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  • 01432853
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    damn dude DUDE that movie is an artistic cinematographic masterpiece 👁🖤🖤🖤👁 

    #with solely the color palette alone it stands out #just came home #and I'm in awe #it was beautiful to watch #when was the last time i was gaping at a film? #definitely a new fav all the way #and i literally lost my sht as i didnt know chang chen!!!was in this!! #man i could write 300 pages about how beautiful the haunting sounds fit with the dreamlike shots and colors in the cinematography #and whoever was in charge of the art department or the set design can i kiss you #i never saw such a beautiful sci fi #usually they arent really pretty coz cgi and too colorful #this was complete other artistic choice #and i love them for it #and the costumes #and the music *chefs kiss* #1917 has similar symbolic beautiful cinematography and lightning use #which i really enjoyed as well #pls scroll past this #this is just me rambling #about dune #or is it ranting #? #i can't do english anymore right now
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  • rawwlsei
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    #THE SYMBOL JUST IN THEIR PFP AND EVERYTHING. GOD. FUCKING DAMN KT #they had a post saying they 'headcanon Kris as a fascist' with a anti-blm flag my head is fucking spinning #I hate it here I hate it here I want to bury myself alive. #they fucking tried to FOLLOW ME #not to sound dramatic but I feel like eating my hand off I hate this #nazi tw
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  • aleximedicus
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago
                                    lord byron 🤝 beau brummel having cool nicknames / titles when their real name is fuckin george
    #( * ooc. ) #no shade to any georges it's just always sounded like such a goofy name to me #not one that i would associate with lads who are supposed to be fashionable regency sex symbols
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  • anshulkaim
    23.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Blissymbols s a constructed language conceived as an ideographic writing system created by Charles K. Bliss in 1949 and found use in the education of people with communication difficulties. Pasigraphy : is a writing system where each written symbol represents a concept (rather than a word or sound or series of sounds in a spoken language).

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  • autumncastiel
    21.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    horrible thought tell me i am wrong did dean say cas' full name only 3 times ever once in 4x01 a surprised "castiel?!" to pamela, then in 4x07 introducing cas to sam and then in 8x23 when the angels were falling and dean called "castiel!!!" out loud to heaven. i am trying to find other records of that happening but i can't?!

    #why am i thinking about it #destiel #i think. after they get together dean would call cas more often by his full name ye syes i know the symbolism of removing the of god part #but this name actually sounds quite beautiful and dean would want to and should whisper equally beautiful things to castiel when they have #like and easy lazy morning #idk idk i am going somewhere with this i just don't know where
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  • the-acid-pear
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I don't know why but every time i see Дpyr i pronounce it like apryr

    #luly talks #that not an a symbol prob sounds different too but the point is. there's no r after the p. why am i saying apryr instead of apyr?
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  • yakuza0
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Art history is so funny to me .. historians are like "the artist drew this to symbolize xyz" like is it possible that they just wanted to draw it for fun

    #i probably sound really ignorant but i think about this a lot like. i think about my art and if it survives in hundreds or thousands years #and they will be like the artist drew this to symbolize idk mental health. and I'm like nah i just wanted to draw
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  • iiterative
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    here’s a cool story about me i’m sharing because i’m crossfaded and feel like it says a lot about me as a person:

    one time i went to a winco at like 11pm with my qpp bc the winco was the only thing open. someone else in my system had been in a winco once before and felt it was like, sensorily unpleasant and left partially dissociated but, you know, it was 11pm and it was the only grocery store open, so i figured i could handle that. sometimes you need groceries and you have to make a bit of a bargain involving your own life energy, whatever, i do that all the time.

    when i went in to that winco at around 11pm it was like entering a torture dimension. the intercom kept crackling. sometimes there was a garbled human voice. sometimes just a loud, harsh beep like a fire alarm battery sound. some of the lights in the store were out. some of them were flickering. most of them were on, and that might have been the worst, because they were the kind of Common Lighting that you usually see in schools, which, fun fact, was actually specially designed to make me specifically INCREDIBLY miserable, and it was echoing around in this huge spacious warehouse of a nightmare. a fun fact about me* (*us, i guess, but i specifically have committed this a lot) is that i am kind of prone to going insane in grocery stores because something about the sheer overload of seeing the rows of shapes and colors makes me Lose My Fucking Head. have you ever been in a winco? i don’t know if they’re all like this, but it was like a costco, only with shorter aisle shelves that do not have the decency to shield you from the site of the Entire Rest Of The Huge Store. rows on rows on rows of all these fucking shapes and colors. i’d like to think i held it together ok for a while, but then what feels like about halfway through my tenure in the winco there was a forklift, beeping irregularly and flashing a yellow light through the Entire Fucking Store somehow. you may now be wondering. ‘how long were you in this winco.’ long enough for them to start CLOSING, is how long. how did that happen? well, see, i can’t eat many foods that exist in the world, and i kept. fucking. spotting foods that i could eat. in and among all the Shapes and Colors. these foods were themselves Shapes and Colors, because when you are in a grocery store all of the food disguises itself this way, but i was able to spot them. it took a lot of processing power to do that, and also meant i was constantly LOOKING AROUND, ON PURPOSE. this was wearing me down. shortly around the time of the forklift, the store began closing. i was still spotting tantalizing new types of food i could eat. my mind was splintering. my memory of this time gets more and more hazy. time passed, and i was not aware of it, and barely aware of my own mounting panic, which for some horribly malfunctioning survival instinct reason was feeding my desire to KEEP LOOKING FOR FOOD. i started backtracking through the aisles, thinking i might have missed foods, and discovering that i HAD. i was receiving positive reinforcement for driving myself deeper into this frenzied state, staying, in my madness, in a place that was devouring me. i think i dimly recall announcing, in a very strained and probably alarming sounding voice, something along the lines of ‘I NEED TO BE DONE NOW’ and marching myself very very forcefully to the self checkout.

    then the self checkout started malfunctioning, or possibly i was just at this point incapable of comprehending it. probably both, because it kept claiming we needed a store employee’s permission to buy items such as. dairy free popsicles. fruit juice. gluten free bread mix. and it wouldn’t stop summoning a store employee and completely disallowing me to scan items and i was ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PANICKING and unable to speak without getting stuck repeating a word over and over like a scratched record and finally the store employee who kept getting summoned very obviously either took pity on us or realized that this was the best way to get us to Leave The Fucking Store, or possibly probably both, and was like ‘do you want me to scan the rest of your items for you.’ and there were Quite Several Items, i had seen MANY foods i could eat in this hellscape of temptations. and then my qpp made the executive decision that yes we WERE going to allow the store employee to scan the groceries, even though some sparking fragment of my psyche was frantically insisting that No I Am A Functional Person Capable Of Scanning Groceries I’m Just Being Inexplicably Horrible Somehow. in my memory qpp was very sympathetically like.ok that’s nice and also we are letting the store employee do this. the store employee scanned the rest of the groceries and put in the employee code every time the scanner demanded it for all of our not even a little bit age restricted items. and we exited the WinCo and i was like ‘boy that sucked!’ and my qpp was like ‘hey uhhh are you ok to drive’ and i was like ‘i better be!’ and then i drove us home and we didn’t die but i did apparently take a turn from Very the wrong lane, which i don’t remember doing, but was informed of shortly afterwards. then we got home and i insisted i should be allowed to put away groceries and could do it on my own and then after putting a few things away i had to sit on the floor and shake like i was dying. and then some part of me remembered that possibly this was a panic attack and possibly i needed to chemically intervene before i had like, an entire prolonged psychotic break, because this might well be approaching that threshold.

    so that’s the story of how one time i had to drink to cope with going to the grocery store!

    #also i just realized as i was typing this up how much it sounds like some fucking fae bullshit #some goddamn fairy tale nonsense hell #also a very #bad luck charm mp3 playing in the background #story but that's a given #since this story is a #original.qrbr #post. also this post is sponsored by the return of one of the drinks of all time #vitamin water and absinthe #and also weed. thank you very much. #original #glorified skull potato battery #iiterative's adventures in chemistry #i feel like making a specific schizoaffective tag would be kind of missing the point but boy this sure was. this sure was. #i forgot my proof of address for my license to tell stories #also like all of my shit this is rebloggable so if this speaks to you or you wanna laugh rule it: go ahead you have my entire permission #pluralizing #choosing your favorite fruit based on symbolism value
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  • musicrunsthroughmysoul
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Let it Be is 100% my favorite Beatles album. I listened to Abbey Road before Let it Be and I found I was rather disappointed by it (I tend to only ever listen to side one of Abbey Road, anyway, since I find that the only song on side two worth listening to is “Here Comes the Sun,” although I also like “The End” but not enough to suffer through the whole entire medley otherwise. LOL), and as soon as I started listening to Let it Be I was like ‘AH YES, this is the band I love.’ It’s so strange to think that my favorite Beatles material was a lot of their early stuff and then pretty much just their last album (which I count as Let it Be as it came out last, even if it wasn’t supposed to), although Let it Be is really, to me, some of the last genuinely worthwhile material they released as opposed to their early stuff. The light fluffy, early stuff was nice, but not as ultimately meaningful as Let it Be.

    I don’t know, I think I just historically tend to prefer a band’s original sound and the times they stick to that even if they don’t necessarily break new ground musically. Any time they manage to stay true to themselves is pretty much guaranteed to be my favorite.

    #personal post #LIB just seemed to symbolize a return to their original sound (irony anybody?) and rather raw #and that is like ALWAYS my favorite gesture for a band to do. musically I just tend to prefer it the most :) #I guess I am more of a traditionalist huh? LOL...!
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  • ocularpatdown
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    there is a lot to discuss here

    #the undies #the fringe jacket #the cowboy hat with the men symbol on the front #'meat mountain' #oh wait im sorry #ronald 'the meat mountain' macdonald #sounds even more like a hamburger clown now #fuckin meat mountain are you shitting me #is he wearing knee highs
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  • dim-a-llayl
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    ((i think one of the weirdest parts of whatever the fuck happened, Asim is mostly just calm about it, and it’s like.... not that he forgot? exactly? what it is? he knows but like..... something feels off about it....???? i can’t even describe it))

    #;; ooc #((ugh i'm gonna stop thinking about it i just woke up and immediately was rereading his dream like #((hint?? hint??? dream analysis?? why was he so chill about being consumed by darkness #((who was he looking for was it Sol? i specifically wrote that the footsteps sounded similar to his own or something was it Asim himself #((he never found them #((is it symbolic #((I only vaguely remember it but I know that dream plagued me like a fucking premonition until I wrote it down
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  • doebt
    13.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    heres something awesome about my globe. Because i know you all care so much about my globe. if you turn it a little and let it spin back to its resting position, on its own, slowly, it will creak in a way that sounds JUST like a cow moo in the distance

    #its perfect. I hope it never stops making that noise #my grandma said it sounds just like when her dad would call the cows in and they would moo from the other #end of the big pasture #so we stood there and i had it moo for like 20miunutes just listening to it moo #And well then today we saw those cows...wait this seems like some irl cinemtaography symbolism type situation. I will think on it
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  • loveletterworm
    13.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    * [Angel], [Angel] * ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THE [Ring] OF [Thorns]?

    #my art#deltarune#weird route#snowgrave#noelle#deltarune spoilers#dt #HIIII LOL FINALLY THROWING MY HAT INTO THE RING BY THROWING LITERALLY COMPLETLEY RANDOM SYMBOLISM AT THIS DRAWING IN HOPES IT LOOKS COOL #I just wanted to caption a drawing with that line to be quite honest everything was for the purpose of using that line for a caption #I thought it sounded cool. #Haha.  COOL  lol #Because.  Cold and      LOL #anyway everyone always draws really desaturated weird route art i wanted to make it really colorful instead. #i like noelle's dark world color scheme a lot i like that her hair is green
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  • raspberrysflavour
    10.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I would like to point how the wound on Shigaraki’s hand seems to be a Stigmata, which per Christian Religion is not only a sign of possible sanctity, as it technically reproduces the wounds of a crucified Jesus Christ, but as well a sign of being devoted to a cause, to a faith in a way which makes a person be seen as a ‘true faithful’, someone who leads the masses and someone who sacrifices for the greater good. It also stands for the suffering this faith might cause, because of that enormous sacrifice this person is making.

    In connection to that then we have Shigaraki here, wondering who himself is.

    Therefore, this prompts the question of whether Shigaraki is transcending himself, and entering a sanctity state: he is invested in a crusade, a cause which is big enough to be defined as a superior ‘good’, and he has been through various ordeals in order to achieve this state. I do wonder whether his suffering state, and him being a Vessel might be a reference to the fact that he is the incarnation of evil (AfO) as people who have Stigmata are the embodiment of good, in a reversal of the trope, and that he is not himself anymore because of this fact.

    #mhhh #much to think about #especially about the symbolism #bnha#mha #boku no hero academia #bnha 329#mha 329#bnha meta#short one #more like a rambling #shigaraki tomura#religion#mha meta #lmao I sound just crazy but oh well
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  • mutalieju
    08.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I am not super convinced gary poste is the zodiac but idk. what I would like to know is what they mean by being able to 'find an alternative message' in one of his messages by using his name, and I can't find details of that anywhere

    #i am largely only interested in the zodiac case because i like ciphers #i'd like to check their work if they are claiming this but i can't find the details #i have seen so many 'solutions' to the zodiac messages that are just them pulling stuff out of their ass #i am not going to believe that unless i know the details #some articles pharsed it as them 'finding anagrams of his name' in the cipher which sure sounds like bs proof for me #i found someone claiming 'all of the letters of his name can be found in the zodiac symbol' which also... no. this is a bs solution sorry
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  • drippingmoon
    06.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #ask and answer #initial letters are usually what i'm looking for #it has to start on the right sound or else the name won't work for me #it's other terms i pay more attention to #roots and all of that #like branches of magic in icy or the Haw - periapt symbolism #anyway names are free real estate for me🤣 #probably because i used to fret a lot before and wasted good writing time #i probably shouldn't talk about icy since i'm years away from starting it #but oh well i developed it pretty well already #Ptarmigan's other name is Faika #Asp doesn't have one #and Diahra is Diahra and has a lot of nicknames. is also pissed off when Asp adds a 'the' before his name
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  • sleuthgueth
    27.09.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #eightiesmail #maybe ill come back to this someday but agh so much going on and if i loose interest in something i dont wanna push myself on it #anyhow my synesthesia dosnet rlly make songs one solid colors its like.. every sound has a color? so symbols or clapping noises r like #orange n yellow. sounds of wind or pipes r like light blue n a lavender ish color #my FAVORITE notes r like... deep basey tones their always like a nice earthy green... i dont rlly play instruments other than some sloppy #piano but guitars r great
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  • tennant
    24.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ashley Zukerman as Robert Langdon DAN BROWN’S THE LOST SYMBOL (2021-) - “As Above, So Below” (1.01)

    #the lost symbol #thelostsymboledit#userclayy#usersamanne#userkraina#underbetelgeuse#tusershay#userszabi#userlar#userpavi#ashley zukerman#gifs#mine #tumblr are sleeping on hugh grant lookalike #and man's accent also sounds sexy idk
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  • enhyphun
    20.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #KIDDING AHAHA #thank you! #⟢ inbox ! #here we go again.. #thats the name of the smau again #it sounds like im being rude lmaoo #maybe i should think of another name #or add a symbol like misplaced had
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  • yourfavoritewerewolf
    18.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ive been studying japanese for 10 years and im still so slow at katakana 

    #if its a word im not super familiar with i have to look at each symbol individually #and theres a good chunk of katakana that looks almost exactly the same in most fonts #so i just have to sound out both versions and see what sounds more like a word
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