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  • My Inkling boy~

    Got ya Splash down~!!

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  • Splash Down digital painting by OhUGurl.

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  • Get ya tentacles up squids we back for round 2 time to give another splatting

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  • Never gonna see him again

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  • “I estimate our chance of survival to be 2,852.5 to 1,Lieutenant Sulu,” Spock stated calmly as the outer skin of the shuttle began to heat up as it pierced the atmosphere of the uncharted planet. Their shields were faltering along with many of the small ship’s other systems, victims of a micro-meteorite that pierced through not only their shields but the skin of the shuttle itself. A malfunction in the deflector that had seemed minimal would quite probably be the cause of their deaths. Spock thought it was an ignoble way for either of them to die.

    The Vulcan left the piloting to the capable officer. If they could survive, it would be because of Sulu’s skills, but that didn’t mean Spock would not do what he could to change the odds. As it would be illogical to use the shuttle’s resources to seek a good landing spot—should they be able to land—Spock linked a tricorder to his PADD to call use its sensors to scan the ground they were rapidly approaching at better than terminal velocity.

    Being Spock, he began to tell Sulu what would happen to the shuttle depending on where they landed including: the jungle, the sandy beach, the shallow water, and then the deep water. He of course added details in which tree trunks and branches pierced the hull, and then described how hitting the sand and/or shallow water at the wrong angle would tear the shuttle apart. “The water 150 meters from shore off of the east coast is deep enough for us to attempt a water landing. Of course should we hit a the wrong angle, the damage to the shuttle will be no different than it would be if you hit solid land.”


    #verse: reboot rebooted #reboot rebooted#starlightsulu#splash down #i hate my mun for this #planet LOST
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    • Mom: Hey, we're going to a water park with the family on Tuesday
    • Me: Do I have enough time to lose 50 lbs?
    • Mom: We're going in 3 days
    • Me: ........
    • Mom: .........
    • Me: Challenge Accepted
    #fat #this just happened #splash down#water park#ugh #i am so fat #gross #i'm still going
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  • I got an email about this blog being two years old a little while ago. it made me think about why i started it in the first place, and how that has evolved. What have I done on here in the last two years, and how is that different than what I set out to do? Oh, reflection.

    I began this thing so that i could have a place to splash down creative writing, emotional journal type entries and hilarious (to me) musings. Then I think I got shy, as per usual. I always do. Or maybe not so shy as introverted. Then I think I got the drift of what other people want to see, based on likes and reblogs - simple gifs and phots that seem to sum up an emotional feeling or a hilarious musing, and I got sucked up into that. But then I stopped coming here (because let’s face it, that’s not really me) . I think I will try to write a little more from the brain instead of the vain. Who needs likes, anyway? (Feel free to like this post.) 

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  • Splash Down Ristar
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  • Karma Slave by Splashdown

    Sometimes I feel like I’m a slave that is too scared to move from the middle, trying to keep a balance in this shitty life. Well, I’m taking control of my wheel and I’m going to take a risk. Its about time I’ve become king.

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  • Diamondback - Offride/Onride POV - Kings Island

    Since it’s my favorite coaster at KI, I filmed the most footage of it.

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  • Apollo 14 CM Kitty Hawk re-entry and splash down - This day in 1971

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  • Apollo 17 is back home - this day forty years ago…

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    Cool yourself off and go for a splash down!

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  • Listen

    Crystalites | Splash Down

    #Crystalites#Splash Down#music #The Roots of Skinhead Reggae #TROJAN
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  • Radio: come visit splashdown beach and check out are amazing animals like the rare white bangle tiger.

    Me: Wait why in gods name does splashdown have animals? I mean for gods sake they can’t even take care of water!!!

    Sister: *dies if laughter*

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  • Ken, Charlie and John are back home - This Day 40 Years ago.

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  • This Day in 1969 - Apollo 9 Tenth Day 

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  • Heeeelllloooo

    I got back from my holiday today and I am just sorting out all my holiday snaps. Overall I had a really nice holiday despite some shitty weather.

    Me and Rhianna got on very well despite my constant snoring!

    I introduced her to crab fishing, and we caught about 24 in total over all!

    My cousin, rhianna, sissy, father and me when to see that Planet of the apes film. It was'nt that bad! Not my sort of film but I stayed awake!

    Me and Rhianna went windsurfing too which was amazing! We were actually quite good, I only fell off once! The wet suits we rented out did smell abit though and when we took them off we both knew that the smell WAS NOT OUR BO! hahahaha

    We all went to Monkey World (the place where monkey diaries is filmed)

    We went to the beach quite alot, and had some very nice food and watched the Bournemouth air show. 

    We all walked in Poole and went shopping in Bournemouth.

    Finally we went to Splash down water park and went on all the slides. However on Screamer I came off the water slide and lost my bikini top! Haha I did'nt even notice until I stood up! It was very funny and abit awkward! 

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