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  • Yeahyeah, we all love our Soulmate AUs, i get it it’s cute, soulmates who see color when they meet, soulmates who feel each other’s pain, soulmates who can write messages on their skin to find each other 

    I get it, good shit, whatever

    but lets not pretend the Soulmate AU where you can hear whatever song is stuck in the other person’s head is a good AU 

    I’ve had the same four stanza’s of this sea shanty on repeat in my head since I woke up 

    It’s been 10 hours

    you know I don’t know all the words

    you know the music isn’t right even in my head

    My soulmate would hunt me down only to take me out with my own car and I would thank them  

    #soulmate au #you know im right #do you know how many songs get stuck in my head that i barely know two words and half a tune of? #could you imagine if you BOTH had that going on in your heads at the same TIME? #I dont care about true love- i can barely handle myself #if i had to deal with twice that i would commit murder #soulmates
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  • Soulmate au where your [REDACTED] and your soulmate’s [REDACTED] are [DATA EXPUNGED]

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  • M and I made love last night that was so sweet and so beautiful 😍

    I absolutely adore him, and I’m so lucky to be a part of this partnership.

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  • Colour and Light    

    Author: dusuessekartoffel


    In a world where you see the world in black and white until you meet your soulmate, assigned to you by the government, Matteo and his friends are among the few who fight against the system. Matteo doesn’t mind, really. He doesn’t mind much, in general. Until he meets David, mysterious resistance fighter and the most interesting guy he’s ever met. And maybe, just maybe, Matteo wishes that soulmates were real and that David was his.

    Or; Davenzi soulmate AU turned slightly dark and dystopian but really it’s just lots of fluff.

    Info:  6k | Not rated | Soulmates, but are they?, getting together, kind of  dystopian setting

    Notes: the world building is fantastic in this, I can’t pinpoint why but I really like the idea and the way you’re just thrown in? And how the world is conveyed through Matteo’s eyes.  It’s basically Davenzi talking and falling in love

    Sneak Peak:

    What’s your name?,” David asks.

    Matteo’s reply comes out a lot more soft-spoken than he intends it to. He only realises then that he hasn’t said a single word in hours. He doesn’t quite know how to feel about that.

    “Nice to meet you,” David replies.

    This time, Matteo doesn’t trust his voice enough to answer so he decides to stay silent.

    Except David seems to take that as a sign to stop talking to him and Matteo can’t have that. Not when David has actually come here to help him with this and he’s started talking to him.

    So he clears his throat and tries again: “You’re on the run?”

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  • by Aleks Canard

    It has been
    60 days
    since you left
    and wanted to leave
    this world.

    60 days
    I have prayed
    if the Reaper
    was owed a life
    he could take
    mine instead.

    60 days
    I have prayed
    if your suffering
    can’t be evaporated
    that it should be
    heaped upon me
    my cross to bear
    my blood to bleed
    not yours
    my crown
    of thorns
    made from roses
    taken from a garden
    sown with seeds
    of eternal devotion
    to you.

    I entertain myself
    with demons and
    teasing them
    from a distance
    memories of you
    working as silver
    does to monsters
    moon dust shimmering
    in blackened beams
    the world darker
    in light
    of your absence.

    Pleasure has become pain.
    Pain has become pleasure.

    What we had
    and what you are
    won’t ever happen again.

    The monsters draw closer.

    I no longer care.

    Inspired by Charles Bukowski’s poem, For Jane.
    Taken from a collection in progress.
    Written for ****** ******* *****

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  • hate to be that girl on main but

    “I’ve met you in every single lifetime and I always hope it will work out but it doesn’t but I’ll still keep finding you again because those few days/months/years together with you are always so worth it”

    In every lifetime we have met. In different roles, in different times. 
    But every one I have loved you. That I know. 

    You remember each lifetime so vividly. So beautifully. After we make love you describe each lifetime, and how we met, how we fell in love, how we inevitably were forced to part ways. 

    In another lifetime we were doctor and patient. You’re always bandaging me up when I do something stupid. Like once, before we were dating I split my finger open on some metal, and you held my finger to make the bleeding stop. The scar is still there. It’s my favorite one, actually. Being forced to be in the same personal space bubble as you is my favorite way to pass the time. 
    You say in another lifetime I was constantly in your office, acting like a hypochondriac, only wanting to see you. Which I admitted eventually, after running out of money to pay for visits for no reason. You left for Europe shortly after, during the war, to be a military doctor. 

    In another lifetime we were pilots. We died together in a tragic, unexpected poor landing crash. Legend has it that the two pilots were in an argument regarding how they were going to perform this landing, and it led to a fist fight that caused them to crash, and perish. Our ghosts haunt us sometimes, actually. Haunt the area where your home is. Where the crash was. We’ve seen them before. I’ve only ever seen yours, and you’ve only ever seen mine. 

    In this lifetime, I was afraid that it yet again wouldn’t work out. Like our past lifetimes. When I first found you, committed with a baby on your hip and a ring on your finger, my heart shattered. I thought to myself, “wow, his wife is lucky”. And she fucking was. But she blew that, the ungrateful, greedy bitch. 
    When I met you, I thought, “oh fucking great, just like every other damn lifetime where I get a taste, but don’t get to have him.” As well, as, “this man is going to change my life.” And that you have. 
    I suppose in the past few lifetimes, I’ve been a decent person. The universe decided to award your heart to me, through calamitous tragedy of your own. 
    Though you assure me regularly that you wouldn’t trade an ounce of that pain for the love we share now, I still feel guilty about it. About being happy about it when I realized what was happening. That she had left you. That she had blamed you for her problems. For her unhappiness. For her infidelity. For her jealousy of your successes. 
    When you told me you loved me, it went a little like this. “My whole life I’ve always felt this piece of me, missing, and I thought I had found it, but when I realized who I really married, I realized I hadn’t found it. But then I met you, and this peace washed over my life, over my soul. There was this familiarity with you, and I realized all those dreams I’ve had, they were of you. You and I in our past lifetimes. Loving each other, but the timing never being right. I hope this is the lifetime where the timing is good. I love you. And I hope I don’t have to lose you in this lifetime.” 

    #might delete later bc wow this is mushy and kinda weird #g in real life lol #soulmates#reincarnation#soulmate reincarnation
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  • We didnt even get a Gemma/Niall pic and that makes me even sadder

    #narry #its truly dead isnt it #soulmates #we are living an angsty fic
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  • Soulmate au where your eyes water every time your soulmate cries

    #soulmate#soulmates#soulmate au#imagine #romantic or platonic #bargain bin#hi btw #I m back #sorry for the absence <3
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  • I like the idea of destined lovers with TharnType because on one hand, they’re just two normal people who happened to meet. And I think that’s great because it’s just two people finding each other, wanting each other, choosing each other. They’re not made for each other; they fight constantly. They’re so different but they work to understand each other.

    But. On the other hand. What if they were destined? Lhong tells Type that he broke the two month curse, and in the end, Type was the one to finally break Tharn free of his “curse” (no spoilers are happening here). Somehow, what both of them had been through and who they came to be, led to the climax of the story. They were the person the other ultimately needed at the time when they needed that person the most. They found each at the right time, they fell in love at the right time (rather quickly too - less than one semester (so less then 4 months)), and they rescued each other.

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  • Author: zoomzoom
    Rating: gen
    Word Count: <2k
    Genre(s): comedy
    Film-specific: no
    Tropes: soulmate au, au, pre relationship

    Summary: Tony Stark was born to sweep his soulmate off their feet. Why else would he have “that’s so romantic” scrawled across his hip?

    Pepper Potts was born with the ability to take people down a notch or five. It was apparent that she would never, or at least not in the foreseeable future, lose that ability, since the words “I was all prepared to be smooth when I met my soulmate, but now I feel I’ve somehow already failed at romance,” where printed plain as day on her arm.


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  • For you, I could even save the world.

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  • My Kingdom for a Snake“ an angst and feels feast with the amazing Arabesqueangel 👀❤️

    #frostiron#soulmates #good stuff let me tell you #lanky boy Loki is now a thing I crave
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  • As much as I believe in True Love and fairytale esque romance, I also don’t buy that there is only one person who could be your perfect match, a couple has to build themselves and eachother to become True Loves and Soulmates. Platonic Soulmates on the other hand I totally 110% believe in, this is someone who you don’t get to choose, they are yours and you are theirs for life no matter what you do; mine is my idiot cousin that I call my older brother.

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