The two of them, along with every supernatural creature they ever knew, were always taught from a young age that the bestial part of them, the monstrous part of them, was a curse. It was always considered as one.

    In a way, the descendants of the once-powerful and mighty creatures of the world sided with the humans. Most agreed to stay hidden in the shadows of fear and neglect in order to save their skins, while the others who wanted to stand up for themselves and their kind were brutally silenced.

    Not silenced by a verbal warning nor a forewarn of caution, but instead silenced by a stream of blood dripping down the body of a child who believed that his voice had a meaning. Silenced by the people whose families had to come to the morgue to identify their bodies, because they believed that their voices would be heard.

    Innocent blood was spilled that night, more than any other, because of fear. Fear drove the neighbor to kill neighbors in order to save their skins. That night would always be remembered by all supernatural creatures around the world, yet still, no one had the courage to talk about it openly.

    So, that’s where our story begins. When one young child finally dared to talk about 'the night of sacrifice’.

    A/N : The rest of the story can be found on my profile as well as on Wattpad under the name A Dying Fire.(It’s a Work in Progress)

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  • Life.

    Life you are very mysterious and ever changing, you are full of surprises and beauty yet you are also full of hard times and downfall. I often wonder about who I should be thanking for my life and for the 🌎 that we’re blessed to live in. God? The Big Bang? Or is there something out there I’m yet to discover?

    The fear of the unknown is always present but in a way it’s very refreshing and gives ample opportunity to explore, discover and learn. 🙌🏼 I will do my best in this lifetime to take my life and just keep moving forward. I crave adventure, travel and knowledge.

    I know I can make mistakes, and I know I will continue to in this journey called life, but I also know that my mistakes will forever mould me into a better person.

    So to the creator of life, I will do my best to make the most of the 🎁 you have given me. 🦋

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  • Darondo - Sure Know How to Love Me

    Let My People Go (2006)

    Label: Luv N’ Haight

    #darondo #sure know how to love me #let my people go #2006#60s#70s#soul#great#music#soulful#r&b#black #luv n haight #the arts #psychedelic mystic art
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  • image

    Question: Where to go? What to do?

    Answer: The struggle is real but worthy.


    It means that I am in a new path where I should develop skills and will be able to get wisdom, it’s dark before the sunrise… and in this theatrical production we better learn well to “play” our role, or even better, we allow it to grow on us. To get here I had (still have) to get through a lot of anxiety, a great feeling of loss and abandonmnent, but all these troubles will serve a bigger purpose as it is to “reborn” into a stronger person, able to conquer my fears and achieve what’s in store for me; but in order to do it I must let things flourish and work towards discovering my true-self, and I must grab all my courage for this. This new path is not and won’t be easy, the emotional pain, the desperation, the heartache and the sadness will get on the way, but they will serve to purify everything and help me to build a strong will; and maybe this was the way to go, the only road available to reconstruct, leaving behind that severe and rigid mindset (beliefs).


    When I did this reading to myself, little I knew how accurate I was! And little I understood how much my lovely cards were telling me. Today I am nothing but grateful, excited and ready, even if still a bit shaky about everything.



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  • Black Merda - Think of Me

    Black Merda (1970)

    Label: Chess

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    #black music#funk#soul #sly and the family stone
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  • Moses Sumney - Cut Me

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