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  • pennamesmith
    15.05.2021 - 3 minutes ago


    Many years later, Adora and Hordak stand together on the grassy, windswept cliff where everything ended.

    They hike here occasionally, overlooking the vast, verdant fields that were once the Fright Zone. They trade pleasantries, ask after each other’s wives, and reminisce.

    “You know, when I was little I’d tell the other kids I knew you to impress them,” Adora confides. “It was technically true.”

    Hordak snorts. “How many friends did that win you?”

    “A few. You’re one of them.”

    “My friend, my enemy,” Hordak quips.

    “Story of our lives, really.” Adora offers a smile. Hordak returns it.

    They go on.

    #happy 1 year! #spop#she ra#Adora#Hordak#they’re friends #best space aliens squad #She-Ra defeated Horde Prime by saving Hordak and I’ll never get over that #fan fiction#smith stuff#drabble
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  • cesium-sheep
    15.05.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Part Of Making Your Wife Feel Safe Enough To Talk To You Is Actually Giving Her Space When She Asks For It Even Though You’re Neurotic (And Bullheaded) And She’s Forgetful (And Avoidant)

    #it's been like half an hour and I'm getting a little aaaaaa #but it's important to keep my word. #even more important than usual which is already probably more important than anyone else thinks it needs to be. #it's a lot easier to give someone space when they don't live with you in your small apartment -n- #I'm trying to be good about not watching her and stuff #even though that's my instinct when I know someone's unhappy #I did check in with her once when she came in from the porch and she said she'd come to me when she felt up to it. #welp. she's on drink 5 now so she doesn't even have the excuse of technically sticking to her own rules #as a reason for waving me off.
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  • donaldduckisme
    15.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    maybe one day I will not be tired. today is not this day

    #i've been absent i know :/ #I moved back home last thursday #so I was super busy for a couple days #then just tired #finally finished all my unpacking and reorganizing of all my stuff #especially my desk space. by tuesday #and i've just still been so tired lol #my desk at home is really cramped and awkward so i dont like sitting at it a lot #which means I dont get on my computer much #which then means I dont get on this tumblr very much bc im only logged into this account on desktop #anyway ive just been tired #have to deal with the mental shift of changing locations ugh #gotta do some ImPoRtAnT stuff too still
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  • emerald-amidst-gold
    15.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Well, just bought Mass Effect. I’m kind of excited, too! I’ve never played the Mass Effect series before, but I’ve always been curious if I’d like the games! Guess I’ll find out! 

    *patiently waits 30 minutes for the games to download* :3

    #mass effect #mass effect legendary edition #i mean bioware made the games so i should like them right? #i've never really been drawn towards outer space based games with aliens and stuff but i thought why not? #a change of pace might do me some good!
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  • dishesoap
    15.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    the eternal struggle of "i got a new poster so now i have to move all my posters and art around to make room for a new one AGAIN"

    #i have a bigger room now and i got rid of some stuff when i moved but my ex gf went into my room last year #which was. well. there was not really any blank wall space #and she said '....i see why you have trouble concentrating now' #like YES ur RIGHT but HEY. #m text
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  • devilbunzz
    14.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    zane didnt know seattle is in washington

    #me stuff #told him earlier n i felt insane cuz he was like theres no way seattle is in washington #AND HE DIDNT KNOW ABOUT THE SPACE NEEDLE? im insane again
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  • citrongarde
    14.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    hey not to homestuck/pokemon crossover on main but what if i shared my Thoughts on zinnia’s potential classpect (and possibly other pokemon characters’ classpects...hmmm.....)

    #neela speaks#pokemon#homestuck#lorekeeper zinnia#classpect #i have a lot of thoughts on zinnia's potential classpect #mostly involving inversion and roleplaying a different classpect #this might come as a shock but: i dont think shes a space player! #despite her space association and stuff #soooo i might post more abt this if it seems interesting enough to yall #classpecting non-homestuck characters is fun :) #might delete this later if it doesnt fly idk
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  • gazeboarcade
    14.05.2021 - 9 hours ago


    #I rlly don’t understand the Reason that my sister is such a fucking douchebag??? #I do so much to make things good and functioning #and then she acts like the littlest fucking thing is a massive deal #like she has been dragging me for the last 24 hours all like #clean ur stuff and sort it out immediately bc it’s what I need done #and I’m like. just moving back in for the summer so I’ve been spending all my time doing that #and like holding it above my head that her stuff is sooooo clean #and then like fucken she has to put away her clothes that she has a heinous amount of #and then I get yelled at abt it #like ik I didn’t do anything wrong but I don’t understand why she has to be so fucking mean to me sometimes #she acts like everything that she ever struggles with even a TINY bit is EVERYONE’S fault #except her own ://// like? girl all ur problems are self created #I rlly don’t need to feel like I’m a burden just by existing in space that is my own #I hate living here so bad sometimes I was rlly excited to be back but shit is already off the rails with her #and my mom keeps giving me Charlie Work #I wanted to be like glad to be back! and have fun #but I feel kinda ill and so achey #I just want to uhaul with my girlfriend and call it a fucking day dude jfc #so annoying like. consider for 1 second how ur actions impact others <3 #delete later
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  • spectral-ask-memes
    14.05.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #i answered a thing #i’m still developing backstory stuff for this one but. the time/space travel plays a larger role in the plot #(of the thing i’m writing that is) so these are Almost Definite
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  • lagreyowl
    14.05.2021 - 11 hours ago


    "I'm never gonna make it halfway to the moon But it's too late to turn around"

    "I'm running out of oxygen I'll never be the same again now Same again now"

    "Oh my god, I can't remember Who I was just last December What have I done, how did I get here? What have I done?"

    "I was young, nothing to fear once"

    "Maybe I was foolish, I guess I was naive I didn't know what I had, and I thought I had to leave I wish that I was homeward bound"

    #voltron #voltron legendary defender #song for character #voltron fandom#vld#songs#my music #oh my god #literally#alec benjamin#lance mcclain#voltron lance #lost in space #:( i love him #what have i done #how did i get here #voltron shitpost#voltron stuff#Spotify
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  • superpwrtoolkit
    14.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Creating a safe space part 2!

    A safe space can be an imaginary place you can go to when you are feeling overwhelmed because of emotions, thoughts, and the external environment. 

    It's kind of like a grounding technique that can help us regulate my emotions before we can be ready to deal with the real world. 

    You can start to build your own safe space by imagining what you love. What makes you happy? What brings you peace? What helps you relax?

    My safe space is an open air landscape with millions of trees and flowers. What would yours be? 

    Thanks at @tqhr (cottage picture), @ciki.design (temple and boat pictures) and @flygombal_art (landscape picture). 

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  • jaegerbroshoe
    14.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Jesus fucking Christ, my sisters are so annoying and insensitive. 

    I told my mom I don’t want any more snk merch because it turned out to be a huge waste of money, and my sister goes “I’ll take your manga then” as if buying them was such a frivolous task for me and I didn’t spend my own hard-earned money on them.

    I said I still want them until I figure out if I’m gonna sell them or not, and she’s all like “fine I’ll buy my own”, when she wasn’t even an avid reader. She just likes buying a bunch of shit she never uses for the sake of collecting it, when we literally have no more space left to store things. When I pointed that out, my other sister goes “it’s okay she’ll put it on your desk after you sell yours”.

    I’m just so done with how they always make fun of me whenever something I really care about ends up disappointing me, as if my feelings are silly and irrelevant. They give no consideration whatsoever to how much I valued it and why I’m so upset as a result. Like, I’m sorry I’m not so shallow and materialistic that I buy everything in sight even when I don’t need it/care about it that much.

    #rant#me stuff#snk thoughts#my opinion#trigger warning #sorry I need to rant somewhere or it’s back to self harming I go #she bought all the hxh/tokyo ghoul volumes and didn't even crack them open #but then she went and gave away all these books from our childhood #that had sentimental value #saying they were taking up too much space #but now it's all her shit filling up every crevice in the house #it’s just #it’s so infuriating that I can’t even talk about how I feel about the ending without getting mocked at home #(because they all somehow think it was good + they never form strong attachments; they only like shit on a superficial level) #but they can fangirl over their artificial kpop idols 24/7 and have their interests be respected by everyone else in the family #I’m also pissed because I got so much shit growing up for buying 1D merch and books so I slowly worked my way through buying snk merch #(and even then the only thing I really bought was the volumes??) #but they spent hundreds of dollars on physical copies of albums they never listen to and concerts by artists that were a mere phase #and basically just any passing hobby no problem #because my mom has always supported their interests #but whenever I wanted to spend money on something I really cherished I would get in trouble/have to work really hard for it #and to this day my mom hasn't taken an interest in anything I deeply care about #god I can't wait until I move out #I was getting nervous about going to BC but even if I have to struggle on my own it's better than being the outcast at home #and constantly made fun of #like literally anything I like they have to comment on and make me feel self-conscious about
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  • this-is-what-you-think-it-is
    14.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    but when the lights go out, you're sittin’ all alone

    with no money, no friends, and nowhere to begin

    prodigal – it’s your own damn fault

    #youngish lad fresh out of a job and a marriage shacking up with a buddy and dreading the onslaught he'll get from his superiors #hair a lil shorter and one arm a little meatier still #brain still scrambled #oc stuff #stuff in space #used the stardust palette #i gotta wash my pan its dinnertime
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  • vishcount
    14.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    WIP Tag Game

    was tagged by the amazing @s1utspeare ♥ love you~

    Rules: post the last sentence of your WIP, and then tag as many people as there are words.

    everybody probably expects this to be either my pingxie epilogue (which is in the making but,,, not my current mood. it’s surprisingly heavy) or my heihua side story (which i plan on getting into) but no. this is a random pingxie... idea? i’ve had stuck in my head ever since i watched tlt2. and now @jockvillagersonly has the honor (or the dismay) to be listening to me freak out about this.

    so here:

    It purrs when it touches his heart and kneads the tender flesh, crumbling his carefully built walls. 

    so the basic gist is that xiaoge gets that virus pushed into his system and goes a bit,,, feral. so to speak. am not gonna say anything else bc everything about this is very hazy but i am somehow planning on going for some smut which is,,, very non typical for me bc i don’t do smut... but. yeah. apparently we do bad decisions in this house now :D

    i don’t really know who to tag bc i have no idea who has done this lately but @cross-d-a @kholran @humanlighthouse @i-am-just-a-kiddo @inessencedevided ♥ 

    #tag game #really funny for you to just #tag me into this now #when am here messing around #with some very strange stuff #also if yall feel like #there's space for a song #then pls just take savage #by bahari #and all of yall #who go to bilibili #you probably know this song very well #and i might have an unhealthy obsession :D
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  • soryualeksi
    14.05.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Please let there be daycare again on Monday... ;_;

    #big kiddo is positively SICK of his sister even if he can't articulate it #they so absolutely need a break from each other #which is normal and healthy imo #but try taking care of two small children at the same time who really shouldn't be made to play with each other for a bit #I'm so exhausted :)))) #thankfully their dad is done working soon and we can at least separate them in space for a while lololol #parenting stuff #soryuchan's personal issues #baby stuff#kids stuff
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  • queen-scribbles
    14.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Just wanted to say, I’m not sure when I’ll get into playing MELE(maybe some time this weekend?) bc I still need to upgrade my desktop to fricking Win10 before I can play it. xD When I do get to it, I’ll probably tag with “queen in mele” and “mele” in case anyone wants to blacklist and not be inundated with a gazillion screenshots of my Shepards.

    Yes, plural. I have four. (Technically I’ve played more than that, but it was all replays of the same thing; largely paragon f!Shenko etc etc. Just different appearance/name. One day I will finish my Talimancer.)

    Emily (Vanguard, War Hero/Spacer, Kaidan romance) is my canon

    Lisa (Infiltrator, Colonist/Ruthless, Kaidan romance) is getting to go first bc she’s the reason I’m gonna HAVE MELE in the first place xD (thank you @fourthage :D )

    Quinn (Adept, Colonist/Sole Survivor, Ashley romance) I’m looking forward to bc he’s a gorgeous bastard and I can’t wait to make him in high res graphics. :P

    Charlie (Soldier, Earthborn/Ruthless, Jack romance) is admittedly the least developed of the four. I’m looking forward to changing that. :3

    I’ll also being tagging with the individual Shepards’ name for their playthroughs. And there will be lots of screenshots. Y’all know what I’m like. 😂

    #queen rambles #still wish i'd thought to make my swtor gaming tag queen in gffa or something #so queen in space could be mass effect #but now there's too much in that tag and changing would be a pain #(esp since i don't play me as much as other stuff)
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  • whats-this-then
    14.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    cameron: bro you texted me "xx" at the end of your message that's gay bro

    jules: it doesn't mean anything

    jules: me mum comments "yer an ugly bastard xx" when i post a selfie on social media

    #it's just the kind of relationship we have luv #stuff in space
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  • peachidolli
    14.05.2021 - 21 hours ago


    Days 10-14:


    Favorite tv show(s)?

    Hands down, Octonauts is my favorite tv show, especially in my little regression headspace. I also like markiplier but I dunno if that counts.


    Do you have pets?

    Yesss!!! I have a kitty named Meliodas and a ferret names Sokka!!!


    Are you a pet too?

    I do have a pet regression space, it also helps with my regression. It reminds me a lot of when I was a small child and played house!!!


    Talk about something special🥰

    I don’t really have anything special to talk about..but I like shiny and pretty rocks. And I desperately wish to be gifted one for no reason :P


    Favorite littlespace drink?

    HOT COCO OR SHAKES OR SMOOTHIES OR THE REALLY SWEET FROZEN COFFEES FROM BIGGBY!!! If you couldn’t tell I like a lot, I HATE water when regressed. It’s icky 😭




    #agere#sfw agere#agere blog #sfw agere blog #agere baby#cglre#age regression #sfw little blog #sfw little stuff #little space
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  • peachidolli
    14.05.2021 - 21 hours ago


    Days 7-9:


    Do you use diapers?

    I do! But I only wear them when I’m menstruating. They’re super comfy and it’s a way for me to regress during a time it’s really hard avoiding it.


    Favorite little activity?

    I LOVE being taken to parts or out for walks, and if I do either of those my CG has to take soooo many cute pictures of me, bonus if I’m wearing a cute outfit!!!


    What would your dream playroom be?

    Uuuh, I would love to have some walls I can color on, pink glitter walls, a huge closet with lots and lots of cute clothes and shoes. I want all of my old my little ponies and littlest pet shop back as well so I can play with them in there!




    #agere#sfw agere#agere blog #sfw agere blog #agere baby#cglre#age regression #sfw little blog #sfw little stuff #little space
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  • safetayy
    14.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Sister: Can I see your phone?

    Me: Sure, just let me delete some things

    #it's not THAT bad but my phone keeps shutting down EVEN WHEN I STILL HAVE PLENTY OF SPACE #i don't want to delete them though ;n; #amphibia #amphibia deserves better #captain grime #yeah safe posts stuff
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