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    La pasione è l'origine dell'anima

    -Bill Butler

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    ʏᴏᴜᴛʜ ɪꜱ ɢɪᴠᴇɴ

    ᴏɴʟʏ ᴏɴᴄᴇ

    ꜱᴏ ɢᴇᴛ ʜɪɢʜ. 🤟

    #aestheitcs #love live all stars #queen band #black and white #education#robots#trench#baby yoda #the umbrella academy #instagram #artists on tumblr #photogram#artistic#soulmate#design#food#gaming#honey#japan #get laptop suggestions from geeks that know #lovely#zippy #final fantasy xiv #comics#vintage#hot boy#news#music
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    ᴇᴠᴇɴ ɪꜰ ɪ ᴍɪꜱꜱ ʏᴏᴜ

    ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ɪᴛ. 🥀

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    #the love of my life #love#my man#my soulmate#soulmate #liebe ihn so #my only one
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    i love this,, thank you kjadhfasfas u know who you are, love mwa, thank you for requesting and i am sorry for the late response sajkshfsajkf thank you for liking my writing ajksfh I AM SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT KJAHSJAF

    notes: kasjdhajsk this is cute ajksfh ngl i had a hard time doing this because of the timeline ugh ajkhdsajks if this diverges from canon, i am sorry, especially with the history ugh

    warnings: fluff! a bit of angst if you squint, s4 spoilers? if you haven’t read the manga, then manga spoilers, i think, since i haven’t really read the story of kenma and kuroo’s friendship

    words: 1.4k

    summary: you can see your red string of fate which connects you to your childhood friend, kuroo tetsurou. Chaos ensues as you try to cut them but reconnect as soon as you do. p.s. he can see them too

    pairing: kuroo tetsurou x gender neutral! reader || soulmate! AU

    taglist: @hikari-writes @k-tets @omigogames @takemetovalhalla @foryearsnyears @sachirou-senpai  @radcherryblossom @anejuuuuoy @littybugz @lapatisseri @ubonmii @kisskenma @i800anime @saturnfarie @kontj @ghostlydiamond135 @kurooluvs @masako55 @moonlightaangel@bbakougo 

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    when you were a kid, you were surprised to see a red string on your pinky finger. you remember running to your mom, asking what it is and why do you see it. 

    she said, “it connects to your soulmate, baby.”

    “what’s a soulmate, mama?” you asked, staring at your red string which trails all the way outside your house.

    “well, just like your dad and i, soulmates are people destined to be together. it’s like, finding your other half and spending the rest of your life with them.” she said, smiling.

    “papa is your soulmate?” you said, bewildered at the idea.

    she chuckled, “yes, he is.”

    “even if he’s already in heaven?” your mother sighed, pulling you to her, and rubbing your hair. 

    “even if he’s already in heaven,” she smiled sadly. you pout, not really knowing him that well. “that’s enough of the soulmate talk, let’s go meet the kuroo’s. they just moved in.”

    and as you stared at the kid a year older than you from behind your mother’s legs, you felt the tug on your pinky finger, connecting you to him. he was staring at you too with a look on his face you couldn’t really understand.

    that was the start of your friendship with tetsurou, a bit chaotic to say the least. you were quite the dynamic, you two. he’s usually the chaotic one while you keep him in line. this sometimes leads to petty fights, and when you’re sulking in your room, you see the red string on your hand fall like it was cut.

    what you didn’t know was tetsurou cutting them every time you fight. he doesn’t really believe in the whole soulmate shenanigans and when he met you that day, he still didn’t change his mind. sure, you were cute, but feeling like the universe decided for him is just wrong.

    you were busy thinking of how you two would make up, scrunching your nose. tetsurou, on the other hand, was wide-eyed when the red string wrapped around his pinky finger again. it took everything in him not to curse at the universe.

    the day came when you met kenma kozume, and you three were inseparable since. kenma completed the trio, being the rational one when you and tetsurou fight. he taught you two to play games, and you were just happy to be friends with them.

    some time later, tetsurou introduced the two of you to volleyball and kenma, who then eventually played more with him. you liked the sport but you didn’t really feel like playing, so you stayed on the sidelines, cheering for them. 

    then the volleyball training camp happened which led you two to fight once more, tetsurou cutting his side of the string once again. you were just worried about your best friends, making you sigh and thinking of an apology for tetsurou.

    “why the hell does this keep happening to me?” he said, sighing as he watched the string wrap around his finger again.

    middle school came, and you were still together, playing volleyball and video games when you three get the chance. tetsurou’s telling the two of you how he was so lonely in the volleyball club, and that there aren’t kids staying in the neighborhood. this became a thing for the three of you to gather at kenma’s house just to watch volleyball. 

    a few years later, the three of you went to nekoma high, tetsurou, of course, the first one. you were, fortunately, placed in the same section with kenma. kenma, like tetsurou, joined the volleyball club. you ventured in other clubs in your first year but then joined them as a manager in your second year.

    life was good, your red string still tugged you to tetsurou’s direction every time and always comes back even after you two fight. you didn’t really realize why it does cut except for the fact that you two fought, and when you think about making up for the fight, it tugs you again.

    but then tetsurou gets confessions, like lots of confessions. you admit, he is good-looking but he’s your soulmate! why does he still get confessions? you were trailing your eyes at him and the person who excused him from practice. you gritted your teeth, getting up, and excusing yourself to go to the “bathroom”.

    you cut your end of the string, which tetsurou notices. he doesn’t even register the confession in his head, thinking back to you. 

    “how the—” you were dumbfounded. the string wraps around your pinky finger again, signifying how you can’t escape your bond with him.

    a couple more people confessed to tetsurou throughout highschool, and now he’s a third year while you and kenma are in second. your mind travels back to how you met tetsurou, you’ve always been so proud how he’s become. that didn’t change the fact that he leaves after this, and you can’t even do anything.

    “y/n, can you schedule a practice match with fukurodani this weekend?” manabu-san said. you nodded, already listing down the needed details, noting to contact the managers of fukurodani first.

    yukie and kaori were one of your closest friends, given that tetsurou is practically best friends with their captain and vice captain. it’s weird to think how tetsurou and kenma helped you become better at this friend thing.

    your string tugged again, making you look at tetsurou who was getting another confession. you scoffed, moving to cut the string again. what you didn’t see was how tetsurou was staring, wide-eyed, as you cut your part of the string, and how it connected to you once more.

    he quickly excused himself, leaving the poor person alone in their tracks. you didn’t see him go towards you as you stared at your hand.

    “ah, so it’s you who’s been cutting them,” you turned to him, your jaw dropping in surprise. 

    “cutting what?” you said, trying to confirm what he was saying.

    “that,” he said, smirking, and pointing to the red string wrapped around your pinky finger.

    “how— you see them too?” you asked, a bit more quiet as you take in the information.

    “yeah, since we’ve met actually.” he said, sitting beside you. “can i tell you something?”

    “hm, yeah.” you remained quiet after that.

    “i didn’t like the idea of soulmates,” your heart dropped at his statement. “it’s a load of bull, like it’s saying that you don’t get to choose who you’ll love for the rest of your life.”

    you never really thought of it that way. your mother has always told you wonderful stories of her and your father. you bit back a sigh.

    “but—” you looked at him. “even if we aren’t soulmates, i would have fallen for you either way.”

    “what?” you were astounded, does he like—no, love you?

    tetsurou is your best friend. of course, you’ll always love him. it didn’t matter whether the string connected you or not, because you know him. he’s the kid who, despite being the chaotic kid that he is, brought you your favorite food after you two fought for the first time. he’s the person who believed in you, who told you that your dreams aren’t a waste. 

    it didn’t help how you always knew how connected you were. it made you constantly question your feelings, and gauge out the idea of liking him beyond friendship. it’s not even the string, it was because it’s him.

    “i’ve been in love with you since middle school.” his revelation made your heart beat erratically. “or maybe even when we’re still kids.”

    he has a fond look in his eyes as he remembers his memories with you.

    “i’m just saying,” he said, now looking at you. “that even without the red string, i would have done everything to find you and fall in love with you all over again.”

    you teared up, smiling at him. “you’re not just saying that.”

    “y/n, i’m an ass sometimes but i do mean it.” you chuckled, a few tears escaping your eyes.

    he reaches out and wipes the tears on your face. “stop crying, you’re getting snot all over my fingers.”

    you gasped. “way to ruin the moment, tetsu!”

    he laughed, pulling you to him, and encasing you in his arms. “i love you.”

    and for the first time in your life, you’re finally with your other half, and it wasn’t what you expected it to be.

    “i love you too, tetsu.”

    #Kuroo#kuroo fluff#Kuroo Tetsurou #Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader #kuroo headcanons #kuroo x reader #kuroo soulmate au #soulmate #haikyuu!! #haikyuu#haikyuu fanfiction #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff#hq#hq imagines#hq fanfiction #hq x reader #hq x you #hq x y/n #hq fluff#fluff
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    But what about the opposite of this.

    You know that au where you have more than one soulmate?

    Well what if, your soulmate is the only one who is black and white and when you start to fall for them all the color in the world starts getting sucked into your soulmate.

    Like theyre the only life and color of your world.

    But as you fall out of love they start to lose the world regains its colors and they start to fade into the background.

    But then when your soul dies and you were still inlove with them. All the color will fade and only your soulmates personal items have color.

    Like imagine a person who has never met theyre soulmate but has loved them all the same. Suddenly lose all the colors in theyre world but they found a colored item and they go into a quest into finding out who exactly theyre soulmates are.

    #soulmate au#soulmate#au#aus #i dont know if you get me. #but yeah #and maybe since they have alot of soulmates #color will only come back to their life no #when they moved on or met another person #then they start to fall inlove and notice how color from her previous soulmate #sucks into this person until the cycle repeats and they die #writing prompt#prompts#soulmate prompts
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    Chapter 11 Excerpt:

    The restaurant Ben pulled up to was the kind of place where valet was an expectation and not an option. The kind of place that Ben knew his mother would insist on picking up the bill, no matter how many digits were attached to it. The kind of place that would have Rey squirming in her seat all night and straightening the invisible wrinkles out of her dress. Ben sighed heavily but parked the car under the burgundy awning anyways. He turned to look at Rey sitting ramrod straight in the passenger seat.

    “It’s going to be okay,” he told her, trying to implore the girl to look him in the eyes. Rey nodded shortly and didn’t meet his gaze. “My parents have far too much money to know what to do with, they probably don’t even realize that this is ten steps over the top—well, my dad does, but he would never tell my mother that.”

    Rey feigned a smile and Ben deflated slightly. The valet stepped up to the window, ready to hand him his ticket and take the keys, but Ben ignored the young man’s presence.

    “I promise you, it’s going to be alright,” he repeated.

    “Shouldn’t I be the one telling you that?” Rey asked softly, “considering everything?”

    Start from the beginning? 

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    👉Whether they are from another life or this one, whether they have come to teach you or love you, whether they trigger you or inspire you - it is not about them but about you.

    👇No matter what we call them - karmic souls, soulmate or divine counterpart - it all leads back to you. The journey is always about you first. They hold mirrors to reflect all those parts of you that you probably have not looked into yet. Mostly, these are the unhealed parts of you that need love, acceptance and integration.

    👉Once you heal, your outward projections, the people in your life and your relationships change to meet the new you. Either they transform and grow with you or they leave space for better things to come. Everything falls in place almost magically once you go within.

    🚧The Universe always holds up mirrors through people, places, situations - not for us to judge them but to see where we are on our personal journey. It is a beautiful feedback mechanism you see and the best thing is our reflections change just as we do! 💫

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  • You put back all the colours in my sad black and white world

    #black and white #sad#colours #you and I #bring happy#happiness#my baby#baby#in love#my writing #writers on tumblr #poetry #poets on tumblr #excerpt from a book i'll never write #love quotes#love #i love you #life quotes #teens in love #soulmate #love of my life #quote #poetry about her #quote about love
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  • Decks Used (in order):
    📍Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland
    📍The Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel
    📍Compendium of Constellations by Clare Goodchild
    📍Aggelos Oracle Cards https://www.instagram.com/aggelos_pro…
    📍Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne TaylorSHOW LESS

    #love reading#romance reading #love tarot reading #tarot reading #pick a card #pick a card readings #tarot readings #relationship tarot reading #love#soulmate#manifestation
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    11.25.20 • The Medicine of Love 💛

    All I have to say is I hope I’m invited to the wedding.

    And that you at least find your way back to yourself.

    ‘I never loved you fully in the way I could. I fought the current running just the way you would & now I’m in the creek.’

    🎶 Falling Water • Maggie Rogers

    ‘And when you said I scared you, well, I guess you scared me too. But if it’s love you’re looking for then I can give a little more.’

    🎶 Joey • Concrete Blonde


    If you would like to book a personal reading with me, you can email me at healwithtanis@gmail.com
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  • day seventy four :

    be better than your ex.

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  • Any soulmate au,,,, but the people in it have no idea it’s a soulmate thing…

    #'why tf do i have some name tattooed on ny wrist' #'the waitress gave me my food and suddenly i can see colour???????' #'yo everything you write on your hand turns up on my hand. huh. cool' #soulmate#soulmate au
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  • In this crazy world, loving you is the only thing that makes sense.

    #love#love quotes#poetry#poems#romance#love poems#love poetry #poets on tumblr #feelings #excerpt from a book i'll never write #things i wish i could tell you #soulmate#unrequited love#crush #writers on tumblr #romantic
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  • you have no idea how badly it hurts me to watch you cry

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  • I think, maybe you’re my soulmate. You know it’s just an idea. A funny one, do you think? *laugh* Yeah, I wish it’s true.

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  • loving you makes the darkest of winter days feel like an ethereal midsummer

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