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  • W15 Fri - What are some things you’ve had to unlearn?

    As a white woman, of course I have had to and still need to continue to unlearn the racist ‘presets’ that I was born with against people of colour. But I also think I’ve gotten better in recent years of how to stop judging people by appearance so much? My family is very judgemental of people’s appearances, always commenting if someone is overweight or if a girl is wearing a skirt that they think is too short, but nowadays they knows not to say stuff in front of me, because they know that I will shut them down, since what other people decide to do with their bodies is none of our business.

    Como una mujer blanca, por supuesto necesito entender y trabajar para des-aprender las nociones racistas con que he crecido. También creo que he mejorado en des-aprender de juzgar a las personas en cuanto sus apariencias. Mi familia siempre juzga a las personas basadas en sus apariencias, pero ahora saben que no se deberían hacerlo en frente de mí, porque siempre les dicen que las personas pueden hacer lo que quieren con sus cuerpos, porque no nos afecta.


    W15 Sat - What’s your favorite genre of book or movie?

    Definitely fantasy! I LOVE stuff with superpowers and magic and magical creatures and just stuff that couldn’t ever be real. Me encanta la fantasia! Me gusta cosas con poderes y criaturas mágicas y cosas que no pueden ser reales. ファンタジーが大好きです。超能力とか魔法といった現実にできないことが好きです。

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  • image

    July 4, 2020

    Some Spanish notes I made even though who knows the next time any of us will travel. Don’t judge my ugly airplane doodle, I am not a natural artist lol

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  • Me: Tell me how to conjugate dar in the third person future

    My brain: Los anillos de la cortina de la ducha

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  • The light with which the lightning

    tenacious from the Catatumbo

    to the sailor sets the course

    like a limpid beacon;

    the dawn of the tropics,

    the bonfire which dazzles

    when to the zenith rises

    the chariot of the sun…

    [These] Do not emulate from your glories

    the fulgent glow!

    Udón Pérez, Zulia’s Anthem (First Stanza). Maracaibo, 1909.

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  • After seeing Hamilton and blasting In The Heights, I’m absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this!!!

    #Youtube#hamilton#musical #letra de música #in the heights #broadway#lmm #lin manuel miranda #spanish#non stop
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  • “It’s just a few of the older people have been a bit standoffish

    standoffish (adj) - poco amigable, distante, huraño

    • behaving in a slightly unfriendly and too formal way
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  • unas ganas de morirme.

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  • spanish kids celebrating 4th of july

    The United States of America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 was founded on ideals of freedom 🆓, justice ⚖️, and liberty. 🗽The 4th of July is when the nation takes a moment to reflect 🤔❤️ on those ideals and celebrate 🥳 the country’s independence. We wish you all a wonderful day, 🤩 filled with fireworks, 🎇hot dogs 🌭 and fun! 🎉 ¡Feliz cuatro de julio! 🎉

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  • with

    Don’t do business with that con man!
    No hagas negocios con ese estafador!

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  • Frutas y frutos secos - fruits et les fruits secs - fruites i fruita seca - frutta i frutta secca - frutas e frutos secos (fruit and nuts)

    • el aguacate - l’avocat (m) - l’alvocat (m) - l’avocado (m) - o abacate (avocado)
    • el albaricoque - l’abricot (m) - l’albercoc (m) - l’albicocca (f) - o damasco (apricot)
    • la almendra - l’amande (f) - l’ametlla (f) - la mandorla - a amêndoa (almond)
    • el arándano - le bleuet - el nabiu - il mirtillo - o arando (blueberry)
    • la avellana - la noisette - l’avellana (f) - la nocciola - a avelã (hazelnut)
    • el cacahuete - la cacahuète - el cacauet - l’arachide (f) - o amendoim (peanut)
    • el caqui - le kaki - el caqui - il cachi - o caqui (persimmon)
    • la castaña - la châtaigne - la castanya - la castagna - a castanha (chestnut)
    • la cereza - la cereise - la cirera - la ciliegia - a cereja (cherry)
    • la chirimoya - le chirimoya - la xirimoia - l’anona (f) - a anona (custard apple)
    • la ciruela - la prune - la pruna - la prugna - a ameixa (plum)
    • el coco - le coco - el coco - il cocco - o coco (coconut)
    • el dátil - la datte - el dàtil - il dattero - a data (date)
    • la frambuesa - la framboise - la gerd - il lampone - a framboesa (raspberry)
    • la fresa - la fraise - la maduixa - la fragola - a morango (strawberry)
    • la granada - la grenade - la magrana - il melograni - a romã (pomegranate)
    • la grosella negra - le cassis - la grosella negra - il ribes nero - a groselha negra (blackcurrant)
    • la grosella roja - la groseille - la grosella vermella - il ribes rosso - a groselha vermelha (redcurrant)
    • la guayaba - la goyave - la guaiaba - la goyava - a goiaba (guava)
    • la guinda - la griotte - la guinda - l’amarena (f) - a ginja (morello cherry)
    • el higo - la figue - la figa - il fico - o figo (fig)
    • el kiwi - le kiwi - el kiwi - il kiwi - o kiwi (kiwi)
    • el lichi - le litchi - el litxi - il litchi - a lichia (lychee)
    • la lima - le citron vert - la llimona tendra - il lime - a lima (lime)
    • el limón - le citron - la llimona - il limone - o limão (lemon)
    • la mandarina - la mandarine - la mandarina - il mandarino - a tangerina (tangerine)
    • el mango - la mangue - el mango - il mango - a manga (mango)
    • la manzana - la pomme - la poma - la mela - a maçã (apple)
    • el maracuyá - la fruit de la passion - el maracujà - il maracuja - a maracujá (passion fruit)
    • el melocotón - la pêche - el préssec - la pesca - o pêssego (peach)
    • el melón - le melon - el meló - il melone - o melão (melon)
    • el membrillo - le coing - el codony - la mela cotogna - o marmelo (quince)
    • la mora - la mûre - la mora - la mora - la mora - a amora (blackberry)
    • la naranja - l’orange (f) - la taronja - l’arancia (f) - a laranja (orange)
    • la nectarina - la nectarine - la nectarina - la nettarina - a nectarina (nectarine)
    • el níspero - le nispero - la nespra - la nespola - a nêspera (medlar)
    • la nuez - la noix - la nou - la noce - a noz (walnut)
    • la papaya - la papaye - la papaia - la papaia - a mamão (papaya)
    • la pasa - le raisin sec - la pansa - l’uvetta (f) - a uva passa (raisin)
    • la pera - la poire - la pera - la pera - a pêra (pear)
    • la piña - l’ananas (m) - la pinya - il ananas - o abacaxi (pineapple)
    • el pistacho - le pistache - el festuc/pistatxo - il pistacchio - a pistache (pistachio)
    • el plátano - la banane - el plàtan - la banana - a banana (banana)
    • el pomelo - le pomélo - el pomelo - il pompelmo - a toranja (grapefruit)
    • la sandía - le melon d’eau - la síndria - il cocomero - a melancia (watermelon)
    • la uva - le raisin - el raïm - l’uva (f) - a uva (grape)

    I have only compared the languages I have studied/dabbled in, not all the Romance languages.

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  • As she’d been speaking, they’d reached the brow of the hill and now Goosebrook was revealed, appearing before them in all its bucolic spring-infused glory. The honeyed Cotswold limestone of the buildings was offset by the abundance of greenery and the bright colours of the flowers in the gardens. The church spire rose into the sky, the roofs of the jumble of houses and cottages were mottled ochre yellow and grey, and children and parents were visible on the village green in front of the church. There were a few shops – not many, Mimi knew – as well as a popular local pub called the Black Swan. And there too, snaking through the village and gleaming silver in the sunlight, was the brook itself, with the old stone bridge arching across it.

    ‘It’s a pretty nice place to live,’ said Cal, as Otto strained on his lead to reach a butterfly that was taunting him, dancing around just out of his reach.

    brow (n) - cresta

    • the top part of a hill or the edge of something high such as a cliff or rock

    limestone (n) - piedra caliza

    • a white or light grey rock that is used as a building material and in the making of cement

    offset (adj) - compensar, contrarrestar

    • to balance one influence against an opposing influence, so that there is no great difference as a result

    spire (n) - capitel, aguja

    • a tall, pointed structure on top of a building, especially on top of a church tower

    jumble (n) - batiburrillo, maraña

    • an untidy and confused mixture of things, feelings, or ideas

    mottled (adj) - moteado, con manchas

    • covered with areas of different colours that do not form a regular pattern

    brook (n) - arroyo, riachuelo

    • a small stream

    strain (v) - forzar, esforzarse 

    • to create pressure or use effort
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  • No relation with my blog but since I’m a football fan and it’s taking place in Bucharest in less than 2 hours, I’ve made this collage. Personally I want Bilbao to win, how about you? :)

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  • La Veneno (deceased)

    • Gender: Transgender woman
    • Sexuality: N/A
    • DOB: 19 March 1964
    • RIP: 9 November 2016
    • Ethnicity: White - Spanish
    • Occupation: Sex worker, adult actress, actress, singer
    • Note: La Veneno was one of the first transgender women to become widely known in Spain, and has since been recognised as a pioneering trans icon.
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  • I think one of the most brutal cultural shok us that in USA Karen is a term for rude mid age women, but in Hispanic America is term for any women that loves cats

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  • So true when people presumed a lot.

    Si es verdad de la gente presumida. Nunca me di cuenta pero siempre siento cuando la gente es sincera o falsa. Mi intuición es muy fuerte. 😢

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  • Three Spotify ads that I’ve gotten since I changed my phone to Spanish:

    1. Spotify Premium ad, but make it Spanish.
    2. Walmart ad about 4th of July supplies in Spanish.
    3. Hamilton is on Disney+ and you should go watch it, you musical fandom trash.
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