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  • Lucifer: Hey sammy! Happy to see me?

    Sam: No. Not really.

    Lucifer, tearing up: At least I kill people, not feelings.

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  • maybe supernatural fandom can be (at times) one of the most toxic fandoms out there. but you know what? the pure joy and happiness of everyone getting excited over deans 42nd birthday and making fanarts, edits or gifsets for our birthday boy is something that will never not make me smile🖤

    bring wholesomeness back into the fandom becasue lord knows all we deserve it

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  • @kermit-drinking-tea-dot-jpg so now we have crobby and crocadean, what other ships should I name next?

    #crobby #Crowley / Bobby #bobley? #crocadean #Crowley / Cas / Dean #spn#spn crack
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  • Has it been long enough that we can now talk about how bad the random B&W episode of Supernatural in season 4?

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  • SPN ASK GAME no.3 (please tag me in all your answers when you receive an ask for this, i would love to read them)

    1. Fave vampire lore and vampire ep

    2. Fave ghost lore and ghost ep

    3. Fave werewolf lore and werewolf ep

    4. Fave angel lore and angel ep

    5. Fave demon lore and demon ep

    6. Fave men of letters (bmol included) lore and ep

    7. Fave meta ep and opinions on meta eps

    8. Thoughts on the empty

    9. Thoughts on Amara

    10. Thoughts on Death and Billie and the lore around it

    11. Thoughts on Leviathans and fave Dick Joke

    12. Thoughts on the s8 traials and trial plotline

    13. Best and worst redemption arc, thoughts on redemption arcs

    14. Thoughts on Metatron

    15. Thoughts on Gadreel

    16. Thoughts on soulless mythology and on Soulless Sam and soulless Jack

    17. Thoughts on Bobby

    18. Thoughts on Apocalypse world

    19. Thoughts on AU Michael

    20. Thoughts on Michael

    #i like playing these #dash is just so boring #like what is there even to do now on tumblr #spn ask game 3 #my spn ask game #oc#spn#supernatural#sam winchester#dean winchester#castiel
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  • image

    𝑪𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒆𝒍: 𝑨𝒏 𝑨𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒍 𝒐𝒇 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑳𝒐𝒓𝒅.


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  • #last few days i mean since i was 14 and saw adrianne palicki and got a crush on her #samjess#spn#supernatural
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  • See, I don’t particularly like season 11 aside from the obvious (Casifer), but 11x18 fucks me up like no other episode this season. I have always had a hard time pinpointing when I realized Dean was in love with Cas, but I think this may have been THE episode? The whole argument with Sam and Dean about Cas being in the vessel vs being the vessel, Sam calling him “it” and Dean chewing him out for it, Dean’s determination to save Cas, how he looked at Casifer the whole episode, how distraught and desperate he sounded each time he called Cas’ name, how Lucifer mocked him for it??? 

    And then, of course, the ultimate kicker. Amara arrives in all her frightening power and gets ready to fuck Lucifer’s shit up, and before even really acknowledging her Dean just calls out to Cas??? In that voice? So desperate and yearning and hopeful. And his eyes glisten with emotion??? Like, I sound like I’m joking or exaggerating but they’re literally shiny with moisture??? Like he might cry if pushed the barest bit? 


    AND THEN!!! Amara looks at Dean like he’s kicked her or something? Like she’s realized that her hold on Dean isn’t nearly as strong as she thought it was. He called out Cas’ name before hers. He yearns for him more than he wants her!!!!


    SO SHE TAKES HIM!!!!! And then the scene changes and Dean is literally on the floor of the bunkers war room, beers strewn about. (Which, huh, that’s familiar!!!)


    And he has this whole really sad, harsh change of tone when he’s talking to Sam about respecting Cas decision to let Lucifer in and fight Amara that way. But that’s just him saying screw the policy!!! Screw the self sacrificing bullshit!!! Dean wants to bring Cas home. And he says it! BUT THAT’S NOT THE END OF IT!!! The scene changes again and it’s Casifer and Amara and Amara is telling Lucifer her plan to use him to draw God out and she has tears in her eyes


    She’s looking at Lucifer, God’s favorite, and she’s looking at Cas, Dean’s favorite. She’s angry at them both and she’s using both Cas and Lucifer to hurt them. She took one look at Dean when he called out to Cas in that church and she knew. She couldn’t have Dean because he was already someone else’s.

    #destiel#deancas#supernatural#spn#dean winchester#castiel#11x18#spn 11x18#alright y'all #this episode really has me in my feels #not only did i realize dean was in love with cas here #but i feel like i can pinpoint this episode as the point where he FOR SURE knows he has feelings for cas #what those feelings are? dean may not be sure yet #but he KNOWS what he feels for cas is HUGE #i think he knows he's in love maybe???? but he's still suppressing the hell out of it #INTERESTING how the chitters episode is right after this one #HMMMMMMMMMMMM
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  • dean is CANONICALLY an aquarius sun, sagitarrius moon, capricorn mercury, sagittarius venus, and aquarius mars. his rising could be anything and i’m going to reverse engineer it based on what signs i think he has in his houses.

    #i have to look in my reference book to remember all the houses. #spn
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  • me: astrology is genuinely not that deep we’re just here for a laff

    also me: but what IF i went to make sam and dean’s star charts. what IF

    #joke’s on me i just have #i just need to figure out a good rising for them #spn #ambra.txt
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  • It’s two thirty in the goddamn morning. @disableddean @jackcoded this is your fault for making me aware of this AU that lives rent free in my mind.

    Jessica Moore had had a pretty unremarkable life, until she was twenty two.

    Until the day she woke up to find her boyfriend burning alive on the ceiling.

    Until the day she stared up in horror at her beloved Sam Winchester, eyes rolled back in his head, mouth open in a silent scream, his blood dripping down onto her face.

    Until the day she was pulled out of bed by a man she had only met once, a man she had only met three days ago, who lead her, coughing, down the fire escape and collapsed with her out on the front steps of the apartment complex, the both of them holding each other and choking on smoke, on ash, on tears, on the weary weight of trauma.


    Sam’s brother’s name was Dean, and he wouldn’t look at her.

    She would look at him, sometimes. He had delicate features, a deep sadness and wisdom behind his devil-may-care attitude, and green eyes, and he wouldn’t look at her.

    He wouldn’t look at her, but he would talk.

    He told her about the monsters.

    Ghosts. Demons. Vampires. Evil things that lurk in the dark, very real creatures that he and his father had been hunting and killing, with Sam, all their lives. 

    She understood. Growing up in the woods of Pennsylvania, everyone knew there were things out in the dark that you just didn’t talk about.

    It felt kind of good, in a way, to finally talk about them.

    He told her how their mother died–burned to death on the ceiling, by the same demon that killed Sam.

    He told her that they were going to kill that son of a bitch, and something angry ruptured in her gut as she told him, so am I.

    Dean seemed taken aback by that, but only for a moment before he smiled, all teeth, and said, Welcome to the team.

    He still wouldn’t look at her.


    He wouldn’t look at her, but he would teach.

    As they continued their search for John Winchester, Dean taught her how to throw a punch, how to use rock salt and silver bullets and wooden stakes to the heart, sitting down with her at dingy motel tables and going page-by-page with her in his missing father’s journal.

    Exorcisms. Devil’s Traps. Hex bags. Holy water. She studied so hard she saw sigils in her dreams, sometimes, which was an improvement over the nightmares.

    When they couldn’t find a motel, they slept in the Impala, Dean in the front and Jess in the back.

    She thought about her family, back in Pennsylvania. She thought about her friends, back at Stanford. She thought about how many of those people she could save, from a fate like Sam’s, if she went through with this.

    The long, long, bench seat seemed to swallow her up.


    Dean Winchester was nothing if not chivalrous, of course, but he didn’t seem to know what to do with a woman he wasn’t seducing in one of the seedy bars they visited. One day he would insist on opening the passenger side door for her with an excuse-me-ma’am, the next he would clap her on the shoulder and offer her a beer. 

    For all of the skills Dean had acquired, she wondered if he had ever had a female friend before. She wondered if he had ever had a friend at all. 

    On her first real hunt, she saved his ass–finding and burning the corpse of the vengeful spirit while it was actively choking him to death up against the wall.

    Nice work, Jess, he had coughed, and she had grinned, and given a thumbs up with shaking hands.

    On her second real hunt, she sliced the head off of a vampire, its blood splattering her and pooling, warm and sticky and nauseating, at her feet.

    On her third real hunt, she only stuttered on the exorcism twice, and witnessed the demonic smoke pour out of its victim and back into hell.

    It was horrific. It was terrifying. It was exciting.

    All the while, the search for John was becoming more desperate. Jess was getting impatient, and who could blame her? She questioned Dean, often, about whether they would be able to find him, to which he would snap a retort, to which she would roll her eyes.

    Anger. Frustration. Arguments. Screaming matches. Too many drinks.

    How do you know that your dad’s even still ALIVE out there?!

    I have to believe! he had said, brokenly, I have to believe. I can’t…I can’t lose them BOTH.

    With that, he finally looked at her.

    He looked at her, and his tough facade came crumbling down.

    She looked at him, trying and failing to stop himself from sobbing, and saw that he was just as grief-stricken as her. Scared. Stuck in endless mourning. Barely hanging on by a thread. 

    I miss him, she said.

    He looked at her, and with tears still swimming in his eyes, said, Yeah, me too.

    So he told her all about Sam.

    He told her about the past, the things that Sam would never mention, that Sam always wanted to protect her from. He told her funny stories from their childhood, stories that were meant to be funny but were really heartbreaking, monster hunting tales, stories that made her rage against the demon that had wrecked Sam’s childhood, and ended his life as an adult.

    He told her more about Sam’s life than she could ever have fathomed knowing before that fateful night.

    And she filled in the blanks. She told him about the party where they met. She told him about their first date. She told him about their first kiss. She told him about his favorite classes, the teachers that had it out for him, and finally, she told him about the hushed conversation they had, in the dark of the night, where Sam suggested in a shy voice that one day, after graduation…maybe they could get married. And she had been so thrilled that she had tackled him in a kiss, knocking him down into their shared queen bed.

    Jess? Too much information.

    They were both crying into their gas station sandwiches.


    “What would I do without you?”

    “Crash and burn.”

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  • MEG

    #GIRLBOSS GIRLBOSS GIRLBOSS GIRLBOSS #AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAA#aguagshsbqyysgdjshsj#spn#my posts#05x01 #AAAAHH!! im so excited !!! qtahvshsbskak #its meg!!!!!! shes back!!!!!!
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  • ok i’m going to scream i’m rewatching the 11.23 scene where dean calls cas his “brother” and like. there is no fucking way misha collins was not playing that scene with cas being in Love in mind. that reaction is SO MUCH. he’s literally distraught. like within the context of the scene it would’ve made sense for cas to be like.. visibly comforted by those words. he’s dealing with a lot of guilt from letting lucifer possess him, and dean goes out of his way to assuage his guilt, tell him he did the right thing and had his heart in the right place, and thank him for always being there for him and sam. but then as soon as “you’re our brother” hits, he fucking GRIMACES. how else am i meant to interpret this. god

    #spn #LIKE IM SORRY BUT...... GOD!!
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  • it is january 25th

    dean is a little hungover

    but he woke up snuggled into the crook in cas’s neck and with so much love in his heart he feels like it might burst

    he hates the idea of being old, but 42 may not be so bad

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  • All psychology students should be required to watch spn and analyze it I think that that would teach them a lot

    #mave speaks#spn #spn is just a visual representation of the dsm-5
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  • People who are dean coded are way too cool I could never be that cool, but I’m like 😍💘🌹💘😍💘🌹💜💜😍💜😍💜😍💜🌹💘😍💘💘🌹💜💘😍💜

    #i mean unless you're an abuse apologist or sending me anon hate djkskskdksksksk #dean winchester#dean#spn#supernatural#incoherents #i could never be that cool I'm an introspective expressive logical intellectual nerdy artist #all the vibes Dean has going on?? like early seasons Dean??? godddd that's so <3 #i couldn't ever but i like 😍 #(time to be positive again)
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  • spn s1e13: route 666

    uh. there’s um. there’s a haunted. or like, alive… there’s a truck? the truck wants to kill ppl? it’s uh. it’s a car. is anyone else seeing this or

    #spn#spn watch #wren watches spn #route 666
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  • 2.04 Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things #jaredpadalecki #jarpad #samwinchester #supernatural #spnfamily #spn #spnfamilyforever

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