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  • Kiaransalee: I’m gonna kill you.

    Orcus: Take your shot.

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    how did i Just realize this

    #batman#daredevil#marvel#bruce wayne#matt murdock #this is so stupid and probably Has Been Known i just wanted to draw it so it would stop haUNTING ME #mcu fanart#digital art#my art
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  • My cousin, who is forty-five years old, has two kids and is a high-ranking executive in a federal government department, is also the person other than my boyfriend I talk to most about Marvel and Star Wars

    Like, we texted each other the lyrics of ‘Agatha All Along’, she regularly sends me Ming-Na Wen and Daisy Johnson memes, when I was little she took me to see Daredevil at the theatre.

    She just caught up on The Mandalorian with her kids, and she was blown away by the finale. And I…. the finale of the second season of The Mandalorian pretty much murdered my enthusiasm for the show. No, that isn’t fair: the finale was great. Luke Skywalker murdered my enthusiasm for the show.

    So that’s a fun discussion she and I are going to have!

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    I miss these garbage pail kids

    #savedaredevil#daredevil#the defenders#matt murdock#jessica jones#luke cage#marvel #I finished this JUST ON TIME BABEY #even though I was in the hospital today 🥴 #my art
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  • i had a thought!! a single thought! 
    how ‘bout; when matt gets drunk/concussed, his brain to mouth filter completely vanishes? vaminos, sayonara, aurevoire, cheerio, adios, skedaddles type-vanishes.

    and this means that he doesnt process things the same way, so he talks in what he ‘sees’. essentially he’s just yelling disjointed words that only make sense to him.
    for example, frank castle (because the fandom agrees on what he smells like. [heck, we are weirdos arent we? debating what the hell a fictional character smells like?]) finds a concussed DD in a dumpster and matt just goes “heyyy,,,, gunpowder, oil, confusion!! oooh, leather, anger, grief…” and castle’s just- “excuse me what the hell”

    i originally thought of this through a fic, but imagine him just absolutely wrecking everyone with how honest he is but then  just yelling the most random words because its how he ‘sees’ them.

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    bewildered by the fact that Matt feels Repelled by this and not like, ridiculously turned on

    #honestly? seems ooc for him. this is the dude who dated elektra #matt murdock#natasha romanoff#daredevil
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  • foggy has those princess peach lips but everyone’s too busy looking at Matt and his lips to notice

    #foggy nelson#daredevil#squash talks #i mean matt has pretty lips but if we’re going for like... thickness i guess? #then yeah foggy wins #if he were thin the fandom would act like we did with tom hardy but some of you aren’t ready for that conversation #foggy is hot and I stand by that #implications aside ive never wanted to kiss someone so much in my life NEVER i swear
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  • Daredevil comic covers

    store.dreamlandcomics.com, silveragecomics.com, pinterest, amazon.com

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  • Honestly while I dislike the insomniac game developers for being procop in their games they kinda went off on peter and miles dynamic tho

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  • i went on the catholic subreddit the other day, and learned amongst many facinating things that catholics are not allowed to masturbate?
    i thought that rule was only for priests but apparently not…

    so, now that comics-Matt has gone super religious, does he masturbate but feel guilty about it, or does he abstain from it completely?

    #daredevil #i've completely stopped reading zdarsky's run #so correct me if i'm wrong on how catholic matt's become
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  • Mad that marvel tv made me think Foggy Nelson was Cool and Funny only for me to start reading early daredevil comics and find out he is Literally The Worst

    #netflix got that upgrade #I’m sure he gets a little better in 616 but it’s rough YALL #foggy nelson#daredevil
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    Foggy really said “I know how to fix this! By coercing her into kissing me!”

    #natasha: he tried to send me to jail??? matt: ughghh that happened FOREVER ago lmao #foggy nelson#natasha romanoff#matt murdock#daredevil
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  • The one time I actually rewrite anything from daredevil to be better, but in my defense, Matt should have cut the bullshit a lot sooner than he did.

    Foggy comes over to talk some sense into Matt.

    Warnings: angst, mild injury

    Additional: mid-season 3


    Foggy was overjoyed to know that Matt was alive. He wanted to tell him how happy he was, how much he missed him, but Matt was just here to… say goodbye?

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  • team red goes pink for 1 day a week

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  • Find all the posts in https://ladymaigrey.tumblr.com/tagged/enneagram (or go to my blog and look for “enneagram” tag)

    Check out @dead-fandom-support-group​ for DD and Enneagram gifs here

    TL:DR Helpers tend to care for others at the expense of their own self-care. Their helping behaviour is often driven by a belief that they are unlovable otherwise, that their only worth is in their acts. They thrive on being needed. They need traits from Type 4 (Individualist) to feel balanced – to inject some self-love into their self-sacrificial way of living.

    Claire seems to be a balanced Type 2. On one hand, she loves being a nurse and is driven to help and heal people. On the other, she has strong emotional boundaries at which her helping drive stops and her need to protect herself prevails. Claire also has strong Type 1 traits, whereby her helping traits are not driven solely by her need to help as a function of her idealised self-image as a carer, but also by her need to help as the objectively right thing to do.

    Karen has also been suggested to be Type 2, but I disagree. Although she does have strong empathy and often helps others, her primary motivation is, like Matt, to be “good” and battle the world’s injustice.

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  • To fill my Marvel Fluff Bingo square, Astronomer AU. No warnings apply, rated G, Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson, 2759 words. Read it here or over on AO3.

    Matt makes his way slowly into the room. The first thing he finds is the couch in the middle, presumably facing the TV, so Matt circles it slowly, his cane tapping lightly between the heavy thud of upholstery on his left and the hollow chink of wooden skirting board. The cane makes a higher tink as it collides with a metal structure and Matt reaches out with his hand, searching, and confirms a metal cabinet. He continues sweeping his cane across the hardwood floor, wary of any rugs, as his hands skate the surface of the cabinet finding photo frames, three clustered plant pots. He sends some loose sheets of paper skating off the surface and freezes, trying to track their direction of flight. 

    “Don’t worry about it!” Foggy calls from the kitchen. “I’ll get them.” 

    Matt turns his head over his shoulder, towards Foggy, and grins sheepishly. “Sorry. Comes with the territory.”

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    • Supernatural
    • The Walking Dead
    • Lucifer
    • Hawaii Five-O
    • Daredevil
    • The Punisher
    • Vikings



    Sorry in advance.

    #supernatural#twd #hawaii five 0 #lucifer#daredevil#the punisher #I'm forgetting something 100% #Oh#vikings
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  • Dear normie Marvel fans,

    The Defenders were never part of the MCU. Please get that straight in your heads.

    Love, Rose.

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