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    Desiderium | Eren x Reader

    Summary: You knew him. Before you could even meet him. How come you didn't know his name before you could even feel the pain from wounds from another life?

    Pairing: Eren X Reader

    Genre: [+18] angst, drama, romance, soulmates

    Warnings: graphic description of violence, mentions of drugs and alcohol, MAJOR SPOILERS

    A/N: this is a story about right person, wrong time. it will be a short story, just something I thought and wrote about late at night. Hope you enjoy!

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    Far touches and memories that do not belong to you. They belong to those who fought before dawn and leaned onto the hopes of getting brighter days. If it's not him, the boy who sought freedom, to whom shall your thoughts aim?

    “Aw, don’t you look adorable?” Sasha fished for another chip inside the orange bowl as you turned once again to see how your jeans held your ass.

    “I don’t know…” you frowned and she rolled her eyes.

    “Your ass looks fine!” You glanced over your shoulder and ran your hands through the rough fabric once more. “C’mon, you know you look hot as fuck.”

    “Stop staring at my ass” you teased and she threw a chip at you. “Hey!”

    “Can we please just go? I’m getting hungry and they won’t wait for us to order the pizza if we don’t leave now” she threw herself back into the bed, staring at the ceiling.

    “You think they will like me?” You turned around, a genuine concern stamping your face as you asked.

    Sasha had been your favorite company for the past year. You two met in psychology 101 when she fell asleep and you covered for her on the first day, which led to an amazing friendship. It was as if you two were meant to find each other, already feeling too comfortable the moment you two spoke to each other.

    The girl always told you about her other friend group, trying to get you to meet them, but you always deflected the question, being to awkward to do it. Meeting new people wasn’t your forte.

    That was until she trapped you into making you promise you would go to a get together. She took advantage of your drunk self to coerce you into doing it, and you couldn’t really blame her — it was a smart plan.

    “They are chill people” she said as she sat on the pink Hello Kitty covers. “Oh! Put the corset top on!”

    You grabbed the black top she was talking about and dressed yourself, fixing your hair quickly. “I have this weird feeling about tonight…”

    “Must be gas” she joked and you threw your old t-shirt on her.

    Took you only 15 minutes to finish up and deal with a whiny-hungry Sasha, and finally then you two called an Uber.

    You watched from the window as the scenery changed from the building complex where you lived to a nicer neighborhood, one of those that had nice porches and a lot of grass for pedigree dogs to run around. The car finally stopped at a brown house that had pretty windows and looked very elegant, fancier than whatever you’d ever experienced before.

    “This is where your friend lives?” You asked, standing now on the gravel walkway as Sasha fished for something inside her purse.

    “This is his parents place” she said as she found her phone inside all the mess she brought. “Jean’s pretty rich.”

    “Who even needs that much space?” You muttered to yourself and watched Sasha messily typing on her phone, being interrupted by the sound of the door being slammed open.

    A bald, short, and seemingly very drunk guy stood under the doorframe, narrowing his eyes to find you two by the entrance, rushing to Sasha and shoving his red solo cup on her hands, spilling half of the drink on her clothes as he stood (or triedto), the smell of cheap booze oozing off his pores. But his presence was warm, you didn’t know why.

    “Jesus fuck, Connie” she held his shoulder to stabilize him in place. “The fuck is wrong with you.”

    “Jean got us expensive tequilaaaaa” the guy sang as you giggled, and then his attention fell on you. “Who are you?”

    “She’s the friend I told you guys about” Sasha said, taking a sip of his drink and scrunching her nose right away. “This is crap. Why are you drinking this if there’s expensive tequila?”

    “Don’t judge my bartender skills, I made this myself!” He snatched the cup from her hands and offered you the drink.

    “I’ll pass” you gave him a small smile and he gave you a shrug of his shoulders, downing the rest of it.

    “Your choice.” He turned on his heel and pointed to the opened door. “Let’s go inside.”

    You nodded as you followed Sasha, who was still fidgeting with her phone as she walked in. You took it as a chance to look around, finding LED lights set on fading colors, a nicely decorated living room full of people, some sitting, some dancing, but most of them just reunited around the counter separating the room from the kitchen. Everyone looked like they were having fun, and the music set a nice vibration inside your chest. You felt good.

    “What do you wanna drink?” Connie shouted over the music that wasn’t even that loud, but Sasha cut him right away.

    “Nuh-uh, not gonna let you kill (y/n) tonight” she pushed into the crowd while holding your hand and guided you to the kitchen, making you sit on one of the stools.

    She greeted everyone with a warm smile and soon introduced you, not getting too deep into the announcement because ‘they’d have to greet you themselves’. You just giggled and watched as a group of girls surrounded the counter, excited to get to know you.

    You learned their names, Historia, Ymir, Pieck, Mikasa and Annie, and tried your best party small talk as they got into the ‘where did you get this top’ kind of conversations. They were very nice, and you could see why Sasha thought you would get along. You were pretty sure you’d seen them around before.

    “So you go to Paradis?” Ymir asked as she sneaked an arm over her girlfriend’s shoulders.

    “Yes, that’s how I met Sasha” you said and the other girl cheered from behind the counter. “Do you guys go there, too?”

    “Yup” Historia nodded. “Just Annie and Pieck that go to Marley.”

    “Tried one year in Paradis, Professor Ackerman made me transfer” Annie said as she took a sip of her drink.

    “I have lit with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays” you looked down to your chest as you fidgeted with your necklace.

    “Oh, you might know Eren then” Mikasa leaned into her crossed arms over the surface as she held her cup. “Tall, brown hair, messy bun…”

    “Annoying as fuck” Ymir frowned and the other girl just gave her a shrug. “It’s so weird how you know his and Armin’s entire routines.”

    “It’s the only way he’ll attend to class.” Mikasa replied.

    “I don’t think I know him” you tried to remember the people in your class, but none matching the description came to mind.

    “Really? He’s pretty hard to miss” the ravenette kept her dark eyes on you.

    “You might bump into him later tonight” Sasha said as she pushed Historia and Ymir apart, holding two matching cups and giving you one of them. “Here you go, m’lady.”

    “Aw, you didn’t have to” you smiled at her as you took a sip, coughing immediately. “Jesus, Sash, how much vodka did you put in here?”

    Ymir grabbed the cup you put back and took a sip, coughing herself. “You just introduced her and already want us to say goodbye?”

    “It’s not that bad” Sasha took a swig of her own cup and, surprise, coughed. “Might as well drink from the bottle.”

    She threw her drink in the sink and grabbed the vodka bottle, not minding the looks.

    “Didn’t Jean buy some branded tequila?” Pieck pointed out.

    “Yea, but they taste weird” Connie said behind Mikasa, making everyone jump.

    “When the fuck did you get here?” Sasha gave him the vodka bottle and he took a swig of his own.

    “Just now, came with Armin” he pointed to his side, where an awkward blond boy stood and waved at you.

    “How did you manage to be so silent?” Mikasa seemed surprised herself, and they all laughed it off.

    Everyone now were too busy engulfed in their own conversations as you took a moment to look around, watching over the living room, doing their own things, and you felt the buzz of the alcohol already flowing under your skin. You’d only been in houses like this when you were a kid and used to visit your rich aunt, times where you only had to worry about multiplication homework and being carefree.

    Your eyes took in everything they could see, from the big windows to the nice paintings hanging on top of the wallpaper. The golden frames had their own touch and added to the high standards that the room held, and you liked specially the Egyptian vase that stood in the corner, it seemed expensive and you liked the patterns.

    You saw movement in the corner, right by the door, and watched as it opened, revealing a guy; but not just any guy, as the whole essence of the room changed with each of his steps. He was wearing black jeans and a simple shirt, nothing much, but he stood as if he was wearing a flashing neon sign. Probably was in your head, but you were pretty sure most of the room seemed to stop moving, and then it happened; his piercing jade eyes fell on you, like an emerald wave that washed over your whole spirit, and you didn’t know exactly what it was that you were feeling.

    But as soon as he came, he went, and you just shook your head, blaming your daze on the alcohol.

    “Wanna dance?” Sasha asked with a soft hand on your shoulder.

    “Not really, but you can go” you said, sipping on the alcohol once more.

    She stared for a little longer and you gave her a confirmation nod. “Just go!”

    With a giggle, the girl left the kitchen and you saw as it became emptier by the second, the other girls asking if you’d like to go to the living room, but you felt like staying there for a little longer.

    A few minutes passed by and your cup was now empty and your bladder full, so you decided to go bathroom hunting. You didn’t mind being alone, nor asking for information, since you felt like getting lost that night and exploring the rest of the big house and its secrets.

    You climbed up the stairs, finding a full hallway, watching over some family pictures, and playing with a rose bouquet you found standing on a mahogany little table. While you haven’t met the owner of the house, you could tell some of his story, or at least guess from watching the portraits. There were some drawings in between, and you admired the artwork, wondering who might’ve done them, since the paper looked worn out from time.

    They were just pictures, nothing out of the ordinary, with the exception of one. You found it right above a small cupboard, hanging on the beige painted wall. It was an old and small photograph of a park, a bench standing in the middle, where sat a couple, holding hands and wearing old clothing, like those cool ribbon hats that you’d seen in pictures of your own family before. Their faces were faded, although, and there was a smudge on the corner, as if someone had run their fingers through the material a few times.

    You felt a weird sensation in your stomach, you didn’t know exactly what it was, but looking too deeply into the picture wasn’t helping — your already drunk brain didn’t feel like processing anything else in that moment.

    Down the hall, you found an open door, and lucky you, it was the bathroom!

    You entered and closed the door behind you, doing your business quickly and washing your hands for far longer than you should. After drying them, you leaned onto the sink, staring into your own reflection and challenging the person staring back as you narrowed your eyes and dumb thoughts filled your mind. You’d stay for longer, but something outside the window crashed, and you jumped, scared at the sound. A small ‘fuck’ sounded from outside, and you felt chills. The fuck?!

    Walking over to the window, you leaned onto the windowsill above the tub and looked around, finding the source of the sound sitting on the roof, looking away from you. What…?

    “Holy shit” you heard the guy say as he found your half-frame staring back.

    Oh, it’s the guy from before!

    “Sorry” he offered you a small smile, “didn’t see you there.”

    “What was the crash?” You asked, words falling from your mouth quickly when what you wanted to ask was about him.

    “I stomped on a loose tile, I guess it fell” he replied and you just gave him a nod, trying to process the information. “If you want to use the bathroom, you can go ahead, I can’t even listen from here.”

    “No, I was just… just curious.” You looked around, crossing your arms over the railing, eyes now staring into the night sky.

    “Do you wanna… join me?” He asked and you looked over your shoulder at him, finding those mesmerizing green eyes from before, and you felt that same warm sensation bubbling in your stomach (or gas, as Sasha would say).

    You didn’t reply, just jumped over the window, and walked a few steps over to him, very much balanced even though you were pretty tipsy. He offered you a hand for you to sit beside him, and you took it, feeling the warmth of his touch right away.

    Something weird happened, though. The moment your fingers brushed his, you could swear something flashed right in front of your eyes. It was as if, suddenly, somehow, it was day, and as you looked to the side, you could see a small wooden cabin and big trees surrounding the background. But as soon as it started, it ended, and you felt a sharp pain to the back of your head.

    “You okay?” The guy asked as you let go of his hand.

    “Yea, I guess it was just the vodka showing its effects” you giggled and he did too. “Are you watching the stars?”

    “Came for a smoke, stayed for the show” he pointed with his chin to two guys wrestling in the corner of the backyard and another laugh fell from your lips.

    “Do you know them?” You asked as you watched the bulky blonde man push the other one to the ground and raise his arms celebrating victory.

    “I do, actually” you could see him licking his lips from the corner of your eyes.

    The wrestling match was soon over and you two sat in silence, the only company being of each other, the stars and the muffled music, but even though you didn’t know this guy, you felt good around him. He gave you a calming sensation, and you could relax and enjoy the buzz from the alcohol.

    “You a friend of Jean’s?” He asked as he took the cigarette that he had above his ear, untangling it from his hair and placing it in his mouth.

    “No” you replied as you placed your eyes on him, watching as he took the lighter from his back pocket. “Are you?”

    “More like I tolerate him” he replied as he lit up the cigarette and inhaled the smoke. “Who did you come with, then?”

    “Oh, Sasha!” You said quickly, a smile forming on your lips. “She wanted me to meet her friends.”

    “Are you dating Sasha?” He asked, quite surprised and you frowned.

    “No, I would go broke immediately” you stated and you two laughed. “Too much McDonalds.”

    “You can say that again” the man let out the smoke slowly from his lips.

    Your eyes fell on his lips as you watched the smoke fading into the air, and how graciously he did that. He seemed to notice you staring, because looking just a little higher, you could find his piercing gaze firing bullets into you.

    You had a small perception of how you might’ve looked that instant, and you felt dumb, but your body screamed for you to keep in place. Something about that moment felt close to home, and just right. You saw his hand raising to his cigarette and watched as he took it off his lips, putting it out on a tile, and you were soon graced by the sound of his breathy laugh.

    “I… I just noticed I don’t even know your name” he said, and you broke eye contact, the empty backyard now looked more appealing to stare at.

    You told him your name and leaned your head on your shoulder, eyes going back to his. Even though he had the same stance as before, something seemed quite off about his expression. “You okay?”

    He frowned and shook his head lightly, placing one of his hands on his forehead. “I guess the alcohol got me too.”

    You giggled and crossed your legs.

    “I’m Eren” he said, and his voice echoed inside your head, repeating the same phrase over and over. Have I met him before?

    Clicking your tongue, you threw your head back and decided to stare at the sky, focusing on something else before you got a headache.

    “It’s nice to meet you, Eren” you smiled and from the corner of your eye, you could swear he was smiling, too.


    You woke up covered in sweat and shivers ran down your spine. You threw your covers to the floor and stood on wobbly legs to go to your desk and grab your water bottle, trying to take the cap off with shaky fingers and gulping it all down, the cool liquid being a contrast to your hot throat.

    It was weird, you weren’t used to bad dreams. Most nights you would get the normal weird ones, maybe a class scenario, or just memories from your grandma’s house. On the most abnormal cases, you had dreams of flying, but not with wings, you weren’t sure how exactly, but you had those often, too.

    Not this night, though.

    This dream was vivid, you could feel all the sensations and even smell things. It was like real life, but the things about it… there was no way it could be.

    Started with you inside some kind of airship, like those zeppelins you used to see on television, and it was night. You were talking to people you didn’t recognize the faces, but Sasha was there. One moment, you were joking around, the other, she had her eyes fixed on her stomach, and the smile faded from your lips right away when you noticed a small, fresh wound sitting there.

    She looked up, eyes finding yours in a helpless gaze, then, she fell.

    Bile rose to your throat and you gulped it down, taking deep breaths as you relived the scene once more, the screams of people trying to staunch her wound as she fought for her life, and were beside her, holding her arm and begging for the skies to let her live.

    The dream ended with a bloody cough coming from her mouth and red staining your cheek.

    You tried to find another water bottle around and gulped the remnants of it, too. You took your phone from the nightstand and pressed home to see it was two in the morning, and you had class at nine, so you could take some time to calm down and sleep a little more later.

    You left your room, deciding it was too much to stay there any longer, and in your mind, you kept repeating calming and reassuring words over and over until you were sure that it was just a dream, and it couldn’t affect you. But still, you messaged your friend asking if she was alright, to which she responded right away that she was having trouble to fall asleep.

    Maybe out of guilt you would buy her McDonalds later.

    Entering the small living area of your apartment, you sat on your couch and threw your legs over the cushions, resting in the comforting darkness and enjoying the sounds that the night came with.

    Your phone lit up to a notification and you took it closer to your narrowed eyes, the brightness assaulting your eyes right away.

    ErenJaeger01 followed you

    A small smile came to your lips as you opened the app, clicking shamelessly on his page and staring at his profile. You didn’t know how he’d found you, but maybe he was just as curious as you were.

    The night of the party, you two just talked about some random things until you got a text from Sasha asking if you could hold her hair as she puked, and you said your goodbyes, sadly, not sure if you’d meet him again. Your dumb drunk brain didn’t even think of asking for his number, or saying something remarkable, you just left and thought you wouldn’t see him again too soon.

    That’s why you felt something weird in your belly when you looked at his profile.

    You didn’t take him for a public profile kind of guy, but even though it was open to all eyes, it didn’t have a lot to work with. He had four pictures, the first one being a young version of him with an older woman, the caption being ‘happy Mother’s Day’ and you felt a smile creep to your mouth.

    The second picture was a side profile picture of him sitting on sand shirtless, and you tried not to stare to his chest — even though he was ripped — and the ocean behind him.

    Third one was him with two other people, one you recognized as it being Mikasa, the girl you met at the party, and the other being the blonde boy you were introduced to, Armin. It was a sequence of pictures, the two others being them, but younger and younger, and you could see they’d been friends for a while.

    The fourth one was another picture of his mother, but she was sitting on a bench wearing a sundress, and the picture had been taken while she wasn’t aware. She was beautiful, and had features just like his, resembling the boy too much. They were both beautiful.

    But the caption was just a black heart, and there were two highlighted comments, one from Mikasa that said ‘miss her so much’ and the other one was from an account you didn’t know who it belonged to, saying ‘eight years since an angel joined the sky’.

    You felt your heart breaking from the thought. You didn’t know what kind of pain he must’ve been through, but you felt for him.

    A yawn fell from your lips and you realized you’d spent a solid 20 minutes just stalking him. You quickly clicked on follow back and turned it off, deciding you should get some rest.

    Morning came and with it you were pleased that you were able to dream of something better than before. It was that same flying dream, and you were surrounded by big pine trees, comforted by their smell. Way better than Sasha getting shot, you could say.

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    Benn Beckman x Tall!Reader Soulmate AU

    Benn Beckman x Tall!Reader

    INFO: Body swap Soulmate AU!, Takes place shortly after the Red Force leaves Foosha Village, Female Reader.

    Body Swap AU! - Soulmates body swap a day before they are destined to meet, soulmates can body swap whenever from ages 16^. My own version of Body swap to fit the story.

    CHARACTERS MENTIONED: Benn Beckman, Shanks, Yasopp, Lucky Roo, Rockstar, OC's


    "Captain! The supplies will be ready for us to set sail tomorrow morning, before noon." I report to my long time friend and captain, Rio, while walking to stand at his side.

    "Great, tell the crew to rest for tonight."

    "What, why do I gotta tell them? You're the captain."

    "Exactly I am the captain, and I'm ordering you, the first mate, to tell them" Rio said with the smile of a Cheshire cat.

    "You fucking bitch...fine i'll tell them"

    "I love you too Y/N" He remarked, already walking away to his quarters. 

    I regrettably love that bastard, I thought to myself. "Alright guys! Finish up your duties and hit the hay for tonight, we have a long day tomorrow!" Walking sluggishly to my quarters to freshen up for the night, I headed off to bed with a gut feeling that things are going to be hectic tomorrow. 


    "Yasopp, Lucky, where's Benn?" A red headed captain asked his officers.

    "Haven't seen him all morning. Might still be asleep but that would be a fucking miracle, the man doesn't know what sleep is half the time." Yasopp answered, while Lucky nodded along, agreeing with his crew mate. The captain, Shanks, nodded slowly, contemplating the response. "Let him sleep, he needs it. We can handle things without him for a bit." All three of the men, agreeing it was best, continued on with their tasks for the morning. 

    "Rockstar! Go Wake Benn!" Shanks yelled while fighting off some foolish pirates who thought it was a good idea to pick a fight with them.

    "Benn! Benn! Wake up! We're under attack!" Rockstar yelled loudly while banging on the door to the first mate's quarters. How is this man sleeping through this right now, he usually would've been up by now and would've woken up to the commotion by now even if he was sleeping in, Rockstar thought to himself while still trying to wake up the first mate. 

    "That's it! I'm breaking down your door Benn!"


    "What the fuck is going on" I mumble to myself as a red-spiky haired man busted down the door to a room I already noticed wasn't mine.

    "Benn get your ass up! The captain needs you on deck!" The unknown man yelled after noticing I was up, then bolted out the door, or what was left of it anyway.

    "Benn? Who the fuck is Benn?" I said out loud to myself....fuck....not my room, random man busting in, and someone named Benn. I'm in my soulmate's body aren't I? Fuck, I gotta help them out now.

    Getting off the bed I saw a rifle lent up against the wall. Grabbing it quickly and making sure it was loaded I ran out of the room, quickly finding my way up to the deck.

    "Benn! There you are man! Where have you been" A different red-headed man yelled this time, I barely heard him over the swords clashing, gun and cannon shots. I ran quickly in his direction, cocking the rifle, aiming towards him. "Woah! Woah! Benn what are you doing?" He yelled confused as to what I was doing. Ignoring him I ran faster and took the open shot. The red head flinched when the gun went off, both crews stopped fighting once they thought the crew's first mate killed the captain. "Next time captain, don't look away from your enemy." I said in a stern voice, tilting my head down to look him in the eye. He looked back at me confused once he registered that I didn't shoot him and was talking to him. "Look." I said while pointing my arm behind him at the dead, enemy captain, who I had shot between the eyes.

    Both crews including the red head turned their heads to look where I had pointed. "Now..." I said while cocking the rifle one more time, "I suggest you take your dead captain and crew mates and leave, before things get dirty" I exclaimed in a low, threatening voice. The enemy crew's eyes widened and quickly they scrambled to collect their fallen crew mates and captain.

    Once they left I turned around and started my walk back to my soulmates room, thinking about what's going on right now. While walking past the mast I looked up to the black flag flying up top, The Red Hair pirates huh, not bad I thought to myself. My soulmate must be Benn Beckman if I'm correct. 

    "Benn wait up! You can't just walk away like you didn't almost shoot me, gave me a heart attack to by the way. Thanks too, I guess." The captain, who I now know as Shanks comes walking after me. The rest of his crew quietly surrounded us. 

    "One, you're welcome. Two, sorry kinda. Three, you should trust your first mate, and lastly what kind of idiot pirate, no less a captain, takes his eyes off the enemy?" I say turning around, and coming face to face with the red head. "Benn, are you okay? You seem different, maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? And what you said back there wasn't really you, what's up?" the captain said in a worried/curious tone, ignoring what I just said.

    "If you must really know, I'm not Benn. My na-" "What do you mean you're not Benn? You're making no sense." Shanks interrupted me. "If I wasn't so rudely interrupted you would already know that it makes perfect sense as to why I say I'm not your first mate. I am Benn's soulmate. My name is Y/N L/N or otherwise known as Y/N The Undead, the first mate of The Ghost Rider Pirates." I was annoyed that the man in front of me interrupted me.

    A collective gasp went around the ship, a lot of jaws dropping to the deck. Apparently astonished Beckman had a soulmate. Noticing that none of them were in the right mindset right now, I walked over to the edge of the ship, and jumped up to sit on the rail to wait for them to calm down. Feeling the pockets of the pants Benn's body was wearing I pulled out a match box and a cigarette. Lighting one, I watched the waves of the ocean crash against the side of the large galleon. 


    "Wait so you're not Benn, you're his soulmate?" Shanks questioned me after a few minutes. Rolling my eyes I responded "Yes, now I hope I don't have to repeat myself, as I don't like to."

    "Right. Okay then, do you know where your crew is? We're in the East Blue right now, heading to Loguetown by the way." He told me. "Then that's good news, keep course to Loguetown. That's where my crew is resupplying before we head back to the Grandline." "Great! Then this calls for a party! You in?" He questioned me, while walking to stand by my side. "You know what? I can go for a party. Regrettably it's been a few days since I've had a drink." I said with a grin, looking over at Shanks.


    After a long night of partying and drinking, the crew and I got along great, played some poker, and I swept the floor with them. After Shanks angrily flipped over the table we were playing at with his one arm, in a blind fit of rage. We put away the cards and poker chips for the night, as a way to keep Shanks from going into another blind fit when he would inevitably lose again. Shanks, Lucky, Yasopp and I walked down to the main deck to party with the rest of the crew for the rest of the night.

    A couple hours before the sun rose above the horizon people started to drop to the deck, passing out from the partying, food, and alcohol.

    Yasopp, Lucky and I fell asleep in a pile. While Shanks drunkenly danced around the deck, his sword in hand raised towards the stars, singing about something before collapsing on another pile of crew mates.


    "Someone's gotta wake her up, I can see Loguetown from here." Lucky said, not really directed to anyone but told to everyone. "We've tried everything!" Yasopp exclaimed. "I even shot off some rounds earlier, standing two feet away from her. She didn't even flinch!" he continued, flabbergasted, that the woman in his friend's body can sleep through so much but still be a notorious pirate. 

    "I don't know, maybe leave her there, let her captain wake her up when we get there. He's gotta know a way to wake her up." Rockstar proposed while poking Y/N's face or rather Benn's face. 


    "Uuuuhhh...Y/N, buddy, my wing man, my bestest of friends Why are you up at this time and why are you lying on the deck, looking so utterly defeated?" A random tall, tan, man said leaning over my body, or rather my soulmates body. " Who are you? You look familiar?" I questioned him. He looked at me like I was crazy. "Y/N? What do you mean "Who are you?" I'm your captain and best friend from childhood, Rio, the captain of The Ghost Rider Pirates. Are you okay? Did you hit your head?" He answered my question, but was still rather confused. Sighing, I responded with a tone of utter defeat, "I'm not Y/N, I'm her soulmate Benn Beckman, first mate of the Red Hair Pirates. And I'm lying here because your friend walks in 6in death machines, and I gave up trying to get them off." I told Rio, quite embarrassed at my situation. 

    "Man, I'm so sorry. I'll be right back. I'll grab a pair of her regular boots." Rio said, chuckling at my unfortunate demise. The great Benn Beckman defeated by a pair of heeled boots, what the fuck. Shanks better not find out about this or I'll never live this down.


    "Well look Benn, the Red Force is almost here. And I promise I won't say a word about the heel incident." Rio commented during our game over poker with some of his crew mates. "Mm-mm good, and you better not or I might have to blast your brains out of your skull." I responded back with a joking tone, while placing down my winning hand. "Noooo! You bastard!" Rio, Dom, Shouto and Gabby yelled angrily, while I chuckled at another win. 

    "Benn! Where are you?" I heard Yasopp yell, as the ship got closer to Rio's. Standing up and walking to the rail with Rio following behind I got Yasopp's attention, and we connected to two galleons together. "Benn, It's good to see you again, you look great by the way." Shanks chirped as he walked across the bridge connecting the ships. Rolling my eyes at him, I walked up to him, Rio by my side. "Well Shanks where is my first mate?" He questioned the captain looking around for my soulmate in my body. "Well that's the thing...we can't wake her up. We tried everything, Yasopp even shot of a few rounds into the air to try and wake her up, and Rockstar has been poking her face for the past 10 minutes." Shanks said exasperated. Rio chuckled while walking over to the kitchen, "I'll be right back," he said while disappearing from the deck. "So the easiest way to wake her up is to say "Food's ready" or just put a plate of food in front of her, so I'll do both." Rio explained while walking back across the deck to us, with a plate of food he got from the kitchen. "Lead the way to Y/N, Shanks."


    "Y/N it's me Rio, food's ready love." He said placing the plate in front of the woman in my body who was passed out on the deck of the Red Force. Not even a second later she sat straight up and went straight to eating the food that was placed in front of her. "You have got to be kidding me! That's all it took!" Rockstar angrily yelled, slapping his forehead. The woman just stared at him with a straight face, almost done with her breakfast. "Y/N, Benn's here and I bet you both want you own bodies back." Rio continued, grabbing Y/N attention and turning her attention to me standing beside him. "Holy shit, I knew I was hot, and intimidating but I didn't know I was that hot or intimidating. Also why do I look shorter?" She questioned standing up and coming face to face with me, in my body she stood an inch taller than me. Once I heard what she said I got embarrassed and knew I had a slight blush on my face based on the small heat I felt rising up my neck. 

    "You look shorter Y/N, because your body is 6"6 without heels and you're used to yourself wearing 6in heels which make you 7"0 ft tall. But guess what Y/N your soulmate isn't a nutcase that wears 6in heels daily!" Rio said exasperated, rolling his eyes at his first mate. 

    "Ohh yeah, that makes sense, '' she said. "How about you two go talk in private about what you're gonna do, while we finish putting away our supplies, and I'm sure Shanks wants to resupply too." Rio explained while looking at Shanks to confirm he wanted to supply, once he got a nod in return from the red head Rio walked off. 


    Y/N and I walked to her quarters. She sat on her bed while I sat at her desk a few feet away from her. After a few minutes of somewhat awkward silence she got up and walker over to me stopping a foot away. "So to get our respective bodies back we got to kiss right?" She asked " Yeah I guess we do" I said awkwardly while standing up from the chair. Not wanting to initiate the kiss I waited for her to make the first move and  thankfully she did a few seconds later. Our eyes both closed the second our lips touched, the kiss was sweet and and gentle. Opening my eyes I noticed I was looking at her own face, from back in my own body. Looking into each others eyes we both had a small smile on our face, the both of us feeling the slowly growing emotions in our sweet kiss. 

    *Knock* *Knock*

    "Benn, Y/N, it's Rio we're heading to the bar on the main strip, Shanks and his crew will be joining us. Once you're done meet us there." Rio said from the other side of the door before walking away. Y/N and I looked back to each other, still in each others arms. "Well we should both get changed, I'll meet you out on the deck. Then we can walk to the bar together." She said breaking the comfortable silence. I nodded, agreeing with her before kissing her cheek and walking out of her room and back to my ship. 

    "Why the fuck is my door gone?" I mumbled to myself once I made it back to my room on the ship.


    Once Benn left I walked over to my closet with a small smile on my face, happy after waiting years to finally meet my soulmate. Opening the closet doors I grabbed some low rise black, flare, leather pants, the bottom being split on the side of the legs with small gold chains holding the split together, a black cropped top, a long black coat with gold accents, a pair of heeled boots, and grabbing some rings from my jewelry box. Walking into the bathroom I had a hot shower, brushed my teeth and got changed. Walking out to the deck I thought about what I was going to do, was I going to go with Benn? Would I stay with Rio and the crew and keep in contact with Benn somehow? or Would I stay and there be no contact at all?

    Finally reaching the deck I sat on the railing, pulling out and lighting a cigarette, contemplating my decision, while waiting for Benn. "What you thinking about?" Benn asked while walking towards me, his own cigarette lit, hanging out the side of his mouth. "Just thinking about what we're gonna do." I responded in a serious manner, getting up and meeting Benn halfway. 


    "Look at the gorgeous couple!" Yasopp drunkenly yelled to the pirates taking up the bar. Both crews hollering, pleased that their friend/crew mate found their soulmate. Leaving Benn to his own accord I walked up to Rio at the bar I asked to speak to him in private. "Yeah of course, lead the way." he said, gesturing with his arm. Going outside to the alleyway, I asked about his opinion on the soulmate situation. "Well Y/N you're my buddy, my wing man, my bestest of friends, whatever you choose I will always support your decision, so will the crew. If you decide to join Benn then no one will stop you, but just know that the Phantom Ship of the Ghost Rider Pirates will always be your home, our arms will always be open to you." Rio said with tears welling up in both our eyes. Taking his opinion into consideration, "I made my decision." "Alright then, lets go announce it to the crew." Walking back inside the bar, Rio walked back to the bar and sat with Shanks. I walked over to Benn, him meeting me halfway. "So what's your decision, darling?" Benn asked while laying an arm on my waist, and tilting his head up to look me in the eyes.


    After a huge 3 night party we had to make our departure from Loguetown, and continue our way to the Grandline. "I guess this is goodbye." I said, looking Y/N in the eyes. "It's not a goodbye, it's a see you later, we'll see each other on the Grandline sometime, you know it." She was right we would see each other again. "I love you." "I love you too."

    "Alright boys lets set sail!" I yelled out to the crew, with a sad tone knowing Y/N Wouldn't be by my side. As we departed I walked to the back of the ship, facing the Loguetown port, with tears in my eyes, waving at my best friend who stood by her soulmate, her new crew, her new captain, and a new addition to her family. She waved back with tears in her eyes and running down her face, and with a sad smile with happy eyes. Congratulations Y/N I'm so proud of my best friend. Soon Loguetown was lost below the horizon, See you Later.


    3,154 Words

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  • youareunbearable
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    There is just something about Soulmate AUs that just fits so well within the concept of Tolkien's works. Like this isn't even regarding romantic soulmates, but the idea that this other being is your other half: the one that compliments who you are, your own personal narrative foil, your closest confidant, someone who will go with you to the ends of the earth and back, someone who's actions and death could shatter you, someone who have to overcome and put down even if that means you're ending a part of yourself in the process

    Im very fond of the different types of soulmates that could be applied to Tolkien's characters within their canon relationships. The mortal enemies (Melkor and Manwe), the familial (Celegorm and Curufin or Nolofinwe and Feanor), the platonic (Maedhros and Fingon or Beleg and Turin or Sam and Frodo etc), or the romantic (Beren and Luthien or Finwe and Miriel or Aragorn and Arwen)

    There's just something about the concept of soulmates that makes all these relationships even more tragic, or heartwarming

    #Silmarillion#lotr#soulmates#Tolkien #i think I might write a little soulmate au thing #imagine how messed up some of these relationships would be eith soulmate rules? #after the death of his soulmate finwe remarries someone else and has kids like !!!! or Turin killing his soulmate beleg!!! #maedhros asking his soulmate to kill him and then years later having to abandon said soulmate which causes his death??? #raw man like AHHHHHHHHHHHHH its just adds some Flavour to tolkiena tragedies #amber rambles
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  • kindlystrawberry
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    Blue by Kindly Strawberry - an RF4 Asafure soulmate AU about colors, life, and finding family.
    #did a little aesthetic moodboard collage for my fic!!! #it's been a minute since I've done one of these #arthur x frey #fanfic#rf4 #rune factory 4 #asafure #arthur d lawrence #frey rf4#arthur rf4#fanfiction#fic#Blue#my graphic#mine#soulmate au#rf4 blue
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  • liliansun
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Pick & Choose | 34 - Pick or choose

    0.6 wc , no warnings

    Sitting in your bed, music played in the background to help keep you distracted from your thoughts. Part of you missed Sunghoon, he had quickly became such a huge part of your life and in the last three weeks he was gone. Until today, he had reappeared and maybe you’ll be able to have him once again, just as a friend. You were reading a book, one of Jake’s favorites. He had given it to you when you were last at his house, trying to finish it so that he can have it back when he came to visit you. Just as you were about to finish the last chapter, you heard a knock at your door. Sunoo wasn’t home, he had been over at Beomgyu’s house and your parents were at work. You assumed it was Jake, setting the book down and hurrying down the stairs.

    When you opened the front door, you noticed all he had with him. A bouquet of your favorite flowers, something within his jacket pocket and a tub of your favorite ice cream. He smiled at you, such a smile should be illegal. Stepping aside, Jake walked in. “What is all this for?” You asked, rubbing the petals on the flowers. “You, actually.” He said, getting your attention. You furrowed your brows as he handed you the flowers, holding them to your chest to take in their sweet floral scent. “Thank you Jake, they’re beautiful.” You replied, walking to the kitchen to put them in a vase. Jake followed behind you, heading to the freezer to set the ice cream in so that it wouldn’t melt. As you filled the vase up with water, you felt Jake staring at you. Heat was rising up your neck and settling along your cheeks while you set the flowers into the vase. Grabbing the vase, you walked up to your room, having the perfect place in mind to put them.

    Jake followed you, eyes glued to the back of your head while the two of you walked up the stairs and into your room. You set the vase in your window, smiling at how they brighten the room up. When you turned around, you nearly bumped into Jake. He was so close, you could practically hear his heart beating in his chest. “Y/n, can we talk?” His words made you nervous, anytime he wanted to talk it was usually bad and never ended good. Hesitantly, you nodded, taking his hand and walking to the edge of the bed where you two sat. You turned to face him, watching how he seemed to be holding back. Your mind was creating the worst possibilities as to why he wanted to talk and you didn’t realize how tightly you were gripping his hand. Jake didn’t seem to mind as his thumb grazed over a spot on your hand, soothing his own nerves.

    “Y/n, hear me out okay?” Nodding, you focused on Jake. “I know it’s been a few weeks since you and Sunghoon broke up, but I never stopped loving you.” Loving? He loves me? As friends right? “But I want to give you what he couldn’t, what no one else can. I want to be there for you, I want to be by your side and spend my life with you.” He doesn’t know how dangerously he is playing with your heart. He couldn’t just say these things and not expect you to fall a little harder for him. “I want to be your boyfriend, y/n. That is, if you’ll have me. Unless you still want Sunghoon.”

    Sunghoon, the thought had crossed your mind before a million times the first week after the breakup, but with the few friends you could rely on, they helped you to see clearly. “Will you pick me or choose Sunghoon?” The question your friends asked you for so long, but at first you had a definite answer. Now with the circumstances, what was your answer? Will you pick Jake or will you choose Sunghoon?

    synopsis: Finding your soulmate seems like a dream come true right? Wrong, because finding out it’s your best friends boyfriend was just the beginning to the end. To make things worse, you weren’t the only one longing for someone you thought you’d never have.

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    taglist [open]: @lomlyeji @softforqiankun @nyfwyeonjun @seungstarss @j3ntle @sunnymoointhehouse @cha-raena @yougeans @freessaaenhaa @daisyhwa @mykalon @ncityy04 @nshrikiii @angel-ishere @coolcloudpsychichumanoid @acciomylove @diestheticu @hobistigma @neptuniees @90sni-ki @woonieiv @atinyyylove @c9tnoos @jisungsquirrelhabits @ninjaleeknow @dyzennie @clear-color-hair @nnasheii @primorange @msxflower @theskzvibe @rein-deer-stuffs @taejinxkoya @rinyx @mymeloem19 @youreverydayzebra @aintmajor @axurio @kac-chowsballs @wonietree @luvrjn @enhappenstance @dear-dreamie @clumsyby @hoewithnojams @meiinumaki @abdiitcryy @mika-monalisa @kingkaithekiwi @fylithia @blank-velvet @baekhyunstruly @lvrshypen

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  • liliansun
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Pick & Choose | 33 - See you around

    synopsis: Finding your soulmate seems like a dream come true right? Wrong, because finding out it’s your best friends boyfriend was just the beginning to the end. To make things worse, you weren’t the only one longing for someone you thought you’d never have.

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    taglist [open]: @lomlyeji @softforqiankun @nyfwyeonjun @seungstarss @j3ntle @sunnymoointhehouse @cha-raena @yougeans @freessaaenhaa @daisyhwa @mykalon @ncityy04 @nshrikiii @angel-ishere @coolcloudpsychichumanoid @acciomylove @diestheticu @hobistigma @neptuniees @90sni-ki @woonieiv @atinyyylove @c9tnoos @jisungsquirrelhabits @ninjaleeknow @dyzennie @clear-color-hair @nnasheii @primorange @msxflower @theskzvibe @rein-deer-stuffs @taejinxkoya @rinyx @mymeloem19 @youreverydayzebra @aintmajor @axurio @kac-chowsballs @wonietree @luvrjn @enhappenstance @dear-dreamie @clumsyby @hoewithnojams @meiinumaki @abdiitcryy @mika-monalisa @kingkaithekiwi @fylithia @blank-velvet @baekhyunstruly @lvrshypen

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  • theseasontm
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    Hail fellow, NOBLE SEBASTIAN SMYTHE OF FRANCE has arrived in London. Please send your profile in within 48 hours to claim your role in the ton.

    Greetings from the ton, is that { man } {SEBASTIAN SMYTHE & GRANT GUSTIN } OF { FRANCE } that I just saw promenading at the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens ? { He/Him } are the { charming } { high ranking noble in a family that has risen in the noble ranks for generations } that is known for { being shown off by his parents in the hopes of marrying him to a Prince or Princess } . If anyone found out about { his promiscuous nature or his family’s desire to take over } , they might be ruined .

    His father is an advisor to the King of France, think Jafar in the sense that he wants to keep rising higher and wouldn’t be mad if the Smythes took over France. His mother is the French Ambassador to other countries, so they travel a lot to do a lot of the talking to foreign officials for the King. When they’re not traveling for the King, they are an important part of French Court. 

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  • the-awkward-echo
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Soulmate AU List - part 2

    Disclaimer: Some AUs overlap. They will (hopefully) be mentioned in one place only. Keep scrolling to find what you’re looking for. This is not entirely alphabetical. This is not a complete list and can always be added to/improved.

    See previous post for additional variations

    Table of Contents - **communication/sound

    1. General  2. Language  3. Telepathy  4. Writing


    *before you die, you are able to send one last message to your soulmate

    *you know your soulmate when you say their name

    *you know your soulmate when they say your name

    *it is impossible to lie to your soulmate

    a. you are forced to speak the truth

    b. lies literally cannot escape your mouth, instead there is silence

    c. you cannot mouth a lie  

    d. you can mouth a lie

    *you know who your soulmate is when you first make eye contact with them

    *each night you receive a random sentence your soulmate said that day

    *each person has a special block of clay representing their soulmate, that changes form or color based on their soulmate’s emotions

    *you can send one item to your soulmate every year (see Time Related)

    *whenever you lose an item like a sock, it ends up in your soulmate’s possession

    *legend says that if you fold # paper (anything), you can meet your soulmate

    *there’s a point system in life, and you can purchase clues on soulmate for # points.

    *if you send off a paper airplane, it moves in the direction of your soulmate


    *speak the same language

    *do not speak the same language

    *things are translated

    *things are not translated

    *understand the same language


    *hearing the music they hear and vice versa

    a. able to be suppressed  b. not able to be suppressed  c. you hear all of the music that they hear d. sometimes/randomly you hear what they listen to 

    *whenever you get a song stuck in your head, it’s because your soulmate is singing it

    *sharing dreams (also see time related)

    a. you can view your soulmate’s dreams without them knowing  b. they always know  c. they only sometimes know


    *you and your soulmate can sense each other’s emotions

    a. only strong emotions  b. all emotions  c. only positive emotions  d. only negative emotions  e. you can block out the emotions  f. you cannot block out the emotions

    *you hear random thoughts from your soulmate

    *you receive random memories from your soulmate


    *write something on your own skin, appears on the other’s skin as well, vice versa

    a. permanent  b. not permanent  c. same color  d. different color  e. write with anything  f. can only write in pen, pencil, etc.

    *have a shared space/tablet that is used to communicate with

    *when you space out while within reach of a writing utensil, you find yourself writing your soulmate’s thoughts

    To be continued...

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  • khyrrn-v2
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    May I propose:

    Soulmate AU but miscommunication (kind of)

    Everyone has the name of their soulmate(s) tattooed on their wrist. Person A has Person B’s name tattooed on their wrist, but Person B has a different name on THEIR wrist. Person B’s soulmate is Person A, but Person B doesn’t come into knowing contact with Person A until Person A’s name has legally changed. Person A is self conscious because they think Person A is ignoring them.

    Side Note: Soulmate Tattoos have the true name the person had when they first met. (Like,, someone was was born Jacqueline but preferred to be called Jack. Jack and the last name would show up. A middle name too if they had one.)

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  • bakatenshii
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #urusai! baka #i will be adding dis to my reading list #i see soulmate au i am looking directly #i see SOFT YAN i am looking hARDER #im a sucker for some twisted but soft content #vvv on brand for el shiggidy #so ty for the rec!! #linked for ez access for anyone else whos interested hehe #eggshells n dynamite is v cute title tho
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  • manbehindtheshield
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    @smokinmirrors​ asked: ( 𝐆𝐑𝐄𝐄𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 )

    Before he even saw her he could feel her coming up behind him.  Their soulmate bond was so strong now that they had been together for almost a year.  His heart clenched tightly and he could feel just how distressed and sad she was but had no idea why.  

    Turning around to finally face her Steve noticed just how red and puffy her eyes were from crying.  “Mason...” His voice was just a whisper as her arms wrapped tightly around him and her head buried against his chest.  He could feel her small frame shudder against his body.  “What’s wrong?  What happened?” he asked, stroking his hand through her hair.

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  • middleagedresidentofriverdale
    24.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Six Sentence Sunday

    Y’all know I prefer a rather loose interpretation of the number six.

    Here’s a little taste of chapter 39 of I Seem to Have Loved You in Numberless Forms.

    He might not be home.” Jughead warned, more for his own benefit than Betty’s, as the duo stared at the Jones’ front door. “He might be at the Wyrm. He might be at work. Or he might–”
    Betty knew that FP Jones had been sober for almost two years, and she also knew the worry that crawled through Jughead’s veins, the fear that the fragile peace he’d made with his father would be doused by a tsunami of liquor, sweeping them both away. She let Jughead have his concerns in peace, and she grabbed his hand, clutching his fingers firmly. “Let’s find out, Jug. I’m ready to tell him. I don’t want to hide this – hide us.”
    Jughead steeled himself for the disappointment that seemed to follow him like a shroud and was pleasantly surprised to find a sober FP Jones sitting on the couch, soda in hand and baseball on the TV. When he heard the creak of the trailer door, Jughead’s father smirked and eyed his son’s hand joined with Betty Cooper’s.
    The union of their hands looked like it might continue forever. His father, who’d given him so little, thought Jughead deserved this gift. 
    #bughead#bughead fanfiction #lady_grey_reborn on ao3 #six sentence sunday #soulmate au #numbers are an ambiguous concept
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  • slothspaghettiwrites
    24.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #sloth asks#animnerd #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes #soulmate!au #soulmate prompts
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  • bakerinator
    24.10.2021 - 13 hours ago


    #bakutodo#art#cute #artists on tumblr #digital art#bnha#bnha fanart#mha fanart#mha #my art 2021 #my hero academia #bakugou katsuki #boku no hero academia #todoroki shouto#mha bakugou#mha todoroki#todobaku#soulmate au#kid todoroki#kid bakugo#meme #original meme from lilo and stitch movie
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  • creativegarbage
    24.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    A Soulmate AU where on your dominant hand, you have a tattoo of your romantic soulmate's favourite flower, and your platonic soulmate's favourite flower on your non-dominant hand. (Aromantic/Asexual people only have one on the respective hand, or none at all)

    It starts out as a bud when you're born, then begins to bloom when you meet, is fully bloomed the first time you touch, and dies when the soulmate dies.

    #soulmate#soulmates#soulmate au#soulmate aus#au prompt#soulmate prompt #soulmate au prompt #soul flowers#soulmate flowers#flower au #soulmate au otp prompt #otp prompt#writing prompt#otp prompts #soulmate otp prompt #soulmate au prompts #imagine your otp
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  • ao3-saiki-updates
    24.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Dark Reunion

    Dark Reunion by darkreunionkinnie

    one visit to “Jade-eyes” flips saiki and kaidou's life upside down. (In which Jade-eyes wasn't a fake, and Kaidou (and Saiki) were actually possessed by spirits)

    Words: 449, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 斉木楠雄のΨ難 | Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan | The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: Major Character Death

    Categories: F/M, M/M

    Characters: Kaidou Shun, Saiki Kusuo

    Relationships: Kaidou Shun/Saiki Kusuo

    Additional Tags: The Dark Reunion, eternal SOULMATES, Lost Memories, Psychic Abilities, OCs, saidou canon

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34698187

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  • wardenparker
    24.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Wish You Were Here - ch. 7

    Marcus Moreno x female reader

    –We Can Be Heroes meets the Soulmate Universe!– When Missy’s favourite actress is cast to play Marcus’s late wife in the biographical movie of her life, Marcus finds himself drawn to the young actress. What will he do when he learns the truth about the identity of her soulmate? How will his and Missy’s lives change as she becomes a part of their future?

    Rating: T for cursingggggg Word Count: 11.6k Warnings: The usual cursing warning. Beginnings of an ongoing discussion of a mentally/emotionally abusive family, and reader’s religious upbringing. But honestly this chapter is mostly fluffy fluffy fluff.  Chapter Summary: IT’S TIME, GUYS. IT’S SCAR TIME. Notes: Alright, I’m gonna get into the notes on this one. TECHNICALLY THESE NOTES COULD BE CONSIDERED SPOILERS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! We’re starting to learn more of our actress’s background and about her family, and it is *ugly*. I come from an emotionally/mentally abusive upbringing myself so these issues are incredibly important to me, and @absurdthirst has given me so much room to breathe while we write through them. Her support has been completely endless and wonderful and I’m so grateful for her. In addition, reader comes from a zealously Mormon home. I am coming at this from the perspective of someone who has grown up with Mormon friends (some zealous and some not), and I have a large amount of family within the Church. That being said, I am not a member of the LDS Church myself and if I have used an incorrect term or incorrectly identified/described something, please message me privately and let me know so that I can fix the issue. Thank you to everyone who is coming on this journey with us - it means so, so much 💕

    Chapter 1 ~ Chapter 2 ~ Chapter 3 ~ Chapter 4 ~ Chapter 5 ~ Chapter 6

    Marcus has probably drunk his weight in coffee but at least he’s not snapping at everyone in the building. Having warned Adam that tonight might not happen due to the very poor reception of the secret he had only told his best friend after Melanie’s death; he had locked himself in his office to try and plow his way through the rest of his paperwork. Studiously avoiding the clock to see if it was time for you to arrive.

    He had felt better when he woke up. The picture and text that had been waiting for him had done wonders to ease the bile churning in his stomach. Not that he would have slept any easier. Last night was filled with dreams, Melanie berating him for not telling their daughter the truth and Missy’s angry ’I hate you’ playing on a constant repeat through his subconscious until he had just gotten up for the day at two-thirty in the morning.

    The morning was…hectic. Missy was predictably sluggish getting ready for school after such an emotionally charged night, but a little bit of breakfast in both of you and you had managed to get her to school on time and yourself to your meeting.

    The meeting was hell. The producers didn’t want to hear a word of what you had to say and it took almost the entire meeting time to sell them on the idea that Marcus was totally behind this, could prove it, and that they would exclusively be telling the True Story of the beloved Melanie Moreno.

    You were a little fried, despite being excited to see Marcus, and stopped at the cafeteria for two of the sandwiches he loves to bring to his office. You guarantee he hasn’t eaten yet.


    The knock on the door pulls Marcus out of yet another financial analysis of the mishap where Tech-No’s drone accidentally collided with a building. Luckily, no one was hurt. Unfortunately, the building was brand new and now needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the structural issues caused by the out-of-control technology.

    “Come in.”

    You nudge the door open gently, sticking your head inside. “Hey.” Your face completely lights up, despite being worried about how tired and stressed he looks. “Are you busy? I can come back later.”

    Marcus leans back, waving you inside. “No come on in.” He takes off his glasses and tosses them on the desk before rubbing the bridge of his nose. “I need a break anyway.” He grumbles, looking up at you after a second. “How did everything go?”

    “I brought lunch.” Completely skipping over the question for a second, you set the door behind you and set the bag on his desk between your usual seats before you find his eyes. “The meeting was…stressful. But they’re willing to do the rewrite if we can show them proof.”

    Marcus snorts and shakes his head. He had anticipated a reaction like that. Reaching for a drawer, he opens it and pulls out a picture. Melanie and Marcus, standing side by side, showing their left hips, right above the pelvis bone. Melanie had a tattoo of a heart with Missy’s birthday. Marcus’s skin was clear. “This should be enough.”

    “That’s it, then.” You nod vaguely, taking the photo from him to tuck safely in between the pages of a book in your purse. “They’ll do the rewrites, and we can tell the truth.” Looking back up at him, you reach for his hand. “You look exhausted, honey.”

    “Couldn’t sleep.” He tells you honestly, letting his fingers slide through yours.

    You round the side of his desk, offering him a place to slip into your arms. “You’ll sleep better tonight. Missy spent all morning preparing an apology after I promised her you don’t hate her.”

    “I could never hate her.” Marcus easily takes your warmth and love, leaning his head against your chest and listens to your heartbeat. “From the moment she slipped into the world and into my arms, she has had my heart.”

    “She realizes what she said is cruel, and she knows she said it out of anger and that she didn’t mean it.” The warmth of him against you is always reassuring, you’re finding. No matter what the reason. “She loves you so much. Everything is okay, Marcus,” you murmur gently, letting your fingers comb through the hair on the back of his neck.

    “Hmmm.” Marcus’s eyes close and he sighs into your shirt. Your fingers feel like heaven in his hair and he swears he could drift off to sleep right here. “Thank you. I can never repay you for looking after her last night.” He murmurs.

    “You may rethink that statement when you hear the rest of what we talked about,” you warn him, despite the little smile in your voice. After debating with yourself all day, you had decided to simply tell him everything that was said so he would have a better scope of where Missy is at with everything.

    “Oh God.” Marcus groans quietly. “The two of you have ganged up on me and decided the best revenge is shopping using my credit card.” He teases, smiling even if he doesn’t look up or open his eyes.

    “Hardly,” you snort, pressing a kiss to the top of his head before you lean back to use his desk as a seat. “But Missy is getting…attached to us being together. Really quickly.”

    That has him pulling back to look at you. Not panicking, but curious. “What did she say?”

    Taking a much deeper than usual breath and exhaling slowly, you have to force yourself to meet Marcus’s eyes. As much as it had made you so incredibly proud and happy last night, it was still much, much too fast even for the warp speed emotional pace you and Marcus have been setting. “Before she fell asleep…” your voice is thick, hoping he won’t panic. “She said she was going to like having me as her stepmom.” You sigh, forehead creasing in worry. “Her words, no paraphrasing.”

    Marcus stares at you for a second before he starts to laugh. Deep and rich, reaching for your hand and squeezing it while he gets it out.

    “Why is that funny?” Your brow furrows deeper even as he takes your hand.

    “No one can ever say that Missy isn’t bright.” He manages after he catches his breath. He arches an eyebrow at you and shakes his head at your response. “Baby, do I seem like the casual affair type?” He asks you seriously.

    “Well…” You shake your head, trying to set your thoughts in order somehow. “No. But. I mean…we talked about going slow, and…” but then, you did both say you love each other yesterday… Jesus Christ. “I’m not…I don’t expect anything, Marcus. That’s not…I mean I wouldn’t…” You breathe, trying to stop yourself from reeling. “We had our first date two days ago. It’s not like I’m looking at rings, honey.”

    Marcus chuckles and pulls you closer again, deciding this chair was made for holding you in his lap. “I know.” He assures you. His tone smooth and low. “I think if I pulled a ring out you would have me committed.” His hand starts rubbing circles on your back. “But I also wouldn’t start something with you if I didn’t see a goal.”

    “To be fair, Missy might already have a wedding planned before the end of school today,” you murmur into his shirt. It’s the strangest sense of relief you’ve ever felt in your life, but you definitely can’t deny it. This conversation feels right somehow. And that itself should have the Old You running for the hills. Burying your face against his neck, you could almost cry. “I love you.” You whisper, grateful the barrier has been broken. “And I…I’m done with casual affairs.”

    “We will tell her to pump the brakes on that, but when we are ready, she can be as excites as she wants.” Marcus murmurs amused. “I love you too.”

    “My 14 year old maid of honour?” You almost huff out the joke, intentionally using it to gauge his reaction as you breathe again.

    He chuckles and squeezing your body gently after he wraps his arms around you. “You want to write out a timeline?” He asks, wondering how insane this is to being talking about it, but it’s not like he hadn’t known he loved Melanie this fast.

    “Are we that formal about it?” The idea had never even occurred to you, honestly, but it sounded like Marcus - practical without losing any of the emotion. “Sit with a notebook and a pen with our lunch?”

    He chuckles. “I juggle the entire Heroics team, a teenage daughter and keeping a house from falling down around our ears.” He reminds you. “You think I don’t plan things out?”

    You nearly roll your eyes but kiss him instead. “My manager and publicist are going to love you.” Slipping out of him arms, you start to unpack the bag with your sandwiches and pull up your chair. “Alright, grab a pen,” you tell him with a lopsided grin.

    He snorts and dutifully grabs a pen. “We are not planning out everything I hope?” He asks, lifting a brow at you.

    “The broad strokes?” The last things from the bag are water bottles and you sit down across from him. “Picking out the exact dates ruins the fun.”

    “What do you have in mind?” He asks, tapping the pen on the desk. “Going public?”

    You crack open your bottle and feel your stomach flip. “Presumably…living together?”

    Marcus pauses, his heart thumping and he gives you a serious look. “I have a question and I need you to be completely honest with me.”

    “Of course.” Setting everything down in front of you, you sit back and watch him expectantly. If this is the conversation you’re having, complete honesty is kind of a given.

    “Do you have an issue with living in the house that- well, that Melanie and I bought together?” He holds up his pen so you don’t try to rush out an answer. “I am being serious. I need to know. It’s - it’s the only home that Missy has ever known and it’s where her memories are with Melanie and I don’t know if I can make her move.”

    The question definitely isn’t what you expected, but it’s pure evidence of Marcus’s thoughtfulness, both in regard to the people he loves and the entire planning and caretaking aspect of his life. “To be honest?” You reach out, lowering his hand from its defensive position. “I hadn’t even considered that you would live anywhere else. That’s your home. And I wouldn’t want you or Missy to have to give that up. Besides,” a little grin parts your lips. “Missy’s entire future wardrobe is upstairs. It would be a sin to take her away from that.”

    There’s a small glint in his eyes, the wheels turning in his head. “Hmmm…” he murmurs, biting his lip as he mulls it over.

    “Why are you hmming at me, Marcus Moreno?” You raise an eyebrow at him in suspicion. That look on his face can only mean trouble.

    “There is another portion of the closet.” He tells you, lifting a brow as he waits for your reaction. “It was finished a few months before…the accident.” He smirks. “Melanie was going to move everything to the back and have the front of the closet to fill up. But I’m thinking…..you are also a clothes horse.”

    You level him with the absolute most serious expression you can, holding in the grin and the excited way the realism of the situation makes your heart beat faster. Your words may be joking, but the feeling behind them is real. “Go get a ring, Marcus.” You tell him as seriously as you can - even though the grin is threatening to break through.

    He snorts. “What are you talking about, that was the proposal.”

    The way both of you smile - the laugh that’s shared - is like a breath of clean, fresh air. “I’m very aware that you’re accepting me into the life you’ve built,” you assure him. “And I want to be a part of it. Not reconstruct it to pretend like Melanie was never there.”

    “I was- it’s an idea, but, I’d like to leave Melanie’s wedding dress where it is.” He murmurs. “And have another case for your dress, when we do get married, to display beside it?” He winces. “Or is that weird?”

    The sound of when we do sends a little shiver through you and your grin spreads wider. “I think it’s nice,” you admit, trying not to sound too excited. “Somebody else might think it’s weird, but it’s not their house or their life. Let’s just see what Missy thinks before we have the second case put in.”

    Marcus frowns. “We don’t have to. It was just an idea.” He assures you.

    “And I think it’s a nice idea.” The last thing you want is for him to get self-conscious, so you unwrap both sandwiches and nudge his toward him, trying to make the conversation seem a little less extraordinary. “But I still think we should ask Missy. Melanie’s dress belongs to her now, and I want to make sure she’s okay with them being next to each other. Otherwise, we’ll build the case in the other part of the closet, that’s all.”

    “Yeah.” He nods. “I agree she needs to be on board.”

    “We’re also not talking about doing this next week,” you raise an eyebrow at him. “Are we?”

    “I would think everyone would believe we lost our minds.” He chuckles, shaking his head. “Besides. We haven’t even had sex yet.” He reminds you. “Might want to make sure we are compatible in bed first.”

    “I think we threw moving slow out the window already.” You throw him a teasing, cheeky smirk. “Better just strip down and fuck on your desk. That’s clearly the answer.”

    “Right.” He tosses you an amused grin and shakes his head. “I was thinking when you get back.” He admits. Not because he isn’t eager, but because he knows he will want to keep in you bed for more than a few hours.

    You can’t help but feel a little disappointed. Not because you actually thought that having sex on his desk was a good idea by any stretch of the imagination, but because waiting six more weeks for him seems like an eternity. But, as you’ve constantly told yourself, he’s worth waiting for. “Okay,” you set your expression to something that doesn’t read like a pout and take a sip of your water. “If that’s what you’re comfortable with, that’s what we’ll do.”

    “Believe me I would love nothing more than to have this happen right now.” Marcus assures you, groaning slightly. “But I was thinking…a weekend away. Me and you in a cabin. Maybe Napa? Something romantic and just us?”

    “Oh.” A flush of embarrassment tips your ears, feeling silly for thinking anything less of him. Of course he wants to make it special. This isn’t just any other date for him - it’s five years of waiting. “That…” you deflate a little, the posture you were forcing yourself into dropping along with your shoulders. “That sounds beautiful.”

    “I just—" The same heat from two nights ago is burning in his eyes. “When I get you into bed, I’m going to want to keep you there for a while.”

    The sound that comes out of your chest is definitely a pitiful kind of moan that you can barely keep from being loud, and you clear your throat to grasp at composure. That promise is going to haunt you for the next six weeks. “Baby,” you lean forward, grateful you wore a lower-than-usual cut dress today. “If I ever complain about you keeping me in bed, I have been replaced with an evil clone and need to be destroyed.”

    Marcus grins, the dirtiest one he can manage. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He tells you, eyes dipping down to your cleavage and he groans at the idea of burying his face in your tits. “I want to make sure you enjoy yourself. Those sounds you make are addictive.”

    “Judging by what you managed without touching me, I’d say you have nothing to worry about.” And considering you’ve dreamt about him each night since; you’re prepared to say that the addiction isn’t at all one sided. “I wonder if your powers are proximity related, or if you could do that again over FaceTime.” It’s highly unlikely, but it’s worth fantasizing about.

    “It’s proximity related, I’m afraid.” Marcus tells you, even as he lifts his brow at what you are insinuating. “Are you wanting to have phone sex while you are gone?” His faux scandalized tone is just for show.

    “I’m going to be masturbating either way,” you reason, with a nonchalant shrug that is completely put on. Until this moment, you somehow had figured phone sex would be outside of Marcus’s wheelhouse. “Might as well have the person I’m fantasizing about watch or listen while I’m at it.”

    “Hmmmm, my own private show?” His voice dips down, body liking that idea a lot. “I would be okay with that.” He rumbles. “Seeing how you like to touch yourself.”

    “Did I accidentally find a kink?” You raise an eyebrow at him, crossing your arms under your chest as you lean further forward on his desk. You hadn’t missed the way his eyes lingered and you definitely haven’t forgotten him biting your tits a few nights ago. “Does the All-American Heroic have a thing for voyeurism?”

    “Maybe a little.” He admits, flushing slightly and squirming in his chair. He is not going to bring up his late wife in this conversation. “Everyone’s a little dirty.”

    “Mmhmm.” There’s no way you’re backing down on this now that the door is open. At least not right away. “Anything else I should be aware of? Favorite toys? Preferred restraints?” You quirk an eyebrow at him. “If your safe word isn’t dilf, it should be.”

    He chokes out a laugh and shakes his head. “Uh- it’s not….” He flushes slightly and shrugs his shoulders. “It’s been a while since anything like that has been needed.”

    “No pressure, babe,” you remind him, sitting back in your chair again. “I mean it. None.”

    “No, fuck, I want to have sex again.” Marcus blurts out quickly. “Really want to have sex with you. I’m just…rusty.”

    “I’m not debating that!” A small laugh bubbles from your lips but you shake it away. “I just meant there’s no pressure on kinks, that’s all. Because I love you, but a chaste marriage isn’t realistic for me. Doesn’t have to be soon, but it does have to happen eventually.”

    “We tapered off on the kinky shit after…well after she lost the baby.” He admits. “Just never got back to that place.” He bites his lip. “But I’ve got to admit I would love to explore that again with you.”

    “I think the most applicable word for the future second Mrs. Moreno is freaky,” you admit sheepishly. “Just a heads up.”

    “Oh yeah?” Now you have gotten his attention. “Like what?”

    “Um,” you almost laugh again, loving the way he perks up. “Voyeurism,” you hold up your hand to tick things off your fingers like a list. “Also exhibitionism, those two go hand in hand. Role play…I have a few restraints I like to use. Lots of toys…”

    “I can see the role play.” Marcus laughs. “You’re an actress. And everyone has toys.”

    “Sensory deprivation and impact stuff…blindfolds, I have some noise cancelling headphones for playing with…spanking and whipping, that kind of stuff…”  you hesitate, looking away for a second. “Obviously the multiple partner lifestyle is ending. It’s not something that’s mandatory for me to enjoy myself and I don’t want an open relationship or anything like that. I haven’t done that stuff in a while.”

    Marcus is relieved at that, unable to quiet determine how he would feel about sharing you. “I’ve never done something like that before.” He tells you honestly.

    “And I’m not going to ask you to.” The dream you had last weekend had been so wild - a hungry Marcus wanting as much as he could get.  The real Marcus might be hungry in his own right, but definitely only for one person at a time.

    “I won’t take it off the table.” If there was anything he had learned it was never to leave yourself no room to compromise. You were definitely a free spirit sexually and he didn’t want to stifle you. “Just- for now- let’s concentrate on us.”

    “Marcus,” you shake your head, actually surprised at how strongly you feel about changing this particular part of your sex life. “I’m taking it off the table. For me. I… I’m going to be very openly selfish about the fact that I don’t want to share you. I want it to just be you and me.”

    “Are you sure?” He asks, wanting to make sure he is not holding you back.

    “I’m sure.” Maybe to both of your surprise, from the look on his face. “It’s not like I think something is magically wrong with it now, I just—" you flush hot. “Monogamy sounds pretty fuckin sexy when it’s with you.”

    “Good.” His shoulders slump in relief, and he gives a sigh. “I wasn’t sure I could handle sharing you.” He admits. “I mean I could if it would make you happy, but I wouldn’t-“

    “It’s off the table,” you assure him quietly, before a bright smile overtakes your face again. “Now what else is going on our Magical Monogamy Timeline?”

    Marcus chuckles and shrugs. “Baby, I’m kind of winging it right now.”

    “Okay,” realizing he’s not going to start eating unless you do, you take a bite of your sandwich to but yourself time to breathe. “I have one for you, then.”

    “Okay….” Marcus picks up his sandwich and takes a bite of it. His stomach growls and he realizes he didn’t actually eat anything this morning. “Hit me with your best shot.”

    Squaring your shoulders, you find his eyes on you easily. “Do you want more kids?”

    More than seeing you wear Melanie’s dress, this is his deer in the headlights moment. “I, uh, we can- I, uh—"

    “I have savings put away for my baby already,” You barrel through the explanation when he freezes. “The baby I would have eventually, I mean. I always planned on being a mom, whether or not I had a partner never factored into the equation. This is…” You pause, taking a sip of your water. “I want to be a mom one day. More than I even want to be married. So…it would be ideal for you to want to have more kids.”

    His relief is audible. “Oh thank God.” He moans, dropping his sandwich and reaching for your hand. “I do want more kids, but I never wanted you to feel like I expected you to give me children if you didn’t want.” He rushes out, trying to explain. “I know a lot of people- uh, your age, don’t want kids.”

    “That’s why we’re talking about it,” you’re grateful to be able to bring his hand up to your lips, placing a kiss on his skin. “Missy will be a hell of a big sister.”

    “Yes she would.” He murmurs with a smile. It gets wider until he is chuckling again. “I can’t believe I met you less than two weeks ago.” He admits.

    “And we said we were going to go slow,” you roll your eyes, actually laughing at it because of how patently ridiculous the thought has become with every passing day. “I’m pretty sure we’ve accidentally hit Soulmate Speed.” Though that doesn’t matter in the least. Not to the reality of the thing.

    He nods. “I have a feeling if you weren’t leaving for six weeks, we would have you moved in, in no time.”

    You smile at him - at Marcus, the man you one hundred percent are not scared to be in love with - and you can feel your heart beat double time. “I’m going to drive Danny and Mandy up a wall,” you laugh, knowing that your other closest friend in the world will want to hear every detail.

    “Mandy?” He tilts his head curiously.

    “My best friend,” returning to eating, the whole tone of your conversation has calmed again, allowing both of you to relax a little. “We met a couple of years ago on the show. She’ll pretend to be sick of hearing me talk about you and Missy within about a week, but I guarantee the next day she’ll be asking me every detail.” You shrug, the fondness for your friend never wavering. “She’s a hopeless romantic.”

    Marcus chews his lips a little. The reality of the situation being that despite how strong he felt, he doesn’t know you, hits him like a truck. He doesn’t know you. Not really. He didn’t know until right now who your best friend was. So the fact that you were both waiting until you get back from principal shooting to take things further was a good thing, despite the urge to shove everything aside and just go for it.

    “I want to know everything.” He announces. “Everything about you when we talk while you’re gone. I want it to be more than just phone sex, or whatever.” His brow furrows and he sends you a level look. “Okay?”

    “Of course it will be more than that,” you frown, putting down your sandwich again and wiping your fingers on a napkin. You don’t like the way Marcus’s face has just gone serious all at once. “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing’s wrong per say.” Marcus shakes his head slightly as his eyes widen, hating that he’s given you that impression. “Really, buttercup. I just- it just hit me that we are talking about getting married but I didn’t know who your best friend is.” He lets out a tiny breath and gives you a slightly bashful shrug. “I want to make sure that we know the good and the bad about each other.”

    “Well, my other closest friend is Danny, so you were halfway there.” Tossing your napkin back on his desk, you sigh. He’s right. And it sucks. The one and only thing you’re both sure of right now is how much you love each other, not any of the mundane stuff. “You should come to set some point.” It was something by you were going to suggest anyway, but now it’s important instead of fun. “See what work is like for me. And Mandy’s working on the movie, so you can meet her.”

    “That sounds good.” Marcus nods, even as he wonders how he will handle it. A lot of the movie is pivotal moment for Melanie and in turn - him. “I’ll be your coffee flunky for a day.” He decides, teasing you with a smile.

    “The most overqualified intern we’ve ever had.” At least he’s smiling, so he’s not worried he’ll end up hating you - hopefully. It’s so easy to know Marcus. He wears his life on his sleeve - Missy and his mom and his work. His best friend is here, and his past is something you’re now intimately familiar with. You hate that he’s right - but there’s more to get to know than what you’ve talked about.

    “I don’t want to judge your past.” He murmurs, knowing that you might be a little wary of opening up to him. He knows the image he gives. The All American Heroic, the classic steady and true hero. He has to be unassumingly square and proper. That chaffed but he wasn’t going to trash his image for the sake of his ego. He was too mature for that.

    “I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of it on fan sites,” you mumble, hating the way this is getting to you. He is so easy to get to know. Your baggage is a lot more…varied. “I don’t even know what my body count is. I stopped keeping track.”

    “So?” He raises a brow at the way you seem embarrassed by that comment. As if you expected him to make a snap judgement about your character because of that. “Why would I care about that?” He asks softly.

    “Most people would.” You shrug a little. “Just…get ready for a whole lot of comments and headlines about you taming me, that’s all.”

    He rolls his eyes so hard it’s worthy of Missy’s dramatics. “Oh my God.” He groans, shaking his head. “The public, especially the press can be so ridiculous.” He sighs, deciding you probably already knew about it. “Remember when they tried to insinuate that I was cheating on Melanie?”

    “Yeah, but to be fair, it’s pretty obvious that Ms. Vox does have a thing for you,” you point out. About six or seven years ago there had been a string of photos considered very scandalous of Marcus and Adrienne Vox out and about, including bits of them having lunch together and shopping. You groan ruefully. “The photographer who decided to frame those shots as you having an affair with your wife’s best friend must have made a fortune.”

    He snorts and nods. “Yep.” He shrugs. “What they weren’t considering is that I was shopping with her best friend to pick out the perfect anniversary gift for my wife.” He looks back over at you. “The point is, Melanie laughed at the rumors, because she knew that was the farthest thing from the truth. And whatever they say about us. We know what this is, so I’m going to laugh it off.”

    “And what happens when you find out something about me that you don’t like?” You’re showing your age. And your inexperience with long term relationships. But it’s a fair question.

    “The same question can be asked of you.” He turns it around on you neatly. You seemed to think there was some deep, dark secret that would make him run and you knew most of his secrets so far. “Give me an example and I’ll give you my reaction.”

    Sitting back in your chair, you close your eyes momentarily and sigh. “When they meet you…If they meet you, my parents are going to try to convert you. And Missy. They…” You groan. “I’m from Salt Lake City.” You tell him, hoping that explains that entire piece of your youth. “I don’t want Missy or any of our children spending time alone with them. They’re zealots.”

    “Ah.” It explains your wild, misspent youth. The rebellion. “Buttercup, you can’t help who you were born to any more than I could help it.” He murmurs softly. “Why would that change how I feel about you?”

    “You should run screaming,” you tell him flatly.

    He scoffs, frowning in disappointment at your lack of faith in him. “I didn’t run when faced with alien invaders. Why would your parent’s religion make me tuck tail and abandon you? It sounds like you don’t practice it.”

    “I’ll take alien invaders over Mormons any day.” Despite once truly loving your brother, his mission years turned him into a True Believer, and it only made everything harder. “I got out as soon as I could. It meant literally starting my life over.”

    “I’m sorry baby.” He can’t imagine what it would have been like for you. “But that’s easy. We live with the boundaries you set for dealing with your parents. Period.” He assures you. “I will never encourage you to give them a second chance at whatever or push for some big family reunion.”

    Huffing slightly, your eyes flick up to find his again. “I’d fucking love to see your mother cut my mother down to size,” you almost manage a smile. “I only talk to my family so I can have phone privileges with my niece, and see my niece and nephew once a year. I want them to have someone in their life who loves them and isn’t in the Church.” The way his face twitches reminds you what this whole conversation is about. How much he doesn’t know about you. “I have a niece and nephew. Nephew is younger, and considered a golden child since he’s actually the child of soulmates.” You shake your head. “My brother met his soulmate on his mission in Norway. Which cemented his belief that the Church is the correct path.”

    “What about your niece?” He asks, tilting his head in confusion. “Oh right. The high school pregnancy.” His frown deepens and he shakes his head, unable to imagine favoring one child over another because one was created with a soulmate. “I don’t care for narrow minded people.”

    “Daisy’s a year younger than Missy.” Eating has turned into just picking at your napkin, which you abandon to pull out your phone. There is a whole folder in your Photos of Daisy and Corey through the years. You pop open the album and hand Marcus your phone. “I swear I would just adopt her and take her away if I could. She reminds me way too much of me.”

    “Would they let you have her?” He asks, raising a brow at you in question. “If she was allowed to attend the same schools as other Heroic’s kids?”

    Your neck practically snaps with how hard your head whips up to look at him. You had been focusing on a picture of you and Daisy at the family Christmas tree from last year. “I—I have no idea. Marcus I’m not asking you to adopt my niece. I mean, I wasn’t trying to insinuate anything. Just telling you how I feel.” The fact that he would even step on that feeling the way he did just proves how good of a man he is.

    “I know you aren’t asking.” Marcus gets up from his chair and walks around the desk to kneel down next to you to look at the picture of the bright, beautiful girl in the photo. He can see the sadness lingering in the depths of her eyes despite being clearly excited to see you. “But if you want to explore that avenue, having me as your significant other couldn’t hurt in convincing them.”

    “You’re the best person I’ve ever met in my life,” you tell him quietly. Threading your fingers through his, it’s easy to just hold his hand and let the warmth seep into your bones. “And the fact that you would even consider that makes you easily the best father.” Leaning over, you press a kiss to his cheek. “Are you prepared to meet actual descendants of Brigham Young? Because they are very proud of that fact.”

    He rolls his eyes again and gives you a confidant smirk. “I was raised the child of two Heroics, from a long line of them.” He tells you with a smug tone. “They won’t impress me. But I can pretend if it help you take Daisy out of that situation.”

    “Wherever I am, I go home for Christmas.” And whatever the hell you did to deserve Marcus, you’ll never know. “I’m not going to take Christmas away from you and Missy, but maybe they’ll let us come sometime around then. If you’re still willing.”

    “We can go with you.” Marcus volunteers immediately. “We- honey, we normally go on a vacation for Christmas.” He likes to take Missy away and let her forget about all the things back home for awhile. Last year’s trip to Hawaii had been fun but this was something important.

    “The suburbs of Salt Lake City would be a unique vacation.” You snort. “We’ll see how you still feel about it when December comes. In the meantime I might ask my brother if I can have more phone time with Daisy.”

    “You can always give her Missy’s number.” Marcus suggests. “Give her another friend to confide in and an ear to bend if you aren’t around. Plus they have something in common.” He says meaningfully, meaning they were both the children of non-soulmate parents.

    “What did I ever do to deserve you?” The sentiment is quiet. Whispered into the air right before you lean down slightly to kiss him.

    Marcus hums against your lips, still thrilled with the way your touch sets every sensation in his body alight. “I do want to tell you something, and I don’t want you to freak out.”

    “Okay…?” There’s been plenty of that type of sentence today. “Lay it on me.”

    He sighs and gives you a searching look. “You made a comment about how you don’t know what your body count is…”

    Shit. You brace yourself, swallowing down the incoming inevitable let down. “Right. I don’t.”

    “I don’t judge you for that. I don’t care.” He brings up you hand to kiss again. “But you might find me inadequate.”

    “Impossible,” You shake your head adamantly. That’s what he’s worried about? A smaller count? You had already rightfully assumed his number would be a lot lower than yours. “Baby, you were married for almost my entire period of sexual activity. Of course your number is going to be lower than mine.”

    Marcus takes a deep breath and gives you a sardonic grin. “Low?” He asks, shaking his head. “Try four. Four partners in my entire life.” He’s not exactly embarrassed although Adam would certainly give him shit for it. The other Heroic being quite the playboy before he had settled down. “So yeah…”

    “Okay.” You just nod and shrug, holding his hand while you do. “Honey, I don’t care. Just like you don’t care about my number. It sounds like you slept with people you care about. And that can’t be a bad thing. It’s what makes you…you. You’re a romantic.”

    “I don’t know if it was being a romantic.” Marcus shrugs. “I just- I was training too much to really be a social creature and then I met Melanie young…”

    “Then they were four very lucky women and I look forward to being the fifth.” The smile you have to offer him is lopsided and a little dreamy, obviously the expression of someone thoroughly smitten - which you absolutely are. “But romantic or otherwise, a lower number doesn’t make you inadequate. Not to me.”

    That makes him give you an even more unsettled look, fidgeting slightly.

    “What?” Your brow furrows at the way his face twists. “What did I say?”

    He looks away and has an internal debate with himself before he looks back over at you. “You said four women…” He trails off softly.

    Your face absolutely brightens, almost gleeful. “Marcus are you bi?” You really don’t mean to sound so delighted, but it’s so unexpected and something you would have in common.

    “I- no?” He answers it as a question, but then his shoulders sag slightly. “Yes, maybe?” He sighs. “I don’t fucking know. It was one guy. I just- we-“

    “Baby, I’m bi, remember?” You ring your arms around his shoulders, hugging him tightly before you lean back to look him in the eye. “I honestly think that’s great. I mean…you can experiment and still find out after that you’re straight, or you might have dived right into being bi, or maybe you’re just more apt to appreciate a handsome man every once in a while.” Pausing slightly, you brush a lock of his hair away from his glasses. “If that’s something you want to explore we can talk about it, okay? I don’t want to keep you from knowing yourself.”

    Marcus shakes his head. “No.” He answers that firmly. “I know my sexual preferences. Hell, the porn I watch tells me that. I just -“ He shrugs. “It was college and I was curious, I rationalized that if my soulmate was a man, I would want some experience in that side of things too, right?” He is relieved that you aren’t judging him, but your own experience should have made him know you wouldn’t. “I’m just not going to hide anything from you, and have you feel like you are some kind of strange duck.”

    “Thank you for telling me, then.” Hugging him tightly once more, you can’t help but smile a little more softly.

    He huffs and gives a small chuckle. “We are really plowing through the getting to know yous, aren’t we?”

    “It’s probably better,” Shrugging again, you squeeze his shoulder. “If there’s something else need to talk about we can just get it out of the way. You know—“ you level him with a raised eyebrow. “Like unexpectedly offering to help adopt my niece.” You still can’t believe he said that, but then, that’s who Marcus is. A good man. And a good father.

    “No child should ever feel like they are less than deserving of love and attention because of their parent’s status.” Marcus growls out, his own experience with Missy making that a very personal thing to him. “If I suddenly had children with my soulmate, I would never treat them any differently than Missy.”

    “Hopefully she’ll never have to deal with that,” you murmur. There might always be the lingering fear for you that Marcus might find his soulmate and decide he would rather be with them than you, but that would probably exist with any partner you had.

    “Never.” Marcus lifts a brow at you. “Unless you are secretly my soulmate and we don’t know it.” He chuckles, lifting the mood.

    The full hesitation in your body lasts longer than you’re proud of, but what do you really have to lose? Just getting the disappointment and fear out of the way - on unofficial get to know you day - is better than waiting around for six endless weeks only for him to look at you in bed and know what you both already do: that you’re not soulmates but you love each other anyway. Better to get it over with now, so he can process his disappointment on his own.

    Mind made up, you shift in your seat and pull the skirt of your dress almost all the way up your left leg, exposing a large, linear scar on your thigh. “They have to cover it for the show,” you tell him, as if that’s not what all actors have to do for almost all shows and movies. “I’ve had it since I was 19.”

    “Jesus fucking Christ.” Marcus’s eyes go wide and round behind his glasses and he nearly falls back on his ass as he shoots up from where he was crouched down beside you. “You’ve- you’ve had that scar, since you were 19?” He demands, voice cracking in disbelief.

    “Yeah,” you let your skirt go, surprised at his violence of his reaction. It’s big, but it’s not like it’s misshapen or disfiguring or something. You always figured it was some kind of surgery or accident. “Woke up one morning screaming in pain, and there it was.”

    Everything clicks into place and he cannot believe he didn’t realize it sooner. The electricity in your touch on his skin. The way that he’s felt like he’s known you forever. “You are such a dumbass, Moreno.” He hisses to himself. Looking back over at you, he sees the way your face as fallen and takes two steps forward, reaching for the hem of your skirt and pushing it up so he can see the scar again, his fingers brushing over the mark. “I’m sorry.” He murmurs gently. Straightening, he reaches for his belt buckle and starts opening his belt, his eyes on you.

    “I thought we weren’t having sex on your desk?” You try desperately for it to sound like a joke. Or teasing. Or anything remotely lighter than the deep-seated confusion you’re feeling.

    His answering chuckle is one of disbelief. Unsure how the fuck he managed to be so completely unaware until this moment of what was obviously slapping him in the face. He unbuttons his slacks and pulls the zipper down. “Nearly ten years ago, I got trapped beneath a car that had been flung at me by Octulus.” He murmurs, telling you about a battle that he had been involved in with a crazed villain, intent on trying to take over the power grid. “A piece of the twisted metal was impaled in me for about ten minutes before Melanie and Adam could get to me.” He shoves the slacks down and pulls up the leg of his boxer briefs, showing the identical scar to the one on your body. “I was 29.”

    Sitting in your chair, your eyes widen without stopping, almost overtaking your entire expression until they start watering out of sheer confusion. Your head is shaking back and forth while your eyes stay glued to his leg. “No…” the word is barely audible, but your brain honestly can’t even process what he’s showing you.

    It can’t be real. Can it?

    “Marcus…are…?” Full sentences apparently are not an option. “This can’t…fuck…”

    “My skin feels like it’s being electrified when you touch me.” He rushes out, trying to sort through the jumbled evidence in his mind. “You- fuck, you just make me calmer when you are around, but my heart is beating out of my chest. It feels like I’ve known you my entire life.” He laughs and shuffles forward slightly, pants still down and he lifts his shirt to show another scar near his belly button. “Tell me I’m wrong.”

    You choke, almost curling over in your seat, before you can even reach out. That familiar electric feeling sends shivers through your fingertips as they graze the puckered mark. “My brother stabbed me with a pen…” You whisper, hyper focused on what you’re seeing. “I had to go to the emergency room…”

    “You were thirteen when it happened, weren’t you?” He asks gently. “This is the first scar I got after Melanie and I got married. I hid it for a week from her.”

    The disbelieving tears fall freely - a steady stream when you manage to tear your eyes away from the scar and look up at him. “Marcus…”

    Marcus pulls his pants back up around his hips before he kneels back down. “I- shit, I love you. I loved you before this very moment, but if it’s not what you want…..” He’s halfway terrified you might reject it, reject him because of everything. Even if he knows it’s insane and you wouldn’t. “You have a tiny lipstick tattoo on your ass. Right cheek.” He murmurs, practically giggling as he realizes why that mark is on his body now. So people can kiss your ass.

    “Not what I want?” You hiccup through the tears, practically throwing yourself out of your seat to put your arms around him. “Baby…I…there is literally no better case scenario than this.” Burying your face in the crook of his neck, you know he won’t care about a slightly damp collar if it’s for this reason. “Is this even…I mean…are we really…” You can’t even say the word, you’re too much in shock.

    His arms lock around you, feeling like he’s in heaven, his own eyes tearing up and he closes them and nods. “Baby, we’re soulmates.”

    There’s no time for any kind of reply, as the buzzer on Marcus’s phone goes off, reminding him that he has to leave to pick up Missy from school. “Holy shit,” you huff again, holding tight as he wraps you up in his arms. “You have to go, baby. I’ll…do you still want to go to Adam’s tonight? I’ll…” full sentences still aren’t really happening, as your mind continues to rush to keep up. “I’ll just come over when I leave here?”

    “Shit.” Marcus huffs, hating leaving this conversation where it is. He pulls away from you reluctantly and reaches over to grab a pad and his pen off his desk. “The code to the gate.” He tells you as he scrawls it down. “There’s an extra key under the fern on the back porch. And here’s the security code.” He rips the paper off and shoves it into your with while he kisses you. It’s brief, too brief, and he’s pulling back to start tucking his clothes back in and putting himself to rights. “Come over whenever you want.”

    Through it all, as your heart beats out of your chest, the feeling of how right everything is with him is a calming, comforting blanket. You’re soulmates. It’s insane and yet makes complete sense all at once. “Don’t…please don’t tell her without me?” You ask - almost plead. “I want to be there to tell Missy together.”

    He’s finished buckling his belt and he steps back over to urge you up out of your chair. “Baby, you were there for the bad, the worst, moment.” He reminds you. “Of course you are going to be there for the best moment.”

    “You think she’ll be happy?” You know you are, and the giddy, watery, awestruck smile on Marcus’s face can’t be mistaken for anything but joy.

    “I hope so.” Marcus murmurs. If it had been two days ago, he would have said yes, Missy would be jumping up and down screaming about second soulmates. Now…he would only hope that she’s okay with this turn of events.

    “You’re going to be late,” you murmur, reaching up to kiss him one more time. There isn’t enough time for this conversation. You need more time. “I’ll come over when I leave here. I—I love you, Marcus. So much.”

    “I love you too.” Now he understands why this has happened so easily. Why he shouldn’t wrestle with the tinge of guilt he had been feeling because of how quickly things were moving despite saying he was going to go slow. He presses his lips to yours once more. “I’ll see you at home, Buttercup.”


    You still feel slightly like an intruder two hours later when you let yourself into the gate, pick up his spare key, and quickly tap the security code into the panel by the door so you don’t trip the system. Having gone home only to change your clothes for dinner with your soulmate’s best friend, you quietly step into his house only to find Missy sitting in the kitchen with her homework. “Hey, honey,” you wave lamely, now feeling awkward that you have another secret from her.

    “Hey.” Missy gives you a happy smile. “Dad’s in the shower, but he said if you came in while he was upstairs to tell you to make yourself at home.” She nudges the veggie tray at her elbow towards you. “I groveled.” She tells you, biting her lip. “And I promised him I didn’t really mean what I said.”

    “He knows you love him.” You reach for a piece of carrot from the tray and sit down beside her. “It was an lot to absorb. What matters is that you two are good again.” Especially with what’s coming, you think ruefully.

    “Yeah.” Missy flushes slightly and rolls her eyes. “But I think I’m okay with it.” She grins over at you. “I’m only going to be mad if he breaks up with you to find his soulmate now.”

    “That…” won’t happen, says your brain, but you never got a chance to talk to Marcus about how to handle telling her. “That would be pretty dumb.” Is what you settle on.

    “It would.” Missy beams at you, obviously taking it as you are on her side about the two of you staying together.

    “So, Mis,” you nudge her slightly, shooting her a grin. “What kind of movie snacks are we having tomorrow?” In the absence of being able to talk her about the most important topic she doesn’t even know is on the table, you pick out something innocent.

    “Milk Duds, popcorn, ohhhhh can we get some gummy worms too?” Missy asks excitedly. “I want all the candy!”

    “Since we have to start being good again when I get back, we can have all the candy tomorrow,” you promise her, planning on making the same case to Marcus. Right now all you want is for the girl who will eventually be your step daughter to absolutely be on your side, and you’re not afraid of bribery. “But the compromise is water instead of soda. Is that okay?”

    “Fine.” She huffs out dramatically, as if you are asking her to do the impossible. “You’re lucky I like you.” She teases as she picks up a grape tomato and pops it into her mouth.

    You smile - broad and true - as you draw Missy into a hug and hear Marcus pad down the hall. “Yes,” you agree wholeheartedly. “I’m very lucky.”

    “Hey.” Marcus can’t help the way that his entire face lights up when he sees you. You’ve changed and god you look incredible. He had honestly thought about cancelling tonight and just staying home with you and Missy and basking in this newfound knowledge but he knows Adam will bug the shit out of him until it happens. “Missy, you almost done sweetheart?” He asks as he walks over, leaning in to kiss your cheek and he tugs on her ponytail playfully.

    “Hey,” you beam back at him, reveling in the little spark of his lips against your skin.

    Missy’s nose wrinkles at the small show of affection and you can’t tell if it’s just because ew, Dad or something else, but she nods quickly. “Yeah, when are we leaving?”

    Marcus sits down at ‘his’ spot and then decides that the scene is a little too familiar to last night. “Uh, honey, let’s go sit in the living room. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

    You sure? You mouth at him as Missy also looks at him quizzically. You’re keen not to have more secrets from Missy, so the earlier the better, you suppose. All three of you can get used to it together.

    “Okay.” Missy nods slowly. “But I don’t like how you’re starting this.”

    “It’s good news.” He assures her, nodding towards you and standing up. “At least I think it’s good news.” He corrects, wrapping his arm around her when she stands up and motions for you to follow them into the living room.

    “You couldn’t have done this all at once?” She sounds dubious and you don’t really blame her, honestly.

    When the three of you sit down together you perch in the chair right next to the couch, wanting to give them the chance to be close during this conversation but not staying far away.

    “I know, I’m sorry but it’s actually something that I just found out today.” Marcus tells her softly. “So you approve of my relationship with your favorite actress, right?” He asks with a grin. “Something about ’don’t you dare mess this up for me or embarrass me’ right?”

    Missy rolls her eyes, looking over at you apologetically. “He is embarrassing,” she argues, but since she’s also spent all afternoon groveling, she decides to stick with agreeing. “Yes…but…don’t tell me you did something Dad-like?”

    “No.” He huffs, practically pouting. “I didn’t do anything.” Missy looks doubtful but he just shakes his head at her. “No, I just wanted to tell you something I found out today.” He pauses and looks over at you, his expression softening and he can’t help but smile at you.

    “Something we found out today,” you clarify, with that sort of rose-coloured glow that this discovery has put over the whole afternoon.

    “Are you…” Missy’s expression is nearly unreadable, a combination of grossed out, excited, and confused. “Are you pregnant?” She bursts out, looking between her father and you frantically. “Can you even find out that fast??”

    Marcus starts laughing in a near hysterical manner, the type that is screaming ’please dear god kill me now’. “What? No, no.” Marcus chokes out, shaking his head. “You can’t find that kind of thing out so soon and we’ve not done anything to cause her to be pregnant.”

    “Eewww,” Missy shakes off being grossed out at the thought of her father having an intimate life, but you and Marcus have barely been able to stop laughing.

    “It does…” you glance up at Marcus and feel that happy thrill bloom in your chest again. “In a way, though, it does have to do with us being a family.”

    That makes Missy give you both a confused look. “Will you just tell me already?” She huffs before she remembers her reaction to her last bit of news and turns big, promising eyes on her dad. “I won’t be upset at all.”

    Marcus shakes off his last chuckle and reaches for Missy’s hand. “That’s good.” He reaches out and when you take his other hand, he tugs you over to him so that you are practically on his knee. “Sweetheart, we discovered today that we are soulmates. Matching scars soulmates.” He clarifies.

    “You WHAT?!” Missy practically jumps off the couch, propelled by the force of her own excited squeal. “How?” She breathes in between gasps and disbelieving giggles, “Show me!!”

    You nearly collapse into Marcus’s side, so glad to see Missy excited that you could legitimately cry. “Ear?” You murmur to him, not wanting to be taking off clothes in the middle of the living room when you both should have the same small tattoo of a flower behind your left ear. Both of your tattoos are small, but only one of them is appropriate for showing his daughter.

    Marcus nods. His hair is normally long enough that it hides the small tattoo behind his ear. He moves head and ducks down. “Do you see the small tattoo?” He asks her.

    Missy leaps forward, peering at the sides of both of your heads until she spots the small piece of art in the exact same place and exact same design on both of you - then she starts squealing again.

    “I think she’s okay with it,” you joke quietly to Marcus, as you cover your ear to keep from going deaf.

    “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Missy is practically shaking she’s so excited. “So what does this mean? You’re getting married right? You have to be getting married. “ She rambles excitedly, talking a mile a minute. “When are you moving in? Are you having kids? SOULMATES!”

    “Whoa, whoa,” you reach out for her, hoping she’ll stop bouncing and come sit back down for a millisecond. “We only found out right before your dad had to pick you up from school,” you tell her, grinning when she doesn’t let go of your hand. “We didn’t want to keep this a secret, honey. Not from you.”

    “I take it you are okay with this?” Marcus asks, amused.

    Missy huffs. “Are you sure you want to be with him?” She asks you, one brow lifted, and doubt written all over her face.

    “Yes,” you answer her immediately, without a second’s hesitation. When you tip your head to the side to look at him, his cheek is right beside your face and you press a kiss to his skin with a grin before turning back to Missy. “I’m not just getting my soulmate, Mis. I’m getting you, too. And that makes me really happy. As long as you’re okay with this.”

    “If I’m okay with this?” She squeals again and dives into you for another hug. “I am so happy!”

    Both you and Marcus end up with an arm around her, hugging her while she squeezes the breath out of you and giggles with glee.

    “I guess we’re in the clear,” you joke over her head, finding Marcus’s soft eyes smiling back at you.

    “I guess so.” Marcus cannot help but be relieved. His eyes get a little misty and he closes them, hugging Missy just a bit tighter.

    “Wait.” Missy doesn’t sound upset, but she does sound nervous. “Does that mean we need to move? Taylor Bronson had to move when her mom got remarried because her stepdad didn’t want to live where she had been with her soulmate.” She throws you both a worried look. “I know mom wasn’t your soulmate but…”

    “No, honey.” You pull back from the hug, brushing some of Missy’s fallen hair out of her face and actually allowing your hand to cup her cheek without feeling like you’re overstepping any boundaries with affection. “That is something we did talk about already. Your dad asked if I wouldn’t mind moving in here, not have all of us go someplace new. So when that does eventually happen, this will still be home.”

    “You’re okay with that?” She asks quietly, big brown eyes searching yours. “This was where mom lived. With dad.”

    “And I don’t want to pretend that your mom never existed.” You have really never understood how people can expect something like that from a new partner or new family. It just doesn’t make any sense. “Just because I’m a new part of your life doesn’t mean I want you to pretend nothing happened before me.” Your hand slides down to her shoulder and along her arm, eventually stopping to hold her hand. “You guys made a bunch of amazing memories with your mom in this house. I just hope we can make a bunch more with me, too.”

    Marcus watches Missy’s face, the nervous expression fading to one of wonder. Looking at you like you are just the most amazing creature. Which, to be fair, he also believed. “Is that okay with you sweetheart?” He asks.

    Missy nods, still looking at you. “You are going to be the best stepmom. I knew it.” She looks over at Marcus. “I know she had to tell you what I said, but I stand behind it one hundred percent.”

    You bury your face in Marcus’s shoulder purely to hide the way your cheeks are burning, but give Missy’s hand a squeeze. “I did tell him. And we talked a lot afterward.”

    Missy chews on her lip. “I don’t think we should go to the movie tomorrow.” She announces.

    “Why not?” You tilt your head at her, eyes flicking over to Marcus, who is just as confused.

    “Because you two should spend your last day together. Not taking me to a movie.” She grins at you and pulls her hand out of yours. “I’m going to go pack a bag so I can stay at Uncle Adam’s house tonight and tomorrow night.”

    Missy runs off in a flash, leaving you to slowly turn your head toward Marcus in disbelief. “Did your thirteen-year-old just tell us to have sex?” You ask under your breath, nearly giggling at how matter of fact she had been about it.

    Marcus looks at dumbfounded as you. “I don’t know if I should thank her or raise the dating age to one hundred and five.” He tells you flatly.

    “One hundred and four and a half,” you laugh, nearly collapsing against him with the force of your relief. Carefully sliding off his lap, you tuck in next to him on the couch and blow out a gust of air. “That went…extremely well.”

    “I hope everything goes that well from now on.” He tells you, moving to throw his arm around you. “I can’t believe she just set us up like that.”

    “She’ll be shouting it as soon as we get in the door, so I guess we’ll see what Adam thinks.” You sink into his side happily, nuzzled there like a contented house cat. “I hate to be the one to say it, but I do still have to pack. Do you mind having our teenager-sanctioned intimacy at my apartment?”

    Marcus nods. “I feel like it would be best.” He admits. “I need to get a new mattress for the bed.” He murmurs softly.

    “Do whatever you feel you need to,” you tell him, threading your fingers through his with one hand. “It’s your house.”

    “I’d rather have a bed that only you and I have slept on.” He admits, rubbing your arm lightly. “To be the one we share.”

    “Ah.” It makes sense, with the type of person he is. “You know you won’t be the first person I’ve brought to that apartment, right?”

    He sighs. “I know. I know this is my own bullshit. I just-“ He gives a little embarrassed shrug of his shoulder. “I never want you to think that I’m trying to mold you into her or have you fill a void.”

    “I don’t think that, baby.” You know it instinctively. Like it’s in your bones at this point. You’ve both been so afraid of it that it will always be something you work against. “You do what you need to do. I support you.”

    “It’s just the mattress.” He insists. “It’s old anyway and it’s starting to hurt my back.”

    “My Old Man,” You tease, leaning up to kiss him. “Maybe I’ll pack up some extra stuff to send back here with you? So when I come home again I can just…come home?” It’s faster than you talked about, but when you talked you hadn’t known you were soulmates. And that seemed to ease a lot of concerns for both of you. “Unless That’s too fast?”

    Marcus grins, nodding at that idea. “I would say I’d move your stuff while you are gone, but I don’t know what you’d like to keep or sell or whatever.”

    “Maybe in between rounds we can figure out what to toss out.” You grin at the visual - you and Marcus naked and rummaging through your bookshelves and spare room to determine what will come over to your new life with him. “A little unconventional for a second date, but I like it.”

    “Second date.” He huffs. “Well, we are on pace with other soulmates. Maybe a little behind.”

    “I dunno, she’s already referred to me as her stepmom twice,” you shrug, a teasing grin on your face. “I think we failed at taking it slow again.”

    “I’ve come to the conclusion that we are terrible at taking things slow.” He chuckles. “But I don’t mind at all.” He leans in and kisses you again. “I’m hating that we have to sit through dinner at Adam’s though.”

    “He’s your best friend.” Pouting against his lips makes you grin. “And I want him to like me.”

    “Yes but it’s hours we could be in bed.” He groans, having fully given over to the idea that it’s happening tonight instead of six weeks from now.

    “Suddenly not so hot on waiting until I get back are you?” Frankly you’re ecstatic not to wait, but hadn’t been willing to push him.

    “If you want to keep to our original timeline, I’ll come home tonight.” He teases back.

    “And leave your favourite piercing neglected?” You raise an eyebrow at him. “That would be very ungentlemanly.”

    He groans shifting slightly in his seat. “I would hate to be ungentlemanly.” He admits. “Should I go pack a bag for myself?” He leans in to murmur in your ear.

    You hum, shivering at the feeling of his breath on your neck. “You will absolutely not be needing more clothing.”

    “Hmmm.” There is a satisfied smirk in his hum. “Is that so? Someone wants their old man naked?” He asks, nose nudging against your pulse. “Why is that, I wonder?”

    The humming becomes a buzzing, and the heat of having him beside you is giving you the most delicious, X-rated ideas. Nudging him slightly, you run your thumb along his jaw until it’s sweeping under his bottom lip, and you flick your eyes up to his. “So I can fuck you,” you answer him in a quiet near-growl.

    He grunts, closing his eyes at the image of you riding him. “Maybe I want to fuck you.” He answers, voice pitched low and dark. “Have you considered that?”

    “Every time I close my eyes,” you shoot him a filthy smirk, leaning in to kiss him just in time to hear Missy’s footsteps on the stairs again.

    “Gross.” Missy’s complaint is accompanied by a grin when she comes back into the living room. “I still don’t see why you want to kiss dad when you get to kiss Danny Alvarez.” She sighs. “He’s so cute.”

    A few days ago, five to be exact, he probably would have been slightly jealous at that comment- given what had happened. Instead he just grins at his daughter, knowing exactly how to exact retribution on her. “Danny is playing your dad.” He reminds her. “So it would be like kissing me.”

    He watches in amusement as her face morphs into one of complete horror as she makes the mental connection in her brain. One crush down, he thinks. “Oh my god.” Missy dry heaves. “Dad! You just ruined Danny Alvarez for me!”

    “I have a secret for you, Mis,” you grin at Marcus before looking back at his daughter. “Your dad is a better kisser.” Not that there was a single thing unpleasant about that experience at the time - but now that you have the comparison? If this is Marcus when he’s rusty, you’re eager as hell to see what happens when he gets warmed up again.

    “I don’t want to know that!” She wails, covering her hands with her ears and making Marcus laugh.

    “Sorry, kiddo,” you laugh, hauling yourself off the couch to smooth out your dress and give her a big hug. “But a fact is a fact.”


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    #sloth asks#nonnie #soulmate!au #justin capshaw x reader #aged up!justin capshaw #soulmate prompts
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