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  • deliciousartiesscones
    26.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I'm just waiting for THAT ONE SPECIAL DAY when Hima says that UsUk, SpaMano and GerIta are canons.

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  • kayladaugherty
    26.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    So I have been in the Hetalia fandom since 2015 and I used to read a lot of fanfiction. But when I read fanfics, I used to only read on FF.net. I've never touched AO3 for Hetalia. Any ship/character is open. My only requirements: has to be English, has to be completed, has to have more than 1 chapter. (I generally don't like one-shots unless you beg me to read it.)

    Hetalians, the floor is yours.

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  • kaimaciel
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    HC: Family Conflicts

    When Luciano and Martín made their relationship official, the families had to adapt.

    Arthur avoids every family meeting where Martín is also present. He only shows up when only Luci is there.

    Unknown to the Brarg couple, Afonso and Lovino had intense fights over where they were going to have lunch or who was cooking.

    When Afonso cooked, Lovino would bring his own food to lunch, even though it was decided he wouldn't. This pissed Afonso so much, he would passive-agressively complain about the lasagna having too much salt, too much garlic or tomato sauce.

    Actually, Lovino and Afonso started fighting a lot after Lu and Martín got together: neither admiting the other criticized the way their kids were raised. They tried to keep it between themselves, but the 'kids' realized there was tension between them.

    Lovino and Afonso are both very insecure, Lovi was jealous of Afonso's bond with Antonio ever since they were kids, while Afonso feels Lovino is purposely pushing him away from both Antonio and Luciano by assuming the new parent role.

    Another source of conflict is whenever all the couples get together. Luci and Martín on one side, Antonio and Lovino on the other, while Afonso feels like a 5th weel since he can't bring Arthur and is stuck on his own while the couples have their double dates. It doesn't help that both couples are extremely affectionate and physical with each other, which adds to the awkwardness.

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  • spamanohcsandstuff
    25.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Spamano au: Hotel Resort where Spain is a hot entertainer y'know those who dance and there's a group of people in the pool following the steps

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  • spamanohcsandstuff
    25.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    since they're around the same age, I think that makes their bond even deeper.

    Growing together (physically), and relating to each other, makes them have this silent mutual understanding of each other.

    For example when they lived together, they often spend their nights together, Toni doing some work while romano sat nearby and read aloud to him. In the same HC I like the idea of them having greyhounds.

    They would sleep together just for a feeling of safety, especially if it was stormy or romano had a bad dream.

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  • frutosa
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    their bodies are like 🧸 & 🦦

    #gay bear and gay otter HAHA #hws romano#hws spain#aph romano#hetalia#hws#aph#spamano#aph spain #'tu me faje arrevuta' means 'youre twisting me up' #its a romantic phrase but antonio thinks he's talking about his speedo getting twisted #you fool. you fucking fool oh my god #70smaintenencemanau
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  • diatomaceous-worth
    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    The top three:

    Notes and rambling under the cut

    In the year 2008, zero FRUK and USUK fanfictions were published on AO3, however one Gerita fic was posted.

    FRUK seems to be growing in popularity. Note the peaks for the number of fics posted in 2015. USUK hasn't had a year with that many fics (792) since then however FRUK passed it's 2015 record of 460 fics in 2020 with 560 fics posted. (Also for USUK popularity by site, check out this previous post.)

    So far this year the top three ship numbers are as follows (as of July 23, 2021):

    USUK: 403

    FRUK: 324

    Gerita: 221

    So...if people keep writing at the same rate, it looks like the top 3 ships are on track to break their records for this year.

    In 2020 you see an increase in all three top ships. That is probably due to the pandemic. AO3 has charts here that document the increase in traffic in early 2020. It seems lots of people have turned to fandom this year and last year. Vox has this interesting article on escapism, the pandemic and fandom if you want to read more about it.

    For the line graph, each year counts the number of fics posted or updated, meaning multi-chapter fics will get counted each year they are updated. So a 250k fic posted in the span of one year gets counted once, while a 140k fic updated each year over 5 years will get counted in each year. This is to say that it's hard to measure popularity and word count might be a better indicator of interest but thats hard and almost impossible to measure per year.

    Now let the ship wars begin.


    All this data comes just from AO3 and doesn't include other forms of engagement/fandom creation, and it also doesn't measure the joy you get from reading about your favorite ships.

    Basically this is just for fun. Ship and let ship 🚢 💕 (and leave plenty of kudos and comments behind).

    #usuk#fruk#gerita#hetalia#hetalia fanfiction#spamano#rusame#hetalia fandom #ik corny at the end but this really is just for fun and imo hetalia is better when you multiship anyways #but also nothing beats usuk in my mind its always gonna be my fav #but like fruk is good too #its all good
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  • ask-cardverse--hetalia
    22.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    ✨ Unfinished animatic ✨

    #Maybe one day I'll actually finish it who knows #Hetalia#Cardverse Hetalia #I'm bored not gonna lie #I'm sorry if I took your time you can go back to your business #I don't know how to animate so here you've got your flat images #Cardverse spamano#Cardverse romano
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  • missinkshaming
    21.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    I'm not gonna be posting or answering more questions that involve historical stuff, as it isn't something I'm extremely knowledgeable on and I've found some people really don't enjoy my takes. The environment that these sort of posts create for me is not something I enjoy and this is a blog for fun, so I'm taking these steps to make it fun again! 💖

    I'm very sorry if ya'll enjoyed that particular content from me, but you can always send me DMs and I'll gladly discuss these ideas with everyone! I can also answer asks privately if you guys are shy or don't feel comfy sending DMs!

    I'm also stepping out for (hopefully just a little) while for tumblr to come back with the best positive energy, as these situations have made me a bit anxious to post my original content and that's not something I want to bring here... You can text me through discord at carlutas#2141 or send me DMs (although I can't say for certain how often I will check tumblr, be warned)

    Much love and thank you for reading all this! See you in a while! 💖

    #personal #im not leaving the fandom i swear! im just stepping out to come at full force 🤗💖 #maybe i'll miss the spamano week which is a shame bc i love it so much... but I'll check everything once im back its a promise!! 😌💖
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  • kaimaciel
    21.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Romano: Stop it, jerk. I'm washing dishes.

    Spain: I'm just thinking about my new bracelet. My beautiful new bracelet. Now wearing other stuff feels wrong... like my underwear. Oh, that's right! I'm not wearing any.

    Romano: ... No underwear, huh?

    Portugal, sitting at the table: "Come spend the weekend with us", he said. "You're not gonna be a third wheel", he said.

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  • lorenzodelcielo
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    I love when Spamano

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  • year81
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago


    #my post #go follow this blog for that good good spamano art you have my guarantee (places hand on heart)
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  • paperuniverse
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    I keep wanting to talk about my hetalia/warrior cats crossover au but keep putting it off cause I want to draw, and I don’t have names for all of them yet, and blah blah, I’m just going to talk about it anyways.

    It starts out similarly to the original Warriors series, Pebbles (Neko!Germany) is a kittypet who longs to live in the forest and one night decides to go into the forest, only to be attacked by Sparrowpaw (Neko!North Italy).

    Neko!Rome, the leader of Thunderclan (don’t have a name for him yet), offers Pebbles to come live with their clan and become a warrior, Pebbles agrees and is given the new name Stormpaw. There he is apprenticed under Whitescar (Neko!Prussia) who he comes to see as an older brother figure, and trained alongside Sparrowpaw and Thornpaw (Neko!South Italy).

    Point of view shift. After all three have become warriors and given their new warrior names; Stormheart, Sparrowwing, and Thornpelt; Thornpelt falls in love with a Riverclan warrior named Brightstream (Spain). They start to meet in secret, but Sparrowwing eventually finds out they’re meeting and tries to convince them to stop. This creates a divide in the brothers relationship.

    Sparrowwing fears for what will happen if Thunderclan and Riverclan have a battle, and sadly it happens. Because of their struggle to get prey, Riverclan is spotted hunting in Thunderclan borders, and a battle happens. To make matters worse both Brightstream and Thornpelt are there.

    At one point in the battle Thornpelt is pinned by a Riverclan warrior, about to be seriously injured, but Brightstream jumps in and pulls the warrior off. Neko!England, newly appointed leader of Riverclan, sees this and banishes him from Riverclan after they lose the battle.

    Brightstream joins Thunderclan.

    Pov switch. Neko!Germania and several other clan members have died of greencough and Neko!Rome is forced to choose a new deputy. Because of his bravery at the battle between them and Riverclan, and because of his amazing dedication to the code, Stormheart is made deputy.

    Whitescar and Sparrowwing are the first to congratulate him, and this is when Sparrowwing and Stormheart start to realize they have feelings for each other.

    #paperuniverse post#hetalia#aph germany #aph north italy #aph spain #aph south italy #aph prussia#spamano#gerita #sorry will continue later #theres more arcs with different cats from different clans
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  • paperuniverse
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    🌙Sleeping Headcanons part 1🌙

    Germany: Sleeps in his boxers, in the winter he might also wear a shirt. Usually sleeps on his back with his arms tightly at his side, but has more recently also started to sleep on his side especially after meeting North Italy. He lets his three dogs sleep on his bed with him because he feels guilty forcing them to sleep on the floor (they don’t mind though). If he’s really tired he might snore a bit in his sleep. He is a deep sleeper.

    North Italy: Sleeps naked. Will sleep in any position but really loves to sprawl out. He needs to cuddle someone or something in his sleep, he prefers to cuddle Germany but if need be he can find a cute stuffed animal to snuggle. A deep sleeper.

    Japan: Sleeps full clothed, in the summer he wears lighter clothes. Sleeps on his side, or occasionally on his back. Likes to curl up slightly, with knees bent and head bowed. Loves to cuddle with his dog to his chest. Isn’t a deep sleeper, but not exactly a light sleeper.

    Prussia: Wears pajama pants and no shirt. Like Germany he sleeps on his back with his arms at his side, but he’ll also have them rest on his stomach occasionally too. He’s very quiet when he sleeps, and doesn’t move much, and looks very pretty in his sleep. He’s a very light sleeper and as a result has been woken up many times when he’s had sleepovers with Spain and Francis, or when Germany was little and asked to sleep in his bed.

    Spain: Wears an oversized shirt to sleep and nothing else. Will sleep in any position but prefers to sleep on his stomach or back, and likes to tuck his arms under his head. He has a habit of kicking in his sleep, but loves to snuggle so his partner’s have woken up to bruises on their legs. He’s also hard to wake up cause he’s a heavy sleeper.

    South Italy: Sleeps in nothing. Likes to sleep sprawled out on his back, but is okay with not sprawling if he’s spooning with a partner. Also kicks in his sleep and a heavy sleeper. Him and Spain unintentionally kick the shit out of each other in their sleep.

    #hetalia#headcanons#hetalia headcanons#paperuniverse post#aph germany #aph north italy #aph japan#aph prussia#aph spain #aph south italy #spamano#gerita #was meant to be ship free but i failed rip
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  • ask-baby-friends-trio
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Same kids, just a little bit older

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  • spamanohcsandstuff
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Lovino being stingy with everything except food in supermarkets

    Toni grabbing the cheapest kind, thinking he's doing the deed:

    Lovino, lowering his sunglasses in the distance:

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  • spamanohcsandstuff
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Antonio loves being the little spoon 🥺 it makes him feel so loved

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  • spamanohcsandstuff
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Daily occurrence: lovino smacking Antonio's butt

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