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  • justdalek
    22.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    For giggles and grins, send me a South Park ship and I’ll draw a ship kid for it

    #d chats#south park#sp #I’m in the mood for designing lol #aside from the ship kids I’ve already made which will just give me an excuse to draw em lol
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  • nathansouthpark
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    death threat and unfollow speedrun!! woohoo!! /j

    ok but seriously these two r so cute

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  • alemonyoyo
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    My shitty Kyle x Jimmy Fanfic because I love them:

    WARNING! I am a terrible writer, with a writing style reminiscent of doing acid and not understanding sentence structure. Beware of cringey formatting and plot points as they are a staple in my underdeveloped and shitty teenage mind.

    Also, this is suuper long (at least for me, though it isn’t the longest fanfic I have ever written in my short existence)

    Enjoy fluffy boy goodness!

    Another day, another back pain. Literally or metaphorically was the question. And if you were coupled with both you’d be so dearly in trouble that you couldn’t bear living through the rest of the day- Thankfully this morning Kyle didn’t feel like an old man waking up after years of slumber, he only felt the prick of too-little sleep adorn his weary eyes. The days always felt the same, yet were so drastically different that he had a story for each one. He hoped today would be a casual day, a day without travelling the world and being used as ransom, or being forced by the military to engage in galactic warfare. A simple, calm, school day.

    He got out of bed in a manner reminiscent of a loose table cloth, slumping heavily down the carpeted stairway into the kitchen to grab anything he could eat. The food was always the same, the tastes of everyday breakfast blended together into an indistinguishable hazy mess. Kyle slung on his coat, greeted his brother and parents before heading off to the bus stop once again, where the day was sure to change for the worst. 

    Peering down the lengthy street he couldn’t see a normal or gluttonous figure in sight. Unusual? Sure, but nothing exciting. He waited by the stocky bus stop sign, letting the body of which shade him from a dramatic and eye-burning sunbeam. Thank god he was short, or he’d surely melt. 

    Before he knew it the bus had arrived and the occupation of the bus stop was supported by Kyle and Kyle alone. Stan, Kenny and Cartman had missed the bus, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to wait for them.

    You see it wasn’t like Kyle was good, he didn’t yearn to go to school, he was more fed up with his friends absence than anything. After all, it wasn’t good to catch the bus without your friends so that you can get to school on time and admire the cute boy who has the locker next to you- 

    Wait what-? 

    Hah, never mind, perhaps Kyle was good. Because the only reason a good kid would take the bus alone to school is to get to class on time! Not to admire the dashingly handsome and adorably dorky guy who had the- 




    What was he thinking? 

    He hopped on the bus, scanning the occupants for a certain someone… who wasn’t there, so he sat in the back in disappointment, letting the warmth of the back row sink in on his icy shoulders. He lay his head against the bus window, the droning of the vehicle on the frosty roads let his head lay still until the bus would halt again and again at another bus stop, causing his head to rattle uncomfortably against the glass. He moved. It had been too long now without any sign of his friends. Had they done something without him? Was he not relevant today? Although the promise of a relatively normal school day was more than enough to fuel optimism, the absence of his 3 best buds was a tad more than annoying.

    The large yellow bus pulled into the front of the school. Kids already lined the front path with chatter and bruised faces. It was cosy enough to call a school, but you didn’t learn a thing. Thank god Kyle was naturally smart enough on his own to suffer through a day by himself in peace. He hopped off, slinging his bag over his shoulder, heading straight for the vast doors of his dinky school. 

    The halls were lined with more rascals, the cacophony of voices wafted through the halls, along with the stench of dread, for the clock was about to strike 9 meaning all of the spunky teens would start their 6 hours of hell. Kyle made it to his locker, lamenting that he was the only one in the area, which was practically empty of people. Flinging open the metal door he examined the clean interior, scanning for the 2 textbooks he needed. 

    “H-Hey Kyle.” A familiar voice chirped from beside him. I believe it was the “adorability” in his voice that made Kyle’s face prickle with cherry as he closed the metal locker door. 

    “Hey Jimmy, how are you?” He managed to muster out through breathy vowels. Jimmy smiled back, his round features emanating a warm and comforting nature, much needed after the icy bus ride. 

    “I-I’m d-doing swell heh heh.” He chuckled to himself. 

    About what? Well, no one really knows. If Jimmy wasn’t laughing or giggling it was never really a normal day. So Kyle was glad to see that everything seemed fine for the cute- no- optimistic boy. Close one, Kyle. Close one. 

    “That’s good to hear hah, but I’m sure you won’t be so positive for long- School starts in what, like 3 minutes?” He shot his gaze to the clock, trying to not let his wandering eyes creep over the figure he adored so much. The simple interaction already had him flushed with affection. 

    “Yea, gu-guess you’re right. School sucks a-a-ss-” Both of them let out an exhale, letting the day sink into them. 


    “Ah, shit.” Jimmy mustered out flatly. It was that time again. The time for children’s dreams to be crushed, teens' hearts to be broken. It was time for school.


    As usual, Jimmy sat near the back of the class, a perfect cavern for mischief and mayhem. The inability of all teachers to properly monitor their students was well known by our jokester, and he usually took advantage of that. Although pranks and tricks weren’t his usual style of comedy, he revelled in the laughter despite this. He curiously gazed at the desks in front of him. The backs of many uninteresting heads, Red, Black, Brown, Green. And then a large gap where 3 of the 4 idiots usually sat. How odd, only Kyle was here today. ‘Though, I don’t suppose that’s a bad thing, is it?’ He thought to himself. Mr Garrison hadn’t yet entered the classroom so Jimmy struggled out of his seat and hobbled over to the desk near Kyle, taking his rightfully earned place next to him.

    “H-Hi.” He managed out through a stutter. He noticed the other boy had sat dazed in his thoughts for a couple of minutes already, Kyle snapped his head as if he had been woken up abruptly from a pleasant dream.

    “O-oh! Hah hah, hi again,” Kyle stammered out, turning his body in his seat to somewhat face Jimmy. 

    “If your friends come I’ll move ba-back to my old s-s-seat if you want. Just thought you looked l-lonely.” He said with a smile.

    “Oh! No need hah, even if they do show up they can just mo-”

    “Alright class, I’ve been asked to once again tell you that you CANNOT be posting fake news to the school bulletin board! It’s not even believable, I mean, what is this? “Prostitots? The Prostitution toddlers?” Ok, I guess that does sound kinda…” Mr Garrison had already trailed off in a long and irrelevant conversation. Both of our boys turned back in their seats, facing the front of the class. Jimmy felt weirdly excited to be able to sit at the front. The view was completely different from the hollows of the back row. You could see the board so clearly! He let his eyes run wild among the intricacies of the teachers desk, carved with profanities with the help of a sharp pencil edge. It was also nice to sit near fresh faces, rather than the pruned and depressive ones that lurked near the back. Kyle seemed rather optimistic, even with the monotony of school life weighing upon him. Jimmy had always admired that quality about him, it made him less of a downer. After all, the days won’t get any better if you keep complaining about them.

    “Anyway, today we’re going to be doing a pair project because your principal has been telling me you all lack social skills and need to develop your relationships with students in the classroom or some bullshit. It’s going to be real fucking easy, but I suppose high-schoolers like you will still struggle with a simple task-” He began to complain, “Ok so, Clyde and Craig, you’re a pair. Wendy and Red, Jimmy and Kyle, Tweek and..” Oh! Well, I suppose this won’t be bad at all will it? After all, Kyle was the smartest guy Jimmy knew- It was comforting to know that he had a genius to fall back on, in case his own smarts couldn’t make the cut. He glanced over at Kyle who seemed to have his jaw clenched tighter than the legs of a true celibate. His back fell at a rigid angle, why was he on edge? Sure, Jimmy wasn’t the smartest guy in the world, but he was no Eric Cartman when it came to levels of stupidity. 

    “Ok, so the project is just to make a presentation about something you both like because then that leads to bonding and yadda yadda who cares. It needs to be a detailed report…” Jimmy glanced at Kyle again in affirmation, however, instead of the stiffness from before, he was met with a more timid gaze from the other boy. One of frailty, adorned with flushed cheeks and a wobbly line of sight. So he just smiled back. An adorably sweet smile, classic from our jokester. Kyle smiled back. It felt nice.

    Too nice.


    2:58… 2:58… 2:59… Will you hurry up already? 

    The tenacious arms of the cracked school clock mocked Kyle in his front seat as he waited for the last minute to pass. It had already been a whole day, and his whole group was a no show- The uncomfortable humidity that flanked under his coat made him feel trapped, not only that but the maths worksheet that was handed out wasn’t making things any better. He lay, head on one hand, staring down and the numbers and letters which lined the page to its very edge. Boring shit. Unbearably and insufferably-


    Fuck. Yes. 

    Kyle felt an uproar around him, the whole class practically leapt out of their chairs, squishing through the class door like herded cattle before Mr Garrison could even get a word in. The teenagers billowed down the hall crashing like a flood amongst the lockers. Swept up in the whole thing Kyle stayed, thrashing at the edges of the sweaty hoard to reach his own locker. Pressed up against the metal edge and, eventually, the ruckus died down. 

    Just like every day he flung open his locker again, lopping books side by side in an organised manner, slinging his bag over his back and shutting it. It was routine, second nature.

    “D-d-do you wanna c-c-come over toda-day?” Kyle’s head whipped to the side, his eyes pushed to a squint by the rising of his rosy blush.

    “H-ho what? Me? Why?” He said in a haste, sharp manner.

    “To work on the po-po-project??” Jimmy answered with a chuckle. Oh shit! Yea- They were a part of a pair now- 

    “Uh- Heh Yeah! Of course- Do you need me to bring anything?” He inquired,

    “Just y-yo-yourself should be fine!” Jimmy said with a pleasant smile, the phrase causing Kyle to flinch in embarrassment.

    Kyle followed Jimmy out of the school and down the uneven concrete path. It was far chillier than it had been the previous day, Kyle hoped to make it to Jimmy’s house soon.

    “So, uh Kyle, what do you like?” 

    “Wha? Why would you ask me- No one- No- Nothing!” The poor boy yelped out in a slight panic, viewing the question as loaded, Jimmy’s face painted with amusement. Kyle was on edge as always-

    “You like nothing?” Jimmy responded comically, smirking at his own slightly humorous remark. “Kyle this project is going to be very hard if you like nothing and no one-” He giggled slightly, continuing down the path. Kyle chuckled nervously, sighing in an attempt to calm himself.

    Eventually, the twisting roads and identical houses lead to a hearty home in the centre of a folksy street. Jimmy impatiently flicked the doorbell and paused. 

    “Do you not have a key?” Kyle asked, but before Jimmy could answer, the door had already opened.

    “Jimmy, you need to tell me when you are going to have a friend over,” Jimmy’s dad, Ryan, said so sternly,

    “Jeez dad, it’s not that big of a deal,” he said, making his way towards the stairs.

    “Hi, Mr Valmer-” Kyle yapped before being whisked upstairs by the brunette.

    Jimmy’s door was already flung open, swaying on its hinges slightly, Kyle following the trail. His room was the same size as his, same dimensions, as expected from a carbon copy of his own home with a different interior. Posters of comedians, actors and movies lined the walls, along with sheets and clothes being decanted about the room. It wasn’t a bomb shelter of a mess, but most definitely not Kyle’s standard of clean. Jimmy already sat on a wide bed with his crutches laying on either side of his limp legs. He pet the spot beside him, flinging open a thin notebook with his other hand.

    “So,” He started as Kyle sat down beside him, the sides of both of their legs brushing, “Since you don’t like anything apparently,” He said drawing a circle with Kyle’s name on the top of it, “I suppose we have nothing in common,” He said bluntly, drawing a separate circle with his name on top. No intersection. It was a crappy Venn Diagram.

    “I didn’t actually mean it-” He started as Jimmy flipped over to a new page with a chuckle. 

    “This is going to take a while isn’t it-?”


    5:30… 5:30… It’s funny how that time emanates how the day at this moment felt. Hazy, warm, like dinner. Lazy, perhaps, which was definitely how the two boys felt;

    “Hey-” Kyle said, lifting his head from where it rested face down on the carpeted floor, “When was this project due again?” He said through a hazy gaze,

    “Tomorrow? Day after?” Jimmy responded from atop his bed, where he lay sprawled like a pair of tangled headphones on his bedsheets. Suffice to say, the afternoon had not been all that productive, filled instead with distractions of games and sweet drinks brought in by Jimmy’s mother.

    “Heh, we’re screwed dude-” Kyle said with limpid eyes. He sat up, turning his body to face the boy who still lay on his large bed, covered with sheets that had a cartoon printed on them. One he failed to recognise. Hoisting himself on his hand, Kyle etched his way to his feet, immediately leaning himself onto the edge of Jimmy’s bed frame as his lightheadedness began to fade.

    “You okay?” Jimmy asked, bopping his head to the side in an affirming grin,

    “Yea, I think I knocked out on the floor for a bit-” His face was warm and prickled with the imprint of the carpet's lumpy texture. He seemed so unaware, I mean, Kyle was in Jimmy’s room. This was no normal day. Actually, it was kinda a big deal all things considered. Yet the boy was so completely, utterly, out of it that he failed to process this fact, as well as compute the flusteredness he was supposed to have been feeling, almost as if the lines of code in kylebroflovski.html were not functioning properly. 

    “You should probably sit down- Don’t want you f-f-fuh-fainting.” Jimmy scooted over, leaving an imprinted space next to him on the bed for Kyle to intake.

    Jimmy’s bed was big, but not that big, and as he sat next to a most comfortable Jimmy, still lying face up on his bed, he couldn’t help but notice the closing distance between him and the other boy. Jimmy’s head lay awfully close to his upper thigh, only gapped by the small distance accumulated by Jimmy’s rustling to the edge of the bed. Much closer to him than he had ever been.

    Feeling his eyes resting pointedly on him, the other boy stirred, tilting his body to the side and propping himself up on his right elbow.

    “Whatcha staring at?!” He asked with a humorously angered tone, causing the both of them to chuckle to themselves before settling in the haze of the room, simply eyeing each other unconsciously. 

    Up this close, Kyle could admire every groove and freckle embroidered into the other’s skin. The tender way his thick-felted sweater had tamed the boy’s torso. The tustling hairs that flicked every which way atop his head. He wondered, in this moment of silence, whether Jimmy was doing the same. What would he be admiring? His tacky hat or obnoxious coat? He couldn’t help but have his mind spiral into the raven palace of negative possibilities.

    “Kyle?” Jimmy sat up, asking in concern. Jimmy settled next to him, their shoulders touching.

    “Huh-?” Kyle flinched out of his daze, turning to Jimmy slightly, his face being printed with pink as he realised how close their faces were, “Oh- sorry, just thinking.” He smiled awkwardly.

    “A-About what?” Jimmy asked, leaning closer. Kyle could feel himself heat up, his shoulders tensing as if they had been tied together behind his back.

    “Nothing important!” He blurted out triumphantly, causing Jimmy to giggle at him, as Kyle felt himself get dabbled in the flecks of embarrassment. 

    “Aw, come one,” he said subtly, leaning even closer, “Surprise me. It’s not like we’re d-d-do-doing anything imp-p-portant right now.” 

    He was so close you could feel each warm breath, their noses nearly brushing each other. Kyle ushered no response, averting his eyes so as not to meet with Jimmy’s, the sheer volume of the situation slowly drenching him. Kyle’s hands curled around the hem of his coat, feeling his knuckles become brandished in white. 

    He couldn’t seriously answer that question!! Could he? Admitting he was admiring him as if it were a piece in a fine art gallery. Jimmy would surely only find that reality intensely creepy, maybe even-

    “Have you ever kissed anyone?-” Kyle had blurted out. 

    What. What the actual fuck. 

    WHY had he said that?!? There was no explanation? Did the gandering at the other’s pursed lips just make his mind decide THAT was what he was going to say? He was taken aback, winded as if the leather football he was so accustomed to playing with had hit him square in the stomach, taking all the life he had left out of him.

    “Oh my god-” He said leaning back, away from Jimmy, “I’m sorry that was so invasive!” He said with a nervous laugh, “Sorry- I think my head has been scrambled after all that-”

    “Not yet, no.” Jimmy looked down in reluctance, yet Kyle didn’t sense a hint of embarrassment from him, as if he was completely comfortable answering so honestly to Kyle, and was already coming to terms with the answer. “Don’t judge-” He clarified, but of course Kyle wouldn't, because, of course; 

    “I haven’t either.” He said reassuringly, letting any tension Jimmy may have had resting upon him lift off and evaporate. 

    “It’s stupid really,” Jimmy started, lifting his head so his pine green eyes met with Kyles, a common physical trait shared between the two, “I like someone, I’ve liked many people-” Kyle frowned at the reveal of this, “-and yet, I h-haven’t made an effort to do anything ab-b-bout that fact.” He tilted his head, leaning it against the bed frame, allowing his gaze to shift slightly behind Kyle, his crooked eyes pointing at the door behind him.

    A small silence hovered comfortably, slotting itself between the two’s next words, leaving them in a noiseless jest for who would have the courage to break the quietude.

    “Do you even want to have a first kiss?” Kyle juttered, mustering up any sort of confidence he had to look Jimmy in the eyes,

    “Yes, o-of c-co-course-” He stammered out, his eyes focusing on Kyle once more as he leant forward and softened his tone, letting only the silence of the room catch on to his delicate words, “Do you?”

    He froze, well, more like tensed up. He lifted his head slightly, up and down in a tight nod of affirmation. 

    Jimmy noticed the tense hand Kyle had gripped onto the opening of his jacket. Taking his gloved hand off the parka's crying edge and holding it in his own. Kyle leant forward, allowing his body to think before his mind, Jimmy did the same, lightly closing the little space left between their needy lips. 

    Jimmy was far colder than him, or perhaps he was just so warm. It didn’t matter now, as he began to push his own mouth more onto his, letting his free hand slide to rest on the side of his limp arm. Jimmy tilted his head to the side, giving Kyle the go ahead to deepen their shallow embrace. Warmth bubbled in Kyle, fizzed from the tips of his toes and boiled in his stomach. He jolted back, gripping the sides of Jimmy’s arms tightly in his hands, looking up at him in a shocked state. Jimmy’s face, eyebrows downturned and his jaw tensed. His visage looked cracked. Hurt. 

    “Kyle, I, please don’t-” He was cut off by the same lips pressed against his own once again. Kyle’s hands urgently kept Jimmy’s needy hands at bay as Kyle embraced Jimmy himself and himself only. His mind frazzled, scrambled with hurt, guilt, intimacy. The only thing his body would let him do was to stop thinking, let go, and kiss him back, even if Kyle had just flung back in reluctance a second prior. His velvet lips pressed against Kyle’s allowing a soft sensation to tinge the tip of his meandering tongue. It ran lightly across Kyle’s bottom lip, another protest to enter a more intimate stance, feeling hot and heavy against Kyle’s grip.

    Snaking an arm around his side, Jimmy pulled him closer, shifting Kyle atop his lap, making Kyle’s mouth to press down on his at the added height, causing Kyle to slip his tongue in, brushing his own and letting Jimmy’s heart flutter with excitement.

    “Mm-” Kyle muffled between kisses, he felt so flustered and out of place, a fish out of water in what was the most bare and raw situation he had ever been in. With another boy, Jimmy of all people. Finally, the boy below him pulled away, catching his breath as the two panted, a thin string of saliva connecting them before snapping. The embrace was over.

    “I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to push you away-” Kyle said frantically, referencing his earlier objections. Jimmy ran the back of his hand across his forehead, leaning back on the headboard as the red-head straddled his lap.

    “I don’t know how I’d react if a g-guh-guy just came out and kissed me- S-so don’t worry about it.” He said between heavy breaths. 

    “I liked it.” Kyle responded, causing Jimmy to sit up slightly, his eyes gazing strongly back at him.


    “That’s a stupid question,” He said, flustered and pasted with offence, “I wanted it I just, didn’t know how to take it.”

    “Take it?” Jimmy smirked, flicking his eyebrows up and down, “What d-do you mean by that, tiger?” He responded with a salesman’s grin, the type to be plastered on billboards, charismatic, charming, and ever so humorous.

    “Noo-!” Kyle flopped his head in his hands as Jimmy lightly apologised.

    “You haven’t answered my question,” he said, pointedly, with more conviction than Kyle had ever heard out of him.

    “Well,” He began, his eyes trailing off to the side as he stuttered his beginning,

    “I sort of thought- HEY-” Jimmy gripped his jaw, turning Kyle to face him so he couldn’t ignore who he was about to confess everything to,

    “Talk to me please. I know the posters on the walls are awfully attractive, but the least you can do is look me in the eyes.” He smirked, causing Kyle to grin in annoyance,

    “I sort of thought this whole pair project thing was a blessing- I mean, I see you every morning and uh, well see you is kinda an understatement,” he started, letting the kettle which had been screaming that it had boiled finally let it’s contents tip and spill over the hot mess that was Kyle Broflovski, “I don’t see you every morning, I see you every morning.” He tried to convey his feelings in little words. 

    Jimmy pouted, unsatisfied.

    “What d-do you mean by this Broflovski?” He pulled the red-head close to him,

    “I JUST LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU EVERY MORNING OKAY? And these reasons may or may not be romantically justified!” He escaped his tight grip to turn away, his analytical proposal of love satisfying the brunette.

    “W-w-wait, y-you mean you l-l-like me?” He leant back in shock,

    “Yes, you dipshit-” Kyle's anger and embarrassment fizzled.

    “Then I guess we have our presentation t-tuh-topic!” He sat up triumphantly, placing both of his hands on the dips in Kyle’s waist,


    “Well the presentation was supposed to be on something we both like, correct?” Kyle nodded curiously,

    “Well we both l-l-like each other! And so it is settled~” He leant back, stretching and letting his arms lay behind his head in a nonchalant manner, doing his best to hide the fuchsia which pecked his cheeks.

    “W-what? What do you mean- What?!” Kyle started to jolt, seeming to not process what he had just heard.

    “Kyle- Kyle!” He squished his hands on either side of Kyle’s pudgy face, “I think you’re cute- really cute. And I look forward to seeing you every morning as well- I like you Kyle. S-seriously-” And with that he leant closer, pecking him on the lips, and then returning to their previous position, staring into each other's eyes.

    Although in disbelief, Kyle felt a bit more content when he heard those words. As if and hindrance of worry had been violently fried off with the hot oil of their mutual feelings for one another.

    “I-I love you dude.” Kyle stuttered, causing Jimmy to giggle,

    “I love you too Kyle.”


    Another day, another back pain. Except for today. Today was different. 

    Kyle hopped out of bed, for once feeling well rested, indicative by the lick of freshness which lined his eyelids. He chucked on his under clothes, staring at his freckled face in the mirror. He gazed at himself, straight in his evergreen eyes. They hovered with purpose and excitement.

    Today was different.

    “Morning Ike!” Kyle yelped as he slipped down the stairs, gathering himself and his things and flicking on his shoes as Ike handed him a small bowl with a stride, seemingly proud of his delivery of breakfast to his older brother.

    “Cereal!” Ike squeaked from 4 feet down. 

    “Thanks dude!” Kyle smiled widely at him, letting Ike nuzzle against his leg like a playful dog before he leapt back to his chair at the kitchen table.

    “Say good morning to mom and dad for me okay?” He said through mouthfuls of sugary cheerio goodness. 

    Ike cheered in response, Kyle placing the bowl lightly on the kitchen sink before heading off, striding out the door and down the street.

    Unlike the previous day, this time the bus stop was occupied by the figures he missed before. The largest one already sporting an evil grin indicative of cruelty and prejudice, one that the other 2, as well as Kyle, were highly accustomed to.

    “Hey dude.” A more monotone voice approached as he made haste, Stan seemed to be out of it as he stared with the same expression as that of a static TV, unhooked with no signal.

    “Hey guys!” Kyle sported a grin, ticking off the pudgier of the three.

    “MM-Mmmm M- mmm-?” The muffled noises inquired,

    “Yeah, did you steal a whole sack of gold, you greedy jew thief? That’s the only thing that could make you this happy-” Cartman raised an eyebrow, deepening his malicious smirk,

    “Shut up fatass,” he said, surprisingly calm, ”Where were you all yesterday?” He turned looking up at the three of them, feeling glad that their taller (and in one case, larger) bodies blocked the piercing sun from hitting him,

    “Tom Cruise n’ shit. Whales and other stuff- You know, the usual-” Stan replied, his head tilted slightly and his visage spiked with grimace.

    “Sounds- peculiar.” He sighed in response,

    “How about you jew? Kill any saviours while we were away?” Cartman taunted, causing a growl to be reaped out of the shorter boy.

    “Shut up- Just normal school bullshit, just a normal afternoon.” He said without a thought, shifting his hands into his jacket pockets. 

    The bus rolled into place, the discord of chattering teens emanated from the cracked windows of the yellow bus. The boys hopped on, Eric leading the charge to the back of the bus, Stan and Kenny following suit with Kyle trailing just behind them. The bus was always cramped, walls lined with teenagers in sweaty bus seats with the covers fraying at the fabrics tacky edge.

    As he made his way down the aisle, a hand gently grabbed his wrist,

    “K-Kyle.” A small voice yelped out, the familiarity of it causing Kyle’s ears to prick a passionate ember as he turned, 

    “O-Oh! Hey Jimmy!” Kyle responded, feeling just as nervous as he always would have, 

    “Do you want to sit together today?” The other boy inquired with a crooked smile, still as sweet as any other. Kyle turned back to gaze at his friends who were already engaging in a verbal war with some older teens at the back of the bus. Sighing at their stupidity, in the way a loving mother would at her messy children. 

    “Yeah, I don’t think I can deal with sitting with them today-” He responded, gesturing to his friends he missed the day before. Jimmy shifted over, flicking his bag to the floor of the bus, Kyle slotting in next to him, shoulder to shoulder. 

    Jimmy’s eyes lay at his lap, unlike Kyle’s whose eyes fondled the very sight of him. His, well, his boyfriend? 

    His friend-who-was-a-bit-more-than-a-friend? His “school project partner that he made out with after school?” 

    The thought of what exactly they were confused the poor redhead, causing his crimson brows to furrow in a focused confusion. Jimmy, gazing up at the tense and eerily quiet boy beside him, noticed his adorably focused expression.

    “Kyle-?” He chirped, leaning into Kyle’s shoulder a bit, feeling the heat and scent of his body through the thin layer of his parka.

    “Huh?!” Kyle shot up, his mind in a frenzy, “Oh! Sorry- I’m just uh, thinking!” He said, flipping a small thumbs up.

    “About what?” Jimmy said, lovingly wrapping his arms around Kyle's arm, teasing him with his affection.

    “I- hey- Uhm- I-I–Uh” His face shot red, as he twitched and fiddled with Jimmy’s fingers which lightly gripped his arm.

    “Wow Kyle, if I-I didn’t know you, I’d say you we-were the one with the st-tuttering problem!” Jimmy smiled, slipping one hand down Kyle’s sleeve and into his glove, feeling the warmth of his bare hand against his own.

    “Jimmy-” Kyle whispered sternly, “You’re awfully comfortable right now-” Earning a mischievous smirk from the comedian,

    “Well Kyle, you’re my boyfriend now right? Or was that little proposal in my bedroom just platonic?” His smile widened uncontrollably, unable to stifle the laughter which flooded his lungs. Kyle turned away, feeling a slight relief at the words, yet only further flustered by them. 



    Boy friend.

    He could hardly believe it himself.

    “You don’t make out with people platonically, Jimmy-” He comically acted mad, playing into the others' humour to forge more smiles and smirks.

    “So you are my boyfriend!” Jimmy shot up and pointed, saying everything a tad too loud. Kyle looked around in a panic, relieved that everyone seemed too self absorbed to notice Jimmy’s awfully revealing statements,

    “Yes Jimmy, I am your boyfriend-” He said, letting his happiness flood that last word. 

    “Ok then, are you a good boyfriend?” He inquired with another laugh,

    “I- uh, yes? I will try I mean-”

    “Ok then, so, could you be an amazing boyfriend and tell me what exactly we’re presenting today for the project?” He said in a semi-joking manner, the realisation hitting the both of them that making out and professing their love for one another isn’t exactly what the project entailed-


    “D-d-damn fucking right “shit.”” Jimmy emphasised, looking up at Kyle in a slight panic. Meanwhile, Kyle fiddled around, gazing every which way, his eyes landing on his friends, who sat at the back of the bus, Cartman scheming away as he roped Butters into another plan of his, getting Kenny and Stan to follow suit. Surely another day where school would turn into adventures of mayhem and hardship. Kyle sighed, a scapegoat. Maybe Cartman wasn’t so completely useless.

    “Let’s bail,” Kyle pointed to his friends, “We can go with them.” Kyle smiled,

    “Oh so rebellious!” Jimmy teased, placing a tenacious finger on Kyle’s chest, “A straight-A student skipping?! G-g-goodness!” He placed his hands on his face in an attempt to appear shocked, his intentionally poor acting fooling nobody. The two chuckled, Kyle getting up along with Jimmy, heading to the back of the still bustling bus where the rest of the guys were getting ready for another day of ransoms, bombs, jew jokes, and chaos.


    I hope this posted correctly. I try to copy and paste the whole thing in one go and all the formatting got so screwed up- So I had to copy and paste it bit by bit from my document-

    Hope you liked it though-

    #south park #south park fanfic #sp#sp fanfic #south park fanfiction #sp fanfiction #south park jimmy x kyle #south park kyle x jimmy #sp jimmy x kyle #sp kyle x jimmy #south park ships #sp ships #south park ship #sp ship#kyle broflovski#sp kyle #south park kyle #sp kyle broflovski #south park kyle broflovski #south park jimmy #sp jimmy #south park jimmy valmer #sp jimmy valmer #jimmy valmer
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  • mtntownshenagians
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    something I find weird is when people go HEY! why are you shipping CHILDREN! are you a sick pervert? Its like these people never consumed any childrens media from nick/disney/cn ever..   

    . hey arnold is cancelled because the creator ships helga x arnold

    Katara and aang the creators are cancelled (acutally a lot of shippers have called em creepy but what do they know they’re just bitter. )

    Matt x trey well they’re already cancelled by the pc babies..  but anyway.. Stan x Wendy /nichole x token

    phineas x ferb :  isabella x phineas shippers cancelled.

    I find it so riducilous that these takes keep popping up I can only guess they never watched any media ever or need to touch grass if they really think adults shipping fictional kids make em perverts. if thats true then every cartoon show for children is cancelled now.  come on people. these kids aint’ real.. you aren’t protecting kids your just being fun killers.

    #shipping#south park#atla#disney#nick #i have found these arguements in the atla/sp fandom and i find em so damn annoying
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  • atqh16
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Does anyone know any “fake dating” sasunaru fics? I’m in the mood for oblivious idiots in love. I also accept Hashimada fics because I’m a sucker for the sunshine and sunshine protector romance dynamics. Does it matter that sunshine is incredibly powerful and is fully capable of taking care of themselves? Of course not

    #what would be the sunshine protectors purpose in life if it were not to hiss at anyone they find vaguely threatening? #and by threatening I mean anyone showing any romantic interests towards said sunshine #because sunshine protector might be too emotionally constipated to actually make a move themselves #but by god it will not stop them from being jealous and territorial #just protective ship dynamics man #I need the angst #the hurt/comfort #that moment of misunderstanding where sunshine is angry at S.P over his behavior #because it never occurred that SP would be in love with them #Naruto#naruto uzumaki#sasuke#sasuke uchiha#sasunaru#hashimada#madara uchiha#hashirama senju
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  • ifdragonscouldtalk
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    I think people are so rabid they dont realize you can dislike something without being anti

    #like i DISLIKE bruce and clint being shipped but im not anti that ship :/ jfc #and i mean this on both sides like sp*rk shippers need to get a fucking grip #sp*hura shippers arent threatening you theyre literally just existing jfc #if you dont like the ship just fucking leave it be for gods sake #stop being a racist pos
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  • rachelmaxx
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Stan and Kyle (South park)

    #south park #south park style #stan marsh#kyle brovlofski#kyle broflovski#sp style #stan x kyle #kyle x stan #art#digital art#pixel art #south park stan #south park ships #south park kyle #south park kenny #south park fandom #sp fanart#sp fandom
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  • hauntedollart
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Gay people real????3?;;! (Not clickbait)

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  • toycoheartful
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Ryan Valmer x Richard Burch 👨‍❤️‍👨

    Ryan Valmer: Look Stephen I don't want you but

    I supposed to.......Love

    Richard Burch: Richarrd!! :-)

    Ryan Valmer: Richard what the hell are you doing?

    Richard Burch: (◠‿・)—☆

    Ryan Valmer: what the hell are you Going

    Richard Burch: Richarrd!

    Ryan Valmer & Richard Burch: *Kissing*

    Ryan Valmer: Rich.... Richard are you Kidding me!?

    Richard Burch: Ha,Ha Richard!

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  • toycoheartful
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Richard Tweak want to love you


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  • toycoheartful
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago
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  • hachichimitsu
    16.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    #thanks for the ask mint!! ^^ #south park#hachichishippinglogs#hachichiposts#hachi answers #hachichimitsu’s cognitive functions series #<—- since i mentioned smth about mbti lmao #stan marsh#butters stotch#wendy testaburger#bebe stevens#sp stutters#sp bendy#herbietales#ship bingo
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  • dario-el-estupido
    16.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Yo I'm bored and want to live up to my username. Here's some kyman

    #south park#sp shitpost #idk possible crack ship? #was gonna do this with fred but there's probably a significant age gap
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  • alemonyoyo
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    #south park #south park meme #south park memes #sp#sp meme#sp memes #south park ship #south park ships #sp ships#sp ship #south park stan #south park stan marsh #stan marsh#sp stan #sp stan marsh #south park kyle #south park kyle broflovski #kyle broflovski#sp kyle #sp kyle broflovski #south park jimmy #sp jimmy #south park jimmy valmer #sp jimmy valmer #jimmy valmer #south park timmy burch #sp timmy burch #south park timmy #sp timmy#timmy burch
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  • alemonyoyo
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Season 15 of South Park is just Kyman fuel and I’m loving it-

    We don’t talk about episode one.

    NEVER. Talk about episode one.

    #the human centipede fucked me up #why did they think that was a good idea #i wonder if season 15 is rated not as highly as the others because of that #or because of kyman #god people hate kyman #hah#lol #i like kyman #south park#sp #south park kyman #south park ship #sp kyman#sp ship #south park ships #sp ships #I relate to Stan too much #guess I kin him now
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