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  • You ever work with a deity/entity and they make you work out and eat better so you’re like


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    BUT LATER you realize you look

    damn good

    and you’re like


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    And your deity/entity is like


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  • Sometimes spirit work isn’t big things. Sometimes it’s as simple as being woken up at 4 in the morning by a companion crawling into bed with you because they’re cold.

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  • I spoke to my (deceased) dad in a lucid dream last night. I was hanging out with him and my brother like old times. I decided to ask him what the afterlife is like.

    “I’m not allowed to tell you that,” he told me. “You’ll have to see when you get here.”

    “I thought you might say that,” I relented. “Okay, well can you tell me this? Am I in any danger? Regarding my current path, I mean?” Basically my ingrained childhood fear of hell bubbles up from the cracks for a moment and I want to be reassured that I’m correct in not believing it.

    He tells me that I’m in danger in a different way. He warns me against working my life away, that I need to get away from hourly work and focus on things that really matter, like creativity and friends and my brother and travelling. If I spend too much time focusing on a meaningless job, I won’t get the experience I need to get to Heaven.

    I ponder this quietly. I HAVE been making plans to earn my living with my creative work so I don’t have to have a normal job my whole life. I enjoy my job, but I want to live the life of a magician and it really does hinder that due to the sheer amount of time it takes from my day. I also get the notion that by “Heaven,” he is referring to a higher state of being, simply in the terms he was always taught.

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  • I love Raphael ♡

    #apparently he doesn't like me talking about specifics #rip #but i adore him. a sick girls bff. thank god for this dude seriously #archangel raphael#archangels#saint raphael#st raphael#spirit work
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  • I treasure sleep paralysis for the opportunity it gives me to grow stronger both mentally and psychically. 

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  • Today I visited my grandparents house, which is empty and in need of a lot of repairs. I had an overwhelming urge to offer to stay there and work on it. The issue is that it’s a few hours from where I (and all my relatives) live.

    I’m not sure if the urge was just nostalgia or something telling me that I should be there. I’m not employed right now but I also know nothing about home repair so it seems odd. Any sort of guidance or advice regarding this would be helpful.

    Thank you :)

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  • Why Spirits and Ghosts are NOT the same thing

    Ghosts are more common in daily life due to their more powerful manifestations. The word spirit is often used to describe them, considering that it refers to a nonphysical being.

    As a shaman, I work with spirits daily. But not with ghosts as often at least, because they are not the same thing.

    So what would be their proper definitions?

    A ghost is a memory, a shell, the excess energy and remaining physicality of a dead being (for example, a human). A ghost tends to come into existence after a tragic death, the death of a well-known figure, or in an unlikely scenario. That is why when someone passes away from old age, their is rarely a ghost left behind. There wasn’t a large amount of negative energy leftover from the death, and it was peaceful.

    In my experience, a ghost comes into existence because they are to finish something, to bring closure. In other scenarios, which I find more common, is when they tell stories and leave a mark. To make sure that the person who passed isnt forgotten. While ghosts aren’t the literal person that passed away, they represent them.

    Now spirits, on the other hand, are living. However they live on a different plane from us. Ghosts exist on the physical plane with us, and though they aren’t solid like us, they can be felt more easily. But spirits, being that they are so far away in technical space, in order to manifest, they need to generate energy on this plane.

    Spirits usually aren’t human, and manifest in ways of affect rather than aparation. For example, while a ghost would manifest as a sillohoutte of a person, a spirit would manifest as a coloured orb of light.

    More commonly, they both can affect the physical world to an extent. But there is a difference on both sides. A ghost can slam a door with no prior belief in itself from a human, while a spirit would require energy generated from a source (such as a human’s emotions and belief in themself) to even make the lights flicker.

    This is because, once again, they exist on a different physical plane. The more energy you give a spirit, the more than can manifest.

    There is a lot more I could cover but these are the basic definitions (which I also posted on my tiktok). I am currently working on a book as well, regarding metawork! If you’d like to see more, let me know! Thank you.

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  • (February 24, 2020)

    Found a seller [link] that makes custom deity statues that’s not terribly expensive, and it’s in the U.S.!

    My tax return came back recently, so I went ahead and put and order for a statue in.

    #Varian Rose speaks #polytheism#unrecorded gods#spirit work#the Queen #the Beasts of Outer Darkness #tagging spirit work because it was her spirits who were grumbling at me
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  • image

    Hey there, everyone!

    I thought some of my followers here might be interested to know that I’m finishing up some Valentine’s-themed events in my Discord server, The Dragon’s Den.  

    Right now myself and one other conjurer in the shop, Ember, have been doing handful of free-to-participate Reverse Adoption games, in which spirits who have been determined safe at this point in their vetting are stepping forward for those who share songs and images they resonate with.  If you wish to bring a spirit home from these particular games, the binding price will be discounted.  These games are only going to be open for submissions for about another week, so squeeze in while you can!

    Additionally, tomorrow I’ll be starting a portion of the event in which I’ll channel one mystery spirit at a time, chatting with people in the Discord server and playing conversational games such as “Never Have I Ever” for a couple days each.  These seven spirits are all looking for ~romantic love~ and are very sweet, affectionate, and powerfully presenting individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds!  Each of their bindings will also come with a beautiful, handmade gemstone vessel by Delbina Jewelry, which is owned by a fellow spirit worker and good friend.

    So, if you’re interested in joining us, please do!  I’ll be happy to see your lovely faces on Discord.

    #spirit work#spirit worker#spirit companionship#spirit companion#spirit keeping#spirit keeper #spirit keeping shop #spirit keeping discord #spirit companion discord #thedragonslibrary #the dragon's library
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  • hey folks!! ive got another blog set up, except this one is more dedicated to my spiritual interests. @gotrot is where i will be posting my experiences with spirit, energy and astral work, alongside tips, resources, videos from my youtube, and much more.

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  • Does it feel draining to comunicate with someone deity-like? An angel, to be a bit more specific.

    I tried, got an anwser, had a nice beginer’s chat through oracle cards and pendulum, and that was it. But after I said my goodbyes, I felt quite tired. I had to go an take a nap. At that moment I realized I hadn’t updated my wards in god knows how long and then wondered if whom I had talked to was really who I had called.

    I’m a bit worried it was something else who just waltzed on my unexperienced ass. Still doing my research.

    #godphone #I'm gonna tag it this way #because maybe it will reach the more experienced people in this matter #witchblr#spirit work#my post#angels#christian witch#divination
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  • A message from Spirit this new moon in Pisces:

    Imbolc season denotes cleansing; the ten of discs paired with the Andalusian horse indicates that it is time to take a journey into ourselves and look to see what traditions and generational patterns have been ingrained in us. It is time to let pain and harmful behaviors and thoughts leave us, so that we might bestow better wisdom and stability to the next generation. I was given a strong message from an ancestor to “get the ugly gibberish out, let light in.” Take a look at self-talk, thoughts, fears, feelings, and behaviors. Which are yours? Which have been nurtured into you? What doesn’t make sense? When something does not make sense, call to the spirit of the horse to take an inner journey with you. Call to benevolent ancestors; ask them to help release these pains. They want to help you heal, and in healing yourself, you help them heal as well.

    Light white and silver candles to support your spiritual cleansing. Blue kyanite can assist in healing trauma; snowflake obsidian helps to heal karmic patterns. Spirit quartz can help you discover your sense of self-worth, which allows you to remain an individual within your ancestry. Please note that spirit quartz should only be used in short sessions; remember to ground after using.

    Because this is a heavy and sometimes severely unpleasant task, it is important to remember to see it as a duty to yourself to release these great hurts, and it is a duty of light. The reward is great, but the work is hard. Self-care is absolutely necessary; stay hydrated, eat fresh foods, get rest, and use some lavender oil or incense to keep your stress levels down. Above all, remember: YOU are worth this work, and your angels, guides, and ancestors believe so too. Research ancestral healing methods; ladies, consider doing research for womb healing, or the Rite of the Womb. Love and light to you as you find your healing path.

    Deck credits: Mucha tarot and The Illustrated Bestiary oracle by Maia Toll

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  • To be honest, I am blind to spirits and fucking suck at sensing them around me. The way I usually see spirits is like seeing a faint, far away image in my third eye, even if they are right next to me. But recently, as I’ve been trying to improve my intuition, I’m gaining a better spatial awareness and vision of the spirits around me. Like a month ago if a spirit was in my house I could pick up on their appearance and know they were in my house, but I wouldn’t be able to tell exactly where they were. That sounds dumb but happens to me a ton with ghosts, though they are pretty easy to make leave even when I can’t find exactly where they are.

    I think the main way I started focusing in this ability more or at least realizing I was developing a better sense of awareness is because of Reym. Sometimes I’d be painting or drawing and he’d stare over my shoulder and practically give me a heart attack lmao. I haven’t talked about him much here but his energy is like a black hole, he caves in a whole room’s energy so it’s naturally easy for me to tell when he’s near. He was the first spirit that I could actually sense and visualize as if he were physically close to me. And just a few hours ago for the first time I felt Tate standing near me while I was making myself coffee. He isn’t as intense as Reym but I still felt a slight change in the atmosphere. Although, unlike Reym who likes to pop out of nowhere Tate told me it would be him before he was actually near me.

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  • Ummm what.

    So it’s been a pretty turbulent morning. My mind has been kinda racy the past couple of days, but especially this morning. I was out grocery shopping, just kind of carried away with my thoughts when I stepped outside.

    It was storming, or about to. The wind had picked up considerably, rain droplets were being blown around. People were hurrying inside as they were getting misted to get out of the gust.

    But as soon as I was hit by the wind, my mind just immediately quieted. Like, instantly. And I felt this… surge, of energy. As the wind blew around me, I felt like… this cold, yet clear, high frequency energy shoot into me. I kind of felt it rise through me, but also around me… I felt like engulfed in this crystal energy… It was absolutely bizarre. This has never happened before. 

    I drove to my apartment which is not too far away and went on a walk to see if this sensation continued, and it did. Fascinating. Am I… am I being attuned to air??

    I went to the Astral to look at my energy. I had a hard time seeing, although my energy looks a lot better! I’m not sick anymore, just running low on energy and need to recharge. My guides took a look and I was unable to discern anything.

    I hung out with my guides for a little bit. Gentle Giant is coming in more clear every time I see him. Also… when I was finished, I went to leave, but I stopped at the doors. I felt a strong tug from Prince. I left my astral keep and immediately came out on the balcony where Prince and I sometimes meet. He came up behind me and greeted me. I had him look at my energy… he senses that something is… odd, but that is all that I was able to discern. I asked him how the court was doing, and he said that they’re preparing for Spring. Not actually, like they don’t really have any formal changes, but the energy is picking up. He actually told me that. He said that the energy is rising; change, big change is in the air. And I agree; I feel it too.

    I also got to speak to Strix and Trixie a little bit, haven’t spoken to them in a while! They were in super high-res, too; I could visualize them pretty well. They’ve been keeping an eye out for me, which I definitely appreciate. I gave them a small morsel of energy to nibble on. And then I left.

    But yeah… so I’m not sure if I’m getting attuned to Air energy, or if this feeling is maybe a side-effect of my energy reserves running pretty low. I will definitely be experimenting with it; catch me running outside in the middle of a storm, lolol.

    Hmm.. I think that’s it for now! I have a lot of adulting to do. I hope that everyone has a good day!


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  • does anyone have any good resources for researching demonology? i’m looking for websites mainly, videos and books are good too though :)

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    Sorcellerie is a 21+ occult, witchcraft, and spirituality workshop for serious practitioners of all experience levels. Our discord server strives to create the experimental atmosphere of a Laboratory, the academic discussion and debate of a Lecture Hall, the social atmosphere and shared rituals of a Coven, and the reverence for Nature, Truth, and the Divine of a Temple all within the online sphere.

    Sorcellerie takes a firm anti-discrimination stance, and are firmly against cultural appropriation and bigotry: Bigots are not welcome within Sorcellerie. We accept and welcome practitioners of all religions, spiritual belief systems, occult practices, and experience levels.

    Sorcellerie has been founded to provide a safe space for witches, pagans, magicians, occultists, and other practitioners of the esoteric arts to learn and develop their Craft and Spirituality, and to create a space where honor, justice, compassion, discernment, scholarship, and community are prioritized.


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    JOIN LINK: discord.gg/TbwqTFh

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  • image

    I channeled this oil painting from Tate, it took me about 6 hours total. I personally think this is one of the easier things I’ve channeled (“easier” meaning me actually trusting my intuition lol), I don’t tend to overthink things as much when painting compared to sketching.

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  • So i’m watching my Grandpa’s house for a bit and the house itself gives off weird vides but that could just be me, and i’m at the tail end of my stay and some weird shit has been happening like i heard someone pull into the driveway it even set off the motion light and no one was there, i heard what sounded like far off music but only in like a 5 foot square and once i step out of that square it stopped and now i’m smelling bad smells thursday it was the smell of pus which only stopped when i made what i like to call magic soup (its like a “keep away bad vides” potion but as a soup) and tonight while talking a cleansing bath i smelled piss that was light at first then it was like a trucker rest stop and that stopped when i said “this water is a safe place and none who want to harm me can enter” 3 times and it stopped smelling like piss. So should i be worried or is it nothing?

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  • A Shamanic Journey: Dragon’s Heart Aglow

    CRon ~February 2020~

    The drum beat has captured me, and I journey below

    She stealthily approaches, my wolf guide Damascus

    No greetings given, nor non required

    Intention sounded urgently, “We run now”, she cries;

    At shamanic speeds, lower world blurring by

    We arrive in an instant, to a meeting place up high

    A red Dragon presents herself, a wonder of this world

    No greetings given, nor none required

    “To the air we go now”, she bellows with glee

    “Mount up and hold tight now, for we have things to see”;

    Downwards we swoop, leaving Damascus behind

    Towards the valley floor below, through silvery air that sheens;

    Over a lake we journey now, its magic sparkles in the night

    She drops down low, mighty talons skimming water with playful delight

    I whoop and I holler, enjoying the ride

    Becoming one with the dragon and than back being me;

    For an age we continue, though this glacial valley

    Swooping up, Swooping down, banking one way than suddenly the next

    Onwards we rush and a stream does appear

    And now we climb up a steep precipice;

    “Where are we headed” I announce in surprise

    “To the source, to the source” an answer replied;

    We arrive at our destination, on a high mountainside

    The full moon much closer now, yet still shining high

    The dragon breathes fire, and to my surprise

    Its’ heart does burst open, and out gold does shines;

    I watch in awe at this magnificent scene, and than realise my own hearts agleam

    It mirror’s the dragons in every way

    Just as in the ride when we were one and the same

    I step back in wonder and feel somewhat afraid

    What does this mean? What am I seeing?;

    Unwilling to accept what’s being presented to me

    An unknown resistance fogging the scene

    But I’m grateful for hope given

    And perhaps one day I’ll feel

    Like a Dragon whose heart burst golden

    On a high mountain scene.

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