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  • justdalek
    22.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago
    #d sketches#anon#kyman#sp kyman#candy#sp candy #lucio cartman broflovski #zephyr cartman #I kid you not I was kinda anticipating a kyman ask #cuz I mean it’s kyman lmao #and I was right second ask and boom there it was #I was laughing my ass off while drawing #but I did not expect candy that was an interesting surprise #also cartters I kinda anticipated but not rlly but it got asked twice I was shocked #anyway in case you were wondering #zephyr is all the genders #they could care less what gender you throw at them they will take it with stride
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  • misticloyal
    21.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Kyle: *At the chips aisle*

    Kyle: Do you want Doritos?!

    Cartman: *Across the store*


    #Kyman #not my quote but this is still funny #southpark#kyle broflovski#eric cartman#sp kyman
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  • shrugjustsam
    21.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    For legal reasons posted only here

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  • softobytwt
    21.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    cartman's love advice <3 (it doesn't work)

    based on this

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  • jecook
    21.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Hey guys! I have recently started following @fandomtrumpshate and I am gonna sign up as a writer once sign ups open at the end of the month! Take a look at this project as it's an awesome way of merging fandom and charity.

    So to other fans of BNHA, I know we love events and especially charity events, based on the number of charity zines and bangs and exchanges we all engage with, so consider getting involved with this project.

    And South Park fans, with the new season coming, do you want to see more content? Want to help grow the fandom? This is event is an amazing way to get involved both with a cause and with fandom, so consider making content or bidding!

    Check out the carrd here or look at their tumblr for more info. See you guys January 31st!

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  • softobytwt
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    SHUT UP they're listening to the orchestra :]

    straight version:

    + based on this

    #toby art yo #south park#sp#fanart#stan marsh#kyle broflovski#eric cartman#kenny mccormick #one sided kyman #i've been thinking about them all day... #they're so cute in their little suits /pos
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  • briannamoser
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sometimes looking at you reminds me of looking in a mirror. Maybe we're not so different, you and I.

    #south park#kyman#sp kyman#eric cartman#kyle broflovski#sp cartman #kyle x cartman #cartyle#illustration#portrait#digital art #south park post covid #south park fanart #sp post covid
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  • mesamstas
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Found this ENTJ x INFJ meme and it is SO THEM that I couldn’t help myself and draw it.

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  • softobytwt
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    no thoughts only cartman glancing at kyle to check if he’s enjoying the show

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  • stickbugcentapide
    20.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    cartman, ike and kyle planting potatoes

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  • moonbeamdust
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    So that new teaser was amazing but I just wanted to point out this split second moment of Cartman glancing at Kyle during it. Because this was cute af. May this new season bring us all joy in many ways!

    #south park #south park season 25 #sp kyman#kyman #kyle x cartman
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  • softobytwt
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    ... yeah

    #toby art yo #south park#sp#fanart#eric cartman#kyle broflovski #you can tag as kyman idc
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  • laconchadetumadre
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    I'll forever be traumatized by the fact that i found out abt ginger cow bc someone recommended it as a "kyman" episode 💀

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  • nikonoi
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    really like these two

    (click for better quality)

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  • misticloyal
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Holyyyyy shit I just rewatched Mexican Joker as part of a random South Park episode marathon and like-

    Cartman’s subconscious way of interacting with Kyle is just,,,,..HHHH

    So obviously the 1st thing to point out is that Cartman’s goal this whole episode was to humiliate, not hurt (if that makes any sense) his one track mind thought to use detaining Kyle as a way of wrenching an apology from his cold dead hands, which he didn’t. He only got a deadpan “fuck you”

    Then, when he gets to the denention center with Kyle, his demeanor is already changed. Instead of actively going after Kyle and laughing at him for being in his situation he acts chill and diverts attention back to what he would normally do (try to make a big story and rally people to his cause).

    I think one of the main things to note here is that for whatever reason Cartman knows when to mess with Kyle and when to help him ESPECIALLY if it concerns his family.

    Seriously, think about Smug Alert, and Skank Hunt. Kyle is in a bad situation and it’s concerning the health of his family. Cartman’s actions show that he knows when Kyle defends his family that he’s being 100% seriously.

    Alright anyway going back to his behavior in the detention center. So Cartman is whether he likes it or not, acting strange and/or different than how he usually does.

    Kyle finally gets to talk to him after he arrives and the whole chill persona comes out when Cartman tells him how he got there.

    Key observation: Cartman isn’t even fucking MAD that he got sent it the detention center. Like wtf, we’ve seen countless times how pissed off Cartman gets when he gets grouped with minorities (because he’s a xenophobic peice of shit) but holy mother of god, you’re telling me that now that Kyle’s added into the mix his reaction is suddenly uncaring???

    Dats weird. Dats suspicious….

    My running theory with this is that

    1) he’s not complaining because he can’t stand to not be around Kyle (Smug Alert) and

    2) Cartman knows how his reactions enable Kyles anger (and vice versa) if one is already livid, the other also being angry will only lead to world war 3 Armageddon. So, Cartman acknowledges Kyles absolute fury about his family potentially being in danger and decides to cooperate by being passive.

    We haven’t even gotten to the big boi yet, which is basically confirming what we’ve deduced already. When it’s time to sleep, Cartman is still pulling his distraction bullshit (although it seems mostly directed to Kyle).

    However, once he sees that Kyle isn’t reacting to his antagonizing pokes he resorts to fake realizing that Kyle would be affected by dentention camps because he’s Jewish (concentration camps, etc.). Then, Kyle says he has an idea and sends Cartman to help him, and loses his temper a little but Cartman does what he wants eventually.

    My reaction to this is what the actual fuck, because Cartman never once has acted like this in any other episode up until this point.

    But he HAD to have known that in order to get Kyle thinking of an idea to escape he had to pester him right? Like there’s no WAY Cartman suddenly tries out like- three different ways of interacting with Kyle and us for the first time seeing Kyle take a situation into his own hands when it’s just the two of them.

    Please, if Kyle has ever done this type of thing before let me know which episode so I can have more context!

    And if this is true, and Cartman DID know that him pestering Kyle would cause him to take matters into his own hands, why Kyle???? We all know that Cartman could plan his way out off that dentention camp in less then a couple days, but instead he let Kyle come up with his own plan.

    Personally, I feel that this is Cartman’s way of apologizing? Maybe I’m reading into this too much from a shipping perspective but if what I say makes sense then I’m happy to contribute to someone else’s brain rot lmao

    #kyman#southpark#sp kyman#eric cartman#kyle broflovski #I’m literally so stupid I forgot to tag this too LMAO
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  • mirrorshards
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    my sp comic directory

    I decided to make a comic directory for my south park comics cuz i have a lot and some are in the same universe and i miiight make more in the future, so it’s good to have it sorted out somewhere

    gen comics (no shipping)

    stan+kyle, passover, kenny’s job (content warning), infinity train au, adult kenny


    marjorine, courtney love, butters’ crush, post covid


    missed date, pretty face, kitecoon kiss, kyley-b/bad irene (for basu’s birthday, nsfw), kitecoon (kymanweek)


    rat stan, chilly walk, lube (nsfw), secret date (stenny week), treat me softly (stenny week, nsfw-ish), post covid


    cartman centric (doodles), pocky day (main4), stutters (nsfw) the original buttkyman, wendy->stenny, stan stans, cartman stans

    my college-age au with no particular name (kyman, stenny, weidi)

    a little background- stan and wendy were on/off for about 7 years and finally ended it around their highschool graduation. kyle and cartman moved to new york and are dating. stan moved to denver with kenny as roommates, and it developed from there to a relationship eventually. wendy goes to the same school as kyle and surprisingly meets heidi there.

    no particular order: 1 2(cw) 3 4(cw)

    weidi story: 1 2+3+4

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  • misticloyal
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Phone Destoyer

    Y’know what I really really wanna see? 2nd behind more kyman SoT AU’s is seeing Phone Destroyer moments but with more background ships like Bunny, Stenndy, Kyman, and Creek o7777

    (I can’t stop thinking about that dumbass moment when Kyle calls the new kid to warn him about using his phone skills to be good at the game or whatever and Cartman’s like “Kahl?! Who are you talkin’ too?” and Kyle- without hesitation is like “Nobody, Cartman-”)

    #phone destroyer#southpark#Kyman#sp kyman#sp bunny#sp creek #This is all because I spend way too much time playing #Funny south park phone game #Fml #I'm getting pretty good though
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  • misticloyal
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Kyman headcannons

    Starring:                         CARTMAN

    (part 1)

    Favorite memory of a date was

    -Him and Kyle playing video games at his house and getting interrupted by Stan and Kenny barging in his house. It was his favorite because not only was it satisfying to see them react to Kyle lounging on his lap while cursing him out for killing his character, but afterwards he kind-of-maybe had a little bit of a panic over how angry Kyle got at him for finding the situation funny.

    Eventually after Stan and Kenny left, he ended up having to verbally explain that he thought Kyle was upset because he thought Kyle was embarrassed by getting together with him. Of course, Kyle was not in fact embarrassed because of that but was actually worrying more about the fact that the gang knew he was gay. So they had a little bit of a mushy moment but that’s Cartman’s favorite anyway, they hugged awkwardly and then Kyle went home because he complained about not having his homework finished for Monday.

    Foods that remind him of Kyle

    -Now normally Cartman would just say ‘jew food’ and leave it at that because he’s a blunt asshole, however he will not say that because Kyle has an unhealthy obsession with those stupid ass Quaker Granola Bars. He doesn’t know why, or how this started but one day the gang were all hanging out at Stan’s house and once Kenny called to raid the pantry and came back with those things Kyle was a changed man.

    It’s pretty hilarious and Cartman often teases him about it which results in Kyle hoarding the boxes of granola closer to him and yelling at him to “go find some donut to munch on, fatass”.

    The favorite thing Kyle does for him

    -Kyle actually takes initiative to help/reassure Cartman’s self-esteem problems that cause ruckus sometimes and considering the one person who did that was Heidi (and we all know how that relationship ended) Cartman is incredibly grateful. Just don’t tell Kyle that or he might start crying a little.

    Do you ever picture having kids

    -Cartman actually did want a kid at first because he thought it was a giant middle finger to how his parents actually raised him, but then grew incredibly terrified of the concept after around sophomore year because he knows his parenting skills are pretty shitty.

    Kyle’s okay with this even though he rolls his eyes when Cartman says he’ll turn out like his mom and consoles him by saying that he’ll personally put him out of his misery if he starts down that path.

    -Cartman also is a crazy old cat lady. Ever since that whole cat piss incident he’s been routinely hiding sick and/or injured cats in his attic and taking care of them until they can be released back into the alleyways of South Park.

    Kyle complains about the risk of rabies (even though Cartman insists that he’s already vaccinated every cat he’s come across) and the funniest thing of all is that when Kyle actually visits the attic all of the cats flock to him like moths to a light. They’re super nice and cuddly to Kyle, who is rightfully wary and this pisses off Cartman greatly considering the cats are all sassy bitches around him.

    -They’ve agreed that when they live together someday the cats will have no access to Peanut the Pidgeon in the slightest and if they eat him, Kyle will remove each and every feline from their house period.

    Kyle’s best physical feature

    -His  a s s. Cartman is a fulltime 24 hour SIMP for Kyle when he turns around and Kyle smacks him in the head for staring all the time. (The whole gang agrees that Kyle has too fat of an ass for his own good. Especially considering how much of a stick he is, Cartman blames god for making his boyfriend so fine)

    -But! If Cartman wasn’t being horny, the next thing is Kyle’s jew-fro. He fucking loves Kyle’s hair because it sets apart the whole ‘goody two-shoes’ idea that people get of him when they first meet him. Obviously Kyle wears his ushanka most of the time, but it’s pretty funny to see people who view him as a weak little nerd bitch to learn that Kyle plays basketball and has curly, wild red hair.

    Cartman messes with it all the time when they’re cuddling on the couch or when they sleep together (as in sex- and literally sleeping in the same bed).

    Kissing or hugging more

    -People would think that his and Kyle’s relationship would be overly sexual because of all the fighting they do, but they’d be surprised as to how often they actually have sex. Neither of them have a big interest in it unless both of them are like- explicitly horny. Most of the time they just hang out and make fun of each other.

    Because of this, kissing is done more often (because it gets rid of the angry energy they have when they fight) but Cartman still prefers hugging more. Hugging references what they do after they would hang out like normal, and they’ve been getting better at not being awkward about it so hugging Kyle just feels familiar, like coming home after a super annoying day.

    Did he ever get jealous of Kyle hanging out with famous people

    -Not really famous people, Cartman really loses it when people try to take advantage of Kyle being a good person. In general, both girls and boys (mostly girls if they’re trying to flirt) act like they’re having a problem so Kyle can come help them out.

    Obviously, this doesn’t last long because Cartman takes care of the problem quick and before long everyone’s known to stay away from Kyle in the romantic sense. But every so often a new person comes to South Park that doesn’t know the universal rule of ‘Kyle Brofloski belongs to Eric Cartman, and Eric Cartman belongs to Kyle Brofloski’…

    It is to be noted however, that after a couple of heated discussions with Kyle he only steps in after he sees Kyle try to deal with the problem first. (Though most of the time it’s still him doing the dirty work- listen he’s making an effort, that’s good enough)

    Did he ever dream of Kyle

    -Yessir, Cartman dreams about Kyle a lot. In general Cartman’s dreams revolve around him being the best but after Dream Kyle went from watching with an annoyed look on his face at Cartman’s success to being at his side, Cartman decided he might have a little bit of a problem.

    What does he think needs the most work in their relationship

    -Cartman thinks his relationship with Kyle is perfect and at heart the only thing he wants to do is to stop messing stuff up by thinking that he’s not deserving of Kyle’s attention. Everytime he and Kyle fight (like- really fight) he always secretly thinks Kyle is truly in the right even if he actually isn’t (it doesn’t happen often but sometimes, things happen).

    After Kyle talked to him about ‘communication problems concerning people in relationships’ he thinks the could also try that shit out but he thinks it’s kinda lame. He tries though, just because Kyle seems to care about it so much. It actually helped them out a little, so maybe it isn’t so bad.

    Does he think Kyle would care for him if he got sick

    -Nope. Cartman (much to Kyle’s dismay) thinks that Kyle would just leave him at his house to get better by himself and only come visit him once he’s well again. This of course did not actually happened and when Cartman got a cold and Kyle brought him homemade chicken noodle soup, he actually started crying a little because he was so shocked that Kyle cared enough.

    Does he believe Kyle loves him

    -Complicated question- At the beginning of their relationship Cartman would’ve said no because he wouldn’t believe that Kyle would actually love someone like him. But now that they’re probably at around the middle point, they’re vaguely comfortable with each other and he’s starting to realize that if Kyle didn’t love him, he would do a lot of things that he does. Yes, he does believe that Kyle loves him.

    When did he find out that Kyle loved him

    -It truly clicked for him one night when Stan, Kenny, him and Kyle were all at Stan’s house playing video games. Stan and Kenny had taken the ends of the couch while Kyle sat in the middle and Cartman went to the kitchen to grab a snack from the fridge before he sat down (since he had just arrived). When he came back, both Stan and Kenny had moved to the loveseat and the floor leaving Kyle on the couch all by himself with the blanket leaving a very clear spot for him right next to his boyfriend.

    Cartman literally tries to argue with himself in his mind as he sat down for a negative reasoning for this, and when Kyle leaned his weight on him ( and entertained their fingers slightly) as he laughed at an insult Kenny shouted at Stan it clicked that there was physically no other reason for this other then that Kyle loved him.

    Favorite non-sex activity

    -Cooking. He loves being good at something that Kyle is shit at. He might make the best food ever, but that doesn’t mean that his apprentice actually takes after him. In fact, Cartman would actively try to put ingredients that make Kyle’s food taste good theoretically, but when Kyle would be done with it, it would still taste absolutely terrible. It’s like the opposite of a green thumb for cooking, but! It’s fun and it always makes them feel better if they feel upset about something.

    What is something Kyle could do in order to gain his genuine trust more

    -He’s already doing it but reassuring Cartman that even though his actions are stupid and morally disgusting, he still loves him and they’re going to be okay.

    -Also dial back the martyr complex a bit because it gets genuinely concerning after a while having to make sure Kyle won’t the hit for something he obviously did and should be blamed for.

    #Kyman#sp kyman#headcanon#southpark#kyle broflovski#eric cartman #i wrote this at 2am #but I proofread it so we're good #I think about this too much #fluff
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  • mirrorshards
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Hello! I am once again here on behalf of a fandom event I’m helping my gf (shokikita on twitter) run. 

    we’re doing a free kyman zine! 

    quick info about it:

    you need to be 16+ to join

    there are both sfw and nsfw sides- you can join both if you’d like. ofc, only 18+ can join the nsfw side

    it’s digital only and it will be free distribution to anyone who’d want it (the nsfw will not be distributed under restrictions).

    both art and fic are good (but only accepting in english sorry)

    the nsfw side will only have aged up characters

    so like the banner says, applications are currently open (they’ve been open for a while, I’m just making this post now) until january 28th. if you love kyman, please consider joining us and help spread the love for them around!

    for more info please turn to our twitter account mentioned below or check out the event’s carrd kymanzine.carrd.co (

    p.s- i forgot to mention we have the rules and applications translated in russian, spanish, korean and japanese if it’s more helpful to anyone! they’re all on the carrd

    p.s.2- please help us spreading the info about the zine to more people!

    the zine doesn’t have a tumblr account but you can contact us on 

    twitter: @ kymanzine

    email: [email protected]

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