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  • sweetnd
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    i love laughing and smiling just because people I'm with are doing the same . shared happiness, joy is contagious, and we're all the same and yearning to connect

    #anyways guys what's good bread #like types of #i miss making focaccia #whats another good type of bread #sourdough is p nice #but only some sourdoughs #the good ones <3 #ik people who eat white bread frozen . like slices #:/ anyways #uh challah that's a good bread #theres this one raisin cinnamon bread that's amazing when toasted #thanks for coming to my bread talk <3
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  • hubbabubbie
    22.07.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I’ve been making B.R.E.A.Dssssss

    Sticker collection for August ;)

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  • la-quarantine-bakery
    21.02.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Lots of cupcakes: week of 2/15/21

    A lot of cupcake liners were used and reused this week.

    Sourdough poppy seed challah

    Grade: B

    I’m trying to eat less butter in hopes of losing some holiday weight (an ongoing process) so baked a challah that uses vegetable oil, with the side effect of discovering a good recipe for Dad. Except I messed up the proportions - some ingredients were cut by 1/2 while others were cut by 2/3 - so the dough and the final bread was a bit too oily.

    Tried out a four-strand braid for the first time. I’m still having trouble elongating challah strands, but the braiding is really fun. Need to do a better job of sprinkling poppy seeds next time.

    Recipe: sourdough challah from the Gingered Whisk

    Braiding: challah part two: how to braid challah from Tori Avey

    Sourdough condensed milk bread

    Grade: A-

    Needed to use up the condensed milk in my fridge because I don’t like having random ingredients lying around, and after condensed milk mantou I obviously know it’s time to finally try condensed milk milk bread.

    The main snafu was the baking: it’s overbaked because the tops were initially only brushed with coconut milk, and I’m not sure if it’s the milk or the coconut but it was not browning. So I applied a last minute egg wash and it needed to bake long enough for the egg wash to turn a nice color. Even then the top isn’t as golden as it could’ve been.

    The flavor was nice - sweeter than most milk breads I’ve baked, but not in an overpowering way - and the texture was soft, though a bit on the gummy side. I definitely didn’t do something right with the hydration so something I’ll need to watch out for next time.

    Recipe: adapted from easy milk bread rolls from Omnivore’s Cookbook at 30% levain

    Baked oatmeal with dates and hazelnuts

    Grade: A-

    Not much to say here except I’m not sure the hazelnuts really added to the oatmeal. So good.

    Recipe: 1-bowl baked oatmeal from Sally’s Baking Addiction

    Fa gao

    Grade: B+

    A bit gummy, a little on the sweet side (I didn’t end up cutting the brown sugar by much as I was trying to use up the hardened sugar in my fridge) but they blossomed nicely. I might try adding in sourdough starter next time.

    Recipe: Chinese fa gao from China Sichuan Food

    Sourdough matcha cupcakes

    Grade: A-

    Finally used up the last of my matcha powder from an open container. It was actually a little too strong on the matcha because I was trying to use up all the matcha powder. But I like the taste - not too sweet, somewhat bitter, a nice balance. And got to use up some Puffy discard too.

    Recipe: matcha green tea cupcakes with whipped cream from Wild Wild Whisk

    Modifications: substituted in 90 grams of sourdough starter and weight for weight applesauce for vegetable oil; almost halved the sugar; accidentally added 2-3 grams extra matcha powder; skipped baking powder

    Black sesame and nuts tang yuan

    Grade: A

    Lantern Festival! Grandma made the fillings so I just made the wrappers. There are different versions of how to do the wrappers, some involving using boiling water to cook part of the dough, but I went with a lazy version where I just mixed in warm and room temperature water until I got a mochi dough ball. It was a bit on the wet side but by the end, the dough dried up and shaping them wasn’t too hard.

    Tasted nice, especially with some leftover condensed milk.


    Fillings from Grandma

    Doughs from tang yuan from Red House Spice 

    Shaping from Chinese tang yuan recipe from cherryday

    Cornmeal lemon poppy seed cookies

    Grade: C

    Cornmeal expires soon and this recipe also uses brown rice flour so I thought, why not? Wayyy too dry and tasteless. Needed more sugar for once. I’m not sure I’ll finish this batch.

    Recipe: cornmeal cookies from Sugar Loves Spices

    Modification: applesauce instead of extra-virgin olive oil; less sugar; lemon juice instead of lemon zest; added poppy seeds

    Cornmeal drop biscuits

    Grade: B+

    Again, wanted to use up more cornmeal. Needed to add more salt and the duck fat caused the biscuits to spread too much, but otherwise it was quite delicious and the texture / taste from the cornmeal worked nicely.

    Recipe: cornmeal drop biscuits from Baking Bread by Martin Philip

    Modification: duck fat instead of butter

    Gingerbread crème fraîche muffins

    Grade: A-

    A bit overbaked - was supposed to turn down oven temperature after the first five minutes. But they are good looking little muffins and tasted nice. Got to use up applesauce and crème fraîche here, and in the future would add Puffy discard as well.

    Recipe: gingerbread muffins with sweet lemon glaze from Sally’s Baking Addiction

    Modifications: a combination of crème fraîche, non-fat plain Greek yogurt, and applesauce in place of sour cream and butter; less sugar; no glaze; did not warm the molasses; 20% rye flour

    #sourdough poppy seed challah #baked oatmeal with dates and hazelnuts #fa gao #sourdough matcha cupcake #black sesame and nuts tang yuan #cornmeal lemon poppy seed cookie #cornmeal drop biscuit #gingerbread crème fraîche muffin #sourdough condensed milk bread
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  • shalomyall
    05.02.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Sourdough challah, part 1! Let’s see if it works!!

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  • nindorkfish
    31.12.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Recent baking!

    Challah, biscuits, sourdough soft pretzels, sourdough bread, and sourdough rolls.

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  • la-quarantine-bakery
    13.12.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Recipe mishaps: week of 12/7/20

    It’s really a week of distracted baking. A few recipes had mistakes, but fortunately still tasted okay.

    Scallion pancake sourdough challah

    Grade: A-

    I thought about making this challah variation quite a while ago, pre-Puffy, and I was craving scallions for some reason so I ended up making it with a sourdough challah base that featured water instead of apple cider this time. I also had the pleasure of making a five-strand bread again, and this time the braids were nicely long and thin.

    The filling was fun to make, a bit hard to fold into the braids, but not too bad. And the final product was quite delicious. If I were to be picky, I think I’m still underbaking and / or underproving my breads, so I’ll make this again sometime (but probably another variation).


    Flavor from scallion pancake challah from Eva Bakes

    Dough from sourdough apple honey challah from Make it Dough

    Red bean mochi cake

    Grade: A-

    I used up my shiratamako and anko with this recipe, but also ate the whole thing in one go because it was so good. I really can’t resist the pleasure of eating sticky sweet Asian desserts.

    Recipe: baked sweet nian gao from Du’s Doughs

    Sourdough chocolate chip cookies

    Grade: A-

    I found these cookies too cakey the last time I made those, as did people I shared them with. I still used some Greek yogurt in place of butter this time, and maybe next time I’ll try duck fat.

    With a mixture of chocolate chunks and mini chocolate chips, I found the cookies to be a lot better this time, and I enjoyed the bites of chocolate chunks with chocolate chips.

    Recipe: sourdough chocolate chip cookies from Little Spoon Farm

    Portuguese custard tarts

    Grade: A- (shockingly)

    The grade isn’t shocking because the recipe is bad. It’s because I completely forgot the milk in the custard so it was very sweet and had only heavy cream as the liquid. I thought it was strange that the custard was so thick and that I had so little of it, but alas.

    Surprisingly, the custard tarts turned out okay. Too sweet, yes, and no caramelized tops because I was afraid of overbaking. Right out of the oven the custard was puffy, but collapsed with the cooler temperature.

    The crust was a huge improvement over my previous attempt and now that I’m more comfortable with crust I’ll be making those mini tarts more frequently.


    Pastry from sourdough pie crust from Baking Sense

    Custard from Portuguese custard tarts from the Woks of Life

    Gingerbread loaf

    Grade: A-

    I love gingerbread. And it’s the holiday season. Yes this year has been a crappy year but I’m not going to miss making my own gingerbread for the first time especially after rereading Mary Poppins.

    I was intrigued by the usage of light treacle (golden syrup) and dark treacle (molasses). But I lost track of how much sugar I was adding so I added too much, and light brown sugar instead of dark brown sugar at that.

    It tasted nice! They rose nicely in the oven and had that warm gingery aftertaste. No collapse like other pictures I’ve seen online. I can’t wait to let them rest to develop the flavor and eat them with cream. And maybe next time I’ll find those dark brown sugar so it’s more authentic. I also think I would add some nutmeg next time to really underline that gingerbread flavor.

    Recipe: squidgy gingerbread loaf from Jam and Clotted Cream

    #scallion pancake sourdough challah #red bean mochi cake #sourdough chocolate chip cookie #portuguese custard tart #gingerbread loaf
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  • la-quarantine-bakery
    31.10.2020 - 1 year ago

    Adoughventures: week of 10/26/20

    Now that it’s colder, Puffy is less active and there’s less discard. I wonder if it will mean I bake more yeasted breads.

    Sourdough red bean swirled mantou

    I was going to visit home and didn’t have time to bake desserts. Plus I wanted to use up my homemade red bean paste and practice cinnamon roll rolling while we’re at it, so red bean swirled mantous were born.

    The dough got stuck to the cutting board - I didn’t flour it, thinking the dough didn’t need it, and was wrong - and I rolled it out too thin, so the swirl disappeared into the red bean. I also used too much whole wheat flour so everything looks dark. Nevertheless, the taste is there, and that’s all that matters.

    Sourdough apple honey challah

    Dad likes challah and I was intrigued by the idea of using apple juice in the dough. Plus apple and honey just sounded yummy together. Finally I got to practice a five-strand braid which wasn’t too bad at all once you got the simple formula down.

    I only found apple cider initially, so I used that in the dough, and I’m not sure whether apple juice would make a distinct difference - the taste is subtle in the final product. I couldn’t roll out the braids long enough, so that’s something I need to practice for future challahs. I still think I haven’t gotten the hang of my oven temperature: my breads tend to have a tougher crust than store-brought bread, even though the latter supposedly didn’t feature other chemicals or leavening. The texture was a bit closed too.

    Other than that, I’m pretty happy with the bake. I ate the little swirl test bun right away and it was delicious.

    Recipe: sourdough apple honey challah from Make it Dough

    #sourdough red bean swirled mantou #sourdough apple honey challah
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  • tsfennec
    31.10.2020 - 1 year ago

    Not-great day is made better by making homemade sourdough challah. :)

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  • starstuffandalotofcoffee
    16.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    much like I did for Passover I am cooking enough for four people for Rosh Hashana, despite spending it on my own, but unlike Passover I have the full use of all my kitchen utensils and am also being way smarter about freezable foods

    #some people? make an entire 2 lb brisket for themselves? to cope? #anyway gonna attempt to make challah brownies and pierogi in the next 5 hours #making the brisket tomorrow #also possibly some sourdough #making the vegetable sides and gefilte fish friday afternoon
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  • drgaellon
    26.06.2020 - 1 year ago

    ‪Two firsts: my first #sourdough #challah (recipe by @foodgeekdk) and my first six-strand braid‬

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  • plantmominthekitchen
    26.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    This was my second attempt at making Challah bread using my sourdough starter, it came out very good but was not as light and flaky as I would of hoped. I got a much better rise this time around, and it was less dense. So thats an improvement. Let me know how your sourdough experiences have been !

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  • autumnslesbian
    18.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    they grow up so fast :,) also don’t judge me i know i forgot to do an egg wash

    #sourdough challah bread babey! #baking#bread#food#cottagecore
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  • redlippedladyofrohan
    29.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Achievement Unlocked: Challah

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