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  • I’m not upset over Eileen not being Sam’s wife. 

    I’m upset that the wife was blurry at all. I’m upset that the fans need to call her “the wife” because she doesn’t even have a name or a face. 

    I’m not upset over my ship not being canon. I can live with that. I’m upset that time and time again, the c*w has been sexist towards the women in this show. 

    “The wife” has no purpose in the finale other than being a baby-making machine to pop out Dean Jr. She isn’t even a character; she’s just reduced to background blurriness. 

    And I’m distraught that Shoshannah Stern had to deal with Eileen’s resurrection used for “diversity points” (as a Twitter user put it), shipped with Sam, and then subsequently written off and forgotten about, only to be replaced by a blurry sexy lamp.

    The finale just felt entirely disconnected from the rest of the show. It continues to not make any sense.

    So many of the characters on this show deserved better. Shoshannah Stern deserves better. I honestly hate the writers’ lack of understanding or empathy for their own characters/actors.

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  • I never thought this was how it would be post-SPN. Around season 13, I got the idea to do a huge video at the end of series, showing Dean and Castiel’s journey. I even had a few song ideas and took some notes. 

    But nooooo, every day we must wake up and hear new horrors, like how ONE OF THE PROTAGONISTS didn’t grasp the point of the show. And, what’s scarier is that you don’t know if this is a Whole Grown Man’s opinion or if he has to say this bullshit. And neither one is good. Because you have through the one door, a man who just shat all over his character’s emotional development, and through the other a tv network who just completely disrespected the character arcs that writers built. I hate it here :))))

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  • just the fact that they killed Cas as soon as he turned out to be in love with a man seems to imply that being gay is wrong and you deserve death for it.

    #spn finale #it was so fucking shit #honestly tho #gay people don't deserve to die #fuck spn finale
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  • New theory:

    The ending of spn, according to the powers that be, was always going to be: one brother dies so the other one can have a, “normal”, life but, they weren’t sure who would die and who would live.

    Then, along came an easy way to decide: the brother that would get to live would be the one who accepted the role in Walker.

    #I’m possibly right and I should say it #spn finale
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  • Dean’s purpose in life was not Sam. Yes, he was his little brother and took care of him, but we all know and saw the codependency was way too much and Dean was ready to live his own life. He was ready to be his own person. So no, Jarpad and everyone else who loved the finale, Dean’s purpose wasn’t Sam. Shut the fuck up - deans “success story” was bullshit and Jared needs to stop. dean never got his success story, he never got a good ending. fuck that

    #SPN#SPN finale #what finale?
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  • Sometimes it hits me that dean died thinking cas was irrevokably dead

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  • Jared REALLY doesn’t want us to watch Walker, huh

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  • image

    Jensen winning best horror series actor award for Dean was so well deserved I’m still so happy for him. ❤️

    Edited by me :)

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  • Every morning I have a brief moment of peace when I don’t remember supernatural exists

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  • I don’t think sam had a blurry wife i think he adopted.

    the girl on the porch was claire and she committed too many crimes so she went into hunter witness protection and dyed her hair brown

    #supernatural#spn finale#blurry wife#spn #the thing is that im right #claire novak#ultimate spy#sam winchester #adopted two kids #named one of them dean #the other kid is claire btw #i dont care that she was too old to be adopted #he adopted her in his heart #reblog this so i don't seem stupid for saying it #witness protection claire.... family sitcom man sam
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  • ok guys i get it, jared said some stuff we don’t agree with but is there need for all this hate? the fandom is being so toxic right now…

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  • My thoughts on the last Supernatural episode.

    I just watched it for the first time, I knew what would happen as I spoiler myself, so I wasn’t surprised by what I saw, except the fact that writers/network could give us such a bad ending.

    When I first read about what happened in the finale. I was upset by it. I expected Cas to be rescued and Dean confesses to Cas too. Definitely not Dean dying on some random case.

    In general I expected a happy ending and well this ending wasn’t happy and no Dean getting into fixed heaven in his forties while he supposed to live isn’t happy.

    But now after watching the episode for the first time, honestly, I’m just confused. Why in the last episode writers decided that it was good to send Dean and Sam on a random case?

    I get it nostalgia, but after everything Dean and Sam went through we should see them on a beach with Cas, Jack and Eileen.

    Why those vampires had to wear the masks that looked like halloween masks (I get it most likely because of covid but still they could look better or have them fight other monsters with better costumes.)

    Why Dean stopped Sam from calling the ambulance and saying stuff like it would always ended like this for him.

    Or why we had this random vampire hunt case and Dean’s death at all? Why?

    What was point of Jenny - a character nobody remembers - so she could just be killed five seconds later.

    Why they only mentioned Cas twice? Why Dean said they should keep on living so Cas sacrifice wouldn’t be wasted and one hour later he accepted his death immediately.

    Why after Bobby said that Cas helped fix heaven, Dean didn’t ask where Cas was and he didn’t go find him.

    Or better why Jack didn’t bring Cas back to Earth and why we didn’t get Cas and Dean reunion.

    I get it that Misha couldn’t be in finale because of covid (honestly having my doubts about it) but even without Misha, we could get Dean’s I love you to Cas. And Cas deserved to hear that he was loved.

    Why Sam didn’t end up with Eileen? Why a blurry wife? After all this development, what happened to Eileen.

    Why two Carry on Wayward songs right after each other.

    Why no mention of Charlie, her girlfriend, Jodie and any other female character we know and love. I would prefer to actually see them, but I get it covid.

    Why Dean just drove until Sam made to heaven? I get the time goes differently in heaven, so I doubt he drove for 40 years but still did Dean just drove the whole time?

    Why heaven ending?

    Why not Earth ending where Sam, Dean, Cas, Jack, Eileen are finally free and go on deserved vacation.

    Right now my feelings about this finale is just big WHY?

    I read different speculations why the finale sucked but honesty I still don’t get why on earth we would get such a bad ending.

    I forever shall remain confused about finale. Even if writers/actors truthfully would explain to us why such a ending, I would still question it.

    So, I’m just gonna use my imagination and fanfiction to fix the finale for myself.

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  • so we all agree that the only reason that they k*lled Dean is because otherwise he would’ve reciprocated Castiel’s feeling right?? and they’re too cowardly to let him be lgbt?? (and they did Cas’s love confession as a publicity stunt??) 

    #good #im glad we're on the same page #spn#spn finale#supernatural
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  • dunno if anyone has pointed this out yet but the way 15x19 dramatically ends with the bunker lights going off and sam & dean driving away in baby, made it look like they had left the bunker behind, and were ‘finally free’ to live however they wanted

    but then 15x20 opened with them randomly being back in the bunker? It was just kinda weird to me that a lot of emphasis was put on making it out like the brothers had abandoned the bunker only for them to go right back to it, like what were they just turning the lights out cause they went to go get burgers or something???? WHAT WAS THE POINT

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  • I literally can not get over the fact that for the past two months we could have been happy and celebrating a good ending of spn and talking about how good it was but noooo they had to completely wreck the ending and destroy 15 years worth of character development and now we’re just stuck here crying and hating on everything and living for what could have been

    #I literally can not imagine what’s worse than this #it could have been so good #sorry guys #I’m crying over the finale again #I hate the cw right now #they wronged everyone #I don’t like it here #we deserved something good #it was 2020 for fucks sake #spn finale#c*#rancid nutwork#supernatural#spn
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  • awkward major cringe moment when you play a character for 15 years and still dont know who they are :/ anyways eileen ❤️❤️❤️

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  • The way dean’s death scene was like lotr extended edition length sam took like two toilet breaks but never once called an ambulance

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  • The way this implies Dean held Sam back from being happy just from being alive. When the one thing Dean always tried taking care of was Sam and his friends and family. And apparently he needed to die for his brother to “enjoy life”

    #spn#spn finale #sam w. #dean winchester #dean deserved so much better #im soo sorry dean #cmon jared
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  • J*reds takes on spn are like the opposite of fanon it’s hate-on

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