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  • nxthero
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    activity may be spotty now through next week because there’s a ✨tournament✨

    #[ooc] #it’s technically a karate tournament but they let any style compete. you just have to abide by karate sparring rules lol #to be honest karate rules are way more fun than tkd rules because then it’s like. ACTUAL sparring. I hate World TKD rules. #because we do ITF not WT so our style is more military based and our sparring rules are closer to karate sparring rules. #WT rules feels like it reduces the competition to a flashy kick contest and I don’t vibe with that honestly. like . . . let me *fight* lmao
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  • mysterylore
    23.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    2nd OC has arrived, I figured write him now while I'm bored rather than procrastinate -w-

    Meet Xelton, Time God

    Name: Xelton

    Race: "No Name" God

    Height: 5'8" (175 cm)

    Birthday/Zodiac: January 14/Capricorn

    Values: temporal balance and everything he has currently

    Favorite Food: good ol' toast


    Xelton controls time and it's a difficult job, in order to make sure there is balance in every existing universe, he has to constantly check up on it. A particular universe has caught his attention, it wasn't a timeline disruption meaning he has no business of being there but the storyline that been has set for the people he's inspecting intrigued him. Making him a regular "watcher" of this universe, his friends even joined him.

    Extra Notes

    Element: Earth

    Weapon: dual wield swords, one's regular and the other can change into a whip that tears armor.

    You can probably guess which universe caught his attention ;)

    Half him is "corrupted" by Temporal stones, stones where broken timelines are kept in. The ones that "infected" him are broken timelines of universes that are similar to his.

    He memorize a lot things meaning he's probably mentally broken/emotionally unstable :3

    He likes dinosaurs tho-

    #lord of heroes #loh #poor dude probably see things he doesn't want to #haha spectating the lord's struggle goes brr #he wants to have a spar with Johan someday since he too dual wields #up next is the strength dude #also can you see his coat is similar to lord's? i took inspiration
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  • sparring-spirals
    23.10.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #letters? who needs em #(this was great thank you) #spar speaks#critical role#cr spoilers#c3#c3e1#fcg#shitpost #ask away! #flowersforvax
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  • sparring-spirals
    23.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    tumblr mobile appears to have taken away the tag suggestion feature, which does mean i will no longer constantly be taunted by my mispelled tags, but this also means i will no longer get fun suggestions like this:

    [image description: the words " *cheers* yasha fucks!" in one of the Tumblr tag suggestion bubbles. Specifically the suggestion bubbles generated by your past tags. end id]

    #its true tho #spar speaks#shitpost #(but am i wrong) #i had to look up the original post i made about this to get the screenshot and HEY its been a little more than a year #happy anniversary to this i guess
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  • ragsweas
    23.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Woke up at 7:45. It's 10 am. Already cried twice because my friends ain't here. My room is in shambles. Wrote two pages worth of rnat that might as well be some sort of poetry cause who writes traditional anymore. Head hurts. Need to submit an abstract and a chapter of my thesis. Prof still has not replied. Birthday is less than a month away. I wanna cry again.

    #personal rant #ngl I almost wanted to have a dwarf #someone to take me out sparring #so that I at least learn #need to defend #get sword work #maybe have someone take me baking #yaknow who I am talking about
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  • mandalorianbrainweasel
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pirate!Spar AU! :0

    I got this image a week or so ago of a Spar who is firmly a man (he/him pronouns and everything! shocking for me I know) but who’s a bit of a dandy. High heels? Long earrings and other piercings? Foppish hair? Sign him up! So I drew it and it came out so fun, and then I was able to put it in CSP tonight and paint it and I’m so happy with it.

    #alpha clone spar #pirate spar au #my art#digital painting#pencil sketch #that's how I draw beskade btw #the Mandalorian curved swords #look i had a love for scimitars since I was fourteen #you'll take that from me only when I hit the grave
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  • the-widow-sisters
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Even If It Takes Forever

    Summary: Yelena has been practicing her moves, and she is determined to spar with Natasha and win. However, just when she thinks that she will win for the first time against her sister, she is bested by Natasha and pinned on the mats. She grows frustrated, and she refuses to fight any further. However, Natasha gives her some motivation to fight back...

    Word Count: 2274

    A/N: Thank you to @bambinella for the request! I hope you enjoy! 🥰💖 This was an amazing fic idea and so much sweet stuff with our girls 😊💗

      “I am so kicking your butt,” Yelena announced, allowing the grin threatening to overtake her face to blossom. Natasha just eyed her with that typical enigmatic expression. However, Yelena could easily see the challenge in her eyes as she raised an eyebrow just barely.

      “We’ll see,” Natasha replied with mock superiority, and Yelena could not help laughing just a little, feeling the thrill of the fight starting to run through her with the very idea of the spar that was about to begin.

      The both of them were going to practice their sparring today. Yelena had been training really hard as of late, determined to defeat Natasha. The last time they had sparred, Natasha had won, and Yelena had been absolutely humiliated by the entire ordeal.

      She had wanted to show her big sister that she was a worthy opponent and an excellent fighter. However, when she had blown her chance so royally, she had somehow managed to keep her intense disappointment to herself and she had simply resolved to work harder to beat the redhead.

      “I won’t hold it against you if you cry when I’m through with you, Natashka,” Yelena taunted playfully, bouncing on her toes as she collected her energy and started focusing it.

      Natasha just carefully stretched on her side of the ring, pulling her arms across her body as her eyes glinted with something positively wicked. It made Yelena even more excited to fight with the knowledge that Natasha was obviously not going to go easy on her today.

      “Don’t worry, Yelena. When I’m out of fight mode, I’ll just be crying with guilt for what I did to you,” Natasha sent the sarcasm right back to her, and Yelena grinned widely as Natasha stopped stretching, popping her neck before approaching the center of the ring.

      “What? Guilt for letting your little sister win?” Yelena asked, stepping up to face Natasha with a wild smile on her face. Natasha tilted her head, and Yelena could see the fondness in her expression. However, Yelena could also see the determination and competitiveness setting into her.

      “You talk a lot of smack for someone who’s never managed to beat me before. You ready to back all that up, little one?” Natasha questioned, holding out her fist to initiate the fight. Yelena grinned widely before moving up and stopping just before she touched Natasha’s fist.

      “One last chance for you to back out before I humiliate you,” Yelena offered, enjoying her own comment greatly as she chuckled a little, the excitement of doing something so thrilling with her sister running through her veins and heightening the adrenaline rush.

      “I’d almost think you were nervous with all of this delay. I hope you’re ready,” Natasha spoke with a slight smirk, bumping her fist against Yelena’s. Yelena stepped back, moving into her fighting position as she grinned.

      “I was born ready,” Yelena uttered. As soon as the words passed between her lips, she lunged at the redhead, aiming to catch her off-guard. However, Natasha swiftly dodged the lunge, and Yelena spun in her direction, allowing a small smirk in response to Natasha’s moves.

      “Sneaky,” Yelena commented before swinging several more punches and kicks. After a moment, she darted forward with a left hook. She happily noted that she actually managed to catch Natasha off-guard slightly as the redhead let out a slight grunt of surprise as she almost broke through the redhead’s defenses. Natasha chuckled just a little, her eyes warm as she eyed the younger woman.

      “Good,” Natasha complimented, and Yelena felt herself swell with the praise and the emphasis in Natasha’s voice. However, she had to keep her head in the game. It was the only way that she would have a chance at winning this.

      Yelena flew toward her, sending a barrage of kicks and punches as she tried to wear Natasha down at least enough to throw her off-balance. With every hit that Yelena sent, Natasha gracefully dodged her, ducking away from them. Now that Yelena had managed to hit her once, Natasha was quite obviously much more on-guard.

      Yelena kept her eyes locked on Natasha’s, finding the entire thing thrilling and somehow exceedingly intimate in some odd manner. It was an experience that she could only truly ever share with her sister. Natasha was the only one that could match her move for move, punch for punch, and trick for trick.

      She always felt somehow closer to Natasha when they sparred, and it was extremely fun to let go on her and fight with everything she had and know that she was not going to hurt the other woman.

      She could easily see that Natasha felt the same way if the wild look in her eyes was anything to go on. She also almost had something akin to a grin pulling at her face every few moments. It was certain that Natasha was enjoying it.

      Once she had run Natasha around the ring for several minutes, wearing the redhead down at least a little, Yelena lunged forward, sweeping a kick to Natasha’s legs as she diligently efforted to throw her down on the floor.

      However, she was extremely surprised when Natasha jumped over her leg before kicking her in the stomach with a bit more force than Yelena had been counting on. Yelena moved backward with the impact, feeling a bit of the breath knocked out of her. She did not miss how Natasha’s eyes flashed with intense regret, her light green gaze shifting down to look at the area that she had hit.

      “Did I hurt you?” Natasha asked, blocking the hits that Yelena threw at her as the blonde’s chest heaved just a little to try to regain her breath in the midst of the fight. Yelena noted that Natasha was now fighting more defensively than offensively, and she knew she had to reassure the older woman before Natasha would reinitiate the challenge.

      “No, you didn’t,” Yelena told her, throwing a punch, and Natasha swiftly reached her hand up and caught it before grabbing Yelena in a hold where her wrist was pressed to the small of her back, Natasha twisting only slightly as she held Yelena in place.

      “Are you telling the truth?” Natasha questioned, concern deep in her voice, and Yelena ripped herself out of Natasha’s hold to nonverbally reassure the redhead that she was just fine. She then swiftly attempted to knock Natasha to the ground. Natasha lost her balance, but she did not fall, quickly regaining her balance as she raised an eyebrow at Yelena.

      “Do you believe me now?” Yelena cockily questioned, having regained her breath. Natasha smirked a little, her eyes glowing with pride but also something akin to mischief as she looked at the younger woman.

      “Yeah. But now you have nothing to keep me from going all out on you,” Natasha quipped before suddenly diving in with an unexpected speed, and Yelena quickly tried to block her from throwing her down onto the floor. Natasha latched onto her, and Yelena tried to pull herself from Natasha’s grasp.

      However, to her surprise, Natasha pulled a move that Yelena somehow did not know and had never learned. It must have been something that she had learned during her time with the Avengers. Regardless, Yelena quickly found herself on her back with Natasha on top of her, the redhead holding her down successfully and locking her legs around Yelena and putting her upper body weight on Yelena’s wrists.

      Yelena just breathed hard before furrowing her brow and frowning hard. She huffed, trying to pull herself out of Natasha’s grasp. Natasha just slowly grinned, the magnitude of the expression growing as Yelena fought her harder. Finally, after an unsuccessful buck of her hips, Yelena just settled on the floor, her infamous frown set deep into her features. Natasha chuckled lightly, looking down at Yelena with an irritating amount of cockiness.

      “C’mon, sweet girl. Put up a bigger fight than that,” Natasha chastised playfully with a grin.

      “Just let me go. I lose every time, and I’m obviously not ready,” Yelena bitterly told her, looking away from Natasha as she just breathed heavily. She was terribly disappointed in herself, and she could not believe that she had lost again. She really wanted to prove herself to Natasha and show how wonderful of a fighter that she was.

      “Are you giving up?” Natasha questioned, and even though there was a teasing note in her voice, Yelena could hear the worry slipping into her tone.

      Yelena just sighed deeply in frustration, not really having anything to say as she quietly remained looking away from her older sister.

      “It really wouldn’t be so hard to get me off of you, y’know,” Natasha noted, and Yelena barely flicked her eyes in Natasha’s direction. She felt the despair and irritation setting into her with the acceptance of defeat. At this point, she knew that Natasha had won, and she really did not know why Natasha was still even pushing the issue.

      “With a little motivation, anything’s possible,” Natasha noted. Yelena furrowed her brow, glancing in Natasha’s direction. As soon as she met the redhead’s eyes, she somehow knew what was coming, and she did not even have a chance to react before Natasha suddenly started digging her fingers into Yelena’s sides.

      Yelena collapsed into giggles and laughs, trying desperately to hold them back but just ending up running out of breath with the effort.

      “LET ME GO! NOW!!!” Yelena cried between laughs, but she could not even seem as threatening as she wanted to sound because of all of the laughter. Natasha was laughing happily along with her.

      “C’mon, you gotta throw me off first,” Natasha told her, and Yelena released some combo of a growl and a laugh. She pushed against Natasha, trying not to laugh as Natasha persisted in her assault.

      “Aww, are you even trying?” Natasha teased before moving her hands underneath Yelena’s arms, and Yelena tried desperately to capture her sister’s hands. She managed to catch them for just a moment, and Natasha paused in her attack for a moment to gleefully laugh at her.

      However, Yelena suddenly and quickly pushed with everything she had against Natasha in an attempt to throw her off of her.

      “Ooh, nice! You were close that time!” Natasha playfully yet mockingly praised, and Yelena felt frustration and irritation rage through her as she let loose another mighty push, quickly shooting her hands up to push at Natasha’s shoulders to help her momentum.

      She finally managed to catch Natasha off-guard, and she held her older sister down on her back as she quickly latched onto the redhead with her arms and legs. Natasha looked comically surprised for a moment, and Yelena released a sharp bark of laughter as she realized that she had indeed won in the end.

      “HA! Pinned you!” Yelena gleefully cried, her smile spreading unashamedly widely across her face, and to her surprise, Natasha’s expression had evolved into something affectionate and proud that made Yelena’s chest warm and her chest flutter with adoration for her older sister.

      “Good job. I knew you could do it,” Natasha praised sweetly, her words warm, and Yelena allowed herself to swell with pride this time. Natasha’s praise was one of the most important things in the world to her, and it made her feel so utterly and inexplicably happy.

      The feelings were overwhelming her so much that she honestly just wanted to lay down on top of the redhead and squish her to death by hugging her, but she quickly remembered the last few minutes and knew that she had to have at least a little retribution before she gave into softer feelings.

      “Now, poser, for my revenge,” Yelena told her before enthusiastically tickling her sister’s sides. Natasha yelped, almost jumping out of her skin, and Yelena just cackled triumphantly as Natasha fell into helpless laughter

      However, after a few moments, Yelena was overcome with the urge to just hold her sister. So, Yelena released her from her trap and just held onto her as she laid on top of her, resting her head on Natasha’s shoulder as Natasha caught her breath. Natasha quickly responded, wrapping her arms around Yelena as she pulled her closer.

      “That was fun,” Natasha noted, and Yelena laughed a little, nodding as she pulled away just barely enough to smirk at Natasha.

      “Yeah. Especially since I kicked your butt like I said I would,” Yelena stated proudly, and Natasha breathlessly chuckled in response, leaning forward and kissing Yelena’s nose swiftly. Yelena’s smile softened a bit with the affection and she wrinkled her nose a bit.

      “I seem to recall that I pinned you first,” Natasha pointed out as she let her head fall back down on the mat with a gentle, loving smile, and Yelena shrugged as she positioned herself to rest her chin on Natasha’s chest.

      “Doesn’t matter. It only matters who wins in the end,” Yelena informed her.

      They were quiet for a few moments, and Natasha slowly started threading her fingers through Yelena’s hair before moving up to her head and gently wiping away the sweat on her forehead. Yelena closed her eyes, enjoying the ministrations.

      “Let’s do this more often,” Yelena stated in a manner that was more of a question, and Natasha’s chest moved just a bit with her slight huff of amusement.

      “I’d like that.”

      Yelena would be the first to throw her on the mat one day.

      But even if she did not, Yelena would be happy to spend the rest of their lives trying. Even if it took forever.

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  • adversaryss
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #ic#anemofallen#asks #( Chaz vc: Yeah I used to spar Rex Lapis all the time ) #( Childe vc: Am I a joke to you??????? )
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  • asiantraders
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • bujutsu
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    22x Rounds of 2:00 on / :20 off

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  • sugar-salt-n-spice
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    i keep gaining new star wars friends and then immediately driving them away with what are apparently too hot of takes :/

    #i’m fucking right tho #like sorry you had to see that i know you have work tomorrow but cmon #i’m right and i deserve to be agreed with #am i going to tag this with star wars? #yes #does it feel like swinging a baseball bat at a beehive? #also yes#star wars #star wars prequels #anakin skywalker #get anakin therapy #and a fleshlight #he needs stress relief and sometimes sparring can’t do that for you okay #just help a boy out
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  • darthmarrsgf
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    thinking about her (akaavi spar)

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  • thewrongsorts
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #making order recruits learn a little hand-to-hand and spar with her until they're ok at it is just like a Thing She Does #askabound#answered #manon v: you and me are just history [1st wizarding war] #rp: manon#queue #// ''bof'' is like.... a negative exclamation........... ''that sucks!'' maybe?
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  • asiantraders
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #SPAR#scotland #Healthy Living Programme
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  • joomoney
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    FUCK IT UP 🗣🗣🗣

    #i miss my sparring sessions 😭😭 #this song and punching a sparring dummy? catharsis #Youtube
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  • allyennah
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #i am experimenting with ways to make it look like theyre sparring #because that is one of the things maeve enjoys doing #and how they first started flirting - except I cant get them in their canon outfits BECAUSE THEYRE BOTH TANKS!!! #but I love the scaevan gear so Im happy with this idea!! #maevexthancred#maeve shepard#ffxiv screenshots #just pretend we do not see the clipping... #thancred x wol
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  • universalcarnival
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    — “ What? You’re challenging me to a fight? You sure about that? Y’know I won’t pull any punches, being Captain and all. ”

    #Fishy Punch [Undyne] #Show in Session [IC] #i miss writing fight threads #give me a reason to write them #friendly sparring session? #Open Seating [Open RP] #to mutuals only ofc
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  • sparring-spirals
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Alright, alright, I've been putting off the tag explanation because I

    1- cant promise as much consistency for C3 as I did with C2, and

    2- I cannot figure out the best way to divide up my C2 stuff from my C3 stuff,

    BUT C3 starts tomorrow so here's what I've got:

    All C3 content will be tagged with #critical role, and #c3. (The latter is not guaranteed, but I'm going to try).

    Posts will be tagged with #cr spoilers until approximately after the episode comes out monday. I dont usually remember to remove spoilers tags, so its mostly for any new posts I reblog/make after that point. Episodes will be tagged with #c3e.

    Once upon a time I used a #cr liveblogging tag but I always forget to use it so.... no promises.

    Characters are tagged by name- not always full name, its just kind of whatever I end up doing most frequently. The party tag will be something I decide on based on ~vibes~, until they get a name. Will I remember to change the previous tags? We'll see.

    I avoid using ship names for my pairing tags (i.e beau and jester were #blue gals, fjord and caduceus were #nature bros), and will add the ship name to intentionally shippy posts. Mostly to keep things clearer for me and for me to have fun in whatever tag I come up with.

    Beyond that, most of my tags should stay the same! Among many, many, many others, some of the more frequent ones are #this is beautiful art! holds all fanart/art adjacent things, #shitposts is all shitposts/things I find funny, #character meta and #meta are catchalls for character centric analysis/meta or overarching story analysis, respectively. If I really like a specific piece of meta regarding a character I'll tag it as # meta. Does tumblr search work for using this? No. But its there. I also occasionally would do #full episode liveblogs for instances when I was catching up late- you may or may not see more of those for this campaign.

    Other than that... I'm so, so, deeply excited, yall. :D Only appx 24 hours until Campaign 3 starts, and I'm ready to get AMPED and EMOTIONAL over some DnD characters all over again, even if I'm mostly catching re-runs. Here's to Thursday!

    #logistics#spar speaks#critical role#c3#WOOOP WOOP #no idea if this was necessary but tbh this was at least 60% for myself to keep track of #and of course. i will continue misusing tags for me to yell in. no worries. thats not going away. ever. (threatening) #someday I should really make a comprehensive guide on my tagging system huh #with links. then i could use it to navigate my own blog. ahh. the dream. #tag guide
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  • shootafairone-blog
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    EQBC touring with friends of ours st Westbury BC. #sparring #changeofscenery (at Eastern Queens Boxing Club (E.Q.B.C.)) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVRYjByL3Ol/?utm_medium=tumblr

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