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    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    United Earth Railway

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    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    idk sometimes I just like thinking about scout tf2 wearing just his socks and his boyfriend's shirt (that is just a bit too big on him ofc) while sitting on said boyfriend's lap kissing him and being showered with affection, okay?

    #i hope this is both vague enough and not too vague #oh who cares insert whoever you want #engiescout#sniperscout#speeding bullet #texas two step #demoscout#hop scotch #uhhh idk any other scout ships apparently #heavyscout#soldierscout#pyroscout#medicscout #this post was brought to you by yearning #mine#text #someone should tag this with the scout ship that shall not be named to complete the set bc I'm a pussy and wont do it
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  • weaponized-coelacanth
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Rancid WIP <3 haven’t been able to draw or sketch in a while since scholarships and schoo are really pwning my ass right now…

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  • mommavanillabear
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Scout: *rolls over in bed, it's 3 A.M* babe I'm hungry, can we get McDonald's??

    Sniper: *just barely coherent* the closest one is ten miles away, Roo. Wait till breakfast.

    Scout: *whines and buries his head into Sniper's chest* why don't you love me?!

    Sniper: ....

    ----a car ride later----

    Sniper: yeah so I'll have a fifty piece chicken nugget

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    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago
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  • mommavanillabear
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    So it's currently -2 in my apartment so please enjoy these warm Speeding bullet head cannons.

    - Sniper HATES the cold, he will crank up the heat, hold coffee mugs fresh from the microwave as though they are a life line and will take showers hot enough to make the room too steamy to see. He also has a large sweat shirt that is nearly three times too big on him just so Scout can hide inside it while relaxing on Snipers belly when they lay down. The Bostonian hates the cold to.

    - Scout has poor circulation in his hands and feet, he can be an ice cube no matter how much he tries to warm up. To avoid cold hands or feet touching, he and Sniper both have their own queen sized heated blankets to bunker down in when they go to bed.

    - When the heater needs a break two of them take all the extra newspaper laying around and other odds and ends and find Pyro to start a fire to huddle up by. Engineer says no more 'hobo barrel fires in the god damn break room' but they do it anyways.

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  • primepanels
    14.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    A Review of Superman: Speeding Bullets


    An Elseworlds story where Thomas and Martha Wayne take baby Kal-El in, having no son of their own. After they're murdered, Kal-El (now named Bruce) vows to wage war on the crime of Gotham. And he has super powers.

    My Thoughts:

    The premise, "What if Superman had become Batman?" sounds like a story in which I would be fairly interested, but the particular iteration of the concept didn't really connect with me.

    The art is good, and the full-body-and-face Batman outfit that Kal-El wears is pretty cool. But I didn't like how traditional Superman characters were pigeonholed into the story. Lois Lane shows up in Gotham so that she can be Batman's love interest, and a fat Lex Luthor is the main villain. I would've rather seen a super-Batman taking on traditional Batman villains and falling for traditional Batman love interests (Catwoman, Vicky Vale, etc.). If the premise of a story is, "Character A lives the life of Character B," I'd prefer to see Character A in Character B's world, not have Character B's world automatically adjust to be more like Character A's. I want to see how the character behaves in a different element.

    Now, one may say that most of Batman's villains would be easy pickings for Superman, so it wouldn't be interesting to see him face them. Sure, maybe if someone with Superman's powers caught the Joker off-guard in the first meeting, he'd probably handle him easily. But if a genius with means like Lex Luthor can be a challenge for Superman, I think someone like the Riddler, Ra's al Ghul, or even Hugo Strange could be presented as a problem for him.

    So that's really what disappointed me. That, and it was too short to really connect with me emotionally. I wouldn't really recommend it unless you're a Superman, Batman, or Elseworlds completist.

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  • tinygirlyjuggernaut
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    The ONLY Speedster SloMo I like and will continue to like is from Sonic in his live action movies.

    Like. I feel like those movies make it fun and pretty consistent to my understanding.

    Sonic is so fast everything actually freezes in place from his perspective! And he’s moving at a light jog!?

    And the Sonic can move even faster than his base bullet-time perspective too!!!

    And thirdly, unlike other speedsters, physics doesn’t affect him or whatever he interacts with!! And they kept that very obvious and consistent and didn’t try to make the physics of an idk, 20lb hedgehog child existing fast enough to walk vertically down a building, “accurate”!

    #I will say the effects of the final battle were a bit inconsistent with what I stated #not too bad though/ like the speed they were saying they were running didn’t match with the speed it looked they were running #like I don’t think any bullet time in Sonic was ever scientifically or literally accurate #either way #I love sonic and the live action movies #sonic the hedgehog #sonic the hedgehog 2 #live action sonic #tom wachowski#maddie wachowski#tails#dr robotnik #knuckles the echidna #green hill#speedsters#the flash#quicksilver#korosensei
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  • mxtiinx
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I just rewatched End Of The Line and decided to make some arts, because why not.

    Like imagine, when Scout came back for Sniper and they both made it to the snow base, Scout tells him what happened with the train at Red's base, of course with all details...

    aand also a few random sketches...

    #tf2 scout#tf2 sniper #team fortress 2 #tf2 end of the line #speeding bullet #tf2 speeding bullet #sniper x scout #sniperscout #i need more arts with them #and headcanons #they are really struggling in the cold help
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  • thetriggeredhappy
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    another commission here folks, this one for aro!sniper sniperscout, ft a lot of communication and a lot of payoff for that communication! warnings for a bit of internalized amatonormativity but a happy ending


    The sun felt heavy, today. Here in this endless desert, the way the sun fell felt like the outside of a coffee cup fresh out of the machine, like the metal handle of a pot of boiling water, just on the edge of too much if you weren’t expecting it–but by then, the mercs all knew better than to spend much of their day in direct sunlight.

    But today it felt heavy too, like his rifle on his shoulder, balanced but precarious, thick but fragile, weighty and unbearably precise. Because he’d gotten so fed up with himself for putting this off that he’d ended up setting up a deadline. And it itched uncomfortably at his mind how much it felt like the way he’d schedule doing a hit, or for a less extreme but perhaps more insulting metaphor, like scheduling for the dentist. But he had to stick with this. This was important.

    He had to have a talk with Scout.

    Even now, he wasn’t sure how he wanted to do this. He was trying not to plan it out too much. He was already over that with Scout, over the thing he did–Scout always called it ‘the script’, asked when Sniper was upset over an interaction gone awkward or uncomfortable in a public place whether the other person had ‘forgotten their lines’. Had made a joke out of it, out of Sniper always referring to it as his own fault, as to himself messing up, as him being an idiot, and instead started calling them ‘bloopers’.

    “Add that one to the blooper reel, huh?” he’d say sympathetically, thumping Sniper on the shoulder and giving him a little smile, and rolling his eyes in response, somehow, was a motion that lowered his nerves over it by at least half. At least most of the time.

    God, he adored Scout. And he felt like he didn’t need those scripts with him, didn’t need to plan what he said, what he did, because Scout just… liked him. Without the planning. Noticed when it was happening, would ask Sniper gently what he was so tense about, if everything was okay.

    That’s what made him notice, he really was tense when that was happening, wasn’t he? It really stressed him out. And maybe that’s why he hated talking to other people so much. And he was still stressed regardless, at least a little, but he wanted to be around other people, and apparently liked talking to people quite a lot when he knew them better. Scout was a testament to that.

    He really loved Scout. He really, really did. Maybe more than he’d loved anyone, at least this way. A different category than his parents. But–

    He noted to himself that he should probably avoid saying it like that. Saying ‘but’. All that would do is make Scout nervous. Set him on edge, which would probably be bad to open the conversation with. He knew Scout had that problem sometimes, assuming that any time Sniper talked too seriously with him, unprompted, stopping him suddenly to say something, he’d get a little nervous, a little jumpy. And he’d laugh about it once he realized what Sniper was trying to say to him, would joke about it, would say it was nothing, he’d just thought there for a second that Sniper was about to call things off, about to break up with him. This sort of… worry. And Sniper knew maybe some of that was his fault, for seeming… quiet. Cold, maybe. Taking so long to get anywhere with this relationship. To get to the little milestones.

    Sniper forced himself to sit up where he was laying in bed and stewing on things, nervous energy finally forcing him to his feet, starting to get dressed fretfully. One reason he’d chosen today is because it was Sunday, and he and Scout always hung out in the morning on Sunday. It was a good schedule, a good system, kept Sniper’s brain on its tracks through the weekend to always have something to do at least one of the two days. Sometimes they went into town, sometimes they just kicked around in the rec room, or the camper, or Scout’s room, or around the base. Whatever it was, he knew he should get dressed.

    He pulled on a pair of pants, a tank top, a button-up shirt over the tank top. Socks. Sunglasses. Buttoned up the shirt, rolled up the shirt to his elbows. Pulled on his vest, took it back off again. If he had on his vest and everything, he would look like he was ready to leave and go do something somewhere else. He wasn’t. He wanted to have the talk in here, in the camper. Then if Scout got upset with him, he could leave right away, wouldn’t need to worry about… driving them back, or it being Scout’s own room. And he didn’t want to do this in the rec room, because someone might be there. He didn’t want to do this in front of other people.

    He looked at the clock and realized it would be at least half an hour before Scout got there, if he got there on time, but he never did. He was always at least ten minutes late on the weekend to things. He fidgeted with his sleeve, with his hands.

    He turned to the fridge, pulling it open. He’d make breakfast. Pancakes, he had pancake mix, had ingredients. Maybe eggs too. It–it was nice to make breakfast for people. Like a fun surprise. And Scout never ate before he came over, and always claimed to have a bottomless stomach anyways. And then maybe Scout would think it was a good talk and not a bad talk.

    And it wasn’t a bad talk! It was a neutral talk. An important talk. Scout always said Sniper could talk to him about anything. Just to run it by him real quick if it was going to be something super wicked heavy so he could, like, brace. Or to let him know if it was serious so he wouldn’t make jokes or anything.

    Sniper liked that–liked Scout’s little addendums. The specificity. Liked that Scout would note the short pause after his big general statements and see Sniper’s eyes flicking away and knew by now that it was him overthinking, and would add a few things, because sure, there were little exceptions. Of course there were. There were always little exceptions. But they were just these little things that Sniper probably would’ve done anyways. He just needed to let Scout know some things. And that made Sniper pause, made him stop disqualifying those big general statements as too good to be true.

    He loved that about Scout. He loved Scout.

    God, he loved Scout so much it was just–

    ‘It was just’ sounded a lot like ‘but’. He should leave that out as well.

    He loved Scout so much, and… he wanted to make sure Scout knew that. And… talk to him about some things. Clear up some things. Make sure they were on the same page.

    There. That was good. That didn’t sound like they were breaking up, no matter how you spun it.

    And maybe Scout would break up with him regardless, but…

    Alright. He knew he loved Scout. He knew Scout loved him, he said it enough. He was just starting to notice that he was taking so, so, so long to reach pretty normal milestones. Things he knew everyone did. The leaning on each other or holding hands or Scout giving him the occasional kiss on the cheek. It had been months, months since they’d had the ‘what are we’ talk, although Scout had been plenty comfortable with leaning on him since a good while before then, had hooked their arms together more than one time before that conversation. And over those months they’d graduated to holding hands sometimes, almost exclusively Scout instigating, although Sniper sometimes worked up that same courage, then eventually the same thing with the kisses on the cheek.

    And about three weeks ago, in a fit of excitement over something that happened in the Big Game on the radio Scout was listening to, Scout leaned over and kissed Sniper full on the lips and surprised him so much he’d dropped his coffee mug.

    And it was so ridiculous that they’d both laughed about it all of the rest of the night and Sniper was sure his face was flushed well into the next few workdays. And Scout hadn’t done it again until a full week later, two beers deep and downright cuddly, and it had been brief again, maybe even Scout just missing his cheek. He had no idea.

    And it hadn’t happened again since, and Sniper knew why. Because the last few times they’d… graduated, maybe, it had been because Scout asked outright, or Sniper told him outright. And neither of them had brought it up yet, and neither of them, not once, and now it had been long enough that Sniper felt awkward bringing it up and maybe Scout had forgotten–

    And this was a big one. To Sniper, at least. Because he’d been kissed before, a number of times, all the other person initiating it. All largely just uncomfortable in general. It was one reason dating had been a very short-lived part of his very early twenties, was the first kiss being so deeply uncomfortable for him that he called things off. Most of those partners were sad but understanding. One threw a drink at him. That one was justified, though, he’d been a bit of a dickhead before he’d mellowed out.

    Regardless, kissing, it was always so strange, so awkward, so… odd.  He disliked it.

    And Scout was maybe the first person he’d ever wanted to kiss, at all, in his life. But he wasn’t… sure, was the problem.

    He looked from the stack of pancakes to the door as there was a knock, and then at the clock, a little alarmed. Indeed, Scout was here about eight minutes late. “Come in,” he called, throat dry, and cleared it lightly as Scout hopped in, grinning already.

    “Hey hey hey,” he greeted, and his face lit up at the sight of the stack of pancakes, the plate of eggs sunny-side-up. “Holy shit, is it my birthday?” he joked, kicking his shoes off, before his expression shifted into vague suspicion. “Is it your birthday? Did I forget, like, Australian Easter? Somethin’ happened. You made breakfast.”

    “No,” Sniper said, biting back a smile, “nothing happened. I wanted to make breakfast.”

    “Because nothin’ happened, right, sure,” Scout teased, pulling open the drawer and pulling out some forks and knives, pulling open the cabinet and pulling out some plates, starting to set the little table. “Hey, Hardhat mentioned, there’s this, uh, this cool thing at the farmer’s market I guess, he just got back, because he wakes up at like 5 AM every morning like a goddamn animal and swung by, right? Anyways, there’s this guy there in the summer I guess who makes this like caramel corn stuff. We gotta go to that for sure.”

    “Sure,” Sniper said, eyes on flipping the last pancake over. “Awright.”

    “Can I eat?” Scout asked, starting to take the plate of pancakes before seeing he wasn’t quite done with the last one.

    “Go on,” Sniper nodded, and Scout made a happy little noise to himself as he scooped a few from the stack to toss onto his own plate, sitting and starting to absolutely go to town. He couldn’t help but laugh as he glanced over and saw Scout roll the first one into a little burrito shape, shoving it into his mouth in one go. “Christ, don’t suffocate, there, mate. This isn’t a contest.”

    “I’m hungry,” is what Scout seemed to protest around the mouthful of pancake, although it was unclear, largely due to the mouthful of pancake.

    Sniper chuffed a laugh, shaking his head fondly, before his smile fell. God, he hoped Scout wasn’t going to break up with him over this.

    He flipped the last pancake onto the plate and put the plate on the table. Scout flashed a thumbs up, and Sniper paused, moving to get a glass of water, putting it next to Scout. Getting one for himself.

    He took a deep breath, took a drink of the water, another deep breath, steeled himself, turned around. “Can I, er, talk to you? About something?” he asked, trying to keep his tone neutral, natural.

    Scout looked up at him, finished chewing, swallowed. “Should I be sitting down for this? Standing? Laying? Swimming?” he joked, smiling.

    “It’s, er… it’s important,” he said carefully.

    Scout looked at him still, eyes flicking across his face for a few moments. “Yeah, yeah, sure,” he said, smile shrinking a little. “What’s up?”

    Sniper adjusted his shades, fidgeted with his hands. Sat down across from Scout. “Er. I… I love you,” he said.

    There was that smile again. “I know,” he said, easily, like it was easy. It was.

    “Right. Good,” Sniper said. He looked at his cup of water, the liquid inside jumping against the sides of the glass. Scout’s leg was bouncing under the table. “I love you. And I…” Shit, how did he say it earlier? “I wanted to clear up some things. Make sure we’re on the same page.”

    Scout’s leg was still bouncing. “No, yeah, sure. Go for it,” Scout agreed.

    Sniper went to make a bold move, reaching across the meager space to take hold of Scout’s hand. Scout smiled a little at it. His leg stopped bouncing. “It’s not a bad thing,” he said outright.

    A little laugh. “Alright. C’mon, bursting with anticipation over here. What’s up? Are we having a baby or something? Should I call my Ma?”

    Sniper scoffed, grinning. “No. I just, er…” His grin fell away just as quickly. “Well. I… I’ve been thinking, and, I thought… I’ve, I’ve been acting like… like a prick. I, I haven’t been very… doting, or anything.”

    Scout blinked, smile gone again. “Oh, hey, what? Hey, no, c’mon!” He adjusted to better hold Sniper’s hand, squeezing it lightly. “Babe, c’mon, that’s crazy! Just because you’re, like, quiet sometimes, just because you don’t act like a fuckin’ Romeo all the time or whatever, that doesn’t–it–I know that’s just, not a thing for you.”

    Sniper stammered, a little flustered. “I, I know, but, but I–”

    “Nuh-uh, no ‘but’s! Shush!” Scout cut in firmly. “Look, it’s the same thing as when we started hanging out, right? And I thought for a minute there that you thought I was annoying? And then you told me, hey, I’m just quiet, I like you plenty, and then, right, duh, of course you do, because I noticed you keeping an extra chair out here for me and always dropping everything to hang out with me, stuff like that–you know I like you because I’m always out here and always instigating stuff, and I know you like me because you’re always makin’ room for me in your space.” Another squeeze of reassurance. “I’m so serious right now. We don’t gotta do nothin’ you don’t wanna do.”

    Sniper nodded at that, inhaled, exhaled, nodded again. “Awright. It’s, I just, I do. Want to… do. Things. Some things. There’s–there’s things I’d like to do.”

    “Oh.” Scout huffed a laugh, and it bubbled into an odd sort of chuckle. “Oh, okay. I, I guess that’s different then. Things. Okay. Like what? What things?”

    “Like…” Sniper paused for a few moments to get his words in order. Scout inhaled as if to speak and stopped himself, instead taking a drink of water with his free hand. “I like being near you. The, being close to you. You being cuddly, that sort of thing. It’s all nice.”

    Scout nodded. Took another sip of water.

    “It’s just also… rather a lot.”

    Scout nodded. “Should I, uh, tone it down a little?”

    “No, no,” Sniper assured quickly. “Not at all. That’s just why I don’t… do it myself, very often. It’s a lot. Like, er… like a lot at once, it’s, it’s hard to explain.”

    “Like, uh, cold water on your face?” Scout suggested.

    “No, no, not… bad,” Sniper tried. “Just, hard to focus with.”

    “Oh, like, uh, like talking and writing something different at the same time?” Scout tried.

    “Right. A bit like that.” Sniper took a sip of water. Scout squeezed his hand. “And you can do that more, if you’d like. If I need you to tone it down, I’ll ask. I’m just, I’m worried… that this isn’t… enough. For you. That you’re bored of me.”

    Scout managed a smile. “Babe. You’re my boyfriend, not a TV show. People aren’t, like, for fun. I’m not here to get entertained, I’m here because I like bein’ here because I love you.”

    Sniper sighed a little at himself, a bit frustrated. “Just, doesn’t it ever irritate you? That we don’t do… couple things? Roses and chocolates and candle dinners and… all that?”

    Scout paused, tapping the fingers of his free hand against the table. “Do you wanna do that stuff?” he finally asked.

    “No,” Sniper admitted. “It’s… this doesn’t… this doesn’t feel like a couple. To me.”

    Scout blinked.

    Sniper rushed to correct himself. “I, it feels like us, like something different, and I like this better. It’s, it’s something else. And… I don’t want this to change much.”

    “...Much,” Scout repeated carefully.

    “I…” Sniper scratched at the back of his own neck. “I suppose little things, maybe. I… I know if, if you’d be comfortable with… with kissing me, that sort of thing, that might be…”

    Scout smiled. “So we’re talkin’ about that?”

    “Yes. If, if that’s something you like doing, and, I know it’s–it’s rather nice, certainly doesn’t bother me, then, I’d be awright with it. And. That sort of thing.”

    “Yeah.” A pause. “Even though we don’t feel like a couple.”

    Sniper adjusted his sunglasses fretfully. “I just… right. So I love you.”

    “Woah, really?” Scout asked, feigning surprise, and it got Sniper to chuckle, made Scout grin.

    “Yes. I love you. Quite a lot.” A pause. “But it’s… it feels different, than any sort of… of romance book, of movie. I hear people talk about crushes, about relationships, and it doesn’t feel… as though that’s something I’d… want. I’ve never felt that.”

    “No butterflies, no, uh, no fiending to kiss ‘em, no trying to get their attention?” Scout tried.

    “No. That’s–and I’ve never had that. I’ve been nervous before, I suppose, but that’s often more because I don’t like them. Never wanted any of that, pretended to maybe, felt lonely enough to fake it, but never. I…” He thought over his words. “I don’t feel butterflies with you. Haven’t. I feel… safe, I suppose. Happy to see you. Just better in general. Almost never nervous unless there’s something going on, and that’s more a worry that you’re upset with me. I…”

    Scout let him pause for a long few moments before saying anything. “You?” he finally prompted quietly.

    “I love you. You’re the most important person in the world to me. I’d do anything for you. To make you feel happy. But I… don’t think you’d want me to lie to you.”

    “True,” Scout agreed.

    “I love you. I don’t want things to change. I just… I’m not in love with you, not like in movies or books or anything. And I wanted to make sure you… you knew. Because I love you and want to be honest and–”

    His throat felt too tight to continue. Scout squeezed his hand tightly, leaned forward a bit. “Hey, hey. You’re good, it’s okay. Hey, look at me.” He did. Scout was smiling, the bright way he did when Sniper pecked him on the cheek the three times he’d ever managed to do so. “Hey. That’s okay, babe, seriously. I’m fine with all of that. And I’m super glad you told me, I mean it. I’m so glad, and I’m really glad you trust me with this, and I love you too, okay?”

    “Okay,” Sniper nodded, paused, looked at Scout, waited. “There’s… there’s no ‘but’?”

    “Huh?” Scout asked, looked a little confused. “Oh. Uh… I dunno, not really? Uh. Oh, can I, uh, can I still call you ‘babe’, or should I stop?”

    “Oh, no, that’s–that’s fine. It’s a good name,” Sniper nodded.

    “Cool. Uh, I kept calling you my boyfriend to Ma, should I tone that down, either?”

    “No, that’s fine. I mean, that’s what I am. Far as anyone’s concerned. Don’t mind it.”

    “Alright.” A pause. “Uh, that’s all I’ve got. Unless you’ve got somethin’, I guess. You–we talked about the kissing thing already. Already on the same page with that.”

    “You’re not angry?” Sniper asked outright, baffled.

    “Huh?” Scout asked, blinking.

    “It’s–you’re not upset? Not disappointed? That we’re not–not the same as the standard couple, just, just whatever this is?”

    Scout tilted his head, grinning, bemused. “Why would I be mad? This rules.” Scout laughed. “This is awesome, I love us. We’re great. Why would–wait, did you think I was gonna be mad?” Scout asked.

    “A bit,” Sniper admitted.

    “That we’re the way we are, instead of the way other people are?” Scout asked.

    “A bit,” Sniper admitted.

    “Babe. Have you considered that, maybe, just maybe, the reason we’re like this, and I’m happy like this, is because this is great?” Scout asked, smiling.

    “Well, when you say it like that, I sound ridiculous,” Sniper protested.

    “Yeah, a little.” Scout squeezed his hand again, then let go of it, picked back up his fork and knife. “Shit, for a minute there I thought somethin’ was like, wrong. Gave me a heart attack. Shit.”

    Sniper picked up his own fork, paused, paused. Scout was digging into his own plate now, smiling away, looking back up at him and smiling again like he’d played some kind of excellent trick, really stumped him in an argument. He went to make a retort and realized he had none, just tilting his head in acquiescence and going back to his food. He really had been pretty hungry.

    Breakfast after that was back to normal, talking, laughing, eye rolling and offhanded bickering about nothing in familiar, comfortable circles. And it was good. It was really good. Scout nudging at his foot with his own in protest to something, winking in an entirely joking manner, stealing eggs from Sniper’s plate when he ran out of his own.

    It was nice. No, it was perfect. It didn’t need to be anything else. They were both happy.

    A lull in conversation was broken by Scout slapping both palms full-force against the tabletop with enough force to make Sniper start choking on yolk. “Holy shit,” Scout said with force.

    Sniper gurgled in question, thumping a fist to his own chest.

    “Babe. Babe, babe, babe,” Scout said, incredibly urgently, a little giddy. “Babe. We’re a Boston Marriage.”

    One more hard thump was enough for Sniper to clear his throat, speak weakly. “Weren’t most of the gals doing that just quietly lesbians?” he asked, hoarse.

    “Well, yeah, but not all of them, and also but we’re dudes.”

    “I,” Sniper said, realized he absolutely did not have the energy to argue about this, and just nodded, going back to his pancakes.

    #sniperscout#speeding bullet #shut up me #my fanfiction#tf2 #team fortress 2 #had fun with this one!! big thanks for the commission
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    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago
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    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    The reason I really push glittergolf as the ship name is cause when I was really into TF2 (still am but not as hardcore) I shipped TF2 Texas Toast and just liked that every ship name was a cute and clever pin based on the people being shipped.

    Since then I believe ship names need to be punny and cute instead of ugly name mashes. Montydrop is simply a place holder that I know people use over the main tag and I don’t want them to miss out.

    #glittergolf#Montydrop #I also shipped speeding bullet but we don’t talk about that #I just really liked scout and craved any content of him being cute with someone and that was popular
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    07.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I just tried something I guess-

    #tf2 scout#tf2 sniper #team fortress 2 #tf2 speeding bullet #speeding bullet#sniperscout #sniper x scout #idk how to draw them yet #coming back to tf2 after 3 years yeaah- #my new comfort ship i guess? #sketch
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    The boyfriends

    #speeding bullet #team fortress 2 #tf2 speeding bullet #tf2 scout#tf2 fanart#tf2#tf2 sniper#sniperscout #sniper x scout #my art
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    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    wilbur has the notifs on for his own updates account everyone point and laugh

    #he was in there at bullet speed or whatever
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  • verytendou
    03.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Am taking my first university level literature class this quarter and i wont lie i didnt know the annoying english kids you all talked about were real until now

    #hdnfndjgndjfjdjfjsjd#hmmdndjdhHDHFJDJFJ #im dying. maybe i will drop this class. i said i wouldnt out of spite and the fact that i was really excited to take this class #but hdmfbdkfnjffjf God #this guy writes slides like hes in 8th grade what on earth every one teaches you to use summary bullets? #huh????? why would you do this #im going to take this class through spite i can tell me and this guy agree on Literary nothing at all ever #ughhhhh this class is so LONG too im going to Die sigh #he talks slow too let me 1.5x speed this guy please #v.txt
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  • i-watch-too-many-movies
    02.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    50 Favorite First Viewings of 2021

    1. The Straight Story (1999) (dir. David Lynch)

    2. Mysterious Skin (2005) (dir. Gregg Araki)

    3. Bullet in the Head (1990) (dir. John Woo)

    4. Bringing Up Baby (1938) (dir. Howard Hawks)

    5. The Heartbreak Kid (1972) (dir. Elaine May)

    6. Possession (1981) (dir. Andrzej Żuławski)

    7. Love and Basketball (2000) (dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood)

    8. Blood Simple (1984) (dir. Joel & Ethan Coen)

    9. Speed Racer (2008) (dir. Lana & Lily Wachowski)

    10. Female Trouble (1974) (dir. John Waters)

    11. Inland Empire (2006) (dir. David Lynch)

    12. Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) (dir. Preston Sturges)

    13. Harlan County, USA (1974) (dir. Barbara Kopple)

    14. Bound (1996) (dir. Lana and Lily Wachowski)

    15. Phantom of the Paradise (1974) (dir. Brian de Palma)

    16. Cabaret (1972) (dir. Bob Fosse)

    17. Funeral Parade of Roses (1968) (dir. Toshio Matsumoto)

    18. Last Days (2005) (dir. Gus Van Sant)

    19. The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018) (dir. Desiree Akhavan)

    20. Pulse (2001) (dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)

    21. Sign o’ the Times (1987) (dir. Prince)

    22. All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001) (dir. Shunji Iwai)

    23. Dead Presidents (1995) (dir. Albert & Allen Hughes)

    24. An American in Paris (1951) (dir. Vincente Minnelli)

    25. Deep Cover (1992) (dir. Bill Duke)

    26. Streets of Fire (1984) (dir. Walter Hill)

    27. Melancholia (2011) (dir. Lars von Trier)

    28. In the Cut (2003) (dir. Jane Campion)

    29. Jesus Camp (2006) (dir. Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady)

    30. Over the Garden Wall (2014) (dir. Nate Cash)

    31. Tongues Untied (1989) (dir. Marlon Riggs)

    32. Lemonade (2016) (dir. Beyoncé & Various)

    33. Happy Together (1997) (dir. Wong Kar-wai)

    34. Nightmare Alley (1947) (dir. Edmund Goulding)

    35. Giant (1956) (dir. George Stevens)

    36. Seven Samurai (1954) (dir. Akira Kurosawa)

    37. Daisies (1968) (dir. Vera Chytilová)

    38. Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971) (dir. Yoshimitsu Banno)

    39. Nowhere (1997) (dir. Gregg Araki)

    40. Christine (1983) (dir. John Carpenter)

    41. Say Anything... (1989) (dir. Cameron Crowe)

    42. Halloween II (director’s cut) (2009) (dir. Rob Zombie)

    43. The Bridges of Madison County (1995) (dir. Clint Eastwood)

    44. Antiporno (2016) (dir. Sion Sono)

    45. Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (1988) (dir. Todd Haynes)

    46. Pariah (2011) (dir. Dee Rees)

    47. 2 Fast 2 Furious/The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift/Fast Five (2003-2011) (dir. John Singleton & Justin Lin)

    48. The Village (2004) (dir. M. Night Shyamalan)

    49. Beginners (2011) (dir. Mike Mills)

    50. The Secret of NIMH (1982) (dir. Don Bluth)

    #the straight story #david lynch #these movies are (chef's kiss) #mysterious skin#gregg araki #bullet in the head #john woo #bringing up baby #howard hawks #the heartbreak kid #elaine may#possession#andrzej zulawski #love and basketball #gina prince bythewood #blood simple#coen brothers#speed racer#wachowski sisters#female trouble#john waters#inland empire #hail the conquering hero #preston sturges #harlan county usa #barbara kopple #phantom of the paradise #cabaret #funeral parade of roses #gus van sant
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  • somnolent-scout
    01.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #tf2#tf2 scout#tf2 sniper#sniperscout#speedingbullet #tf2 speeding bullet #sniper x scout #can you tell i have childhood trauma?
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