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    16.01.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    We did have an old song on the radio that i haven't heard for yonks. I remember it being on the Now 2001 dvd.

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    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I really want Black Pepper Chicken, but it’s a task finding a high rated Chinese Restaurant close by that serves it. If I have to see one more offer for General Tso’s or Chicken w/ Broccoli, I might have to commit a crime.

    #personal#text #I am just saying #they’re bland and generic #and a lot of times awful #it’s one thing if you have no choice due to intolerances #whether that is to spices or batters #but I wouldn’t go out of my way #in fact I’ve been spending three hours trying to avoid them #the heart wants what it wants
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    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #the critical part of me believes the darkling is a very generic ya villain. needs a bit more spice innit #not stopping til i see that motherfucker go completely off the rails #the darkling#grishaverse#tempest text
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    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    So Penzey’s is having a sale- I just got a half cup of free cinnamon

    [*Penzeys Your Choice 1/2 Cup Jar Details

    Limit ONE Penzeys 1/2 Cup Jar, up to $12.95 value with $10 purchase. Promotional offer is limited to one transaction per email address. If multiple orders are placed, the first order will be completed, with each additional order canceled. Not applicable to prior sales, not valid with other offers. Limit one transaction per family for duration of promotion. Not for resale. While supplies last. Standard shipping rates apply.]

    They also included free BLM stickers.

    #penzeys #they’re the company that spent all that money on *impeach Trump* ads #they’re really politically active #and their spices are really good- love their curry
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    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Redbud: Well, there's only one thing to do when friends can't see eye to eye.

    Rosemary: Hug each other 'til we pass out?

    Amaryllis: Fight to the death?

    Redbud: [beginning spell] Pfft, no. Body swap!

    #High Guardian Spice #Quote #Source: The Owl House #Redbud#Rosemary#Amaryllis
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    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Now that GramBlack is show canon why not go check out this series of connected pre-canon one shots I wrote for them...

    (and all the other awesome fics in the gramblack tag)

    #not me the series #not me#gramblack#also #everything in the tag is gen and teeb #someone should add some spice too #for variety
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    16.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #I added it in last minute #because i wanted more spice #like there wasn’t enough already #you got mail! #silver soul inspo #links
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    16.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    sometimes i am reminded that i ate spicy ice cream and honestly i don't know how the sriracha company did it but i DO NOT ever want that experience ever again (affectionate?)

    #it's like #thank you. i hated it but thank you #also maybe partially why the spice hit me so hard was i was like 9 #possi.zip
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    16.01.2022 - 2 hours ago


    Sharing a name with her graduation special photobook, Blooming Winter is the special name of the Graduation Concert for Park Joohwa, known as Winter of SE4SONS. Joohwa is the second Winter in the group's story of seasons. The concert was a very bittersweet event, attended by many fans wanting to see Joohwa off into the next season of her life. Fans and members alike were able to reflect on the elegance, grace, and kindness Joohwa brought to the group as their sweet Winter.

    [ the fairy who SE4SONS and all SE4SONS accessories & the post format belong to ... @se4sonz! & miss emiko belongs to @tayocs!]


    Previously, after the group's comeback with "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend", it was announced that Joohwa would be graduating from the group and her position as Winter. Joohwa posted a handwritten letter that reads:

    "My Beautiful Breezies!
    How are you today? I know this news is shocking, but please don't be sad. We've only been together for a year, and it's time for me to graduate from being your Winter. My heart is sad, but also happy.
    Debuting with SE4SONS is such a special experience only the other seasons will know, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I found a group of sisters and friends, and of course, I found all of you! I went from a lonely child to a winter princess with all the love given to me by Breezies and my members.
    Thank you for supporting me who can improve in many aspects. I will never forget your smiles, your words and your pure hearts that sang to me and the members. I bow my head to you who helped me grow. This isn't the end for me. I promise I will greet you again one day as a shining Park Joohwa you can be proud of.
    I will always be cheering for and loving SE4SONS until I'm old and grey, every member before and after me. Please love and cheer for all the girls, too, my breezies. They love you so much.
    This letter has gotten long enough, but I want to thank you again for letting me be your Winter. We'll meet again one day when the snow falls.
    Love, your sparkling season, Winter ♡


    Across the board, Joohwa was styled in light blues and white with accents in shades of cream, gold, and soft peach-pink. Her hair was long and in loose waves with extensions to give extra princess-like length and volume. Her accessories included berets, pearl and rose gold jewelry and plenty of other hints that allude to her season of Winter including rosy blush across her nose and cheeks!


    The members of SE4SONS were styled similarly to how the group is known: cute and a little quirky with a winter theme with faux fur accents and fuzzy pompoms on their shoes and accessories! However, they were dressed in a similar aesthetic to Joohwa, albeit not as extravagant in detailing and accessories. The color palette was complementary to Joohwa's styling: they wore blues and cream colors. With their last time with her, SE4SONS still looked like a group with Joohwa as the focus.

    [ SETLIST ]

    Caffeine [ Joohwa Graduation Solo ]


    Knock Out Love

    Spring Farewell Speech

    Excuse Me

    Yah, Yah, Yah

    Summer Farewell Speech

    Like That

    Someone Like U [ Cover : SE4SONS]

    Fall Farewell Speech

    I Don't Like Your Girlfriend

    Put Your Records On & As Long As You Love Me [ Cover : Winter & Summer ]

    Winter Graduation Speech

    Twinkle [ Cover : Spring, Summer, Fall ]

    I [ Cover : Winter ]

    New Winter Reveal + Initiation

    Lucky [ Cover : Joohwa + Emiko ]

    SE4SONS Graduation Closing Number [FT. SE4SONS' ALUMNI]

    [ A NEW WINTER ]

    As has become a SE4SONS graduation tradition, fans waited with baited breath until the later end of the concert when the new Winter would be introduced to the world. It was announced that our new Winter would be Tanaka Emiko, a trainee of three years from Japan.

    A smiling but tearful Joohwa passed the SE4SONS graduation bouquet to Emiko. The girls posed together for photos after Joohwa explained that Emiko was chosen as winter because of "her ethereal grace when she dances, and her kind heart that would see Breezys find warmth in the chilliest season". The Winter now past and present performed a cover together before Emiko performed for the first time as a SE4SONS member in the final closing number.


    Following the concert, Joohwa removed her photo from the current SE4SONS lineup wall, replacing her introductory photo with one from her graduation photoshoot, only this time as the second Winter on the Alumni Wall.

    Following her graduation, Joohwa announced at the press meet that she would be parting ways with Angelico Entertainment. She expressed gratitude towards CEO Son Jinhwa as well as SE4SONS members past, present, and future. Joohwa explained that she didn't know where her life would lead her next: however, she promised fans she'd greet them again one day as a better version of Park Joohwa.

    #✧ * º • ––  ⎧ joohwa. ⎫  sugar spice and everything nice #✧ * º • –– ⎧ dev. ⎫ sugar spice and everything nice #deluxeocnet #aes!ocnet #fictional idol community #kpop oc#oc kpop #fake kpop group #idol oc#kpop au
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  • macaroni-rascal
    16.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    in this continuing edition of Konner’s Cooking Sunday, I am now making chili!

    #I think it’ll turn out good too #you KNOW i got all my spices out
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    16.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    random spice girls rares

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  • buttonbreaker-collectivesigh
    16.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Second Go

    Chapter 1
    Rating: Teen (for now)
    Pairing: Silco x Fem!Reader (Slow Burn)
    Warning: swearing
    Word Count: 4.1K
    Summary: You own a jewelry/accessories shop in the main part of the Undercity, right down the street from the piercing eye over the Last Drop. One night, you're visited by some familiar faces, it all points you back to him. When you choose to go down memory lane, will the past remind you why you stayed away? Or will it give you a second go at what could have been?
    Notes: This is my first time posting any of my fanfic stuff on here. I don't write fanfic often (mostly consume it), but I hope you like it!

    The eerie iridescent flicker of Undercity lights, peered through the haze of smog and blinds that you were attempting to force shut in preparation of closing the shop. As you rushed through the last set, mid pull of the metal chain, you stopped to gaze out into the night, capturing the end of another day in your mind.

    Tendrils of artificial light splayed out along the cold window panes, fracturing the vision of what laid before you. Fracturing like this city, plagued by poison from greed, and neon lamps. Toxic fumes choked out any ray of real light that could hope to find its way down here.

    In the distance, down the lane, a set of tube lamps shined brighter than the rest. A makeshift image, forming a crude display of power. The Eye of Zaun engulfed the smaller sign of the Last Drop in its pupil, dead center, as if to overshadow a memory of what used to be. A remnant of a time that felt so far from reach now.

    The Eye never turned off. Its looming presence held high, overlooking this small section of the Undercity. There were more like it, so many more that you had lost count. All strategically placed as a constant reminder of who really owned the Lanes. This particular eye was close by, and every night you felt its gaze.

    A shiver ran down your spine. The thought of bright orange embers swimming in a sea of black. A small sigh escaped your lips as you returned to closing the blinds. You shouldn’t miss the sight of it. Every day in Zaun reminded you of why you shouldn’t miss it, but you do.

    When you finished with the windows, you moved to the door to flick the sign off, officially closing for the night. However, the moment the lights disappeared, a dark silhouette outside the door came into view, startling you at the sudden appearance. The light had previously blinded you of their presence, but now that you could see them, the figure pointed to you, then to the door knob indicating a desire to be let in.

    You could barely make out their features underneath the hood they cloaked themselves beneath, but a distinct scar was visible on their nose poking out from the shade.

    “Trevor,” you sighed in recognition. You knew exactly what this would be about. As you opened the door, the hooded figure went to speak, but was shut down with your preemptive answer, “I already told you No.”

    A disgruntled sigh. “Please just hear us out.”

    “Us?” you questioned, he was the only one stood there.

    “Us,” he quietly commanded a presence from the shadows to appear. This second figure, had been lurking by the shop’s alleyway, just outside your peripherals.

    You groaned, lifting your hand to your face, pinching the bridge of your nose to feign mild annoyance. “Trevor this is…” you huffed, pausing to process your next actions carefully. Glancing back up to view the both of them, you noted the familiar look of desperation. The silent partner watching you intently, amber eyes pleading.

    “Fine. Hurry up. Get inside, the both of you,” you waved your hand, ushering them inside to escape any prying eyes in the dark.

    “Thank you, we just need a moment.”

    “You always do.”


    Trevor, and his mysterious friend, you soon learned went by the name Lena, had needed more than a moment. Gluttons for disappointment, they were back for another one of their desperate attempts to have you help them in their cause.

    They were part of the Firelights, a group who had consistently thwarted the illegal exportation of Shimmer throughout the world. You had venerated them, knowing that their cause was noble, and many had died to make sure others didn’t suffer the same addictions that they had.

    Nevertheless, you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t agree to what they had asked of you, each time they paid a visit.

    “Do you have any idea how many of us have had to suffer? How many lives have been lost, when all this time, you could have done something to prevent it!” His words cut through you like a dull knife. Searing, unclean pierces, causing jagged loose ends to fray in your mind.

    You knew that you had the means to do something. The very thing that they asked, was in your power, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You couldn’t do that to him, and you didn’t have the patience to determine why. “You wouldn’t get it.”

    “You’re right, I don’t,” Trevor glared at you, eyebrows furrowed in rage. Lena sat quietly the whole time, looping strands of black hair between their fingers as if bored, listening, gaging your demeanor. Probably judging you as her partner did.

    “It’s complicated Trevor. Yes, I could contact him. Yes, I could probably get him alone for you, but I… I just can’t. I won’t,” You corrected, wanting to tell them that the betrayal would utterly destroy you inside. It was something you couldn’t bear to see again, the hurt expression splashed across his face as you once did so many years ago, when it was someone else…

    However you spun it, they wouldn’t understand. To them, all they had seen of him was evil, destructive, having a plan for Zaun’s freedom at the expensive of other Zaunites. They had been treated as cannon fodder by their own people.

    The Firelights wanted the Eye of Zaun closed for good. Deep down, you knew they were justified in their desire, but you couldn’t be the one to cause his downfall.

    “Then countless lives will continue to die at his expense. He wants Zaun’s freedom, yet enslaves them in addiction to power that they’ll never possess.” He got up from the stool you had set out for him to use, and began pacing around the counter angrily, passing by your various wares and trinkets.

    You eyed him warily, his aggressive demeanor making you nervous. “That may be so, but he doesn’t force it on them, does he? People use Shimmer because they choose to, just as you once chose to. He didn’t make you waste your life on your fears of being weak,” Trevor flinched at your harsh words, even if they were truths so often overlooked. They chose to use, and you were tired of having to explain yourself every time one of them came around.

    “Even so, you can’t deny that he manipulates, and preys on those that have nothing to lose. I believed I had everything to gain with Shimmer,” Trevor’s gaze drifted off to the far side of the room, lost in a daze of horrible memories.

    You closed your eyes with a remorseful sigh. “I’m sorry Trevor. I really can’t be one to talk about it. I’ve never used; therefore, I don’t understand the allure. The pull that power has on one with none for so long. But I also know him. I don’t agree with his methods at all, but it has topside considering the Undercity for a change.”

    Trevor’s hand slid along the sleek glass counter, stopping over a display of intricate rings. Your eyes softened at the sight, striking a core memory. “Of course you don’t understand what it’s like, you were given all of this,” he gestured to the shop, and your eyes snapped to his in a fiery blaze.

    “What did you say?” you questioned through gritted teeth.

    “You heard me. Don’t pretend to act like it isn’t true. I know exactly who gave this to you,” he sneered.

    A sharp exhale through your nostrils, and you snapped grabbing the serrated blade from your belt and bringing it to the edge of his chin. “You know nothing. You’re still just a child in all of this. I earned this place. How dare you ask for my help, then disrespect me when you don’t like the answer.”

    You could see that Lena had risen from her seat behind you, cautiously edging closer to the both of you. Eyeing Trevor, you reveled for a moment in his fear filled stare. Discussions with him were always abrasive, and eventful.

    Satisfied with his reaction, you continued to glare him down, making sure he took your next words seriously. “Get. Out,” you seethed effectively ending the meeting.

    Naturally Trevor didn’t listen, as he went to open his mouth in retaliation, but Lena was quicker. Already close by, she moved to stand directly by his side, placing a hand on his shoulder. “There’s no point Trevor. We should go before we waste any more time here. They won’t help us. We can find another way, we always do.” Lena spoke softly and direct. Words cutting to the chase, you found yourself nodding in agreement.

    “You should listen to your friend, Trevor. I can help in other ways, but I won’t give him to you. I’ve been around long enough to know that there is no clear right way to do things,” you dropped the blade from his neck slowly, giving him ample room to leave. “There is still death for those in your cause as well, the only choice you’ve made is deciding which one you were willing to die for.”

    He grimaced at your words, pulling the hood back over his head as he moved for the door, Lena slowly following behind. Then he stopped, turned to look back at you, and spoke, “At least I’ve made a choice.”

    Lena’s eyes widened in a flash of panic at you, then quickly at Trevor. She glanced back at you, smiling sheepishly in an attempt to be cordial. “Thank you for hearing us out. If you ever change your mind, I trust you know the signal?” You had underestimated her before, but it was clear to you now that she was the peacemaker. The diplomat that Ekko had sent to make sure Trevor didn’t speak out of turn, or burn bridges that could eventually be used for other things than their intended purpose.

    “Yes, thank you Lena,” you smiled back at her, she was doing her best. You continued to smile at her, as you replied directly to Trevor’s remark. “It may look like I haven’t chosen a side, but you’re wrong. I choose to do what I believe is right, even if it means seeing the good in both sides, whether or not they choose to see it themselves.”

    “Tcht,” Trevor mocked, motioned for Lena to follow, and pushed his way out the door.

    Before Lena disappeared into the thick fog of the Undercity, she peered back at you to make one final poignant comment. “Perhaps you can still talk to him. You said you wanted to help, just not in the way we asked. If you want peace between us, and he trusts you, why not plead our case to him?”

    You were stunned at this. Ideas that you had thought of before, but were too scared to attempt, voiced aloud by this quiet, unassuming person. Her face lightened, she knew her words had triggered a chain reaction inside you, and a smug smile appeared on her features. “Just a thought,” she smirked and vanished into the night, leaving you alone to think it over.


    The next day was spent lost in thought, managing your small jewelry and accessories store, while your mind wandered. The Firelight Lena had given you much to think about, and you wondered just how you’d go about seeing him again. It had been so long since the last time you’d spoken. Sometimes you’d see him passing by, enforcers in tow, namely Sevika.

    She would be a good place to start, you mused. Sevika was his right hand confidant, and someone you could easily speak to. He trusted her with his life, and she had proven to care about his safety on multiple occasions. If she hadn’t, she’d still have her left arm, and Zaun would have opportunistic scum as its leaders.

    The door rang as a couple walked in, excited to search your items for matching anniversary chokers. You pushed your worrying thoughts away, gave your best customer service smile, and mentally prepared to find them the perfect gift, something you never got tired of doing. This was why you were here. This was why you needed to focus on your abilities to shine what little joy you could muster for the people of Zaun.

    Briefly, you recalled what Trevor had said the night before. He thought Silco had given this place to you, but it wasn’t true. The people of Zaun had. Just as the Last Drop had been a beacon for weary souls to feel at ease under Vander’s protection, so to was your shop. You were famous for finding the perfect meaningful accessory for each person, based on feeling.

    Before you had landed this building for your wares, you had worked a local marketplace as a street vendor. It was the first and only job you could remember having. As a small child, you were taken in by a sweet older lady who raised you in the trade. Frannie was her name, and she was well loved. She raised you, because like many other children in Zaun, you were orphaned.

    It was there on the side streets where you had learned how to survive, and do so with a smile. Your vending cart was placed closer to the mining district, as much of the trinkets were created from bits of rock and gems formed there. Each day you’d get to see the workers on their way to the mines, and then on their way out. The worst days, were when not all of the faces you saw going in, would come back. The mines were a dangerous place, and the majority of smog and decay in the Undercity, came from there.

    You thought fondly of the two bright young men, who always called each other brothers. However, in your childlike comprehension, you failed to see the resemblance, fixating on the notable differences between their features. That is, until Frannie told you that they weren’t really related, they just had a strong bond. Sometimes they’d stop by to talk with her. You loved it when they did, eyes transfixed to how they carried themselves. Each in their own unique way, completely separate, yet they worked well together.

    The big one scared you. He made you feel smaller than you already were. A ferocity in him that made you feel smaller still. However, his companion was a more approachable man. He was slender and lively, with soft blue eyes, and a wildness to him that held ideas and vision. They loved to sweet talk Frannie into helping them out from time to time. Whether that be with food, or buying gems from them on the side, she would do it. You knew then that she loved them too.

    Regardless of their near daily visits, you didn’t talk to them much, but you watched. Quietly you’d find yourself observing the slender one, drawn to his presence. They were teenagers then, also orphaned and dumped to work in the mines, as you almost had before Frannie saved you. You wondered if she could have saved them too.

    As you aged, so did the boys, and so did your fascination to the smaller one, whose name you’d come to learn quite well. Unfortunately with the time passing, you saw less and less of them. Age furthering reason, their desires pulling them to confront other matters in Zaun. The wildness and ferocity in them, placed at the frontlines and battle strategies, protecting the citizens of the Undercity from the privileged elite above.

    Even with war looming in the air, Frannie continued to sell what she could, and you did your best to help, developing empathic skills to connect with customers. Your calm demeanor, and sweet disposition had garnered attention from the usual rough and tumble in the underbelly of the Pilt.

    When Frannie died, leaving you with the business, you had received a large sum of coin, you were told was gifted to you by the people of Zaun, to keep it going. Their love for Frannie’s warmth, and wares, gave you enough to set up a legitimate shop in the lanes.

    The memory of her softened your features as you cashed out the lovely couple who picked out silver chained chokers, encrusted with gems cut from the mines. One purple, one red, they had picked using their favorite colors.

    “Have a nice night ladies, thank you for picking ‘Frannie’s Wares’! Stop by any time if you need to have them cleaned!” You watched them leave, admiring their love. “Another satisfied customer… customers,” you sighed happily correcting yourself.

    After a few minutes of silence in the shop, you went to walk around the counter to fix a display of gold plated arm cuffs. You began to arrange them in their proper designs, as the door swung open wildly. The thud of thick boots, and stench of cigar smoke instantly taking up space in your shop.

    A small smirk crept along your lips. Even though your back was to the door, you didn’t need to spin around to see who it was. The sickly sweet barrel smell of smoke was enough for you to hazard an accurate guess.

    “Sevika,” you stated plainly, standing your ground to continue putting the cuffs in order. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

    A few more thuds from her boots, and you could see her in your peripherals, looking down at the bracelets through the counter-top. “Heard you’ve been entertaining those bug brats again.”

    “Firelights, Sevika.” You could see her flared nostrils, as she pulled the cigar from her mouth to blow out smoke. “And you heard correct. One of your goons spying on my shop again? You should give them a raise.” Your body pivoted to have her in fully view, needing to see her facial expressions.

    “Not my goon,” Sevika smirked, lifting the cigar back to her lips. “His,” she took another long drag, eyeing you curiously.

    You guessed as much, unsurprised that he was still watching you, constantly gaging your loyalties, even though he had no reason to. “Ya know, if he wants to say hi that bad, he can come himself.”

    “You know that’s not why he does it,” Sevika moved to side-eye you.

    “No Sevika, I actually don’t know why he does it. I wish someone would enlighten me.” Frustration welled up inside, and you crossed your arms to hold it in. “I’m not a fan of feeling like there are eyes watching me every time I leave this place at night.”

    Smoke seeped out of Sevika’s nostrils, as she smudged out the remnants of ash into the darkened opal ash tray on the counter. “Don’t get it twisted. It’s not every night, and let’s just say,” she paused for a moment, cocking one eyebrow while she turned to completely face you. “He likes to protect his investments.”

    You mimicked her eyebrow movement. “I don’t owe him anything. Try again.”

    A breathy chuckle burst from her chest, and she shook her head, mouth curling up into a sly smile. “You know, you’re a real pain in the ass when you want to be.”

    In that single moment, the tough demeanor slipped, dropping the silly interrogation act you two would normally play. A giant smile overtook the pretend guarded expression you put up, and you opened your arms to her, ready for the usual gruff embrace. She followed suit, wrapping you roughly into her right arm, while her metal one gently patted you on the back. “It’s good to see you again Sevika. It’s been far too long.”

    When the hug ended, you flipped the sign to closed, then gestured her to follow into the back. You had a bottle of Whiskey that wasn’t going to drink itself.


    The small office space you had set up further in back of the shop, was filled with laughter from two old friends exchanging stories of a kind old woman who had cared for you both in different ways. When Frannie needed someone to watch you, and the shop, Sevika was there. You had known her far longer than most had. While she had loyalties to her boss, you were like family. Much of your limited skills in fighting, were taught to you by her.

    When the laughter died down, you took a moment to collect yourselves. It was good to reminisce, but you needed to bring the conversation back around to him. While you loved Sevika, you knew the best way to loosen her up was through drinks and memories. Even if she refused to give you a chance to meet with him, you needed to know how he was.

    “Look, Sevika…”

    “Oh great, still on this?” she rolled her eyes incredulously before taking another swig from the glass in her hand.

    “What!? I didn’t even say anything yet.”

    “You didn’t have to. I already know where this is going. It’s in your voice.”

    You held a hand to your chest feigning offense. “What’s in my voice? There’s nothing in my voice? Why would you… why…” you trailed off unable to come up with anything better to lie with.

    “Exactly,” she stared back at you, amusement plastered over her flushed face. You had both nearly polished off the full bottle of Whiskey.

    Crestfallen, you decided to drop the act, and show your true feelings. “I just, wanted to know how he was. I know you think it’s best for both of us that we don’t talk, but I’m tired of feeling his presence everywhere I go, without actually being in it.”

    She put down the glass, then reached under her poncho for another cigar to smoke. Then she brought a gold lighter, taking her time. Sevika was going to drag out her response for as long as she could. “He’s doing okay. It’s the usual business first for him. Jinx keeps him on his toes,” that statement made you smile. Jinx was a handful, but she meant the world to him. A vision of a blue stoned ring popped in your mind. A memory you revisited daily.

    “Sometimes I wish we could go back to the way it was. Not completely, mind you, too much has changed for that… I’ve changed,” you mused wistfully. You were not the same doe eyed girl, pining for something that wasn’t meant to be. You weren’t as soft as before, but you were still soft for him. “I just miss the days where I actually knew him, and didn’t feel like forgotten property to be checked on whenever suspicious individuals stopped by,” you exhaled deeply, letting out your thoughts within the breath.

    Sevika had the cigar lit by now, contemplating your words as she puffed away. Knocking off a particularly long piece of ash in the tray before she spoke. “The truth?”

    You nodded vigorously needing the answer.

    “He has too much at stake. Too many plates spinning, on top of managing Jinx, I purposely avoid conversations about you with him.”

    “Why?” The confusion on your face tangible, questioning Sevika’s motives.

    “Because, people like him, the complex lives they lead, I don’t want you near it. You can pine for the brief moment you had, and he can protect a memory, but you shouldn’t try to cross again,” her eyes averted from yours, almost pained. You knew she had orchestrated your separation in the past, partly because of the hurt you experienced at the path he chose, but mostly because she didn’t want her two worlds colliding and imploding in on her. You understood. No matter how much you hated it, you understood.

    “You said he’s protecting me? Is that the real reason he has eyes on this place? It’s not just to make sure I don’t betray him?”

    Sevika’s eyes continued to dart back and forth to different objects close to the floor. The aversion to your inquiring gaze said it all.

    The both of you sat in silence for a few more minutes before Sevika finished her cigar, lifted herself from the cushioned armchair, and said her goodbyes. Leaving you to think on what you’d always wondered, but never had outwardly confirmed.

    The conversation was short, but telling. You didn’t need Sevika to give the okay for an audience with Silco. All you had to do was show up to the Last Drop, tell the bouncer who you were, and that’d be it. Silco had left the ball in your court the whole time, and you wondered how long he would have waited for you to take the first shot.

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  • snowinabottle
    16.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #╰ ☆ just a mess of stars and tiny snowflakes ╱ reflection #little   nature   spice #because   this   is   just #such   an   aesthetic   for   her
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  • bna1267
    16.01.2022 - 4 hours ago


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  • incorrect-hgs
    16.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Snapdragon: I know you're deflecting by making jokes about how hot you are.

    Amaryllis, sobbing: It's not a joke! I'm a legit snack.

    #High Guardian Spice #Quote #Source: The Good Place #Snapdragon#Amaryllis
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  • celebphotoshoot
    16.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    Spice Girls first ever photoshoot, likely to be around 1996-1997
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  • macaroni-rascal
    16.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    sometimes i think i'm cool and other times i stand in my kitchen and say "oh this quiche is gonna be so good" out loud to myself alone in my apartment

    #i think the quiche is gonna be good #some oyster mushrooms #some spinach#some asparagus#caramelized onions #all good shit #and then spices and shit obvs #but those are the veggies
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  • hyephyep
    16.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    i need to eat spicy foods more often. my tolerance is too low. im weak

    #this feeling brought to you by 'i didnt know not all teriyaki sauce is sweet and accidentally bought the spicy kind' #'and im still enjoying it but my nose is starting to run even though i KNOW this isnt that much spice. barely spice'
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