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    23.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Daydream [ Peter Parker x Reader ]

    Summary :

    ‘a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one's attention from the present’ - [WARNING: contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home! Proceed with caution!]

    There had been a change in the air since the connection between universes, most played it off as relief washing over the nation as the heroes once again fixed the wrong doings of the world. However, since the moment the fight at the statue ended, [Y/N] has yet to find a peaceful daydream.

    What do you do when your dreams continue to weave themselves into reality, causing a relentless connection of Deja vu? And why did Spider-Man continue to appear in each dream..?

    [Updates: Weekly]

    A/N: This story uses gender-neutral pronouns for the reader! Please contact me directly or through replies to be added to my tag list for this series! Without further adieu, please enjoy and let me know what you think~

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    prologue : reverie

    ’a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.’


    Everything around them felt wrong. It was not that they felt the world around them was fake, no. It did not feel like it was their world at all, familiar yet distant in the same space. There was a dull, grey tone that had been washed over the environment around them, however it left their own body free in its own vibrant colours. Turning their head to get a better look at their surroundings, they noted that every move made was slower than they were used to. The pace at which people walked, the speed cars were going, the fluttering of the pigeons dispersing from fear, it reminded them of a video being played at half speed. Their feet began to shuffle along the ground, there was something that was calling them to start moving away from their standing space. Tugging at their jacket in order to conceal their body further, their eyes darted from one object to another, trying to figure out where they were. How did they get there?

    The young person’s pace picked up a bit as an unsettling feeling began to form in their stomach, being cautious as to not bump into anyone along the street. It was clear that they were in New York, that much could be gathered by the slew of taxi cabs, rushed members of the public, and idle conversations of the Daily Bugle’s last broadcast. As they approached the corner of the path, their next plan was to identify what part of New York they were in, a shred of hope shining through in their thoughts. Perhaps they were closer to home than they originally had thought, that was what they had wished for, at least. The idea of taking a nap to fix this probably came to mind, the idea making enough sense to deliver an extra sense of drive in their mission. Checking the direction of oncoming traffic, they hurriedly made their way across the street.

    As their steps moved with a sense of urgency, their other senses began to grow numb. It was something that was not expected, and not an occurrence that had happened to them often. In the moment that they had begun to question it in thought however, a loud voice suddenly grabbed their attention.

    “Watch out!”

    ・・・・☆・・・・☆ ・・・・☆・・・・☆・・・・☆ ・・・・☆・・・・

    “... And that’s all I remember, next thing I knew, I was waking up,” they said, a tired strain coming through their voice. “Dunno what any of it means, either.”

    “When did these dreams start again?” MJ spoke flatly, barely raising her eyes from her book. “Like, a couple weeks ago, right?”

    “It was.. Not long after that incident happened? The one at the statue, since then it’s just been a long list of strange dreams with no meaning. And to top it off, someone always calls out to me, right as I wake up.”

    “Maybe that’s your body trying to tell you to get up.”

    “Maybe? But why is it always the same voice then?”

    “Dunno, could it be your long lost sanity coming back to you?”

    “Will you two quit your chatter and get back to work?! Michelle, put that damn book away, and help [Y/N] with the decorations. Christmas ain’t gonna decorate itself,” a rough, masculine voice broke up the conversation between the pair, earning a groan from MJ. Shutting her book, she glanced up at her co-worker.

    “Do you need help, or?” She questioned, getting up from her seat.

    “If you could take over for me, I’ll get started on switching the coffee over. Someone complained about it earlier but..” they sighed, slowly stepping themselves down off the ladder they were using. “I think their taste buds were just shoved in the wrong place.”

    MJ attempted to keep herself from snickering, instead clearing her throat as she moved behind [Y/N]. Dusting off their uniform, they moved slowly behind the counter of the diner, avoiding the strange, sticky substance that the workers had collectively agreed to ignore. A running joke between those who frequented the diner was that no matter how hard someone would clean the spot, the stain had never let up. Not one to put more effort in their job than necessary, [Y/N] played favour into the idea. All that they knew was the colour of it turned darker as time moved on, the scent of it numbing to nothing. As they approached the coffee pot, their mind flickered back to the dream that had plagued them that previous night. It was beginning to grow into a problem with how vivid their dreams were becoming, what felt like reality trying to take a hold of their one escape from the environment around them. That was the part that had felt the most cruel to them, their escape method in the form of sleep was growing more tiring than life ever was. A small sigh escaped from their lips as their thoughts dragged onto a new idea, wondering how they would cope if these dreams kept up. How would it interfere with their day-to-day life when college would start, they wondered that most of all.

    As their thoughts began to wander further, [Y/N] was interrupted by the chime of the entrance bell, signalling that a customer had likely entered the store. They cursed themselves under their breath, placing the unchanged coffee pot back where it had previously belonged. Turning their attention to the door, their eyes fell on a young man, standing with a bewildered look in his eyes. His hair was styled neatly, his clothing free from wrinkles and any trace of dirt. As they went to greet the customer, the young person’s eyes fell to someone who had walked in behind him.

    “Oh, hey Ned! MJ is just over there if you wanna take a seat, I’ll be over in a sec,” they spoke with an extra bounce in their words, head gesturing toward where their friend was. Ned gave a nod in response, waving to MJ as he walked over in her direction.

    [Y/N]’s smile faded a little, moving closer to the counter to gain the attention of the customer. Their brow furrowed, noticing a change in the man’s eyes, his look becoming more akin to fondness and reflection. They wondered to themselves if this customer had known their friends previously, or if he was an overly emotional man. Either seemed to be plausible, though. Clearing their throat, [Y/N] gained the young man’s attention toward themselves.

    “Can I get you anything today? Or, did you need time to look at the menu a bit first?” They asked, patting down their pocket in order to find their notebook. Feeling their pocket being empty, they rolled their eyes, focusing their attention back onto the customer.

    “M-my name’s Peter Parker and I..” he started to speak, his words catching as he began to look conflicted. [Y/N] could not recall the last time they had encountered a customer as odd as this one.

    “.. would like a coffee.. please.”

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    23.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    My first fanart for Marvel.

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  • indelen
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Cumulative 2 seconds of Ukrainian traditional costumes and headdresses at the Prague Festival of Light scene in Spiderman: Far From Home I appreciate yoouuuuuuuuu 🌾💛💙

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    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #fangirl226 #come and talk to me #lex talks movies #spiderman: hoco#spiderman: ffh#spiderman: nwh #lex talks marvel
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  • thoughts-with-k
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Don’t know if anyone else has thought of this but I’ve been thinking about the names for the Spider-Man movies and I think it all has to do with Aunt May. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bear with me here ok? So Spider-Man Homecoming: he’s coming home to Aunt May after CA Civil War. Far from home?? He’s far from Aunt May……….No Way Home?? Well…….she died so there’s no way back to her.

    Maybe it’s already been confirmed like that idk but I haven’t seen anyone talk about it so I thought I should.

    #spiderman#tom holland #no way home #spider man no way home #spoilers #spider man spoilers #smnwh spoilers #far from home #spiderman homecoming #spider man ffh #spider man far from home #aunt may#peter parker#andrew garfield#tobey maguire
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  • 92percentloki
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    So what I’m gathering with moonknight is that marvel made a character whose superpower is depersonalization/derealization disorder?

    #representation #I probably should avoid it tho cause spiderman ffh’s fake reality scene already messed me up #good for him tho #moonknight#marvel#mcu#moon knight
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  • sunnydayinholland
    19.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Love the Way You Lie - T.H

    Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

    Summary: You've been seeing this guy recently, his name is Tom. He was the perfect definition of boyfriend material: he was passionate, a good listener, caring, etc. When you catch him at a party doing some unfaithful things, you are humbled quickly.

    Word Count: 1.9K

    Warnings: Angst, Alcohol use, drug use, mentions of sex



    Laying on your side, you turned around to get a better look at the boy that was giving you all these shivers, Tom. His brown eyes looked sultry, dark with a hint of shine in them. His curls were a mess. You slipped your fingers through them gently, trying to put them back into place. His cheeks were flushed and his breath was shaky. His lips parted into a faint smile.

    "You look so beautiful" Tom whispered, his fingers gently lingering over your bare skin. From your hips, up your arms, to your shoulders. He could feel the goosebumps raise from your skin. The little hairs standing upright under his touch. "I can't believe you can stand me" He chuckled, gently pressing his lips to your forehead.

    "Yeah, I can't believe it either" You laughed, playing with his curls. You could stay in bed with him forever if given the chance. His presence was so comforting for you. It was like nothing you ever experienced.

    "I have a party later with some friends, wanna come with? Nothing big, just a little get together" He asked, lifting himself up on his elbows. "Everyone will be there!" He seemed excited. You wished you were as excited as him, but to be honest, your hard day's work had drained you of any social energy you had left in your body; you were too tired to do anything with friends.

    "I think I'll just stay here and watch some series" You smiled gently. Sitting up on the edge of the bed, you grabbed your previously discarded t-shirt from the floor. "I can definitely come pick you up when your done though, if you do need a ride" you suggested. Picking him up from parties was definitely better than letting him drive home on his own, drunk. You were always happy to pick him up. That way you were always certain that he was safe.

    "You're always welcome to come if you change your mind" Tom smiled as he got up, getting dressed for this party.

    He wasn't wearing anything fancy: a regular old pair of jeans, a plain white t-shirt and plaid shirt over it. He brushed his fingers through his hair before adding his glasses to his face. He was looking good.

    **A few hours later**

    You got a text from Harrison, Tom's best friend. It wasn't anything serious.

    Haz: Hey! I think Tom's ready to go home. He's pissed drunk.

    You took a look at your homescreen: 3:23AM. Ouch. You had fallen asleep on the couch while watching this new series you meant to start. Turns out it was a little more boring than you anticipated. You sat up on the couch, stretching your arms, yawning. After Harrison's text, you put on one of Tom's sweatshirt before grabbing your car keys and heading over to the party. You were hoping Tom wouldn't be too much to handle.

    The weather was colder than you were expecting. Even in the middle of July, nights could be chilly. Few stars were shining in the sky as the city lights were taking over the competition. Although the moon was full, nothing seemed crazy or out of the ordinary. Thank god for a calmer night.

    Parking your car in the street in front of party house, you took a deep breath before gathering the courage to go through the crowd that was partying. Tugging on the sleeves of the sweatshirt to cover your freezing hands, you quickly made your way to the front door. Knocking gently on it three times, you weren't expecting anybody to have heards you knocking. The music was definitely drowning any other kind of noise. But surprisingly, Harrison opened the door. He seemed relieved to see you.

    He stretched out his arms to pull you into a hug. A smelly hug at that. His breath reaked of liquor. Possibly Goldschläger or Jägermeister. Not that you would know the difference anyway, you barely ever drank. But being the nice, accommodating person you were, you hugged Harrison back, wrapping your arms around his chest and snuggling your chin on his shoulder. His hug was a little too tight to your liking. As you tried to pull away, you noticed that he wouldn't let go, actually pulling you away from the living room where the party was happening.

    "Uhm...Haz? Where are you taking me?" You ask in a chuckle, still stuck in his arms.

    "Oh nowhere, you know..." He hesitated. Something was smelled fishy. What was he trying to hide?

    You pushed yourself off of Harrison.

    "What's going on? Where's Tom?" You asked, trying to contain your nervousness.

    "He's just chilling in the living room, no reason to freak out. I just wanna tell you he's really really drunk." Harrison tried explaining your boyfriend's unknown behavior, which only managed to make you even more nervous. Was he having alcohol poisoning? Did he hurt himself? Did he need to go to the hospital?

    Your eyes grew wide as you rushed in the living room. Trying to get through the crowd, you could barely hear your own thoughts. Weirdly enough, a small group of people seemed to be sitting around the coffee table. You pushed your way through them only to see some of Tom's friends sat together, credit cards in their hands, separating fine white powder on the glass of the coffee table into fine lines. A blonde girl, who had a rolled dollar bill between her index and thumb, bent over to breathe in the white powder through the bill. She came back up wiping her nostril and putting the remaining powder on her gums. Her pupils dilated from the drug and a huge smile spread on her lips.

    As you turned your head, you saw a brown-haired girl straddling some boy. Her cleavage in clear view of the boy's eye for his biggest pleasure. But the boy's curls seemed familiar. His plaid shirt, you knew; it had just been on the floor of your bedroom. With his hands caressing the girl's thighs under her shorts, Tom was having the time of his life. You came up on his side to have a better look at the young man, only to find him nose deep in the girl's cleavage. When his head shot back up, his nostrils were full of the same white powder that was used on the coffee table. You couldn't believe it. Did you really just witness your boyfriend doing cocaine on a girl's breasts? Were you just hallucinating because you were so tired?

    The boy turned his head, now facing you. Nope, you weren't imagining things. That was your boyfriend. His nose definitely between another girl's boobs, when he was between your legs just hours before. You couldn't believe your eyes.

    You pushed the brunette off your boyfriend's lap and pulled the man by his ear, right off the couch.

    "Ow! Ow! Ow! What the fuck baby" He yelled as he forcefully followed you across the living room.

    "What the FUCK was that Thomas?!" You yelled, tears already threatening to fall down your cheeks. "How is this a little get together?! I don't come to ONE of your stupid parties and you just go around getting some blow in your nose and fucking other girls?!" You poured your heart out, tears now fully streaming down your cheeks.

    He could barely stand up straight.

    "Babe" He held his hands together, trying to look as sober as he could. But he failed miserably. "I'm just having fun" was his excuse. The lamest excuse you had ever heard.

    "Wow" was all that could come out of your mouth.

    "Babe, you never wanna have fun like this! You miss out on so much" He tried explaining his behaviour, but had a very poor choice of words. Possibly due to his drunken state. "Plus she had GREAT boobs, I'd love to motorboat those". He really couldn't stop talking could he? How could he just say that? You understood he was high on blow and drunk, but you never would have thought him capable of doing that.

    "So I'm no fun then? Because I don't get pissed drunk every weekend and high on coke all the time? Are my boobs not great enough?!" You pointed to your chest. "I thought we were honest with eachother! I thought I was enough for you!" You couldn't help but take it personally.

    "Baby we're not even exclusive!" He simply blurted out. Well that was news to you. He never mentionned you guys weren't exclusive.

    "So this is all a lie? This whole relationship is a lie?" you cried, now becoming more angry than sad. You felt hurt. Your whole world was around Tom for the past year or so. You haven't seen anybody else for all that time. But now that the truth was out, how many girls did Tom see during this time? How many did he sleep with? Did he even protect himself? So many question kept popping into your mind. "So you're telling me I could've dated other guys or girls and you would have been completely fine with it?" You were skeptical.

    "I guess so" He raised his shoulders as if the answer was obvious. Wow. All this time, thrown out the window.

    "Alright then, enjoy your "little get together"' you showed him air quotes. "You can walk home, and don't expect me to be there when you wake up, fucker" You turned your back at him, making your way to the front door where you had just come in. But Harrison made his way between you and the door just as you were about to open it.

    "Y/N, I tried to protect you from that scene. I'm so sorry, I tried to stop him but..."

    "Oh fuck off Haz, you did nothing" You gritted your teeth, preventing yourself from punching him in the face. Pushing him to the side, you made your way outside. The cold air catching you by surprise. Walking down the porch stairs, you felt a hand wrap around your wrist and pull you back. You landed in a drunken man's arms.

    "Baby..." it was the voice you never wanted to hear anymore. "Listen to me please. I just...I didn't explain properly..."

    "You explained enough. Go have some fun and please never fucking talk to me again" You spat back at Tom. He took a step back, his face turning white. You gave him a confused look as he rushed to the nearest bush, only to bend over and throw up all the alcohol he had consumed. You let you a loud sigh and came up on his side, petting his hair and he threw his gut out. You didn't know how to feel anymore. He was your best friend, you loved him so much. How could he just do this to you? But now he was vulnerable. He came back up straight, tears streaming down his cheeks from forcing his gut out.

    "Baby I'm so sorry, I'm so stupid" he cried, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. You felt your heart sink. After all, he hadn't slept with that girl; that you know of at least. Slipping your fingers in his curls, you played with his hair, gently scratching his scalp.

    "I think we need to talk about this later"


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    Marie, xx

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  • sunnydayinholland
    17.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    You want to what? ~ T.H

    Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

    Summary: After a birthday party at a friend's house by the lake, you decide to run to the lake with your best friend Tom for some not to innocent swimming.

    Word Count: 1.3K

    Warnings: SMUT lol sorry not sorry

    A/N: This is my first smut, hopefully it won't suck too much! Let me know what you think! :)



    Music booming non stop was starting to be too much for you. With a drink in his hand, Tom was trying to talk to some of his friends. But the music was too loud for anybody to even hear anything. Windows were fogged up by the heat released by the shear number of people that were in the house, making the inside temperature climb to an uncomfortable heat.

    Having had a few drinks, your cheeks and ears were flushed red. Being tipsy wasn't anything new to you, but being tipsy and horny wasn't a usual feeling.

    Tom on the other hand was also tipsy, taking big gulps of his hard liquor drink in the red solo cup he was holding in his hand. When his conversation with his friends died down, he started looking for you in the crowd. He finally found you sat on the couch, sweating profusely. You looked up and smiled at your friend, stretching your hand to reach him.

    "Tommyyyyyy, it's so warm I want to die" You whined, grabbing his hand. He pulled you up, chuckling. You could see the flush on his cheeks when you came up close to him. You knew he could hold his liquor, but you had never seen him flushed as much as this. "Let's go outside!" you pulled him by the hand, making him follow you outside to the patio.

    The music faded to a lower volume when you closed the patio door. The fresh air refreshing your skin and the smell of humidity envelopped the area. Taking in a deep breath, you snuggled into Tom's chest. He wrapped his arms around you and smiled.

    "Still cold?" He asked, gently stroking your arm with his thumb. You smiled and shook your head.

    The stars and the moon were the only source of light on this dark summer evening. Being stuck in the middle of the woods for a party in a cabin wasn't so bad. Especially since that cabin was right next to a lake. You looked at the lake through the tree in the back yard.

    "How about we go swim?" You suggested. You didn't need an answer from Tom because you knew he would refuse. So you just took his hand and forced him to follow you to the lake.

    Being bare feet wasn't the great idea. Especially since the grass was wet and you were drunk. The walk to the lake ended up being much more slippery than anticipated. Being about 10 feet from the water, your foot slipped, making you fall back. But Tom was faster and caught you before you could break your back. He pulled you back up to your feet and you looked at him. His skin was glistening in sweat, little hairs sticking to his forehead, glasses slowly slipping off his nose. His grey sweatshirt was being an unbearable barrier between you and him.

    Without thinking about it, you simply slammed your lips on his. Your cherry lipbalm transferring to his, your fingers slipping into his curls while his hands were slowly grabbing your hips, telling you he was giving into the kiss. He pulled you closer to him, wrapping his arms around your waist. Soon the kiss turned hungry, eager. His teeth gently biting your bottom lip, making you even more eager than before.

    You slipped your hands under his sweatshirt, finding out he wasn't wearing anything underneath. You pulled it over his head, breaking the kiss for a split second. To make things easier you took your shirt off, exposing your bare breasts, nipples perking under the cold. A shiver went down your spine when Tom took an agonisingly long minute to soak in the view.

    "Do you know how long I've been waiting for this?" He pressed his lips to your neck, giving sweet pecks down to your collarbone. His fingers slid in the rings of your jeans, giving you the signal to take them off. As you did what you were subconsciously told, he did the same, taking his own pants off.

    Your skin coming into contact with his was a feeling you never wanted to forget. He was the warmest person you had ever experienced. So warm in fact that droplet of sweats started to appear on both of your chests.

    "Wanna go skinny dipping?" You asked innocently, pulling your underwear off before tip-toeing into the cold lake water. You looked back at Tom who was still on the shore.

    "You wanna do what?" He asked, his eyes wide.

    "Skinny dipping you dummy! Come on, the water is nice" You responded, teasing him with your cleavage slightly showing above the surface of the water. His mouth was watering. He didn't need to be asked twice and he pulled off his boxers before getting into the water with you. His arms wrapping around your waist, you simply looked into eachother's eye before kissing once again, this time more tender, more gentle. He wrapped your legs around his waist, gently slipping his hands to caress your backside. His tongue slipped between your lips, teasing yours into a dance.

    After making out for a few minutes, your could feel that lingering feeling that was travelling from your stomach to your core. You needed him, right now, right this instant. You could feel his arousal under you. His breath became more shaky, more needy. Reaching between your legs, you gently stroke his manhood, making it harder with every second.

    You gently slipped him into you, pulling a moan from his lips as his kept kissing you, tongue now fighting for dominance.

    "Shit baby, here?" He moans into your mouth. "What if people..."

    "I don't care. I want you now, so bad" You whined as you were able to slowly move upwards and back down. He broke the kiss to press his lips on your neck and shoulders.

    "Fuck baby you feel so good" His lips sucked on the skin of your shoulders. He sank his teeth into the skin. He was definitely going to leave a mark. Your movements were getting faster and sloppier. Your fingers laced through his curls as you gently pulled on them. One of his hands travelled up to your throat. He wrapped his fingers around your jaw, forcing you to look at him directly in his eyes. You gladly obliged, giving him a lust-filled look, throwing him over the edge. He pressed his forehead against yours as he was thrusting in and out of you.

    Little waves crashed on your skin as your movements got rougher and quicker. Moans became louder, breaths shakier.

    "Fuck baby I'm almost there!" he moaned. After a few deep thrusts, Tom moaned out and dug his fingers into the skin of your hips. You moans out loud as you pulled on his face.

    "Fuck Tom I'm there!" You yelled, throwing your head back in pleasure. You both reached your pleasure limit, making your bodies shake. Tom pulled you into a tight hug and peppered your skin in little kisses. You both chuckled as you got off of him to stand in the chilly water.

    "That was..." You started, blushing. Tom planted a soft kiss on your hair.

    "Amazing" He finished your sentence with such ease, it was like you had been connected. A chuckle escaped your lips and you gave into his big teddy bear hugs. "So...should we go back to the party?" He asked.

    "I'm good right here with you" You smiled, wrapping your arms around him, letting the moment soak into your mind. You never thought you'd get to do this with your friend Tom. It was the best night of your life and you wouldn't let a party ruin it for you.


    Hope you liked this!

    Requests are always open! Request HERE

    Marie, xx

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  • tmulti28
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    why the fluckity fluck did they have to include that scene when andrews peter catches mj. i havent spoke about it on tumblr yet but i was thinking about it earlier today

    it was a really strange callback, and i was not anticipating it whatsoever. Im not on tiktok regularly, so i have not heard any spoilers, and i already had my own ideas about things that might happen. but come on....

    THAT wasnt expected. and the scene right after when he cried was some of the most heartbreaking stuff ive seen in the MCU (bear in mind, there are a lot of heartbreaking moments in the MCU lol)

    so i definitely congratulate Marvel for doing that.

    but im still embarrassed about the fact that when i saw it in theatre, i yelled out loud, "NOT AGAIN!" then started crying in a room full of people.

    so... maybe..... too much heartbreak?

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  • this-is-the-bbc
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    quick question: did mysterio still frame spiderman even without revealing his identity? i dont remember nwh properly to confirm this anymore

    #also #federal agents were aware nick fury wasn't on earth for a whole year #but no one suspected a whole shield building being led by supposedly him and maria at the same time? #first time watching ffh i thought it was irresponsible of nick fury to let the skrulls be on charge like that #but now that it's confirmed they took their form without his knowledge...... #when we're getting secret invasion i need more context to this #spiderman #far from home #no way home
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  • sunnydayinholland
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Red Carpet Affair ~ T.H


    Pairing: Tom Holland x fem!reader

    Summary: Being the child of a famous rich family, you get invited to the Cannes Film Festival. This is your chance of looking your best and having fun with some of your celebrity friends. When you meet up with your good friend Zendaya, she presents you to Tom Holland, her costar on her newest movie Spiderman : No Way Home.

    Word Count: 1.7K

    Warning(s): heavy flirting? (should that even be a warning?)

    A/N: Should this be a series? Let me know what you think!


    The Cannes film festival was already booming. Celebrities walking the red carpet, getting their pictures taken by paparazzis and looking good doing it. You walked out of your limousine, first exposing your delicate Louboutin sandals. Your manager ran up to your side to take your hand, helping you out of the vehicle. The train on your dress fell elegantly to the ground and you got up. You could already hear the flashes and clicking of expensive cameras all directed at you. As your manager closed the door behind you, he whispered in your ear “Make your family proud, love”.

    Getting up on your heels, your dark emarald green dress fitted you perfectly. Your father had bought you the most expensive Yves Saint-Laurent dress he could find. It was simple, made out of velvet with off-the-should straps, exposing your collarbones and you décolletage. You back was exposed down to the bottom of your spine, not leaving much to the imagination. The fabric really was hugging your curves to perfection. You hair had been styled loose and curly, with delicate flowers placed scarcely on loose strands.

    As you were slowly walking down the red carpet, getting your picture taken and posing to the best of your ability, you turned to the side to see your friend Zendaya who was with her stylist getting her dress fixed on the spot. You approached her with a giant smile. You hadn't seen her in forever.

    "Zendaya! Oh my gosh I am so happy to see you here!" You said as you approchaed her. She looked up to see who was talking to her and flashed a genuine grin when she saw you. Her hands stretching over to you to hug you tightly.

    "Wow Y/N! You look so good! I've missed you so much!" She said as her cheek came up against yours while in the hug. She looked absolutely etheral as usual, you couldn't believe such beauty could even exist. "How have you been? Any good project coming soon" She asked you, breaking the hug but still holsing your hands. Her eyes never broke contact with yours. Such kindness in them.

    "Mostly modeling contracts! I've booked with Vogue and I am walking for Versace and Saint-Laurent in the next few months!" You were very excited about your new modeling contracts as you had just recently started. Before that, you were only known as the daughter of the richest man in France.

    As you kept talking, paparrazis were begging both of you to pose for pictures. Slipping your arm around your friends waist, you looked into the crowd of photographers as the flashes were slowly blinding you. Zendaya was posing alongside you, making this whole red carpet event look like nothing more natural than walking to the mail.

    You kept talking to eachother as you were slowly walking to the building. But you suddenly interrupted by a young man with curly hair, a burgundy suit and impressive glasses.

    "Hey Zendaya, Haz told me we should be getting inside soon, you ready?" He said, placing his hand on the small of her back.

    "Oh yeah, we're almost done here. Tom, this is Y/N." Zendaya said, presenting you to the rude young man who had just interrupted your conversation with your friend. You raised an eyebrow as you looked at him, presenting your hand.

    "Oh hello there love, I'm Tom Holland." He took your hand and brought it up to his lips, leaving a gentle kiss on the top of your fingers. "Pleased to meet you", he added.

    You weren't quite sure on how to respond. You knew how to be professional, but this boy, Tom, looked absolutely beautiful.

    "Hi, nice to meet you too" you answered. A slight flush coming up to your cheeks. "So I'm assuming we will be going inside?" You asked to both of them. They nodded and Tom opened his arm, showing you the way to the entrance. As Zendaya walked passed him, you followed suit, leaving Tom to follow behind you. He would catch up quickly though, reaching to the small of your back and applying slight pressure to get your attention.

    "May I just add something love? You look absolutely captivating in that dress" He said just loud enough for you to hear, but quiet enough so that Zendaya couldn't. You could feel his thumb gently rubbing on the fabrac of your dress as he lead you inside to where you would be seated for the rest of the evening. You turned your head towards him, he was flashing a grin at you.

    "Why thank you very much, I must say you look quite ravishing yourself." You said with a shy smile, exposing your teeth. He smiled back and slowly wrapped his arm around your waist, putting his hand on your hip.

    "Hope this is okay with you" He said referring his his hand on your hip. "Wouldn't want you to fall on these stairs" Tom added as you started walking up stairs. You cheeks were completely flushed with red, blood even going up to your ears. You had never had anybody talk to you this way.

    As you walked into the ball room. Security brought you to your place to be seated for the evening. Round tables were all around the room with 8 chairs around each of them. A beautiful sage green satin table cloth covered each table. Fancy silver cutlery was placed around beautiful delicate porcelain china with visibly expensive flower bouquets finishing the decoration of the tables. You were sat first as table number 34. Tom and Zendaya were placed at table 58 further down the room. They were still withing eyesight though.

    More people were beign sat with you at your table. Mostly rich heirs and CEOs of companies that sponsored the Cannes Film Festival. All very uptight and fancy. Presenters gaves speeches, sharing jokes and anecdotes with other celebrities while staff were serving wine or champagne to their guests. As you took a sip of your glass of white wine, you directed your gaze to table 58 where you saw Tom directly gazing at you at the same time. His eyes were flirty, he looked hungry. He wasn't that bad after all. You may have been naive about his whole act, but you could have sworn he was flirting with you; which was absolutely crazy in your opinion. Why flirt with you when he could have the beautiful Zendaya who was sat right next ot him?

    He smiled subtly at you, lifting his wine glass for you to see, as if he wanted to cheer with you from a distance. You followed his lead, lifting your glass at him before taking a sip. He sent you a kiss with a wink as soon as his took a sip from his glass. He really was flirting with you. And he was cute doing it.

    Later on during the night, people were walking around talking to other tables and their friends around the room. Music was playing in the background and you were enjoying a little swiping on your instagram. Being the person you were, you decided to go stalk Tom Holland's instagram. His movie posters being posted, pictures from interviews. You found yourself scrolling down for a while on his instagram. You clicked on a picture of his and liked it without realizing how old it was; back from 2018. A moment of panic settle in your heart. Shit. Was he going to see this? You scrolled back up to see his follower count: 58.8 million people. He didn't follow you so surely he wouldn't even get a notification that you liked that picture. You looked up to see if there would be any reaction from him. Just like on cue, he sat right next to you, his phone in his hand.

    "Hey love. Stalking much?" He asked, a light chuckle leaving his lips. You had been caught. Oops. "Don't worry I won't tell anyone." He said, smirking and slipping his hand on your thigh underneath the table cloth. You were surprised by how upfront he was with his actions.

    "I didn't mean to, I didn't even think you'd see that" You stumbled on your word as you tried explaining yourself.

    "Oh love, don't worry about that, I've already stalked your instagram as well" he laughed, his thumb gently rubbing on your thigh. "You looked so beautiful on that picture in Paris, in that short little dress of your with flowers on it. And tonight, you have no idea how much I'd pay to see your dress on the floor of my hotel room tonight."

    You were taken aback by his statement. Never you would have thought that another celebrity would ever say such things to you. You were flattered but were also starting to feel butterflies in your stomach. You started thinking: what would his blazer look like on you? What would his suit look his on the floor of YOUR hotel room? Screw this, you were flirting back.

    You started making small talk with him, placing your hand on his bicep, praising him on his most recent Spiderman movie and how strong he looked. Giving his arm a gentle squeeze, you could see his legs crossing, visibly trying to hide something embarrasing. You let your hand slide down his chest, feeling every muscle curve under your touch. A subtle shiver came across his whole body. Only you could feel it. His hand squeezing your thigh ever so firmly.

    "Oh darling, you need to stop this or else I will have to bring you back to my hotel with me" he quivered, visibly flushed.

    "Who said I didn't want that?" You responded, giving him a smirk and biting your lip. "I'd love to see that suit of your on the floor of my hotel room" You added, referring to his earlier statement.

    "Well then, I believe we have a date after this thing" Tom said, grabbing your hand and kissing your fingers. "I'll pick you later" He said before leaving the table and giving you wink. He tapped on the table before leaving, bringing your attention to a napkin. Something was written on it. You took the napkin and read what was written on it.

    "555-365-5673 I'll show you how fun I can be"


    I hope you liked this! Tell me what you think! Constructive criticism always welcome! :)

    Send your requests HERE

    ~ Marie, xx

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  • sunnydayinholland
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Newbie :)

    Hiiii new friends!! I'm a new writer and would love some suggestions/requested for imagines/au/smut or anything really! :)

    What I WILL do:

    - Fluff (cute, soft, kissing, etc.)

    - Smut (pretty self-explanatory, sexual stuff)

    - Angst (fighting, crying, arguments, etc.)

    - Of anything of that kind

    What I will NOT do:

    - Underage sexual encounters

    - Self-harm or self-endangerment

    - Power inequity (i.e. teacher/underage student, etc)

    - Or anything of that matter

    So send your requests HERE !!!!! :)

    ~ Marie, xx

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  • seolaseoul
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Y’all under appreciate Far From Home way too much..that movie is absolutely phenomenal

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  • petergender
    09.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #i WILL be purchasing this ty sawyer #and itll sit right next to my spiderverse art book my hoco art book my og comics spiderman artbook from comicon etcetcetc #omg was there a ffh artbook #AA.
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  • forgetful-nerd
    08.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Guess what I finally saw…..

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  • userholland
    08.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    no but they could have given mj's character actual depth and personality if they introduced her parents and part of her home life in nwh tbh. basically why she acts the way she does

    #like did ned & mj's parents not care this whole movie. wtf 😭 #spiderman: no way home #spiderman: nwh#nwh #no way home #controversial but if she wasnt in the movie. itd still be the same tbh #like why is she mistrusting. who wronged her #thats why she was just lowkey confusing in ffh and then carries on the same persona in nwh. yawn #liz talk.txt
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  • jae-in-a-trenchcoat
    08.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I did nothing to this picture what are you talking about?

    #spiderman #spider man ffh #spiderman edit#peter parker#tom holland #i did this with the marker thing when you edit photos on iPhone
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  • frankiefine
    08.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    If i were a celebrity i would make a regular tik tok account and post however i want and act surprised when the comments roll in with “omg i thought this was [blank]” and “you look so much like [blank]”

    I would put my life into this performance I want my Andrew Garfield denying being in FFH moment.

    I want to lie to everyone

    #andrew garfeild ffh #andrew garfield #far from home #the amazing spider man #spider man#spiderman#what if #if i were a celebrity #who would stop me #tom holland#tobey maguire #spiderman far from home #andrew’s spiderman btw>>>> #i posted this to the wrong blog by accident #dont mind that #spiderman homecoming #andrew was fighting for his life trying to deny being in ffh #i love him for it #i love lying #its so much fun #tik tok #i want to cause chaos
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    Testing out some new brushes I got on Procreate. 🕷🕸

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